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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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he achieved something that never happened before. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic brain that good logical rational. and mis information is rife dismissal and well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. zimbabwe's army denies carrying out a military takeover amid growing political tensions in the country.
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well i'm down to this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i had no recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports i do now recall the u.s. attorney general goes on the defensive as he faces questions about alleged ties between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. straining voters say yes to same sex marriages plus. russia under fire after claiming this video game footage was proof the u.s. was working alongside. those growing on certainty in zimbabwe where explosions have been heard in the capital harare and soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the state
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broadcaster said be. seen but the army says it's not a military takeover what several images have been posted on social media showing unusual military activity inside the capital tension has been rising since the head of the army criticized a purge of the president's ruling party zanu p.f. responded by accusing general constantine agenda of treasonable conduct when a statement been read by a military spokesman on zimbabwe state broadcasters that do see when we should to assure the nation that he is excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and commander in chief of the zimbabwe different forces. argy mugabe and his family are safe and sound and the security is good and teach we are only dead that including those around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to
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justice. well the spokesman goes on to say as soon as the criminals have been apprehended the situation will return to normalcy a spokesman says all military leave is cancelled and calls on political parties to discourage members from violent behavior he then addresses what he calls the youth of zimbabwe saying the future of the country is yours he says they shouldn't be enticed by what he calls dirty coins of silver the zanu p.f. youth league is allied to grace mugabe and in recent days its leader publicly warned elements in the military that they would not be allowed to dictate who becomes the next leader what last week mugabe fired his vice president emerson non-god it was widely considered a possible successor among fled the country but has vowed to return first lady grace mcgarvie has been pushing for his removal for some time and she was believed to be positioning herself to take charge after her husband these events prompted the military to weigh in with a warning against purging senior members of the ruling party let's talk again now
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to nia quitter he's an independent african policy analyst and the former executive director for africa action he joins us live from washington d.c. nice oh we've been monitoring events from zimbabwe with you all morning let's deal first with these reports of explosions in the capital military vehicle seen on the streets now we're hearing that government offices have been surrounded no clear picture yet of what's happening what do you think is going on. i think the army it's clear that the army has inserted the self into areas of government that normally they do not belong they claim that the president and his family are safe but we have to take their word for it they are making decisions they are deciding who is a criminal and who has to be gotten rid of so it is clear to me that they don't want to call what they are doing a coup because the will bring them all kinds of and opa zisha in but when you
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look at the actions themselves i don't know what else you call it if it is not a coup the military normally should be back in their barracks and neither is further confusion because the military broadcast that message on state media saying that mcgarvey and his family are safe and that the army is targeting criminals around him but that's an odds with what we're seeing on the streets isn't it yes yes it is very much at odds with what we've seen and it has to be said that normally a military like that is supposed to friend the country against external enemies we'd have no any any news at all of that i an outside group has a tag zimbabwe and so if it is a criminal operation is supposed to be done by the police and we also know that. the commander of the army on monday showed his cards that what they were happy about was there people were being sidelined from the zanu p.f.
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who have liberation creation of this hard fought in the liberation war and now they were being sidelined that is real grievance and me we know that the head of the armed forces general constantine cheer when he came out a few days ago and said the army but that if the purges within the ruling party didn't stop i mean how much the city is there within the ranks of the armed forces . i think that will unfold that and a couple of other things will unfold because you know frankly i am i would be watching closely to see when and if we hear from president mugabe there have been reports even though. the commander the general monday or surrounded by other military brass there have been reports that there are other sections of the military who do not bag this so those are two things we have to watch that there are divisions within the military and that if and when president mugabe.
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surfaces what is he going to say that will make a see the situation for what it is but even now with all the confusion we do know that the army and said it is self this way and running the country and telling the people what to what to do and what to believe and hundley in the news taking over their broadcast those are very unusual in other countries we call those things a coup just a final thought from you in the i mean it seems like a political game of thrones doesn't it i mean president mugabe sacked his vice president emerson and god well last week many people there say it's grace macabre who is the real force behind this she clears the way to take over the party what do you think was behind that move. i think yes there is a lot of i mean i do believe that the first lady has some visions would like to govern after her husband but i don't know anything that says that that is
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illegal and it would appear that in zimbabwe it is their president who decide who his vices he removed. djourou some time ago and brought to mr gaga and therefore i think you know that junking to succeed him isn't is an open secret and while many people think that i missed the first lady came on the scene pretty late that is nothing to that to me it does not disqualify i have other reasons i have to be brought about and the military moving in clearly to stop. does not ring like a like a good move to me me a quitter thank you for talking to al jazeera now on the iran iraq border rescuers are digging through the rubble of buildings toppled by sunday's powerful earthquake in a desperate search for survivors the quake killed more than four hundred thirty people
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many victims still buried the number of people injured in the seven point three magnitude quake is now almost eight thousand when the quake destroyed more than twelve thousand homes leaving seventy thousand homeless the iranian town of sorry policy was worst hit well near the quake's epicenter in northern iraq many people say they're afraid to go back home and possibly met one family that survived. people in the smelly kurdish town and province are trying to recover from disaster for iraqis all of the suffering from the fact so poor and prices last year were changed by sunday's earthquake near the border with iran. fergal and his by frazier escaped war four years ago back then their home was demolished in baghdad now once again they have nothing left. and dirt from their home. i can still feel the shake it lasted
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so long i'm still shaking i just can't get over the shock because i. just managed to escape officials told us to evacuate the neighborhood for the last two days we have been sleeping in the city parks at night but thank god they have survived a few buildings collapsed during sunday's quake the ones which are badly damaged and the same people are afraid to go there it's so with the nights becoming cauldron iraq aid groups are providing mats and blankets for those who fear they have no option but to stay outside. al-jazeera. northern iraq. the u.s. attorney general has denied he misled congress when he testified before politicians last month it was all part of a probe into allegations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential elections speaking before a congressional committee on tuesday jeff sessions said that he simply forgot about
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a meeting where a former trump advisor boasted about. raise your right hand. swear that this isn't the first time the attorney general has been accused of not being honest with congress but jeff sessions was adamant i don't think i'm. is right there here's me doing something wrong i had no participation in any wrongdoing at issue sessions previous testimony that there were no contacts between members of the trump campaign and the russians claiming to represent the kremlin since his last congressional appearance to trump campaign staffers have testified that they told sessions they were in contact with what they thought were russian officials and that's sessions memory i do now recall that the march twenty sixteen meeting at the drop out tail that mr papadopoulos attended but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his
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account into the best of my recollection i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter democrats on the committee working to pursue another issue as well it's emerged that the department of justice is evaluating whether to appoint a special counsel into hillary clinton into among other issues lingering questions about clinton foundation donations and government policy while she was secretary of state for example republicans welcomed the prospect but were impatient what's it going to take to get a special council democrats were less enthusiastic in a functioning democracy is it common for the leader of the country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against is political opponents they department of justice can never be used to retaliate politically
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against opponents and that would be wrong however sessions his reiterated. commitments made during his confirmation hearing that were there to be an investigation into clinton he would recuse himself she had returned see washington . australian's a voted in favor of a change in the law to allow same sex marriage more than two thirds of all potential voters responded to a non-binding postol so they initial results found more than sixty two percent support changing the law or the prime minister malcolm turnbull promised to make same sex marriage legal if a majority back to the idea is trial and people have spoken in their millions and i have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality they voted yes on fairness they voted yes for commitment they voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of
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a strike to get on with it get on with the job the astroland people of task has to do and get this done this year. so to come here and al-jazeera including a new pill can tell your doctor whether you're taking a medication but that raises a lot of other issues plus. i'm down there in bolivia despite strong efforts to wipe it out child labor is a reality. how the weather looks pretty quiet across the middle east over the next couple of days when starting to a status a little bit of cloud just around afghanistan pakistan that will push its way through the next couple of days looking at highs around maybe thirty or thirty one degrees and plenty of hazy sunshine abadi
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a cloud in the sky meanwhile we've seen plenty of cloud across southern parts of africa recently draining out of the tropics eastern parts of south africa they sing type saying some really big downpours have in the next few days and temperatures really set to drop as well something of a cold wife coming in just sixteen celsius there. and johannesburg as we go on through thursday possibility of a little bit of snow over the high ground further west is a touch warmer i'm fine and sunny. and i was told by the pakistani army to the americans and we get held in guantanamo a number of ok it until the bomb detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent ever talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. for one tunnel no twenty two at this time
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on al jazeera. welcome back to other top stories here on al-jazeera. explosions have been heard in the capital harare. the headquarters of. the u.s. attorney general has denied misleading congress. presidential campaign and russia . told a congressional committee on tuesday. with.
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an australian. the way. now russia's defense ministry has been accused of lying after releasing what it calls video evidence of the u.s. working alongside it turns out the footage was taken from a video game reports from moscow. when russia's ministry of defense accused the united states on tuesday of affectively collaborating with i still in syria it wasn't the first time that it made such accusations but this time it said it had irrefutable proof photos which were put out on the ministry of defense is facebook and twitter accounts grainy drone images apparently of a convoy being left alone by u.s. forces but it didn't take too long for eagle eyed observers on social media organizations like the citizen journalists belling katz and conflicts intelligence
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team to see that they had noticed these images before and actually they weren't what they were portraying they had come from what he was one of them from a mobile phone computer game called the a c one thirty gunship simulator others from this collection of images had come from a two thousand and sixteen video put out by iraqi forces showing them attacking a convoy leaving for leadership it didn't take long after that for the ministry of defense to delete them although they stood by their original accusations they have since subsequently admitted that this was a mistake and they're blaming it on a civilian employee at the ministry of defense and say they're launching an investigation lebanon's prime minister has tweeted he will return home from saudi arabia in the coming days saad hariri also called for calm he said his family would be staying in riyadh earlier hariri met with the head of lebanon's maronite church
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patriarch bashar rye is the first lebanese official to visit the kingdom since hariri unexpectedly announced his resignation more than a week ago after the meeting rice said he supported hillary was reasons for resigning and lebanon's foreign minister says the only way for saad hariri to prove that he's not being held against his will is to return home to beirut he also said that if saudi arabia has an issue with iran it shouldn't punish lebanon. problems. souls. have problems with iran let them have the problem solved with iran iran is not lebanon lebanon is not syria lebanon is not iran we have an independent foreign policy where the interests of lebanon comes first. now evidence accusing the former libyan army general holly for half tar of war crimes has been presented to the international criminal court have to controls in force in the east of the country
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the i.c.c. is already seeking the arrest of commanders affiliated to him and reports from the hague. libya has been in turmoil since the two thousand and eleven popular uprising toppled the country's leader colonel gadhafi and the conduct of the rival militia groups has provoked grave international concern this video shows militia commander mahmud ali appearing to summarily shoot presents the family is already wanted by the i.c.c. chief prosecutor fattah bensouda now attention is turning to a fairly superior the renegade general after the court has enough evidence to prove that have is the commander disappear. and that's what i said in her statement before the security council when she had to have to rest that were fairly and hand them over to the libyan authorities so he can be handed over to the court so have. with video or without video it's proven that he is the
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superior over or fairly and thus under the doctrine of command there's a possibility he will be held responsible have to his forces have been accused of committing atrocities on numerous occasions since twenty fourteen the evidence presented to the i.c.c. on tuesday relates to two specific attacks in twenty fourteen and one atrocity in early twenty seventy. it's been gathered by lawyers from going to thirty seven chambers. individual witness accounts if you will direct and indirect victims it summarizes evidence that we have obtained through speeches that after another individual. in relation to the attacks that we consider in our report have to has been supported by regional and international powers including egypt in the united arab emirates four months ago he was even welcomed by the french president
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to manuel macron at a peace summit outside paris but many libyans say have to international friends must not shield him from international justice. the case against the renegade general and his other commanders would appear to be building strength and although the prospect of them being arrested does not look imminent the prosecutors here in the hague have very long memories remember it took thirteen years from the indictment of the serbian war criminal rather than candidates to his arrest in two thousand and eight justice will be served paul brennan al-jazeera and the. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to me about for talks with. the two met earlier on the sidelines of the apec summit ranger refugees accused me in my security forces of massacres rape and torching villages the un has backed the claims describing the violence as ethnic cleansing has more now from naypyidaw. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson here in
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a producer on wednesday will have two meetings the head of the military with the commander in chief and then also the head of a civilian government on song suchi he met with her on the sidelines of asean summit in manila philippines on tuesday but didn't say anything neither leader said anything after that meeting yesterday tuesday today wednesday they will hold a press conference in the early afternoon local time now we don't know exactly what will here we do know that the situation with the range of refugees and the violence in rakhine state will be discussed in both of those meetings probably won't hear too much of the detail coming out of the military meeting we do know though that the united states administration has been more pressure on the military saying those who have been carrying out these attacks this violent crackdown there were kind state need to be held accountable the government here the military here on monday issued a report saying that they essentially exonerated themselves from their behavior from their actions in rakhine state over the last couple of months saying they did nothing wrong that will most likely be brought up what the what hasn't been coming
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out from the united states is how things are moving forward with the idea of sanctions reimplementing sanctions on the military leadership in myanmar that's something that's been floated in the u.s. senate but not directly discussed but we'll be hearing from rex tillerson and on song suchi in the afternoon here in a bit more bolivia's the only country in the world with child labor is legal working age was lowered from fourteen to ten years old and twenty fourteen the idea was to regulate unsafe children but the legislation has been condemned at home and abroad as it was done no simon reports from santa cruz. there are so many child workers in bolivia selling on the streets amidst heavy traffic or hidden in these markets that they've blended in but the practice appears almost normal lady a miser is one of those striving to ensure that child labor is not excepted does not become normal. if a child wants to work catching sugarcane like their parents when they grow up
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that's fine but they should have the opportunity to choose because they've had an education if they want to be an architect they could be an architect we shouldn't deny them the dream of being something else she's helped create spaces like this one like children working in the santa cruz markets come to study in play come to be children and the regional government with unicef backing is building schools in rural areas where most of believe years child labor is work many of them cutting sugarcane they are mostly from migrant families in low paid and seasonal work man now twenty started work when he was thirteen. kids in the countryside have always worked to help themselves or they work when their parents a sick so they can eat. and it can be difficult to get the children to school and the teachers are ms or says to the children. sometimes we have to go and get them and bring them back here for their classes is difficult because they'd
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often don't have the books or pens so we have to do what we can to improvise with these children work but now they also study with every child should receive an education is the most a fundamental right is basic it is complicated here in bolivia by many things by prejudice by tradition and by poverty. for families need the extra income their children bring in forth or it is a reluctant to in their forces want to keep wages down the consumers demand low prices. some however do see the benefits of eradicating child labor. these children will be educated they'll live in better conditions with better health schooling and food without sacrificing themselves physically but to live their lives as they should as children. it's a message taking root in santa cruz that poverty in bolivia should not make child labor inevitable that children should be able to study in play to be children in
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often harsh world. santa cruz bolivia the environmental group greenpeace is launching a legal challenge against norway's oil industry it's gone to court in the capital oslo aiming to approve the granting of government licenses to drill for oil in the arctic is unconstitutional greenpeace argues it violates norway's constitution because the government signed up to the paris accord which and to stop the use of fossil fuels before the end of the century. our aim is to get the court to invalidate the licenses that the government has handed out which was. very important precedents for how much damage a government is allowed to do. you have trouble remembering to take your medication well first of its kind digital pill unveiled in the united states is designed to let your doctor know when you forget but it does it was kristen salumi reports the pill is raising questions about the presence of big brother in medicine
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. patients who don't take their medicine as directed not only risk their health they cost about one hundred billion dollars a year according to one study about avoidable costs in medicine that's because the patients often end up sicker or needing additional treatment enter a new digital pill just approved for use by the u.s. food and drug administration in people with schizophrenia bipolar disorder and other forms of mental illness it actually lets your doctor know if you've taken it the problem of not adhering to treatment when it's administered on a regular basis daily multiple times a day and. the way that that compromises the effectiveness of the treatment is a huge problem in medicine and particularly in treatment of mental disorders the pill sensor is made of copper magnesium and silicon ingredients already found
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in foods it generates an electrical signal when it comes into contact with stomach fluids that signal is that picked up by a wearable patch on the patient's rib cage the patch sends the date time in patient activity level via bluetooth to an app on the patient's mobile phone and a database to which researchers have access through the app the patient can have a record sent of every time he or she takes the pill to up to four people family members or caregivers but the technology raises questions about privacy medical ethics experts find the fact that the pill is prescribed for mental illness especially troubling if you give someone a pill that's going to record for someone else whether they've taken the medication not it poses problems these are people who may not understand all the issues because they had involved because it was like good condition many people with psychiatric condition can understand all the issues their problems because this be
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feed into their paranoia they may think oh my god people want to spy on my and other doctors saying he's going to give me a drug that's going to spy on me the cost of the drug is another concern prompting experts to say more study will be necessary to weigh the risks versus the benefits and make this pill easier to swallow kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera a spokesman for zimbabwe's army says there's been no military takeover explosions have been heard in the capital harare soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the state broadcaster as it be seen. we wish to assure the nation that he is excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and the commander in chief of these mobile different forces. and these family are safe
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and sound and the security is good and teach we are only dead including those around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice well these are the latest pictures coming out of harare was taken early this morning around seven thirty you can see the streets are pretty deserted there the military says it's not a coup but they are there seeking the enemies of zimbabwe's more not of course throughout the morning rescuer continues in iran iraq with more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's powerful earthquake along the border most of the casualties are in iran and the number of dead is expected to rise seven point three magnitude quake injured almost eight thousand people and left tens of thousands homeless but the u.s. attorney general has denied he misled congress in his october testimony on
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a probe of donald trump's campaign contacts with russia jeff sessions told a congressional committee on tuesday that he simply forgot about a meeting where a former trump advisor boasted of ties with moscow australians a vote in favor of changing the law to allow same sex marriage initial results found more than sixty two percent support the measure. paves the way for parliament to make the unions legal u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to me in ma for talks with the de facto leader sensing cheat the two met earlier on the sidelines of the apec summit ranger refugees accuse me and my security forces of massacres rape and torching villages. well those are the headlines the news continues here on all the listening posts that you.
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witnessed documentaries that open your eyes at this time and. talk about to get that they got shot to death by the polar ice caps carbonell i think we have told at that point thank you i thank you thank you thank you thank you will drop from the parish where they.


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