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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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to challenge and change the way we look at the world. cup. how does your a world of this time on just. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance of shia militia vehicles to the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred four many people lost their jobs davening is last time making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but he will tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around this is the only ford available in this household. a day of national mourning in iran after an earthquake killed at least four hundred
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fifty people and leaves tens of thousands homeless. this is. from doha also coming up saudi arabia says about deeds its blockade on yemen but the u.n. says the move doesn't go far enough. a possible breakthrough of the long disputed south china sea ahead of the final day of the summit. and italy fails to qualify for next year's world cup its first absence from the football competition in. iran has declared tuesday an official day of mourning after an earthquake killed at least four hundred fifty people sunday's quake also left thousands homeless and engine the u.s. geological survey puts the epicenter on the border between iran and iraq semi autonomous kurdish region most of the deaths reported so far in iran's mountainous
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come on shah province the worst hit town appears to be. well on the iraqi side there are reports of extensive damage in the nearby town of doubt about the current charlotte police reports. after sunday's earthquake on the iraq iran border a community retreats they did from the rubble the loudest sounds of morning come from iran's kermanshah province more than three hundred of the dead lived here thousands more were injured. i was under the rubble of a destroyed wall it collapsed on my head infrastructure has been devastated so medics improvise in a field iran's government has sent in twenty helicopters and created four field hospitals using trucks of medicine and buses to treat the wounded those whose injuries were too severe which transfer. the capital tehran oh no there were no facility has no access to electricity no water in the seconds that the earthquake
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rolled through at nine eighteen on sunday night and the estimated seventy thousand people became homeless iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines crossers. in iraq the less common but this time the destruction cross the border. home of the earthquake i was lying in my bed because i wasn't feeling well my sound started shouting mom wake up there's an earthquake we all went to the corridor and you could see the house collapsing behind us and hear the sound of things falling. it's believed many people are still under the rubble communities in iran and iraq scrambling optimistically to find out. the building was flattened by the earthquake that struck yesterday at a fellow a seven member family we managed to rescue only five of them or the other two were killed it was the first time i've ever seen an earthquake the divine act that no
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one can prevent because of feel losses professionals have been brought in and they visibly their work will see the death toll rise the area was already fragile economically and politically the earthquake has broken their independence. the turkish red cresent has deployed fifty five cargo trucks of i to kurdish held areas of iraq and iran tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning the true cost of this earthquake slowly becoming clear ballasts al-jazeera. aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports saudi imposed a blockade a week ago after who the rebels fighting missiles at riyadh meanwhile the u.n. is warning millions of people could die in the world's worst famine in decades unless the measures are lifted completely diplomatic editor james bays has more.
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saudi arabia has announced that aid is going to be allowed in but only to places that are controlled by its military coalition aid is not going to be allowed to ports and airports which are under who think control the problem with that is that eighty percent of yemen's food normally comes in through the data port and that is under who think control with regard to the u.n. their statements on this are very careful because of the political sensitivity but if you read between the lines what they're saying is this is too little too late and the ports that we need access to or the ones where the humanitarian needs are the greatest and that includes data and salif. sea ports. obviously we welcome the opening of other other ports but those are the ones that we need later in the same room saudi arabia's ambassador flanked by the ambassador of yemen and the deputy ambassador of the united arab emirates took questions from reporters
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they were asked why they were planning to lift the blockade selectively doesn't this lay you open to accusations of using starvation as a weapon of war no no far from it we are we are saying that we have had to take measures to control the safety and security of our country and we have taken these measures on a temporary basis and for a short and limited period of time we are lifting the siege in the areas where there is no threat of smuggling we are taking steps to improve the verification mechanism in the other areas and in the meantime we have not stopped the supply of humanitarian aid to all of you haven't from saudi arabia and from from elsewhere the saudi ambassador denied reports that the president of yemen president had he was under house arrest in saudi arabia it's perhaps remarkable that moments later he was asked exactly the same question about saad hariri the prime minister of lebanon who resigned in riyadh last week and he was still in saudi arabia.
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meanwhile thousands of tons of aid meant for yemen is stranded in djibouti from where al jazeera is mom of the drone i reports. aid for yemen is loaded onto a ship in djibouti humanitarian agencies say they in a race to respond. slauson solve tons of food and medical supplies distin for human stranded in port the pro-government so delayed miniature coalition which is fighting hole through a bull's eye has imposed a blockade on ports in yemen now says it's easing some of the restrictions. we're working day and night we operate three eight hour shifts a day we want to be ready to move as soon as we get the go ahead of. him i didn't see it is you are transported from djibouti by and by sea is small. but due to the huge backlog created by the blockade this is having to use much bigger vessels this
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particular consignment consist of medical supplies for the call and response. on water purification tablets as well as food for human children enter this is saying any further delay in the delivery of this aid could lead to the loss of lives aid workers say yemen's talks of fuel and drugs in school drawn out soon that is a tragedy unfolding and children are the silent weak timms since the current blockade the humanitarian community has been unable to bring in the essential food nutrition and medical supplies including vaccines that are one million children at risk of diseases such as polio measles and to pedia if the essential vaccines are not brought in urgently. position between the gulf of aden and the red sea
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has long been prized by military powers. following the military lead and as the process. significance increased in the past two years because of the civil war in yemen just one hundred sixty kilometers from its coast. this world food programme hub in djibouti contains grain silos and climate controlled storage for existence and other essential medical supplies there is always has been issues and has to happen is a very very close to the two human and. transport infrastructure. and the airport. infrastructure in yemen has been destroyed by. a big demick which killed at least one thousand seven hundred forty people in the past seven months in addition to many more war dead the u.n. says the conflict has pushed seven million yemenis to the brink of. aid stuck in
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djibouti husband never been more needed to have it at all just djibouti ask them leaders and china have agreed to start talks on drafting a new guideline for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says the countries will negotiate an effective code of conduct over the long disputed territory but he gave no details on when the talks will begin for more than a decade leaders the ten member bloc of struggled to reach a deal with china which claims most of the strategic waterway bryant has more from the philippines capital. this is being seen as something of an achievement albeit long over due they first started talking about these talks that has he and back in two thousand and two the organization has often been accused of being more of a talking shop so yes while this is a success it does prove just how slowly the wheels of as a man can turn the problem is the competing demands of asian neighbors to the
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resources of the south china sea and try to accommodate those and also the relationship with the biggest claimants to the resources of the south china sea china itself the philippines for example has in recent times taken a far more pragmatic approach talking about jointly developing the resources of the south china sea rather than trying to forcefully stake its claim against china's claims yet now on the other hand is far more robust in dealing with china though it seems those claims will still exist whether or not there is in place a code of conduct to try to sort out these differences. meanwhile and to try and protesters rallying in manila as the u.s. president wraps up his asia trip these are live pictures coming from the philippines capital on monday riot police use water cannon and sonic alarms to disperse hundreds of protesters demanding trumbull go home they're angry he failed to condemn philippine president were to go to ted his so-called war on drugs which
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has led to the deaths of thousands of people. for the first time in sixty years it's a nice football team of failed to qualify for the world cup the four time cup winners drew millville with sweden in a qualifying playoff but it was a game they had to win the legendary goalkeeper. announced his retirement ending a twenty year international career and included winning the two thousand and six world cup but. there was nothing to say it's the way it was meant to be they were terrible it's really not qualifying for the world hope it's a shame it's a shame that. they didn't really want to win everybody underestimated the opponent in the first leg as well even now no one was really trying to score everyone was saying we were strong but it's not true because sweden is going through and we're going home. and. i'm down we are all in tears this evening because we did our best
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and this will chase us forever it's incredible delusion even now we're struggling to realize well i don't pick up because i present at fox sports australia he says there's a number of problems preventing younger players getting into italy's top teams. watching the game it was just that i became bereft of ideas towards the end i just ended up resorting to the lumping up in the swedes the back four for sweden which just made the wire that i defended what i had to defend was incredible and i would deserving of going through we've seen the pictures of then celebrating with the where dish tell you a mob and crushing the desk of the guy and our fantastic sense from their point of view for italy there's a whole heap of also searching going on and a few of my might live around me here in sydney are just in a state of shock pure shock because not only their fathers not only died i don't know of italy being in a world cup their fathers as well that's how long it goes back when you look at antonia concert and he did so well with the score that he had in not that long ago before he moved to chelsea. venture of the new boss bicycle left at the same crop
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of a few younger ones coming through but i think there's a a a glut of problems that professional level for young players in italy and they're not getting the chances that perhaps the development believes that they should have in terms of the quality of the development that produced some great players but it's just that finishing touches that they don't get between the ages of saying it sixteen and twenty that seems to be the problem and it's created this this generation that hasn't quite got it when it comes to the big moments and that's not the south think there's some adjustments going on in italian football moments in the younger riders that will say that something like this doesn't happen of course we'll have to wait and see to see if it doesn't happen but steps are implies. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back. a hero's welcome for the french president i want to paris is struggling suburbs but critics say he's anything but. a more open border how a reform minded respect leader has boosted ties between two mistrustful central
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asian neighbors more stable. from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east. just around the quake zone in iran we are going to say a little more cloud just rolling in here but thankfully we shouldn't see any wet weather in typically temperatures getting up into the low twenty's by day somewhere so weather over towards afghanistan towards northern parts of pakistan that should help to clear the pollution the fog the smoke that we have seen it in northern parts of pakistan well in areas of india cool to come back in behind couple of degrees celsius. for baghdad there will be more sunshine coming through the sunshine stretching across the eastern side of the mediterranean plenty of sunshine to across they arabian peninsula but
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a woman here and around thirty one celsius which is easing off think we should have too much more in the why of problems with if it dust and sand at least as we go on into the second half of this week thankfully. continuing pretty much everywhere than that it is sunshine into western parts of south africa. pushing up towards central i was amazed and bake. some really heavy rain you know just around the east and for the middle part of the way the possibility of some flooding showers meanwhile they continue across central parts of africa to the west . there with sponsored by qatar. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here at least four hundred fifty people have been killed by an earthquake near the iran iraq border about six thousand others were injured a magnitude seven point three quake cause widespread damage in both countries. aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after saudi arabia said it will start to open some of the country's ports and airports but the main supply route the port of the data will only reopen once the coalition says it satisfied
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he's going to use it to bring weapons. leaders and china have agreed to start talks on drafting and you've got a line for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says the countries when they go shake an effective code of conduct over the long dispute territory. now airstrikes on a market in a rebel held town in northern syria are reported to have killed at least sixty two people the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes hit the countryside town that's near aleppo it's inside one of the deescalation zones agreed between russia and iran. when the war in syria was on the agenda during a meeting between the russian and turkish presidents in sochi putin said their work on syria is producing concrete results. and said the two leaders agreed to focus on a political solution to the conflict. we have discussed the most recent developments in syria the deescalation zones have done a lot to reduce violence in the region we have come to the same understanding that
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there is now sufficient grounds for a resolution to really challenge has the latest from. this was a curious sort of press conference in the topics which we had been led to believe was going to be the main discussion point here syria was actually talked about very little when the two men came out to meet the press afterwards of course they did discuss syria in the press conference so we can hear some of what putin had to say about it here now when you. of course we discussed the syrian issues in the background of the success of course you terrorism we decided we need to coordinate our efforts to ensure long term certainly to the situation we need to promote the process of a political outcome. the president the joint communique was approved to ensure the integrity and sovereignty of the country in syria person also pointed to the asked on a process and its deescalation zones co-sponsored by russia turkey and iran as being
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responsible for a marked decrease in violence he wants to keep that going and also say that he should meet as often as they possibly can but mostly this press conference dealt with trade before the incident two years ago where turkey shot a russian war plane out of the sky over the turkey syria border these two countries have had a very productive trade relationship that was completely shattered by that incident and over the last few months they have been working towards getting that back on track again russia has been lifting the embargo put in place and getting frozen infrastructure projects like energy pipelines and nuclear reactors bringing those out of the chiller and getting them moving again we haven't quite got there yet they said in this press conference but the relationship is almost back to where
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it was before al-jazeera has obtained an audio recording of the deposed egyptian president mohamed morsi in court in cairo on my. the former leader was sentenced to death in twenty fifteen in connection with a mass jailbreak during egypt's twenty eleven revolution he's also been sentenced to lengthy prison terms in three other cases. since september the twenty fourth i've been completely isolated from the court there are double grasp areas i've tried to talk about the case but the court has not seen or heard me i can't a witness is and i can't talk to them and i should communicate with the court when i have things to say and the previous sitting i heard the witness and i wants to comment on what she said but i couldn't she said folks words that are not true i'm being tried in absentia but they say i am present i don't know where i am now but u.k. foreign secretary has apologised for causing distress to a british citizen jailed in iran and her family gary ratliff is facing charges of
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spreading propaganda or is johnson's accused of complicating the case by making comments that could extend her prison sentence is nevada. the u.k.'s foreign secretaries been accused of cloud issue incompetence over his handling of nasa teams that gaar iraq lives imprisonment not to mention mounting calls to resign now an attempt by boyce johnson to set the record straight the british government has no doubt the missus agree rectally was in iran on holiday and that was the sole purpose of her visit and i knowledge that the words are used were open to being misinterpreted my apologize i apologize to mrs cigar iraq and her family if i had inadvertently cause them any further. dozen names or garri radcliffe was arrested in iran last april she was charged with spreading propaganda and jailed for five years she said she was in the country with her baby daughter to see her parents the
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car iraq lives husband's been urging the government to do more for the past twenty months with johnson's own political future in the spotlight the case is now getting more attention and i mean honestly i think it's good for nothing that people know about case and can see the injustice that's going on but obviously many high stakes politically it makes this other politics going on and that's all quite intimidating beyond what we're interested in which is just. prime minister theresa may as hell phone call to the iranian president to discuss the case further the british government is said to be considering diplomatic protection to safeguard her release more details are expected but there's now a new sense of urgency to guard iraqi was being monitored for possible breast cancer course i apologize for the distress for the suffering that is being called a broad deals cast a shadow over british iranian relations and brings the competence of to reason may's government into question leave park al-jazeera london. al-jazeera continues
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to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been on egyptian prison since december twentieth he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny mahmud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family the french president has paid tribute to the one hundred thirty people killed in the paris attacks two years ago mike wrong at the front man of the band eagles of death metal who were performing at the battle plan concert hall where ninety people were killed gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the batek land as well as the national stadium bars and restaurants the only surviving suspect. has refused to talk to investigators stay with france are promising increased investment in jobs and education to help the struggling housing projects but some residents say that six months into his presidency his policies favor the rich over the poor. it was
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emanuel matt calls first visit as president to. one of paris his most troubled and well known suburbs and the welcome. mat community leaders and local politicians unemployment is particularly high here and there are a few opportunities that cross says he wants to revive towns like this giving tax breaks for investors and reducing cost sizes you mr president i see that you presented me with you see the support you see. i convey very clear message of hope but not a naive one of the commitment of the whole nation. clichy sous bois is trying to shake off its reputation in france as a no go zone twelve years ago two teenagers were killed here by electrocution while hiding in a power substation off to being chased by police an incident which sparked three weeks of violence and revealed the depths of discrimination felt by so many there's
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been some improvements since then but people have been waiting for years for a metro line the would provide a desperately needed link to central paris for. the metro persis was the project because without it for young people studies training. she is suffering visitor just. because you i'm really happy he came here to meet us and see what it's like there's no doubt the people here hope that a man or mark or will keep is election campaign promise to help people in the suburbs but there are others who say he's already been in office for six months and the social policies that he's so far have been more harmful than helpful to towns like this was that they've been tax breaks for the rich the poor have been hit with housing benefit cuts local authorities have been told to slash spending to help reduce france's deficit the things that you like so there's there's
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a sense that he addresses the concerns of elites rather than ordinary people this visit is welcome it's symbolic but it needs to be about action words of fine but suburbs like ours need more than that past presidents have failed to fully address the concerns of people in the suburbs seeing them as a problem rather than as an opportunity it will be up to macro to prove that he's different natasha al-jazeera. a social media blackout has been imposed in somaliland as votes are counted in this presidential election three candidates are in the running a member of the ruling party and two from the opposition these are the third elections in somaliland declared independence in one thousand nine hundred one from the rest of somalia the poll was delayed for two years by drought and technical issues. millions of. citizens are enjoying improved ties between their countries after years of frozen diplomacy it follows the death of president islam karimov last year and the coming to power of
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a more reform minded successor as robin forrester walker reports from the care of his board. surely a delight to have is meeting his family at the newly reopened door stick crossing between kyrgyzstan and. the hundreds of thousands of people who like shirley have relatives or business on the other side of the border life is becoming a little more normal. in more than a quarter of a century since the breakup of the soviet union the relationship between kyrgyzstan and its biggest fan has been one of mistrust and suspicion. if i wanted to just go see my relatives in his back if they wouldn't let me through i'd need a telegram of invitation for a funeral or a wedding that was the only way one would be allowed to enter. seven years ago was becky stan sealed the border after interethnic conflict in kyrgyzstan but since the death of his becky stone's longstanding president last year relations have
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dramatically improved joyful seems marked the reopening of the dusty border this september. the changes followed a groundbreaking meeting between the stance new president chavez had with his ya if on the left and his kick his counterpart but that. the credit goes to the president of respect to stan that this day finally came the day which two nations have been waiting for more than twenty five years. the two have so far results eighty five percent of disputed borders a soviet hangover they've also pledged cooperation on trade and energy but where as was becky stan has been ruled with an iron fist kyrgyzstan is an impoverished often chaotic democracy. but.
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from this differently. people can travel and trade more easily between kyrgyzstan and as. the hope is that regional leaders across central asia can all learn to put aside their differences cooperate and make life easier for their citizens instead there's a new crisis ok. on the kyrgyz kazakh border when kyrgyzstan's president accused kazakstan of interference in elections this october these gates closed early and his family will enjoy the thaw with his back. for as long as it lasts robin first you walk in al-jazeera on the kick is. a quick recap of the top stories here this hour please four hundred fifty people
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have been killed by an earthquake in the iran iraq border about six thousand others were injured the magnitude seven point three quake cause widespread damage in both countries aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen nafta saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports but the main supply route the port of her data will only reopen once the sad coalition says it's satisfied there who these are going to use it to bring in weapons well the u.n. is pushing for the blockade to be lifted completely what is important for us as i said is that the ports that we need access to or the ones where the humanitarian needs are the greater sin that includes data and also if. sea ports. obviously we welcome the opening of other other ports but those are the ones. that we need us and leaders and china have agreed to start talks on drafting a new guideline for the south china sea the philippine foreign ministry says the
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countries will negotiate an effective code of conduct over the long disputed territory. and strikes on a market in a rebel held town in northern syria are reported to have killed at least sixty two people the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes hit the countryside town of that's near aleppo it's inside one of the escalation zones agree with him turkey and russia and iran. the u.k.'s foreign secretary has apologized for causing distress to a british citizen jailed in iran and her family nazarenes that gary ratliff is facing charges of spreading propaganda she said she was in the country to visit family but boris johnson is accused of complicating the case about two weeks ago by saying she'd been there to teach journalism. team a failed to qualify for the world cup for the first time in sixty years the four time cup winners drew neil neil with sweden in a qualifying playoff but it was
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a game they had to win legendary goalkeeper john louis before announced his retirement ending a twenty year international career. well . the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream thanks so much it's. very important for. people around the world. i'm still here. that. story to the forefront. my arm grab.


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