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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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more confident to feel more energetic to feel more alive. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that there was indebted to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government tried out yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of blood the rise of local iraq at this time on al-jazeera. new calls for saad hariri to return to lebanon as the prime minister prepares to
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make his first public comments since his resignation. all of them she went on this is sound is a live from london also coming up. i want to be able because i think it's very important you get along with russia conflicting messages from trump on whether russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election. thousands of civilians flee aleppo was rebel fighters face heavy bombardment from syrian government forces. and how this. could become this the boat being built in kenya entirely out of plastic waste. their warm welcome to the program and interview with saad hariri is to air in the
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next few hours an opportunity for the lebanese prime minister to make his first public comments since his abrupt resignation in saudi arabia eight days ago sided t.v. has aired pictures of hariri the third time he's been publicly seen since his resignation his interview later as they did to air at nineteen thirty g.m.t. on future t.v. that's a network owned by the prime minister now amid suggestions he's being held against his will posters have sprung up in beirut in a show of support for hariri well the shock resignation has placed lebanon the center of a power struggle between the iranian backed hezbollah group and saudi arabia bought the lebanese president michel aoun hopes sunday's marrissa in beirut will help demonstrate unity and solidarity with hariri in a honda reports now from beirut. on an award sporting event a being to bring people closer together unity is needed. this year's beirut marathon comes at a time of increased uncertainty and
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a political vacuum lebanon's prime minister suddenly announced his resignation from the saudi capital more than a week ago since then there has been concern about saddam had edis wellbeing lebanese leaders believe he was forced to step down and is detained in saudi arabia saudi leaders say he's free to go but fear for his safety if he returns to lebanon lebanese across the political divide are demanding his return home is not to live on which is a very very different problem you know it's just like life broken up he comes back said. it's not like that help for that hollywood that what i guess i'm this mother of two that he's going to think is the prime is often about him. and yet to come back these are the most recent t.v. pictures of heidi meeting the saudi king in riyadh the airport he has been seen three times in public since his resignation speech but hasn't made any comment people are using the marathon to show solidarity with saddle heidi the slogans
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include we are running for you we are all waiting for you for now the lebanese are standing together in a rare show of unity but there is no indication of when how do you will return and if and when he does there is no guarantee that lebanon's political crisis will be resolved. what seem bizarre who joined the marathon to support cancer patients is optimistic that this time around the crisis can be contained. on their own feeling as i see things in a positive light unlike in the past the lebanese people are thinking about their own interests in the interests of the country i'd love to see as the others are less optimistic because lebanon's political parties tend to answer to their regional patrons we don't want other countries to interfere and i were. on we want only the lebanese army to have their arms. support and protect this country a clear reference to hezbollah's armed wing an issue that cuts at the heart of
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lebanon's political divide a divide that has shattered stability and threatened coexistence in a not so distant past that of. beirut. president says he backs the conclusion of u.s. intelligence agencies that russia did in fact meddle in the twenty six thousand presidential election art writing on twitter he slammed what he called quote the fools who oppose better times with more school chums clarification comes after he suggested on saturday that he believed florida mia put in when he said russia didn't interfere with the when he reports now from hanoi to things dominated donald trump's visit to vietnam competing with china for influence in asia and offering conflicting messages about russian influence on his election win last year i believe that president putin really feels and i feel strongly that he did not
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meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer hours earlier he spoke off camera with reporters and said something different following brief discussions with the blood of me at hooton at the apec summit in downing he said he believes the russian president didn't meddle in the election comments were criticized by some in the united states government intelligence agencies have concluded that there was russian interference in the campaign in his meeting with the vietnamese president in hanoi trump said he believes a strong relationship with russia can help fix the world's problems we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine itself terrorism it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important thing donald trump
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back some self as a deal maker someone who can make things happen and while much of this trip was about trade and business he also offered to help keep the peace between vietnam and china vietnam and china are in a long running territorial dispute in the south china sea along with other neighboring countries donald trump told his vietnamese counterpart. that he could help make things better while also touting u.s. weapons contracts. you know. well you know it's going to go. through very we're. doing business. donald trump says he's not interested in multilateral trade deals china's president xi jinping who's also in vietnam's capital says he's not interested in multilateral talks on the south china sea when hey al jazeera hanoi.
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in long term percent time to respond to north korea's foreign ministry after it called them old tom tempted to it if they complained he would never call kim jong un shorts and in fact he added that he tries hard to be the north korean leader's friend and that someday it might happen land gallagher joins us live from washington d.c. hi andy so this war of words is getting pretty personal isn't it between trump and north korea any cause for concern in the u.s. well i think these kind of schoolyard taunts might be funny if you didn't consider that both these leaders had an arsenal of nuclear weapons at their fingertips i think this is cause for concern certainly for trump's critics here but remember this is an ongoing kind of relationship where these both these leaders towards each other continuously remember when rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state was in korea and talked about opening channels to north korea
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president trump tweeted you're wasting your time undermining essentially his secretary of state so this is hardly diplomacy one zero one this is frankly pretty childish on both leaders part it certainly isn't getting either nation closer to solving the problems in the very serious problems that both of them face so in short i think it is something that is quite worrisome when you think that this situation between north korea and the rest of the world basically needs to be handled diplomatically and see one of these mixed messages then from trump on russian interference in the u.s. election how are they are being interpreted stateside. our i mean a great deal of confusion really julie when you think twenty four hours ago president trump was saying that he believes vladimir putin did not interfere in the u.s. elections which was counter to everything the intelligence community here is saying in fact the head of the cia mike pompei o issued a statement shortly after president trump said that saying no this is what we found
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and we stand by this then you fast forward to twenty four hours later a president trump is actually saying i stand with my intelligence community so extremely mixed messages you've got people like arizona senator mccain saying that the president trump is siding with a former k.g.b. colonel over his own intelligence community and he certainly isn't putting america first so basically don't trump is giving lots of fodder to his enemies and his critics here remember the background to all this is an ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia so really didn't do himself any good backing up like amir putin over his own intelligence community but he seems to be determined to get a good relationship going with russia and certainly seems to be someone who admires vitamin a pollutant and a gallagher there live from washington d.c. andy thanks. the syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids have forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside
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a servant of aid has more now from gaza on tap on the border between syria and turkey. the war in syria is far from over. the army and air force of president bashar al assad and his allies continue to attack opposition positions in the southern countryside of billable province forces are advancing to secure an important supply route a highway that connects damascus to a city. which is why there are fighting to retain control of a small town but as the. days of fighting has displaced thousands. we don't have any shelter no tents no cover when we left we didn't take anything the syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children while. there's no water no power no roads just we move
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a lot for god's sake have some fun with just the clothes that we wear now we're here in a tent and. the used tents are not just for people from so the but also from hama province in the north around three thousand people. many here haven't seen any help from international aid organizations because the frontline is close by local aid workers say they are doing what they can but don't have enough provisions and. the villages and towns in the southern countryside of aleppo faced a wave of civilians fleeing towards the east or one thousand seven hundred thirty four families from the south and one thousand three hundred families in the northern countryside of after visiting the random camps in the area we evaluate the humanitarian situation as a disaster people need tends to protect themselves the freezing winter the united nations says at least one point one million syrians have been displaced in the last year the u.n. is concerned by the escalation there were strikes in the provinces and is calling
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for the protection of civilians. the fighting is continuing on the edges of the deescalation agreed by the united states and russia the opposition says that the government is taking advantage of these drones to target them while the government says that it is going to go after what it calls terrorist groups and as this goes on millions of syrians continue to suffer. from the turkish syrian border still to come here on al-jazeera spain's prime minister calls on kaplan's to vote separatists aisles of office in next month's regional elections. and the gold under threat in greece after challenges from environmental campaigners . had over the late season rain is on its way to the southwest of china courtesy of
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this cloudy this is remnants of the tropical depression that was originally heading for vietnam's life form the pattern just spread its largest save the south china sea well that will end up a shower somewhere in southwestern china is feeding at the middle we have a line of rain developing in central part of china recently extends through to japan has an effect the temperatures very much that hasn't brought much for a nor will it do to shanghai so nineteen here twenty eight in hong kong but we should watch the depth of the shark how to think in the southwest it could be quite substantial there is still rain falling in the southeast of india to keep telling not to but you see it's coming up through chennai and that's still to go the next couple days and circulation is just i could be quite heavy rain once again we had flooding in china not long ago could be repeatable but a good news for the north where all the delis is really very poor hazardous in the moment and that extends into law by the time i get to the monday more specially choose to a rain could temporarily wash some of the tide and the. increasing breeze might
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make a difference to the new delhi area as you can see but it's only a temporary phenomenon if it once it's gone through once again quality will worsen . a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rule him just have fled ethnic cleansing you mean mar for bangladesh when the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. witnessed documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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to remind of their top stories on al-jazeera and interview with lebanon's former prime minister is due to air in the next few hours it will be an opportunity for saad hariri to make his first public comment since his abrupt resignation in saudi arabia eight days ago. u.s. president all jump has insisted he backs the u.s. intelligence community's view the russia meddled in last year's election was widely criticized on saturday when he said he believed good to who has always denied the allegations. syrian province of aleppo is again on the heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids of course thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside. but of course king mohamed six has arrived in qatar for an official visit straight
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from a similar trip to the u.a.e. well it's visit comes against the backdrop of the gulf crisis where saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt have cut diplomatic ties with concept to hashem albar in doha is the king offering to mediate then hashem well they're not saying. hoping to of mediation is the start of the gulf dispute that moroccans issued a statement saying that they will stay neutral in the crisis but whether they were willing to step in by the different parties to negotiate a settlement they also said we would like to have all the parties in the dispute. resolve the crisis in the spirit of mutual understanding and also none interference in turn. but this is quite an important thing for morocco we do
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understand that. meet with senior officials in the united arab emirates and here now in parts are definitely their quizes is going to be topping the edge and agenda and walkers will definitely would like to step in this time and try to ask all the parties to set aside their differences and negotiate a settlement what do you think the king of morocco might be able to achieve given that the others some of the others have failed so far. well judy the king of morocco has very strong ties with the royal families in this part of the world so he would like to tap into that historic relationship to try to ask all the parties to set aside their differences and move forward this is number one number two. the u.a.e. saudi arabia considered a crucial ally they have. investments worth of billions of dollars in iraq or the
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also been committing billions of dollars in aid to iraq over the last few years and the world would like to see this differences. come to an end this explains why the brokers are not taking sides in this particular crisis while they do understand that the americans tried in the past but failed to bring all the parties to a compromise and that kuwaitis still trying to solve this problem what we're going to offer is basically this we can tell the countries listen we've been very important crucial was in the saudi led coalition in yemen in the past. initiatives in the major. world has seen in the past and therefore we would like you to come together and listen to what we have to offer you with the hope of solving this crisis and i think this is what the message of the king of morocco today in his meeting with the emir of qatar which is basically can you give us an opportunity to try to mend fences between the different parties of. their life
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until the. iraqi security forces to find mass graves in an area recently retaken from i so it could contain up to four hundred bodies the bodies of civilians and security forces were found in abandoned base near. the northern time was retaken from the army in early october. among can has more now from the iraqi capital baghdad. this fund will be very significant not just for the families but for investigators as well a lot of families are wondering what happened to their loved ones by identifying the bodies within the mass grave they'll be able to get some sort of closure hopefully for investigators this would be a way to find out exactly how many people died and i still rule now this mass grave was found in how we just which is one of the main towns it was in a former military base which allegedly used as an execution ground according to locals now this isn't the first mass grave that the iraqis have found they
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certainly won't be the last as they go into the areas that i saw used to control and try and dig and look for information on any potential mass grave sites that there are now i've actually seen one of these mass grave sites a couple of them in fact actually up in this enjoy mountains in the north they are very gruesome places to come visit everything has to be kept logs of bones are being dug out of the ground forensic scientists are looking and investigators are looking at what they find just to see how many people actually were killed now in this particular great we're hearing that at least four hundred people had been killed iran says allegations from balmain that it was involved in an explosion at its oil pipeline are absurd and baseless saudi arabia suspended the pumping of oil through the pipeline and tightened security at its facilities after the blast on friday blamed what it called terrorism linked to iran and tehran has denied any involvement calling the accusations childish finger pointing. spain's prime
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minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed gyrate rule over the region he traveled to barcelona to campaign ahead of december regional elections and praised efforts to on a spanish law and what he called difficult times don't know how has more now from barcelona. well this was the first time the money on iraq paid a visit to the region of catalonia since his unprecedented move to trigger section one five five of the constitution never before done here in spain revoking catalonians autonomy dissolving the government and calling elections on december twenty first his presence here certainly not a welcome one for half the population least who favor independence who see him as the head of a government but they blame him for oppressing their language their culture their identity and their rights but he was here in the hotel behind me preaching very much to the converted to the faithful members of his own party and supporters here
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and the candidate who will stand in december's election here in catalonia they won't win of course but he was calling on the silent majority as they call themselves here the other half of the population who favor unity to come out in big numbers at the polls in the hope that that that would neutralize the independence movement well he also offered this justification if you like for quite why he took the decision which was described at the time as the nuclear option to trigger section one five five. short extract that meant the no means no we have done exactly what any other country who respects itself would have done or france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum what article one five five is there to defend the constitution the law and the general interest when they're harmed in a clear manner. the crisis in catalonia has played pretty well for nigh on a royal and his popular party its ratings are way up now
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a lot of people in the country are pretty pleased with the way that he's put down this secessionist insurrection in catalonia but remember this it's also been good for him in the sense that it has largely obscured a raft of pretty serious corruption allegations against the prime minister and against his party in madrid. about four hundred refugees are refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island they've had to build makeshift fences from cloth to keep people i would bump and you get is it dismantle large sections of the fence of the former stray and run camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave the manor refusing to move saying they fear man assigned the locals could attack them some of the refugees have moved into new accommodation side the facility so as he's warned they had up until this weekend to move to a new location. a battle of economy versus the environment is raging in northern greece as one of the country's largest foreign investors threatens to pull out
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a canadian mining group eldorado gold almost suspended operations last month saying the government is causing delays and costing it millions but. reports the government says it's trying to protect the environment. two hundred and seventy meters below sea level these men are digging for gold eight million ounces of it a thought to be hidden in these rocks with more than ten billion dollars which would make greece europe's biggest gold producer and there are billions more in silver copper lead and zinc but these which is aren't yet within reach the government hasn't consistently worked through the permits and as required under a contract and under regulations here in greece and we've suffered our share price is significantly down compared to our peers in the predominant issue is our investments in greece have not proceeded as planned el dorados shares have fallen by more than half this year this mill should already be crushing rock instead it's waiting for permission to build walls and
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a roof to house the machinery and now the city's a government has taken the company to court because it's only completed two thirds of its one and a half billion dollar investment it's the sort of behavior that is putting off other potential investments in greece and losing cities our votes down here that's another one of those i'd like the government to come here and see what we do what we produce and see with our own eyes what we can achieve for the national economy if they do away with my salary today and tomorrow there won't be any income for the very people in government. this is the growth greece is looking for salaries here average about fifteen hundred dollars and that twenty four hundred workers monthly payroll of about three and a half million dollars that kind of money creates an entire economy on the surface but cities are says it's not the only economy. these people will work for twenty or thirty years this isn't a sustainable form of development for the area or it will eventually run out what
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we're made for the future generations yes this entire valley will become an open cast mine pit half a kilometer deep once that happens farming and tourism won't stand a chance but mining is the biggest driver of the local economy and that full swing this operation would give the government half a billion dollars a year in taxes for a quarter century and double the size of the mining industry to seven percent of g.d.p. cities are one place tax is that it wants to in the last election the environmental vote defeated the mining but next time around the tables could turn. in the cassandra mines of northern greece. scientists say eight million tonnes of plastic dumps into the world oceans every year in kenya though a group of boat makers are trying to find a more environmentally friendly use for the waste they were sending made out of recycled ocean plastics and flip flops in the hope of entry setting sail in the
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open seas catherine so i went to see it. it may look like an ordinary boat being built on the shores of the indian ocean in lima along came a skull but there's nothing normal about this boat. because a building what they call flip flopping using mostly plastic waste and discarded flip flops. that often washed up ashore if it works the plan is to eventually build a sixty foot down like this one which is usually built with wood it will sell to south africa with the hope of creating awareness about the devastation brought about by plastic dumped into the ocean it would be a good message to the world because it's a moving object you know people have done different types of recycle things but this is not one hundred percent everybody says it but when is a moving object it will reach the many parts. this is one of the cleanest beaches
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on the coast local residents load trash they've collected for the last two months plastic bottles polythene bags flip flops which will be used to make the boat. the waste ends up in a factory in mali more than two hundred kilometers away and this is where plastic waste is crushed off credit then melted using that machine and molded into planks the dow will need the factory receives trash washed ashore from countries in africa and asia and also rubbish collected locally. getting an end product that is strong and safe to withstand the ocean has been tough three are making the first. nobody's ever made of being out of plastic that's ten metres long no point two centimeters wide twenty five percent of rivers. outside. of plastic so all we have tried multiple ways of doing it matata materials
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stabilizers and all kinds of things to make sure it gets better and better. back in our lives kaunda and his workers give us an idea of how the boat and eventually the dow will look like it will be covered using this colorful print made from war than two hundred thousand used flip flops they say they're not only campaigning against ocean pollution but also for what is a dying culture of traditional making catherine soy al jazeera on the kenyan coast you can find out much more about the stories we're following head to our web site you can find loads of video on demand and articles from our correspondent at al-jazeera dot com. you're watching out a zero here's a quick reminder of our top stories lebanese president michel aoun a says that
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prime minister saad al hariri freedom is being restricted in riyadh in a statement on said hariri was living in mysterious circumstances saudi state t.v. showing pictures of king solomon meeting hariri it's the third time he's been seen in public since his abrupt resignation in saudi arabia eight days ago an interview with him is due to air in the next few hours. yes president donald trump has insisted he backs the u.s. intelligence community's view that russia meddled in last year's election trump was widely criticized on saturday when he said he believes putin who has always denied the allegations under gallagher has more basically don't trump is giving lots of fodder to his enemies of his critics here remember the backgrounds of all this is an ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the drug campaign and russia so it really didn't do himself any good backing up a lot of near putin over his own intelligence community but he seems to be determined to get
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a good relationship going with russia and certainly seems to be someone who would miles vitamin a pollutant syrian presence of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the bombings began this week and it's forcing thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside united nations has expressed concern over the continuous bombing which is taking place i decide to deescalation so established by the u.s. and russia. the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region to travel to barcelona's campaign ahead of december's regional elections the spanish central government dissolved the catalan parliament after it declared independence last month praised efforts to honor spanish law and what he called difficult times. by four hundred refugees refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp a man a silent and had to build makeshift fences from cloths to keep people out papa new
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guinea has dismantled large sections of the fence at the former australian run camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave when a refusing to move saying they fear around a silent locals could attack them some of the refugees though have moved to new accommodation outside the facility one of one he says coming up next the latest. mood. for generations muslim will hinge on in me and mark has faced persecution. in august this year arm or a hinge of fighters fought back attacking security check. it.


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