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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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ation. a series of short puzzle stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i prepared for the one hundred two bit one you know he had to be on time. to be on it but i took it that i think of it that everybody was al-jazeera selects at this time. al-jazeera. and. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more than a hundred people killed and a thousand others injured and out quick on the iran iraq border. the lebanese prime minister speaks publicly for the first time since his resignation really says he's free in saudi arabia and plans to return to his country soon. a crime against humanity that's how amnesty international describes the syrian government's surrender or starve campaign targeting civilians. while leaders gather in manila for the fiftieth meeting of the association of southeast asian nations. efforts to turn them back or hinge or refugees are still streaming into bangladesh. and we begin with breaking news a seven point three magnitude earthquake has struck on the iran iraq border more
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than a hundred people have been killed a thousand others have been injured the epicenter was in iran thirty kilometers southwest of the iraqi town of shell about us reports. that quiet sunday night in iraq on a run disrupted by violent. quake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of. and it was severe seven point three in magnitude and only twenty five kilometers deep. it was very strange suddenly the glasses dropped off the table the fan was shaking we were so afraid we had to run out of the house because our house was old. the u.s. geological survey immediately issued an orange alert saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the reports of fatalities on the iran side of the border in the town of cusses shereen it struck after sunset on sunday night and
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people use their phones in a makeshift assessment of the cost of this quite early reports suggest villages have been badly damaged and electricity because iranian media say risk you teams have been deployed to would see if you seem to in the waist iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines cross the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude quake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six thousand people died. while earthquakes may be frequent here the people are not immune from panic in iraq shops and malls evacuated across kurdish territory it was felt throughout the region as far away as israel residents flee their homes from baghdad to kuwait they face an interrupted night with aftershocks still rolling through dallas al-jazeera. for users and run he says the west
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of iran has been severely affected. yeah the places that have been damaged the most are the cities of comets and the damage is very clear and the efforts of the government are noticeable especially for medical help search and rescue and finding housing for the displaced according to an official the number of people displaced is up to seventy thousand for is especially bad in this comic the government is supplying tents to help these people there is a government ministry to help deal with the disaster and they have people in all of these towns they are also helping in some of the hard to reach areas including seven villages where people are still under the rubble and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has spoken publicly for the first time since his shock resignation eight days ago he says he is free in saudi arabia rejecting rumors that he's being held against his will how did he also plans to return to his country very soon in
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a heart of reports from beirut. this is the first time saud how did he makes public remarks since his resignation announcement more than a week ago from the saudi capital riyadh he sought to dispel reports that he had been detained the well being of lebanon's prime minister and his freedom of movement have been open to question in a live interview he denied he was forced to resign and said he is a free man and. i submitted my resignation i know it's not a normal process for a prime minister but i had to take some security measures to return back safe and sound the circumstances behind his decision to step down united a deeply divided country earlier people used. to show solidarity with. some lebanese may now be convinced that he is not under house arrest others however haven't changed their minds it clearly wasn't comfortable situation here physically look. what he was saying was very.
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contradictory to many people in lebanon saying that he's free when i look but if and when it does return it doesn't guarantee that lebanon's latest political crisis will be resolved if i withdraw my resignation as prime minister of lebanon we must respect the distancing of lebanon from the regional conflicts we should pull out from the interventions in the region with a few years ago lebanon officially adopted a policy of staying out of regional conflicts particularly from the war in syria hezbollah has been accused of ignoring that policy by sending troops to fight alongside the syrian government the iranian allied group has long resisted demands to withdraw its forces and it is unlikely to heed that demand now. also singled out yemen accusing hezbollah of interventions that puts lebanon at risk heidi said he resigned to save lebanon but the political vacuum his resignation created has only
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destabilize the country. he is the top sunni politician in lebanon replacing him will not be easy democracy here is about consensus and a candidate has to be accepted by all rival camps for stability to prevail appearance said comments did little to ease the tensions instead he looked more like a pawn in the regional power struggle between iran and saudi arabia said a. beirut german kannan as a policy analyst at the arab center washington d.c. he says the interview raises more questions than answers let's just focus on the political messages he sent obviously he toned down the cicle picture of his rhetoric to his resignation a week ago and he was very but it goes against iran and others thought he was very close to your t.v. he basically said the reason of the shift will sell the policy was yemen much of the other issues you mentioned before so i think
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a lot of anybodies then still believe what up in the last week while his own political movement is saying what say why there's a lot of us and american and u.s. and french and and other than the rest of. his movement so we didn't hear the whole story and we have yet to see what will happen in the next days and weeks saudi arabia has asked for an urgent meeting with the arab league to discuss allegations of military aggression by iran to try and deny his claims it supplied a missile that was fired from yemen into saudi a week ago it also says it has nothing to do with a pipeline fight in bahrain that temporarily halted oil supplies on friday saudi arabia has described the far as sabotage our brains foreign minister has blamed iran arab league meetings scheduled for next sunday in cairo. france's president also wants a meeting to discuss iran's activities but has rejected
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a request for direct talks on its ballistic missile production plans iran says the program is for defense and it's unrelated to the deal with world powers to cope with the development of nuclear weapons. amnesty international says the syrian government's surrender or starve campaign targeting civilians constitutes crimes against humanity is calling for an end to what it calls the dark stain on the world's conscience a new report says government forces surrounded and bombs densely populated opposition controlled areas thousands of people were given an ultimatum to abandon their homes or die amnesty says farms and food supplies were burned hospitals and clinics were destroyed and people were deprived of medical care the report condemns not only the syrian government but also some opposition groups it says both restricted and blocked humanitarian help amnesty is asking for an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible are some of the reports from the
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turkish town of guys in tap close to the border with syria let me give you a warning you may find some of these images disturbing. maybe so hard drew her last breath just over a month after she was born she weighed barely two kilos. malnutrition has killed a dozen other children in the suburb of the syrian capital in the last few months to see the siege imposed by the syrian government has caused hundreds of children to suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. this mother pleads to roads be opened and the siege to end she wants aid convoys to bring medicine not just food. similar cries for help are being made in other areas of syria amnesty international says the surrender of star strategy which is for thousands of syrians from their homes is a crime against humanity more than half
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a million people continue to be besieged following the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the past year the u.n. helped end the siege for two hundred seventy five thousand people in the rebel held areas of aleppo city seventy five thousand. in homs four thousand people were evacuated from the riaa and at least sixty five thousand were under siege in the four towns of medina as of a danika free and for. amnesty says the tactic of mass displacement by the assad regime using sieges in forced evacuations is not reconciliation. human rights campaign group urges world leaders to not just take the local cease fire agreements and face value but in the context of systemic violations of international law. syrians in besieged gerri is have been forced to leave their ancestral homes after months of hunger and bombardment for years they've been telling the world how they feel when the father. i left my town our fathers and grandfathers lived there
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this year militias came to raise their flags with the russian occupiers this is our country the whole world let us down. rights workers say there is ample evidence of restricting access to humanitarian medical aid as well as air and ground assaults on hospitals and homes which amounts to war crimes despite repeated calls for action aid workers and many syrians are disappointed that all they have seen is in action and excuses by the international community a treatment they say a future generations will not forget. the rebels in yemen are denying reports the missile fire that riyadh was supplied by iran the news comes as the u.s. joins international calls for an end to this blockade that's worsening a severe food shortage saudi tightened the measures on saturday after the missile was fired say it was homemade. the un's warned millions of people face starvation
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if the blockades not lifted in djibouti across the straits and international aid groups are loading much needed medicines onto a ship to send to yemen but as muhammad other reports from there they've yet to get saudi clearance to darken the rebel held port of her died out. u.n. officials say they're in a race against time to deliver a much needed aid to the people of yemen usually that will be taking these supplies with dollars to the ports on the data and other than in yemen but because of the broke the impost on the country by the saudi led coalition they haven't been able to take anything from djibouti to yemen in the past week and are now forced to use a much bigger ship to make the delivery they say that would ideally want to take the supplies which include medicine for the whole response as well as therapeutic food formal notice children to the point of the day that but they do not have
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access to the port yet djibouti has become an important hub for the yemen relief operation in the past few years and also stranded here about sixty members of staff of the united nations and other international organizations. plenty more ahead on the news hour including people in rural texas attend sunday a week after a gunman killed twenty six parishioners and their church. spain's prime minister visits barcelona to bolster support against catalan secession. switzerland bank a place at next year's world cup will tell you who else from europe will join the job with details later in the sport. in a show of force into north korea the united states and south korea have launched joint naval drills in the western pacific it's in response to the rising tension over the
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north's nuclear weapons program three u.s. aircraft carriers along with several south korean war ships will carry out the exercises over the course of four days it's the first time in a decade the u.s. has three carriers operating in the region tensions on the korean peninsula are expected to top the agenda at the association of southeast asian nations meeting in manila twenty one heads of state as well as the u.n. secretary general are attending the opening ceremony a territorial dispute in the south china sea will also dominate the bride is in manila for us rob twelve day long tour through asia so far has been dominated by north korea is that's what he's going to be talking about during these talks. it will still be very high on the u.s. . yes. he finds a very receptive audience and has expressed its. continuing program
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north korea one very important. in fact according to a diplomatic spat with north korea over the assassination of. brother around. and it is true that interesting. nations do actually have diplomatic ties with north korea they can in theory bring pressure to bear they do exert some influence having said that china is also here at this very important the ring they will be a tempering influence they of course take a very different approach on how to deal with north korea than the americans do and there's been a lot of speculation here in just about what might be going on in north korea itself tomorrow very important landmark if you like it will be sixty days since the last missile test by the north koreans and there's a lot of speculation about just what north korea might be up to could it be that it
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has purposely gone out of its way not to launch any missiles while trump has been making this very important sweep through these asian countries maybe a conciliatory gesture some people even discussing the possibility that maybe they're creating the kind of atmosphere where dialogue might take place having said that the perceived wisdom still seems to be that north korea won't get into any kind of dialogue until it has developed what it believes is a workable intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear weapon and as you said things remain tense. drills in involving three u.s. aircraft carriers the first time for ten years we've seen such a force operating in the sea between japan and the korean peninsula and donald trump had offered some sort of mediation over the south china sea dispute that offer was rejected to some degree by the philippines president the turks say one of these two men going to be talking about what are they going to be able to discuss
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if they meet today. it is a very interesting prospect it has come up here on these screens where in the press center just across from the main and then you and it's there at eleven fifty local time that's within a couple of hours from now we. i have this bilateral session between. the philippines and president from and there's been a lot of speculation ever since trump was elected in this part of the world people have been wondering just what a meeting between these two presidents would look like they do seem to be such kindred spirits they under shamelessly populist they stand up against the establishment the elite in both of their countries and obviously as we know both very outspoken using the most remarkable attacks against their opponents and so on so people have been wondering what the meeting is going to be like what they will be able to agree on and they do seem to have laid the groundwork ahead of this
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trump for example is not likely to bring up any human rights concerns over the very controversial anti drugs war being launched by a to turn which has resulted in thousands of people dying here for his part due to seems to have dialed back on some of the anti american rhetoric here he at one point was talking about u.s. forces being ejected from philippine soil that kind of dialogue those sort of rhetoric seems to have dissipated now especially after we've had this insurgency in mindanao in the south of the country in the when the philippines forces very much relied upon us special forces and u.s. surveillance and satellite surveillance to help them out so we are expecting there is a protest an anti american protest outside here but we are expecting it to be a fairly convivial meeting and trump finally rob can take some encourage went from his popularity figures here he has an approval rating in the philippines which is
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does have close ties in any case with america around double what his popularity rating is back in the united states thanks very much indeed. senior u.n. official says me in march troops have systematically gang raped and tortured or woman the envoy and said. violence and conflict has been speaking to some of the six hundred thousand range of refugees who fled to neighboring bangladesh since august she says she's going to raise the mistreatment of for the international criminal court calling rape a weapon of genocide peter sharp has more the imposingly wide river now which separates my ma and bangladesh was the final hurdle for another wave of increasingly desperate rohingya refugees nearly two hundred people many of them women and children made their way to freedom paddling improvised rickety rafts kept afloat by empty plastic jerry cans scavenged along the way as they fled the country
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using homemade paddles and sheets of plastic it was a long and slow crossing some just paddled with their hands on the final half mile the rafts were intercepted by bangladesh frontier guards these people are not welcome here and for an hour the guards circled the raf's trying to persuade them to turn back and pushing them up river the refugees ignored them and pushed on to the shoreline. they've been travelling for weeks and with land for a mixture of exhaustion and relief on the faces of those who'd reach safety traumatised by what they'd witnessed during the long march out of my mom for the children still too young to comprehend that they may never return to their homes. each had their own story to tell. we built this raft with plastic jerry cans that we found in burned down villages. we couldn't manage boats as we
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couldn't afford the rent. of our neighbors got robbed when they left the camps with the boat people they lost all their money and everything they had. it took us three days to reach safety one day to cross the hill one day to prepare the raft and a day to row across the river. these are just a handful of the hundreds of thousands to have sought refuge in bangladesh many repeating stories of violence rape and murder carried out on the refugees a senior u.n. official in dhaka raised the issue with the international criminal court this week whether my and my military can be held responsible be to shop al jazeera. the clock is ticking for about four hundred refugees refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp on minus island papa new guinea authorities say the men have until monday to get out large sections of the australian one count have been dismantled in a bid to force the refugees to leave the men are refusing to move saying they fear
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man asylum locals could attack them about two hundred refugees have left already moving to new accommodation outside the facility. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed a direct rule over the region you travel to barcelona to campaign ahead of december's regional elections and he has praised efforts to honor spanish law in what he called difficult times when the hall has more from barcelona. on a sunny altar morning in barcelona a marching band goes through its routines oblivious to the presence of spain's conservative prime minister you know who tell behind them. mariano rajoy was paying a quiet visit to supporters of his own party to those who want catalonia to break away from spain is something of a hate figure the man who deposed their government enforcing direct rule by madrid emotion should expect them in we have done exactly what any other country who
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respects itself would have done what france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum. the party faithful were in clear agreement. was this was a friendly crowd of catalans supporters of spanish unity vote for a voice governing popular party in december's regional election i don't you know i don't really never know just well it's not for me that anyone anyone has read my letter and it will be out by the. kind of thing that you need to fit the crisis in catalonia has done prime minister mariano rajoy and his popular party no harm its ratings are way up people pretty happy with the way the prime minister has put down the secessionist insurrection here and it's also had the added benefit of largely obscuring a raft of corruption allegations against the prime minister and his party in madrid . his visit came the morning after three quarters of
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a million cattle hands took to the streets in a show of solidarity for eight former ministers jailed on charges of rebellion and sedition to imprison civil society leaders and the government in exile in belgium but at the start of. protesting over the holding of political prisoners in our country people who just want to vote and decide to imprison. the prime minister has promised december's election will restore the rule of law in catalonia but a great many people here feel the government has simply bent the law for its own purposes jona whole al-jazeera barcelona. still ahead on al-jazeera. reporting on the turnaround of one of germany's most industrialized cities that led to it becoming this year's european dream capital. digging for gold owners of a greek mine are caught between jobs versus then violent. and the sound
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of you. playing the landing. trying to. specialness is far from it massa they say farewells his home fans joe's got the formula one action in the sport. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello we've had a couple of weeks of dry weather and you notice the rain is coming back to southern china there's an onshore breeze and the remains of a tropical depression now in the south china sea it's got to go somewhere what it'll do is produce showers over hine and southwest of china maybe the far north east of vietnam and of course we've got this patch of rains to the middle of china's been around for a while which is now linked to a system across japan now it's not changing very much it's not producing much rain
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but some nineteen is the next in shanghai hong kong cooled down a bit down to twenty six reasonably and humid degrees you're about how forty fifty sixty percent by day which is quite acceptable we seems a big showers in malaysia recently particularly in sabah but also in sort of like ninety one millimeters that's a reasonable daytime sherif think you'll agree similar to what we've had in mindanao and further west near some rationale the next day or so i think sudden thailand cymotrichous himalayas he will not be that afflicted by big showers that we arrive. they are coming back as you say is forecast is wetter than mondays it's around in borneo to distrust the such to take a biggish as down towards java we've seen some pretty heavy rain educator this forecasts which suggest the middle of jobbers more lot to get wet than the western end. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing in me in march for
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bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries one of one east investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. and this was different not whether someone was going for some of this very rich but as part of any trip i think it's how you approach an individual and that is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and fly out. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by molly wood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. somebody to further her duty and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on and does either.
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you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour rescue teams have been deployed to iraq and iran after a seven point three magnitude earthquake struck on the border of the two countries the death toll has reached one hundred twenty nine in iran with fatalities also reported in iraq one thousand people have been injured. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has denied claims he's detained in saudi arabia in his first public comments since announcing he would resign last week he said he was free to leave and plan to return to lebanon and a matter of days. is accusing the syrian government all of us surrender or starve kaun pain which is calling
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a crime against humanity it wants an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible let's stay with that story diana crisis campaigns coordinator for amnesty international australia and she's joining us now from melbourne thank you very much indeed for being with us what are the circumstances that are allowing the syrian government to carry out this campaign. thank you for having me well amnesty international has been documenting the ongoing crisis in syria for quite a number of years but the reports that we've just released today documents the systematic policies that we've saying in different towns in syria on this these particular these four negotiated what we're saying called break conciliation agreements which actually. reveals the sort of policy that's a syrian government and other groups of in order to forcibly displaced people from
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their homes where we've seen deliver attacks on civilian targets where there were. hospitals residential areas where the. humanitarian i deliberately restricted to areas towns on to say that people had no choice but to leave their high. standard correctly the basis of the reconciliation deals was to allow people to evacuate the areas and get clear of the fighting where's it going wrong. well our research shows otherwise that these agreements that we've seen negotiated under the guise of reconciliation has actually. come after months of bombardment from aerial attacks and air strikes in certain areas there's always there with be an escalation of these airstrikes and bombardments the humanitarian access would be restricted so that people won't be facing starvation if they didn't surrender all
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forcibly leave their homes so what we're saying is a systematic policy in different areas at different times in syria to make people and force them to are the surrender. and we're seeing people with families children mothers who are unable to breastfeed their newborns because there aren't able to to breastfeed or to get access to formula milk so people are in such dire situations in different towns but there was an ace in aleppo and. we're saying that this is a systematic policy pursued by the syrian government and their allies and these negotiated settlements and agreements religion nothing to hide that otherwise and we should make the point is not just the syrian government that comes in for to face in this report opposition groups are also facing similar allegations of blocking that's correct isn't it. absolutely but to a much lesser extent and we've saying that they have been gauged in tactics of you
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know shelling and targeting civilians but you know they to be clear that this report shows that the bottom line is that civilians have suffered the most string these are the seven years now of crisis and conflict and its own going in general battle in syria up or train multiple parties to the conflict and that's thousands of civilians that now not only were forced to leave their homes they're now living in dioceses shueisha is on the brink of starvation as well in neighboring towns so what we need to make sure is that there is an investigation into these the forcible displacement of people through bombardment aerial attacks humanitarian access being restricted and. brought to account for the civilians in the in the casualties at the suffering that we've seen over these days is the crisis campaigns coordinator for amnesty international thank you very much indeed. let's get more now on one of
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our other top stories and the crisis in lebanon prime minister saad hariri has spoken out for the first time since his shock resignation eight days ago that's when he said he feared assassination and criticized the iranian backed group in lebanon hezbollah his days of silence led to speculation he was being held against his will he now says he'll go back to lebanon in a few days when he returns his resignation will need to be officially accepted by michel aoun the country's president is allied to hezbollah he's going to have to find a new prime minister under lebanon's political system the appointee must be a sunni muslim that's not going to be easy. coalition government was put in place last december after years of political blog let's hear a little more of what he had to say. yes i'm going to go back to beirut to confirm my resignation then we start negotiating again. with all the political parties
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and if you want discussion and if i have to take my resignation back we have to respect to keep ourselves above the difference interfering in order problems lebanon can't take done now. are you going to consider yourself a candidate for the position of prime minister is it a government without has in it or one of the same as the one today are you going to be a caretaker pm so. let me tell you something i'm being positive here all my life i work with a positive attitude i've only done this to create a positive show that's why i go back to lebanon i want to be positive for lebanese interests and for the arabic interests as well. i decided to submit my resignation to awaken the people to what's happening with. this weakening did not happen what took place was a reaction and the reaction was as if there was
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a new saad hariri and i cannot of the if and when this maybe my weakness was that people sometimes i mean the worst stages of my life and when i see people that i'm in the happiest stages of my life and i thank everybody every person all the political parties those who want to say that hariri to go back sorry is not going to leave the country so that hariri will go back soon to the country and i wish that this collective thinking in lebanon not because saad hariri is that politics but sad hariri says one thing lebanon comes first lebanon comes first we must always keep lebanon in our hearts morocco's king mohammed the sixth has arrived in qatar to discuss the latest developments in the gulf political crisis the king was greeted by the time and been hammad this is king muhammad's first visit to qatar since the beginning of the gulf crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. . have cut diplomatic ties with qatar the king came to doha straight from
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a trip to the u.a.e. . has more from doha. the gulf dispute will top the agenda of the meeting between the king of morocco and. says the start of the crisis morocco said he won't take any sides asking all the parties to set aside their differences in the spirit of ordination rest back on into. now the king of morocco is in the u.a.e. he met with senior officials the united arab emirates and i think moroccans understand that this is a very delicate mission the americans failed to solve the crisis the kuwaitis are still hoping to bring all the parties to for a compromise while the king of america has strong relations with the families in this part of the world who would like to tap into those relations and ask all the parties to negotiate a settlement there's also another element which is basically the g.c.c. countries can see the morocco a crucial ally and they have been committing billions of dollars in investments and
5:38 am
also aid in morocco something that the moroccans believe could be an asset to have a morocco that could bring all the parties to turn the chopped out of this crisis. has started new talks about forming a coalition government in germany she's meeting representatives from the free democrats and the green party to form an unprecedented alliance in germany's national politics poll ratings from a party of dip to the lowest in six years christian democrats receive just thirty three percent of the vote in september's election. well the coal mines and steel plants in germany's of rural regions have powered the country from more than a century but with the decline of the nation's industrial hub key cities and now looking to tourism to the chargers economy clock reports from. his stands a ghostly relic to a time now just one of the largest industrial monuments in europe the silver and
5:39 am
coal mine the last miners descended the shaft in one thousand nine hundred six but in its time and was a key cog in the german economic machine for many going on the ground was a way of life the region was the beating heart of the nation's industry its coal mines and on and steel plant the country for more than one hundred years. this is the largest of the region's disused coal mines and back in the day it employed eight thousand people round the clock producing twenty three thousand tons of coal every twenty four hours now it's a unesco world heritage site and the old coal washing is the room museum where once machinery thundered and tens of millions of tons of coal were processed now that's an impressive curation of the region's history we saw it for people who came from outside to build one place to have a window to look in the history of this region beginning at three hundred fifty
5:40 am
million years ago when cold starts to exist till today to the present so these days there mining the tourist dollar sees one and a half million visitors a year bringing in more than sixty five million euros. seventy. and i think very important. like a lot of money. everybody can come here today and it just wasn't the line in the. a process in green space now blankets much of the city's industrial past with here and there a looming reminder this fight back against environmental degradation has led to the e.u. naming the city as a european green capital for two thousand and seventy when. we are a model for change how to create something when
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a complete branch of industry breaks away with us we are interesting for europe and the rest of the world how if a crisis there evolved a chance and we are now entering a green decade. of course is not all good news despite some major energy companies still being based here local unemployment remains high at nearly eleven percent but there was a time when they were a river was a toxic flow now it's a stunning clean i mean it's with no end of profitable potential by honoring its industrial heritage while shaking off the coal dust and looking to tourism this is start city may just reinvent itself. al-jazeera s. in germany. now a battle of jobs versus the environment is raging in northern greece as one of the country's largest foreign investors threatens to withdraw canadian mining group eldorado gold almost suspended operations last month saying the government is causing delays and costing it millions but as john set up us reports the government
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says it's protecting the environment. two hundred and seventy meters below sea level these men are digging for gold eight million ounces of it thought to be hidden in these rocks with more than ten billion dollars which would make greece europe's biggest gold producer and there are billions more in silver copper lead and zinc but these which is aren't yet within reach the government hasn't consistently worked through the permits as required under a contract and under regulations here in greece and we've suffered our share price is significantly down compared to our peers in the predominant issue is our investments in greece have not proceeded as planned el dorados shares have fallen by more than half this year this mill should already be crushing rock instead it's waiting for permission to build walls and a roof to house the machinery and now the city's a government has taken the company to court because it's only completed two thirds of its one and a half billion dollar investment it's the sort of behavior that is putting off
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other potential investments in greece and losing cities or votes down here. i'd like the government to come here and see what we do what we produce and see with our own eyes that we can achieve the national economy if they do away with my salary today tomorrow there won't be any income for the very people in government. this is the growth greece is looking for salaries here average about fifteen hundred dollars and twenty four hundred workers monthly payroll of about three and a half million dollars that kind of money creates an entire economy on the surface but cities are says it's not the only economy. these people will work for twenty or thirty years this isn't a sustainable form of development for the area or it will eventually run out what will remain for the future generations yes this entire valley will become an open cast mine pit half a kilometer deep once that happens farming and tourism won't stand
5:44 am
a chance but mining is the biggest driver of the local economy and at full swing this operation would give the government half a billion dollars a year in taxes for a quarter century and double the size of the mining industry to seven percent of g.d.p. cities at once those taxes that it wants to vote to in the last election the environmental vote defeated the mining vote next time around the tables could turn jump. in the cassandra mines of northern greece. ok as we mentioned earlier world leaders are in manila for the assy and meeting and there are hundreds of protesters just outside the venue these are live pictures from manila just outside that venue police have been using water cannon to try and push them back. as you can see there are about hundreds hundred or so protesters there surrounded by the police and there appeared to be. security forces there as well there waving banners these
5:45 am
protests have been going on for a few days ahead of the assay and meeting during which u.s. president donald trump and the philippines present president toledo to territory are expected to have bilateral talks. you know still ahead on all of his era and setting new goals how football's helping indigenous women in mexico fight back against violence joe has got more coming up in the sport .
5:46 am
5:47 am
ok as we mentioned a few seconds ago world leaders are in menlo for the asin meeting there have been hundreds of pressed protesters outside the venue these are pictures just from a few moments ago showing some of those protesters gathering outside that meeting in manila let's talk to rob mcbride for the latest on this rob these protests have been going on for a while what is the main topic of the protests. that's right these protests that are actually taking place rob a few kilometers from where we are in the main summit venue in the press center and the summit venue is just across from us and this whole area is in a kind of a lockdown in the city thousands of security personnel have been deployed for this summit it's been declared a day's holiday or in fact a few days holiday here in the capital manila to allow this to take place to keep the roads open and so on but also to coincide with this event
5:48 am
a number of left wing groups here have called a protest and they called it for what they said was a campaign against the imperialism of the united states now for the philippines is largely very pro-american historically there have been very close links between the united states and the philippines but there is a leftist element here in regards america as a former colonial power and some of these left wing groups i think i've also been incensed at what they see as the talks between donald trump and deter that are taking place today and what they see. trump abrogating his responsibilities towards human rights the u.s. traditionally takes a stand on human rights but it seems that ahead of this summit donald trump has said he will not be bringing up. human rights issues involved for example in president deter taste crackdown on drugs which has resulted in thousands of deaths
5:49 am
so certainly emotions are running high and in the last few minutes we do know that there have been violent clashes as you said their water cannons being used against the protesters and we're waiting to see how it develops well. rob you were just seeing some of the pictures there as you were talking in fact we're showing some of them now of those water cannon being deployed against the protesters is there any sense that the meeting those meeting at the. summit at the moment are going to pay any attention to the protests that are happening in the streets. they will probably know that these protests are taking place but as i said this area has been pretty much a well quarantined from the rest of manila where in a part of the city where there are a couple of large convention centers you can fanchon facilities that have been taken over one containing the summit themselves and all of the world leaders and we
5:50 am
the media and observers kept in another venue away from that and this whole area seems to have been pretty well cordoned off as they get into deliberations get into the go see asians over the next couple of days or so we've just had the opening ceremony here and now we're expecting that the different groups are going to go into their different meetings and what we're expecting obviously one of the high points of today will be that meeting in the next hour or so between due to and from prague for now thanks very much indeed. it's time for the sports and here's joe. thank you very much will switzerland have bank to sparta next year as well cup in russia and they did it at the expense of northern ireland his hopes of reaching the finals for the first time in thirty years what crushed switzerland went into the second leg holding a one zero lead. vantage thanks to a controversial penalty but despite having home advantage in basel they were far from convincing the nil no draw was enough to secure
5:51 am
a place croatia will join them in qualifying off to beating greece on aggregate the croats hammer them for one in the first leg so despite the second leg finishing. off to their fifth world cup finals now mark market has won his fourth moto g.p. while championship in five years but the spaniard gave himself a scare with seven laps to go in the village grand prix he managed to stay on his bike optimist judging his braking and recover to finish the twenty four year old cementing his status as the top rider in motor bike racing he's the youngest four time champion in the moto g.p. class. amazing amazing feeling you know the thing that as i was always. going through all of this situation but tony i say ok now it's time to board because i felt really good but then done one honestly i love that the tradition of the big boy i'd like to read as crazy as i do now. you
5:52 am
know but again this time. sebastian vettel is a step closer to securing second place in the formula one world drivers' championship the ferrari front man sees the advantage over a pole sitter valtteri bottas at the first corner of the brazilian grand prix after that he was never threatened by them sadie's man but the most impressive drive of the day came from newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton he started from pit lane after crashing out in qualifying and marilee missed out on the indian place. but the moving moment of the day came for the fans favorite philippe mass eight was the williams miss a driver's farewell race in his home country before he retires. and he received a special message. and still brando you and when he when
5:53 am
really you know i am fine thank you i know you may doing an eleven year stand. really. emotional today. because of all of you guys so thank you very much for everything that we passed together for the support. and their joy that i felt. for making the best race i could. well the nicest states have claimed their first fed cup tennis title the seventeen years in a thriller against deloris it went to a doubles decided before shelby rogers and coco vanda way one six three seven six for a three two victory in the final and minutes away it meant she was on base and after winning both her singles matches the u.s. has now extended their record to eighteen fed cup type. this is amazing i've been dreaming about this for a very long time since my first are fed cup tie and do it with one of my best
5:54 am
friend was unreal there are no words for that she is such a leader for this team she's been here all year long for us and at this moment it's so special. and this is a made. me two years this is. a federal has become the season ending a.t.p. world tour finals with a win the well number two was up against jack salt they sealed the opening set off just thirty six minutes but the nineteen time grand slam champ had a much tougher time second with the american seven six was how it finished eventually to federer the swiss miss this event last season but he's going for a record sending seven title this year. indigenous women in mexico are finding a sporting way to fight back against physical and sexual violence so a people vulnerable often within their own. that one woman is helping them set new goals as john heilemann reports. for these girls from them as our indigenous group
5:55 am
in mexico this is more than just a kick about in a male dominated society football could open the door to another world. where the loop a suffer the fate of many goals here violence in her own home and then being sent to work as a maid in mexico city at just thirteen she decided she was worth more than that. she got a university education and headed back to help other girls forming an ngo that heads into schools uses football to get them to open up about things many face daily what do you think that would i guess i'm sure if i asked you who has faced by their own home or as a woman everyone would raise their hand. she holds workshops on other subjects that are often to bill in their communities like avoiding early pregnancy and sexual rights around four hundred girls who are in the program. there are many women who
5:56 am
haven't been to their doctors because their husband won't let a man examine them that kills us just putting on a sports kid is an act of rebellion because it sends a message that i can dress as i want i can decide how i look not to please anyone other than myself. but most of our team is at the center of the tomb aspiring plays have to not just have the skills but also nine out of ten of my studies will seal doesn't let anyone get in the way of football even her husband who she divorced when he could be playing. by the as a woman and the indigenous community it's great to feel equal that you were the same as any other woman that you have the chance to feel excited happy and possibly team. it's generally agreed the indigenous women have the worst lot of anyone in mexico they're the poorest of the poor have the least access to education and often face discrimination and violence within and without their communities initiatives
5:57 am
like this one i'm not going to change overnight but they do send a signal that these women are prepared to fight for something more john home and. mexico city and that's later. hundreds of people march through the heart of hollywood to support victims of sexual harvest wind and assault. in the me to march followed a series of accusations by men and women against powerful figures in the entertainment industry the campaign went viral after allegations were made against producer harvey weinstein. and i've been affected by this personally i'm also a forensic medical examiner and make you take sexual assault exam. it's very very personal. and i think i want to make if. i make things better for my daughter we have to call our friends. and that's that's really hard to do.
5:58 am
but if you don't this isn't going to change. and you can find much more on our website the al-jazeera that's and dress is al-jazeera dot com with more information on that seven point three magnitude earthquake that has struck the iran iraq border and the meeting of world leaders in manila the i see in meetings the hill rahman's going to be here in a couple of minutes on the matheson by the not. a new level of luxury has arrived. and experience that will transform the way. some of us remain. but none come breaking. news
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clues. on two previous books week. with the conducting business sharing especially. when you the thing still. the search for the. why didn't try some of. your centuries in the school. to say. first in the. category we're going places together. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational or birth crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside need a moment where we hear lies that nothing worse first will be in the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and their failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn over our gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. at least four hundred twenty people are dead after a powerful earthquake strikes the iran iraq.


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