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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together where al-jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly to others. this is.
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this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the race to save survivors after a devastating earthquake along the iraq iraq border more than four hundred thirty people have died. what kind of whether it's clear from the nature of the steps taken and the rhetoric used by the blockade in countries that they don't want to solution to the crisis a mere says they can be no compromise on his country's sovereignty as a saudi led blockade continues also this hour myanmar's military clears itself of committing any atrocities against the running a minority in rakhine state. and in sport italy miss a world cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight shock and sadness in the country as the two thousand and six champions failed to qualify for next year's finals in russia.
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thank you for joining us a desperate search for survivors continues in iran where thousands of people are spending a second day without shelter after a powerful earthquake struck near the rocky border rescuers have been digging through the rubble pulling out bodies an estimated seventy thousand people have been displaced after their homes collapsed in the magnitude seven point three quake iran's president hassan rouhani has traveled to cameron shah province touring the devastated areas an estimated four hundred thirty eight people were killed and seven thousand have been injured shot at belize. after sunday's earthquake on the iraq iran border a community retreats they did from the rubble the loudest sounds of morning come from iran's kermanshah province more than three hundred of the dead lived here
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thousands more were injured. i was under the rubble of a destroyed wall it collapsed on my head infrastructure has been devastated so medics improvise in a field iran's government has sent in twenty helicopters and created four field hospitals using trucks of medicine and buses to treat the wounded those whose injuries were too severe were transferred to the capital tehran oh no there were no facility has no access to electricity or water in the seconds that the earthquake rolled through at nine eighteen on sunday night and the estimated seventy thousand people became harmless iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines cross it. in iraq the less common but this time the destruction cross the border. home of the earthquake hit i was lying in my bed because i wasn't feeling well my sound started shouting mom wake up
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there's an earthquake we all ran to the corridor and you could see the house collapsed and behind us and hear the sound of things falling. it's believed many people are still under the rubble communities in iran and iraq a scrambling optimistically to find out. the building was flattened by the earthquake that struck yesterday at a fellow a seven member family we managed to rescue only five of them or the other two were killed it was the first time i've ever seen an earthquake the divine act that no one can prevent because of feel losses professionals have been brought in and they visibly their work will see the death toll rise the area was already friday. economically and politically the earthquake has broken their independence. the turkish red cresent has deployed fifty five cargo trucks of eight to kurdish held areas of iraq and iran tuesday has been declared
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a national day of mourning the true cost of this earthquake slowly becoming clear ballasts al jazeera. well let's get an update on the situation on the ground in speak to was in a diner bundy khan near the quake's epicenter in northern iraq cinema i see a building a collapsed building behind you that just how bad is a damage where you are. yes bowlby to be honest there are a few buildings that are collapsed and that abandoned. the kurdish town in northern iraq in sulaymaniyah when you throw it when you walk in the streets so they're bending on you see if you will those buildings but i can tell that almost all of the buildings are badly damaged that's why and efficient health people in the state of bay from those buildings and not to try to enter inside the building.
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that life is a normal year old is one of the towns in northern iraq which is about. impacted. by diggers base but of course the most romantic side of this story is and it is in iraq also the iraq your thirty's give us a hand in the morning folding the head of the u.n. this is this week mourning period in the same nonsense that. goodness and other week last night than it did with a magnet. there and there have been one hundred homes there. since sunday night on the tonight as you say synonyms iran badly affected that suffered the most it seems and people here are very scared of the aftershocks how are they coping in a bomb what are you hearing about rescue efforts that. the
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story is more dramatic in iran fully the there are thousands. people who have been born this and hundreds aren't that unfortunately the worst damage town is. nearby could it's a kurdish town and even the hospital is damaged there that's why the army and army sets off field hospitals around the area and some of the longest people are carried to transferred to other cities like the capital. but people have to spend the night outside. as homeless for the last two nights and and they need shelter they need tents actually and don't just say that the emergency is the most urgent need for the iranians right now are doing it tends to blankets to keep warm from the cold night air water and food and the iranian government is also trying to provide
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medicine and when syrian aid to their people ok sinan thank you very much for that update see them in bondi con in northern iraq updating us on a rescue effort after that earthquake along the rhine iraq border and we'll have an update later in the news hour on the situation in iran will be speaking to the spokesperson of the rainy and red crescent society later on in. the meantime let's move on to other world news and qatar's a near says his country's neighbors have no desire to end the gulf crisis i mean been funny says the blockade in countries underestimate the will of the qatari people. the united arab emirates bahrain in egypt severed ties with qatar in june and imposed on c. and kate. has more. qatar's leader remains defiant describing the blockade imposed as unfair and violating diplomatic norms
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shift i mean been hammered then he says qatar is willing to start talks but national sovereignty is a red line. as you are all aware has been subjected to an unjust siege and unlawful measures that violate all the values and norms established not only among friendly countries but also among enemy by nature of the measures taken and the rhetoric and conduct adopted it has become evident that the blockading countries are not aiming for a solution or settlement it all started in june when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bihari in and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and air blockade they accused qatar of promoting extremism accusations dismissed by the qatari leadership as fabricated lies kuwait and the u.s. are trying to heal the diplomatic where ft but saudi arabia and its allies say the
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sanctions against qatar will only be lifted when qatar meets a list of thirteen demands including shutting down the al-jazeera media network closing a turkish military base and downgrading ties with iran. the five month crisis continues but the m.e.'s says the blockade in countries underestimate the will of the qatari people here with her to the series of measures to break the embargo such are starting new shipping routes to ensure food supplies continue. qatar in the qataris are capable of thriving and progressing whether the siege ends or not we do not fear being boycotted by these countries we are far better off however vigilant is needed and they have not stopped that the blockade but continue to interfere with our domestic affairs the emea made his speech at the opening session of the parliamentary advisory body called the shura council for the first
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time i mean appointed for women to the forty five member council last week they'll help draft laws approve the budget and monitor government performance the emir appoints one third of the council to third elected plans for full elections to the council have been delayed for the past nine years carter's leader we to rate of the gulf crisis won't deter his country from pursuing political and economic reforms. well let's just remind you now of how this crisis has played out in the last five months on may twenty third qatar state news agency was hot air reported statements attributed to the emir of qatar but despite the government saying the reports were false saudi and any media continued to broadcast the false statements on june fifth the embargo was imposed and routes were close forcing qatar airways to make major detours and saudi arabia
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close qatar only land border let me bring in our senior political analyst bashar to explore this a bit further marwan the emir his speech today his tone seemed defiant calm but defiant what does it suggest to you as far as where we're headed with this crisis we must start with where we are in terms of this is a speech by the leader of the country through the consultative council a parliament of sort of the country to the people of the country this was not meant to the neighboring countries or the message was for the internal was low audience right it was domestic totally domestic although most of it did relate to the siege of qatar by the neighboring countries but really the tone is more of an honest balance sheet with the people of qatar about where we are acts and why it doesn't look like. qatar's neighbors are intent on to resolving this crisis and in time
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soon it's a source of sort of a double edged statements on the one hand the third will need to prepare as if there is no solution in the right but it should act as if it could reach a solution tomorrow so it's sort of cut out his need to prepare for a long time crisis but they really need to strive to resolve this crisis sooner than later so he still seems anyway to be interested in dialogue with the other parties yes where does that stand where does the international mediation stand today we've seen lots of you know diplomacy loss of leaders coming to doha including the moroccan king most recently has there been any progress on that front this is thing the tone is that the these are who are the main mediators you know i've been quite disappointed and angry in the recent statements because there isn't
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much progress the united states while secretary told us and did try to mediate and put some pressure but apparently the white house did not put enough pressure yet on the situation to be resolved so all in all you could say that the emir of qatar is saying don't risk don't misconstrue my. attempt at recall situation as weakness because we in qatar we have decided to become more independent in terms of food and water securities we are more independent terms of our transport patients a water or aerial and sea lanes that in the end of the day we're acting as if there is no solution coming anytime soon ok so that's the view from qatar here what do we know is happening on the other side on the saudi led side this off course spent quite a few developments in the region recently in saudi arabia notably how has that impacted on their i. i'm trying to find the words here on you know their willingness or lack
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of willingness to resolve this crisis you know what's interesting by the way because we are in the media and some sort of freedom of expression is also over and here we are in qatar and we could say the you know the back and forth about what is wrong or what is right with what's happening. what's interesting what i found from from the statements of the emir of qatar and the promise a promise that was already made in two thousand server but now apparently there is a stronger commitment to have an election to the next consultative council meaning that there's some will be some sort of an elected parliament they've got to like the south because it is when he goes on talking about qatar so interestingly. the crises in qatar is allowing for this and through allies ation for bringing in the ex-pat community which are more than two millions to participate to be a part and parcel of this country and listen for the allies bring in women to the political process and so so forth while in saudi arabia in the united arab emirates the crisis has created more centralization of power more depression so much so that
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if you even express solidarity with qatar in the united arab emirates you're going to be fined and arrested and sent to jail it's exactly the opposite this happening i think that is a positive sign especially that we happened to be in got ourselves indeed thank you very much for that milan mound senior political analyst there's plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including saudi arabia says it will ease its blockade on yemen will be live at a refugee camp colia many's in djibouti. u.s. president donald trump is on his way home from asia with multibillion dollar deals under his belt and in small a bad ending to the tennis season for the world number one details coming up later with our. first myanmar's military has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against
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the ruling a minority in rakhine state during a refugees accused me and my security forces of massacres rape and burning villages but the military says it carried out its own investigation and has found no wrongdoing the army crackdown force more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh scott hi there has more from myanmar is capital in nato. released on the myanmar commander in chief's facebook page late on monday the investigation an internal investigation carried out by the military here on its actions in the reconstitute over the last couple of months has exonerated itself saying that those who carried out this operation this anti-terrorist operation as they coined it in the western recon state say that they had of themselves within the rules of engagement now this is was met by human rights activists around the world as a white washing of what took place over the last several months in recounting that sent over six hundred thousand range into neighboring bangladesh now it's
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interesting that they say you know detailed that they didn't carry out any killings murders of innocent civilians no rapes and no torching of villages again this goes directly against what eyewitnesses have been saying in neighboring bangladesh those who have fled now it'll be on wednesday rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state will be visiting here in naples or the capital will be meeting with top military officials rex tillerson already met on the sidelines of ossie on down in the philippines with on song suchi the civilian leader of this nation rex tillerson tomorrow on wednesday with meeting with the military leaders will be interesting to hear what comes out of that if anything we really haven't heard any schedule we haven't been notified of any public statements to come out of those meetings. u.s. president donald trump is on his way home after declaring his twelve day trip to asia a success but some americans disagree white house correspondent kimberly hauck it looks back on the president's long as foreign toy yes. he promised to speak frankly to the chinese reassure japan over is north korean fears and deliver
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a strong message on trade in the end president donald trump's messages were modeled at best. on his trip to tokyo trump checked all the right boxes on security in north korea visiting with families of people abducted by the regime but will alain japan's fears about a north korean attack he later insulted kim jong un personally in a tweet even suggesting in the same tweet he may someday want to meet the north korean leader visiting china the president took no questions from the press at beijing's request something they always ask of u.s. presidents but are not always granted and well he talked tough on chinese trade it was this remark that got the most attention but after all. who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. for the benefit of
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its citizens i give china great credit. indeed many analysts believe china not the united states emerged as an even bigger power following the trip will trump criticized asian trade practices she praised open markets but he's got a lot of cash that he's throwing around asia and so a lot of countries they are wary but they also are beneficiaries of that comes another problem many presidents in the past have used foreign travel to downplay domestic trouble trump did the opposite he failed to press the issue again of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election when meeting with russian president vladimir putin every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i believe i really believe that when he tells me that he means it that prompted widespread criticism forcing trump to clarify his remarks
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during a press conference i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies in the philippines the trumpet ministrations said it raised the issue of president rod rico two territories human rights abuses but that claim was later denied by two terror taste spokesman still donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade on wednesday a potential chance to correct what many believe may have been a missed opportunity abroad kimberly held at al-jazeera washington. meanwhile as sin leaders have agreed to start talks on drafting new guidelines for the south china sea with china the philippines foreign ministry says countries will negotiate an effective code of conduct over the long disputed territory but he gave no details on when the talks will begin for more than a decade leaders of the ten member bloc have struggled to reach
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a deal with china which claims most of the strategic waterway. that speak to rob but right now is in manila for so rob it's the last day of a number of a say in related summits the highlight of all is the east asia summit involving essay and members and important players in the asia pacific region what have they discussed what's the message there. that's right this was the last major session foliage has just wrapped up because it just wrapped up we were waiting for the final statement it has been delayed by a couple of hours and that means that donald trump wasn't able to attend this session he had extended his suite through asia pacific by an extra day day twelve to be here for this meeting it wasn't to be he ran out of time and as we've heard he is on his way back to the united states but we do have a sense of what they are talking about what we can expect from a final statement basically the kinds of issues that the very diverse countries of the east asia pacific can agree on we are likely to see for example commitments to
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the sanctions on north korea as a way of trying to stop its weapons programs this is been something that has dominated the sessions as you mentioned there was also a breakthrough on the south china sea from the un members on a code of conduct on a way of settling that we are likely to see something on that president to target of the philippines chaired this session at the beginning of it he gave us an indication of just how this region is developing saying that the inter connected economy. he is of this very dynamic region of the great challenges but he says at the same time also great threats from things like climate change and terrorism which connect and affect all of these intertwined nations and another controversial issue wrong in the region is the running a crisis of course in myanmar bangladesh asin leaders have been criticized for
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their lack of response to the crisis was it discussed in the meetings that. that's right i mean as iana seems to have a problem with the writing of crisis right down to the use of the words they talk in previous communiques about the crisis in northern rakhine state rangar is simply too controversial a word it seems to use the part of the problem seems to be the protocol here and that no member state is meant to criticize the internal affairs of another member state which for many people means it has the and as a result becomes rather toothless so it means that we can probably not expect to see any open criticism of me or of its de facto leader and sang suchi in any written statement but there has been open criticism in some of the sessions here for example from countries with muslim majority such as into these just such as malaysia who taken a very keen interest in the plight of the rangar they have raised their voices and
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also criticism from further afield justin trudeau prime minister of canada he had a meeting with and sang suchi he says that he was very vociferously in bringing up the plight of the rehang just finally he and the canadians could probably have expected support on this from the americans but as we know this is a different type of us administration and while rex tillerson the secretary of state for the u.s. had a meeting with and sang suu kyi we don't know just how or if he brought up the issue of human rights at all thank you very much for that rob rob mcbride live for us in manila. for the first time in sixty is italy's football team has failed to qualify for the well the four time cup winners joe neel nailed with sweden in a play off it was a game they had to win legendary goalkeeper john luigi before before and also announced his retirement ending a twenty year international career. to emerge from the more we are all in tears
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this evening because we did our best and this will chase us forever it's incredible delusion even now we're struggling to realize. i joining us from london for more on this story we've just lost that skype connection unfortunately we will have more on the story in just a few minutes getting more reaction there to italy not being qualified for the world cup for the first time in sixty years and we have our guests are back online whether scientists and i mean i was a journalist with the digital sports agency the perform group i mean thank you for speaking to us from london i know you can hear me how did this happen how it yeah i can hear you how can a team that was well champions four times not qualify for the world cup. well i think there are many factors in this issue firstly the reason historical moments
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where you tell you to book can not produce a high quality footballers is a historical moment there's nobody you know can do anything about it there is a problem of turnover to find young talent also in the mind is serious and given the fair go is given a chance to. make their own debuted in syria and therefore to have their own space in the national chain i believe the qualification was already job dies when italy play in sweden because you know we have to think about the own go created by deflection but italy hasn't produced anything relevant to do with the game on the same you can say. on the second let match in the land. sometimes we're talking about the two penalties not awarded by the referee but right they would mean to me is the whole spectrum the whole picture and also it is also connected to the
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personality of the coach couldn't probably manage the senators in the squad so a lot of factors then you mentioned there it's not being able to produce high quality football is one of the points that the right wing groups in italy have tried to make in recent years is that there are too many foreign players in italian league and any time in players aren't getting enough chance to develop their skills you agree with that. well i wouldn't put it in this way because this is happening is the times which are changing again and this is happening across europe and the thing is that italy is bit reluctant to change let's take an example if we would have given more space to corruptive prisons and as a playmaker in the midfield rather than insist on there also i think is seen to be a you know to the perspective of people that was more important to give space to senators you know to let them achieve some records and not i'm not talking about before and it is also
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a very relevant indicator the fact that on the bench you know there was he was arguing with. after he gave in the direction the directive of women now right and it was to him no why don't you let in sr come in so i think this is the main issue because you might have a problem with quality in historical moments where you struggle to find quality players but you know let's think about until you can't say what he's doing with chelsea what he has done for chelsea with a national team he's been dealing with the same historical moments but if you have an account with personality you can motivate players and getting the best out of them you know entirely will try to content that they don't be in terms of pain so that. we can we couldn't do the same you know now with sweden you know we underestimate sweden no we don't agree with which you know we will be the same will be easier but apparently wasn't this what it's when they played in their own way defensively and counterattacks certainly a sad day for italian football fans thank you so much for speaking to us
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a media savvy now from the perform group joining us a via skype from london thank you for your time. in just a few minutes we'll have the world weather with everton fox and still ahead on al-jazeera more sports sent this n.f.l. umpire will never turn his back on the game again details coming up with fire and still ahead the russian government funded channel america says it will challenge a u.s. ruling forcing it to register as a foreign agent plus. i'm the quote reporter from austria on the return of the wood may help all get to the voting block time on construction. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian open. the italian weather is about as bad as a football at the moment it is looking pretty miserable had a lot of cloud rolling away here lots of storms as well and some big downpours this
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area of low pressure has been producing some heavy rain for the past few days actually we have seen some flooding because the further flooding across southern parts of the country even further north in venice for example had eighty seven millimeters of rain in the past twenty four hours not secured two on the other side of the adriatic into montenegro we had hundred forty millimeters of rain here twenty four hours a little further south in grace yes and heavy rain here as well same system swirling away ninety millimeters of rain then for coal few plenty more where that came from another spell of very heavy rain as we go on through the remainder of chews day more big downpours particular southern parts of italy down across southern areas of the balkans and back into greece even northern parts of africa still seeing some lively showers as well so expect to see some wet weather to northern parts of tunisia maybe northern areas of libya just lapping onto the coastal shoals notice for northern parts of this they say area of disturbance we
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are going to see some snow coming in across the merrick out a cane wind possibly destructive winds with gusts as high as one hundred fifty kilometers per hour. there with sponsored by the time release. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured and it was bliss funded and it's not just i phones that's almost like phones i mean most small phones of these days at the moment we are in a state of the end of the slips of the web and started something that was growing i would rather take the risk of democracy to the risks of. digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. never. welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the search for survivors continues in iran where thousands of people are spending a second day without shelter after sunday's earthquake. a national day of mourning is being held for the estimated four hundred thirteen iranians who were killed near
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the border with iraq. the emir of qatar says locating countries have no desire to end the five month old gulf crisis and they are underestimating the wail of the qatari people share tamim bin hamad out funny says qatar. he's willing to start talks but he won't be dictated to or surrender sovereignty and military leaders in myanmar have cleared soldiers of committing any atrocities against the rohingya minority in rakhine state some of the six hundred thousand refugees who fled to bangladesh accuse security forces of burning villages massacres entry. one our top story any earthquake near iraq border with iran joining is now on the news hour is months or a by gary who is the director of the iranian red crescent society for international operations she's vice from tehran thank you very much for speaking to us the earthquake struck in remote areas of iran have you teams been able to reach these
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areas are you getting a clear picture of the devastation. yes actually are too. many areas i can say that nine hundred ninety percent of the of the areas actually being reached by people. still if there is some religious that because of you know the located actually in the area is very white and if there is some villages that we are not familiar yet i have not heard anything. as soon as we receive some information recent sample. for the first assessment and then we send our relief and rescue teams but i can say that almost the rescue operation have been completed last late last night and but this people are resisting actually the villages just to see if there is any any cases
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remain they cover it so what are the needs right now on the ground. you're hearing from your people there are the supplies getting to the people in need. actually i can say that after late last night we focused on emerges as a link of the people big deal to the actually the cold weather and severe temperature temperature there. the focus now on the actually emergency sheltering and food. but under sedation of the food but the point is that because the wide areas reaching to the people it takes a little bit time. we are actually doing our best to accelerate this procedure and to send the items to all of the people yeah we have heard reports are that relief efforts haven't been well organized you know what do you say to that how can you better organize these relief efforts what needs to happen. we received the
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items from our a stocks from the sixteen provincial branches around the areas in order just told not to waste the time so that i can say that all the needed items are now deployed. to the. province it is which is the main province of that severely damaged. and i can say that. our people the day they do their most. to reach the people in the indifferent religious are you concerned that the death toll could you know rise further we're at four hundred thirty now do you think it could go up. we are not expecting just increasing but not at least the big changes ok thank you very much for speaking to us.
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gary of the uranian red crescent society joining us there from tehran thank you for your time. and an update now on the humanitarian situation in yemen the un's human humanitarian coordinator for yemen has called on the sound he led coalition to open all seaports into the country as a matter of urgency aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen after the coalition said it would start reopening some of the air and sea ports saudi arabia imposed a blockade a week ago after who the rebels fired a missile at riyadh the u.n. is warning millions of people could die in the world's worst famine in decades unless some measures are lifted completely a deliveries are waiting to leave djibouti for yemen let's not speak to al-jazeera as mohammed i doze in djibouti is a refugee camp for you many's in orbach tell us what the situation is where you are at this refugee camp moment. only
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we are in america's the comp which is in town about two hundred fifty kilometers or so from the cup we're told the beauty of america's you come was thirty up about two years ago when the was exiled us of refugees from yemen started arriving but there are far fewer people in the company now than when we last came here in january last year there were about six thousand refugees living in these come today they're just one thousand two hundred it doesn't mean that they're all going back to yemen what they've done is goes who could afford to have loved to come post conditions they are describing as very harsh and i have read that when their accommodation. and others have also gone to the capital. those who are here are the poorest of the poor they complain all for a few ration given to them they say they get on six kilos of rise every
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month i'm very sorry that is not enough to sustain their families on and as they've been any arrivals wanted since a beginning of the blockade last week and what is the situation as far as aid leaving djibouti for yemen is that going to happen any time soon. well. when we spoke to the national refugee agency of djibouti they say they have registered zones themselves refugees who arrived from yemen and particularly from the city of. a few moments ago we managed to speak to a woman who came here with. children and she said that they had fled because there was a shortage of everything as well as the fear of being killed she says the security is so bad that the absolutely no confidence in continuing to stay in the city they also talk about the massive shortages of fuel and food and yes people here for not
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arriving in time so food being taken from duty agencies say these are waiting for the green light from the city led coalition however they are getting ready by holding on the. ships at the port of djibouti with aid just in for yemen and they say any further delays could lead to the loss of lives i might add jill in a box thank you very much for that. the head of lebanon's maronite church is in saudi arabia for a rare visit as political tensions escalate between the two countries bashar ra is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly and nonces resignation from riyadh more than a week ago. ryan is expected to meet with harry reid as well as the saudi king and the saudi crown prince. the kremlin funded t.v. channel r.t. america says it will comply with a demand by the us government to register as
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a foreign agent but the network says it will challenge the decision in court r.t. previously known as russia today says it presents the russian view on global events and covers stories ignored by western mainstream media alan fischer reports from washington. r.t. has been broadcast around the world since two thousand and five initially calling itself russia today it says it presents an alternative view of the world away from western centric networks of politicians in the u.s. claim it traffics in conspiracy theories and works as a propaganda arm of the kremlin after being accused of influencing the last presidential election it's been forced to register as a foreign agent under a pre world war two a law that worked to block poor nazi propaganda channel will now have to file by a new reports to the us government flag it's backing from the russians now because the syria would use me just imagine you work in media and you should sign anything you do with foreign agent or produced by a foreign agent how does it feel for any media for interviews that you do to be
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declared to the institutions and ministries this can't be called working these conditions are aimed at destroying us as mass media the state department has said in the past that this will not impact on what broadcasts when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't impacts or a fact the ability of them to. report news and information russia's embassy in the u.s. says the order to register is an attack on press freedom but one analyst says it's not government you know tourism boards have to register as foreign agents things that don't that aren't even involved in politics so the notion of that that this is some nefarious law that's attempting to you know squelch alternative views or to to censor foreign governments and their abilities to you know reach out to the american public is absurd last month russian president vladimir putin wonder could
1:44 pm
be a midget response to the u.s. action photo done solution in this case we all do it only in kind and quite quickly as soon as we see steps to pressure media there will immediately be an answer. to the russian parliament has already begun discussing legislation which would require for international broadcasters including the news channel c.n.n. to register as for need alan fischer al-jazeera washington. in brazil thousands of women have marched in rio de janeiro to protest against the government's plan to make abortion illegal without exception and motion in brazil is currently only allowed in cases of rape or a pregnancy pregnancy that threatens a woman's life but i knew a measure adopted by a congressional committee would change the amendment needs a majority in both the lower house and senate to become law. still ahead on the news hour in sport find out if portland were able to snap a losing streak action from the n.b.a. coming up they say.
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now the concrete jungles of the world cities are huge sources of c o two emissions due in part to their construction but now some are reverting back to one of the oldest forms of building material which is cheaper faster and more sustainable in a clock report some. in australia. in the austrians illa tell they've been building houses out of wood for as long as anybody can remember but now the global demand for tim the construction is soaring business is booming at
1:47 pm
the bin to hold so a mill every day twenty thousand trees go through the system that six million trees a year the scale of production is staggering it's not the trained it's a mainstream and i think that the mainstream arrives because we have to change worldwide back to the nature absolutely everyone is talking about green living. much of the wood is compressed into products known as cross laminated timber or c l t incredibly strong and durable and surprisingly fire resistant. it is the material of choice of more and more architects around the world especially in the u.k. like this residential development in dalston in london it's faster to put up than traditional construction materials and five times lighter we don't tend to think of the carbon footprint of buildings but concrete and steel production is actually
1:48 pm
responsible for up to eighty percent of global emissions. really suck in c o two and when the timber is used for construction read the carbon remains the way. nearly all been to holds to make comes from within one hundred kilometer radius all sustainably produced air is a felled off the fifty or sixty years of growth and then tree regenerate sorted by size and quality and logs are huge into planks to be used around the world and for more local projects. architect thomas uses e.l.t. for many of his designs. or its prices and i know that it's in the big advantage of it is that it presents new possibilities with the traditional way of building the carpenter creates in a three day plan and sends it to the sales a machine for the parts to be made then it's all put together like
1:49 pm
a puzzle on site at the sawmill anything that is not turned into timber is burned to supply district heating for nearby communities and electricity to the national grid there is next to no waste in the whole process. it would made me not yet to pretend that mankind's original construction material is making a definitive comeback mcclellan al-jazeera zillah tell mr. foley thank you so much italy manager john carroll ventura has apologized for his side failing to qualify for next year's world cup in russia but has refused to resign the second leg of italy's play off against sweden in milan ended goalless it meant the four time world champions went to one deal on aggregate since the first time in six decades they've failed to make a spectacle it's a huge fall for italy who won the world cup in two thousand and six so you know.
1:50 pm
we're all in tears this evening because we did our best and this will chase us forever it's incredible delusion even now we're struggling to realize. italy's failure also means a good bye from international football for john luigi reform italy's legendary goalkeeper the highlight of his career being italy's triumph in the two thousand and six event the thirty nine year old had one hundred and seventy five international caps and played at five world cups all for more on this story we're joined by nico sabbat he he's a sports historian and is based at the university of so nicolo why it went wrong. first of all good morning and thanks for having me there are several pools i think . the primary and short term cozies are the luck of talent and personality of the team probably. because it was not a certain point then there is an average level of well that is increasing and we
1:51 pm
sometimes forget that the beauty of football is also that also we care team a can can beat this stronger team but i think the main problem in the short term was this team it was just on two year staring stead of four year staring during the. anti-nuke they use a lot of their team and now. ventura was. cool to coach the team adjusted to make a new youth team and for the beginning of the message to do that but in the end when there is. going to make their equal back could the their players because they were the. state where still the most affordable one but that they are very deep.
1:52 pm
into their long problem that deal with the long tire and disease where their faith you'll come from ok and how sad is is before x. it. that before next it is is very sad of course because it time and supporters love him in general and i think. it was the first one to speak. he was the only one was really able to say that bob in fact all this and your they are really is that bob. contrary to like no one of of. managing side or off. side spoke immediately after the defeat and i think he has done a very serious and important speech chip and this is my personal point of view of course but i think in this speech it was in somehow candidate even says i don't
1:53 pm
know if a political career or a political career in sports institution but. as a cop he spoke as a competent but also i think thinking about his future well someone said a world cup without italy is not really aware of a cap how difficult will it be for italian fans to sit through next year's tournament without a leaf playing. ok for italian fans it will be very very difficult although the very difficult days are those days here because we are very like. that there is a wave of indignation of like you can see just a italian journalist titles they speak about apocalypse but i think in one week's time we maybe have four had forgot it because there are also other things more important than football but when they will be the work out it will be like
1:54 pm
a tough moment anyway is also a big opportunity because italian food. seems quite a lot of time i think i would say that even in two thousand and six when we won the world cup we we started our crisis because we were the top at that moment and we didn't as they did other very important football team i think there is. an italian word that that we. don't have that. i think we can translate with gerontocracy they come from the greek and blood and it's like a society that is ruled by by older people and italian football more or less as i say old italian society is led by by old people the president of the time for the racially seventy four the coach jim bittermann today seventy nine before.
1:55 pm
putting the world but he still thirty nine the average. age of the team was thirty one i think there is now a windows of opportunity for for every new one praised thank you so much for your time. thank you. ireland's coach is urging his players to draw inspiration from their euro twenty six team play off against bossie ahead of their world cup qualifying showdown with denmark there at home for the second leg on tuesday after holding the danes to a goalless draw in copenhagen in two thousand and fifteen arlin one to mail in dublin after drawing the first leg. we've had the experience of a couple of years ago most almost of the day and. i mean. the evening in dublin is really fantastic against bosnia and. i know i think some of the players can draw on some part of that but i think they're probably trying to
1:56 pm
create their own experiences to me as you mention the crowd are really. really important if you know important. in order much is needed even given it's phenomenal so forth and you know i think that. i sometimes think history as well. everyone is fifty. we just have to continue after the game in copenhagen with and it will just. take tonight's next ninety minutes and try to get a goal that these men go. if we get one goal they have to score two so it's obvious that we will build on that we what we did in the copenhagen which was . actually very good after a bit of planning because we had a ball a lot be created chances enough to get a goal but sometimes you don't succeed. one rafa nadal has pulled out of the season
1:57 pm
ending a.t.p. finals after losing his opening match the spaniard who has been struggling with a knee injury was defeated by david goffin seven six six seven six four on monday in london the dow pulled out of the paris masters ten days ago saying his knees were still not perfect the thirty one year old has never won the a.t.p. finals despite appearing in in them eight times. on the first ball garion to qualify for the tournament in its forty year history one a gripping and counter grigor dimitrov overcoming austrian dominic pm six three five seven seven five in what was dubbed the battle of the back can. lebron james help the cleveland cavaliers come from a twenty four point deficit to defeat the new york knicks one hundred four to one hundred and one meanwhile the portland trailblazers beat the denver nuggets at home to snap a two game losing streak uses that nurse and c.j. mccollum each scored seventeen points to peace to leave portland to one hundred and
1:58 pm
one to ninety seven victory. all fans who go to watch live sport will know the role always keep your eye on the ball one n.f.l. umpire will never turn his back on play again after this fire jeff rice was blindsided on a punt return during denver's game with new england and landed on his head he was later carted off the field by medical staff. that's all you sport for now falling all right thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour do stay with us plenty more world news coming up next with.
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it. was finished. school. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes record in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take. my last. go i
2:00 pm
also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. that were there on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the race to save survivors after a devastating earthquake along the.


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