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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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this is al-jazeera. welcome. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the army takes control in zimbabwe military commanders to know it's a coup they say the president robert mugabe is safe. an act of aggression lebanon's president says nothing justifies the detention of the prime minister sites in saudi arabia. also this just the u.s. secretary of state visits me in mali to condemn the crackdown against rango muslims but he stopped short of calling for sanctions. and i'm sorry if will have all the days more including demarcus qualify for the football world power for the time. her
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history of a rash the republic of ireland by one in their play on. a fast moving top story for you here on the news our army commanders in zimbabwe well they've seized control of the country but they deny their takeover is a coup in an address on state t.v. an army spokesman said criminals around the president robert mugabe were being targeted military commanders say he and his family are safe but it's not known where they are soldiers are patrolling the streets of the capital harare and roads to government buildings are blocked the military supporters appraising with the head of the war veterans group is calling a bloodless correction. we'll have extensive coverage of the story in the coming program tanya page is watching events for us out of johannesburg in south africa first let's take you to the heart of the story harare and our correspondents how
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wrote how what's the latest from the streets there. well it's calm but tense the general general general made an arsonist few hours ago and since then more and more people are coming into the city center but ari is still not its usual busy self other cities and towns are also quiet some obvious just watching these dramatic events unfold wondering what it means for the future of this country. and i'm easy calm in harare this after confusing scenes on the streets of zimbabwe with a night of unrest as military vehicles rolled in there were also reports that soldiers were seen loading ammunition these developments followed a warning on monday that the military would step in if the sacking of candidates they favor within the ruling party didn't stop a statement was read by soldiers on state radio this is not a military takeover and things will return to normalcy. and his family.
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and sound and the security. we are only targeting criminals are around him. committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice but this is sparked fear of a military coup even now with all the confusion we do know that the army in sirte is so this way and running the country and telling the people what to what to do what to believe and hundley in the news taking over their broadcast those are very unusual in other countries we call those who. zimbabwe army chief constantino i want earlier this week the military could step in if party pages didn't stop but she was quickly accused of treasonable conduct by the zanu p.f. in a statement he was reacting to the firing of the vice president in
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a seminar the week before when i got what had close ties to the military and was revered first revolutionary work in fighting for the country's independence a fight that also boid president mugabe to power in one nine hundred eighty when i got was removal apparently followed a series of disputes with the first lady grace mugabe her leadership and patience to succeed our ninety three year old husband had triggered infighting within her party she is popular with his army of youth faction dubbed the g forty but her ascension contradicts an earlier promise mugabe had made saying only those who fought in zimbabwe's liberation can preside over zimbabwe being fifty two grace is not a war veteran and like amos and i got one nor the army generals who threatened to intervene. there firstly. i would like to govern after her husband but i don't know anything that says that that is illegal and the military moving clearly to start. like
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a good move to me one of the first announced casualties is the finance minister who the army stated they had detained despite the military emphasizing the president and his wife are safe these look like trouble times ahead. we're looking at a live shot of iraq looks very quiet very calm there you get the feeling that zimbabweans feel this is about them or is this just a battle that we're standing by and watching being for amongst the elite of the country. there is very much a feeling that this is a fight between the top dogs two factions when the rulings on if your party won by grace mugabi the first lady and the other by. a vice president who was fired last week all eyes also on the international community. be inquired south africa
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has spoken out and they're concerned about it but people are watching to see how the other countries react are they going to condemn what has happened are they going to quietly accept it and then what happens after that so a lot of scenarios at play right now but the key thing people are waiting to hear from the army is they're saying this is not a coup so this is not a coup does that mean they will release president got me at some point or you were allowed to be seen in public at some point things take another dramatic turn so confusion on the ground but the army insists it's not a coup. the president of the country the head of state and commander in chief lots of speculation of course let's just separate what we know from what we don't know and crucially i guess as well when or if we'll see robert mugabe and mrs mcgovern. there was meant to be a solidarity rally on saturday at our international conference and it was meant to
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be youth rally and the president's wife were meant to attend we don't know if that is going to happen some people are saying maybe they'll be some kind of statement issued on state t.v. at some point again no one really knows i think for now as long as the top officials remain quiet there will be a lot of speculation before most and bargains on the ground the poor the suffering the ones you don't want to see violence are glad for now that it's calm it's tense but at least it's current we just hope the next few hours the next few days the next few months play out while in that there's no violence on the streets stay close in the meantime many thanks tanya page joins us live from johannesburg we are getting comments from the south african government time you just get us right up to date what are they saying. yes well president jacob zuma issued a statement a short while ago and not only in his position as president of south africa but also as the current chair of the regional body the southern african development
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community or sadeq he's calling for. restraint by all parties involved says he's watching on with great concern as what is at what is happening just across the border saying that he would hope that this does not lead to an unconstitutional change of government because he said that would be contrary to not only setback but the african union's position and calling for what he described as an amicable resolution to again i quote a political impasse and calling on urging really the defense force in zimbabwe to act with restraint and calm and to ensure peace and security so that the statement coming from president jacob zuma of course lots of people also watching on and hoping that things stay calm in harare and the the wider country because there are many zimbabweans in south africa if robert mugabe is days away from perhaps needing a bolt hole he has got well established connections in the far east we know this as
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a fact but might find sanctuary in africa in south africa perhaps. all look at is quite possible but i don't think you'd get any sort of comment on that from the south african government and if we look at what has happened quite recently to the vice president in this in the gun was he was feared to be on his way to south africa but he has apparently been in china the entire time and when that may not have been in south africa at all it's a very difficult sticky situation that south africa finds itself in if that were to eventually where someone from high up in government mugabe himself or some other high placed cabinet minister was seeking sort of protection in south africa because that puts south africa in as i see it a pretty difficult situation despite as how i was mentioning there are some pretty around. criticism of robert mugabe's long tenure as president since nine hundred
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eighty the only leader of an independence and bar where people there have non south africa has never been that critical of the country very much sticking by the line that he's an elected president wouldn't want to see any kind of intervention from outside the regional from other african countries so that is a pretty tricky spot south africa would be placed in if somebody was seeking the sort of asylum or refuge here thanks tony talk to later. well staying with that story much of the tension and the uncertainty in zimbabwe comes as a result of the division within president mugabe's ruling zanu p.f. party now draws most of its power from the country's struggle for independence two main factions within zanu p.f. vying for succession the low cost group made up of supporters of the vice president . those who backed greece mugabe will then known as g forty last week president
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mugabe sacked. many you saw the movers clearing the pass for grace mugabi to take over and succeed her husband on monday the head of zimbabwe's defense forces warned the army would step in to end purges within the party in response. to you swing accused general constantino chiwenga of treasonable conduct david moore is professor of development studies at the university of job are joining us now david moore what do you think is really going on here. but thanks for calling me. well i think the look asked faction as you put it has one look asked being french for. an emerson man to god were being called the crocodile for many years. the g forty tried to get him out and they failed to when they came in with his and he's well known as a protege very close to middle gaga came in with the press statement on monday
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saying we want to protect the president from the infiltrators from the counter revolutionaries from those who are doing the project so this is what makes it an interesting cooed it's an inside the party crude. the president has not been deposed. it's it's people are being arrested. forty people are being arrested they're looking for jonathan moyo the famous information guru. who's actually the intellectual gravitas behind the g for. but that never had the army in their hands the police is another question i think the police commissioner was part of. the public look at looking to arrest him i've seen some pictures of police sitting on the ground well people are looking over them that could get a bit a bit rough. relatively peaceful so far as an elite affair is above when people have had lots of experience of it. except for the poor people and
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in the eighty's who were massacred in their thousands here's the thing if mr mugabe hasn't been deposed can we say he hasn't been deposed yet because presumably he's someplace under lock and key with all with his wife grace mugabe. yes nobody knows if the couple is still a couple. think he will not be deposed i think the plan will be. speech on monday night to guarantee that the extraordinary congress which is set up for the end of december this year instead of next year in other words before the election july next year. which was planned by g. forty two to have. the first vice president. and vice president
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and vice president that would have to. be president. because i don't think the g forty really thought grace was up to it but they had to have her in mind now that we don't know what's happening to grace i think we will see the way the wind is blowing he's very very good at keeping his finger to the winds of these internet scene conflicts and i think also that the regional actors that are important in this case would have been consulting with more than gaga i don't think he was in china i think south africa they would have been consulted. very carefully because a coup against the state would not be allowed this is a coup against the president of the party of course the party of the state in zimbabwe are very very closely intertwined but technically you could say that this is against the president the people who was speaking last night general oil was saying let parliament go ahead there are rules in the constitution that can allow
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parliament to settle this issue if that could be done a new president. it could be a very unique sort of coup. compelling times david moore professor of development studies in chipper good to talk to david again thanks very much we'll keep right across all develops of course here on al-jazeera as to what's happening and pretty much in real time as it happens out of zimbabwe we move on to another one of our top stories lebanon's president says nothing justifies the prime minister saeed hariri being detained in saudi arabia michel aoun says act of aggression hariri suddenly announced his resignation during a visit to the saudi capital last week he's promising to return home soon saudi leaders have said they fear for his safety if he does he's in a harder joins us live now from beirut zena what does this mean. well lebanon for sure is stepping up the pressure on saudi arabia strong language strong words from the president saying that this is an act of aggression saudi arabia has
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violated the conventions the president making it very very clear that he believes saddam had either resigned prime minister along with his family are being detained in saudi arabia they are being held in one way or another hostage is now lebanon has launched a diplomatic campaign to try to secure his release the president has said in recent days that he believes the saddle had it is under house arrest he is not speaking freely he's not moving freely and he sent the foreign minister to paris late yesterday where he met the french president the french president mediating in this crisis sending his foreign minister to saudi arabia later today it is still not clear whether or not saddle how do you will return he did say in his first public comments on sunday that he's coming in a few days yesterday he tweeted saying he's also coming in a few days but a very confusing picture and people in lebanon really do not believe that he's coming back and if he does here if he does return without his family then he's still a political hostage because his family will be used some sort of like
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a pressure card against him now these latest developments in i mean in effect are they confirm what everyone's been speculating about because everyone's been speculating well he's being held against his will he's being held hostage his wife and his children they've lived in riyadh for the past what five or six years and if if we're talking about someone being held against their will chances are they're being held against their will. well yes this is the feeling in lebanon the majority feels this way even his own supporters are saying then why doesn't he just come back he appeared in public a made public comment on his local television station on sunday but people were not convinced he looks stressed he wasn't very clear at one point he was even going to cry i mean people were saying this man was not speaking freely he was not as confrontational as he was during his resignation speech and that resignation speech also was very sudden it was a shock nobody expected it from him everything was going well he was in one way or another he had this an easy partnership with hezbollah in the government and this
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is what many believe saudi arabia was angry about that he was not being confrontational enough with hezbollah and they forced him to resign so this is the feeling in lebanon of course saddam had to be saying that he is a free man but like i mentioned nobody mean very few people believe that in lebanon zain thank you. plenty more still to come on the news hour for you including the stories supporting cata turkey's president flies in as the long long gulf crisis drags on. too scared to return home victims of the earthquake in iran and iraq struggle to recover. and support a big performance from the man. action from the n.b.a. coming up with farai in about thirty minutes time. ok another developing story for you rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state has called for
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a quote credible and impartial investigation into the crisis he's met the de facto leader aung san suu kyi in the meanwhile capital naypyidaw tillerson wants those who have committed crimes to be held accountable he described the scenes of what happened to the right at the hands of the me and security forces as quote just horrific. then mark response to this crisis is a critic with herman in the success of the transition to a more democratic society he says and democracy. through this movie wall and marginalized populations it is the responsibility of a government and of your forces to protect and respect human rights of all persons within its borders to hold him a little. scot hydel is in the capital napier to scott white and to talk about ethnic cleansing given what the u.n. says about ethnic cleansing yet he said this in this
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press conference that took place just about an hour ago peter and in that he said that the united states is still looking at that terminology if they're going to in fact use that terminology it's interesting that we heard that sound bite from him you know he said that they still the united states still stands behind me on mars transition to a full democracy but he said as we just heard that there are concerns the united states has and they've said this over the last several weeks several months about how the situation has been handled in rick i and it's interesting because the military had an internal investigation and they cleared all the military officers of any wrongdoing in work on state he says there needs to be a impartial and deep investigation as to what happened out there in the recount state and what prompted over six hundred thousand range across the border into bangladesh he says the united states wants a more impartial and clear investigation to take place and he said that could tie to the possible direct sanctions down the line peter scott you get the feeling that
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in effect he's lowering the bar of expectation when it comes to what the world was expecting from sun suchi going back to when this crisis kicked off. yeah and it's interesting peter when you look at that yes definitely because he's saying that we're still united states is still committed to this transition of democracy what i think he's also doing absolutely that lowering the bar a little bit but also expectations from what she can actually do in this country everything that took place in recalling states is not under her control the military still al parades independently that's they're talking about the transition to full democracy the military in this country still wields major power and is not accountable or doesn't have to tell the civilian government which she leads and city what they're doing and why they're doing it so when it comes to criticizing her and what she's been doing they have been critical and you know he didn't go as far as to say that you know you need to do more but in certain ways he has but it's more focused on the military and what he said and we go back to that part about
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sanctions he said generally economic sanctions broad economic sanctions for against myanmar is not feasible at this stage but what might be feasible once there's intelligence once there's evidence of who actually carried out these atrocities in response they then targeted sanctions could be levied against them and that means possibly members of the the top echelons of the military here so it's kind of a fine line that he has to tread because yes santucci does deserve because she's a de facto leader of this nation deserves criticism because of what's been happening in rakhine state but then again she doesn't have that much control over it it's the military that does and that's why secretary tilson also had a meeting with the commander in chief of myanmar's military services here today in a few doors thanks scott. turkey's president is in doha for talks with the emir of cats. has been a big supporter of count us in june when for arab countries cut ties and imposed a blockade on tuesday the
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a me is that the saudi bloc had no desire to end the crisis council is looking for sustainable ways to meet its needs let's bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashar what's the message not between these two countries but across the border going west. it's a bit of what we heard yesterday when the emir of qatar addressed his consultative council and his people got that he's when he said that there is no solution in sight. that for the time being we're going to have to act as if there is no solution with our neighbors because the four decision countries are not about to accept a solution or a compromise and then. i think both qatar and turkey are taking their bilateral relations a whole new strategic level it's clear now that qatar needs solid relations with the outside world notably turkey and it's also clear for the turks because of the
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cooling of their relations with a number of countries especially western countries that they need to forge big important relations in the east and i think qatar is becoming one of them you get the feeling that this is just about to be an opinion the rhetoric here given the very kind of clear focus of what mr erdogan was saying two or three days ago and who he was saying it to given all the changes in riyadh over the past four weeks well look there's no doubt that the turkish president regardless of his situation within turkey but when it comes to foreign policy when it comes to syria when it comes to his relations with the west and and the turkey's attempt at dealing with the fiji questions and so on so forth and the one feels that turkey is being victimized that the turkey is being mistreated by its western allies and hence he has turned his back to the west and embraced russia and hence he feels angry that turkey is paying a huge price for crisis is around it and it's not being rewarded for all the
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efforts it's making on the question of syria and others all in all and as i put it bluntly yesterday or the day before yesterday in so many ways western leaders now view the turkish president as brash and rash. he sees western leaders as backstabbing cowards because they want stickin into the serious issue until it became quiet and then it was too late and they are not making enough effort to resolve the syrian issue they speak about no military solutions but look at the massacre yesterday and it wasn't against leisel the military solutions continuance in syria and yet the russians the americans come out with a communique saying there is no military solution in syria and hence he's angry that way the price i mean there may be too pricey a one the actual price the dollar sign because when the g.c.c. crisis kicked off everyone was saying look cattles got roughly five hundred thirty billion in the bank in cash people are saying the g.c.c.
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crisis has cost cattle something like thirty thirty five billion but there's this whole question of sustainability is the actual price tag the price tag but there's also the geo political price tag is what we're seeing within the g.c.c. now the new normality is this what it's going to be i think that's what we that's the impression we got from the emir of qatar yesterday and that's the impression we've got from the besieging countries that there is no solution in sight and hence each country is going to try to find its own solutions and yes it has been a it has been on qatar and got those economy and again they made of course i said not only there is dwindling oil prices the last couple years now it's above sixty you know a battle but but certainly the decision countries that change in the economic priorities within the country has all hampered to some degree the got an economy but it's still one of the richest economies in the world per citizen and now they're trying to secure the water under food securities they change the aerial as
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well as the sea lanes and they're trying to forge new relations with pakistan with bangladesh with turkey and so on so forth so all in all that is opening up to relationships but here a point of comparison look for example at saudi arabia at this point in time not. first of all these crisis is that it's over reaching us all so forth but so would it pakistani relations are not good at all so would the iranian relations are of course terrible so do turkish relations are very very very cold so all in all saudi arabia is not doing better than its neighbors or better than got over there and i mean of kuwait hasn't said very much about this over the past three or four weeks and he was the go to you can sort this person for so long moment we have to leave it there because we're going to crash through the headlines in about three minutes if we don't many things thank you people in iran are afraid of returning home four days after a powerful earthquake killed more than four hundred people on sunday the earthquake measured seven point three it injured almost eight thousand people and left tens of
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thousands homeless in the mountainous area of common shop province that borders iraq rescuers say this search operation is coming to an end and hopes of finding more survivors are fading in and console is that close to the quake's epicenter in northern iraq sinan just get us right up to speed what's the latest information you have for us. yes we are in the main the kurdistan native town and some a minute near by iran border here the damages are not as heavy as in iran and the casualty numbers are not that high but the damages are actually important because people are not able to get in they are. in there because their homes are badly damaged and the risk is actually with the carbon behind them which is right behind them. and there are many cracks in the in the in their band behind them especially up or construction part of that where we spoke to the general director of the dam
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he said that there is no leakage for now with the dam but there are there have been years have been here and who have been making assessments about the possible risks that these cracks could. creates a for the surrounding if the reports say is that it's safe people are going to be are going to take a breath and will get in their homes but if the report says the cracks can cause a flood then all the surrounding villages here will be evacuated and this area that i'm standing right now campbell left on the water pour the there been the dam is the riskiest part here which actually provides water to more than two million people for drinking every called sewer and industrial use it thanks very much. just a moment we'll have the weather for you with everton but also still ahead here on
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news and sports news you'll recall it was a need to avoid a sting in the tail of that world cup story. from long flowing online and winds to an enchanting desert breeze. it's been a stormy old wake across parts of the mediterranean just pushing across italy and the balkans you can still see this area cloud has been rolling away here for the past few days four or five days it's been stuck here in the same location it's what's known as a cutoff low so not moving too far too quickly still a big vial of cloud across the balkans into italy more heavy downpours snow on the dating flank more heavy rain also the possibility and we have even had some reports of the odd tornado that will sink a little further south what's a nice for to speak go on through thursday on into friday in fact it will bring
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a few showers into the far north of africa seen a few showers just around to recently more than over the next couple of days and was a possibility of the old shower just grazing the far north of libya just around the coastal fringes a few showers to into well the heart of africa recalls around the tropical region we'd expect to see some wet weather in the bottom fifty one millimeters of rain here in the space of twenty four hours and those showers they extend from kenya uganda and into the gulf of guinea pushing right across a good part of west africa all the way across there into liberia has seen some pretty wet weather just around the eastern cape of south africa the showers they'll continue over the next few days pushing right up into mozambique and zimbabwe. the weather sponsored by the time release. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why
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the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cypress island if it bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news live from the top stories for you so far today come on dozens in bob way say they've taken control of the country but they deny that takeover is a coup an army spokesman said criminals around the president robert mugabe were being targeted he and his family are said to be safe but it's not known where they are. lebanon's president says nothing justifies the prime minister cited how do you know he being detained in saudi arabia michel aoun says it's a saudi act of aggression i really something announced his resignation during a visit to the saudi capital last week. and the u.s. . terry of state rex tillerson has called for a credible and impartial investigation into the rohingya crisis he's met on sun suchi in the me and marc capital he described the scenes of what happened to the
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ring at the hands of the me and massacure of the forces horrific. the leaders of germany and france are jews take part in the un twenty three conference on climate change local and regional leaders have been meeting over the past three days from weapons day the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president emmanuel macron will meet for more discussions they'll talk about how to implement the paris accord of december twenty fifth which must be finalized by next year nick clark joins us live from nick good afternoon. yes thanks very much indeed. there are many now as you say we're high level ministerial. have been arriving all morning. arriving will be hearing them speak.
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what she says about the coal industry because. something of a climate champion. what she says. we're going to hear from. damage. to. the rich point to bring in. joining me now is. program manager connect. outside of the process how do you connect. thank you for having me.
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program it's a global partnership program and we really work with. two how. to help explain what main challenges and also really what. we see in terms of. we are on track to transition to. the next fifty. to. ninety billion dollars will be going to. the big nations to step up and provide the money. twenty twenty. i mean i can't really speak. the momentum we are seeing. movement happening. seeing about i think the latest figures were. this is a result of. anything in two thousand and.
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sixteen times intangible deployment. that's really taking off and that is. similarly the solutions. for energy efficiency to. run initiative to highlight that efficiency is the next. younger generation. nic thanks very much. it appears the fight against terrorism has the upper hand the twenty seventeen global terrorism index shows the number of terror related deaths a day for a second year in
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a row the institute for economics and peace found a drop of twenty two percent globally in twenty sixteen compared to a peak in twenty fourteen syria pakistan afghanistan and nigeria four of the five worst affected countries recorded thirty three percent fewer deaths iraq was the only one of those five nations to show an increase this is being blamed on eyesores desperate measures as i salute his territory fifty percent more deaths retributive to the armed group than in twenty fifteen however the trend so far this year is that incidents are down with the report heralding a turning point in the fight. of his lip is the director of research at the institute for economics and peace he joins us now from london daniel hislop what's new about this report i mean terrorism quote we know what that is do we not we're out of pointing out that the really big finding from this is report is a positive one twenty two percent drop is significant and this is notable because
1:40 pm
we've seen ten years of increases this is a big positive change and we're really seeing the change in the places where the great majority of terrorism actually is a caring why was there a decrease. it was primarily a decrease because of really two factors one. which we need to remember only two years ago was the most deadly terrorist group in the world that saw an eighty percent drop in the number of tests that it committed in twenty sixteen really largely because of this excess of the multinational joint task force and the coalition partners to fight the group it's also been splintered so it's not as integrated as it was before so that was a very big change of course the other big changes is that diminishment of i still in syria there were more deaths in iraq but i suspect that when we move forward to twenty seventeen we will see that the group as it's on the cusp of military defeat
1:41 pm
will commit fewer deaths in this calendar year there was a perception though a few years back that syria iraq and i guess before that afghanistan those countries were kind of a breeding ground for high school and the likes of is is that a problem for the people who are fighting groups like isis because they've got to fight the perception say if you're an american you think everyone who's brown and gets off a plane wants to kill you because that's definitely what some republicans believe or fighting the reality which is that some of these groups say very tech savvy. i think when you look at the reasons for the levels of terrorism that we're saying you've really got to go to the underlying drivers which are the grievances that give rise to terrorist activity and i think in the case of eisel a lot of the extreme tactics were very successful in recruiting a large number of people but the group could not have had this excessive had in capturing territory if it didn't have marginalized sunni populations that it could
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essentially get support from and so when we're looking at terrorism we need to remind remind ourselves that it's the underlying grievances that are the problem and what the report shows is that if you go through back to nineteen seventy and look at all the terrorist attacks that have occurred since nineteen seventy we know that i must not a nine percent of them have occurred in the context of a preexisting conflict or with human rights abuses so if we want to address terrorism at its core that's really where we need to focus don't know his lip many thanks for. the. big protest underway in the nigerian city of lagos against the eviction of thousands of people from waterfront community rights groups say the police have used bulldozers and set homes on fire to force people out they say more than thirty thousand people have been evicted over the past year and eleven have died in the process of militarist joins us live now from lagos how would you sum up for us the atmosphere surrounding what's going on there.
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course desperation to remember two thousand. communities in the last one was a point guard. but they still haven't been returned home now why do you want to live there want to force the hands of the legal state government to tonight now that you know we're. going to. judge richard was illegal and unconstitutional the state government. and we've lost the satellite there as you want out of the worked out with our committee they will go back to if we can in the next hour or so say the children says extreme hunger and disease are killing one hundred thirty yemeni children every day it's warning that at least fifty thousand children could die this year if
1:44 pm
the saudi led blockade of yemen continues on monday saudi arabia announced it will start reopening some yemeni ports and airports it had closed them after hoofy rebels fired a missile on the saudi capital riyadh last week but yemen is denying reports of the country's main port has been reopened. there's no truth to the news that any ships were given permission to enter the port of a data situation is still the same nothing is arrived at the pole or even the ships that were hasta leave when the saudi led coalition announced the closure of the i have not yet returned. ok let's take you back to join us live from lagos just telling us about what the atmosphere was like there at that protest as they continue to bulldoze that poor area i'm interested to know i mean these people that are being relocated being taken to areas that. and what are the chances that they actually get that compensation. well basically
1:45 pm
completely been waiting for compensation for one year now that doesn't come by the court order that they have to. also happen the court order that the government should respect this decision. government has launched a counter in an open court saying that it's a. demolition exercise but these people hundreds of them gathered today to march on the office of the governor to force the hands of the government to act swiftly. and raised in communities they want justice and they want to justice now i think. he's trying to say that. such a. process. they do night and they said. that they feel that the government has a hand and the demolition exercise so. that the government is delaying and that.
1:46 pm
time by the events of the last one year so they want action now and they are asking the court. to step in to expedite the action. displaced by the. and seven thousand of them actually. desperate they don't have anywhere to call home and one of them told me that he was sleeping in a boat such a number and to be just. as you know shelter temporarily because communities in sixteen different communities in lagos state. so they're trying to go to court again but given how the court decision went the first time around do they think that it will go against them the second time around. it's difficult to say at the moment the government insisted. it's when the case came up before the court there was this feeling that the government was involved in
1:47 pm
the process now that it's saying it went back and restarted the case and it's really presenting its. case. and this is not the first or second community why these are just have taken place we remember a few years ago such an individual. just invaded the. community every. some. people but. two family members and those are the ones involved in the. building but people affected by the pictures are saying we don't we see the agents and the hands of government to hold these thanks very much. should donald trump have the power to stops a nuclear war for the first time in the forty years american center says have
1:48 pm
publicly questioned the power of the president to order a nuclear attack this long dormant issues been reignited optimistic trumps outspoken tweets and threats against north korea mike hanna now from washington. it's an issue congress has not discussed for decades in the era of president trump though senators on the hard question can the president really order a nuclear attack without any controls. that question is asked more and more by the american people and of course it's fueled by comments made by president trump in regards to north korea they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen some experts contend there are checks and balances in place but i can't say that for nuclear decision making at the highest level it's a consultation process and there are senior people involved in that process
1:49 pm
what would be the case though is it wouldn't be the president alone persuading a single military officer alone on the other side of the telephone there would be a large group of advisers and legal advisors weighing in on this but some senators argue this president does not always accept or indeed seek advice no one can tell the president no not secretaries madness or to listen even general kelly the president's chief of staff can't control the president's twitter tantrums as a result many americans share my fear that the president's bombastic words could turn into nuclear reality but hearing raises more questions than answers and certainly little guidance to be an unease missile silos in north dakota who would be expected to carry out president trump's launch old is within minutes mike hanna
1:50 pm
al-jazeera washington. australians have voted yes to same sex marriage and a change in the law is expected soon and supporters celebrated in canberra when the result was announced it is a non-binding postal service sixty two percent of the people voted for change one in four opposed to same sex weddings the prime minister malcolm turnbull has campaigned for marriage equality hopes the world will pass by christmas. people have spoken in their millions. and i have voted overwhelmingly yes full marriage equality they voted yes on a fantasy. i voted yes for a commitment they voted yes full love and now it is up to us here in the palm and of a straw to get on with that they get on with the job the astroland people of cost us to do and get this done this year still to come here on the news hour for you in
1:51 pm
the sports news with farai crossing the equator is not good news for all the sales in this round the world breaks right order.
1:52 pm
with. with. with. with. don't just watch news it's our peter thank you so much south africa are the favorites to be named host of the two thousand and twenty three rugby world cup later on wednesday in one thousand nine hundred five the country hosted an wabbly event it was an iconic moment for south africa then president nelson mandela leading the celebrations with partied ending four years earlier
1:53 pm
a world rugby council's board recommended south africa be named hosts and they're about report last month they face competition however from france and ireland who are also vying to be hosts roger federer is into the semifinals of the tennis season's a.t.p. finals in london but the swiss was made to work for it in his match against alexander's a drive of germany six time champion lost the second set but came back to dominate in the third clinching the mound seven six five seven six one. in the n.b.a. the boston celtics beat the brooklyn nets for their thirteenth straight victory kyrie irving returned to the lineup after missing one game with a facial fractures he had to wear a protective mask over his face but it didn't seem to affect his play scored a game high twenty five points while marcus morris added twenty one more leading the celtics to one hundred nine to one hundred and to win. you know we have some
1:54 pm
troopers on this team and you know obviously there are you know reigning champ saying that for us where we're trying to accomplish something ourselves and then when it happens and so you know when you see some long road ahead but you know getting regular season games like this is always fun. denmark have qualified for the football's world cup for their fifth time in their history they come to the republic of ireland in their playoff fire and took an early lead in dublin but two quick fire goals on the half hour mark turn the game decisively in denmark favor christian eriksen scored a hat trick in the game finished five one to denmark after the goal was first leg in copenhagen that was more than an offer for the danes to take their place at next year's finals in russia we are in the risk of death was the. deficit goal and aim before us started as the coach for a for the market and. i'm very pleased for the players that they have been had from been fantastic through the campaign. really disappointed obviously. well beaten in
1:55 pm
the end. off to a really good start. with a good chance to maybe make it to know probably would have needed time. but the team goes we can see that in the space of a couple of minutes just to i'm not just for six weeks all australia look as though they're also heading to russia twenty eighteen facing honduras and their playoff second leg bone with her heading into the second like what the score is level at nil nil but three goals for mile jedinak in the second half. how to ensure the shop socceroos qualification well for more on this we're joined by our correspondent andrew thomas who is live for us from sydney and your how big of a win is this for australia. will have on the final whistle in just two minutes ago three nil as you say only three goals from me like yet in that and this is a big win i mean a straighter isn't one of the world's biggest pool nations it's past qualified for
1:56 pm
the last three well cups and right two thousand six ten fourteen and now. going to russia as well so this is a big moment them not qualifying of course would have been the same league as italy not qualifying or motivate the netherlands not qualifying cause those things are going of strain on the fans who are absolutely delighted that all three goals came in the second half over three from set pieces the first free kick the second two penalties the middle goalie second the first penalty was a bit controversial there was a handful in there somewhere but very few people in the crowd actually saw until it was awarded nevertheless three goals a big moment afraid we're going to rush out close the coakley and i was right as manager who's left some doubt as to whether he'll be taking the team to russia will he will be really because he leaves his job now he'll be going out on a high if he decides not to go to russia that is and if he does go to russia well he'll have this country behind him because he's come good in the end ok very
1:57 pm
excited for australia we'll talk to you a bit later andrew thomas reporting live from sydney. peru are the favorites to progress in their play off with new zealand on wednesday the locals are leaving nothing to chance stone they performed rituals outside the stadium have a brilliant capital lima which they believe will help the home team the south americans are just hands in the world rankings more than one hundred places above their opponents the first leg finished in a goal is drawn to argentina striker sergio ware was taken to hospital at half time during his team's four two friendly defeat against nigeria arg where i had scored during the first half of the game that was being played in russia but faint in the changing rooms during the interval in the argentine football association said the manchester city player went to hospital for cautionary checks. now competitors in the nine month around the world ocean race could be forgiven for occasionally losing their sanity and this though is apparently normal treatment for any crew
1:58 pm
member crossing the equator for the first time the maritime tradition sees sailors being punished in the court of taking up to seven votes or taking part and thirteen edition of the race which will finish in the netherlands next. and that's all your support for now i'll have more later but for now it's back to the thanks very much lots more news on the web site of course is always there for you twenty seven al-jazeera dot com gold the very latest information on what's going on in zimbabwe robert mugabe do we know where he is no we don't know where she is either and it's not officially a military coup james here in three minutes was he said.
1:59 pm
the new era in television news. it doesn't say that it's a toss to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you would . just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time i'm going to have you give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment near the ship and so it's an interesting but as resides donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back to fannie canisters of gas subsidies i believe that best to prevent the behavior getting anywhere in this good record that. he achieves
2:00 pm
something that never happened before.
2:01 pm
the army takes control in zimbabwe but midget commanders deny it's a true.


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