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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring in the ecosystem to bear oxford university as professor of machine learning steven roberts talks to all jersey is at this time. the freedom of lebanon's prime minister is being restricted in saudi arabia that's the view of the lebanese president in a new statement. i
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know that i'm chilling with donald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. i want to be able because i think it's very important you get along with russia conflicting messages from trump on whether russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election. thousands of civilians flee aleppo is rebel finds his face heavy bombardment from syrian government forces. and how this. can become this the boat being built in kenya entirely i would supply stick waist. warm welcome to the program lebanon's president is finally saying what many have been suggesting for days now prime minister saad hariri freedom is being restricted inside a arabia michelle our women's office has issued
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a statement saying hariri is living in quote mysterious circumstances and is facing restrictions over his residency and even contact with his family hariri announced a shock resignation during a visit to riyadh last saturday in a move that plunged lebanon into political chaos but is in a how to reports on the streets of the capital people are uniting behind him. an animal sporting event a being to bring people closer together unity is needed this year's beirut marathon comes at a time of increased uncertainty and a political vacuum lebanon's prime minister suddenly announced his resignation from the saudi capital more than a week ago since then there has been concern about saddam how to use well being lebanese leaders believe he was forced to step down. and is detained in saudi arabia saudi leaders say he's free to go but fear for his safety if he returns to lebanon lebanese across the political divide are demanding his return home is not
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tearing the one which is a very very different problem you know. it's like life broken hope he comes back safe. it's not like that whole for that hollywood that what i guess i'm this mother of two that he's going to think is the prime reason for wanting. and yet to come back these are the most recent t.v. pictures of heidi meeting the saudi king in riyadh the airport he has been seen three times in public since his resignation speech but hasn't made any comment people are using the marathon to show solidarity with the heidi the slogans include we are running for you we are all waiting for you for now the lebanese are standing together in a rare show of unity but there is no indication of when how do you will return and if and when he does there is no guarantee that lebanon's political crisis will be resolved will seem bizarre who joined the marathon to support cancer patients is
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optimistic that this time around the crisis can be contained. on their own feet as i see clings in a positive light unlike in the past the lebanese people are thinking about their own interests in the interests of the country i'd love to see as the others are less optimistic because lebanon's political parties tend to answer to their regional patrons we don't want other countries to interfere and i would. want only the lebanese army to have the arms. support and protect this country a clear reference to hezbollah's armed wing an issue that cuts at the heart of lebanon's political divide a divide that has shattered stability and threatened coexistence in a not so distant past that of. beirut. president omar trump says he backs the conclusion of u.s. intelligence agencies that russia did meddle in the twenty sixteen presidential
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election writing on twitter he slammed what he called the full so a pause better ties with moscow times clarification comes after he suggested on saturday that he believes that they may have putin when he said russia didn't interfere with the vote when he reports now from hanoi two things dominated donald trump's visit to vietnam competing with china for influence in asia and offering conflicting messages about russian influence on his election win last year i believe that president putin really feels and i feel strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer hours earlier he spoke off camera with reporters and said something different following brief discussions with vladimir putin at the apec summit in dunning he said he believes the russian president didn't meddle in the election comments were
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criticized by some in the united states government intelligence agencies have concluded that there was russian interference in the campaign in his meeting with the vietnamese president in hanoi trump said he believes a strong relationship with russia can help fix the world's problems we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine itself terrorism it's now time to get back to healing a world that has shattered and broken those a very important thing donald trump back some self as a deal maker someone who can make things happen and while much of this trip was about trade and business he also offered to help keep the peace between vietnam and china vietnam and china are in a long running territorial dispute in the south china sea along with other neighboring countries donald trump told his vietnamese counterpart. that he could help make things better while also touting u.s. weapons contracts.
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well you know it's going to go. through very we're. going to use. donald trump says he's not interested in multilateral trade deals china's president xi jinping who's also in vietnam's capital says he's not interested in multilateral talks on the south china sea wayne hay al-jazeera hanoi . meanwhile trump is flying time to respond to north korea's foreign ministry after it called an old chimp took to twitter to complain he would never call came german short and that he added that he tries hard to be the north korean leader's friend and that someday that might happen lander gallacher and joins us live now from washington d.c. hi and they so this war of words is getting kind of personal. it isn't it
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has been for a while and i think these kind of childish barbs might the entertaining if it wasn't for the fact that these two leaders have their fingertips on fairly large nuclear arsenals diplomacy here isn't something that seems to be in trump's wheel house it's not something he's good at and remember he has basically undermined his own secretary of state before when rex tillerson was in china and was trying to reach out to north korea president trump tweeted out your wasting your time wrecks essentially undermining his own secretary of state who's trying to pursue diplomatic channels so i think once again president trump is giving his critics here in the u.s. lots of fodder to say look this is not a man who is suited to solving these issues despite the fact that he says he actually does want to so i think these kinds of tweets backwards and forwards between these two leaders are pretty much unhelpful and mixed messages to from trumbull on russian interference in the u.s.
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election how are they being interpreted stateside. well this is big news here despite everything else that's going on at the apec summit this is what's being talked about in the u.s. because remember there is still this song going investigation of allegations of collusion between the trunk campaign and russia if you consider that the background then you think about what president trump said what he's backing up blood amir putin's claims that russia didn't interfere in the u.s. elections it's a fairly big news because the intelligence community here has little doubt that russia did in fact interfere with u.s. elections and we've seen things from facebook as well about the russia had paid for and then twenty four hours later president trump's saying i'm standing by my intelligence community so it's a very mixed message you've got people like republican our republican senator from arizona john mccain saying that president trump is clearly not putting america first when he's siding with a former k.g.b.
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colonel against his own intelligence community something he's since flipped around but what you can take from all this is it seems that president trump does want to have some kind of good relationship with russia and certainly seems to be someone who has a great deal of admiration for vladimir putin and gallagher there live from washington d.c. andy thank you now the syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids have forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the country say some a binge of aid has more now from gaziantep on the border between syria and turkey. the war in syria is far from over. the army and air force of president bashar al assad and his allies continue to attack opposition positions in the southern countryside of aleppo province regime forces are advancing to secure an important supply route or highway that connects damascus to aleppo city. fighters
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as well as here which is allied to either are fighting to retain control of small towns villages. days of fighting has displaced thousands. we don't have any shelter no tents no cover when we left we didn't take anything the syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children sleep while. there's no water no power no roads just we move a lot for god's sake have some mercy we run with just the clothes that we wear now we're here in a tent and the used tents are not just for people from so the leper but also from hama province in the north around three thousand people in all. many here haven't seen any help from international aid organizations because the front line is close by local aid workers say they are doing what they can but all that is going to go after what it calls terrorist groups and this goes on millions of syrians continue
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to suffer. in the turkish syrian border. still to come on al-jazeera spain's prime minister calls on kaplan's to vote separatists to office the next month's regional elections plus. the turnaround of one of germany's most industrialized cities that led to it becoming european green capital. hello things changing slowly from iran back towards the land is not a cloud in the sky and it's not the levantine side that has been some in the sky but this is dr picture and i was tempted still hovering around the low twenty's even higher in beirut temporarily see when comes up from the size but it's a cloud goes across iran it develops into bit of rain for afghanistan or of course
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the heart of ations snow that we'll see a few showers running through the caspian but monday looks a dry picture as does choose the same time you saw that massive grey cloud over lebanon and jordan that's heading slowly sayas into northern side in fact it has been something of a breeze recently on this side of iraq an end to the gulf it's a northerly rees's september down to near thirty's and next in there on italy had that way abu dhabi it's clear air and snow dusting it just feels a little bit chilly i know thirty doesn't look at that in this part of the world otherwise the picture is a dry one twenty two at best and santa so it's too insular in the class disappeared that a potential rain here has gone from the money coast in southern africa we are watching the rainy season develop and is developing quite nicely now just on the eastern side of south africa up through mozambique and zimbabwe zimbabwe is the focus of heaviest rain on monday.
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her mind at the top stories here are now to zero lebanon's president says prime
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minister saad hariri streatham is being restricted in saudi arabia michel aoun released a statement saying hariri is living in mysterious circumstances. yes president obama has insisted he backs the u.s. intelligence community's view that russia did meddle in last year's election trump was widely criticized on saturday when he said he believed clinton who has always denied those allegations syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters air raids have forced thousands of civilians to leave the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside. iraqi security forces have found mass graves in an area recently retaken from eisel that could contain up to four hundred bodies the bodies of civilians and security forces were found in an abandoned base near. the northern time was retaken from the armed group in early october and residents have spoken of mass executions while on the ice so the patient imran khan has more now from the iraqi capital baghdad. this
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fund will be very significant not just for the families but for investigators as well a lot of families are wondering what happened to their loved ones by then following the bodies within the mass grave they'll be able to get some sort of closure hopefully for investigators this will be a way to find out exactly how many people died on the ice will rule now this mask right was found in a hole we just which is one of the mines hounds it was in a former military base which allegedly used as an execution grow. and according to locals now this isn't the first mass grave that the iraqis have found they certainly won't be the last as they go into the areas that i saw used to control and try and dig and look for information on any potential mass grave sites that there are now i've actually seen one of these mass grave sites a couple of them in fact actually up in this enjoy mountains in the north they are very gruesome places to come visit everything has to be catalogued so bones are
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being dug out of the ground forensic scientists are looking and investigators are looking at what they find just to see how many people actually were killed now in this particular great we're hearing that at least four hundred people had been killed. king mohammed the six has arrived in qatar for an official visit straight from a similar trip to the aid the u.a.e. now his visit comes amid the gulf crisis which has seen saudi arabia the u.a.e. crane and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar so far morocco has remained neutral in the dispute passion on the bar has more now from. the gulf dispute that will top the agenda of the meeting between the king of morocco and. says the start of the crisis morocco said he won't take any sides asking all the parties to set aside their differences in the spirit of the ordination rest back noninterference it in turn. now. the king of morocco was in the u.a.e. he met with senior officials united arab emirates and i think moroccans understand
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that this is a very delicate mission that america has failed to solve the crisis the kuwaitis are still hoping to bring all the parties to for a compromise while the king of america has strong relations with the royal families in this part of the world who would like to tap into those relations and ask all the parties to negotiate a settlement there's also another element which is basically the g.c.c. countries consider morocco a crucial ally and they have been committing billions of dollars in investments also in morocco something with the moroccans believe could be an asset on behalf of morocco that could bring all the parties to turn the chopped off of this crisis. now the u.s. has joined calls for the saudi led coalition to lift its blockade of yemen but it also says it recognizes the coalition's concerns about stopping the movement of on security rebels on monday the coalition calls of all air sea and land borders and
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the blockade is causing a humanitarian crisis in yemen the u.n. saying it's pushing millions of people close to starvation iran says allegations from bahrain that it was involved in an explosion at its oil pipeline are absurd and baseless saudi arabia suspended the pumping of oil through the pipeline and tighten security at its facilities for the blast on friday but blamed what it called terrorism linked to iran but tehran has an idea any involvement calling the accusations childish finger pointing about four hundred refugees refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island have had to build makeshift fences from cloth to keep people at. the new guinea has dismantled large sections of the fence at the former still in one camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave men are refusing to move saying they fear man asylum locals could attack them some of the refugees have moved to new accommodation side the facility so it is warned they had up until this weekend to
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move to a new location spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region travel to barcelona's a campaign ahead of december's regional elections and praised efforts to own a spanish law in what he called difficult times john hope has more from barcelona. and from new york to morning in barcelona a marching band goes through each team's oblivious to the presence of frames conservative prime minister you know hotel behind them. mariano rajoy was paying a quiet visit to supporters of his own party to those who want catalonia to break away from spain is something of a hate figure the man who deposed their government enforcing direct rule by madrid . should expect them and we have done exactly what any other country who respects
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itself would have done what france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum. the party faithful and clear agreement. was was this was a friendly crowd of catalans supporters of spanish unity vote for a choice governing popular party in december's regional election i don't you know i don't really never know just know it's not for me that anyone but it has to be bilateral and it will grow but the. kind of thing that you need to fit the crisis in catalonia has done prime minister mariano rajoy and his popular party no harm its ratings are way up people pretty happy with the way the prime minister has put down the secessionist insurrection here and it's also had the added benefit of largely obscuring a raft of corruption allegations against the prime minister and his party in madrid . and the visit came the morning after three quarters of
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a million cattle lands took to the streets in a show of solidarity for eight former ministers jailed on charges of rebellion and sedition to imprison civil society leaders and the government in exile in belgium but at the start of this think that it was protesting over the holding of political prisoners in our country people who just want to vote and decide to imprison standing up as you know the prime minister has promised december's election will restore the rule of law in catalonia but a great many people here feel that roy's government has simply bent the law for its own purposes jona whole al-jazeera barcelona. angela merkel a stance of fresh talks about forming a coalition government in germany she's meeting representatives from the free democrats and green party to form an unprecedented alliance of germany's national politics and a worrying sign for the chancellor her party's for waiting said that to their lowest in six years marcos christian democrats received just thirty three percent in the field in september election. germany's were region is the industrial hub of
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europe's largest economy its coal mines and steel plants have power at the nation for more than a century but in recent years heavy industry has been in decline and that clark reports from the capital s. and the region is now being forced to look in a different direction. his stands a ghostly relic to a time now. one of the largest industrial monuments in europe the silver and coal mine the last miners descended the shelves in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but in this time zone verein was a key cog in the german economic machine for many going underground was a way of life the region was the beating heart of the nation's industry its coal mines and iron and steel plants powered the country for more than one hundred years . this is the largest of the region's disused coal mines and back in the day it employed eight thousand people round the clock producing twenty three thousand tonnes of coal every twenty four hours now it's
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a us go world heritage site and the old coal washing is the room. where once machinery thundered and tens of millions of tons of coal were processed now all that impressive curation of the region's history we thought for people who came from outside to build one place. to have a window to look in the history of this region beginning at three hundred fifty million years ago when cold starts to exist till today to the present so these days there mining the tourist dollar sees one and a half million visitors a year bringing in more than sixty five million euros consider seventy. today and i think very important. developments. like a lot of money and. everybody can come here today and just wasn't
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a line in the. process and green space now blankets much of the city's industrial past with here and there a looming reminder this fight back against environmental degradation has led to the e.u. namely the city as a european green capital for two thousand and seventy. we are a model for change how to create something when a complete branch of industry breaks away first we're interesting for europe and the rest of the world how if a crisis or evolved a chance and we are now entering a green decade. of course is not all good news despite some major energy companies still being based or local unemployment remains high at nearly eleven percent but there was a time when the river was a toxic flow now it's a stunning clean i mean it's with no end of profitable potential by altering its industrial heritage while shaking off the coal dust and looking to tourism this is
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story city may just reinvent itself like lot al-jazeera has in germany maybe muslims are on sun city has addressed the assy and summit in the philippines she didn't speak about the military crackdown in me and maher which has forced over six hundred thousand range of muslims to flee the country despite the mind to criticism against her instead city focused on gender discrimination and the importance of promoting girls' education it is true there really are not much discriminated in the sense of been divorced from any activities such as doing business on going in for various procession. professions but still there is the underlying traditional concept that men are superior and many mothers who favor sons about their daughters especially when it comes to educational opportunity. scientists say eight million tons of plastic are dumped
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into the world's oceans every year in kenya who have but makers are trying to find a more environmentally friendly use for their waste there assembling a dye made out of recycled ocean plastics and flip flops with the hope of eventually setting sail in the open seas catherine so i went to see it. it may look like an ordinary boat being built on the shores of the indian ocean in lima along kenya's coast but there's nothing normal about this boat. called bookmakers a building what they call flip floppy using mostly plastic waste and discarded flip flops that are often washed up ashore if it works the plan is to eventually build a sixty foot down like this one which is usually built with wood it will sell to south africa with the hope of creating awareness about the devastation brought about by plastic dumped into the ocean it would be
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a good message to the world because it's a moving object you know people have done different types of recycle things but it's not one hundred percent everybody sees it but rain is a moving object to ridge to many parts. this is one of the cleanest beaches on the coast local residents load trash they've collected for the last two months plastic bottles polythene bags flip flops which will be used to make the boat. the waste ends up in a factory in more than two hundred kilometers away this is where plastic waste is crushed off credit then melted using that machine and molded into planks the dow will need the factory receives trash washed ashore from countries in africa and asia and also rubbish collected locally. getting an end product that is strong and safe to withstand the ocean has been tough we are making the first. nobody's ever
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made of being out of plastic cups ten metres long no zero point two centimeters wide twenty five percent of rivers. was a piece of plastic so all we have tried multiple ways of doing it not for top to materials stabilizers and all kinds of things to make sure it gets better and better. back in our lives kaunda and his workers give us an idea of how the boat and eventually the dow will look like it will be covered using this colorful print made from war than two hundred thousand used flip flops they say they're not only campaigning against ocean pollution but also for what is a dying culture of traditional making catherine soy al-jazeera on the kenyan coast and you can find out much more about the stories we're following at al-jazeera dot com.
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and watching al-jazeera here's a quick of mind in our top stories lebanon's president says the prime minister saad hariri freedom is being restricted in saudi arabia in a statement our own said hariri was living in mysterious circumstances saudi state t.v. showing pictures of king solomon meeting hariri it's the third time he's been seen in public since his abrupt resignation inside the arabiya eight days ago an interview with him is due to air in the next few hours u.s. president donald trump has insisted he backs the u.s. intelligence community's view that russia meddled in last year's election was widely criticized on saturday when he said he believes putin who has always denied the allegations under gallagher has more. basically don't trump is giving lots of fodder to his enemies and his critics here remember the backgrounds of all this is an ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the drug campaign and
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russia so it really didn't do himself any good backing up a lot of putin over his own intelligence community but he seems to be determined to get a good relationship going with russia and certainly seems to be someone who would miles vitamin. syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the bombings began this week it's forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside the united nations has expressed concern over the continuous bombing just taking place outside the deescalation zones established by the u.s. and russia the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region to travel to barcelona to campaign ahead of december's regional elections the spanish central government to solve the catalan parliament after it declared independence last month who praised efforts to honor spanish law. about four hundred refugees
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refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island and had to build makeshift fences from cloth to keep people out of the new guinea has dismantled large sections of the fence at the foremost really in one camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave for the men are refusing to move saying they fear man a silent locals could attack them but your headlines inside story is next we'll see at the top of the hour. what does donald trump and really think about russian links to his election u.s. president says he believes vladimir putin's denials but also except cia confirmation of meddling is he trying to influence the criminal investigations that
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could lead to impeachment and paying lip service to moscow this is inside story.


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