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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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for the four hundred people it was you know he had to be on time. to be on the bed i call get fed up because if that everybody wants al-jazeera selects at this time. i'll just. read every your. i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not
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meddle in our election. donald trump says he doesn't want to argue with russia's president instead he wants to work with him and others to solve the world's problems. parts all right when you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes new video emerges of lebanese prime minister saad hariri in saudi arabia as his president and his party called for his return home plus. big far right valleys in poland on the country's independence day. and breaking records china's online shopping spree shows no sign of slowing down.
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welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump says he wants to get along with russia in order to solve the world's problems speaking in the vietnamese capital had only trump was addressing questions on whether russia had meddled with last year's presidential election trump said he agreed with the u.s. intelligence community's assessment that moscow did interfere with the election but he also added that he believes russian president vladimir putin believes himself when he says that russia played no part in influencing the outcome. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies now at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to solve and frankly russia and china in particular can help us with the north korea problem which is one of our truly great problems so i'm not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when this report is all
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around and cameras recording and seeing our conversation i think was very obvious to everybody i believe that president putin really feels that he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine to solve terrorism and you know people don't realize russia's been very very heavily sanction they were sanctioned at a very high level and that took place very recently it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important things and i feel that having russia in a friendly pasha as opposed to always fighting with them is an asset to the world
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and an asset to our country not a liability and by the way hillary clinton had the reset button she wanted to get back together with russia she even spelled reset wrong that's how it started and then it got worse president obama wanted to get along with russia but the chemistry wasn't there getting along with other nations is a good thing not a bad thing believe me it's a good thing not a bad thing. well trump will be joining regional leaders arriving in the philippines soon summit's the blockhouse to contend with controversial issues such as a ring of crisis and trying his ambitions in the south china sea but north korea is expected to dominate. the reports from manila. meeting in manila is seen as the biggest event under the chairmanship of philippine president let me go to thirty twenty one heads of state as well as the united nations secretary general are expected to attend it comes at
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a time when the region is struggling with a growing security concerns. north korea is expected to dominate the discussions the united states' relationship with the isolated government of king jong or and continues to get worse over north korea's missile and nuclear programs but despite it being seen as a pariah state all ten member countries of the association of southeast asian nations have diplomatic ties with north korea and the united states is expected to put more pressure on countries to take a stronger stand against kim jong un but for the organization the most contentious issue of ball is the dispute in the south china sea china and the united states have been disagreeing over policies when it comes to disputed waters claimed by several as the a member states many see it as a fight between giants. of the. u.s. . us fight the grasshopper.
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a framework on the code of conduct between china and assay and is expected to lay the ground rules that will guide navigation and exploration in disputed waters but president bush their day refuses to use the arbitration ruling worn by the philippines against china at the hague vietnam now finds itself the lone strong voice among countries against china where you have. a situation where the philippines has no clear policy on what to do with the first. issue that this good enough for china because it buys them more time to consolidate their position in the south china sea the migrant and refugee issues are expected to be discussed including the reading your prices in me and mar isis growing influence in the
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region is also on the agenda but many filipinos here say they are more worried about domestic issues like president of the good that there does human rights record last year trump was vocal about their support for dictators drug war which has left thousands of filipinos dead and critics say they worry that trump might gloss over detectors drug war again which could encourage more state forces to commit human rights abuses. dogon al jazeera. meanwhile trump and tunisia have agreed on a joint statement supporting a political solution to the war in syria the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to syria's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity but also called on all parties to the conflict including president bashar assad to take an active part in the geneva political process trump said he reached the agreement very quickly challenge has more from moscow. in his press conference in vietnam flooded my piece and said that the reason this agreement had been reached for the united states this
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statements which was put out is that the fight against isis in syria is coming to an end the hotbed of terrorists as he put it in syria is being defeated in the important thing now is to finish that job then the circumstances will be right for moving ahead with the geneva peace process but there are a few questions left hanging in the air about all of this one is why was it the kremlin that puts out this statement a full six or seven hours before the u.s. state department released its version why did stunnel trump say that this or agreements have been reached between him and police in very quickly when we know that actually added been bashed around for many days now by rex ellison and sergei lavrov why does it also break no real new ground or the commitments that we have in this statement the commitments that both countries have made in the pos also why
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considering both sides seem to be trumpeting this as a breakthrough was there no proper bilateral meeting between trump and produce in vietnam will produce it was talking about that and saying well it was just a matter of show julian problem that their pride so coal's didn't quite match up with each other he jokes i assume that someone was going to be punished for this but he also alluded that there were problems and that perhaps the united states hadn't been as committed as russia was he said when he was asked what the suggest is that there was no meeting his answer was well it suggests that there are still there is still a deep crisis in the u.s. russia relationship russia he says would like it to make it better the united states the illusion is it seems to be dragging its feet. no new pictures have emerged of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri in saudi arabia they were aired on state television showing him meeting kings online and airport aris whereabouts have
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been shrouded in mystery in recent days there are suggestions he's under house arrest her has made no public remarks since his shock resignation in the saudi capital last saturday he said then he feared assassination and accused iran along with hezbollah are saying strive for the arab world his political party the future movement says it's waiting for him to return to lebanon but it's also denounced attacks against the saudi king demanding more duran about interfering with arab nations the lebanese president to be shallow and wants saudi arabia to clarify exactly why hasn't gone back to beirut he's told foreign ambassadors hariri has been kidnapped french president has echoed similar concerns he said in a call with their own on saturday that lebanese political leaders should enjoy freedom of movement he's going to receive lebanon's foreign minister in paris on tuesday miles in aqaba has the latest from beirut. posters are springing up across
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the lebanese capital beirut expressing support to. the resigned prime minister whose fate really is unknown uncertain times in lebanon the country finding itself at a crossroads for the past year this country enjoyed relative stability in a very turbulent region but things have changed and lebanon finds itself in the middle of the saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region it's been like for quite some time since two thousand and five i guess it's when he really thinks things are really assassination. and we have two polls like saudi arabia and iran and those two polls have people on the ground iran has tons of those economics and in the middle of all this i think and live on a lot of especially especially at the sions what they do best is that they they they lie and they say things. to make people more and maybe scared and to put this
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like political pressure on everyone just to get what they want we are in a mainly sunni neighborhood stronghold many people here feel that the current crisis is going to march and allies them even further this in the community has long complained of iranian dominance in lebanon and now they're blaming their own ally saudi arabia of robbing them of their leader. now. this we want to know the reason behind his detention lebanon can't handle this crisis thank goodness the detention of a prime minister is unacceptable. can the this is a loss for all of lebanon hariri is loved by everyone we are all upset by his detention no one will accept what is happening this is humiliation we won't be quiet we will demand his release. so for the time being all of the different
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parties avoiding political escalation but the question is this rare unity will it be short lived. movie career is a professor of journalism at the american university of beirut and a senior fellow at harvard university he believes the saudi hand should be fired. well i think that saudi t.v. shows now is going to be probably the opposite of the truth in the eyes of most lebanese unfortunately the saudi media has liked them at r.t. and a couple of others have totally lost their credibility in the last three or four months and this isn't this is not going to be taken very seriously the super irony of what's going on is that twice now in a row the saudis with some of their colleagues in the gulf and egypt they've tried in qatar and now they've tried in lebanon to squeeze these countries thinking they're weak small vulnerable countries and that these countries would capitulate to their demands and exactly the opposite has happened the long term solution is there has to be a strong arab iranian dialogue and not just a dialogue but
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a serious. negotiation that hasn't happened yet but i think we need to start thinking in those big terms it's unlikely the us by itself can do it partly because you have incoherence as the driving force of american foreign policy even before we heard different different views or within the administration now with the tillerson statement yesterday we have vague views and the u.s. seems to be criticizing both iran and saudi arabia which is which is certainly reasonable so i don't think the u.s. can do this by itself they've tried with the qatar g.c.c. if you would haven't succeeded it's going to have to be a combination of the u.s. some europeans the french certainly try the germans are certainly going to try i hope and possibly some people from from around the region. well still ahead here on al-jazeera at least three quarters of a million people marching bands later demanding the release of captured on leaders from jail.
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from the clear blue sky. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city. hello there we've got a few bits and pieces of cloud of rain over the middle east at the moment on the satellite picture you can see a little area of cloud there drifting its way eastwards so it's not giving us much in the way of heavy rain currently but is it works its way over the caspian sea it looks like it will intensify so along that south coast of the caspian sea i think we're going to see some pretty sharp downpours as we head through sunday eventually though on monday to drift its way eastwards and begin to ease and instead they'll be another developing feature further towards the east that will be over parts of afghanistan also stretching into pakistan should help us clear some of the small good in pakistan and for afghanistan looks like it will bring us a fair amount of snow over to italy over the mountains a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's feeling quite pleasant out there at the moment thirty two degrees is our maximum on sunday but it does change
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as we head into monday the winds begin to pick up so the temperatures won't be quite as high and it will be a very blustery day meanwhile for the south it's actually warmer now in salalah all the clouds of cleared so thirty three degrees will be the maximum here than there was a solemn parts of africa lots of areas of rain here stretching all the way down through into malawi and down through into mozambique heavy downpours out of this system and it looks like that one only slowly eases as we head through the day on monday towards the southwest with more cloud for cape town. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth under barack obama the wall when only that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you're giving me wrong didn't give me but challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute look you
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didn't charge them a shot the man saw a joint medi has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. watching officer arrives at home rob the reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump says he wants to get along with russia in order to solve the world's problems speaking of the vietnamese capital had only trouble says that he agreed with the u.s. intelligence community's assessment that moscow did interfere with the election. bid while trump and putin have agreed on a joint statement supporting a political solution to the war in syria but leaders reaffirmed their commitment to syria's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity they also called on all
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parties to the conflict including president bashar assad to take an active part in the geneva political process. the pictures of the birthday of lebanon's a prime minister saad hariri and saudi arabia they were aired on state television showing it be to king's riyadh airport lebanon's president michel i would want saudi to clarify why harry's not returned to his home country. the annual independence day celebrations in poland have been marked by a huge far right rally in warsaw among those taking part was supporters of the rule of law and justice party whose refusal to welcome by kurds a strong intense criticism of the european union they would change it was that. the independence day march through warsaw was the biggest stage so far by right wing extremists state television estimated more than one hundred thousand protesters took part it was
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a show of strength for the track did not see groups of white supremacists from countries right across europe the views of the extreme right now entering the political mainstream in poland and the number of xenophobic attacks particularly against the muslim community it's deeply on the rise counter demonstrations were kept well out of the way of the march by lines of police blocking side streets but a group of women pensioners managed to stage their own protest sitting down in the middle of the route and refusing to budge it from my feet and where everybody. fears of violence proved unfounded but fears remain about what the advance of the far right need for the future of every year the nationalist march has become larger and larger. this is also reflected in politics so war and more people are voting for extreme right wing parties. in a stark contrast to the march of the extremists antigovernment protesters were paying their respects to the man who set himself on fire last month declaring the
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ruling party was destroying both the law and democracy in the country from recent posts i don't like the law and just as government in the way they conduct their promises they did a few good things for poles but mostly they do things in a shameless and arrogant way under the cover of the night and i don't like it. they also came to lay rocks at the scene building a care in a memorial to his sacrifice which cost of his life rocks they hope will they heavily on the conscience of government ministers david chaytor al jazeera was sure hundreds of thousands of protestors independent supporters pardon me have demonstrated in the streets of barcelona now they're demanding the release of cattle and leaders fired by the national government to madrid and who were imprisoned for their role in last month's a session bid barcelona's police say at least seven hundred fifty thousand people took part it's the largest protest says madrid began jailing the former regional
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leadership well the catalan village of livia has already separated from spain geographically at least nearly five hundred years ago the whole went to see how people there view the secession a bit. two hours from barcelona the mediterranean coast kline's to the foothills of the pyrenees. the town of libya is a piece of spain surrounded by france the languages capital and and they see themselves as an enclave of catalonia and us and the yeah and up and then. we already feel independent because in some way we believe that we've already built our borders at any given moment we could say let's separate libya from this. you see what are you feeling inside a twelfth century in prison tower libya's mayor shows off relics of spain's not for government past without rancor. you had to hear them he explains
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how on the day of catalonia was independence referendum libya's ballot boxes were hidden from the police up here with the bust of general franco and fascist political leader primo day rivera placed on top so many layers of irony in that. the man by name with the sentiment is there the majority of the village favors independence the voting was ninety five percent for the u.s. cyprus here. it was a quirk of history that one libya it's geographical if not political independence in sixteen fifty nine the treaty of the pyrenees ended the war between spain and france under the treaty villages on the spanish side of the border it was ceded to france but libya was considered a town and so it remained part of spain. in
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the bars and cafes of this mountain town it's difficult to find a resident who doesn't support catalonia drive for independence. difficult but not impossible. perez's a local stonemasons there's a little girl dressed guys and i stand on notice they should never have asked for independence in my opinion and they should have looked for a new financial arrangement maybe because the only thing that has been provoked is disagreement among families in the entire place splitting people splitting everything. time passes slowly in a place like libya soon the snow will come and with it the winter tourist season visitors will pass between france and spain without really noticing on their way to slow. but people here most of them anyway have no doubt where they belong not in france or spain but catalonia jonah how al-jazeera libya
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iraqi government forces have launched an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas and i still control in the country to infantry divisions and sunni tribal forces are carrying out the operation and bob province it's believed eisel fighters are holding ten thousand civilians hostage in the town. imran khan has the latest on the offensive from the iraqi capital baghdad. the operation began early on saturday morning as iraqi forces went in to the town of ramadi is described as a town however it's a series of small villages where i still fight as i have been holed up after they fled operations against them in ramadi and fallujah now this is on the border the border crossing with jordan which has been a strategic stranglehold for isolate managed to stop traffic coming in and out of that border crossing so this is quite key although we're not expecting huge amounts of isis fighters to be in the area the fact that they are still there means that they were controlling that territory and this is all about who gets to control the
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territory now we're not expecting this to be as large an operation as we've seen perhaps say in mosul or against eisel in syria what we're expecting is the operation to be concluded fairly swiftly in fact what militia sources are telling us from the ground in amman is that ramana has already been liberated that hasn't been confirmed by the joint operations command that also the joint operations commander told i'll just say that they're very concerned about civilian casualties and they want to avoid them so they're going to go in and a step by step basis they're going to surround romana first take ramana and then likely to move across the euphrates river and into and do exactly the same as a tactic that we've seen the iraqi security forces before take over areas outside of the areas i still control and then use that as a staging post to go in now like i said we're expecting this operation to take months or weeks it's going to be likely it is going to take days and we will hit
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news within the next few days about the operation itself but the iraqi security forces very confident that this they can they can route eisel from on their last remaining stronghold in iraq. the car rushing scheme in new delhi has been dropped even though india's capital has a pollution crisis charlotte ballasts explains what's behind the move. a scheme to try to reduce pollution levels in new delhi has stood over the issue of women drivers the government wanted to bring in car rationing from monday but said women were exempt because having to use public transport would compromise security. circumstances. the public transportation is not robust enough to be relied upon for the implementation of the car rationing scheme and the most important issue is the security of women the government is very concerned about that. the country's environmental court all be in g.t. disputed the ruling saying all fuel powered vehicles must be included in the scheme
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. if we talk only about car russian and there is no exemption there is no exemption for v.i.p.'s for women or two wheelers it applies across the board. pollution has hit record levels in new delhi this week forty times what the world health organization says is safe. there was a burning sensation in my throat and suddenly i felt breathless now after the oxygen mask i feel better. schools have been closed construction with strict it and trucks abandon and if it to bring levels down. when the environment court challenge the state government over women drivers being examined the government cancelled the skiing now on monday it will be business as usual. at the moment we're calling it off but on monday we will again approach the environment court and request them to reconsider the exemption for two wheelers and women drivers new delhi's equality
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has been so poor this week doctors say it's as bad as smoking fifty cigarettes a day it's a consequence of weather patterns and crop burning in nearby states. but right now the authorities say man able to prevent it charlotte dallas al-jazeera. the world's biggest of life shopping spree dubbed singles day has come to a close in china e-commerce giant ali barber says sales topped twenty five billion dollars service and has more than beijing going vini and cheap and some say addictive online sales are going through the roof in china and electric to floss are caught look ching's i discount twenty percent you rarely visit a store these days laptop fitness equipment cameras all bought with a few clicks and many other items he admits he doesn't even need. sometimes i do overconsume online especially when there are also a lot of times are by them without thinking too much and never touch them again
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after i open the packages even if i don't like them i don't return because of the lazy. singles days started in the nine hundred ninety s. as a response to valentine's day but it has gone far beyond people's relationship status online giant alibaba managed to turn what's now called double eleven through a shopping spectacle that captivate most of china exactly at midnight on november eleventh discounts appear online and the buying spree begins. the sounds of. what if twenty years ago america was china's role model but now when we talk about online business china is doing better than the u.s. in many ways. two thousand and sixteen nearly eighteen billion u.s. dollars were spent in just twenty four hours as a publicity stunt e-commerce companies are using drones to deliver packages to some
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of china's island's transport companies are working overtime to the when millions of packages swallowed six hundred. here and this year are most likely higher by a slowing economy but there's an environmental downside to the online shopping festival according to greenpeace research shows that in two thousand and sixteen double eleven produced two hundred fifty eight thousand tons of c o two because of transportation and waste management that's the equivalent of two and a half million trees. you go from here when we shop online the retailers tend to over package they always wrap more layers around the original packaging usually plastic bags this uses more resources and creates more waste. a problem look ching has yet to become aware of for him online shopping has become like his
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mobile phone there's no life without it anymore and to prove that home shopping does not increase laziness he demonstrates the home gym he bought online step fast and al-jazeera beijing. you're watching i was there i'm still robin these are all top stories u.s. president donald trump says he wants to get along with russia in order to solve the world's problems speaking of the vietnamese capital hanoi trump also said he agreed with the u.s. intelligence community's assessment that moscow did interfere with the election i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell and frankly russia and china in particular can help us with the north korea problem which is one of our truly great problems meanwhile
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trump and putin have agreed on a joint statement supporting a political solution to the war in syria but leaders reaffirm their commitment to serious sovereignty independence and territorial integrity also killed all parties to the conflict including president bashar al assad to take an active part in the geneva political process north korea has held more insoles on the us president accusing him of begging for a nuclear war during his visit to asia pyongyang as foreign ministry said in a statement label trouble warmonger and the lunatic trumpet left the apec summit in vietnam on saturday where discussions focused largely on the growing nuclear threat from north korea. you pictures have emerged of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri in saudi arabia they were aired on state television showing him meeting in kings. port areas whereabouts of be shrouded in mystery in recent days they've been suggestions that he's under house arrest. hundreds of thousands of private
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dependent supporters of demonstrators on the streets of barcelona they're demanding the release of the deposed catalan leaders who were imprisoned for their role in last month's assertion bit barcelona's police said the seven hundred fifty people took part of it back with more news in thirty minutes next it's up front on al-jazeera. germany is hosting this year's climate talks problem from the united states al to the paris agreement what now for the global effort to tackle climate change in depth analysis and live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the front lines of global warming climate s.o.s. what does he get out. as president donald trump sends more u.s. troops to fight the war in afghanistan the i.c.c. prosecutor is calling for an investigation into war crimes in that country so how complicit have afghan authorities been this week headliner former president of afghanistan hamid karzai.


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