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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and. every.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes. iranians face another night of freezing temperatures after the powerful earthquake which killed hundreds of people zimbabwe's army chief puts the military on a collision course with mugabe with his threat to intervene over the president's party purge governments around the world are accused of manipulating social media and trying to strangle the internet plus frankly i have no real recollection of this meeting. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions insists he didn't lie to congress about trump campaign contacts with russian officials. and i'm santa hummus with all the sporting killing italian football fans are coming to terms with the idea of will cup without their team three leading players have quit the national side after
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their playoff defeat to sweden. thousands of iranians are enduring a second night sleeping outside in freezing temperatures after their homes were destroyed in sunday's powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border and earlier reports that five hundred thirty people have been killed has now been revised down to more than four hundred thirty that's almost all of them though in iran many victims have been buried though without the authorities knowledge so the real figure could be much higher the number of people injured in the seven point three magnitude quake now stands at nearly eight thousand the quake also the stored more than twelve thousand homes and that leaves around seventy thousand people homeless worst hit was the rain in time. well here's a hob where former president mahmoud ahmadinejad ordered the construction of many
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low income housing projects need parker reports. tens lined the main road into the city of kermanshah hardest hit in sunday's earthquake more than one hundred aftershocks followed many survivors now feel safer living in the open with belongings salvaged from their ruined homes. all of a sudden we started to feel shaking we tried to take shelter next but then left our building immediately one of our neighbors died and my brother was injured. when we felt the quake my wife and i to cover we managed to rescue our son my wife fractured her back the seven point three magnitude quake lasted only four minutes but struck with immense force when it was over hundreds were dead thousands injured and vast sections of this city destroyed. further afield more than two thousand villages and seven more cities were also hit twelve thousand homes flattened.
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we've lost everything in the earthquake we hope the authorities will live up to their responsibilities and help us. the iranian president hassan rouhani arrived in the region promising to support those affected by the earthquake rescue operations are over the dead are being buried and now the daunting task of rebuilding homes and lives begins. on sort of a gary is the rector of international operations at the uranian red crescent society she says her teams have reached most of the affected areas and the priority now is sheltering people from the cold. the focus now on the actually emergency sheltering and food. but the and the solution of the food but the point is that because the wide area is reaching to the people it takes a little bit time so we are actually doing our best to accelerate this procedure
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and to send the items to all of the people we receive the items from our a starbucks from the sixteen provincial branches around the areas in order just to not to waste the time so that i can say that all the needed items are now deployed. to the. province it is which is the main province of that severely damaged. and i can say that. our people that they do their most. to reach the people in the in different religious for tanks have been seen on a road outside the zimbabwean capital harare a witness also told the reuters news agency that two more tanks were parked beside the main road from harare to chinoy zimbabwe's currently on edge following a warning from the head of armed forces on monday that the military may intervene
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if president robert mugabe does not stop purging members of his ruling party last week mugabe sacked his vice president a man who has close ties to the military and many believe that mugabe's wife grace is being primed for the position and the huckster reports. some regard it as a standoff between the old guard and the new on the one side a youth faction law to grace mcgarvey the wife of the long time president on the other some of those who fought for the country's independence miniature leaders including general constantine chinwag a scene has been loyal to the ousted vice president and defense minister. you cannot benefit from these one. with the former minister of defense not. the current page which is general chiwenga spoke to reporters twenty four hours
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warning the military will intervene if the targeting of former war fighters continues. on the counter. in the fight he must be exposed and fished out. zimbabwe's military leadership is powerful but usually stay silent not this time. the general spoke out a week after his ally. was sacked as vice president and expelled from the ruling zanu p.f. party it's understood his ousting followed a route with the president's wife grace mugabe. when a gag was removal it's been seen as boosting the first lady's leadership. the faction dispute and the ruling party is nothing new with the ailing president forced to publicly intervene last year when the g forty or generation forty section clashed with the war veterans within the zanu p.f. .
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fracture fracture. shattered. gobby is the world's oldest leader at ninety three years old having been in power for nearly forty years and secure in zimbabwe is independent throughout his time in office has counted on little support from the military the army has always maintained it would only support candidates to succeed him who food in the independence war. crisis fifty two year old wife is not aloof veteran the latest is pushing and a difficult position ahead of the zanu p.f. conference next month. well in the last few minutes the ruling zanu p.f. party in zimbabwe has said the army's chief statement on monday was calculated to the start of the peace and stability and suggests quote treasonable conduct the
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party also says it will never succumbed to pressure from the military well the call tartar is a human rights lawyer and opposition activist based in harare joins us live now via skype or first of all let me just get a comment in reaction to from you to these new lines that i've just i've just mentioned coming out of zanu p.f. . yes so i think that this really demonstrates the hold back that the g forty faction of. sunapee have now has over the party clearly. this statement made by chewing. and as well as the show of force today by the military. designed to to shore up the other faction but but the very clear statement earlier today we saw the youth leak coming out which we've known for some time that the youth league is very much behind the tea party faction but now seeing hearing of this statement
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from the main wing of the party does seem to demonstrate that that this part of the party is very much behind the tea party faction and that this purge of. one of the two allies will will likely continue and so how likely do you think we are to be near some kind of escalation right now. so at this stage i think that that this is more of a show a show of force by the military to try and. strengthen the hand in influencing events going on within the ruling party so at this stage i don't think it's think that it's that it's any more than that. but we you know we wait and see how things play out over the next. the next few hours and then the next few days certainly this statement this defiant statement by.
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against the military will certainly be. you know the battle lines are really drawn and so we wait and see what the military makes truth is i guess you know the whole country is playing a waiting and seeing game but what would you say the atmosphere is in zimbabwe line right now do you think people you know even perhaps people who don't support robert mugabe but you think there is a i worry a concern about potential instability. absolutely people are certainly on it people are concerned i wouldn't say that this outright panic yet people. on agent waiting to see what the how things play out and dug coal tar to just one more point on grace mugabe herself who does seem to be a sort of anointed successor if possible what do you think it is that the public
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would make of her if she doesn't dida following her husband's footsteps. i think that really remains to be seen certainly over the over the past few months a lot has been done especially with then zanu p.f. to try and shore her up as someone with a real constituency for a long time. you know analysts have said that she doesn't really have much of a constituency herself and her power is really dependent on her husband and as soon as he's out of the picture. that that constituency will really diminish and any power she has will work will rapidly vanish but certainly we have seen statements at least within zanu p.f. of people coming out in support of. whether that will translate into
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into support kind of beyond a narrow faction of the ruling party and enough to actually. give her the or thirty to be able to lead the country i think really remains to be seen but certainly there are major question marks about about that and she's in a lot of other sicked as of society a very unpopular individual that caltex human rights lawyer and opposition activist speaking to us from harare sir thank you thanks very much. well coming up in this news hour questions remain about who was responsible for air strikes in syria the killed more than sixty people many of them children plus on the clock reporting from austria on the return of the would know it all detective turning back time on construction. and in sports in denmark get ready for their dublin world cup the decider.
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but first lebanon's absent prime minister has tweeted that he will return home from saudi arabia in the coming days sad really also called for calm and said his family would be staying in saudi arabia harry remain at the head of lebanon's maronite church in riyadh patriarch bashar rai is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since harry unexpectedly announced his resignation there more than a week ago after the meeting he said he supported her reasons for resigning well lebanon's foreign minister meanwhile has said saad hariri is. lebanon's fine says his freedom saad hariri is freedom will only be proven once he returns to beirut and if saudi arabia has an issue with iran that it shouldn't punish lebanon if. they have problems they can be it is solved if they have problems with iran let them have these problem solved with
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iran iran is not lebanon lebanon is not syria lebanon is not iran we have an independent foreign policy when the end terrorist of lebanon comes first. a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside a camp used by security forces in southern yemen at least six people were killed and several others injured in the attack which happened in the port city of aden eisel has claimed responsibility for it yemeni officials say the saudi led coalition has bombed the airports in the capital sanaa which is controlled by who the rebels there who these say the runway and ground navigation tower would damaged however the u.n. says most of the airport is intact and can receive aid shipments once saudi arabia loosens the blockade imposed on the country eight days ago the syrian observatory for human rights says it's not clear whether the airstrikes on a rebel held
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a town in the north were carried out by russian or syrian warplanes more than sixty people were killed in a in an attack and a market in the countryside near aleppo but people on the ground say there were no fighters or weapons in the neighborhood well some of binge of eid has more now from gaziantep near the turkey syria border. in the haze of dust and debris risk years trying to make sense of what happened. here strikes leveled almost an entire block of homes so. a young boy is saved from the remains of his apartment. but. this rescuer says there were three airstrikes by russian warplanes on the crowded market in the tarp city white helmet rescuer strike to help. with georgie of the casualties were children as is the case in many attacks.
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the warplanes hit all or homes or children died our houses destroyed we lost everything so many are dead and injured there so much damage in the area come and see i've lost many relatives. the search and rescue workers and activists say dozens were killed and more than one hundred injured the continued late into the night to try and hear voices and dig out people who were buried alive the countryside of aleppo province is not part of the deescalation zones agreed by turkey and russia the airstrikes happened almost simultaneously as president of the gun and putin met and as they told reporters of their satisfaction with the way things are going in syria. the level of violence has definitely been reduced favorable conditions are being created to push forward the syrian talks under the un.
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but that dialogue may seem strange to syrians continuing to pull bodies from the rubble after it strikes. people from a target say there were no fighters no weapons or even check ports in the market that was destroyed by war planes all this as human rights advocates are reminding all warring sides that targeting civilians amounts to crimes against humanity is on a big job al-jazeera. the russian defense ministry has been accused of lying after releasing what it called evidence that the u.s. is working alongside eisel it turns out some of the footage alleged to show u.s. forces covering for and i still call boy was in fact screenshots taken from a mobile phone game or a challenge in moscow has more. when russia's ministry of defense accused the united states on tuesday of effectively collaborating with eisel in syria it wasn't the first time that it had made such accusations but this time it said it had irrefutable proof photos which were put out on the ministry of defense as facebook
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and twitter accounts grainy drone images apparently of a convoy being left alone by u.s. forces but it didn't take too long for eagle eyed observers on social media organizations like the citizen journalists belling katz and conflicts intelligence team to see that they had noticed these images before and actually they weren't what they were training they had come from what he was one of them from a mobile phone computer game called the a c one thirty gunship simulator others from this collection of images had come from a two thousand and sixteen video put out by iraq e forces showing them attacking a convoy leaving for lucia it didn't take long after that for the ministry of defense to delete them although they stood by their original accusations they have since subsequently admitted that this was a mistake and they're blaming it on
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a civilian employee at the ministry of defense and say they're launching an investigation. the u.s. based advocacy group freedom house says this information campaigns and manipulation of social media have resulted in a global decline in internet freedom for the seventh year in a row the u.s. based organization says elections in eighteen countries suffered from those tactics including in the united states itself governments around the world are increasingly resorting to social media manipulation venezuela the philippines and turkey are among thirty countries employing social media opinion shapers to spread the pro-government news and opinions of the countries like china and resorted to blocking mobile internet service particularly in areas with religious and ethnic minorities like tibet or michael abramovitz is the president of freedom house he joins us live now from washington d.c. sir thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera first of all would you say the key
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trends were that you discovered with this report. well thank you for having me the key trend is as you say is that we believe that internet freedom is on decline that that access to content restrictions on users a whole range of efforts by governments to really restrict freedom on the internet is in decline and the point that that your graphic just showed is really the key point that governments everywhere are getting much more sophisticated about manipulating online content to undermine democracy suppress dissent we're used to this debate in the last few months in america with all the debate about the russian interference in our elections in two thousand and sixteen but the but our conclusion from our report is that this trend has gone global and we've we've seen elections in at least seventeen other countries affected by these tactics and all
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told roughly thirty countries of the roughly six of the sixty five that we analyzed already are using these kinds of tactics to restrict freedoms i guess this trend is quite insidious because when a country is blocking access to certain websites of the internet that's pretty obvious and you go there you know that you can't access the web but that kind of manipulation shows a real lack of transparency in the way that people sometimes use the internet the fact that they can be manipulated while you know well thinking that they're just taxing on normal social media network. that's exactly right what you essentially have for instance in countries like mexico or turkey or venezuela is governments essentially hiring paid commentators social media staffers to basically flood the the social media with what seemed to be quote unquote objective information when there in fact . this is information that's basically wholly approved and and supported by the
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government so what you're basically doing is creating a false sense of of support your the government and are in effect inflating what seems to be popular support for their policies and really inhibiting and at accurate assessment of their policies i guess you know the title is manipulating social media to undermine democracy i mean ultimately how much the sink is genuinely does undermine democracy well i certainly think it's a pose of the major we we certainly think that opposes a major threat to democracy. the idea of democracy is among other things based on the idea of a free and open debate political debate and if that free and open debate is essentially subverted then then we would argue that democracy suffers obviously this is a can be a two headed. issues so to speak because obviously the idea of the internet is to
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allow people of all opinions and persuasions have their say but essentially the trends that we see are that's really undermining that kind of that kind of openness and really undermining the idea that the internet can be a liberating. force for good in society michael abramowitz president of freedom house thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us thank you. now the u.s. attorney general has been defending himself against allegations that he misled kong congress over contacts between russians and members of donald trump's campaign team jeff sessions is currently testified before a house judiciary committee hearing he said him now recalls a meeting in march two thousand and sixteen with a former campaign adviser in which he discussed the possible meeting with russian president vladimir putin she reckons he has been listening in to that committee hearing and joins us now from washington what reasons were explanations that he
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gave for effectively changing his story she had a. right he rejects that he lives in previous congressional testimony his argument is the trump campaign was a brilliant chaotic thing with long days he met many many people had many conversations he called be expected to remember every conversation but when news came out of his testimony to the special counsel that he had told jeff sessions in a meeting about the possibility of some sort of communication between. trump and. not only does jeff sessions now remember that conversation took place but he shut it down very quickly sessions is adamant that no further discussions about possible russian communications took place. i would like to address recent news reports regarding meetings during the campaign attended by george papadopoulos and carter page among others frankly i had no real recollection of this meeting until i saw
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these news reports i do now recall that the march twenty sixth meeting at the drop out tell that mr papadopoulos attended but i have no clear recollection the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his account and to the best of my recollection i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not. represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter so a lot of focus on jeff sessions obviously in his statements but hillary clinton is in the spotlight as well and tell us more about that and the response to it. overnight of the department of justice is considering appointing a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton and there do remain many many. investigated and questions and allegations about hillary clinton's time as secretary of state but the relationship between what she was doing in office and
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the clinton foundation there's other things too but the clintons always maintained complete innocence having said that the very prospect of a department of justice with donald trump as president and beginning a special prosecutorial investigation into hillary clinton has really really got democrats very very concerned republicans by the on this committee seemed rather relieved and would say ok when are we going to finally do this the democrats however said this sounds like a banana republic one question is it proper for a leader in a functional democracy to retaliate with criminal with a criminal justice system versus political opponents to which jeff sessions says no it's not and he insisted jeff sessions that donald trump was not was not exerting any undue influence on the department of justice as it makes its deliberation on whether to appoint a special prosecutor he says this will be done on the merits of the case to be answered potentially by hillary clinton. from washington d.c.
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thank you. still lots more to come in this news hour including as donald trump skips the last summit of his asia tour we'll look at whether the twelve day trip was the success that he claims plus. i'm down there in bolivia despite strong efforts to wipe it out child labor is a reality is legal. and in sports the football coach who says a drone may have upset his team's chances of reaching the world cup. does look quite just around the quake zone i am pleased to say so least that will not hamper the operations going on here a little bit of cloud just coming through we're going to see rather more the way like a cloud just spilling out around the black sea easing towards the caspian sea chance
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of a little bit of tab weather for somebody since he does a little dry backed out of the around twenty seven celsius and quite so we're looking at temperatures into the the low to mid twenty's by day forty back to around twelve thirteen overnight further east still a shelter some wintry flowers into northern parts of afghanistan maybe also into the north of pakistan in the process of pushing away over the next couple of days for a dry here across the river and potentially some places of sunshine here and winds easing back not so much of a problem with a lifted dust and sand that we have seen in recent days we get up to around thirty or thirty one celsius on wednesday and thursday. less sunshine into southern parts of south africa was saved lots of very heavy showers just draining out solve the tropics pushing a little further south which is wet weather coming in across a good part of south africa particularly towards the eastern cape where we have cooler weather coming in.
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sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island a fitbit in love at this time on al-jazeera. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones the people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest and in the garret and look more like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices have been used to fight fire with fire if a right to fire like that at the lake of fire right about the time that point if i get scared just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera thousands of iranians face another night of freezing temperatures after sunday's powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border more than four hundred thirty people are known to have been killed almost all of them in iran four tanks have been spotted outside zimbabwe's capital harare a day after the army chief threatened to intervene if president mugabe doesn't stop purging members of his party the ruling that o.p.'s party says the comment suggests treasonable conduct and lebanon's absent prime minister assad says he'll return
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home from saudi arabia in the coming days it follows his meeting with the head of lebanon's maronite church in riyadh. myanmar's military has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against the range of minority in an internal investigation which rights groups have branded a whitewash range of refugees accuse me and our security forces of massacres of rape and the burning of villages in rakhine state the claims have been backed by the un which described the violence there as ethnic cleansing the army crackdown has forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee bangladesh it's called hi-lo has more now from the capital of me and was. released on the myanmar commander in chief's facebook page late on monday the investigation an internal investigation carried out by the military here on its actions in the rakhine state over the last couple of months has exonerated itself saying that those who carried out this operation this anti-terrorist operation as they coined it in the western
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rakhine state say that they had of themselves within the rules of engagement now this is was met by human rights activists around the world as a white washing of what took place over the last several months in rakhine state that sent over six hundred thousand range into neighboring bangladesh you know it's interesting that they say you know details that they didn't carry out any killing. murders of innocent civilians no rapes and no torching of villages again this goes directly against what i witnessed as have been saying in neighboring bangladesh those who have fled now it'll be on wednesday rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state will be visiting here neighbors or the capital will be meeting with top military officials rex tillerson already met on the sidelines of down in the philippines with on song suchi the civilian leader of this nation rex tillotson tomorrow on wednesday with meeting with the military leaders will be interesting to hear what comes out of that if anything we really haven't heard any schedule we haven't been notified of any public statements to come out of those meetings the
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asean summit has concluded in the philippines with an agreement to begin drafting a new guideline for the south china sea but leaders didn't tackle the range of refugee crisis or that of the philippine president's war on drugs angering some human rights groups pride has more now from manila. this gathering has concluded with one of the largest meetings of world leaders at the east asia summit chaired by president do turn of the philippines he opened the session by talking about the incredible opportunities of the interwoven economies of this region but at the same time with the shared threats of climate change and terrorism featuring prominently at this session as indeed at other sessions over the past couple of days has been the threat of north korea and its missile program at a news conference later on deter spoke about the need to be very careful now with north korea how a holocaust would be absolutely devastating for the world due to
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a has faced criticism from some of the visiting delegates and world leaders here especially people like justin trudeau of canada criticizing due to human rights record for his war on drugs that has claimed thousands of lives getting such criticism here on his home turf deter responded in characteristic fashion it is but. that is the way you'll hear of me driving down if you think it's because me when you're. if. you're not exactly what is happening in this country you don't even investigate you only sure will. we followed the united nations record but as well as died due to is also pointed up some of the successes of this summit such as an agreement by the
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asean members to work towards a code of conduct for settling territorial disputes in the south china sea it is an agreement that has a boast importantly the backing of china it has been a long time in coming some fifteen years to get to this stage but delegates are leaving here hoping it will provide long term solutions well the u.s. president donald trump skip to the last the summit of his twelve day trip to asia to fly home slightly early he declared the tour a success critics say he missed opportunities to promote the u.s. abroad and uphold human rights not least in the philippines our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. he promised to speak frankly to the chinese reassure japan over is north korean fears and deliver a strong message on trade in the end president donald trump's messages were muddled at best. on his trip to tokyo trump checked all the right boxes on security in
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north korea visiting with families of people abducted by the regime but will alain japan's fears about a north korean attack he later insulted kim jong un personally in a tweet even suggesting in the same tweet he may someday want to meet the north korean leader visiting china the president took no questions from the press at beijing's request something they always ask of u.s. presidents but are not always granted and well he talked tough on chinese trade it was this remark that got the most attention after all. who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. for the benefit of its citizens i give china great credit. indeed many analysts believe china not the united states emerged as an even bigger power
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following the trip will trump criticized asian trade practices she praised open markets but he's got a lot of cash that he's throwing around asia and so a lot of countries they are wary but they also are beneficiaries of that cause another problem many presidents in the past have used foreign travel to downplay domestic trouble trump did the opposite he failed to press the issue again of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election when meeting with russian president vladimir putin every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i believe i really believe that when he tells me that he means it that prompted widespread criticism forcing trump to clarify his remarks during a press conference i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies in the philippines
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the trumpet ministrations said it raised the issue of president rod rico to tear taze human rights abuses but that claim was later denied by two terror taste spokesman still donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade on wednesday a potential chance to correct what many believe may have been a missed opportunity abroad kimberly held at al-jazeera washington. afghan officials say the taliban attacked at least a dozen checkpoints overnight in southern cal the her province killing more than twenty policeman the violence comes as a new survey shows nearly forty percent of afghans would leave the country of they had the chance citing fears of a personal safety and high unemployment jennifer glass is more now from kabul. in one of kabul's busiest neighborhoods men gather every morning looking for work not hussein he says he'll do anything carry bricks make cement help want to building site any general labor that will earn him up to five dollars
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a day he has nine family members to feed and often can't find work. i'm not the only unemployed man here there are three to four hundred of us in the area on the best day only fifty to one hundred get work the rest of us are hopeless or should we do. saki says he's sixty six and by law should be retired with the government pension instead he's here hoping for a job but. i only work two or three days a week and even when i do get work sometimes they don't pay me what they have promised. the competition is tough and a potential employer arrives the men crowd around him only a lucky few are chosen. it isn't just the poorly educated and workers like these men who find it hard to get a job in today's afghanistan the country's high unemployment rate affects almost levels of society and contributes to the country's other major challenge lack of
9:41 pm
security high unemployment has cost escalating crime rates here in kabul and other city centers in the countryside poor job opportunities have contributed to record high opium production and cost some men to join opposition groups such as eisel or the taliban they can sometimes pay more than the afghan army. afghan businessmen. employs about two hundred people here it is office and another few hundred on contracts all the high unemployment rate means he can pick the best workers for him personally is a threat a number of afghan businessmen have been kidnapped or killed but there are so many important issues which are linked to the unemployment and the one effect as most security. least the security. security then affects us. one of his companies is a recruitment website the first one of its kind in kabul in seven years they found jobs for fifty thousand afghans another forty six thousand job seekers most highly
9:42 pm
educated are on the site now hoping to be chosen for the few hundred jobs currently available in consideration of a pianist and we are having most of the people who are even there or are having mastered the b. or they're having their better but that stand that i don't like or they are still at home. that's because there are dozens of universities churning out thousands of graduates a year the job market can't keep up government modernization is expected to offer opportunities for those with i.t. and computer experience but until government leaders are able to foster a more robust economy many unemployed afghans will have to get by as best they can jennifer glassed al-jazeera kabul. then as well as economy has slipped further into crisis after one of the world's major credit rating agencies ruled that the south american nation is in selective default it comes less than twenty four hours after president nicolas maduro is negotiating committee met with creditors from nine
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different nations in the capital caracas the government is trying to refinance around sixty billion dollars worth of bonds but the standard and poor's ratings agency says venezuela has missed repayments and is likely to do so again soon. bolivia is the only nation in the world where a child labor is illegal in two thousand and fourteen the working age was lowered from fourteen to just ten years old the idea was to safeguard children in and out of control labor market in which twenty percent of children are workers but the legislation has been condemned at home and abroad three years on the annual schwimmer has been to the eastern something crews region to examine its affects. there are so many workers in bolivia selling on the streets of mixed heavy traffic or hidden in these markets but they blend in with the practice appears almost normal. is one of those striving to ensure that child labor is not excepted does
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not become normal. it is their stuff and if a child wants to work catching sugarcane like their parents when they grow up that's fine but they should have the opportunity to choose because they've had an education they want to be an architect they could be an architect we shouldn't deny them the dream of being something else she has helped create spaces like this one where. children working in the santa cruz markets come to study in play come to be children and the regional government with unicef backing is building schools in rural areas where most of believe years child laborers work many of them cutting sugarcane they are mostly from migrant families in low paid and seasonal work cut a man now twenty started work when he was thirteen. kids in the countryside have always worked to help themselves or they work when their parents a sick so they can eat. it can be difficult to get the children to school and the teachers amiss or says to the children. sometimes we have to go and
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get them and bring them back here for their classes is difficult because they'd often don't have the books or pens so we have to do what we can to improvise with these children work but now they also study that every child should receive an education is the most a fundamental right is basic it is complicated here in bolivia by many things by prejudice by tradition and by poverty. poor families need the extra income their children bring in forth or it is a reluctant to in their forces want to keep wages down the consumers demand low prices some however do see the benefits of eradicating child labor. these children will be educated to live in better conditions with better health schooling and food without sacrificing themselves physically but to live their lives as they should as children. it's a message taking root in santa cruz that poverty in bolivia should not make child
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labor inevitable that children should be able to study in play to be children in an often harsh world. santa cruz bolivia. a major source of pollution that often goes unnoticed is the construction industry building the concrete jungles of the world cities as created a huge amount of c o two emissions but now some architects are turning to an older form of building material that is cheaper faster and more sustainable that clark traveled to the austrian alps to find out more. in the austrians illa tell they've been building houses out of wood for as long as anybody can remember but now the global demand for timber construction is soaring business is booming at the bin to hold sawmill every day twenty thousand trees go through the system six million trees a year the scale of production is staggering it's not a trend it's
9:47 pm
a mainstream and i think that the mainstream arrives because we have a big change worldwide of back to the nature absolutely everyone is talking about green living much of the wood is compressed into a production note it's cross laminated timber or see l.t. incredibly strong and durable and surprisingly fire resistant. it is the material of choice of more and more architects around the world especially in the u.k. like this residential development in dalston in london it's faster to put up than traditional construction materials and five times lighter we don't tend to think of the carbon footprint of buildings but concrete and steel production is actually responsible for up to eighty percent of global emissions. really suck in c o two and when the timber is used for construction read the carbon remains locked away.
9:48 pm
and nearly all been to holes to make comes from within one hundred kilometer radius all sustainably produced air is a felled off the fifty or sixty years of growth and then tree regenerate sorted by size and quality the logs are huge into planks to be used around the world and for more local projects. architect thomas uses e.l.t. for many of his designs. it's vices and that it's in the big advantage of it is that it presents new possibilities with the traditional way of building the carpenter creates in a three day plan and sends it to the sales a machine for the parts to be made then it's all put together like a puzzle on site at the sawmill anything that is not turned into timber is burned to supply district heating for nearby communities and electricity to the national
9:49 pm
grid there is next to no waste in the whole process the wooden age may not yet to ever turned but mankind's original construction material is making a definitive comeback and the clock al-jazeera zillah tell austria. the british parliament is the base in the content of its so called breck's it bill the laws which will govern the nation's withdrawal from the european union the legislation will repeal the nine hundred seventy two act which initially took the u.k. into the e.u. it will also move many e.u. rules and regulations into domestic law a process that's expected to be extremely complicated and piece of put down nearly five hundred amendments to the proposed text of the bill. u.s. regulators have approved the first digital pill which will allow doctors to track if patients are actually taking their medication properly the medicine is a version of the established drug abilify used to treat schizophrenia bipolar disorder and depression it will have an ingestible sensor imbedded in the tablet
9:50 pm
which records that the medication has been taken a patch worn by the patient transmits this information to their smartphone amazing still to come in this news hour we're going to have reaction to the world cup defeat that's been described in italy as a footballing apocalypse. and
9:51 pm
to get the sports news here. thank you very much. manager's young piro ventura has apologized for his size failure to qualify for next year's world cup in
9:52 pm
russia is the first time in six decades that the four time champions have missed out on football's biggest event. it's been described in the italian media as a national tragedy even an apocalypse find its average the world cup finals for the first time since nine hundred fifty eight has hit its really hard their beloved as are needed to overturn a one nil deficit against sweden in the second leg of their play off in milan but a nod to frustration ended with a goal is draw i did limitation for the four time champions of the world. most all the match did not make sense bonjour had a team that didn't deserve to be on the pitch the team could have done much much better than us yes. if it doesn't show the hunger the will to win everybody was saying that we were strong but it's not true sweden is going through and we're going home. it's disgusting the world cup context without italy it just context.
9:53 pm
yes absolutely apologize for the result but not for the effort we put in our desire to win for the result absolutely yes and that's the main thing that counts i know. despite having a contract until twenty twenty french it was position looked instantly untenable with a wave of criticism for his pilots to make the changes that would bring italy the gold i desperately needed he hangs on to his job for now. and there will need to be a new era for italian football experienced players now with charlie mainly the hugely respected guy. whose international career is over after an extraordinary one hundred seventy five appearances over twenty years he lifted the world cup in two thousand and six but the class of twenty seventeen does not possess that quality the president of the seventy four. seventy nine.
9:54 pm
best goalkeeper in the world but he still thirty nine the average. age of the team was thirty one so i think there is now a windows of opportunity for for every new while while sweden celebrates italy are not the only significant casualties of a brutal world cup qualifying campaign the usa chile and netherlands are among those who won't be in russia but italy had the highest expectations but always expect to mount a serious challenge for the trifecta this time that we mere spectators they were zero zero they are public of island or denmark will take the last european place at next year's finals the teams kickoff in dublin and just over an hour's time after goalless draw in copenhagen and score draw will be enough to send the day's throw. aiming for the first world cup since two thousand and. nine only takes a second school course so the minute the goals for the game. eradicates a lot of things. relative sets of time really kicks penalty kicks and things like
9:55 pm
that so one chance for whom we may need a couple of goals of the game as well too because to keep my denmark for for two games might be maybe talk. you know we talk about a game that takes us to the world cups of course we have to fight in the mentality to go through that as well even though it goes to jack's a time or the end of the game so sure we can fight with them if they want to fight then we take that up but that's not our game plan is to get down and play on the floor and move them around and then hopefully be school before the. honduras coach jorge luis pinto has accused australia of espionage ahead of their world cup qualifier says australia is the drone to film his team's training session and head of the first leg australia's football federation have denied any involvement faced on wednesday in the leg of their intercontinental a play off the score is the level of. the
9:56 pm
incident is an embarrassment to such an advanced country when australia came to one juror they checked every bathroom every box at the stadium where they trained the video show more than i think a drone can show and it takes some of the merits away from the fans place and the sporting event is jus to be held. while the all of these have been boosted by news that veterans striker tim cahill will be fit to start the game in sydney that seven year old assess how did the first leg go with an ankle injury all time leading scorer has hit the net a fifty times in more than one hundred international appearances. he's limping is doing it in these rings on the machine. and he's ready to go as far as our old i'm going to say not only will start. every once in a viable move on wanting to start which is right kosovo's footballers are celebrating a win for just the second time since they gained official fifa status
9:57 pm
a stoppage time goal from bizarre halimi gave them a four three friendly win over latvia it was just the second winces being recognised by football's governing body last year. and a roger federer is an action against alexander the a.t.p. finals later on federer is aiming for a second straight when at the season ending event in london the tournament a has a group format and jack soccer has revived his hopes of a semifinal spots with a win over mantilla so close to his open against federer but one this encounter in three sets. the bron james helped the cleveland cavaliers come back up to twenty four point deficit to defeat the new york knicks and the portland trailblazers beat the denver nuggets at home to snap a two game losing streak. and that's it for me back to barbara. thank you and of course the main sports story was italy being out of the world cup but there is one small consolation for the only telling astronaut on the
9:58 pm
international space station a delivery of pizza and ice cream well that's the payload of a supply capsule that successfully docked at the station as it orbits have four hundred kilometers above the indian ocean the three thousand kilograms of cargo was mostly made up of scientific equipment what the ice cream and ingredients for making pizza an added bonus fittingly it was italian astronaut paolo nespoli who operated the robot arm for docking pizza and ice cream will help most disappointments that's it for me and the rest of the news our team aram as he will have more in a few. is
9:59 pm
hosting the international primary health care conference two thousand and seventeen under the title healthier communities brighter future from the seventeenth through the nineteenth of november two thousand and seventeen primary health care corporation the first step to your family's. high-pockets it or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.p.a. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member because but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation . at this time on al jazeera. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we don't doubt that
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indebted to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government tried out yet why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of local iraq at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.


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