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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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nicolo conversation at this time on al-jazeera. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short hustle stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred people it was you know he had to be on time. to be on the bed up go get fed up because if that everybody was al-jazeera selects at this time. tens of thousands are left homeless after a devastating earthquake strikes iran's border with iraq killing more than four
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hundred people. are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program putin says his work with their van is producing concrete results on syria saudi arabia claims it will reopen some of yemen sports allowing aid deliveries to resume but the main supply route will remain closed and creative tension at a u.s. museum where they plan to sell off artwork to raise funds for the future. and i thank you for joining us at least four hundred people have been killed and more than six thousand have been injured by a powerful earthquake that struck iran and iraq the u.s. geological survey puts the epicenter on the border between iran and iraq's semi
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autonomous kurdish region most of the deaths reported so far are in iran's mountainous kermanshah province the worst that town appears to be. on the iraqi side meanwhile there are reports of extensive damage in the nearby town of darby on the come on in my reports from baghdad. first responders quickly deal with the wounded in western iran a seven point three magnitude earthquake bringing scores of the injured through hospital doors. i fell from the balcony it was so fast pieces of glass fell on me and hurt my hand. new arrivals from remote towns swell the hospital to capacity the injured continue in ever increasing number as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of halabja striking at. eighteen p.m. local time the u.s. geological survey immediately issued an orange alert saying deaths and damage
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should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iranian side of the border in the town of conservation in people use their phones to record the devastation early reports suggest eight villages have been damaged by daybreak an estimated seventy thousand people were displaced iranian authorities quickly moved in field hospitals and emergency equipment the country has a history of dealing with earthquakes iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines across the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six thousand people died all the earthquakes are common in iran and here in iraq they're less common and that's led to a lot of concern from ordinary people who here in baghdad for example experience an earthquake for the very first time building swayed from left to right cause came to a standstill so there was real concern up in the kurdish reason we also saw
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shopping malls and homes being evacuated however the real damage the real concern is on the iranian side of the border people have been sleeping on the streets and it's likely they'll spend another night out in the streets of another earthquake and how does their baghdad well just in a correspondent i mean a fundie is on the iran iraq border and he sent us this update. we are here in the area of daraa banda can search west of selema near it seems that this recent earthquake that hit the area last night has caused serious damage to this. large cracks can be seen in the body and bridge of the day the manager of daraa banda told al jazeera that initial estimates show large damage has been caused to the external fearsome body of the day. but he said that assessing the damage internally would require sensors to make more detailed evaluations a specialist team who. specialize in times of trouble from baghdad and another team came from arab build here says the dar abandoned at
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a specialized yes army team will be right in saying to assist in assessing the volume of the damage and destruction that affected. the rocks which about from these mountains caused massive damage either to the or the surrounding properties and other structures the tremor caused rocks to fall from these might and spread more than five hundred people have been injured seven from this area and one from diyala which is on the site of this area. i saw fighters have recaptured the city of close to the border with iraq just a few days after the government and its allies took control of it it's not that i saw fighters had been hiding inside tunnels in the heart of the city which was i saw last stronghold inside syria the air strikes on a market in a rebel held town in northern syria are reported to have killed at least twenty one people the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes in the
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countryside town. aleppo it's not yet clear who is responsible for the strikes. well the war in syria was also on the agenda at a meeting between the russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart . in sochi putin said their work on syria is producing concrete results. now for you. of course we discussed the syrian issues on the background of the success of terrorism we decided we need to coordinate our efforts to ensure long term certainly of the situation. we need to promote the process of a political. and form of the president of the joint communique was approved to ensure the integrity and sovereignty of the country in syria. well the challenge has been following that media news conference and joins us live now from sochi story we didn't hear that much about syria during the news conference itself but we did get as we've just heard some positive words from putin about syria.
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you know you're right this is a curious press conference in many ways given that we had been led to believe by. remarks that made in turkey before he came out here to russia and also the the mood music that was coming from the kremlin that this meeting would primarily be about syria will actually when they ended up in the press conference they talked very little about syria or mostly about trade but what they did say about syria was that things were moving in the right direction that the passed on a process which is co-sponsored by russia by turkey and also by iran is having decent results they say in reducing the violence there and that this needs to carry on this this statement this joint declaration will be made a communique basically. maintaining that the sovereignty and territorial
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integrity of syria are of primary importance and that these two men are going to carry on meeting as often as they can because he did them i mean obviously russian turkey backed different sides in the syria conflict but putting that speak of relations improving between russia and turkey especially in light of that russian jet being shot down about two years ago now which obviously soured relations between the two powers. yeah i mean these these countries were talking just before that that jet was shot down these countries were talking about trade between them hitting one hundred billion dollars a year well. the kind of diplomatic. the shooting down of russia's warplanes brought completely cut ties between the two countries both in terms of diplomacy and also in terms of trade and infrastructure projects so things like the
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turkey stream gas pipeline and the nuclear power plant that russia was planning to build in turkey will those who sidelines all the agricultural imports that russia gets from turkey those are frozen now we are starting to see not starting to see we're basically getting to the end of the process of reestablishing all those things and that's what. to answer but most of their time talking about in this in this press conference that basically for the first time in two years the relationship between russia and turkey is almost back to normal for a challenge with the latest from sochi thank you aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies the yemen again after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports saudi arabia placed a blockade on yemen a week ago after who the rebels fired a missile at riyadh the first ports to be reopened will include aid in mccalla
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which are controlled by yemen's exiled government but some eighty percent of yemen's food supplies and to through the port of the day which is controlled by the who the rebels the saudi led coalition says it will stay closed and the coalition is satisfies the satisfy the who these cannot use it to bring in weapons al-jazeera as mohammed adel has more now from the port of djibouti. up to four thousand tons of medical supplies as well as therapeutic food for yemen's children us stranded in djibouti aid agencies operating from duty saying that they are in a race against time they lost once will have more disruption in the provision of aid to the people of yemen especially at a time they need it more where they've been doing is instead of depending on the dolls and and cut off that they have been using for transport aid from here to yemen they're now using viggo ships to ensure that as much aid as possible gets to
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human however they still don't have the green light they do not know where they're going to take it the saudi led coalition has said they're going to open the portal and then on to other small boats in yemen it officials say they're not using those two smaller ports because of capacity and they say also taking aid meant more than yemen to i've been in the south will only give them more logistical nightmares as they have to drive this aid through areas held by tribal militias and fighters and they're calling on the coalition to allow them to land these much needed aid in the port of the day there in the mall saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.n. has been speaking out about the lifting of the blockade in yemen from or we can speak to a diplomatic editor james bay james what's he been saying. you know this was
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a news conference in the last hour where we heard from the saudi ambassador actually flanked by the ambassador from yemen and the deputy ambassador of the united arab emirates and he was clearly trying to signal that they are lifting the blockade but the reality is they're only partially lifting the blockade as you just heard there lifting the blockade in areas that are controlled by the military coalition and not in areas that are controlled by the who thiis there they say more measures have to be taken before they're allowed the aided with regards to the other ports get at least under the control of the rebels including one day that the coalition requests the secretary general to send as soon as possible a team of experts to the coalition command center and up to review current procedures to enhance ended livered
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a more robust verification and inspection mechanism aimed at facilitating the floor of humanitarian and commercial shipments while preventing the smuggling of weapons ammunitions missile parts and cash that are regularly being supplied by iran and the iranian accomplices to the whole of the an ambulance. the united nations still wants more aid and it wants those red sea ports opened it's warned of a growing crisis has warned of a famine unlike anything the world has seen in recent decades unless that is done for now i think saudi arabia trying by having this public news conference and announcing that it easing the blockade trying to remove the pressure but certainly the u.n. sooner tarion agencies are still deeply concerned about the situation they were watching the pictures a little earlier absolutely harrowing james bays and with the latest from the u.n.
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james thank you so lots more to come here on al-jazeera including irish singer and activist bob geldof is accused of hypocrisy over his protest against me allies leader and son cinci and the russian government funded channel r.t. america promises to challenge a u.s. ruling forcing it to register as a foreign agent. how i was still got some very unsettled weather across central parts of the mediterranean massive cloud rolling in the air swirling away bringing some very heavy downpours violent storms is the area of low pressure responsible for the big storms and some heavy snow too on the northern flank of that tightly packed ice about as well that does indicate some very strong winds across southern parts of france a mistrial wind pretty uncomfortable conditions coming through here is just four
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cells just to zero just about getting up into double figures there you notice for london and for paris but only fifteen celsius in madrid which is not too fantastic fifteen celsius in the cloud of rain to fall rome the heavy showers the blustery winds will continue to see as we go on into wednesday still a pretty similar picture there was some snow there just around the generic out further north a touch warmer for london around thirteen celsius we're getting into a cold spell of weather so well make the most of that it will get cooler in the coming days and weeks cool off northern parts of africa fifteen celsius in the cloud and the rain that's a disturbance there across central parts of the med so fifteen celsius here twenty degrees in the sunshine for about some decent spells of sunshine coming through in fine weather to across the northeastern corner of africa car with a high of twenty seven.
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everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured it was glistening. and it's not just i phones that i was laughing i mean most not fans of these days we are in a state of the universe which started something that was growing that i would rather take the risks of. the risks of digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. and offer a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera and these four hundred people have been killed and more than six thousand injured by a powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border on sunday the russian and turkish
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leaders have met in sochi president vladimir putin says they're creating conditions for dialogue in syria and are confident they will produce concrete results also aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen again after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's airports and seaports. the head of the maronite church has landed in the saudi capital riyadh amid speculation he may meet with lebanon's prime minister saad hariri last week a spokesman for patriarch bashar rice said he'd received a positive response from saudi arabia over a possible meeting between the two it's believed the patriarch would deliver a message to the kingdom that lebanon quote cannot handle conflict hariri announced his surprise resignation more than a week ago now you announced it from riyadh prompting reports that he's being held there against his will. on meanwhile lebanon's president says he's happy to hear
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that or riri will be returning to beirut soon and is considering taking back his resignation hariri made the comments in an interview in riyadh on sunday the instability in lebanon has sparked fears of a wider conflict with israel paying particularly close attention as harry forsett reports now from west jerusalem. israeli troops rehearse another war with hezbollah these exercises the largest in one thousand years took place in september two months on some are wondering whether lebanon's political crisis might set the stage for the real thing ok because as ordinary billion people have great concerns over the developments in the middle east the fact that the prime minister has fled to another country obviously looked destabilization in lebanon and there were already several areas of instability behind those fears of the extraordinary events of the last ten days which has seen the lebanese prime minister side hariri summoned to saudi arabia and announce his resignation and the leader of hezbollah accuse the saudis of declaring war the israeli media have been full of speculation about the
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intentions of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sama on one theory is that he's trying to destabilize lebanon in order to spark a war in which israel would defeat hezbollah and deal a blow to their common enemy iran even if that theory were correct there's little sense among analysts here that israel would at the moment be willing to play along it will certainly be an enormous tested an early stage of the recent warming in relations between saudi arabia and israel. not least because since the last lebanon war in two thousand and six hezbollah soldiers have been battle hardened in syria and its missile arsenal has swelled in size range and destructive power on the israeli side defense minister avigdor lieberman has repeatedly this year promised that in any future conflict israel would seek a decisive clear victory all of which would risk a largescale conflict than eleven years ago just because both sides have incentives not to go to war doesn't mean they're not going to go to war all it takes is one miscalculation of you know from one side that the other responds to and then
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there's a response to the response and back and forth and all of a sudden you're fighting a war that you didn't want i really gave a t.v. interview on sunday raising the prospect of his return to lebanon and even to office if he's uneasy partners in power hezbollah stopped intervening in the war in yemen is a sign at least of a potential deescalation in a crisis being watched intently from israel sorry force it al-jazeera west jerusalem u.s. president donald trump has met his philippine counterpart at the asean summit in manila manilla relations between the two countries have been strained the sense to go to their thinking to power he pledged to stand up to washington while fostering closer ties with russia and china but as jimmy allendale going reports now from manila the tatar and trump appear to be developing a cozy relationship. when he was sworn into office philippines president was very good at that just says the country will be cutting ties with the united states but now more than a year later and as chairman of the association of southeast asian nations critics
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a deterrent is now singing a different tune. live. we want to you know. he promised to pursue an independent foreign policy veering away from the u.s. while building closer relations with china and russia those who want supported him now say deter the strong man image isn't quite what it. really shows the kind of relationship there is between him and trump but with the philippines and the united states it's a neo colonial relations all of many is for a truly independent foreign policy independent from the dictates of the united states of america it's donald trump's first trip to the philippines since he took office security experts say top of his agenda are the growing tensions in the
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korean peninsula will also be meeting with leaders of as he and member states all our diplomatic ties with north korea but have unanimously condemned pyongyang's nuclear weapons program over the weekend three uis aircraft carriers carried out joint exercises off the east coast of south korea worrying many here that the situation shows no sign of the escalating the south china sea dispute is also on the agenda together with the growing influence of iceland the region and the ravinia crisis in me and mark the thirty and shop are meeting on the sidelines today a lateral discussion that is making many here nervous but trump says the two countries have a great relationship trump wants glossed over deterred to so-called war on drugs which has led to the deaths of more than ten thousand dollars. he knows. and far from the glittering hearts of as the protests continue in downtown manila. this standoff has been going on for more than thirty minutes now and it shows no sign of
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slowing down protesters are chanting the word coup which means. they say philippine state forces together with the president. are stooges of the united states. more than two thousand people showed up and there is no shortage of zeal or anger. but the history between the two countries is so intertwined it will take more than a few protests to separate the united states from its former colony. duggan i'm just here in manila. irish singer and activist bob geldof has returned his freedom of the city of dublin award saying that he doesn't want to share the honor with me and mars leader and son suchi. association with the award is now a matter of shame due to her response to the range of crisis she was given the award by geldof's native city in two thousand and twelve. also in sushi which
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should strive to continue to be a city. which is very much sure the story told her for a struggle but. she secured. the face to face what you were told to kill soldiers serving in tow south korea's military says north korean troops have shot and injured a fellow soldier as he tried to defect to the south it happened near the border village of panmunjom he's been taken to hospital in south korea kathy novak has more now from seoul. according to the south korean chilling chiefs of staff a north korean soldier ran across the border just before four in the afternoon seoul time they say north korean soldiers a shop the man in the arm as he crossed the joint security area within the d.m.z. running towards the south korean building known as the freedom house they added
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that south korean soldiers did not fire any shots because those fired by the north did not reach the southern side the man was transferred to a hospital in the south now the joint security area or j s a is the area of the border jointly policed by north and south korean soldiers the two sides have held talks there and tourists regularly visit the area u.s. president donald trump tried to visit the d.m.z. jury in his trip here last week but bad weather prevented his helicopter from landing most a north korean defectors use the border with china but other soldiers have crossed into the south over the d.m.z. in the past mostly outside the joint security area involved in today's incident. the chief editor of the kremlin fund the t.v. channel r.t. america says it will comply with a demand by the u.s. government to register as a foreign agent but the network says it will challenge the issue in court r.t. which was previously known as russia today says
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a cover story is ignored by western mainstream media alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . r.t. has been broadcast around the world since two thousand and five initially calling itself russia today it says presents an alternative view of the world away from western centric networks of politicians in the u.s. claim it traffics in conspiracy theories and works as a propaganda arm of the kremlin after being accused of influencing the last presidential election it's been forced to register as a foreign agent under a pre world war two a law that worked to block poor nazi propaganda channel will now have to file by a new report to the us government a flag backing from the russians now was the sit with me just imagine you work in media and you should sign anything you do with foreign agent or produced by a foreign agent how does it feel for any media for interviews that you do to be declared to the institutions and ministries this can't be called working these conditions are aimed at destroying us as mass media the state department has said
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in the past that this will not impact on what broadcasts when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't impacts or affect the ability of them to report news and information russia's embassy in the us says the order to register is an attack on press freedom one analyst says it's not government you know tourism boards have to register as foreign agents. things that don't that aren't even involved in politics so the notion of that that this is some nefarious law that's attempting to you know squelch alternative views or to to censor foreign governments and their abilities to reach out to the american public is absurd last month russian president vladimir putin wonder could be a midget response to the u.s. action overdone solution in this case we all do it only in kind and quite quickly as soon as we see steps to pressure media there will immediately be an answer. to
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the russian parliament has already begun discussing legislation which would require for international broadcasters including the news channel c.n.n. to register as for needs alan fischer washington a judge just stop the controversial sale of two paintings by the american artist norman rockwell at the heart of the matter is whether museum has the right to sell forks that were donated to it for safe keeping for generations to come out zeros kristen salumi has the story. the works of norman rockwell provide a window into america's past small town twentieth century life whether it's after hours fun seen here at shuffled his barber shop or the bustle of blacksmiths boy these paintings were donated by the artist to the berkshire museum in the one nine hundred fifty s. but the museum in the state of massachusetts where rockwell lived and worked for the last twenty five years of his life fell on hard times and decided to sell them
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my grandfather gave them to be viewed by the people the birchers probably in gratitude. to the director and to the museum i think the museum is losing its soul i think it's. you know it's very clear that it is a mission around science history an art and has decided to sell the art in order to invest in the other parts of the mission. norman rockwell's descendants aren't the only ones upset about it but the museums board which turned down our request for an interview says it's been losing a million dollars a year and needs to raise money to revamp its site to attract new visitors. a massachusetts court has delayed the sale after the family of the state attorney general's office sued the state argued the sale also opposed by the association of art museum directors and the american alliance of museums may violate the museum's responsibility as
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a charitable trust are critically rosenbaum says the move would set a bad precedent allowing cash strapped institutions to potentially convert public treasures into liquid assets the metropolitan museum couldn't find the money for its expansion that it's planning to do but it didn't sell the rembrandts that's not the way to do it what you do is you pause you postpone you make some cuts i mean laid off some people and you just wait until you can get the consensus and the donors support that you need or risk the sale of iconic works such as those of norman rockwell to private collectors where the american public won't get a chance to see them kristen salumi al-jazeera. lots more on that story and everything else that we have been covering all in our website and there it is on your screens right now the address al-jazeera don't call.
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now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least four hundred people have been killed and more than six thousand injured by a powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border on sunday it caused widespread damage in both countries with tens of thousands forced from their homes on the iraqi side the most extensive damage to was in the town of diamond can in the semi autonomous kurdistan region but most of the deaths reported so far are in iran's mountainous kermanshah province i saw fighters of recaptured this syrian city of al book come out close to the border with iraq this comes just a few days after iranian backed fighters claim to have taken control of the city which is i saw the last stronghold inside syria while the war in syria was also on the agenda at a meeting between the russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart richard type at the one in sochi but instead they're working on syria is producing concrete results now for you that. of course we discussed the syrian
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issues on the background of the success of course in terrorism we decided we need to coordinate our efforts to ensure long term certainly of the situation. we need to promote the process of a political outcome. and form the president of the joint communique was approved to ensure the integrity and sovereignty of the country in syria. aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen again after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's airports and seaports however the main supply route which is the port of what data will only reopen once the saudi led coalition is satisfied the who these cannot use it to bring in weapons saudi arabia placed a blockade on yemen a week ago after who the rebels fired a missile at riyadh the u.n. is warning that vital stocks of fuel and vaccines will run out by the end of the month u.s. president donald trump has met his philippine counterparts at the asean summit in
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manila trump said he had a great relationship with regard to the past there though it's unclear if he raised the issue of human rights violations the previous u.s. administration criticized it had his controversial war on drugs well those are the headlines we're going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with al-jazeera coming up next the stream of i. do with the the . i mean my always trying to kids me touch me with her hand but touch my breasts. my arm grab me like we're roughly a grad hopes he will be enough now. and i tell him stop and he. can do is question .


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