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tv   Refugees  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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and on in a matter of days and a hundred women like her here in the kingdom of saudi arabia i am free i have complete freedom but i want to look after my family as well i don't want to see my children have the same fate like what happened to us i'm not talking about months i'm not talking about weeks i'm only talking about days and i'll go back to lebanon . amnesty international was the syrian government to surrender or start a campaign targeting civilians is a crime against humanity the group says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated areas saudi arabia has asked for an urgent meeting with the arab league to discuss allegations of military aggression by iran to iraq denies claims it supplied a missile that was fired from the evident decided last week it also says it has nothing to do with the pipeline fire in bahrain that temporarily halted oil supplies on friday saudi arabia has described the fire as sabotaged by foreign minister has blamed iran meanwhile the rebels are denying reports the
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missile fired at riyadh was supplied by iran the news comes as the u.s. joins international calls for an end to the side of the blockade that's worsening a severe food shortage those were the headlines are back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's a.j. selects to stay with us. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of injun have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera . just wasn't didn't know they were timor in office on the. bush or the new.
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push the female when i'm with you if i'm lucky. but they don't want to listen and. they tend. to do that don't just saying. i wish i had their ask you know our mission at the moment three more you want on the move a film called for to make sure many cases one hundred thousand and shuffle machine mission tonight. then you know much we've got to get or in. our machine in q one of them she doesn't know much fishing you. know.
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in numbers you promise you you. that . ok one. more bite. down. if i mean. what i would seem to be to i said that i gave him same in the premier. not any from the usual i said when. i said land. that's when i have this feeling. that come from eritrea sudan and other subsaharan countries they've escaped war and economic hardship. but the israeli government caused the
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fifty thousand migrants who crossed into the country through egypt infiltrators the foreigners may not be legally deported the government refuses to grant them refugee status. meanwhile the new generation of migrant children is growing up and being educated in israel their hopes to be granted a secure place in a country built by refugees. we feel that as long these children are in need santa they are being taken care of we know what's going on with them we see them twenty four seven we know where they go when they come back we take care of all their needs once they are eighteen and they go outside. to the real world and we say it's a jungle for them. and you have our best for. you when they first came here you start to ask about the army can they go to army when they finish with santa and we explain and then it's not possible because you know
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it's complicated in israel and we scared of someone who was different then us but after a year i stopped hearing them you know asking for it. you know how is it going and when is it going to they don't know anything and how can you build a life if you don't know. a little bit. to eat. the whole. a lot of.
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a cigarette. knowing. what's. going on. cannot offer one of the women. yes. when i started speaking english from you i think the border is broken ok there is
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a border between greece and the. border that is there was a. most of the livelihood mostly but there was the will both know that. the site. my name is that. the thing that. was the cookie cutter over the. problem is that woman that she is responsible for her case was on the event of that
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one o'clock i think quite at one o'clock a.m. . and yet it was. down to the slip of the food was a solid. several. minutes and it. was a serious. thing to show. everybody is stark the english lesson in that we are yes. sure plan to live i know what to make up for this. many of them they can't speak. to. hospital they're in the kitchen i mean from the cream to be. the same but denies he's going to do everything together. yes i was.
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wondering. what. this. focused on. because she can notice speaking to this summit quickly. it. was one of them to learn the machinery having not been but seek to do you know i'm up to several of. them. look at the names of. these. said getting this. thing. going to have a chance to do anything like in prison now the young is the most important things in. this situation. the plan was one week moving greece out of the us he would move to the other
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countries or continue to but now we're stuck. this way those who know a lot. more fun than the. world by fate. oh. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah a lot of people coming up that are living at the moment different conditions very difficult conditions they don't know basic information about just trace. what will happen to them what is the future what is the process. it's difficult because you're in the middle of two different wars the want of some of that in the world for future. so there.
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is a kind of money in my house was on it and i wasn't aware of it i did i have and i know i know not just you know who won in the fall i don't want to get ready for the we're not going to suffer through it if you will suffer the. thought of you would want the best for the other person could design over a hundred other lives hey i'm mr. jenner. if you look at. the start of the order to. sign on for that community. then you
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should read. that and study. michael jackson the man. in. the government now so i. can. dance my. kid. that just sucks for houses. these are the products of the civil rights. the one model a jewel of a so yes. for every. time a story it's a different show. but often of the russian government telling. yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you eat. when someone gets the asylum one exception so many of them saying. he looks like.
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he doesn't know what's going to happen in the country but i think he'll keep going to see. yeah. i don't like you know i'm told i don't like what i like my cantors just. like you can't hear a. four hundred people wife you know i'd like. one time the same young people at our computer bed africa everybody one for me. i guess you can see that most of that lucky. to get by now you're seeing. the.
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rest of us waiting here for the rest of the government to let us leave. and. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short possible stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance tall shia militia vehicles that thus you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the my close in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their job scavenging is outside making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but people tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around and this is the only food available in this household. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside lead a movement where we hear lies that nothing was first well the inquiry the devastating impact for save the bank means also for save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn a less gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al jazeera.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. yet. at least one hundred forty people are dead after a powerful earthquake strikes on the iraq invaded border.


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