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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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and ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be and. hear their story. on talk to our agency. at this time. whether on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make the next join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. lebanon's president calls on saudi arabia to clarify exactly why promised assad has
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yet to return to base for. al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me it is a problem also ahead the united states and russia agree on how to end the fighting in syria. they almost canada eleven pacific rim countries agree on the basis of a free trade deal and breaking records china's online shopping spree shows no sign of slowing down. lebanon's president is demanding an explanation from saudi arabia michel aoun wants to know what's preventing promised to solve her d.d. from returning to beirut it's been a week since her d.d. appeared on a cell these fashion channel and announced his resignation but it's not. being
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accepted not unless he delivers it on lebanese soil well the u.s. has joined calls for him to return home and the un too is calling for stability in lebanon one of the regional powers against using the country for proxy conflicts and lebanon to political parties and factions have asked for the return of the prime minister his own party says it hasn't heard from him since saturday even had a day's political adversary hezbollah refused to acknowledge his resignation. says saudi arabia for study to quit and accuse israel of holding her d.d. against his will saying the holder has the latest from beirut. faith is still open to question lebanon has been holding contacts with the western as well as arab diplomats to find out and seek information about you know the whereabouts the well being of their prime minister yes that they believe he is in the saudi capital but lebanese leaders from across the political spectrum including saddam own political
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party believe that he is being held against his will that he is somehow under house arrest and his freedom of movement is curtailed and all of the different lebanese factions of course it's a deeply divided country with a deep political divide right now they're putting this aside and they are uniting all of them calling on the need for heidi to return to the country for more than one reason the military and to maintain what they're calling the internal balance system of government said they balance there's a sectarian system of government the prime minister should be a sunday muslim and the sunni community here consider their leader the very fact that he is no longer here they feel marginalized even further it is a community who over the years feels that. of course with its patron iran has a grip on lebanon and it is in control of the country so this will really upset the balance of power so this in the community worry that this is this political crisis is saudi iranian rival. it has played out in lebanon for many many years now there
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have been attempts in the past the curve has been but they have all failed so right now all sides are avoiding political escalation because the situation is so tense in the past the political crises like this have led to security incidents so a lot of uncertainty for now there is rare unity where consensus but boy it could be just short lived it is a question many fear especially since they do not know what further steps saudi arabia intends to take against lebanon. let's move on to other news now russia and the u.s. have struck a deal to map out an end to the war and said here the u.s. state department released its version of their joint statement after the kremlin well u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin that on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam both leaders confirmed their commitment to maintaining serious sovereignty trump said hand putin reached the agreement very quickly adding that it will save a tremendous number of lives on potent spoke earlier about the agreement.
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just now we've adopted that document with the prism of the united states it's a very crucial document because we see it for some principles firstly we continue the fight against terrorism in syria that's most important for the united states and for us especially in light of recent tragic events which happened there to do with recent terrorist acts because of sit we've been confronting that evil for quite some time now it's important for the whole international community that we continue to apply joint if it's of the utmost importance that we reaffirm the sovereignty of syria its territorial integrity that after the fight against terrorism is over we'll start the political process under the auspices of the united nations. let's go to washington and they say now we're joined by our correspondent and gallagher and we've just heard from the state department and in the last hour what are they saying. well this is
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a joint statement it's hard to say this is an agreement i think that's probably fair to say but in this joint statement perhaps nothing that new but there is a commitment here between russia and the united states to free and fair elections to continued cooperation between the military forces of both countries and i recommitment to the sovereignty of syria so some fairly significant agreements there between these two nations of course president trump only as only met at a mere putin maybe three or four times potentially three times at the apec summit very short chats there and of course president trump saying this agreement this joint statement will save many many lives but of course the implementation of all this that will be key this these are very difficult things to actually make happen in syria itself of course is potentially very important for the people of syria who have suffered under this war for the last few months and years to a great extent but potentially i think it's how this plays out that will be
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important because these are not easy things to do on the ground but i think initially when president trunk was talking about the agreement he made light amir putin we were waiting for that state department release and it really doesn't say anything new there's nothing potentially new in here that hasn't been said before but again i think it's how it's implemented and how these two countries work together and of course the background to all this is that president trump is really in trouble domestically with potential ties or or potential investigations into collusion between him and the russians the headline here at the moment in the u.s. is that present trump believes lied to me putin when he said he didn't meddle in the elections but of course that's an aside to what's going on here with syria because president trump also wants russia on his side when it comes to dealing with north korea one of the other hot bed issues for the trumpet ministration but i think the proof really will be in the pudding. if they can actually begin to implement these things of free and fair elections is not going to be an easy thing
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to do increase amounts of cease fire and holding those cease fires again is not easy so i think going forward it's what concretely that they will do together that will show the people of syria and the rest of the world that russia and the united states can work together when it comes to syria and they thank you very much for that that's our andy gallagher joining us with the latest from washington d.c. let's go to our russia correspondent roy chalons now he's joining us live from moscow and as andy was saying there's nothing new in this statement but what we are expecting it. that's a good question it's difficult to know whether we're expecting anything new there was some chat in the last few days there was a time article that i read yesterday which suggested that russia and america. in in talks so put together a fairly significant agreement on how to move the syrian peace process forward now
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that begs the question is this is well on the face of it it doesn't look like this is particularly significance there as andy was saying there there's no new grounds really that's been broken here so that i think means that perhaps the u.s. and russia did not find as much common ground as they were looking for and that was hinted at on thursday by rex tillerson when he said that vladimir putin and stunnel trump would only have a proper bilateral so sit down meeting if there was something substantial and significant that the two men could agree on and talk about well we didn't get a proper bilateral meeting which suggests that perhaps they came up short when they were looking at moving a proper step forward with the syrian peace process now but to me in person has
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been talking about this statement and he says that he believes the necessity of it comes about because the fight against i still is nearly over as he puts it the fight against the terrorists so therefore the conditions are now right to move forward with the geneva process as to whether as to why there was no meeting with donald trump no problem meeting he said well it was just a shared julian problem and the two teams just couldn't make their protocol formalities work but he also alluded to the fact that perhaps as the americans that were shy of this meeting taking place when asked about what it signifies he says well it shows that the russian u.s. relationship is still in deep crisis roy thank you very much for that that's very challenging but the nations from moscow i thank you. iraqi forces have launched an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas on the ice in control in the country so infantry divisions and sunni tribal forces are carrying out the
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operation and province it's believed as a holding ten thousand civilians hostage in the town of adama and ron cohen has the latest from the capital of baghdad. the operation began early on saturday morning as iraqi forces went in to the town of ramadi is described as a town however it's a series of small villages where i still fight as i have been holed up after they fled operations against them in ramadi and fallujah now this is on the border the border crossing with jordan which has been a strategic stranglehold for isolate managed to stop traffic coming in and out of that border crossing so this is quite key although we're not expecting huge amounts of isis fighters to be in the area the fact that they are still there means that they were controlling that territory and this is all about who gets to control the territory now we're not expecting this to be as large an operation as we've seen perhaps say in mosul or against eisel in syria what we're expecting is the
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operation to be concluded fairly swiftly in fact what militia sources are telling us from the ground in amman is that ramana has already been liberated that hasn't been confirmed by the joint operations command that also the joint operations commander told i'll just say that they're very concerned about civilian casualties and they want to avoid them so they're going to go in and a step by step basis they're going to surround romana first take ramana and then likely to move across the euphrates river and into and do exactly the same as a tactic that we've seen the iraqi security forces before take over areas outside of the areas i still control and then use that as a staging post to go in now like i said we're expecting this operation to take months or weeks it's going to be likely it is going to take days and we will have a news within the next few days about the operation itself but the iraqi security forces very confident that this they can they can route i saw the last remaining strongholds in iraq. still ahead on the bulletin another resignation and
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australia's jewel citizenship crisis what it means for malcolm turnbull's government. hello there a tropical storm is making its way across the south china sea at the moment it's here has already made its way across the philippines and now it's gradually tracking its way towards the west is strengthening a little bit and gradually drifting west woods at the risk slow pace so i don't think it's going to reach bit now until about monday towards the north fine and dry for most of us in the southeastern parts of china for now but the cloud really begins to build as we head through into monday and so we're likely to see some heavier rain that will run its way towards the northeast now for us cross india in the north is fine and dry the moment but there is a major problem with small that's not only across parts of india but also into
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pakistan as well further south you see plenty of cloud of rain here giving some of us a very very active rain and there were plenty more wet weather as we head through the next few days so sunday lots of rain particularly in the southeastern parts of india also affecting us in the northern parts of sri lanka though here in doha the temperature is definitely easing now is feeling rather pleasant outside thirty two degrees is the maximum there on sunday things do change a little bit on monday though the winds will be rather more active so it will be rather a blustery day and thirty degrees will be the top temperature here for the south for muscat is not as hot we're at twenty nine. provoking debate the corporate taxes not her job growth on the brock obama the what went on in georgia that one that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of a tree killings torture maybe you giving me a road between if we wrap challenging the established line every single one of the
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three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show them you show them on sawing join many has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on the al jazeera news out of these stories the lebanese president is demanding an explanation from saudi arabia on the circumstances surrounding promise to. return to lebanon. what's preventing her from leaving to the ob to surprise resignation a week ago russia and the u.s.
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have struck a deal to map an end to the. u.s. president. counterpart vladimir putin met on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam both leaders confirmed their commitment to maintain. an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas controlled in the country to infantry divisions and forces of carrying out the operation and province it's believed. ten thousand civilians hostage in the town of dawa. members of the trans-pacific partnership partnership trade deal have agreed to proceed with the pact without u.s. involvement president to withdraw support for the deal to assume an office throwing its future and doubt about the remaining leaders agreed to proceed on the sidelines off the apec summit and vietnam. and vietnam. the asia pacific economic cooperation summit ended with yet another photo opportunity the
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twenty one leaders came together in vietnam on the back of a difficult year for trade that continued on the sidelines of a pic with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the center he initially balked at a deal to push ahead with the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement involving eleven apec members but after further often heated discussions between government ministers all t p p members finally agreed on the core elements of the pact. all over an aversive agreed on the continent we've maintained exactly the same high standards to twelve i think we've maintained a balance we've avoided opting for lower standards there are lots of areas where if you rush to agree high standards will be sacrificed but if you insist on high standards we can take a long time or some countries might drop out so all eleven countries are on board and this will send a very strong message to the us and other countries in the region that messages asia pacific countries see regional trade deals as the best way forward that's in
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contrast to the views of u.s. president donald trump who withdrew the united states from the t p p the trans-pacific partnership isn't finalized yet some parts of the deal still need to be negotiated but the fact that it's still alive without the us combined with china's increasingly assertive role in this region means that this apec summit has come to a close with a sense that the united states is looking more isolated. even the final statement from apec leaders was contentious and took longer than usual to finalize reportedly because of u.s. concerns about the wording the leaders called for the removal of market distorting subsidies came after president trump was highly critical of unfair trade practices during his speech on friday. the promotion of free trade and investment in the asia pacific region is a mission for apec member economies to maintain a pact as a key driver for regional integration. despite the statement again
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showed that the united states under donald trump has a different view on trade to most other asia pacific nations wayne hay al jazeera donning vietnam. they have intense scenes between police and protesters and the australian city of sydney. the people who criticize the treatment of refugees that have recently caused a prison camp a man a silent they gathered outside a fundraiser for the rolling liberal party they're demanding the refugees be resettled in australia or popular new guinea immigration officials have started dismantling parts of that refugee camp on malice island refugees say they've been given another two days that song til monday to leave home has the latest from sydney. day by day what little is left of the now closed camp is being removed here papa new guinea authorities dismantle makeshift tents water tanks are being
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taken away in the rubbish bins the men had been using to collect water emptied the camp officially closed last month leaving the six hundred refugees and asylum seekers who were there without water power food or sanitation. police have reportedly said at least two hundred of those men have left since they cut off the essential services and won't use force on saturday to remove those who remain but some of the men in the minutes camp say they fear and eventual violent confrontation with authorities. came in and they were telling us. and i want to just listen to monday. forced them on. oh yes. despite squalid conditions in the camp the men
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insist it's better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and the attacks from local residents and police the un's refugee agency also says the transit centers are not ready to take them and is calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis and we call on both governments australia as well as popular guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means to resolve the current tensions peacefully. the men were sent to the mine a silent camp four years ago after trying to reach a stranger by boat under its policy not to accept any maritime arrivals but a supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional for p. and g. to host the camp prompting its closure the refugees and asylum seekers on manis
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were initially given written notice by p.n.t.r. far too used to leave by saturday but say a potential confrontation with police appears to have been delayed monday with many of the men vowing they won't leave until a stray you can find them a safe home or mohammed al jazeera sydney. is trillion dollar man has lost its parliamentary majority after another politician was forced to quit because he may hold dual citizenship conservative m.p. john alexander resigned after discovering he might also be a british citizen making him an eligible to sit in parliament former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was disqualified from parliament last month under similar circumstances to remain in parliament depends on my belief that i am soley australian. given what i have learned about the constitution and understanding now of the high court
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decision just a couple of weeks ago i can no longer with sufficient certainty mind tying the belief that i have held. through by sixty six years. therefore it is my obligation that i must resign. spain melon because along the edge of libya has already separated from spain geographically at least nearly five hundred years ago now its residents are odd and supporters of cotton on his drive for an dependence john holl reports from libya. two hours from barcelona the mediterranean coast kline's to the foothills of the pyrenees. the town of libya is a piece of spain surrounded by france the languages capital and and they see
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themselves as an enclave of catalonia and just on the up and then. we already feel independent because in some way we believe that we've already built our borders at any given moment we could say let's separate libya from this. you see you know you know inside a twelfth century a prison tower libya's mayor shows off relics of spain's not for government past without rancor. it had to have them he explains how on the day of catalonia independence referendum libya's ballot boxes were hidden from the police up here with the bust of general franco and fascist political leader primo de rivera placed on top so many layers of irony in that. the main. aim with the sentiment is there the majority of the village favors independence the voting was ninety five percent for the u.s. cyprus. it was a quirk of history that one libya it's geographical if not political independence
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in sixteen fifty nine the treaty of the period nice ended the war between spain and france under the treaty villages on the spanish side of the border it was ceded to france but libya was considered a town and so it remained part of spain. yes in the bars and cafes of this mountain town it's difficult to find a resident who doesn't support catalonian drive for independence it's. difficult but not impossible. perez is a local stonemasons there's little girl guess cause and i'll never have to they should never have asked for independence in my opinion and they should have looked for a new financial arrangement maybe because the only thing that has been provoked is disagreement among families in the entire place splitting people splitting everything. time passes slowly in
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a place like libya soon the snow will come and with it the winter tourist season visitors will pass between france and spain without really noticing on their way to slow. but people here most of them anyway have no doubt where they belong not in france or spain but catalonia jonah how al-jazeera libya. now in the velvet their eleven first pollens and dependence day but in recent years it's also become the focus of rightwing nationalism and annual white one march as hell through the capital warsaw which last year was joined by more than seventy five thousand people david chase or has more on. your guys of this march say they expect up to one hundred thousand protesters to take to the streets of warsaw this means is one of the biggest ever gatherings of the far right in europe the policies that they have been expounding on and the speakers here have been claiming
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essentially that they want to keep poland for the poles they're very much against the the immigrants and the refugees are coming into europe they say even the leader of the governing party here says they're bringing in parasites and disease to poland these are the views that are now being expressed both by these far right groups gathering here and also inside the government itself now the police are on the sidelines keeping to the back streets but they have water cannons and large reserves in case of trouble there are counted demonstrators are also moving through the capital and police do expect there could be clashes but at the moment they're staying on the sidelines waiting to see what the day will bring. now the world's biggest online shopping spree singles day has opened and china and it's already breaking records the e-commerce giant ali baba says sales topped one and a half billion dollars in just the first three minutes of shopping stepfathers and
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reports from beijing. going vini and cheap and some say addictive online sales are going through the roof in china and electric tools flosser caught look ching's i discount twenty percent he really visits a store these days laptop fitness equipment cameras all bought with a few clicks and many other items he admits he doesn't even need. sometimes i do overconsume a line especially when there are also a lot of times are by them without thinking too much and never touch them again after i open the packages even if i don't like them i don't return because of the lazy. singles days started in the nine hundred ninety s. as a response to valentine's day but it has gone far beyond people's relationship status online giant alibaba managed to turn what's now called double eleven into a shopping spectacle that captivate most of china exactly at midnight on november
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eleventh discounts appear online and the buying spree begins. the sounds of. what if twenty years ago america was china's role model but now when we talk about online business china is doing better than the u.s. in many ways. two thousand and sixteen nearly eighteen billion u.s. dollars were spent in just twenty four hours as a publicity stunt e-commerce companies are using drones to deliver packages to some of china's island's transport companies are working overtime to the when millions of packages swallowed six hundred. here and this year are most likely higher by a slowing economy but there's an environmental downside to the online shopping festival according to greenpeace research shows that in two thousand and sixteen
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double eleven produced two hundred fifty eight thousand tons of c o two because of transportation and waste management that's the equivalent of two and a half million trees. you go from here when we shop online the retailers tend to over package they always wrap more layers around the original packaging usually plastic bags this uses more resources and creates more waste. a problem jane has yet to become aware of for him online shopping has become like his mobile phone there's no life without it anymore and to prove that home shopping does not increase laziness demonstrates the home gym he bought online stopped fossum al-jazeera beijing. now again on the news of a problem and or harbor the headlines on al-jazeera and the lebanese president is
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demanding an explanation from saudi arabia on the circumstances surrounding prime minister saad hariri he's returned to lebanon michel aoun wants to know what's preventing her from leaving riyadh where he announced his surprise resignation a week ago russia and the u.s. have struck a deal to map an end to the war in syria the u.s. state department released its version of their joint statement hours after the kremlin u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin met on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam both leaders confirmed their commitment to maintaining serious sovereignty. just now we've adopted that document with the prism of the united states it's a very crucial document because we see it for some principal things firstly we continue the fight against terrorism in syria that's most important for the united states and for us especially in light of recent tragic events which happened there to do with recent terrorist acts because of see it would be confronting that evil
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for quite some time now it's important for the whole international community that we continue to apply joint. iraqi forces have launched an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas on the ice and control in the country to infantry divisions and so many tribal forces are carrying out the operation and province it's believed isis fighters are holding ten thousand civilians hostage in the town of eleven asia pacific countries have reached a deal to form the basis of a free trade pact with the u.s. they struck an agreement to revive the trans-pacific partnership on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam they have been tense between police and protesters and the australian said. hundreds of people criticize the treatment of refugees at a recently closed prison camp on a man a sign and they demanded the refugees be resettled in a strange. the australian government has lost its parliamentary majority off to another politician was forced to quit because he may hold dual citizenship
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conservative m.p. john alexander resigned after discovering him a british citizen making him an eligible to sit in parliament. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us up front with the house and is coming up next thank you for watching. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing you mean mar for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. as president donald trump sends more u.s. troops to fight the war in afghanistan the i.c.c. prosecutor is calling for an investigation into war crimes in that country so how complicit have afghan authorities been this week's headliner former president of afghanistan hamid karzai you get the boot.


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