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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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oh in two thousand and fifteen after attackers chopped off his arm believing it would bring them luck the leases charity works with the shriners hospital for children in philadelphia to provide for static limbs this is the children's second visit to the united states to replace their original devices which they've outgrown seven year old baracoa is quick to put his new arm to. holding these children is a long term commitment every year they have to return to the united states for fittings and adjustments and every year their connection to their american friends gets deeper and i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. as many as one hundred forty people are feared dead after
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a powerful earthquake strikes the iran iraq border. hello it's a whole realm of this is officer life my headquarters here in the hall coming up in the next thirty minutes. protests against the us as world leaders gather in another for the fiftieth meeting of the association of southeast asian nations plus. i had to take some security measures to return back safe and sound the lebanese prime minister says he plans to return home soon as he breaks his silence for the first time since his sudden resignation. and setting new goals how soccer is helping indigenous women in mexico fight back against violence. welcome to the back and we start in the middle east where seven point three magnitude earthquake has struck the iran iraq border more than one hundred forty
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one people have not been killed and it's estimated as many as a thousand injured rescue teams and aid groups are on their way to the as he said to thirty kilometers southwest of the iraqi town of her lab jeff sharlet ballasts reports. a hospital holmes with the wounded in western iran a seven point three magnitude earthquake shaking it into life i fell from a balcony it was so fast i just more pieces of glass fell on my hand and what injured new arrivals from remote towns swelled the hospital to capacity but i thought of those that were during the earthquake my hand hit the glass and the glass broke going into my face and hand. the flow is steady as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to. the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of halacha striking at nine
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eighteen local time. it was very strange sadly the glasses dropped off the table the fan was shaking we were so afraid we had to run out of the house because our house was old. the u.s. geological. survey immediately issued an orange alert. saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iran side of the border in the town of cussler shooting people use their phones in a makeshift assessment of the cost of this quake early reports suggested eight villages had been damaged and electricity cuts as night wore on it grew by daybreak any estimation seventy thousand people were displaced iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines cross the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six
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thousand people died as. well earthquakes may be frequent here the people and not immune from panic in iraq shops and moves evacuated across kurdish territory in iran people were too scared to reenter the harms as aftershocks pipit both sides of the border they slipped on the street shallop bellus zero zero zero as a bulk of the affairs into iraq he says the west of iran has been severely affected and. yet the places that have been damaged the most are the cities of commerce and the damage is very clear and the efforts of the government are noticeable especially for medical help search and rescue and finding housing for the displaced according to an official the number of people displaced is up to seventy thousand so four is especially bad in the city of comedy the government is supplying tents to help these people there is
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a government ministry to help deal with the disaster and they have people in all of these towns they are also helping in some of the hard to reach areas including seven villages where people are still under the rubble. well decide now where lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has spoken publicly for the first time since his shock resignation eight days ago he says that he's free in riyadh rejected suggestions that he's being held there against his will hariri also pledged to return to his country very soon zana father reports are from beirut. this is the first time saud how did he makes public remarks since his resignation announcement more than a week ago from the saudi capital riyadh he sought to dispel reports that he had been detained the well being of lebanon's prime minister and his freedom of movement have been open to question in a live interview he denied he was forced to resign and said he is a free man and. i submitted my resignation i know it's not a normal process for
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a prime minister but i had to take some security measures to return back safe and sound the circumstances behind his decision to step down united a deeply divided country earlier people used. to show solidarity with saddle had some lebanese may now be convinced that he is not under house arrest others however haven't changed their minds it clearly was a comfortable situation physically look. what he was saying was very. contradictory to many people in lebanon saying that he's free when i look but if and when it does return it doesn't guarantee that lebanon's latest political crisis will be resolved if i withdraw my resignation as prime minister of lebanon we must respect the distancing of lebanon from the regional conflicts we should pull out from the interventions in the region with a few years ago lebanon officially adopted a policy of staying out of regional conflicts particularly from the war in syria
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hezbollah has been accused of ignoring that policy by sending troops to fight alongside the syrian government the iranian allied group has long resisted demands to withdraw its forces and it is unlikely to heed that demand now. also singled out yemen accusing hezbollah of interventions that puts lebanon at risk heidi said he resigned to save lebanon but the political vacuum his resignation created has only destabilized the country. he is the top certainly politician in lebanon replacing him will not be easy democracy here is about consensus and a candidate has to be accepted by all rival camps for stability to prevail appearance said comments did little to ease the tensions instead he looked more like a pawn in the regional power struggle between iran and saudi arabia said of. beirut is a policy analyst at the arab center washington d.c.
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he says that the interview raises more questions than answers let's just focus on the political messages he said obviously he thought down as a complete shift in his rhetoric goldberg to his resignation a week ago and he was very bellicose against iran and others thought he was very close to your t.v. he basically said the reason of the shift will sell the policy was yemen measure the other issues you mentioned before so i think a lot of the still believe what happened in the last week while his own political movement is saying what say why there's a lot of us and american and u.s. and french and and other than the rest are also worried about his movement so we don't hear the whole story and we have yet to see what will happen in the next days and weeks saudi arabia has asked for knowledge and meeting with the arab league to discuss allegations of military aggression by iran to iran denies supplying
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a missile fired from yemen deep into saudi arabia we could go wrong also says it has nothing to do with an oil pipeline fire in bahrain saudi arabia has described the fire sabotage with bahrain's foreign minister blaming iran the arab league meeting. in cairo next sunday. now to the philippines where undeterred protesters have been clashing with police outside the asean summit meeting in manila. that follows earlier demonstrations outside the u.s. embassy in the head of trump's arrival on sunday while protesters have accused him of stoking tensions in the region following the spencers robber bride our correspondent in manila and of course the protests have been well you might say quite loud and noisy and certainly the security services have managed to protect the delegates away from what can be seen and heard a cross part of the capital. that's why this party.
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is in virtual state of lockdown at the moment with thousands of security personnel deployed there protesters we see them held back a few kilometers away their water cannon was being used before to try to disperse them it seems to be largely quiet now although it is continuing this was a protest that was timed to coincide with the start of this as and summit it was organized by a number of left wing groups here who say that it is aimed against imperialism now the philippines is largely friendly towards the united states but there are groups here who regard the u.s. as being a colonial power who would be out in any case although some of them it has to be said are particularly incensed by what they see as trumps failure to stand up for human rights now trump is here he is held and at the moment a longer awaited bilateral session with his philippines counterpart rodrigue go to
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target and he is not expected to bring up any issues relating to this very controversial crackdown by the philippines president on drug trafficking here which we have seen has resulted in thousands of lives being lost in the past a year or so now that has. incensed people to turn himself in said he would not like to hear any mention by trump human rights issues in his country for his part to turkey has toned down some of his anti american rhetoric ahead of this session you'll remember of course that at one point he was calling for u.s. troops to leave philippine soil well since the insurgency problems we've been seeing in the past few months in morocco in southern mindanao when the u.s. military basically came to the aid of the philippines military with special forces and also specialized satellite surveillance he does seem to have toned down some of that anti american rhetoric so it's going to be very interesting to see just how
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they get on when they emerge from this joint session apart from that trump has also been meeting with his australian counterpart malcolm turnbull and also shinzo of japan when they apparently spoke about trade issues and also more importantly perhaps north korea's missiles and of course rob it's very important to say that the u.s. and the philippines certainly work together there is a very long historical time between the two countries and of course with those operations in mindanao happening in the last few months there are pending naval exercises of the not. there are indeed i mean this is very much related to the ongoing issue with north korea i think the top of the agenda for trump throughout this eleven day visit throughout the asia pacific region has been ways of containing north korea's nuclear program and you have he has a very receptive audience as he has come out saying how it is alarmed the north
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korea over the assassination of kim jong un's brother on malaysian soil so he very much has an audience here and it comes at a very interesting time in the program of. north korea in development of its missiles tomorrow will see sixty days when we have not had a korean missile launch which is led to all sorts of speculation about what might be happening in north korea but as you said there is a naval exercises the u.s. fleet is a staging exercise in the seas between japan and career involving three heavyweight aircraft carriers a polish show of force that we haven't seen for ten years to help them and willing to die robin continue to join you throughout the day thank you. so had him on al-jazeera a crime against humanity that's harmless to international describes the syrian government surrender all staunch campaign targeting civilians. also spain's prime
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minister visits barcelona to try to bolster opposition to catalan secession to stay with us here. how the caspian shares appear to finish navid all part of the same system moving east will suggest something is going to happen for the east as well so that's what has happened for councils or take to daytime daylight hours this is monday's bright sunshine of a terror on the caspian but we have in-house the potential for shows in pakistan and afghanistan they will be raining kharaj snow near kabul or at least the high ground surrounding kabul further west it's all gone quite suddenly breeze we just quite warm for a time in beirut twenty seven degrees or that suddenly more or less gets cut off
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slowly in the clouds sink south into northern saudi and even kuwait. now we have seen recently a bit of a breeze to the dance through the gulf which is not be particularly dusty it has cold things down a bit to you so kuwait's maximum the doha forecast max is thirteen thirty one in abu dhabi in that northerly breeze just run for a day a dry picture throughout the arabian peninsula which is no big surprise that's where it should be at this time of year the heaviest rains in southern africa have been recently in mozambique in zimbabwe and that's where the concentrator but you have to look down towards cape town this is by no means settled whether that's particularly stormy i think for the next two days. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside the movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in greece the devastating impact to save the bank means also to save the deposits. and the failure to prevent
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disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn a lesson a goal or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all of us there i'm so ho rob a reminder of our top stories rescue teams have been deployed to iraq in iran after seven point three magnitude earthquake struck the border of the two countries the death toll has now reached one hundred sixty four in iran with a talent he's also reported in iraq as many as a thousand people are thought to be injured.
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also wanted to protest as clash with police outside the assy and summit meeting in the philippines demonstrators accuse him of staking tensions in the region through his aggressive rhetoric and posturing. and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has denied claims that he's detained in saudi arabia in his first public comments since announcing he resigned last week every said he was free to leave and plan to return to lebanon in a matter of days. well amnesty international says the syrian government's surrender or starve campaign targeting civilians constitutes crimes against humanity it's calling for an end to what it calls the dark stain on the world's conscience a new report says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated opposition controlled areas thousands of people were given an ultimatum to abandon their homes or die amnesty says farms and food supplies were burned hospitals and
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clinics destroyed and people deprived of medical care the report condemns not only the syrian government but also some armed opposition groups it says both restricted and blocked humanitarian help amnesty is asking for an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible and suburb evolved reports now from the turkish town of gas closer to the syrian border and we warn you that some of the images in his report are disturbing. maybe so hard drew her last breath just over a month after she was born she weighed barely two kilos. malnutrition his killed a dozen other children in the outer suburb of the syrian capital in the last few months doctors say the siege imposed by the syrian government has caused hundreds of children to suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. this mother pleads to roads be opened and the siege to end she wants aid convoys to
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bring medicine not just food. similar cries for help are being made in other areas of syria amnesty international says the surrender or starve strategy which is for thousands of syrians from their homes is a crime against humanity more than half a million people continue to be besieged following the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the past year the u.n. to help end the siege for two hundred seventy five thousand people in the rebel held areas of aleppo city seventy five thousand were besieged in homs four thousand people were evacuated from the riaa and at least sixty five thousand were under siege in the four towns of men die as a danika for four. amnesty says the tactic of mass displacement by the assad regime using sieges in forced evacuations is not reconciliation. we human rights campaign group urges world leaders to not just take the local cease fire agreements and face value but view them in the context of systemic violations of international law.
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syrians in besieged jerry years have been forced to leave their ancestral homes after months of hunger and bombardment for years they have been telling the world how they feel in the fact that. i left aleppo my town our fathers and grandfathers lived there this year militias came to raise their flags with the russian occupiers this is our country the whole world let us down. rights workers say there is ample evidence of restricting access to humanitarian medical aid as well as air and ground assaults on hospitals and homes which amounts to war crimes this right repeated calls for action aid workers and many syrians are disappointed that all they have seen is in the action and excuses by the international community a treatment they see a future generations will not forget. a senior u.n. official says mia miles troops have systematically gang raped and tortured ringle
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women the envoy on sexual violence and conflict has been speaking to some of the six hundred thousand rangar refugees who fled to neighboring bangladesh since august she plans to raise the mistreatment of rango with the international criminal court calling a rape or weapon of genocide pita sharples more. the imposingly wide river nath which separates mayan ma and bangladesh was the final hurdle for another wave of increasingly desperate rohingya refugees nearly two hundred people many of them women and children made their way to freedom paddling improvised rickety rafts kept afloat by empty plastic jerry cans scavenged along the way as they fled the country using homemade paddles and sheets of plastic it was a long and slow crossing some just paddled with their hands on the final half mile the rafts were intercepted by bangladesh frontier guards these people are not
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welcome here and for an hour the guards circled the raf's trying to persuade them to turn back and pushing them up river the refugees ignored them and pushed on to the shoreline they've been travelling for weeks and with land for a mixture of exhaustion and relief on the faces of those who'd reach safety traumatised by what they'd witnessed during the long march out of my mom for the children still too young to comprehend that they may never return to their homes. each had their own story to tell. we built this raft with plastic jerry cans that we found in burned down villages. we couldn't manage boats as we couldn't afford the rent moreover i thought of our neighbors got robbed when they left the camps with the boat people they lost all their money and everything they had. it took us three days to reach safety one day to cross the hill one day to prepare the raft and a third day to row across the river. these are just
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a handful of the hundreds of thousands to have sought refuge in bangladesh many repeating stories of violence rape and murder carried out on the refugees a senior u.n. official in dhaka raise the issue with the international criminal court this week whether my own mom military can be held responsible peter shop al jazeera. are a celebrity and activist bob geldof has returned his freedom of the city of dublin and other gestures in protest of sharing the honor with me and nancy downsizing suchi says she's association with the city is now a matter of shame because of her response to the crisis so she was granted the award by gold as a native city in twenty twelve. workers king mohammed the sixth has arrived in cattle to discuss the latest developments in the gulf political crisis the king was greeted by the emir shake to me been her medal tally this is the modern first visit
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to qatar since the beginning of the gulf crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt have cut diplomatic ties with qatar the king came straight to doha from a trip to the u.a.e. . if you don't will top the agenda of the meeting between the king of morocco and the emir of qatar since the start of the crisis morocco says he won't take any sides asking all the parties to set aside their differences in the spirit of the ordination rest back and run interference it internal affairs now the king of morocco is in the u.a.e. he met with senior officials in the united arab emirates and i think moroccans understand that this is a very delicate mission that america has failed to solve the crisis the kuwaitis are still hoping to bring all the parties to for a compromise while the king of america has strong relations with the families in this part of the world who would like to tap into those relations and ask all the
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parties to negotiate a settlement there's also another element which is basically the g.c.c. countries can see the morocco a crucial ally and they have been committing billions of dollars in investments and also aid in morocco something that the moroccans believe could be an asset to have a maraca that could bring all the parties to turn the chapter of this crisis to europe now where spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region he traveled to barcelona to campaign ahead of december's regional elections and praised efforts to honor spanish law in what he called difficult times general has more. on the sunny alter morning in barcelona a marching band goes through its routines oblivious to the presence of spain's conservative prime minister you know who tell behind them marianna run home he was paying a quiet visit to supporters of his own party. to those who want catalonia to break
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away from spain is something of a hate figure the man who deposed their government enforcing direct rule by madrid emotion should expect them in we have done exactly what any other country who respects itself would have done what france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum. the party faithful were in clear agreement. was this was a friendly crowd of cattle and supporters of spanish unity vote for a voice governing popular party in december's regional election i don't you know i don't really never know just not it's not for me anyway it has to be bilateral and it will grow but the. kind of thing that you need to fit the crisis in catalonia has done prime minister mariano rajoy and his popular party no harm its ratings are
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way up people pretty happy with the way the prime minister has put down the secessionist insurrection here and it's also had the added benefit of largely obscuring a raft of corruption allegations against the prime minister and his party in madrid . his visit came the morning after three quarters of a million cattle hands took to the streets in a show of solidarity for eight former ministers jailed on charges of rebellion and sedition to imprison civil society leaders and the government in exile in belgium but this is they've had it but it was protesting over the holding of political prisoners in the country people who just want to vote and decide to imprison. the prime minister has promised december's election will restore the rule of law in catalonia but a great many people here feel the government has simply bent the law for its own purposes jonah hole al jazeera barcelona. did it as women in mexico are finding
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a sporty way to fight back against physical and sexual violence the bizarre people are vulnerable often within their own communities but one woman is helping to change that whole reports. these girls from them as our indigenous group in mexico this is more than just a kick about in a male dominated society football could open the door to another world. what the loop a suffer the fate of many goals here violence in her own home and then being sent to work as a maid in mexico city at just thirteen she decided she was worth more than that. she got a university education and headed back to help other girls forming an ngo that heads into schools it uses football to get them to open up about things many face daily but do you think that would i guess i'm sure if i asked you who has faced by their own home or as a woman everyone would raise their hand. she holds workshops on other subjects that
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are often to do in their communities like avoiding early pregnancy and sexual rites around four hundred girls who are in the program. there are many women who haven't been to their doctors because their husband won't let a man examine them that kills us just putting on a sports kid is an act of rebellion because it sends a message that i can dress as i want i can decide how i look not to please anyone other than myself. but most of our team is at the center of it all aspiring plays have to not just have the skills but also nine out of ten of my studies will seal doesn't let anyone get in the way of football even her husband who she divorced when he forbade her from playing i think i'm kind of a company that is by that as a woman and the indigenous community it's great to feel equal that you were the same as any other woman that you have the chance to feel excited happy and possibly
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team. it's generally agreed the indigenous women have the worst lot of anyone in mexico they're the poorest of the poor have the least access to education and often face discrimination and violence within and without their communities initiatives like this one i'm not going to change overnight but they do send the signal that these women are prepared to fight for something more john home and. mexico city one of them and you can follow all of those stories on our website at al jazeera dot com our top story that the neighbor with following events between iraq and iran without major earthquake happening that you stay with us. you're watching officer i'm so robin these are all top stories rescue teams have been deployed to iraq in iran after a seven point three magnitude earthquake struck the border of the two countries the death toll has now reached as many as one hundred sixty four when
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a. ron with fatalities also reported in iraq as many as eighteen hundred people are thought to be injured early reports suggest eight villages have been badly damaged and electricity has cut to the area iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world. and to try protestors have been clashing with police outside the asking and summit meeting in the philippines. that follows earlier demonstrations outside the u.s. embassy in the never heard of troops arrival on sunday demonstrators accuse him of stoking tensions of the region through his aggressive rhetoric and posturing. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri is denying claims that he's detained in saudi arabia in his first public comments since announcing he would resign last week hariri said that he was free to leave and planned to return to lebanon on the matter of days. and i had them like hell here in the kingdom of saudi arabia i am
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free i have complete freedom but i want to look after my family as well i don't want to see my children have the same fate like what happened to us i'm not talking about months i'm not talking about weeks i'm only talking about days and i'll go back to lebanon. i'm to see international warns the syrian government surrender or starve campaign targeting civilians is a crime against humanity the group says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated areas. saudi arabia has asked for an urgent meeting with the arab league to discuss allegations of military aggression by iran to iran denies claims that supply the missile that was fired from yemen into saudi arabia a week ago it also says it has nothing to do with a pipeline fired by her a that temporarily halted oil supplies on friday saudi arabia has described the fire as sabotage bahrain's foreign minister has blamed iran meanwhile who the rebels of yemen are denying reports the missile fired at riyadh was supplied by iran the news comes as the u.s.
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joins international calls for an end to the society that blockade that's worsening a severe food shortage those were the headlines more in a half an hour next it's one zero one east here on al-jazeera. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sand for up front at this time on al jazeera. for generations muslim in me mark has faced persecution. in august this year i'm ripping your fighters fought back attacking security checkpoints. in.


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