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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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this is the only food available in this household. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. somebody to the territory and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on and does either. we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for forty years that's incredibly. kind of. tense times in zimbabwe zanu p.f. accuses the army chief of treason after he threatens to intervene over the
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president's policy pudge. below maryam namazie in london this is al-jazeera also coming up tens of thousands of survivors of the iran iraq of quake face a desperate future as the government scrambles to provide an eight frankly i had no real recollection of this meeting the u.s. attorney general changes his story but insists he did not lie to congress about contacts between the russians and trump's campaign team. was i will tell you about the speech schools taking children off the streets and into education in liberia. zimbabwe's ruling party says it will never succumb to pressure from the army and as warm the military chief against meddling in politics on monday general constantino
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chiwenga said the army was prepared to intervene if the pudge's continued within zanu p.f. party since then four armored vehicles have been seen on a road outside the zimbabwean capital harare a witness told the reuters news agency that two more were parked beside the main road from harare to chinoy is on a p.f. described monday statement by the army general as treasonable conduct last week mugabe sacked his vice president a man who has close ties to the military many believe what bobby's wife grace is being prime for the presidency and a hoax to report. some regard it as a standoff between the old guard and then you're on the one side a huge faction daughter grace mcgarvey the wife of the longtime president on the other some of those who fought for the country's independence miniature leaders including general constantine chinwag seen as being loyal to the ousted vice president and defense minister.
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you cannot benefit from this one. with the former minister of defense and. the current page which is general spoke to reporters twenty four hours warning the military will intervene if the targeting of former war fighters continues. counter-revolutionary elements. in the party must be exposed and fished out. zimbabwe's military leadership is powerful but usually stay silent not this time. the general spoke out a week after his ally. was sacked as vice president and expelled from the ruling zanu p.f. party it's understood his ousting father to raul with the president's wife grace mugabi. when a gag was removal it's been seen as boosting the first lady's leadership. the
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faction dispute and the ruling party is nothing new with the ailing president forced to publicly intervene last year when the g forty or generation forty section clashed with the war veterans within the zanu p.f. . you know this fracture that fracture. shatter you. know mugabe is the world's oldest leader at ninety three years old having been in power for the food he is secure engine ways independents throughout his time in office has counted on support from the military the army has always maintained it would only support candidates to succeed him who fought in the independence war. a . crisis fifty two year old wife it's not only new veterans the latest route is pushing roman grabbing and a difficult position ahead of the zanu p.f. for the next month i don't know. alex my guy so what as an adviser to the
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former prime minister of zimbabwe morgan chang you told me earlier that there may be factions within the army that would not support any action against. this is the first time that we're seeing a really tense situation pitting the military making some very tough commonness and threatening to take drastic action although without specifying what drastic action that would be and of cause i think a lot of people are worried there is also a lot of excitement people are really fed up with the government of mr mugabe and they're saying whatever it is that helps them to get rid of the system there will coming it you must not forget also that he's also a beneficiary of the military intervention in politics for a number of years since two thousand and two the military has come out in support of mr mugabe and that's why some of us are saying he's being eaten by a monster that he created they're now threatening his presidency they're also
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threatening the ambitions of his own life he seems to have been promoting over the last few months he may have people within the military who support him there is no indication that the whole military or security establishment is in support of those who are against mugabe there may be people in there who support him and they will probably defend him in the event that there is a conflict and that would portend some very difficult situation for zimbabwe. thousands of iranians are enjoying a second night sleeping outside in freezing temperatures after their homes were destroyed in sunday's powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border an earlier report that five hundred thirty people had been killed is now been revised down to more than four hundred thirty almost all of them in iran the number of people injured in
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the seven point three magnitude quake now stands at almost eight thousand new fokker. terms line the main road into the city of kermanshah hardest hit in sunday's earthquake more than one hundred aftershocks followed many survivors now feel safer living in the open with belongings salvaged from their ruined homes. all of a sudden we started to feel shaking we tried to take shelter next the wall but then left our building immediately one of our neighbors died and my brother was injured . when we felt the quake hit my wife and i took cover we managed to rescue but my wife fractured her back the seven point three magnitude quake lasted only four minutes but struck with immense force when it was over hundreds were dead thousands injured and vast sections of this city destroyed. further afield more than two thousand villages and seven more cities were also hit twelve thousand
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homes flattened. even when we lost everything in the earthquake we had the authorities will live up to their responsibilities and help us. the iranian president hassan rohani arrived in the region promising to support those affected by the earthquake. rescue operations are over the dead are being buried and now the daunting task of rebuilding homes and lives begins. while near the quake's epicenter in northern iraq many people say they are afraid to return home. that one family in that back to call on him is now we build from the rubble. people in this mainly kurdish town a slim on a province are trying to recover from disaster for iraqis all of the suffering from the fact so poor and prices last year were changed by sunday's earthquake near the border with iraq. fergal and his wife leisure escaped war four
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years ago back then their home was demolished in baghdad now once again they have nothing left besides dust and dirt from their home. i can still feel the shake it lasted so long i'm still shaking i just can't get over the shock well there's a lot on the ceiling and we just managed to escape officials told us to evacuate the neighborhood for the last two days we have been sleeping in the city parks that noticeable but a couple thank god they have survived a few buildings collapsed during sunday's quake the ones which are badly damaged may end up the same so people are afraid to go their home says with the nights becoming cauldron iraq aid groups are providing mats and blankets for those who fear they have no option but to stay outside. al-jazeera.
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northern iraq. now lebanon's absent prime minister is tweeted that he will return home from saudi arabia in the coming days saad hariri also called for calm and said his family would remain there earlier hariri met the head of lebanon's maronite church in riyadh. arar is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since harry unexpectedly announced his resignation there more than a week ago when l. three people have been killed in the yemeni city of ties after airstrikes by the saudi led coalition it's thought that the strikes targeted a radio station and military defense positions three others were injured in the striking colluding to children and a soldier meanwhile yemeni officials say the saudi led coalition has bombed the airport in the capital sana'a which is controlled by the who the rebels the who say the runway and ground navigation tower were damaged but the u.n. says most of the airport is intact and can receive aid shipments once saudi arabia loses the blockade imposed on the country well the conflict in yemen has caused
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thousands of people to flee the country seeking safety in djibouti mamata dow is at one camp in a book. mark because it comes in the town of the bootees home to one thousand two hundred yemeni refugees just last year six thousand refugees lived here most of them have moved out of the come due to what they call harsh conditions here and have rented accommodation in the tunnels or in the capital djibouti now it's only the poorest of the poor those who cannot afford to leave outside the company have been left to complaining of issues such as shortage of food they say they do not receive enough food russians but us feel thankful for the security they have here in the past few days and must no refugee agency said the reduced that dozens of refugees who have come from different parts of yemen particularly in the south now
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we spoke to a family all five of the tunnels which is under the control of both the fighters and they say they were forced to flee due to the most of insecurity and also a shortage of fuel food and medical supplies and watching out is there more to tell you about this half hour and credit rating agency declares venezuela's economy is in default after a. payment deadline. and we're looking at how u.s. taxpayers have millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment claims in the highest echelons of power. how it will see something of a notable change in the weather across south australia over the next few days recently i've always been getting up into the mid to high thirty's temperature wise
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the system will make its way through and it's going to be much much cooler over the next few days. into the high twenty seven melva so. hates them in place the bands are made in place for the next day or two further west well twenty four past the chosen one to two showers into western australia warming up to thirty one degrees a by day and by thursday while he comes the colder air into the southeastern corner so adelaide no higher than about eighty degrees something like a twenty degree drop on the sort of values was saying over the weekend how the cloud right and cold weather will also make its way into victorious in melbourne just around twenty degrees celsius as source of value we can expect to see across new zealand dive in the next few days not a lot going on heaviest settled and five to seventeen right across it and for all clint over the next hour to perhaps a little more cloud just sliding towards the north island as we make our way through the day so if a bit of cloud recently across japan basin pieces of cloud right to calm here over
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the next few days and a touch of cool. travel often. by trying to use the forests broadly. valleys and scott i. would venture. scott. has fallen way. closer. together with cattle i always.
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you're watching our top stories this hour political tensions rising in zimbabwe with the ruling zanu p.f. party accusing the army chief of treason after he threatened to intervene over the president's purge of the party. tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning in iran for the more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's earthquake and lebanon's absent prime minister. from saudi arabia in the coming. between saad hariri and the head of lebanon's maronite church . our other stories we're following the international criminal court has been presented with evidence alleging that the renegade libyan general is responsible for war crimes the i.c.c. is already seeking the arrest of commanders affiliated with have to but the new evidence relating to crimes including murder and torture alleges have to has direct responsibility paul brennan reports from the hague. libya has been in turmoil
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since the two thousand and eleven popular uprising toppled the country's leader colonel gadhafi and the conduct of the rival militia groups has provoked grave international concern this video shows militia commander we're finally hearing to summarily shoot. the family is already wanted by the i.c.c. chief prosecutor. now attention is turning to a fairly superior the renegade general after the court has enough evidence to prove that have is the command of the superior of war fairly and that's what father said in her statement before the security council would be able to have go to a rest there were fairly and them over to the libyan authorities so he can be handed over to the court so. without with video or without video it's proven that he is the superior over all of those. the doctrine of command this
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possibility he will be held responsible after us forces have been accused of committing atrocities on numerous occasions since twenty fourteen the evidence presented to the i.c.c. on tuesday relates to two specific attacks in twenty fourteen and one atrocity in early twenty seventeen it's being gathered by lawyers from going to thirty seven chambers it details individual witness accounts and if we were direct and indirect victims it summarises evidence that we have obtained through speeches through martial after another individual. in relation to the attacks that we consider in our report have to has been supported by regional and international powers including egypt in the united arab emirates four months ago he was even welcomed by the french president to manuel macron at a peace summit outside paris but many libyans say have ties international friends must not shield him from international justice. the case against the renegade
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general and his other commanders would appear to be building strength and although the prospect of them being arrested does not look imminent the prosecutors here in the hague have very long memories remember thirteen years from the indictment of the serbian war criminal rather than carriage which to his arrest in two thousand and eight justice will be served paul brennan al-jazeera and the hague myanmar's military has cleared itself of committing any atrocities against their henge a minority in an internal investigation which rights groups have branded a white wash ranger refugees accuse me and my security forces of massacres of rape and the burning of villages in iraq on state the claims have been backed by the u.n. which describe the violence there as ethnic cleansing the army crackdown has now forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh. now that is why is a country not only facing a humanitarian crisis but also suffering
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a severe debt crisis the rating agency standard and poor's as declared the nation in selective default after it failed to make two hundred million dollars in repayments from that which you. and as well as leaders say u.s. sanctions are making it impossible to refinance its debt john hendren reports. then israel is in default with apparently little hope of paying off its creditors the declaration by the ratings agency standard and poor's comes after venezuela with sixty billion dollars in debt in just nine point six billion in its bank accounts missed the second deadline on a debt payment the red carpet was rolled out for a few foreign investors who might be willing to keep the country afloat at a price that as well as vice president tariq ali seamy said the country is the victim of an economic war being waged by the us in foreign lenders. this is salt of the us government is made jointly with the venezuelan opposition
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today venezuela is limited to seek financing finding ourselves faced with the need to consider a new formulas to get out of this complexity. critics say then as well as leaders have prioritized clearing debt over a growing humanitarian crisis that has left many of its people hungry and children dying in hospitals with medical shortages venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the u.s. for his country's crisis so he's turning to his traditional rivals. are not only a couple international agreements with the people's republic of china a working perfectly and will continue to go that way i can announce that we have reached a renegotiation refinancing agreement with the russian federation. in spite of president we do rose plans u.s. firms still own much of venezuela's debt and the trumpet ministration wary of providing an economic lifeline to his administration has blocked americans from protests abating in any debt restructuring talks with diminishing cash revenues
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venezuela's financial problems are likely to get even worse john hendren al-jazeera . the u.s. attorney general face a congressional committee and she's a amid allegations that he misled congress on his knowledge of trauma campaign contacts with russia but jeff session denied any wrongdoing as she reports. it's raise your right hand family swear that this isn't the first time the attorney general has been accused of not being honest with congress but jeff sessions was adamant i don't think i'm. it is right there choose me doing something wrong i had no participation in any wrongdoing here at issue sessions previous testimony that there were no contacts between members of the trump campaign and russians claiming to represent the kremlin since his last congressional appearance to trump campaign staffers have testified that they told sessions they were in contact with what they thought were russian officials and that's sessions memory i do now recall that the
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march twenty sixteen meeting at the drop out tail that mr papadopoulos attended but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his account into the bath to my recollection i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter democrats on the committee working to pursue another issue as well it's emerged that the department of justice evaluating whether to appoint a special counsel into hillary clinton into among other issues lingering questions about the clinton foundation donations and government policy while she was secretary of state for example republicans welcomed the prospect but were impatient what's it going to take to get a special council democrats were less enthusiastic in a functioning democracy is it common for the leader of the country to
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order the criminal justice system to retaliate against is political opponents their department of justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents and that would be wrong however sessions' reiterated his. commitments made during his confirmation hearing were there to be an investigation into clinton he would recuse himself. washington. us will make as a shining ally on the issue of sexual harassment with the focus now on congress over the last two decades u.s. taxpayers have paid more than fifteen million to settle what place violations on capitol hill and most believe that's just a fraction of what should have been paid. reports from washington d.c. . it's well known but until now not really talked about congress has a sexual harassment problem and those who have been impacted say here in these
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halls it is uniquely bad i think it's huge these are incredibly hard fought jobs it's very competitive and once you're here you kind of do everything you can to. you know keep your mouth shut if something's making you uncomfortable she was one of fifteen hundred former staffers who sent this letter saying congress needs to change the way it handles complaints it's a unique process congress has exempted itself from the laws on sexual harassment that it passed for everyone else if a staffer makes a claim that they have been sexually harassed they have to go through counseling for thirty days then they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement enter into mandatory mediation if that doesn't settle it they have to wait another thirty days and what is called a cooling off period then they can sue or get an administrative hearing if they do get a financial settlement the harasser doesn't pay it u.s. taxpayers do and the person responsible the amount well that's kept
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a secret. congresswoman jackie spear says the system is further steps against the accuser the harasser and the members office are represented by house of representatives counsel now listen how does that compute they are provided free legal counsel the victim is. not and that only applies to staffers the youngest women on the hill interns and fellows are excluded from even that process. this discussion is happening as rory more tries to win a senate seat the republican candidate from alabama is facing multiple allegations that he assaulted teenage girls a few decades ago and every day it seems another famous man is facing harassment or salt our patients from hollywood to television celebrities and people in power are losing their jobs at a record pace a long standing american problem now laid bare was and women who
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marched when donald trump was elected president are marching again ok now demanding that widespread harassment in every walk of life and now congress says they'll consider demanding its workers receive sexual harassment training but that may not be enough for these women who are collectively saying they had enough to call him al jazeera washington. u.s. regulators have approved the first digital pill which will allow doctors to track if patients are taking their medication properly medicine is a version of the established drug abilify used to treat schizophrenia bipolar disorder and depression and will have an ingestible sensor embedded in the tablet which records that the medication has been taken a patch worn by the patient transmits this information to that small phone. now the environmental pressure group greenpeace is launching an ambitious legal challenge to noise oil industry they've gone to court in the capital aiming to prove that the granting of government licenses to drill for oil in the arctic is unconstitutional
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they're arguing it violates the norwegian constitution because the government signed up to the paris accords which and to stop the use of fossil fuels before the end of the century. our aim is to get the court to invalidate. the government. which was. very important precedents for how much a woman too damaged by government is allowed to do. or bobby is set to release its first job wearing character next year the door will be based on the olympic fencer how much the thirty one year old sports woman made history at the twenty sixteen olympics in rio as the first u.s. olympian to represent her country where a job. will be part of the company's new shero line which will recognize women who write boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls now an accelerated learning program is helping thousands of children in africa who are victims of
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conflict and disasters to get an education the school speed scheme run by a nonprofit foundation in liberia has so far taken more than three thousand children off the streets and into classrooms might interest reports from mongo town . it's a start of a new day in school for these children all the outskirts of monrovia. many of them impacted by my better civil war and the recent report debbie. fourteen year old daniel scott is in class learning basic mathematics alongside and five year olds is part of an intensive program given children who missed out on school another chance. instead of the child thinking like six years to complete from a educational we do. ten most still completely different grades and then at the end of the ten most wanted child perform better i do but if people want to be for
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free with me then. with good grades these children will jump three levels in school next year more than three thousand and disadvantaged children i enrolled and the school board over basic education is officially free in liberia it would of course their parents a lot of money to qualify them for admission into a public school at least many of them have never been through before because they were displaced by conflict and using. the program is not only helping poor families but the government as well which is running short of money we have a lot of limitations many parents do not have the resources to put their children in school so this fills that gap we want this type of program to grow to be able to reach off fifteen subdivisions in a republican light beer because the further you go out in the rural communities you see the need is even more back into danielle's mother whose education was also cut
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short by liberia's conflict has big dreams why child. i want him to get to do something for himself and the family i expect him to teach me how to read and write when i was just taking care of the rent and food bills. that are about three hundred thousand children who are out of the school system many of them orphaned by conflict and disasters unless they get help cost many here say they could add to liberia problems how much greece al-jazeera manga liberia. will mourn everything we're covering right here al-jazeera. so an update our top story this hour zimbabwe's ambassador to south africa has been
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speaking out playing down talk of a coup against the president robert mugabe saying the harare government was intact this according to the reuters news agency it follows the appearance of armored vehicles outside the capital the ruling zanu p.f. party has accused the army chief of treason after he threatened to intervene over the president's purge of the party alex my gaze so worked as an advisor to the former prime minister of zimbabwe morgan chang he says that there may be factions within the army that wouldn't support any action against mccarthy. the military has been a huge big goals over the years he may have people within the really true supportive there is no indication that the whole military or security establishment is in support of those who are against mugabe there may be people in there who support him and they will probably defend him in the event that there is a conflict and that would portend some very difficult situations as about one
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further update from the reuters news agency that the u.s. state department is monitoring the situation in zimbabwe very closely all parties in the country to resolve their disputes calmly and peacefully now in our other headlines choose day has been declared a national day of mourning in iran for more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's earthquake an estimated seventy thousand people living close to the iran iraq border have also been left homeless and the government is struggling to get aid to those in need. lebanon's absent prime minister is tweeted that he will return home from saudi arabia in the coming days saad hariri also called for calm and said his family would be remaining in riyadh. with the head of lebanon's maronite church in the saudi capital. is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since hari unexpectedly announced his resignation that more than a week ago a suicide bombers killed six people after detonating a car bomb outside a camp used by security forces in southern yemen several others were injured in the
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attack on the u.s. attorney general has been defending himself against allegations he misled congress of the contacts between the russians and members of donald trump's campaign team jeff sessions says he now recalls a meeting in two thousand and sixteen with a campaign of. all those your top stories is next the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job via the state of their economy this is easily the study his biggest tax success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time is era.


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