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tv   Counting the Cost 2017 Ep 45  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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to thank the vietnamese people for their warm welcome and to reaffirm the strong friendship and growing partnership between our two nations travelers from all around the world including many americans come to vietnam each year to admire your magnificent limestone mountains psyco through your many winding hillsides or swim in the majestic how long bay your nation's magnificence brings different people together from around the world and shared appreciation of the great beauty and splendor of your wonderful country over the past two decades our two nations have come together to find common purpose based on common interests and that's what's happening it is those crucial bonds we are here to reaffirm today in may the united states transferred the u.s. coast guard cutter morgan thought to the people and
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country of vietnam named for u.s. treasury secretary henry morgenthau jr this vessel once patrolled the coast of vietnam during the vietnam war today the same american vessel a gift between partners is sailing the waters of the pacific on its way to patrol these cuts for the people of vietnam this month we mark veterans day in the united states and out of war and conflict we have achieved a deep friendship partnership and we have achieved peace bound by mutual respect and common experience our veterans laid the foundation for that achievement between our nations our decades long joint humanitarian efforts with the vietnamese people and government to account for and recover personnel still missing so important to us. from the war on us these horrors of this horrendous war
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we want our service members support and we give total support to the families and we strengthen the foundation of our comprehensive partnership that is so important to us in the spirit of our friendship i want to congratulate president kwan for hosting a very successful apec leaders meeting this week in dunn and congratulations you did a fantastic thank you as i stated in my address to the apec c.e.o.'s summit on friday the united states is committed to a free and open indo-pacific where strong independent nations respect each other sovereignty uphold the rule of law and advance responsible commerce we want our partners in the indo-pacific to be proud and self-reliant not proxies or satellites we look forward to achieving
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a bilateral trade agreement with partners who abide by the principles of fair and recept protocol trade two very important words fair and reciprocal it hasn't been that way for the united states almost at all and we're changing that and we're changing it rapidly for trade to work all countries must play by the rules i am encouraged that vietnam has recently become the fastest growing export market to the united states. mr president i applaud your efforts to implement economic reforms and increase vietnam's trade and investment in all directions the united states is enthusiastic about reforms that promote economic prosperity for all vietnamese citizens as we look to your growing middle class as a key market for american goods and services we just had
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a great discussion about american goods and services coming in to vietnam two way street i am confident that american energy agriculture financial services aviation digital commerce and defense products are able to meet all of your many commercial needs and in fact not only meet them but what we do is better than anybody else moving forward i welcome vietnam's commitment to eliminating trade barriers for us agricultural products it's very important we must ensure that american farmers at all american companies especially those in digital services and e-commerce can compete on a level playing field and we look forward to working with you to combat predatory and unfair trade practices in the region on security issues we continue to work with our vietnamese partners and with part is of course the region on
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a range of challenges including maritime security counterterrorism human and drug trafficking cyber crime and disease prevention later today i will travel to the philippines where i will discuss many of these issues at the u.s. summit and the east asia summit the assy on summit is going to be something i think very very special i look forward to attending we will also discuss the growing threat from north korea. as i said in my speech to the republic of korea is national assembly all responsible nations must act now to ensure that north korea's rogue regime stops threatening the world with unthinkable loss of life safety and security are goals that should unite all civilized nations we want progress not provoke
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a sion i mean we we have been provoked the world has been provoked we don't want that we want stability not chaos and we want peace not war mr president thank you for being such a gracious host during my time right here in vienna. i toured areas of vietnam and it is magnificent what's happening over the past two decades our nations have continued to grow closer in advancing our shared interests the history of our two nations reveals the possibilities for peace and progress in our world moving forward as partners we will achieve great prosperity and success for the american people and for the vietnamese people i thank you very much seem to. thank you so much you're watching al-jazeera english is live pictures from
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hundred in vietnam where the u.s. president donald trump is being hosted by president tran di kwon the taking questions now from the press but the vietnamese president of the talking about the peace and stability that the country has reached over the past few years and we'll just listening to what some of the press want to ask them in relation to the comments they've just made us. over the past years vietnam u.s. relations have made very strong progress you know all areas politics diplomacy economy trait science and technology health hey man it's area areas and people to people exchange and in particular high level contacts meetings and exchange of delegations. on the basis of the comprehensive partnership have to use of sand to have many full results and among them the visit to the united states
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by punish the wilson folk in maine this year and the state visit to vietnam. price and on trump. and the very first year of his term of office are the highlights. of meetings between leaders vietnam and the president during his visit. very useful. and the meetings give us the opportunity to understand each other better and to work together on areas of mutual interests. of scientific and effective growth the comprehensive partnership between the to countries have been and will be delivering benefits to people and country beating the maintenance of peace stability cooperation and prosperity in the region and the world thank you.
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from the t.v. and have another question for president while. can you please provide your sas means of the future outlook of the vietnam u.s. relationship thank you for your question. well during the talks that i had with the president where knowledge that there is still much room for further expansion of the balance relations and we discussed ways and means to further strengthen the cooperation in a most of stand to have an effective manner and a time to come. at the two sides planche to increase contact and try locus of expression really. the high level meetings through bilateral visits and meetings at the sidelines at the regional and international forums.
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two sites will also promote the momentum for development of the economic trade investment relations on the basis of mutual interest minimize the trade investment disputes and will continue to fact to flee to the economic and trade agreements that we have signed. we also strengthen cooperation in science and technology and environment climate change him and its area issues human resources to develop bent and expanding people to people exchange. for the enhanced comprehensive partnership and then trashed the two peoples and for the benefit of peace stability cooperation and development in the region and the world thank you. thank you. robert.
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thank you mr president and if i could throw a little bit of a change up here all the last both leaders are questions opposed to just one mr president to you if we could first on the way here to hanoi from denying you talked about your meetings with russian president vladimir putin yesterday in which you said you receive further assurances from him that he did not meddle in the u.s. election it's true there was some uncertainty that brewed back in the united states over your statement that you said when what he says when he tells me that i believe that he means it that was taken in some circles including senator john mccain to think that you believe that he is saying he did not interfere in the election could you once and for all definitively sir yes or no say whether or not you believe that president putin and or russia interfere in the election what i said that i'm
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surprised that there's any conflict on this what i said there is that i believe he believes that and it's very important for somebody to believe i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership i believe in our intel agencies our intelligence agencies i've worked with them very strongly there weren't seventeen as was previously reported there were actually four but they were saying there was seventeen there were actually four but as currently led by fine people i believe very much in our intelligence agencies now at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell and frankly russia and china in particular can help
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us with the north korea problem which is one of the truly great problems so i'm not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when this report is all around and cameras recording and seeing our conversation i think was very obvious to everybody i believe that president putin really feels that he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to self ukraine to solve terrorism and you know people don't realize russia has been very very heavily sanctioned they were sanctioned at a very high level and that took place very recently it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important things and i feel
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that having russia in a friendly posture as opposed to only fighting with them is an asset to the world and an asset to our country not a liability and by the way hillary clinton had the reset button she wanted to get back together with russia she even spelled reset wrong that's how it started and then it got worse president obama wanted to get along with russia but the chemistry wasn't there getting along with other nations is a good thing not a bad thing believe me it's a good thing not a bad thing and a second president quantify to ask a question of you there are some people who believe that vietnam could make an effective facilitator in bringing the united states and north korea together to at least lay the groundwork potentially for negotiations what do you believe vietnam could bring to the table in that regard.
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on north korea. vietnam is committed to seriously i'm serving the irrelevant resolution at the un s c and we support the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and we'll do our utmost and do whatever we can get to a country be huge you have got to the clere station at the korean peninsula thank you. thank you. tweeted this morning about trying very hard to be friends with kim jong un is that really a possibility what would it take for that to happen at this point and for president
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one could you comment on the president's offer to mediate the south china sea dispute thank you. steve i think anything's a possibility strange things happen in life that might be a strange thing to happen but it's certainly a possibility if that did happen it would be a good thing for i can tell you for north korea but it would also be good for lots of other places and it would be good for the world so certainly it is something that could happen i don't know that it will but it would be very very nice if it did. with regard to the south china sea. shared. by thoughts were present are the recent developments in this area and it is our
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policy to were set on this field in the south china sea peace for negotiations. and with respect for diplomatic and legal process. in accordance with international law including the and i did it detail un convention on the law of the sea thank you very much i think ill presidential quiet president donald trump we have come to the end of the press briefing today thank you all very much for ya but it's a patient. your geologist these are live pictures coming out of hanoi vietnam where president donald trump is meeting his host the vietnamese president tran di quine they've been taking questions from the press and also stating their positions on certain issues which of course are relevant not just to their own bilateral relationship but also to regional powers it's just sum up some of the things that president trump wanted to talk about he certainly touched on the north korea issue
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and he will continue to talk about that has he makes his way now to the summit in the philippines he talked about making sure that the there was no unthinkable loss of life and that what people in the area of southeast asia wanted was progress not provocation they need stability not chaos he did describe north korea as a rogue regime that threaten the stability of the region in contrast to that obviously when question was asked by the press about what vietnam could do of course the president there trying daikon saying that they hoped they could fit facilitate a potential dialogue between disputing countries and of course. north korea when it came to putin trump said that he did believe that putin
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believed there was no interference in the presidential election i'm sure that conversation is going to continue on his visit as he travels through asia of course will follow events with president trump as he moves to the philippines for the fiftieth anniversary of the past c.n.n. political and economic block in manila let's move on to the day's other news and iraqi government forces have launched an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas under eisel control in the country to infantry divisions and sunni tribal forces are carrying out the operation in anbar province it's believed deisel fighters are holding ten thousand civilians hostage in the town of our iran car has the latest on the offensive from the iraqi capital baghdad. the operation began early on saturday morning as iraqi forces went in to the town of ramadi is described as a town however it's
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a series of small villages where i still fight as i have been holed up after they fled operations against them in ramadi and fallujah now this is on the border the border crossing with jordan which has been a strategic stranglehold for isolate managed to stop traffic coming in and out of that border crossing so this is quite key although we're not expecting huge amounts of isis fighters to be in the area the fact that they are still there means that they were controlling that territory and this is all about who gets to control the territory now we're not expecting this to be as large an operation as we've seen perhaps say in mosul or against eisel in syria what we're expecting is the operation to be concluded fairly swiftly in fact what militia sources are telling us from the ground in amman is that ramana has already been liberated that hasn't been confirmed by the joint operations command that also the joint operations commander told i'll just say that they're very concerned about civilian casualties and they want to avoid them so they're going to go in and
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a step by step basis they're going to surround romana first take ramana and then likely to move across the euphrates river and into and do exactly the same as a tactic that we've seen the iraqi security forces before take over areas outside of the areas i still control and then use that as a staging post to go in now like i said we're expecting this operation to take months or weeks it's going to be likely it is going to take days and we will have a news within the next few days about the operation itself but the iraqi security forces very confident that this they can they can route eisel from on their last remaining stronghold in iraq. well staying in the country musgrave's containing at least four hundred suspected eisel victims have been found in northern iraq science were discovered near a military base close to the group's former stronghold. the governor of kirkuk says many were dressed in prison uniforms i saw was forced out of the region by iraqi forces you know toyota. residents of gaza have joined commemorations marking
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the thirteenth anniversary of the death of palestinian leader yasser arafat organizes promoted the event as a national day of unity poll today has more. tens of thousands gathered in gaza city to honor yasser arafat for many here the late president and longtime leader remains a symbol of palestinian statehood. we love him and it's our duty to commemorate his revolution. but this gathering is also a symbol of palestinian unity the first in ten years for fatah founder out of hamas controlled gaza last month the two political factions signed an agreement to end their rivalry it will allow the fatah led government in the west bank to control gaza. hamas has ruled gaza since it one more parliamentary seats in two thousand and seven headed to. the anniversary of arafat holds pain and hope
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pain of his death and losing him as he sacrificed himself for palestine and hope which hamas and all of the palestinians want hope of achieving unity and reconciliation and rearranging the internal palestinian house yes are horrified led the fatah movement for nearly five decades until his death in two thousand and four from what was reported to be a month long illness. but now zero investigation in two thousand and twelve found out a fight was poisoned by radioactive talk since palestinians blame israel for his death an accusation israel has strongly denied but here in gaza they still want answers. the lady at the moment i believe that arafat was assassinated and i demand to investigate his death and find the criminals that a nice man who was not one of us about going to jail we all came children and women young and old people from all over gaza to commemorate a symbol of the palestinian cause so you can rest assured i am inserted fear no yes
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out of our fight as a symbol of free people all over the world i think all revolutionaries should commemorate this anniversary with the recent reconciliation of fatah and hamas the onus is now on the current leaders to deliver on the long held hope of a palestinian state poll showed urging on the. car rushing scheme in new delhi has been dropped even though india's capital has a pollution crisis shallop ballasts explains what's behind the move. a scheme to try to reduce pollution levels in new delhi has stood over the issue of women drivers the government wanted to bring in car rationing from monday but said women were exempt because having to use public transport would compromise security. the public transportation is not robust enough to be relied upon for the implementation of the car rationing scheme and the most important issue is the
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security of women the government is very concerned about that. the country's environmental court all the engine disputed the ruling saying all fuel powered vehicles must be included in the scheme. if we talk only about car action and there is no exemption there is no exemption for v.i.p.'s for women or two wheelers it applies across the board. pollution has hit record levels in new delhi this week forty times what the world health organization says is safe. there was a burning sensation in my throat and suddenly i felt breathless now after the oxygen mask i feel better. schools have been closed construction with strict it and trucks abandoned if it to bring levels down. when the environment court challenge the state government over women drivers being examined the government canceled the skiing now on monday it will be business as usual. at the moment we're calling it
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off but on monday we will again approach the environment court and request them to reconsider the exemption for two wheelers and women drivers new delhi's equality has been so poor this week doctors say it's as bad as smoking fifty cigarettes a day it's a consequence of weather patterns and crop burning in nearby states right now the authorities seem unable to prevent it charlotte dallas al-jazeera. to get more that story from india on our website at al-jazeera dot com we continue to follow present trends to the philippines here on al-jazeera news i'll be back with more on the other side of the break until then thanks for your time and your company. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and measured response. and it's not just i phones that i was laughing i mean this is not fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of universally accepted standard something that was for
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a week that i would rather take the risks. than the risks of. digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging even in this particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people who believe that tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor of you. across the globe. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short hostile stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred people it was you know he had to be on time. to be on
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the bed aco get fed up because if that everybody wants al-jazeera selects at this time. i'll just. read every you are. i believe that president putin really feels and he feels.


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