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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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my. dad feature. i'm a. good first time. i hate my wife. and all of. that has come to that i have come generation to generation. i want to be sure. this is al jazeera.
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and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes uncertainty and political tension in zimbabwe with reports of military vehicles on the streets of the capital. russia under fire after claiming this video game footage was proof the u.s. was working alongside. rankly i had no recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports i do now recall but u.s. attorney general jogs his memory while facing tough questions about russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. and a new pill can tell your doctor whether you're taking your medication at the right time and in the right dose but that raises a lot of other issues. so we began in zimbabwe and it has been a tense night in the capital harare tension and uncertainty dominate the country's
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politics explosions have been heard in the city and the reuters news agency says soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the state broadcaster see several images have been posted on social media that show unusual military activity inside the capital tensions have been rising since the head of the army criticized a purge of the president's ruling is a new party the party responded by accusing the general constantino treasonable conduct so here's a timeline and kind of tell you how we got to this point robert mugabe is ninety three years old and his rule zimbabwe since the country gained independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty last week he fired his vice president emerson and who was widely considered a possible successor him and fled the country but has vowed to return the first lady grace mugabe has been pushing for his removal for some time and she may now be in a position to take over after her husband these events prompted the military to weigh
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in with the warning against purging senior members of the ruling party joining us michael which are coup is a columnist and global affairs analyst who joins us via skype from victoria british columbia michael appreciate you joining us so if these reports are true all of the military taking over the broadcast what is that often a sign of what may be coming next. richelle good to be with you again well of course we've seen around the world wherever these kind of crews or people's revolutions happened one of the first things to happen and we saw it in turkey remember that the broadcasting stations are taken over to control the message and what you may see as well as also control of social media being ramped up as well but i think what we're seeing here and as you indicated in the first report is that there are conflicting reports but this could actually be
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a tipping point in the run up to the ruling party congress next month and i think what happened is that the so-called liberation. generals those who have had a legacy today in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven a liberation may have feared an internal party insurrection of the party congress of and you know the mugabe and his wife and their circle have started to purge and we saw that last week when general. was was. challenging on mugabi and also i told the president that that surprised me that the general was so paul. absolutely because you know what also him and the side to vice president in their statements they had said that they had done so much for the country that they had especially the vice president that he called the mugabi a father figure and in both of their messages i think you saw both a bit of bitterness but also a warning and that kind of warning to be and his wife who is positioning herself to
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be the successor to the president is that don't push things too far the i don't see a question here of course is what is going to be the reaction of the people because as you well know they're suffering very much from inflation is back up again forks reserves are down and also the agricultural sector is depleted so very very tough on ordinary people is the army is there a way to know to tell at this point if the army is behind what the general has said and his actions if the entire army is the army unified in this is very early to tell right now but whatever you have explosions has been reported and also movement of armored personnel carriers that sort of thing state broadcasters taken over it does seem to be a kind of coronated military effort however you we have to use turkey and then as an example a recent example here is that there are
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a lot of reports that in the turkish attempted coup that it may have been an orchestrated event for the for the leadership to crack down even harder so it's very early to say but the initial signs are not good mugabe and his wife and inner circle will do everything they can after so many years in power to to hang on they will try everything possible it could get very very bloody indeed ever totally it's like oh no so to that point who can who can tamp this down. well look it's going to be very interesting to see who speaks up in the region about this i don't south africa will even though they aspired to be a regional powerhouse also i don't expect anything much from the african union. i think believe it was last year that mugabe donated one million dollars to the un they're very hesitant like asean to criticize their own member states so i think now would be a time floor those in
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a position to have leverage perhaps even the united states to. say that you know this kind of if there is going to be a transition it needs to be peaceful but above and beyond everything is that the humanitarian situation is very very bad right now in zimbabwe needs to be kept in mind and i'm hoping that you know we will see a transition where someone comes into power who actually does care about his people and does restore things likes the education system medical system and so on ok michael turk michael thank you very much pleasure. rescuers are digging through the rubble of buildings toppled by sunday's powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border and a desperate search for survivors more than four hundred thirty people are known to have been killed almost all of them in iran but many victims are still buried so the real figure could be much higher the number of people injured in the seven point three magnitude quake is now almost eight thousand the quake destroyed more
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than twelve thousand homes leaving seventy thousand people homeless the worst hit town was the iranian town of sagal it's where the former president mahmoud ahmadinejad ordered the construction of many low income housing projects at the quake's epicenter in northern iraq many people say they're afraid to go home because fellow went to talk to a family in garb and they can wear a red will be real they will be rebuilding after the rubble. people and the. mainly kurdish town and provinces are trying to recover from disaster for iraqis all of the suffering from the fact or in a crisis last year were changed by some days both quake near the border with iran. father and his by friends or four years ago back then their home was demolished in baghdad now once again they have nothing left. and dirt from their
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home. i can still feel the shake it lasted so long i'm still shaking i just can't get over the shock. we just managed to escape officials told us to evacuate the neighborhood for the last two days we have been sleeping in the city parks at night but thank god they have survived a few buildings collapsed during sunday's quake the ones which are badly damaged and the same people are afraid to go there since so with the nights becoming called an iraq aid groups are providing mats and blankets for those who fear they have no option but to stay outside. al-jazeera. northern iraq the syrian observatory for human rights says it's unclear whether airstrikes on a rebel held town in the north were carried out by russian or syrian warplanes more
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than sixty people were killed in the attack at a market in the countryside near aleppo people on the ground say there were no fighters or weapons in that neighborhood russia's defense ministry has been accused of lying after releasing what it calls evidence of the u.s. working alongside. turns out the footage was taken from a video game or a challenge reports from moscow. when russia's ministry of defense accused the united states on tuesday of affectively collaborating with i still in syria it wasn't the first time that it had made such accusations but this time it said it had irrefutable proof photos which were put out on the ministry of defense as facebook and twitter accounts grainy drone images apparently of a convoy being left alone by u.s. forces but it didn't take too long for eagle eyed observers on social media organizations like citizen journalists belling katz and conflicts intelligence team
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to see that they had noticed these images before and actually they weren't what they were trying they had come from what is one of them from a mobile phone computer game called the a c one thirty gunship simulator others from this collection of images had come from a two thousand and sixteen video put out by iraq e forces showing them attacking a convoy leaving for leadership it didn't take long after that for the minister of defense to delete them although they stood by their original accusations they have since subsequently admitted that this was a mistake and they're blaming it on a civilian employee at the ministry of defense and say they're launching an investigation many officials say the saudi led coalition has bombed the airport and the capital sana'a there are conflicting reports about the extent of that damage. control the airport say the runway and ground navigation tower were damaged but the
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u.n. says most of the facility is intact and can receive aid shipments once saudi arabia loosens its blockade of the country riyadh announced monday it will reopen sami many ports the conflict in yemen has cost thousands of people to flee the country many seeking safety in nearby djibouti that the conditions are poor at some of the refugee camps mohamed el looks at the situation in the port town of umm. money because it comes in the town of djibouti is home to one thousand two hundred yemeni refugees just last year six thousand refugees lived here most of them have moved out of the come due to what they call conditions here and have rented accommodation in the tunnels or in the capital djibouti now it's only the poorest of the poor those who cannot afford to live outside the company have been left to complaining of issues such as shortage of food they say they do not receive enough food russians but us still thankful for the security they have here in the past few days
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. mushin the refugee agency has said the reduce that a dozens of refugees who have come from different parts of yemen particularly in the south now we spoke to a family all five of the tunnels which is under the control of both the fighters and they say they were forced to sleep due to a most of insecurity and also a shortage of fuel food and medical supplies out zero continues to demand the release of external a smart move hussein has been an egyptian president since december twentieth he's accused of broadcasting paulson is to spread chaos which and al-jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested while visiting his family lebanon's prime minister has tweeted he will return home from saudi arabia and the coming days sorry also call for calm he said his family would be staying in riyadh earlier hariri met with the head of lebanon's maronite church
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a truck bashar is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom sensory and expectedly announced his resignation more than a week ago after the meeting rice said he supported every reason raisins for resigning. iran's foreign minister says the only way for assad everybody to prove he's not being held against his will is to return to beirut and also that a saudi arabia has an issue with iran it should not punish lebanon if there are any problems they can be it is solved if they have problems with iran let them have these problem solved with iran iran is not lebanon lebanon is not syria lebanon is not iran we have an independent foreign policy where the enter rest of lebanon comes first it's really interviewed in favor of changing the law to allow same sex marriage more than two thirds of op attentional
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voters responded to a non-binding postal service a initial results found more than sixty percent support the law prime minister malcolm turnbull promised to make same sex marriage legal if a majority backed the idea destroying people have spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality they voted yes saying yes they voted yes for commitment they voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a straw to get on with it. to get on with the job the australian people of cost us to do and get this done this year claim our head of the news hour including. again the military is obligated to follow illegal orders but is not obligated to follow illegal orders as senators publicly questioned president trump's right to
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launch nuclear weapons north korea. venezuela says it can't pay its bills and it is blaming the u.s. and its for the football coach who says a drone may have upset his team's chances average in the world cup. it's attorney general has denied he misled congress when he testified before politicians last month as part of a probe into allegations of russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election speaking before a congressional committee on tuesday jeff sessions said that he simply forgot about a meeting where a former trump advisor boasted about ties with moscow share bhutanese reports. is raise your right hand. swear that this isn't the first time the attorney general has been accused of not being honest with congress but jeff sessions was adamant i don't think i'm. is right there is me doing something wrong i had no
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participation in any wrongdoing at issue sessions previous testimony that there were no contacts between members of the trump campaign and the russians claiming to represent the kremlin since his last congressional appearance to trump campaign staffers have testified that they told sessions they were in contact with what they thought were russian officials and that's sessions memory i do now recall that the march twenty sixteen meeting at the drop out tail that mr papadopoulos attended but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his account into the best of my recollection i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter democrats on the committee working to pursue another issue as well it's emerged that the department
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of justice is evaluating whether to appoint a special counsel into hillary clinton into among other issues lingering questions about clinton's foundation donations and government policy while she was secretary of state for example republicans welcomed the prospect but were impatient what's it going to take to get a special council democrats were less enthusiastic in a functioning democracy is it common for the leader of the country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against is political opponents their department of justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents and that would be wrong however sessions reiterated. commitments made during his confirmation hearing were there to be an investigation into clinton he would recuse themselves she ever term see washington first fine is the former u.s. attorney tech beauty of attorney general and author of the constitutional peril the
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. life and death struggle for our constitution and democracy he joins us from washington d.c. so. first people forget things right that it happens is it credible to you from what you saw from jeff sessions today that he didn't remember speaking to george papadopoulos until he saw the media reports and then a step further he specifically remembered trying to shut him down that is the part of his memory that was job as it sound credible to you well not given the fact that rush it was such a sensitive part of the campaign from the beginning and ordinarily if you forget something then suddenly the remembrances and in detail especially when you are the chief speaker and saying don't have anything to do with russia whatsoever if that would set off an alarm that would cause him to be so adamant you'd feel that he
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would remember it what. having said that what do you think will be the next step well jeff sessions be questioned again do you think. well i think he will be i think that justice requires the appearance of justice i think the more intriguing aspect of the hearing related to the fact that there's a under interprete under investigation is whether or not a special counsel should be of what we were getting to that to investigate this. but with regard to mr sessions himself i don't think that there's a whole lot more to travel here he did make misstatements but ordinarily would have to be a misstatement on a sufficiently material issue that you'd say probably wouldn't have been confirmed if this information were known to the senate and this seems to be more at the margins than something that would cause a senator to flip from support to opposition or i don't feel that other than maybe
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a few media histrionics it's going to result in his resignation or anything like you know congressional saying sions let's talk about the what you were just bringing up the reports out there that donald trump actually has publicly pushed for an investigation his former opponent hillary clinton and that question that was put to jeff sessions today do you think that he sufficiently put to bed the idea that it is ok to use the justice department for any type of political retaliation. well i think that he in some sense neglected the more important point which is justice requires the appearance of justice whether or not he in fact was influenced by the president trump statement that well why are you investigating the democrats for doing things far more egregious than myself it has the appearance of that being the case especially because we know that mr trump at one point was on the verge of firing mr sessions or mr sessions was ready to leave
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so we know his position in the cabinet is very precarious and so he reads the newspapers he reads or listens to the twitters and he's thinks to himself well the president really wants this he knows that he's on the edge of. affections anyway so this is something that has the appearance of capitulating to presidential sentiments and whether it's right or wrong and say justice requires the appearance of justice and that seems to me not to have been answered by his responses the second thing that we have he says that he's going to recuse himself if there's an investigation of hillary clinton well we already know that under consideration is whether or not they'll be in and you know a further investigation with special counsel there already is an investigation of hillary clinton that's what he says his subordinates at the justice department are looking at and seeing whether that investigation needs to be pursued by a special counsel so the fact is that he should be recusing himself from the outset
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of even considering whether special counsel ought to be appointed and that should go to mr rosenstein so i think he's made the matter more complicated rather than less by his responses ok. former deputy u.s. attorney general for his fine for his thank you thank you. the senate has openly discussed the president's nuclear authority for the first time in more than forty years among the questions asked whether trump has the sole authority to order strikes against north korea mike hanna reports in washington d.c. . it's an issue congress has not discussed for decades in the era of president trump though senators are now asking the hard question can the president really order a nuclear attack without any controls that question is asked more and more by the american people and of course it's fueled by comments made by president
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trump in regards to north korea they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen some experts contend there are checks and balances in place but i can say that for nuclear decision making at the highest level it's a it's a consultation process and there are senior people involved in that process what would be the case though is it wouldn't be the president alone persuading a single military officer alone on the other side of the telephone there would be a large group of advisers and legal advisors weighing in on this but some senators argue this president does not always accept or indeed seek advice no one can tell the president no not secretaries madness or to listen even general kelly the president's chief of staff can't control the president's twitter tantrums as
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a result many americans share my fear that the president's bombastic words could turn into nuclear reality but hearing raises more questions than answers and certainly little guidance to be an unease missile silos in north dakota who would be expected to carry out president trump's launch old is within minutes mike hanna al-jazeera washington. venezuela is not only facing a humanitarian crisis it is offer also suffering a debt crisis the rating agency standard and poor's has to clear the nation in selective default the country's leaders say u.s. sanctions are making it impossible to refinance its debt john hendren reports. then this whalen is in default with apparently little hope of paying off its creditors the declaration by the ratings agency standard and poor's comes after venezuela with sixty billion dollars in debt in just nine point six billion in its bank accounts missed the second deadline on a debt payment the red carpet was rolled out for
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a few foreign investors who might be willing to keep the country afloat at a price that as well as vice president tariq ali a seamy said the country is the victim of an economic war being waged by the us in foreign lenders and. this is salt of the us government is made jointly with the venezuelan opposition today venezuela is limited to seek financing find and also is faced with the need to consider a new formulas to get out of this complexity critics say then as well as leaders have prioritized clearing debt over a growing humanitarian crisis that has left many of its people hungry and children dying in hospitals with medical shortages venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the u.s. for his country's crisis so he's turning to his traditional rivals the compromise front that i'm not sure not a whole lot i pulled a couple international agreements with the people's republic of china are working perfectly and will continue to go that way i could announce that we have reached a renegotiation a refinancing agreement with the russian federation. in spite of president we do
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rose plans u.s. firms still own much of venezuela's debt in the trumpet ministration wary of providing an economic lifeline to his administration has blocked americans from protests a paid in any debt restructuring talks with diminishing cash revenues then as well as financial problems are likely to get even worse john hay. al-jazeera. still had on al-jazeera. over the crisis the secretary of state is doing more in the coming hours mr gray there is a serious sexual harassment issue on capitol hill and us doing something about it it's more complicated. and it's. not good news for ours and that's around the world.
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by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. whether let's logic watch across southern parts of china over the next couple of days the north easterly winds as you'd expect at this time of year still driving a few showers there into vietnam fos out west china perhaps in a little bit a wet weather level it's not a little further north has just to go through a day all going stay fine and dry twenty seven celsius and wetter whether they're just pushing into central and southern parts of over the next couple of days the usual rash as one would expect on those northeasterly winds and across a good part of southeast asia heat of the day showers they do extend through malaysia down into indonesia was seen some heavy rain in jakarta recently let me more that as we go on through the next few days you can see first it does look like a rather away day we got some rather weather push towards the southeastern corner of india at present beneath this massive cloud welcome right pushing up across the
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possible cost down into the northern plains of india hopefully that will help to shift the small the toxic smoke that's been plaguing the region over the past few days this nasty weather hopefully we'll see something of a temporary arrest but i'm afraid it's never really going to be too far away was the weather will push its way through and not just some very heavy right pushing right of the eastern side of india this coming week. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. oh is it when they're on line me what in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging main stream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour tensions are high right now in zimbabwe our
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military vehicles that have taken up positions in and around the capital harare the ruling party the head of the armed forces of treason general constantino. warned on monday that the army would step it if purchased continue within the party we are on top of that rescue workers in iran and iraq with more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's powerful earthquake along the border most of the casualties are on iran in the. amber adat is expected to rise the seven point three magnitude quake entered almost eight thousand people and left tens of thousands homeless the u.s. attorney general has denied misleading congress in his october testimony about contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia have sessions told a congressional committee on tuesday that he simply forgot about a meeting where a former top advisor boasted of ties with moscow. to american congresswoman are sharing stories of widespread sexual harassment on capitol hill to testify before a house ministration committee over the last two decades taxpayers paid more than
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fifteen billion dollars to settle congressional workplace violations as practical home reports many believe that's just a fraction of what should have been paid. it's well known but until now not really talked about congress has a sexual harassment problem and those who have been impacted say here in these halls it is uniquely bad i think it's huge these are incredibly hard fought jobs it's very competitive and once you're here you kind of do everything you can to you know keep your mouth shut if something's making you uncomfortable she was one of fifteen hundred former staffers who sent this letter saying congress needs to change the way it handles complaints it's a unique process congress has exempted itself from the laws on sexual harassment that it passed for everyone else if a staffer makes a claim that they have been sexually harassed they have to go through counseling for thirty days then they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement enter into mandatory mediation if that doesn't settle it
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they have to wait another thirty days and what is called a cooling off period then they can sue or get an administrative hearing if they do get a financial settlement the harasser doesn't pay it u.s. taxpayers do and the person responsible the amount well that's kept a secret. congresswoman jackie spear says the system is further steps against the accuser the harasser and the members' office are represented by house of representatives counsel now listen how does that compute they are provided free legal counsel the victim is not and that only applies to staffers the youngest women on the hill interns and fellows are excluded from even that process. this discussion is happening as rori more tries to win a senate seat the republican candidate from alabama is facing multiple allegations
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that he assaulted teenage girls a few decades ago and every day it seems another famous man is facing harassment or sometime a geisha and from hollywood to television celebrities and people in power are losing their jobs at a record pace a long standing american problem now laid bare was that and women who marched when donald trump was elected president are marching again angry now demanding that widespread harassment in every walk of life and now congress says they'll consider demanding its workers receive sexual harassment training but that may not be enough for these women who are collectively saying they've had enough to call him washington. secretary of state rex tillerson is due to arrive in me and mar shortly for talks with aunts on sochi the two met earlier on the sidelines of the apec summit and to refugees accuse men maher security forces of massacres rape
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and torching of villages the claims had been backed by the un which describes the violence as ethnic cleansing huyler's and manned mars capital naypyidaw any joins us now so this has been going on for a while why is rex tillerson having this meeting now and what what what heft does he have to really make this stop. you know i think part of the reason why we're seeing this meeting now and again this is the first one for the secretary state rex tillotson here in april or the capital of myanmar that's because of this this large and very important as the white house is calling the trip to asia by president trump so it's kind of on the tail of that you know there have been meetings between on santucci and rex tillerson as you mentioned on summit in manila philippines just took place yesterday they had a meeting there the sidelines of that no comments coming out of it why this is important now you know steadily since we've seen this crisis unfold in the rakhine state and bordering cox bazaar in bangladesh with these rohingya refugees six
5:36 am
hundred thousand of them more than six hundred thousand them fleeing the violence in rakhine state we have seen this steady increase in rhetoric coming from the united states has been astray ssion saying that those military officials who are behind what has been going on again as you mentioned the united nations has i wouldn't count human rights activists and groups have i wouldn't accounts of the atrocities they say have been. occurring in rakhine state the united states administration has said that those who are behind this need to be held accountable that's part of the reason why rex tillerson is coming and he's going to be meeting with the commander in chief of the military forces here in as well today as. got the head of the military meeting and then the head of the civilian government meeting today we're expecting that to we'll hear something about how those meetings went probably in about five hours time so with those two things happening in those two different roles is that some of the most direct pressure that has had to
5:37 am
face since this has been going on. from the united states yes if you mean direct kind of more face to face and right you know when we look at kind of pointed conversations when you see the rhetoric and how it's been ramping up from the united states yes i would say it would be and one thing that's interesting and this question was posed a couple of times but never really answered and that is if the idea the concept that's being floated in the u.s. senate right now that they'll be targeted sanctions against some of those upper echelon members of the myanmar military who are behind who are controlling what's been going on in rakhine state there is a possibility that that could be discussed in those closed door meetings with the military leadership today i don't expect we're going to hear too much of the details of that but what the idea that's been floated targeted sanctions against those members and also against myanmar military business entities so that could be something that will be discussed but probably not discussed with the public if you
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will but that could be floated with some of these closed door meetings with again though we will hear from the secretary of state and. in about five hours time and hopefully we'll be able to get some of these answers. thank you. but the un is urging australia to accept new zealand's offer to resettle one hundred fifty refugees from its decommissioned prison camp on than a silent four and a fifty refugees remain barricaded inside the camp without food water no electricity the campus clothes two weeks ago but the refugees refused to leave saying they fear attacks from locals australia has so far rejected new zealand's offer saying it would prefer to work to rave refugee swap with the us every day so they can't say it's getting worse with immigration officials forcibly taking down shelters. last.
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to be. sent from rainwater. because songs. because. of. pressure to be present come. but livia is the only nation in the world war trial labor is legal the working age was lowered from fourteen to ten years old and two thousand and fourteen the idea was to regulate and safeguard children but the legislation has been condemned at home and abroad. reports from santa cruz. there are so many child workers in bolivia selling on the streets of mixed heavy traffic or hidden in these markets that they've blend in with the practice appears almost normal. is one of those striving to ensure that child labor is not excepted does not become normal. if a child wants to work catching sugarcane like their parents when they grow up
5:40 am
that's fine but they should have the opportunity to choose because they've had an education if they want to be an architect they could be an architect we shouldn't deny them the dream of being something else she's helped create spaces like this one like children working in the santa cruz markets come to study in play come to be children and the regional government with unicef backing is building schools in rural areas where most of believe years child labor is work many of them cutting sugarcane they are mostly from migrant families in low paid and seasonal work man now twenty started work when he was thirteen. kids in the countryside have always worked to help themselves or they work when their parents a sick so they can eat. and they can be difficult to get the children to school and the teachers are ms or says to the children. sometimes we have to go and get them and bring them back here for their classes is difficult because laid off
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and don't have the books or pens so we have to do what we can to improvise with these children work but now they also study with every child should receive an education is the most a fundamental right is basic it is complicated. here in bolivia by many things by prejudice by tradition and by poverty. all families need the extra income their children bring in dorothy's are reluctant to in their forty's want to keep wages down. low prices somehow do see the benefits of eradicating child labor. these children will be educated live in better conditions with better health schooling and food without sacrificing themselves physically but to live their lives as they should as children. it's a message taking root in santa cruz that poverty in bolivia should not make child labor inevitable that children should be able to study in play to be children in
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the often harsh world. santa cruz believe. so we have the latest now on reports of military activity in zimbabwe just in the last few minutes there are military there soldiers that read a statement on state radio supporting president robert mugabe said this is what the soldier said president mugabe and his family are say the military is targeting what they called criminals around him it goes on to say as soon as the criminals have been apprehended the situation will return to normalcy and this is not a military takeover soldier said that all the from members of the defense forces cancel that people with critical business are encouraged to go about their day so that is the latest development we still have an ear and an eye to that. the u.k. parliament is debating the content of the so-called bill containing laws to govern the nation's withdrawal from the european union the legislation repealed the one
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nine hundred seventy two act which initially took the u.k. into the e.u. it will also move many year olds the regulations into domestic law an extremely complicated process that's expected to be at least eight days of debate and m.p.'s have already introduced almost five hundred amendments the rival group greenpeace is launching a legal challenge against for a waste oil industry has gone to court in the capital oslo aiming to prove that the granting of government licenses to drill for oil in the arctic is constitutional bring peace argues it violates always constitution because the government signed up to the paris accord which aims to stop the use of fossil fuel before the end of the century so you have trouble remembering to take your medication a first of its kind digital pill unveiled in the united states is designed to let your doctor know when you forget but as al-jazeera is kristen salumi reports the pill is raising questions about the presence of brick brother and medicine patients
5:44 am
who don't take their medicine as directed not only risk their health they cost about one hundred billion dollars a year according to one study about avoidable costs in medicine that's because the patients often end up sicker or needing additional treatment and a new digital pill just approved for use by the u.s. food and drug administration in people with schizophrenia bipolar disorder and other forms of mental illness it actually lets your doctor know if you've taken it the problem of not adhering to treatment when it's administered on a regular basis daily multiple times a day and. the way that that compromises the effectiveness of the treatment is a huge problem in medicine and particularly in treatment of mental disorders the pill sensor is made of copper magnesium and silicon ingredients already found in foods it generates an electrical signal when it comes into contact with stomach
5:45 am
fluids that signal is that picked up by a wearable patch on the patient's rib cage the patch sends the date time and patient activity level via bluetooth to an app on the patient's mobile phone and a database to which researchers have access through the app the patient can have a record set of every time he or she takes the pill to up to four people family members or caregivers but the technology raises questions about privacy medical ethics experts find the fact that the pill is prescribed for mental illness especially troubling if you give someone a pill that's going to record for someone else whether they've taken the medication ought it poses problems these are people who may not understand all the issues because they have involved because it was like a condition many people with psychiatric conditions can understand all the issues their problems because this be feed into their paranoia they may think oh my god
5:46 am
people want to spy on my and now the doctor saying he's going to give me a drug that's going to spy on me the cost of the drug is another concern prompting experts to say more study will be necessary to weigh the risks versus the benefits and make this pill easier to swallow kristen salumi al-jazeera new york cyprus a reporter for axios and his website covering technology and politics she explains the good and bad sides to the pill. i think there's going to be good conversations as well as some more worried and skepticism on the part of patients so the good thing is patients who want to take their medication and want those reminders are going to see it as a good thing it's a way for them to ensure that they're taking the medication they're supposed to when they're supposed to and getting better and avoiding getting more sick or having more expensive treatments down the line but there's also a little bit of a big brother fear out there that their doctor can now see whether or not they take their pills and i think there's some fears that down the line this could result in
5:47 am
mechanisms that would punish patients who aren't taking their medication when they're supposed to especially when it comes to court orders oftentimes a judge will tell someone that they have to take a certain medication and so if the judge can see if they stop taking their medication they could revoke parole or sun someone back to a psychiatric hospital so there are good sides and bad sides to this and there are a lot of ethical questions that are going to need to be answered there space advocacy group freedom house says manipulation of social media and disinform ation campaigns have resulted in a global decline in internet freedom for the seventh year in a row jacob board has more from san francisco. roughly half the planet is connected to the internet using it to learn new skills find work and to coordinate and organize political action information as the saying goes wants to be free but a new report suggests the governments around the world are attempting to strangle
5:48 am
the free internet well unfortunately for the seventh consecutive year our study showcases that internet freedom has been on the client we have identified several other trends that are quite worrisome one being that more and more governments are increasingly using internet shutdowns around elections or around the anti-government protests to stiffle the the scent they've also seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are being attacked for just posting their anti-government views online the tactics for controlling our online behavior are growing more sophisticated in china where the web is heavily censored a new social credit system called sesame credit rewards and punishes citizens for what they do and what their friends do on social media around the world governments pay for positive commentary online and surveillance is rampant. in the us companies
5:49 am
like facebook here in california have created a perfectly addictive product by appealing to our emotions and our circle of friends but in the process they've also inadvertently created a way for geo political enemies to reach across to each other citizens using some of the most advanced marketing tactics in the world unfortunately it does are the same tactics that advertisers use to help people like their products and now we see actually governments using the same methods to spread their own pro-government messages and to keep themselves in power the internet seems like a place of freedom. but groups like freedom house say until we learn how to protect transparency and factual information and clearly identify censorship and propaganda it will remain a global battleground board san francisco still ahead on al-jazeera and sports news footballers are aiming to avoid a staying in the tail of their world cup story.
5:50 am
5:51 am
time for sport. thank you very much then mark have qualified for the football world cup a for the fifth time in their history they comfortably beat the republic of ireland in their playoff and took an early lead in dublin a but to quick fire goals on the whole fall mocked and the game decisively in denmark's favor christian eriksen school the hat trick as the game finished five one to denmark after the goalless first leg in copenhagen that was more than enough
5:52 am
for the danes to take their place at next year's finals in russia. argentina strike a seizure guerra was taken to hospital at half time during his team's four two friendly defeat against nigeria where had scored during the first half of the game that was played in russia but fainted in the changing rooms during the interval football association said the man just a city player went to hospital for precautionary checks. two thousand and eighteen host russia hell spain to draw in the friendly petersburg russia have never made it beyond the group stages at a world cup but they came back from two goals down against the two thousand and ten champions to draw in this game three. is it a manager jim carroll ventura has apologised for his side's failure to call it for next year's world cup in russia it's the first time in six decades that the four
5:53 am
time champions have missed out on football's biggest event. it's been described in the italian media as a national tragedy even an apocalypse failure to reach the world cup finals for the first time since nine hundred fifty eight has hit italy hard. needed to overturn a one deficit against sweden in the second leg of their play off in milan but a night of frustration ended with a goal is to draw on delimitation for the fourth time champions of the world that's more the match did not make sense or had a team that didn't deserve to be on the pitch the team could have done much much better than us yes. if it doesn't show the hunger the will to win everybody was saying that we were strong but it's not true sweden is going through and we're going home. it's disgusting the world cup context without italy it just can't take . a. yes absolutely apologize for the
5:54 am
result but not for the effort we put in our desire to win but for the result absolutely yes and that's the main thing that counts i know. despite having a contract until twenty twenty frenchie was positioned looked instantly untenable with a wave of criticism for his failure to make the changes that would bring italy the gold i desperately needed he hangs on to his job for now. and there will need to be a new era for italian football experienced players now with charlie mainly the hugely respected guy. whose international career is over after an extraordinary one hundred seventy five appearances over twenty years he lifted the world cup in two thousand and six but the class of twenty seventeen does not possess that quality the president of the time for racially seventy four because. seventy nine before him. basically keeping the world but he still thirty nine the average. age of the
5:55 am
team was thirty one so i think there is now a windows of opportunity for for every new while while sweden celebrates its earlier not the only significant casualties of a brutal world cup qualifying campaign the usa chile and netherlands are among those who point being russia but italy had the highest expectations but always expect to mount a serious challenge for the trifecta this time that we mere spectators. al-jazeera . honduras coach jorge luis pinto has accused australia of espionage ahead of their wool cup qualifier qantas has australia used a drone to film his team's training sessions ahead of the first leg also has football federation denied any involvement tundras face the socceroos on wednesday in the side of their intercontinental play off the scores are level at neil nil. but the incident is an embarrassment to such an advanced country when australia came to one juror they checked every bathroom every box at the stadium where they
5:56 am
trained the video show more than i think a drone can show and it takes some of the merits away from the fans placed on the sporting event this jew to be held. all straight being boosted by news that veteran striker tim cahill will be fit to start the game in sydney that seven year old says how the first leg with an ankle injury was all time leading scorer has hit the net fifty times in the more than one hundred international appearances. he's limping he's doing it in israel so you know. where you go as. i said not only to start with. every once in a viable everyone wanting to start which is just right. who are the favorites to progress and their playoff with new zealand on wednesday local channels are leaving nothing to chance though they perform rituals outside the stadium and the peruvian capital lima which they believe will help the home team south americans are tenth
5:57 am
in the world rankings more than one hundred places above their opponents first that finished in a goal a strong. competitors and the nine a month round the world ocean races could be forgiven for losing their sanity while this though is apparently normal treatment for any crew member across in their hotel for the first time the maritime tradition sees sailors being punished in the court of king neptune seven both are taken apart and the thirteenth edition of the race which will finish in the netherlands next june. and that's why it's well for me we'll have more later on. so this is the latest on the breaking news about the military activity in zimbabwe so of course there have been tensions since the head of the army criticize a purge of the president's ruling party so for the last few hours there's been reports of unusual military activity in and around the capitol hill raid then a short time ago a statement was read by a military spokesperson on state radio so that spokesperson said the president
5:58 am
mugabe and his family are say he said the military is targeting criminals around him he went on to say as soon as the criminals have been apprehended the situation will return to normalcy and this is not a military takeover the soldier said all leave from members of the defense forces canceled but people with critical business are encouraged to go about their day so that is the latest we will continue to follow this for you throughout the day on al-jazeera so keep it here on the other side of the break there in jordan we'll have the latest for you don't go anywhere. the new era in television news. it goes in stages it's a tolerance to do things in secret to do unless we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay there but we did still to come this conviction that everyone has
5:59 am
a deep reservoir of time to put it to the people give them the opportunity the wonderful thing stopped. looking at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resigned from it's going to be the next president retaliation with the public i. actually think this is a substance to believe it has to be if you're getting in the way it was good record that. he achieved something that never happened before. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones that people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest and it can be carried in look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices of being used
6:00 am
to fight fire with fire if they wreck a fire like that in a canal fire right about the time that what if i get scared just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on al-jazeera. where every. zimbabwe's army denies carrying out a military takeover of a growing political.


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