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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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provoking debate challenging the established law and every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer join many have sung for up front at this time on al jazeera. on counting the cost the princes purge what it means for the saudi economy how rich do you have to be to avoid paying taxes or for tougher laws after the paradise papers show how the world's wealthiest i bet money plus joiners trump card counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the united states backs lebanon's independence warning other countries against
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using it in a larger proxy fight in the region. hello i'm i am the mozzie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up new images reveal the squalid conditions on man asylum where refugees are now living without fresh water food or power. we are not going to let the united states speech a killer advantage of any more. tough talk from u.s. president donald trump to the apec leaders' meeting in vietnam. and pressure on british bracks that negotiators as the u.k. is given two weeks to make concessions on the e.u. financial sat on. a low our top story this hour the u.s.
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and france have intervened in lebanon's political crisis calling for stability in the country and occurring support for the prime minister's. saad hariri hariri announced he was stepping down while in riyadh earlier this month blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah meanwhile has barlow's leader has accused saudi arabia of detaining hariri not allowing him to return home so holder reports. citizens of saudi arabia and its gulf allies visiting or living in lebanon are leaving it's not the first time gulf countries tell their citizens it is not safe to stay lebanon has long been entangled in the saudi iranian power struggle across the region but the latest warning heightened tensions after the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad heavy but alongside the tensions there are growing signs of lebanese unity and what many see as saudi interference in their country saturday his resignation was sudden raising concerns about the circumstances behind the decision there is also concern about how to ease freedom
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of movement he may have been seen since he made the announcement in riyadh but the prime minister hasn't made any more statements lebanon's president michel aoun believes how he is under house arrest he told a saudi arabia the fear in beirut. that the circumstances of the resignation are an acceptable and how d.d. should return immediately. how did his own political party made a similar to mad they didn't just suggest the prime minister is being held against his will but expressed concern that lebanon suddenly community could be marginalized even further. and french and disappoint. as controlling their government and controlling their festival on the other hand today they are concerned about. how do you do this for me so this is why yesterday. to. how do you really
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should be a priority lebanon is a deeply divided country there is a pro saudi camp led by her which has long accused has been law of imposing iran's agenda here there is a pro iran camp led by hezbollah which has long resisted demands to disarm and to withdraw its troops fighting alongside the syrian government. but even has below has added its voice to demands for how to be to return we iterate to the belief that the prime minister is being held against his will while nothing that. we has and we call the lebanese take this as an offense and any offense to the lebanese prime minister as an offense to all the lebanese even if he is our political bursar of. hezbollah secretary general has an astrolabe was careful to avoid political escalation instead he accused saudi arabia of wanting to impose a new leadership in lebanon and start a war he called on the lebanese to avoid provocation and to stay away from the
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streets the political divide hasn't gone away but for now at least politicians are putting it aside there is a rare consensus for the need to unite at what many describe as dangerous times. beirut well the u.s. is urging all parties to respect lebanon's sovereignty secretary of state rex ellison is backing saad hariri as international leaders look on with increasing along state department correspondent patty call a reports now from washington. it's the one question swirling around the world's capitals what is going on with lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned his post well in saudi arabia does he want to be there or is he being held against his will the french weighed in you know that he should i think you should ask him this we simply note that he resigned that you travel to abu dhabi on the eve of president mccrum visit so we think he is free in his movements and it is up to him to make his choices at the u.s. state department thursday the answer was less clear we have seen him. in terms of
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the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office for use of the conditions of him being held as he is he in detention well. i'm not going to put that word behi i'm i'm not going to associate that word with that but where he is right now. she went on to say she couldn't even talk about where they met but her boss is sending a strong statement about what should come next secretary of state rex tillerson writing that the u.s. respects the prime minister and sees him as a strong partner he went on to warn there is no place in lebanon for foreign forces and the u.s. cautions against any party within or outside lebanon using lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts in obvious message to saudi arabia but his boss u.s.
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president donald trump has been more willing in the past to give saudi arabia a green light to do what it wants it remains to be seen if that will apply to lebanon but at the united nations growing alarm after saudi ordered its citizens to leave that country this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region it's good to have devastating consequences a critical time for a country wondering what's next for them and their leader political hane al-jazeera washington. the u.n. . and papa new guinea to show restraint is a deadline to clear the man aside and refugee detention center approaches papa new guinea has said it will forcibly remove and arrest anyone who's still there on
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saturday the power and water have been turned off but hundreds of men remain barricaded inside marianna hong has mall. for almost two weeks there have refused to budge around six hundred refugees and asylum seekers living in the now closed to stray in prison camp on menace island in papua new guinea without water power food or sanitation because of the dirtiness and you know. this video shows how conditions have deteriorated but the men insisted this is better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and fear attacks from local residents and police calls to at least two in the power and water back on the campaign has been ignored or thorough she's there want them gone threatening in a written notice posted at the camp to use force to remove them if they don't leave on their own the united nations are all parties to find peaceful solutions we call
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on both governments australia as well as papua new guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means to reach the current tensions peacefully only forty one of the men come mainly from the middle east in southeast asia fleeing poverty war and persecution and risking their lives in the hope of making it to a stray leah but israeli has refused to accept anyone trying to reach its shores by boat and for four years has paid pup a new guinea to helles the refugees official shut down the prison camp after pup a new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to host such a camp probably new guinea says the asylum seekers and now a stray is responsibility but the straying government maintains it has no obligation because they're not on its soil. the un has joined
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a chorus of criticism overstrain his response calling on the government to move the men to safety in a stray here and to end its policy of same thing asylums. to offshore prison camps we have reported on the very dire conditions in the centers it's now really high time to bring an end to this unconscionable human suffering what you know are. the detainees at the camp admit they're fearful of what might come but say they have no choice but to stay put for now. dizzier donald trump's appearances dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the asia pacific region with a strong message that the u.s. won't accept trade deals that require it to surrender its sovereignty china's president xi jinping meanwhile told the summit that economic globalization is a process that cannot be reversed by an has worn out from done in vietnam. often the most memorable event at an apec summit is the leader's photo opportunity
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at the garland dinner of this year's traditional costume chosen by the host vietnam was fairly low key that was in contrast to the days earlier events that included a speech by u.s. president donald trump he went straight on the offensive seeming to attack china's trade policies without specifically mentioning china they engaged in product dumping subsidized goods currency manipulation and predatory industrial powers they ignored the rules to gain advantage over those who followed the rules causing enormous distortions incomers and threatening the foundations of international trade itself trump has vowed to correct some of the trade deficits the united states has built up particularly in asia but the america first policy then he campaigned on ahead of last year's election is seen as protectionist it runs counter to the multilateral globalist approach of most other
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apec nations including china. president xi jinping spoke soon after trump and painted china as a champion of globalization. openness springs progress while seclusion leaves one behind with the ocean pacific economies know this too well from our own development experience we should put in place a regional cooperation framework that ensures consultation among equals with participation and shared benefits. that's what the trans-pacific partnership trade deal is supposed to achieve it doesn't include china or the united states after donald trump withdrew the remaining eleven members are hoping to come to some sort of agreement during a pic but a planned leaders' meeting to sign off on a provisional agreement didn't happen when she joined on friday because of last minute objections by canada. deborah helms has been involved in team. negotiations in the past and says if a deal isn't reached in vietnam the whole thing could be in jeopardy as we've just
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seen in the last few weeks with the change of government in new zealand new demands on the agreement the canadians have had a government change not quite so recently but that's part of what's driving the problems in t v p now every day that you wait is a day in which the whole thing could fall over god bless the united states of america if it survives to members quietly hope the united states will eventually rejoin but under president trump that's unlikely wayne hay al-jazeera dumbing vietnam. man mazda factor. in vietnam why she's expected to come on the pressure from other leaders at that apec summit over the range of crisis canadian prime minister justin trudeau is expected to urge suchi to end the violence against rangel living in iraq and state suchi a nobel peace prize winner has been facing international condemnation for not speaking out against the military crackdown that has forced six hundred thousand to flee to neighboring bangladesh you're watching al-jazeera still to come why
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saddam's shipping industry is still struggling despite the lifting of devastating sanctions. new york launches a new plan to give its less well off residents a chance of making big time. hello remains stormy in the central med it was sicily they got the worst of it this time moving out of the way but you can see a massive tide heading down through france that's not particularly cold it's cold enough to give it a snow in the mountains of it's a lot of cloud it's a lot of rain the temps nine hundred zero because a max for thirteen in paris with in the rain madrid up about eighteen on saturdays forecasts in the sunshine has been snow the cantabrian mountains rather last night
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you can see it is cold enough for the alpine tops to get a bit of white on the east and south of this it's not particularly warm only six in berlin but the sun is out in the breeze and you fifteen book arrests athens does better hold on to twenty the course with the spinning cloud and central med you're going to get a lot of rain and i think western side of libya this circulation suggests an area of low pressure that enhances the amount of rain it's still there the following day sunday so this part of libya in this process i think you know think about flash flooding as a result of this further south through africa of course you go get em to almost the equator to get significant rain a few showers maybe in southern nigeria otherwise this is a dry part of africa but from uganda westwards think big showers. tracing the phone from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside need
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a movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in greece the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposit simple ordinary citizen and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn the lesson i go from democracy to the market at this time on al-jazeera. america watching al-jazeera a quick look at the stories making headlines the u.s. and france have declared their support for the lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned while on a visit to saudi arabia and there are fears he's being held there against his will
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human rights activists are demanding australia immediately resolve the western conditions of the man aside and refugee detention center and papa new guinea. donald trump was told in apec summit in vietnam the u.s. won't accept trade deals or require it to surrender its sovereignty and apparent veiled attack on china. on other stories we're following syrian children an east end go to a facing acute malnutrition as government forces continue bombing the rebel held province doctors say medical supplies are running out and the un is warning that the area faces complete catastrophe the four hundred thousand civilians living in eastern have been under siege by the syrian government since september a deliveries have been blocked and hundreds of thousands of people need medical evacuation as well. we have cases of poor growth due to chronic mom nourishment that has taken place over the past several years many children are lacking essential nutrients many suffer from rickets many suffer from thought of an a deficiency on deficiencies deficiency all of this is
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a negative impact on the children's growth and development. the saudi their coalition fighting he see rebels in yemen has reopened a border crossing after ordering the total closure of yemeni land and sea ports earlier this week but the un says it's not clear if any aid is going through and is one that yemen stocks of fuel and vaccines have run out it will run out in about a month if all the ports stay shut down a hoax that has mall. it's difficult to understand that this is what humans can do to each other. millions of people face famine and they're in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance. now the u.s. has backed aid agencies in calling for more to be done to alleviate the situation we've seen tremendous few food shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is really a manmade situation there the announcement that the ports were being closed down or
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limited in terms of some of the supplies is an area that's of concern to us because the yemeni people are not the ones at fault for their situation we would like to see food aid medical equipment and all of that be able to brought be brought in to the ports saudi arabia has stepped up a land and sea blockade on yemen to ballistic missile was towards the capital riyadh on saturday. before the blockade more than twenty million people with that sabretooth of the population needed humanitarian assistance now many hoffer like completely on food aid to survive. the country is experiencing a cholera epidemic which is expected to affect one million people by the end of the year aid agencies say they're struggling to work inside the country it takes from from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints and this is a new man made disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for parties to come together to find
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a solution desperate which is desperately needed for the people of yemen it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol cooking or rising by as much as fifty percent in a week. so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree the longer yemen's air and sea port sit empty the longer the suffering will continue. turkish police have arrested a hundred people suspected of having links to i still turkey's state news agency says eighty two foreigners have been planning to go to syria before they are arrested in istanbul eighteen more suspects were arrested in operations in a diner and izmir the istanbul detentions were aimed at protecting friday's commemorations marking seventy nine years since turkey's modern found i'm mystified died now they use chief breaks it has given the u.k. a two week ultimatum to make concessions on
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a so-called divorce agreement if talks are to proceed to the next round michel barnier says it's vital for the u.k. to increase its offer on an exit bill which some e.u. officials say could be as much as seventy billion dollars to shop reports. time does appear to be running out for the british breck's at negotiators as the your representative field in this question at the end of the second day of talks in brussels mr brown you confirm for me that you will need clarifications or concessions whichever you prefer from the u.k. within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in december. my response says michel barnier is yes in december either leaders in brussels will decide whether sufficient progress has been made of the two sides are to move on to discuss important future trade deals we remain ready and willing to engage as often
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and as quickly as needed to secure this outcome over the weeks remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we have done since the start but to the prime minister's exasperate the former british ambassador to the e.u. left open the possibility of leaving breck's it altogether it's not inconceivable he said we can change our minds at any time while we're in where. well the divorce talks proceed the parties are still married. reconciliation is still possible. theresa may who lost two ministers in separate scandals this week is now determined to impose her authority over rebel anti breck's it m.p.'s writing in the daily telegraph she made her position clear we will not tolerate attempts from any quarter to use the process of amendment to this bill as a mechanism to try and block the democratic wishes of the british people to try and slow down or stop our departure from the e.u.
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the prime minister has specify that the time and date of breck's it will be written into law precisely eleven p.m. march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen on monday delegation of senior business leaders will be meeting the prime minister here in london and will be bringing more bad news it's expected they'll tell mrs may that her plans to implement breaks it in just two years are simply unrealistic to shop al-jazeera in london. seven thousand people who suffered torture and abuse under the rule of chad's former dictator has and harbor a a file human rights complaint against the government a landmark trial in two thousand and fifteen had awarded one hundred twenty five million dollars to the victims and reparations but they say the government has failed to comply last year was sentenced to life in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity cheering his eighty a rule sudan wants to rebuild its shipping fleet after it was devastated by twenty
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years of u.s. sanctions it's now been a month since the sanctions were lifted but the recovery has been slow it will morgan reports from port sudan. whenever he looks at the board has and says he remembers the days when his import business was still up and running but that was before the united states slapped trade sanctions on sudan for your name already rewarding. i used to bring in clothes for people to design and customise now the ships have to stop at other ports the goods are unloaded there and then when shipped here that has increased the cost of shipping so now i've been forced to close my business. as it isn't alone the port is the country's logistic help and gateway to the arabian gulf it exports not just from sudan but also from landlocked neighboring countries like judd and south sudan all the ships at the port are now foreign but it wasn't long ago that sudan had its own fleet of fifteen ships which transported goods and passengers but one thing happened that slowly killed the
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industry until last month the u.s. had imposed economic and trade sanctions on sudan it meant the government couldn't maintain its own fleet of ships and had to tell them to cut its losses the last almost sold almost a year and a half before the sanctions were lifted the sanctions came into force in one thousand nine hundred seven when the us accused the then of human rights abuses and sponsoring terror it was designed to hurt the sudanese economy and so it did and all but destroyed the shipping industry the news authorities say with the sanctions lifted they'll try to rebuild their fleet but it won't be easy on the docket for years building ships takes a lot of time making one from scratch takes at least two years so we don't expect it to happen in the near future only after quite a while will students shipping fleet again its strength the port is becoming more active though hopefully by next year we will have more development in the industry analysts say the government should focus on modernization of. lifting the sanctions
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gives us a chance for the government to bring in new technologies to make the port and its industry able to provide better services for now but won't help the economy maybe in two or three years it will especially through transit services for the neighboring landlocked countries. has and knows his days of bringing in goods by sea are over but he hopes with a new post sanctions era the younger generation could export trade beyond the harbor he now only visits he will morgan and is there port sudan. a u.k. court has upheld a ruling that drivers are entitled to work as rights like the minimum wage unpaid time off a multi-billion dollar company argues its drivers work as independent contractors union supporting overdriven drivers says they should have the same employment rights a similar businesses says it will appeal the decision how doctors in new delhi say current pollution that pollution levels are making the city unfit for human
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habitation hospitals in the indian capital say they're dealing with a twenty percent surge in emergency admissions pollution levels are more than eight times what's considered the healthy limit delis already poor air quality is being worsened by illegal crop burning nearby. there was a burning sensation in my throat i felt breathless now after the oxygen mask i feel better. believe is unfit for human habitation it's causing on measurable it's causing immense amount of damage to lung to a heart to over brain and every part of the body it's going to shorten the life of each and every person who's bleeding this toxic. greenpeace activists have sent a message to delegates attending the un climate talks in the german city of bomb they projected a sign reading no future in fossil fields onto
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a coal power plant alongside faces from the pacific islands the stunt is designed to draw attention to the impact emissions from germany have on the pacific now its workers museums and broadway shows new york is known as the culture capital of the united states says he spends more than one hundred eighty million dollars on cultural programs and institutions every year but not everyone has equal access to the arts that such funding supports kristen salumi reports on how the city is trying to change that. in a low income neighborhood known more for its problems than for its art this outdoor festival speaks to the community. this morning and. from poetry to painting local artists have an audience here in east brooklyn that appreciates their work like stephanie fafnir roy draws women of color. i feel like it's better
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for my art to just be here like young girls could see a representation of them as a positive rather than of themselves the festival is organized by katherine green of arts east new york under a new cultural plan new york city is targeting programs like this one for funding increases we want to make sure that every community in new york city has that sort of opportunities to unlock to open the minds of children and youth all over this the city with the green says the additional money will help or better market their programs to make them more widely available. york spends one hundred million dollars a year on art and culture more than any other city in the country but some neighborhoods benefit way more than others most of the funding goes to thirty three city own institutions like the museum of natural history but they are mostly located in manhattan. that's a long trip not to mention an expensive outing for families who live more than an hour away by public transportation and.
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we think this is going to have a very big impact in low income communities according to the city's commissioner of culture the one and a half million dollars in spending in these areas is a good investment these kinds of activities activities are correlated with a much bigger impact in low income communities person cities that have rich cultural activities are. safer better school and they're healthier. it's a plan that allows neighborhoods to celebrate their unique cultures and that has these brooklyn dancing in the streets christian salumi al jazeera new york. well there's plenty to see here is there a dot com. so
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a quick look at the stories making headlines now the u.s. and france have intervened in the political crisis in lebanon with both countries declaring their support for the prime minister saad hariri he announced he was stepping down down while in riyadh on saturday because of interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah there are fears he's being held there against his will which his office denies a state upon correspondent patty cohen has mall and secretary of state rex tillerson putting out this paper statement basically saying that the u.s. respects the sovereignty and the independence of lebanon its government its political institutions when i did say that parties within an outside need to respect the independence and the integrity of both the government and the armed forces and then it went a little bit further to say that love it and should not be used as a proxy war between other countries obviously trying to send a message to saudi arabia. and our other headlines human rights activists are
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demanding australia immediately resolve a worsening conditions at the mine asylum detention center protesters in melbourne want global leaders to pressure australia's government to move refugees from the camp and papa new guinea you pictures show the squalid conditions faced by the six hundred refugees refusing to leave the center close down last week leaving them without power and running water. donald trump has dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the asia pacific region in a speech to apac leaders in vietnam the us president appeared to attack china's trade policy about specifically mentioning china the chinese president xi jinping told the summit the economic globalization is a process that car in reverse. myanmar's de facto leader is also in vietnam and she's expected to come under pressure from other leaders at the summit over the range of crisis. and about peace prize winner has been criticized for failing to condemn the military crackdown that is for six hundred
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thousand to flee to neighboring bangladesh. and the e.u. breck's it secretary michel barnier has warned the u.k. it has two weeks to make concessions on an exit agreement it wants to move on to the next phase of talks which is that take place next month as your headlines outfront starts now there. as president donald trump sounds more u.s. troops to fight the war in afghanistan the i.c.c. prosecutor is calling for an investigation into war crimes in that country so how complicit of afghan authorities be in all of this week for the president of
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afghanistan harm it causes.


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