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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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and in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent ever talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration. of one town m o two thousand and two at this time on al jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. zimbabwe's army denies carrying out a military takeover and the granting political tensions in the country.
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follow on down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up. rankling i had no recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports i do now recall the u.s. attorney general goes on the defensive as he faces questions of alleged ties between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. and. australian voters say yes to same sex marriages plus. i'm down you were there in bolivia like despite strong efforts to wipe it out child labor is a reality. that's growing uncertainty in zimbabwe where explosions have been heard in the capital harare and soldiers have. taken over the headquarters of the state broadcaster said
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be seen but the army says it's not a military takeover but several images have been posted on social media showing unusual military activity inside the capital tension has been rising since the head of the army criticized a purge of the president's ruling party responded by accusing general constantino of treasonable conduct whatever it is spokesman read a statement on state t.v. to explain the situation. we. are still an. operation and no. obvious signs situation you know pantry here's. another yet. we sure are sure what the nation.
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and commander. in chief. forces. are serious. criminals and i'm. crying. and suffering in the country. well the spokesman goes on to say as soon as the criminals about prevented the situation will return to normalcy he also says only for members of the defense force is canceled a spokesman called on political parties to discourage members from violent behavior and he addresses what he calls the youth of zimbabwe saying the future of the country is yours he says they shouldn't be enticed by what he calls dirty coins of silver bullet zanu p.f. youth league is allied to mcgarvey in recent days its leader publicly warned elements of the military that they would not be allowed to dictate who becomes the
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next leader last week mugabe fired his vice president emerson who was widely considered a possible successor and then god were fled the country but has vowed to return first lady grace mcgarvie has been pushing for his removal for some time she may now be in a position to take charge after her husband these events prompted the military to weigh in with a warning against purging senior members of the ruling party let's talk again to nia question he's an independent african policy analyst and a former executive director for africa action he joins us live from washington d.c. neil let's deal first with reports of those explosions in harare gunfire possibly a military vehicle seen on the streets that's highly unusual in zimbabwe what do you think is going on any. i think that i'm inclined to call it the beginnings of a coup but i think that the reason that the army does not want to i said that it is a coup because they know that their reaction will be very hostile i believe within the government within the zimbabwean citizenry within the region southern africa
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and the africa you know has taking a strong stance that anybody you comes to power through unconstitutional means and a coup is is the essence of unconstitutional means they will not be welcome i suspect that is why the military wants to deny what everybody can see that they are doing if it is not a coup they should be back in the barracks and there is further confusion need because as you say the state broadcaster carried that message from the military saying mugabe and his family are safe and that the army is targeting criminals around him i mean that seems to be at odds with what we're seeing on the streets. absolutely and you know the taking of our of of the nerve center of of broadcasting of how the government speaks to the country that is that is a very common feature of coups all over africa so it is sounds to me like you do
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the beginnings of it it seems to me the military is trying to eat its cake and harvey to exert on you use your influence and yet deny that they are making a coup i don't know how you they would describe what it is that they are doing they are known to a law enforcement agency the police are supposed to go after criminals in the police. report to the justice ministry the military are supposed to defend the country and we know that the head of the armed forces general constantine he came out and said the army but that if the purges within the ruling zanu p.f. party didn't stop i mean how much disunity me is there within the ranks of the armed forces. we are yet to find that out now the one thing they have been consistent about the and which the general mentioned on monday is that they have always said that they will not take orders from anybody who did not participate in
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the liberation war for the independence of zimbabwe they have said that over and over again and in fact there was seems to have triggered the monday press conference and this military action is there for the creative yes those within the . those within the ruling party who have liberation workaday shows where being removed it seems to me that this idea that now they are targeting criminals is something they came out with overnight it is clear that what they are concerned about is that they are their comrades. vice president those of them who had fought in the liberation war for well because you are not there are losing ground just a final thought any president mugabe as you were saying there sent his vice president emerson non-god well last week many people say that actually it was his
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wife grace mcgarvey who is the real force behind this perhaps clear is the way to take over the party what do you think is behind that move. well you know president mugabe has a long hard bit of raising his aides and giving them high positions and then getting rid of them you know. mr gaga is not their affairs vice president who has been sucked joints milieu rule was sacked a few a few years ago so for me this is this is not new but that is not to deny that first lady griswold gobby has been making sure that moves and has been strengthening his hold on power but it seems to me that it is in the president's power to decide who is his vice president me a question thank you for talking to al jazeera right now the u.s. attorney general has denied he misled congress when he testified before politicians
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last month it was part of a probe into allegations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential elections but speaking before a congressional committee on tuesday jeff sessions said that he simply forgot about a meeting where a former trump advisor boasted about ties with moscow russia pretenses. is raise your right hand family swear that this isn't the first time the attorney general has been accused of not being honest with congress but jeff sessions was adamant i don't think i'm. is right there me doing something wrong i had no participation in any wrongdoing at issue sessions previous testimony that there were no contacts between members of the trump campaign and russians claiming to represent the kremlin since his last congressional appearance to trump campaign staffers have testified that they told sessions they were in contact with what they thought were russian officials and that's sessions memory i do now recall that the march twenty sixteen meeting at the dropout tale that mr papadopoulos attended but
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i have no clear recollection the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his account into the bafta my recollection i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter democrats on the committee working to pursue another issue as well it's emerged that the department of justice is evaluating whether to appoint a special counsel into hillary clinton into among other issues lingering questions about clinton's foundation donations and government policy while she was secretary of state for example republicans welcomed the prospect but were impatient what's it going to take to get a special council democrats were less enthusiastic in a functioning democracy is it common for the leader of the country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against is political
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opponents their department of justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents and that would be wrong however sessions' reiterated his. commitments made during his confirmation hearing were there to be an investigation into clinton he would recuse himself she ever hear and see out zero washington. on the iran iraq border rescuers are digging through the rubble of buildings toppled by sunday's powerful earthquake in a desperate search for survivors the quake killed more than four hundred thirty people but many victims are still buried so the real figure could be much higher the number of people injured in the seven point three magnitude quake is now almost eight thousand the quake destroyed more than twelve thousand homes leaving seventy thousand homeless worst it was the rain in town of the shop where former president mahmoud ahmadinejad ordered the construction of many low income housing projects
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where near the quake's epicenter in northern iraq many people say they're afraid to go home cynicus only met one family that survived. people in the smelly kurdish town and province are trying to recover from disaster for iraqis all of the suffering from the fact so poor and prices last year were changed by sunday's earthquake near the border with iran. fergal and his by frazier escaped war four years ago back then their home was demolished in baghdad now once again they have nothing left besides fast and dirt from their home. i can still feel the shake it lasted so long i'm still shaking i just can't get over the shock. the ceiling we just managed to escape officials told us to evacuate the neighborhood for the last two days we have been sleeping in the city
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parks at night and the couple thank god they have survived a few buildings collapsed during sunday's quake the ones which are badly damaged and the same so people are afraid to go there since so with the nights becoming called are in iraq aid groups are providing mats and blankets for those who fear they have no option but to stay outside. al-jazeera. northern iraq australia voted in favor of changing the law to allow same sex marriage more than two thirds of all potential voters responded to a non-binding postal survey initial results found more than sixty two percent support changing the law prime minister malcolm turnbull promised to make same sex marriage legal if a majority back the idea. people have spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality they voted yes then
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yes they voted yes for a commitment. they voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a strike to get on with it they get on with the job the astroland people of task is to do and get this done this year lots more so to come here and al-jazeera including deep in debt venezuela says a con pay its bills and blames the united states plus one doctor you're giving your patients twenty things which one works. and the truth is that i don't know. the unconventional cancer treatments that are making mexico a tourist attraction or in that stay with us. from dusky sunsets if it's pruning savannah. to sunrise
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atop an asian metropolis. hello the weather looks pretty quiet across the middle east over the next couple of days when starting to a status a little bit of cloud just around afghanistan northern parts of pakistan that will push its way through a little more clout to just easing across northern parts of the region but for many it will be fine dry and sunny beirut twenty three degrees celsius the next couple of days perhaps a little more in the way of cloud just pushing up towards sinai peninsula as we go on through thursday but for most it will stay dry the more clout there to into kabul temperatures at around ten degrees celsius good to warmer across the web in peninsular of course and pleasant sunshine now the winds have dropped across here for example in doha over the next couple of days we're looking at highs around maybe thirty or thirty one degrees and plenty of hazy sunshine and barely a cloud in the sky meanwhile we've seen plenty of cloud across southern parts of africa recently draining out of the tropics eastern parts of south africa the east
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and cape seeing some really big downpours over the next few days and temperatures really set to drop as well something of a cold wave coming in just sixteen celsius there in johannesburg as we go on through thursday possibility of a little bit of snow there over the high ground further west is a touch warmer i'm fine and sunny. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. or is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sect. one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a spokesman for zimbabwe's army says there's been no military takeover explosions have been heard in the capital harare and the reuters news agency says soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the state broadcaster said be seen. the u.s. attorney general has denied misleading congress in his october testimony about contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia jeff sessions told a congressional committee on tuesday but he simply forgot about a meeting where a former company buys a boast of ties with moscow. and australians vote yes in favor of changing the law to allow same sex marriage official results of a coastal survey found more than sixty two percent support the measure promised him
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out of town but promised to legalize the unions if a majority but the idea. now venezuela is not in facing a humanitarian crisis is also suffering a debt crisis the country's leaders say u.s. sanctions are making it impossible to refinance its debt don't hundred reports. then israel is in default with apparently little hope of paying off its creditors the declaration by the ratings agency standard and poor's comes after venezuela with sixty billion dollars in debt in just nine point six billion in its bank account missed the second deadline on a debt payment the red carpet was rolled out for a few foreign investors who might be willing to keep the country afloat at a price then as well as vice president tariq ali seamy said the country is the victim of an economic war being waged by the us in foreign lenders and. this is salt of the us government is made jointly with the venezuelan opposition today venezuela is limited to seek financing finding ourselves faced with the need to
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consider new formulas to get out of this complexity critics say then israel as leaders have prioritized clearing debt. over a growing humanitarian crisis that has left many of its people hungry and children dying in hospitals with medical shortages venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the u.s. for his country's crisis so he's turning to his traditional rivals will compel me if i think that i'm also not a whole lot i poured a couple international agreements with the people's republic of china are working perfectly and will continue to go that way so i can announce that we have reached a renegotiation and refinancing agreement with the russian federation. in spite of president we duros plans u.s. firms still own much of venezuela's debt in the trumpet ministration wary of providing an economic lifeline to his administration has blocked americans from protests a paid in any debt restructuring talks with diminishing cash revenues then as well as financial problems are likely to get even worse john hendren al-jazeera.
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yemeni officials accuse the saudi led coalition of bombing the airport in the capital sana'a there are conflicting reports about the extent of the damage the two things who control the airport say the runway and ground navigation were damaged but the u.n. says most of the facility is intact and can receive aid shipments but the conflict in yemen has forced thousands of people to flee the country many seeking safety in nearby djibouti but the conditions of some refugee camps they're a poor mom of the reports. come in the town of. home to one thousand two hundred yemeni refugees just last year six thousand refugees lived here most of them have moved out of the come due to what they call harsh conditions here and have rented accommodation in the town of or in the capital djibouti now it's only the poorest of the poor those who cannot afford to leave outside the company have been left they too are complaining of issues such as shortage of food
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they say they do not receive enough food russians but that still thankful for the security they have here in the past few days and national refugee agency said the reduced that dozens of refugees who have come from different parts of yemen particularly in the south now we spoke to a family or five thought fled the tunnels which is under the control of the fighters and they say they were forced to flee due to a massive insecurity and also a shortage of fuel food and medical supplies now bolivia is the only nation in the world where child labor is legal working age was lowered from fourteen to ten years old in twenty fourteen the idea was to regulate and safeguard children but the legislation has been condemned at home and abroad daniel shanley reports from santa cruz. there are so many child workers in bolivia selling on the streets of mixed heavy traffic well hidden in these markets. they've blended in
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that the practice appears almost normal lydia miser is one of those striving to ensure that child labor is not excepted does not become normal. if a child wants to work catching sugarcane like their parents when they grow up that's fine but they should have the opportunity to choose because they've had an education they want to be an architect they could be an architect we shouldn't deny them the dream of being something else she's helped create spaces like this one like children working in the santa cruz markets come to study in play come to be children and the regional government with unicef backing is building schools in rural areas where most of believe years child labor is work many of them cutting sugarcane they are mostly from migrant families in low paid and seasonal work man now twenty started work when he was thirteen. kids in the countryside have always
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worked to help themselves or they work when their parents a sick so they can eat. and they can be difficult to get the children to school and the teachers are ms or says to the children. sometimes we have to go and get them and bring them back here for their classes is difficult because they'd often don't have the books or pens so we have to do what we can to improvise with these children work but now they also study with every child should receive an education is the most a fundamental right is basic it is complicated here in bolivia by many things by prejudice by tradition and by poverty. or families need the extra income their children bring in forth or it is a reluctant to in their forces want to keep wages down the consumers demand low prices some however do see the benefits of eradicating child labor. these children will be educated they'll live in better conditions with better.
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health schooling and food without sacrificing themselves physically but to live their lives as they should as children. it's a message taking root in santa cruz that poverty in bolivia should not make child labor inevitable that children should be able to study in play to be children in an often harsh world. santa cruz bolivia. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to me and for talks with. the two met earlier on the sidelines of the apec summit ranger refugees accuse me in mass acuity forces of massacres rape and torching villages the united nations has backed the claims describing the violence as ethnic cleansing scott has more now from naypyidaw. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson here in naperville or on wednesday will have two meetings the head of the military with the commander in chief and then also the head of a civilian government on song suchi he met with her on the sidelines of asean
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summit in manila philippines on tuesday but didn't say anything neither leader said anything after that meeting yesterday tuesday today wednesday they will hold a press conference in the early afternoon local time now we don't know exactly what will here we do know that the situation with the russians or refugees and the violence in rakhine state will be discussed in both of those meetings probably won't hear too much of the detail coming out of the military meeting we do know though that the united states administration has been more pressure on the military saying those who have been carrying out these attacks this violent crackdown they were kind state need to be held accountable the government here the military here the issued a report saying that they essentially exonerated themselves from their behavior from their actions in rakhine state over the last couple of months saying they did nothing wrong that will most likely be brought up what the what hasn't been coming out from the united states is how things are moving forward with the idea of sanctions reimplementing sanctions on the military leadership in myanmar that's something that's been floated in the u.s.
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senate but not directly discussed but we'll be hearing from rex tillerson and on song suchi in the afternoon here in a bit or no more than a million foreigners travel to mexico every year for affordable alternative medical procedures to one is becoming a top medical tourism destination as many other opponent reports part of the traction as its unconventional cancer treatments. or whether this is this is a treatment room that a private clinic that specializes in cancer patients procedures offered here however are far from conventional like this ozone therapy designed to oxygenate a patient's blood maybe not be very nice but the call could burn and poison. in the code of surgery in the burn is radiation poisoning is the chemo so in western medicine that's about all i have to offer. jim barry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and viewed his treatment options in the united states as limited so he opted for an alternative approach south of the border this is my family that treats me
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here now it's become a family. health facilities like this one offer treatments like coffee enemas ozone and hyperthermia therapy and a strict diet that leans heavily vegan some of what patients are offered here is either too expensive or even alcohol in their home countries because they asked me well doctor you're giving your patients twenty things which one word. and the truth is that i don't know who it's either me or what i'm or ten. touts success rates at his clinic but we are unable to independently verify those statistics. for anyone seeking alternative medicines or affordable health care in many and colleges in mexico warn of these types of health facilities known for exploiting critically ill patients i said to the going to their private oncological centers here that offer excellent treatments that are also planning to done at the
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mall to print treatments nor are approved by the international medical community as . mexico's medical tourism industry generates over three billion dollars a year and new clinics like this one hundred million dollar health facility currently under construction in the one are a testament to the business boom over one million people are expected to travel to mexico for medical treatment this year alone most of them crossing the border from the united states and as the costs of health care in america continue to rise experts are forecasting a significant increase in medical travel to mexico over the course of the next decade might end up a low al-jazeera they want to. now global internet freedom is on the decline for the seventh straight year a u.s. based advocacy group blames the manipulation of social media and disinflation campaigns jacob board has more from san francisco. roughly half the planet is connected to the internet using it to learn new skills find work and to coordinate
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and organize political action information as the saying goes wants to be free but a new report suggests that governments around the world are attempting to strangle the free internet well unfortunately for the seventh consecutive year our study showcases that internet freedom has been on the client we have identified several other trends that are quite worrisome one being that more and more governments are increasingly using internet shutdowns around elections or around the anti-government protests to stiffle that the scent they've also seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are being attacked for just posting their anti-government views online the tactics for controlling our online behavior are growing more sophisticated in china where the web is heavily censored a new social credit system called sesame credit rewards and punishes citizens for what they do and what their friends do on social media around the world governments
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pay for positive commentary online and surveillance is rampant. in the u.s. companies like facebook here in california have created a perfectly addictive product by appealing to our emotions and our circle of friends but in the process they've also inadvertently created a way for geo political enemies to reach across to each other citizens using some of the most advanced marketing tactics in the world unfortunately it does at the same tactics that advertisers use to help people like their products and now we see actually governments using the same methods to spread their own pro-government messages and to keep themselves in power the internet seems like a place of freedom. but groups like freedom house say until we learn how to protect transparency and factual information and clearly identify censorship and propaganda it will remain a global battleground jake aboard al-jazeera san francisco. ok
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top stories here on al-jazeera a spokesman for zimbabwe's army says there's been no military takeover explosions have been heard in the capital harare the reuters news agency says soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the state broadcaster said b. c. the u.s. attorney general has denied he misled congress in his october testimony on a probe of donald trump's campaign contacts with russia jeff sessions told a congressional committee on tuesday that he simply forgot about a meeting with a former trump advisor boasted of ties with moscow rescue work continues in iran and iraq with more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's powerful earthquake along the border most of the casualties are in iran and the number of dead is expected to rise seven point three magnitude quake injured almost eight thousand people and left tens of thousands homeless australians are voted in favor of changing the law to allow same sex marriage and initial results found more than
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sixty percent support the measure. people have spoken in their millions and i have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality they voted yes with fairness they voted yes for commitment they voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a strike to get on with it. they get on with the job the people of to do and get this done this year your sect of state rex tillerson is on his way to me and talk to the. two men early on the sidelines of the apec summit refugees accuse me and forces of massacres rape and torching villages and lebanon's absent prime minister has tweeted that he will return home from saudi arabia in the coming days saad hariri also called for calm he says his family will stay in riyadh earlier
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hariri met the head of lebanon's maronite church the shall rise the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since harare shock resignation more than a week ago with. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream. we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring in the. oxford university professor of machine learning. talks to all jews here at this time. and today.


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