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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2017 7:00am-7:33am AST

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a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you know very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on a uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and run by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. were not as we has been and where all the lebanese take this as an offense.
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lebannon demands the return of its prime minister from saudi arabia with more international pressure to add to the political crisis. bugs the hell are you watching i was there a life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes we'll do it without you that's the message from the pacific rim countries to donald trump as they move forward on a new free trade deal without the u.s. also a new deadline set for refugees refusing to leave minus island out by monday all police will move in plus. then he did what he wanted to do to me i lived with a lot of anger and pain and i was crying women are fighting back in the democratic republic of congo a country with some of the highest rates of sexual assault in the world.
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welcome to our view company the u.s. has joined the un in wading into lebanon's political crisis calling for stability after the shock resignation of prime minister saad hariri hariri announced he was stepping down while in riyadh last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah but hezbollah's leader says hariri quit the duress house and is accusing saudi arabia of detaining hariri and not letting him return home u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has cautioned all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence warning regional powers against using it as a venue for proxy conflicts and the un secretary general is warning that a new conflict in the region could have devastating consequences all of this as citizens of saudi arabia kuwait and bahrain begin to leave lebanon after being
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encouraged to do so by their respective governments are harder has more from beirut . citizens of saudi arabia and its gulf allies visiting or living in lebanon are leaving it's not the first time gulf countries tell their citizens it is not safe to stay lebanon has long been entangled in the saudi iranian power struggle across the region but the latest warning heightened tensions after the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad heavy but alongside the tensions there are growing signs of lebanese unity in what many see as saudi interference in their country so that it is resignation was sudden raising concerns about the circumstances behind the decision there is also concern about how to ease freedom of movement he may have been seen since he made the announcement in riyadh but the prime minister hasn't made any more statements lebanon's president michel aoun believes had he is under house arrest he told that saudi arabia charge at the fair in beirut will lead bihari. that the circumstances of the resignation are an acceptable and how d.d.
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should return immediately. how did his own political party made a similar to mt they didn't just suggest the prime minister is being held against his will but expressed concern that lebanon's sunni community could be marginalized even further. and french and disappoint. is controlling their government and controlling their destiny on the other hand. so this is why yesterday. how do you really should be a priority lebannon is a deeply divided country there is a pro saudi camp led by her which has long accused of imposing iran's agenda here there is a pro iran camp led by hezbollah which has long resisted demands to disarm and to
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withdraw its troops fighting alongside the syrian government but even hezbollah has added its voice to demands for how to return it to the belief that the prime minister is being held against his will when i know not. all the lebanese take this as an offense. to the lebanese prime minister as an offense to all the lebanese even if he is our political outbursts are a. hezbollah secretary general has been a struggle was careful to avoid political escalation instead he accused saudi arabia of wanting to impose a new leadership in lebanon and start a war he called on the lebanese to avoid provocation and to stay away from the streets the political divide hasn't gone away but for now at least politicians are putting it aside there is a rare consensus for the need to unite at what many describe as dangerous times. beirut. well as we said earlier the u.s.
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is urging all parties to respect lebanon sovereignty this is why well leaders look on with increasing alarm state department correspondent particular events will from washington it's the one question swirling around the world capitals what is going on with lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned his post well in saudi arabia does he want to be there or is he being held against his will the french weighed in you know the me should i think you should ask him this simply note that he resigned that you travel to abu dhabi on the eve of president mike rounds visit so we think he is free in his movements and it is up to him to make his choice at the u.s. state department thursday the answer was less clear we have seen him. in terms of the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office for use of the conditions of him being held as he is he in detention well. i'm not going to put that word behi i'm i'm not going to
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associate that word with it but where he is right now. she went on to say she couldn't even talk about where they met but her boss is sending a strong statement about what should come next secretary of state rex tillerson writing that the u.s. respects the prime minister and sees him as a strong partner he went on to warn there is no place in lebanon for foreign forces and the u.s. cautions against any party within or outside lebanon using lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts an obvious message to saudi arabia but his boss u.s. president donald trump has been more willing in the past to give saudi arabia a green light to do what it wants it remains to be seen if that will apply to lebanon but at the united nations growing alarm after saudi ordered its citizens to leave that country this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in
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lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict your ups in the region it's good to have devastating consequences a critical time for a country wondering what's next for them and their leader political hane al-jazeera washington. well eleven pacific rim countries have reached agreement to move forward with a new free trade trans-pacific partnership plan without the us now they include canada mexico chile japan and vietnam the development came on the sidelines of the ongoing asia pacific economic cooperation summit in vietnam present donald trump took the u.s. out of the original twelve nation agreement soon after taking office in january the tepee talks don't include china which is also attending the summit wayne hay is following events for us from denying various members of the press corps awaiting for ministers to talk up the bit about what's been agreed and what hasn't but there does seem to be this movement on the p.p.
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which is quite encouraging for those that wanted to see it move forward. absolutely sale this is a deal that as you mentioned the united states withdrew from way back when donald trump assumed the presidency and ever since then really i guess it's been dealt on again off again there's been several rounds of talks between the remaining eleven nations but the news became more and more positive as we got closer to this a pick summits summit so there was real hope that an agreement of some sort would be reached here in vietnam and that looked like it was going to happen on friday when the leaders were shared jewel to meet to sign off on this basic out framework but there was a major complication when the canadian prime minister justin trudeau failed to show up and it emerged that the canadians had some concerns over some elements of that deal going forward but since then we've had a meeting of the various trade ministers from those remaining eleven nations and
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then they released a statement on saturday morning saying that they have agreed to the core elements of the deal but as a former canadian trade negotiator told me a short time ago this is probably far from the final deal and there will be many more negotiations to come. count of those in a fairly difficult position because in the midst of a very major now after negotiation and the implications of the p.p. on the nafta negotiation are an issue having said that. some other countries are trying to roll back some of the disciplines that were included in the t.t.p. . and they have called for progress of the night you'll find the word progressive being used in the language now for a progressive remit that includes environment includes gender equality that includes labor so those sorts of issues count of those also i understand i'm not
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part of the negotiating process any longer of account was also looking for some. changes in the dispute settlement. provisions of the agreement and i think that there is a more general. view among he eleven that they may need to put in abeyance the intellectual property provisions which were largely driven by the united states when they were there. so that news that it appears the transpacific partnership involving the remaining eleven countries is going forward in principle probably not the news that the us president donald trump i wanted to hear given as we mentioned he was the one that pulled the u.s. out of the deal and he as evidenced again in his speech that he gave to a pig business and political leaders on friday is pulling in a very different direction highlighting again on friday in that speech that he wants bilateral deals for the united states and will no longer sign these large
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multilateral deals clearly most of the other apec nations including with especially really the nations are pulling in a completely different direction and want to go forward with this small multilateral deal so what we're seeing at the moment is a meeting behind closed doors of the apec leaders there in a retreat and then as you mentioned we are also waiting for that media conference to start which we understand will include trade representatives from japan and the host vietnam and of course as we get more news we'll come back to you for an update wayne there in denying vietnam thank you well staying in the region be about as he doesn't suit chief faces pressure from world leaders that that apec summit in vietnam canada's prime minister justin trudeau spoke with sujit about the military crackdown in rocky state that has forced at least eight hundred thousand ringer to flee to neighboring bangladesh trudeau's government is facing calls to strip the nobel laureate of her ordinary canadian citizenship. still ahead here on al-jazeera
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we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed the european union gives the u.k. deadline to make concessions on bright said told the whole process could be stalled . us football player hope solo is the latest to say she too was sexually assaulted she names a form of. the culprits. through trying to rape. victims and if it. has enough clout in the sky to suggest maybe a shower to overrun even afghanistan but to be honest not much has been reported and i think much will come out of it but we have got the potential to build some bigger shows around the caspian as we saw a couple of weeks ago and they can be quite poky but on the whole they're going to
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be a rare event the tide is there and so the shows to the west are that we're going back to big blue skies again twenty twenty degrees a good spread attempt is small enough in the iraqi plane up to about twenty six in baghdad slightly warmer in kuwait but actually the temperatures are going slow. so the big green here the suggestion is shown to be a bit more obvious on sunday then also terror on there in the mountains but goes down to the caspian coast now the arabian peninsula then is largely devoid of cloud is a nice time of year humidity is low the temperatures just barely about thirty four almost everywhere even the cloud around the coast of yemen and is a rarity now having brought just a spot to two of rain in the last day. where as you might expect the rains are being enhanced in southern africa the focus now and the next two days is going to be mozambique through zimbabwe and sound being sucked from us to south africa it's a quiet big blue sky time. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. thank. you what you are just there i'm still robin these are all top
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stories the u.s. secretary of state is warning all sides to respect lebanon's in its integrity and independence and says he strongly backs its prime minister saad hariri announced he was stepping down while in the saudi capital on saturday interference from iran and its lebanese ally has blocked they say he resigned under saudi duress also eleven pacific rim countries have reached a deal to proceed with the free trade trans-pacific partnership plan without the us the deal was reached on the sidelines of the ongoing asia pacific economic cooperation summit in vietnam. and me and miles later on sons who cheat faces pressure from world leaders at the summit in vietnam canada's prime minister justin trudeau spoke with sujit about the military crackdown in rocky state that has forced at least eight hundred thousand ringer to flee to neighboring bangladesh. let's go to europe now where the e.u. chief breaks it negotiator has given the u.k. a two week ultimatum to make concessions on
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a divorce agreement if talks are to proceed to the next round michel barnier says it's vital for the u.k. to increase its offer on an exit bill which some e.u. officials say could be as much as seventy billion dollars peter shot reports an hour from london time does appear to be running out for the british brecht negotiators as the representative field in this question at the end of the second day of talks in brussels mr blunt to confirm for me that you will need clarifications or concessions whichever you prefer from the u.k. within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in december my boss a week from my response says michel barnier is yes in december either leaders in brussels will decide whether sufficient progress has been made of the two sides are to move on to discuss important future trade deals we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed to secure this outcome over the weeks
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remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we have done since the start but to the prime minister's exasperate the former british ambassador to the e.u. left open the possibility of leaving breck's it altogether it's not inconceivable he said we can change our minds at any time while we're in where. well the divorce talks proceed the party is still married. reconciliation is still possible to resume a who lost two ministers in separate scandals this week is now determined to impose her authority over rebel anti breck's it m.p.'s writing in the daily telegraph she made her position clear we will not tolerate attempts from any quarter to use the process of amendment to this bill as a mechanism to try and block the democratic wishes of the british people to try and slow down or stop our departure from the e.u.
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the prime minister has specify that the time and date of brecht's it will be written into law at present eisley eleven p.m. march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen on monday delegation of senior e.u. business leaders will be meeting the prime minister here in london and they'll be bringing more bad news it's expected they'll tell mrs may that her plans to implement breaks it in just two years are simply unrealistic to shop al-jazeera in london. but that line has been extended for hundreds of men living at the manor silent detention center have until monday to leave the closed facility or forty's in papua new guinea have started to dismantle makeshift shelters as marianna hogged reports. for almost two weeks that refused to budge around six hundred refugees and asylum seekers living in the now close to stray in prison camp on menace island in papua new guinea without water power food or sanitation
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because of their tennis and you know many people got problems i've got this video shows how conditions have deteriorated but the men insisted this is better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and fear attacks from local residents and police calls to at least two in the power and water back on at the camp have been ignored or thirty's there want them gone threatening in a written notice posted. at the camp to use force to remove them if they don't leave on their own the united nations are urging all parties to find peaceful solutions we call on both governments australia as well as papua new guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means. of the current tensions peacefully anybody want the men come mainly from the middle east in southeast asia fleeing poverty war and persecution and risking their lives
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in the hope of making it to a stray leah but a stray has refused to accept anyone trying to reach its shores by boat and for four years has paid papua new guinea to hells the refute g.'s official shut down the prison camp after pup a new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to host such a camp probably new guinea says the asylum seekers and now a stray is responsibility but the strain government maintains it has no obligation because they're not on its soil. the un has joined a chorus of criticism over stray is response calling on the government to move the men to safety in a stray here and to end its policy of same doing asylum seekers to offshore prison camps we have reported on the very dire conditions in the centers it's now really high time to bring an end to this unconscionable human suffering what. the
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detainees at the camp admit they're fearful of what my come but say they have no choice but to stay put for now made in holland. well the overland has more from city. we've heard from a number of refugees who remain inside the camp that do authorities are announcing over a megaphone that sunday will be the last day that they can remain inside the camp meaning that the deadline appears to have been extended until monday for refugees to leave the camp p.m.g. police have said that about two hundred men have left the camps and services were cut off meaning that there's about four hundred men who are left inside the camp now crucially painting police say that they won't be using force on saturday to remove the men from the camp but they left it open that they may use force at a later date to evacuate the men they say that the transfer so far however have
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been going smoothly and they want that to continue but the refugees that we've spoken to inside the can say that they won't be leaving and that they are afraid that pain to authorities will use force to remove them they say that it's not safe for them outside of the camp because of previous attacks by locals on the refugees now the un's refugee agency has said that the withdrawal of critical services from the camp has led to a high risk environment for all parties involved and that the transit centers that the refugees are due to be transferred to aren't completely ready so it appears at this stage that the standoff is set to continue. his oceans of sexual assault against public figures ranging from hollywood high rollers to politicians have been sweeping the globe for more than a month now it's led to a wave of women speak your picks posing improper workplace behavior yet many around
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the world remain at risk of such inappropriate actions the revelations surfaced in hollywood early last month exposing film producer harvey wines. seen to date more than eighty women have accused him of sexual misconduct a scandal that snowballed into accusations against other actors and producers now it's spread into politics to the u.k. defense secretary michael fallon became the first politician to quit after claims of sexual abuse but still little has changed for everyday people sixty eight countries have no laws against sexual harassment in the workplace that's one third of the world's countries it leads two hundred thirty five million women without any legal protection on the job and it seems both genders are at risk in the united states seventy nine percent of victims are women while twenty one percent of them are men form a fee for boss that blatter has become the latest high profile person to have
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sexual assault allegations leveled at him u.s. football player hope solo claims that in interview published on saturday in the portuguese newspaper that blatter grabbed her inappropriately at an awards ceremony in twenty thirteen solo as part of the u.s. women's football team but was suspended last year blatter who was banned from of football due to corruption allegations has told the guardian newspaper that the claims are ridiculous. well the democratic republic of congo has some of the highest rates of rape and sexual assault in the world the problem is worst in the conflict ridden many armed groups are accused of widespread sexual violence even against young girls but many women are taking action welcome web visited a martial arts school back of which is helping survivors recover and protect themselves. not her real name says she was raped when she was sixteen years old she's an orphan and her guardian and uncle struggling to pay her school fees she
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says a neighbor offered to give her some money but instead lured her into a bedroom in a guest house. on your knees that would if i shouted for help people would have asked me what i was doing so i decided not to shout and to just allow him to do what he wanted then he did what you wanted to me i lived with a lot of anger i mean when i was and i was right. but not anymore he says his karate classes help turn her life around part of a program for rape survivors. here at the panzi foundation in the town of in the democratic republic of congo the foundation's attached to a hospital run by dr denny mccuaig a three times nobel peace prize nominee is renowned for his reconstructive surgery for women who've been injured during gang rapes often by men from eastern congo as many armed groups. are qualities one of several activities that helps provide his recover and defend themselves aside from improving the chances of fighting off an
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attacker those who are recovering from injuries three he said better said the physical fitness many of the women and girls say improves their self-confidence and mental well as well having the knowledge that the pad to deal with any feat to situations that might arise. in the. music. therapies are part of the program and women who called a song they've written called my body is not a weapon. but frank says the karate is popular and the benefits a clear. win received them here some are very angry others or novice that it is something for them when we train them and the excess of the emotion get told stuck in their mind and feel better. says she felt like she didn't want to
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live after she was raped she says meeting women with similar stories and training with them both her energy and self-esteem once again. narcan where powers were carving in the democratic republic of congo. to the us now a new york is known as the culture capital of the u.s. with its world class museums and broadway shows the city spends more than one hundred eighty million dollars on cultural programs and institutions every year but not everyone has equal access to the arts supported by public funding kristen salumi reports on how the city is trying to change that. in a low income neighborhood known more for its problems than for its art this outdoor festival speaks to the community. this morning and. from poetry to painting local artists have an audience here in east brooklyn that appreciates their work like stephanie fatha roy draws women of color. i feel like it's better
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for my art to just be here like young girls could see a representation of them as a positive rather than of themselves the festival is organized by katherine green of arts east new york under a new cultural plan new york city is targeting programs like this one for funding increases we want to make sure that every community in new york city has that sort of opportunities to unlock to open the minds of children and youth all over this the city with the kids he says the additional money will help or better market their programs to make them more widely available. or spend one hundred million dollars a year on art and culture more than any other city in the country but some neighborhoods benefit way more than others most of the funding goes to thirty three city own institutions like the museum of natural history but they are mostly located in manhattan. that's a long trip not to mention an expensive outing for families who live more than an
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hour away by public transportation and. we think this is going to have a very big impact in low income communities according to the city's commissioner of culture for one and a half million dollars it's spending in these areas is a good investment these kinds of activities its activities are correlated with a much bigger impact in low income communities person cities that have rich cultural activities are act. say for the better school outcomes and they're healthier. it's a plan that allows neighborhoods to celebrate their unique cultures and that has these brooklyn dancing in the streets christian salumi al jazeera new york.
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you're watching al-jazeera i'm still raman these are our top stories the u.s. secretary of state is warning all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence he also says he strongly banks prime minister saad hariri who resigned in saudi arabia last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah they say he resigned under saudi jurists eleven pacific rim countries have reached a basic agreement on a major trade deal without the u.s. leaders from asia pacific nations are meeting at the apec meeting in vietnam to push ahead with the trans-pacific partnership deal without the us president donald trump withdrew the country from the original twelve nation agreement in january by omar's leader and sons who has faced pressure over her stance on the rohingya from world leaders at the apec summit in vietnam canada's prime minister justin trudeau spoke with sujit about the military crackdown in rocky the state that has forced at
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least eight hundred thousand ringgit to flee to neighboring bangladesh the deadline has been extended to monday for hundreds of men living at the decommissioned detention center on matters island off florida keys in papua new guinea have started to dismantle makeshift shelters and a u.s. marine drill instructor has been sentenced to ten years in prison for choking punching and attacking more than a dozen recruits especially three muslims sergeant joseph felix was charged with maltreatment of recruit sort of south carolina boot camp the military says one of the muslim victims heels of the key committed suicide the prosecutor called felix a bully who had special abuse on the most liberal kreutz because of their faith. former fever boss blatter has become the latest high profile person to have sexual assault allegations leveled at him u.s. football player hope solo claims it interview published saturday in the portuguese newspaper that blatter grabbed her inappropriately at an awards ceremony in twenty thirteen blatter has told the guardian the claims are ridiculous
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pope francis has spoken out against nuclear deterrence policies developed during the cold war saying they provided a false sense of security the head of the catholic church has to go today international conference on nuclear disarmament be back with more news in thirty minutes next an al-jazeera it's talk to al-jazeera. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed by the drug dealer yes join mehdi has sand for up front at this time on al-jazeera. you can. see. pakistan traditionally seen as an important partner with the.


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