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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 317  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 10:32am-11:01am AST

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committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice the turkish president is in to have talks with the cattery emir reject tie a better one has been a major supporter of since june when for arab countries cut ties and employs a blockade on cats on cheers day the mayor said the side inlaid bloc has no desire to end the crisis he also said cattle is looking for sustainable ways to meet its needs rescuers continue their search for survivors for a fourth day in iran with more than four hundred thirty people killed in sunday's powerful earthquake along the border with iraq the seven point three magnitude quake injured almost eight thousand people and left tens of thousands homeless. you know secular state rex tillerson is in man marked for talks with leader and son suchi their mates on tuesday at the apec summit in the philippines tillerson is
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expected to focus on rakhine state when army crackdown has forced more than six hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh rangar refugees accuse me and mas security forces of massacres rape and torching villages yunus backed the claims describing the violence as ethnic cleansing that's than is inside story is coming up next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. who's to blame for the amp passing the g.c.c. crisis to me of cattle says he's ready to talk but that locating countries have no desire to do so so what will it take to break the deadlock this is inside story.
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you are you it was a welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it's been five months since the gulf diplomatic rift began but counted as a mere says it's no closer to being resolved shaked i mean been hammered out tani addressed the country's advisory council on tuesday saying that saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain don't want to reach a solution the so-called arab quartet began its land and sea blockade of council in june repeated attempts of mediation by q.h. the u.s. france and others of all failed over the past five months so what's next we'll get to our guests in just a moment but first reports. qatar's leader remains defiant describing the blockade imposed as unfair and violating diplomatic norms
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checked i mean been hammered than he says qatar is willing to start talks but national sovereignty is a red line. as you are all aware has been subjected to an unjust an unlawful measurers that violates all the values and norms established not only among friendly countries but also among enemy by nature of the measures taken and the rhetoric and conduct adopted it has become evident that the blockading countries are not aiming for a solution or settlement it's all started in june when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bihari in and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed a land sea and air blockade they accused qatar of promoting extremism accusations dismissed by the qatari leadership as fabricated lies kuwait and the u.s. are trying to heal the diplomatic where ft but saudi arabia and its allies say the
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sanctions against qatar will only be lifted when qatar meets a list of thirteen demands including shutting down the al-jazeera media network closing a turkish military base and downgrading ties with iran the five month crisis continues but the m.e.'s says the blockade in countries underestimate the will of the qatari people here with her to the series of measures to break the embargo such are starting new shipping routes to ensure food supplies continue. qatar in the good tarries are capable of thriving and progressing whether the siege ends or not we do not fear being boycotted by these countries we are far better off however vigilance is needed and they have not stopped that the blockade but continue to interfere with our domestic affairs the end. made his speech at the opening session of the parliamentary advisory body called the shura council for the
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first time i mean appointed for women to the forty five member council last week they'll help draft laws approve the budget and monitor government performance the emir appoints one third of the council two thirds are elected plans for full elections to the council have been delayed for the past nine years carter's leader we to rate of the gulf crisis won't deter his country from pursuing political and economic reforms. and saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon is largely seen as the architect of the blockade on cata two weeks ago he downplayed the importance of the diplomatic crisis calling it a very very very small issue that has amir has highlighted the issue regularly on the international stage he spoke at the united nations general assembly in
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september and gave an interview to the c.b.s. show sixty minutes last month here's what the emir had to say to charlie rose about the blockade we want to turn and believe me charlie we wanted to end. but nothing is going to be above our dignity our sovereignty what we want to and i almost say that if they get no walk one meters toward me i'm willing to walk ten thousand miles to watch them or i let's introduce our panel for today's discussion with me here in doha is a budget alan sorry a professor of political sociology at university from kuwait we're joined by a dollar shady a former special advisor to the speaker of the q.e.d. parliament and from washington d.c. about harb who's the director of research of malice at the arab sense of washington d.c. gentlemen welcome to all of you and let's start with you professor sorry how will the emir speech be received you think both here in qatar and abroad but i do and i
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think the emir gave a clear and concise speech he knew what he wanted to say and he knew what the answers need to be given to the questions of the godly people i think there are a lot of questions that have been long and said now for the other people like was during this crisis and before like for example the question about the parliament when when the elections are going to take place we've had the i mean a father in two thousand and twelve thing that in two thousand and thirteen the elections will take place of course at that here we know that the can to me a took office and then there was a delay and there was a new will to the shura council today we hear very clearly the emir as saying that question and saying that they're leaving behind this is that he was not happy with the legislation and he was looking for a fair and complete legislation that would guarantee that this were a council do its job that's the across as far as the blockade is concerned how do your fellow catteries feel about the way that the emir and his government to
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handling this crisis well actually we just finished a nationally preventive study about the issue and we asked that question adrian in the same wording how do you think that the government's actions were doing this crisis and we go. more than ninety five percent saying that they were completely happy with the government's actions during this crisis so i believe that we. get the people of either and the government of either in one go on this what about the people though in the blockading nations will they do you think respond to to be a speech sadly of course the media. in this country is portrayed everything that comes out of either in a negative view we have seen this during the i mean speech in the united nations we have seen this in his first speech in july there all these painting what comes out of cut out as being defiant against. his allusion to the sick crisis but of course
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we all know that while it would be him it is very clear we are open to dialogue we one dialogue and one that is allusion to this crisis but this will not be in in with against our the beginning of the sovereignty of other all right let's bring in . in kuwait what's happened to curating efforts to mediate this crisis as as any progress been made or was q eight mediation been a complete failure so i fell on me to comment quickly on the speech should a top of the speech has been both defiance and confidence. we had about sticking to the view is that have been well known since the eruption of the sort of almost six months ago there are there is a standstill unfortunately the mediation efforts are still is the only hope for an exit strategy that is lacking and this crisis there is there doesn't seem to be any
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bridging of the differences we have got are sent many messages and has a speech which it does not really. shy away from. insisting. qatar is on the right path very confident qatar has been even stronger today than it was five or six months ago and he was also very clear that. needs really tour to show the confidence and i was a couple of weeks ago and voted by the broken. broken. eluded to the to the fact that you spoke about today that with all that exuberance of support and they did just a moment of alley behind the leadership of qatar stated that the baby the time has come for part two or three or an election what it's a national front it's
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a shorter council and by all means now is the end near with that to show his confidence that he's talking about election finally have been built for two along ok but let me finish with the statement if you allow me the mediation although has not really progressed as we all would like to see it but at least as the a.t.m. you stated and the white house press conference with the president charm that the quitting mediation effort was stunning everybody that really there railed or has really put away any military option for this crisis and that by itself is a major achievement unfortunately we need to what more and we have a deadline of the g.c.c. summit that's supposed to be held next the sumburgh and the next martin kuwait but by all indications the emir of qatar has stated that there doesn't seem to be any any any inching toward any consolation or all of the probably the this summit will
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be put off or what we're talking little more about about the g.c.c. summit supposed to happen as you say in about two weeks little later in the program let's bring in him out hard in washington d.c. in a. similar sort of question to you what. happened to u.s. efforts to mediate this crisis well good morning from washington d.c. and my regards to doctors and sorry and shoji what what's coming from washington is little the no policy kind of position there is no middle east policy and there is no gulf policy the white house is singing go to its own two state department and defense departments are committing themselves even more to the traditional u.s. policy on calling for unity in the g.c.c. because the g.c.c. is a very very important pillar of american national security so while the white house is confused as as its master on how to try to
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mediate this this effort the other institutions in the country specifically state and defense are restating that the united states would always be involved in gulf affairs as. mediator as. institutions that are interested about unity of the g.c.c. you talk about the white house being confused as if there's a great deal of speculation of the bit about rex tillerson future secretary of state if he moves on from the state department u.s. policy over this crisis shift to what it begin perhaps to reflect the president's few more than it does at the moment i missed difficult to tell what his views exactly are on the gulf crisis don't forget this all began just days after his first overseas trip as president to saudi arabia. through anecdotal evidence that
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leads us that he had something to do with the crisis yet we we do not have any specific official information about that but there you go about that the listens position tillerson yes the ricin is in and the hot seat sort. speak there are a lot of people calling for his resignation or his removal but as far as i'm concerned whoever comes to replace him in that position a very very pivotal position obviously for american foreign policy it will not necessarily be going the white house line. i don't think that the main institution here is only the state department that's also the defense department defense appointment weighs heavily on this issue and whether what will whoever comes into the into office at the state department will always have to way to give. necessary weight to how the defense department sees this and the defense
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department does not see any. benefit for u.s. national security at these military benefit for your national security if the united states moves away from it reconciliation role from a role that emphasizes the unity among d.c.c. members professor alan sorry you talked about the supports that that that the country people are giving the emir at the moment and the government that they're completely behind the government it would seem is that support guaranteed regardless of how this crisis ultimately plays out you know here we are at an impasse at the moment who knows how long this is going to go on for how it's going to end it's already impacted on families right across the region as well as here in castle and students as well what if the standard of living here in cata begins to fall per capita qataris are among the richest people in the world and what if what if this crisis begins to hit people in the pocket what happens then well there's
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a very strong hypothetical i mean we have seen during the past couple of months how there was no effect economically when it comes to their locate we've seen a shipments going out there gas shipments going out to. their. patients we've seen with going as strongly as usual you've seen even consumer products coming in as they usually do we haven't seen actually a really economic effect of this crisis but i do believe that people have stuck with their leaders who are content i mean you've seen this in many crisis before this is not the first crisis to have gotten paid the region and therefore i don't think that this will have an impact on how to use you their. their leadership and if there was they were to be in effect to defend you know at the beginning of the crisis when there was a real you know shock and there we know that the other parties here that locating countries use the shock and awe strategy to try and disable i thought that but this didn't work and let me briefly comment on the telephone issue i believe that i do
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agree with our colleague in d.c. the they relationship between qatar in the state department the state department as a couple the foreign ministry and their u.s. state department of a strong throughout its short history the front at the here we've seen a lot of. strengthening of the feeling ships with the diplomatic corps with policymakers in the state department so i don't believe that the actual. that person himself is the pillar of the relationship between about of the state department and also that i've always maintained a very strong relationship with their the institutions in washington whether it be the intelligence a situation the treasury department the defense department or the state department and therefore even that we can see it now in washington that even though there are high contention in the state bomb itself but the message coming out from the state is very clear as give the. shoji in kuwait. you're no doubt want to comment on
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what you've heard but i want to talk about that you've been tweeting. since the amir's speech. earlier in the day on on on. tuesday you tweeted that the locating countries have become hostage to the own rhetoric do you think the b m e s speech you said that this is going to escalate militarily but it will certainly escalate the war of words where to the battle being played out in the region media yeah it's unfortunately the end of but that is very was a very provocative from the blockading countries viewpoint he was the fire and he was very clear that they are not in the business of at that and but are over the terrorism because qatar has signed up with many treaties with many countries the latest laws the amount of understanding to fight terrorism and to counter a funding of terrorism with the united states so but that is not as an opposition
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to be accused of funding or supporting terrorism this will really not it will not really goddamn well with the with the with the quartet when they hear this they don't like probably dislike the speech by the i mean out of qatar they think that also they are there the new strategy is that will be a little the gulf crisis of the u.c.c. crisis while we're there with egypt that the egyptian foreign minister storing the gulf you or he was was yesterday in kuwait today by the president of turkey just met with the i mean of course these are heading to model a tool to doha to meet with the lottery and mia but things are really i from now on and that is we are at the standstill things are really not moving but what we have done is that we have we thought that we have the escalated this crisis and we have it more the military option and then since the eruption of this really unfortunate
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crisis that's really it's a it's an amount of not one situation and zero zero sum game there have been a lot of developments negative the about the cold war between the g.c.c. led by. saudi arabia in particular and iran is heating up again there is the resignation of the prime minister of lebanon there is the the if i may comments a bit on the your as position there so he really has very very helping things out very briefly hasn't been helping at all because it gives the false sense for what part is that united states is siding with them and says has not really practiced its leadership and you know so it's not that as long as an airbase is there an intact and it's functioning very well the qatari liquefied natural gas is being shipped all over the world and there does not need to for united states of practice its leadership beyond lip to lip service and be on parts united states has really
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now to play a major of supporting equate mediation effort because of the of the juiciest the summit want to be held in kuwait then and in few weeks then i think where the g.c.c. if a future and fate will be at stake and this is what the kuwaiti every year of the twenty fourth of october a want of of the g.c.c. will falter then that it will be the last stronghold of the joint a joint effort to have to have someone or some kind of or it is that for the arab world abdullah we're running out of time here. will the u.s. tolerate this deepening instability in the region how we're going to put up with it for you know if their own interests begin to be. affected the price of oil for example that is saudi arabia over reaching itself do you think would lebanon effectively blockaded on to its a fighting a war saudi arabia on three fronts. well on the on the first question then i'd say
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this is definitely an up and not. really happy about what's going on it once things to go back to this that us will and they they don't like any instability going on of the g.c.c. or in the region as a whole considering that american foreign policy is really going after iran these days so it's better. likely to stick to having veggies a c. b. and b. be united all the time as for the second one unfortunately i agree that saudi arabia may be over overreaching here i think you know in an arabic there is a there is a proverb that says basically they're running away forward they're running away from crises that were created before into a new crisis and that only complicates issues it's time for everybody to just sit down and say what is the be our interest here is it to continue on this bad of
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disunity and and at that or is it time for us that are to try to put the g.c.c. back in order the g.c.c. is the premier. economic social political and a part of the military alliance in the region and it should remain strong for everybody concerned about it and i'm sorry that the subjects of the g.c.c. kuwait very keen of course to keep the g.c.c. together this must have a meeting in two weeks time and do you think that g.c.c. can survive this. actually i share professor concern from kuwait i think that if there is no summit in december then we can effectively say that the g.c.c. is clinically dead and it will take a lot of effort to revive it if this does not happen and it looks like the that the interest of their at locating countries now is geared towards forming and they're
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quite it to be the new regional. bloc rather than the g.c.c. and they've actually began doing this they have no headquarters in they started media has around the world for the quote it so this tells me basically that they have lost interest in the g.c.c. they couldn't push their agenda through the g.c.c. so you know if if you're not going to let us play like the way we like then we're going to invent a new game based upon a professor and it a very short answer we've got less than a minute. a comment perhaps on the g.c.c. and then how do you envisage this all coming to an end this crisis ending will it end. well this crisis was not that really needed at the start work and the managing of this crisis is really very chaotic. the demands have really to be revisited there has to be sitting down and talking about it seriously kuwait qatar cop out has been really welcoming and has been very accommodating for the kuwaiti
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and today even the ambient of qatar once again praise the position despite was ition of the i mean of great this sense has really to prevail if there are there is nonsense not logic not ash anality what is what it what we're witnessing it as and a rational actor model and dealing with that with that in morse than damaging and daunting crisis that has really surface over the last there to six years of the juice you see history since its inception. as a as and. of the three other g.c.c. countries score and i hope that they will come to the sense that the survival of the g.c.c. is at stake and we should all work to have the g.c.c. but acting as the only difference of mechanism and be on leap a part of the arab world that is really functioning well and to dock to go back to its normal normalcy or this is this is our unfortunate fortunately it doesn't look
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that's going to be happening and camps on judgement day we must leave it thank you all very much indeed to. hob here in doha. i'm sorry. thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion join us at our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle at inside story for me adrian finnegan and the whole team here in doha thanks for watching i'll see you again for the. ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones with nothing trees it was in the forest and you can make everything look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practice.
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if they make a fire like this make a fire break about the time that point blank it fair and just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time. discover a wealth of winning programming from around the world. documentaries we were running away for our life from a brutal regime the. discussion we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and. challenge your perception. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational person crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and
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