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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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educates and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's is most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten is yeah hack at this time on al-jazeera news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame a good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.
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well kind of it's clear from the nature of the steps taken and the rhetoric used by the bloc countries that they don't want to solution to the crisis. as its neighbors have underestimated the strength of these people living on the blockade. this is al jazeera live from gaza coming up a day of mourning in iran after an earthquake kills at least one hundred fifty people and leaves tens of thousands homeless. saudi arabia says it will ease its blockade on yemen but the u.n. says the move doesn't go far enough. exonerates itself of blame over the crackdown against the regime in rakhine state.
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says its neighbors have no desire to end the gulf crisis saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt seven ties with cats in june and imposed a land sea and blockade. spoke at a session of cats as parliamentary advisory body. why now. i'm talking to you with all transparency we mean what we say when we say we are ready for agreements through dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and shared commitment but on the other hand we know that the indications we receive say seach countries don't want to solution these countries with this attitude have opened a new stage in the relations between gulf countries we have benefited from this experience it brought out the best from the people we contributed to shaping its national identity and reinforced the national unity with the leadership of al jazeera correspondent joins us now in the studio to tell us more about his message basically you know this piece marking the opening session of the council is always
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a key note which basically addresses domestic issues and also foreign policy but this time you can tell that the gulf dispute was takin the bulk of the speech was the emir of qatar remains defiant saying there is absolutely no way we can compromise and i think the has to do with the national sovereignty but he said. he said that the blockade in countries attitude the rhetoric they've been using shows gives us an indication that they have no intention whatsoever to solve this crisis but he remains really defiant saying his country has taken all the measures to mitigate any impact of the of the blockade and life is back to normal in qatar but no resolution anytime soon and right now no indication whatsoever the escalations just continues if you look at the statements issued by. media affiliated with saudi arabia gives you no indication whatsoever that we might see any diplomatic solution to this crisis anytime soon and what about the impact all this is having on the way
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catalyze work in the internal workings then he said in the speech that the the crisis is not going to deter cut off from pursuing its agenda amounting political and economic reforms one of the reforms a much awaited. basically. the shura council you know two thirds of the members of the so a council appointed by the emir one third is elected in two thousand. will be fully elected a promise which is still waiting for it to be implemented he said that they are looking into the governing laws and that once this is over we're going to wait in have been elected to parliament which is going to be quite significant no not for few days ago he appointed women to the council which was unprecedented here in qatar and i think you have. rescue workers in iran of spend the night digging through rubble searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake struck near the iraqi border an estimated four hundred thirty
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people were killed and seven thousand injured in the magnitude seven point three quake iran has declared tuesday a national day of mourning iran's president hassan rouhani has traveled to come onshore province to oversee rescue work charla bellus reports. after sunday's earthquake on iraq iran border community retreats they did from the rubble the loudest sounds of morning come from iran's kermanshah province more than three hundred of the did lived here thousands more were injured. i was under the rubble of a destroyed wall it collapsed on my head infrastructure has been devastated so medics improvise in a field iran's government has sent in twenty helicopters and created four field hospitals using trucks of medicine and buses to treat the wounded those whose injuries were too severe were transferred to the capital tehran. there were no
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facilities no access to electricity or water in the seconds that the earthquake rolled through at nine eighteen on sunday night and the estimated seventy thousand people became homeless iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the . several major fault lines crossers. in iraq the less common but this time the destruction cross the border. home of the earthquake i was lying in my bed because i wasn't feeling well my sound started shouting mom wake up there's an earthquake we all went to the corridor and you could see the house collapsing behind us and hear the sound of things falling. it's believed many people are still under the rubble communities in iran and iraq are scrambling optimistically to find out. the building was flattened by the earthquake that struck yesterday at a fellow a seven member family we managed to rescue only five of them while the other two
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were killed it was the first time i've ever seen an earthquake so divine like that no one can prevent because of feel losses professionals have been brought in inevitably their work will see the death toll rise the area was already fragile economically and politically the earthquake has broken their independence. the turkish red cresent has deployed fifty five cargo trucks of i ate to kurdish held areas of iraq and iran tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning the true cost of this earthquake slowly becoming clear. al-jazeera aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after saudi arabia said it would start reopening some of the country's ports placed a blockade on yemen a week ago after her with the rebels fighting missile at riyadh thousands of tons of aid meant for yemen is stranded in djibouti from where mohammed reports.
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aid for yemen is loaded on to our ship in djibouti. humanitarian agencies say they in a race to respond. thousands of tons of food and medical supplies distin for human stranded in djibouti port the pro-government soda led miniature holy shrine which is fighting hole through a bull's eye has imposed a blockade on ports in yemen. easing some of the restrictions. we're working day and night we operate three eight hour shifts a day we want to be ready to move as soon as we get the go ahead of. him i didn't see it is you are transported from djibouti by and by sea is small. but due to the huge backlog created by the blockade it is having to use much bigger vessels this particular consignment consist of medical supplies for the call and response
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collapsible water tanks and water purification tablets as well as food for humans children enter this is saying any further delay in the delivery of this aid could lead to the loss of lives aid workers say yemen's talks of fuel and drugs in school drawn out soon that is a tragedy unfolding and children are the silent weak timms since the current blockade the humanitarian community has been unable to bring in the essential food nutrition and medical supplies including scenes that are one million children at risk of diseases such as polio measles and if if the essential vaccines are not brought in urgently. position between the gulf of aden and the red sea has long been prized by military powers aid agencies are following the military lead an
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astonishing a major presence. strategic significance increased in the past two years because of the civil war in yemen just one hundred sixty kilometers from its coast. this wild food program hub in djibouti contains grain silos and climate controlled storage for exams and other essential medical supplies there is always one thousand in shoes and has a happy user the person that he is a very very close to two human and even a beauty all four times person for success like to see ports and airports. infrastructure in yemen has been destroyed by leading talk about a pandemic which killed at least one thousand seven hundred forty people in the past seven months in addition to many more war dead the u.n. says the conflict just pushed seven million yemenis to the brink of funding. aid stuck in djibouti husband never been more. behind it at all just djibouti.
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let's go back to one of our top stories that devastating earthquake in iran it's being in iran can he is in the iraqi capital baghdad because this happened quite close to the border there and what i just wonder what are you hearing about the rescue efforts what's happening at the scene. where they're continuing in the iranian revolutionary guard corps is in charge of all of that and they're also working with local aid agencies such as the iranian red crescent they're getting in a lot of the field hospital some four field hospitals of already been set up some twenty helicopters are flying around the area in coordination with those rescue and recovery efforts and they've got heavy equipment and so they going in to try and find people that may well be still trapped under the rubble now president hassan rouhani has visited the area he landed in the province of carmen just a few hours ago he'll be visiting some of the most affected areas and this just goes to show you how seriously the iranians are taking this now this is one of the
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most seismically active regions in the world iranians are very used to dealing with quakes they've had a long history of dealing with quakes but a visit of this level goes to show you how seriously they're taking this particular one now what president rouhani has said is that he will every help that's needed to try to get everything back to normal they're trying to get everything online as quick as possible that includes the gas plant that was shut down for safety reasons and that's quite important because it's canary that gets very very cold and gas clearly is needed for cooking and heating and he's also been called by various world leaders including including bloody putin so he is this visit to the iranians is actually goes to show you how seriously the iranians are taking on their side of the border and yes the knock on effect that this is had to on iraq. well. what we're hearing from. many in the kurdish region. where the epicenter was
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is that several. felt in the area and then late on monday night there was another quake some four point seven magnitude we don't know what kind of damage that caused if any but it is a real concern for the iraqi authorities now there's also concern because. most affected by this earthquake a number of projects in a big down there so they're worried about damage to the dam also there's a lot of landslides cutting off roads so actually doing the assessments to see what kind of damage has taken place difficult now what we're hearing is iraq has been spared the high death toll that we've seen in iran some eight people have died four of those. but a lot of people have been displaced don't have an accurate figure on how many people have been displaced we're waiting for that. thank you. russian government. as
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a foreign agent. from the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. how low they thundery downpours continue to bragg away across central parts of europe big swell of cloud here fighting a good part of italy the balkans little area of low pressure just stealth the coast of italy that continue to cause some major problems in and around the region some very choppy seas as well and some very strong winds a keen bore away and just filtering its way over the balkans in these in a little further west was could well gust as high as one hundred fifty kilometers per hour over the next couple of days damaging winds certainly a possibility then i don't see that wet weather the windy weather continuing across a similar area as we go through a choose day so what wintry weather to into the western side of russia three
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celsius there for moscow things a little mot of the tools in northwest getting up to around ten or eleven celsius there for london and paris but a fair amount of cloud coming in across the northwest corner of europe some of that cloud think enough to do some right perhaps some snow over the high ground of scotland thirteen celsius there for london not much warmer say for rome as we go through wednesday afternoon the wet and windy conditions continue and we'll still see a little bit of snow there just coming in across the dynamic out that same area of disturbed weather that will bring more heavy downpours across the fog north of tunisia and also for northeastern algeria. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member because of one but we struck up a relationship base is
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a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. again a quick look at the top stories on al-jazeera the mayor of cats are says the blockade and countries have no desire to end the gulf crisis shechtman been hammered all funny spoke at a session of a parliamentary advisory body. group severed ties with qatar in june and imposed a land sea and air blockade. rescue workers in iran have spent the night digging through rubble searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake struck near the iraqi border and estimated four hundred
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thirty people were killed and seven thousand injured in the magnitude seven point three quake iran's president hassan rouhani visited come on sharp province to oversee the rescue work. aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports but the main supply route the port of the data will only reopen once the society led coalition is satisfied they cannot use it to bring in where it's. been miles military has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against the random minority in rakhine state rangar refugees accuse me and security forces of massacres rape and burning of villages but the military says it carried out its own investigation has found no wrongdoing the army crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh has more from in moscow people they
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produce. released on the myanmar commander in chief's facebook page late on monday the investigation an internal investigation carried out by the military here on its actions in the rakhine state over the last couple of months has exonerated itself saying that those who carried out this operation this anti-terrorist operation as they coined it in the western rakhine state say that they had of themselves within the rules of engagement now this is was met by human rights activists around the world as a white washing of what took place over the last several months in rakhine state that sent over six hundred thousand range into neighboring bangladesh now it's interesting that they say you know detailed that they didn't carry out any killings murders of innocent civilians no rapes and no torching of villages again this goes directly against what i witness is have been saying in neighboring bangladesh those who have fled now it'll be on wednesday rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state will be visiting here in april or the capital will be meeting
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with top military officials rex tillerson already met on the sidelines of the on down in the philippines with on song suchi the civilian leader of this nation rex tillotson tomorrow on wednesday with meeting with the military leaders will be interesting to hear what comes out of that if anything we really haven't heard any schedule we haven't been notified of any public statements to come out of those meetings canadian prime minister just into the man must lead to and sons who cheat at the asean summit he said he highlighted concerns about the treatment of the minority in light of events in myanmar is routine state of named a special envoy to the region i've asked him to engage in diplomatic efforts and identify ways in which canada can support the response to the situation in the place of the muslim minority. canada will continue to support us and humanitarian political efforts to find a sustainable and just solution to the ongoing crisis and we will also continue to work with the governments of myanmar and bangladesh to allow for the safe return of
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displaced peoples during my excellent discussions with the state councilor we discussed the importance of the recommendations put forth in the final report of the advisory commission on the rakhine state which will help chart the path forward towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict and we discussed how canada can help achieve this goal today as he also talked about human rights for the philippine president rodrigo detector and that was something u.s. president donald trump failed to do and it led to angry scenes in manila protesters called for trump to go home after he failed to condemn the ted says brutal war on drugs the crowds burned a giant u.s. flag. and twelve day trip to asia has been his longest foreign try yet it was aimed at getting support from allies and pressuring north korea to give up its nuclear program his committee how could reports. he promised to speak frankly to the chinese reassure japan over is north korean fears and deliver
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a strong message on trade in the end president donald trump's messages were muddled at best. on his trip to tokyo trump checked all the right boxes on security in north korea visiting with families of people abducted by the regime but will alain japan's fears about a north korean attack he later insulted kim jong un personally in a tweet even suggesting in the same tweet he may someday want to meet the north korean leader visiting china the president took no questions from the press at beijing's request something they always ask of u.s. presidents but are not always granted and well he talked tough on chinese trade it was this remark that got the most attention but after all. who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. for the benefit of
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its citizens i give china great credit. indeed many analysts believe china not the united states emerged as an even bigger power following the trip will trump criticized asian trade practices she praised open markets but he's got a lot of cash that he's throwing around asia and so a lot of countries they are wary but they also are beneficiaries of that comes another problem many presidents in the past have used foreign travel to downplay domestic trouble trump did the opposite he failed to press the issue again of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election when meeting with russian president vladimir putin every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i believe i really believe that when he tells me that he means it that prompted widespread criticism forcing trump to clarify his remarks
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during a press conference i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies in the philippines the trumpet ministrations said it raised the issue of president rod rico two territories human rights abuses but that claim was later denied by two terror taste spokesman still donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade on wednesday a potential chance to correct what many believe may have been a missed opportunity abroad kimberly held at al-jazeera washington let's go back to the us here meeting where leaders have agreed to start talks on drafting a new guideline for the south china sea with china the philippine foreign ministry says countries will negotiate an affective code of conduct of the long disputed territory but gave no details on when the talks will begin for more than a decade leaders of the ten member bloc of struggle to reach a deal with china which claims most of the strategic waterway. chinese president xi
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jinping is ambitious infrastructure project is facing some serious hurdles the plan . vive ancient trade routes to connect asia europe and africa but in indonesia the construction of the first chinese high speed rail way has been stalled for more than two years steadfast and reports from beijing travelling from beijing to london in just a few days might be a bit too optimistic the chinese plan to connect and revive the old silk road is facing some serious delays the so-called one belt one road initiative is the crown jewel of president xi jinping presidency and the plan to go next china to africa europe and auto parts of asia is even adopted in the country's constitution during the last communist party congress its pod of rosalind she's a mission to extend chinese influence in the world that revive the glowing days of trade of seven hundred fifty years ago by the modern day silk road is facing some
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serious bombs insurgencies corrupt politicians and local villages a delay in projects in indonesia laos thailand and pakistan the high speed train in indonesia connected to a craft at the london has yet to be built because some problems with from its and land issues in progress time insurgents attacked trade and chinese workers and in laos the train is being built amid huge controversy about the pricing although china's sas all conferees will benefit from the one bound to a long road initiative many conferees are wondering what they have to gain although camel caravans are a thing of the past and will take some time before modern technology is in place. more than sixty people have been killed in strikes in a rebel held town in northern syria the syrian observatory for human rights says three strikes hit
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a market in the countryside town of near aleppo it's inside one of the so-called deescalation zones which were agreed between turkey russia and iran on a binge of aid as more from near the turkey syria border. according to activists and rescue workers a number of strikes hit the town of in the northern countryside of aleppo province we have seen heightened activity in and around aleppo province in the south we've seen a number of attacks as government forces are consolidating their visions against opposition fighters and also now these attacks in the north where opposition fighters say government forces are making news obviously to try and consolidate their positions and push opposition fighters back this strike happened in at a busy marketplace with a number of people had gathered and according to civil defense sources most of the people who were killed were civilians it happened as the two leaders of turkey and
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russia were meeting in sochi discussing the very issue of syria and how they're there progress is being made on the ground when it comes to civilian casualties and avoiding them but it is also interesting that the location that these attacks happened is very close to return troops are placed as well if the problem is just about thirty kilometers away from the town of time so it is going to be an interesting a balance for the russian and syrian its history and allies to try and hit positions where they do not drag into the fight the turkish soldiers who are present on the ground in turkey in syria. they are consolidating their support and consolidating their positions in and around the city of it live where there has been an agreement that has been met between turkey russia and iran about a power. sharing agreement and how to bring an end to the fighting in the north after a series. al-jazeera has obtained an audio recording of deposed egyptian president
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mohamed morsi in court in cairo on monday the former leader's already serving a life sentence in prison but faces further charges he says he's not getting a fair trial. since september the twenty fourth i've been completely isolated from the court there are double grasp areas i've tried to talk about the case but the court has not seen or heard me i can't hear witnesses and i can't talk to them and i should communicate with the court when i have things to say at the previous sitting i heard the witness and i wants to comment on what she said but i couldn't she said force words that are not true i'm being tried in absentia but they say i am present i don't know where i am now. the russian funded t.v. channel america says it will comply with a demand by the us government to register as a foreign agent but the network says it will challenge the issue in court alan fischer reports. r.t. has been broadcast around the world since two thousand and five initially calling
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itself russia today it says it presents an alternative view of the world away from western centric networks of politicians in the u.s. claim it traffics in conspiracy theories and works as a propaganda arm of the kremlin after being accused of influencing the last presidential election it's been forced to register as a foreign agent under a pre world war two a law that worked to block poor nazi propaganda channel will now have to file by annual reports to the us government flag it's backing from the russians and it was the suitable to use me just imagine you work in media and you should sign anything you do with foreign agent or produced by a foreign agent how does it feel for any media for interviews that you do to be declared to the institutions and ministries this can't be called working these conditions are aimed at destroying us as mass media the state department has said in the past that this will not impact on what broadcasts when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't impacts or affect the ability of
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them to report news and information russia's embassy in the us says the order to register is an attack on press freedom but one analyst says it's not government you know tor ism words have to register as foreign agents. things that don't that aren't even involved in politics so the notion that this is some nefarious law that's attempting to squelch alternative views or to to censor foreign governments and their abilities to reach out to the american public is absurd last month russian president vladimir putin wonder could be a midget response to the u.s. action. in this case we all do it only in kind and quite quickly as soon as we see steps to pressure media there will immediately be an answer. the russian parliament has already begun discussing legislation which would require for
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international broadcasters including the news channel c.n.n. to register as for need. washington. and again the top stories of cats says his neighbors have no desire to end the gulf crisis saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt seven times of cattle in june and imposed a land sea and blockade. i'm talking to you with all transparency we mean what we say when we say we are ready for agreements through dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and shared commitments but on the other hand we know that the indications we receive say seach countries don't want to solution these countries with this attitude have opened a new stage in the relations between gulf countries we have benefited from this experience it brought out the best from this people we contributed to shaping its national identity and reinforce the national unity with the leadership rescue
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workers in iran have spent the night digging through rubble searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake struck near the iraqi border an estimated four hundred thirty people were killed and seven thousand injured in the magnitude seven point three quake iran has declared a national day of mourning iran's president hassan rouhani has traveled to a province. oversee rescue work. man mars military has cleared itself of committing atrocities against the muslim minority in rakhine state rangar refugees accuse me and my security forces of massacres rape and burning of villages but the military says it's carried out its own investigation and found no wrongdoing canada's prime minister highlighted the suffering of rangar at a meeting with minimize leader and son suchi at the summit just interest as he also talked about human rights with the philippine president roderick rodriguez to ted and that was something u.s.
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president donald trump failed to do and it led to angry scenes in manila protests his call for trying to go home after he failed to condemn detaches brutal war on drugs for the first time in sixty years italy's football team a failed to qualify for the world cup the four time cup winners drew near on the it was sweden in a play off those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera but first it is the story. you stand the difference. and this imagines of cultures across the. al-jazeera grabbing my waist trying to kiss me touch me with her hand but touch my breasts. my arm grammy like a roughly grad hope she will be enough now this is not ok and i'm tom stop and he.
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