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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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if you could. just stay with us. because this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time is going to have to give them the opportunity to wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so it's interesting about that as was i guess it's going to be the next president retaliation will have a guy. actually firing canisters of gas i believe it best to prevent the media getting anywhere in this case because. he achieved something that never happened before. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome i'm peter told me you're watching the news hour live from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. he's fine but. in his home. south african president jacob zuma confirms robert mugabe is a house arrest after the army seize power in zimbabwe. i mean how do we stay in harare where dramatic. waiting to hear what's going to happen to president robert mugabe and his wife grace. an act of aggression lebanon's president says nothing justifies the detention of the prime minister. in saudi arabia. and an expedition to the french alps where disappearing lacey is a seen as a major indicator of climate change. i'm sorry if small have all the day's sport
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including really have claimed their play for next year's world cup finals they don't do it three won in the second like their intercontinental player. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe is under house arrest after the army took control of the country the takeover is a coup the south african president jacob zuma has confirmed he has spoken to mr mugabe and says he's been confined to his home in an address on state t.v. an army spokesman said criminals around president robert mugabe were being targeted soldiers are patrolling the streets of the capital harare and the roads to government buildings blocked zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change party called for a peaceful return to constitutional democracy. this is a said to development in the politics of our time going this far is allowing the
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military to go fight sequence and but i think it's also a lift to zimbabweans because from the looks of things. listed there's been a stop to the family dinners gender that was being propagated to buy buy buy buy buy obama happy and his wife we have extensive coverage of this story for you here on the news pages watching events as they unfold out of johannesburg in south africa before we get let's take it to our correspondent in harare harold harrow i guess everyone wants to know the mugabe's where are they. exactly all people can do right now is take the word of the army that he is safe and that he is in his home matters residence the war veterans gave a press conference earlier and they said that they have taken back the party's i mean if they say they support what the army did they say they want a robert mugabe record removed as president of the country and the leader of the
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rulings on appears party on the streets people are waiting to see if this is going to happen it is harm on the streets some soldiers are about at certain places but people are trying to go about their business as they wait for any news that may develop the stage run newspaper releases special edition that came out literally a few minutes ago and it's showing what the army is telling people here and some other why they did what they did and their argument is that they did it because they just wanted to create order in the ruling party and in the country as well they insist that this is not a coup and they're still calling president mugabe head of states and commander in chief but zimbabweans know it's been a dramatic couple of hours. and i'm easy calm in harare this after confusing scenes on the streets of zimbabwe with a night of unrest as military vehicles rolled in there were also reports that soldiers were seen loading ammunition these developments followed
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a warning on monday that the military would step in if the sacking of candidates they favor within the ruling party didn't stop a statement was read by soldiers on state radio this is not a military takeover and things will return to normalcy. and his family. and the security. we are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice but this is sparks fear of a military coup even now with all the confusion we do know that the army and said it is so this way and running the country and telling the people what to what to do what to believe and hundley the news taking over their broadcast those are very unusual in other countries we call those the coup. zimbabwe army chief constantine
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a cheering i want earlier this week the military could step in if party pages didn't stop but she was quickly accused of treasonable conduct by the zanu p.f. in a statement he was reacting to the firing of the vice president in a seminar the week before when i got well had close ties to the military and was revered for his revolutionary work in fighting for the country's independence a fight that also boyd president mugabe to power in one nine hundred eighty when i got was removal apparently followed a series of disputes with the first lady grace mugabe her leadership and patience to succeed our ninety three year old husband had triggered infighting within her party she is popular with the sonic youth faction dubbed the g forty but yes ancient contradicts an earlier promise mugabe had made saying only those who fought in zimbabwe's liberation can preside over zimbabwe being fifty two grace is not a war veteran and like of amos and i got one nor the army generals who threatened
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to intervene. there firstly visions would like to govern after her husband but i don't know anything that says that that is illegal and the military moving clearly to start. like a good move to me one of the first announced casualties is the finance minister who the army stated they had to take and despite the military emphasizing the president and his wife are safe these look like trouble times ahead so if this isn't a maybe the beginning of the downfall of robert mugabe i mean how can he carry on doing the job he used to do. that's a lot of people are saying a lot of analysts are now speculating the bobbins know that the regional body said it is very concerned about what's happening in this country they are watching zimbabwe very closely because it is eighty miles is a bit to instability here it will affect other countries so at least our stake
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elated right now they're saying perhaps there will be some kind of mediation efforts brought about by outsiders to get the army the mugabe is and zanu p.f. such as saddam and talking have a peaceful transitional process other people are say maybe to negotiate an exit package for the president of i we can go with some kind of dignity but it is all speculation because until the army says it is a coup it is not he is still the head of state he is still commander in chief as they keep reminding zimbabweans over and over again you keep us posted i'm sure but in the meantime stay close thanks very much all the south african president jacob zuma has spoken directly to robert mugabe to jo'burg my colleague china page what else do we know about that conversation. the most important point that president jacob zuma made was that in that conversation president
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mugabe confirmed that he was in confinement in his house under house arrest if you like but he also said that he was fine and that would seem to reiterate and. the comments made by the time the president and his family were safe but let's just have a little listen to some of the rest of what president zuma had to say. i am hoping that the defense force will not move and do more damage that they would be able to do. the quantization of zimbabwe as well as the people of zimbabwe so that this situation doesn't or beyond. the situation where it is now ten years there is a very big zimbabwean population in south africa what are they saying about this. what we are at the moment is downtown johannesburg and just behind me is the main
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bus stop and this is where zimbabweans going higher and coming into the country this is where they come in this is sort of the main transport hub of life for zimbabweans and conversations we've had with some of the people you know one man said look we're just removing a snake and maybe replacing it with another snake one woman said look i don't want to be here none of my family wants to be here but we have to be here because there just aren't any jobs and zimbabwe and somebody else said look if this is china and let's hope it's a good change in fact any kind of change will be good because zimbabwe is a country just cannot continue as it is at the moment. thanks very much. on politics formally also an advisor to the prime minister morgan chang he joins us from the county of kent in the u.k. . is this good change or bad change. well it
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has to be say that the people of zimbabwe being very long time press created. indeed. by a few years there are people that become despondent believing that people who had to run to is death and therefore one of the key figures of these studies that. are actually looking at these events with some interest and they seem to be excited by the fact that this looks like finally the end of mr mugabe's rule people are not concerned about whether it's a good thing or it's a bad thing they're simply interested in the fact that it provides them with a possibility for something different after thirty seven years with one person in charge of course it also brings its own risks and this is a military system these are people who have supported mugabe for a long time are they bringing anything new that question of course people are not
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willing to confront those issues in this particular point in time being concerned mostly by the fact that they're getting read or at least someone has done something to get rid of person who has caused them so much suffering the but that is seven years mr mugabe has clearly managed to triangulate himself his wife and being in power for more than a political generation two or three political generations now people have a very distinct attitude towards him particularly outside of africa but what was the tipping point in your mind in not so much his relationship with the country as his wife's relationship i mean some people are saying look she just went too far. well i think it's important to understand that there were a lot of people in the senate. also frustrated with the fact that mr mugabe was that willing to give up power when you are a subordinate at some point you also ought to be promoted to get to
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a position of authority that people didn't want to be able to have also wanted to be president and would have been frustrated by the fact that this man was just unwilling to go but they were constrained by conventions and traditions in their party from challenge but of cause the tipping point came when it became apparent that mr mugabe was now moving towards giving is on why the opportunity to succeed him and thereby creating what people are fed into is a mugabe do next and this is what can a lot of people both within and outside the p.f. say it should have been they were opposed by the men and we have expected yourself the men i and we keep presenting yourself that many of you mediated battles she was very aggressive grab whatever he wanted and she basically thought you was about you know and this would be a lot of people within and outside and so when mr mugabe said that he was now
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trying to push for his wife to succeed him this was the last trial all the people inside the p. if we had put a long time supported it and given him respect. what do you think happens to him next i mean can he ever go back to saying i'm robert mugabe i'm the zimbabwean president like it or lump it i mean those those breaches of custom and practice that you're talking about somebody someplace said enough's enough we've got to do something so presumably he's got to think about an exit strategy of some sort it may not involve going to another country it may not involve becoming an international pariah but can it really involve him saying i'm the boss. well you know this is a day that mr mcgovern never imagined. he would rule for ever he thought he was the superior leader and everybody did what he
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eats a should be done but the problem is that you're not going to get to and you forgot that for the past fifteen years or so he has been losing to the opposition research and i have been a big challenge to him the only reason why mr survived is because he has been supported by the military as limited as by people like me to a number of himself and then those same people who are backing him he decides to change the model of the party to dismiss them in favor of his own wife and so of course he has put in so in a position where he's now very vulnerable my view is that the people in the military including myself even though he was disappointed by mr mugabe. and i think you do what you they probably is. money become a residue of respect and sympathy for him that they would not want to mistreating for example in the minute that people like you know mom of
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a dirty was treated when when you know at the end of the regime i think they were trying to give him a dignified exit at this may involve him staying in zimbabwe and going about his you know business all you may have to see and zap i think they'll try and give him an opportunity to direct that dignified exit and so that they don't there's no clash between him and the new generation that will be coming out ok it is alex my guy said we've got to leave it there because we're going to lose the line which i apologize but many thanks for joining us here on the news hour to welcome. those more news and sports to come on this program for you including these ones just horrific that u.s. secretary of state's rex tillerson. crackdown against drinking muslims but he stopped short of calling for sanctions plus.
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australians say yes to same sex marriage. and the sports news with a big performance in the action from the n.b.a. coming up in about. lebanon's president says nothing justifies the prime minister saad hariri being detained in saudi arabia says it's an act of aggression really suddenly announced his resignation during a visit to the saudi capital last week he is promising to return home soon to nevada has more from beirut lebanon is stepping up the pressure on saudi arabia the president saying that he believes the resigned prime minister saddam how he and his family are detained in saudi arabia very strong language against the kingdom saying that this is an act of aggression that saudi arabia violated the vienna conventions and saying that lebanon will continue efforts and will do whatever it can to secure
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his release saddle heidi and the saudi authorities say that he is a free man in fact saudi is how the how the sunday night in his first public comments since his sudden announcement that he would resign on the ember the fourth said he's coming to lebanon in a few days two days later he tweeted and said he's coming in a few days and just a few minutes after the president's latest remarks he tweeted and said trust me i am coming back i promise you i am coming back but many in lebanon do not believe that he is speaking freely and especially when he made his first public comments in this live interview he looked very. very stressed that wasn't the prime minister that the many lebanese know so a very confusing picture really on the wellbeing and the fate of the prime minister but here in lebanon the authorities believe he is he is a prisoner and they have reached out to france france is trying to mediate the french foreign minister will be in saudi arabia late on wednesday to discuss how to
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the situation so a very confusing picture but in lebanon there is officially the official stance is the resign prime minister is a hostage in saudi arabia the turkish president's in doha for talks with the cattery amenia wretch up type has been a big supporter of since june when for arab countries cut ties and imposed a blockade on cattle on tuesday the meus at the saudi bloc has no desire to end the crisis he also said looking for sustainable ways to meet its needs. the us secretary of state rex tillerson has called for a credible and impartial investigation into the crisis he met the de facto leader aung san suu kyi in the me and marc capital mr ellison wants those who committed crimes to be held accountable he described the scenes of what happened to their anger at the hands of me and my security forces just horrific when margaret
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a far cry from the. present more democratic. more war war war. it is the responsibility of a government or to. human rights a war with the border as a whole with him or go. scott highly with more from the capital naypyidaw. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson was only on the ground here in april or for a couple of hours on wednesday he met with the commander in chief of the military services here in myanmar then he met with unsung suchi the government the civilian government leader here for this nation and then after that meeting with on tongues hoochie he held a press conference and in that press conference he said that one of the most important things when dealing with the situation reconstitute in the range of refugees is that there is a credible and impartial investigation into what happened over these last several
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months sending these six hundred thousand plus refugees over the border into bangladesh he said that that's critical and also tying into that he said that the united states is still very supportive of this nation and its transition into a full democracy he says it's very important for a nation for democracy to protect all citizens within its borders all people when it's within its border and that's the civilian government's responsibility that's the military government's responsibility and another thing that he had touched on that has been brought up in several weeks coming into this meeting today on wednesday and that is the possible reintroduction of sanctions here in myanmar he said broad based economic sanctions on the nation as a whole is not the way to go now but he did say he left the door open through these investigations into what happened impartial investigations that if there are specific pieces of evidence and intelligence to point to specific members of the military here there could be specific and targeted sanctions against those individuals that he said is still a possibility right now the intelligence is not there and that's why he emphasized
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the need for an impartial investigation go forward unlike the army's own investigation that was released on monday exonerate itself from any wrongdoing. the former cambodian opposition leader sam rainsy is now returning to politics he had resigned as head of the cambodian national rescue party in february and the supreme court is due to decide on thursday whether to dissolve the party which the prime minister whom sam says is trying to topple his government it follows a crackdown on members of the opposition and civil rights groups australians have voted yes to same sex marriage and a change in the law as expected soon supporters celebrated in canberra when the result was announced in a non-binding postal service sixty two percent voted for change one in four oppose same sex weddings the prime minister malcolm turnbull has campaigned for marriage equality hopes the law will be passed by christmas this trail in people have spoken
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in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality they voted yes on the fairness they voted yes for commitment they voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a stray leah to get on with that they get on with the job the astray and people of task just to do and get this done this year. ok time for your international forecast with everton we're talking about flash floods in greece we are afraid yes pace has been pretty poor there we've seen some very heavy rain over the last few days big downpours even the old tornado and you can see on the satellite picture the offending area big massive cloud just around central parts of the mediterranean has been swirling away here for around four or five days or more ice lee heavy rain has seen a fair bit of snow recently across the outs pushing down across italy and the
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balkans but it's a crossed c. ionian sea into greece just to the west of athens where we have same really awful conditions just earlier on today actually this is the this is what is the in which happening right now and you can see that we have had some very high waters nasty conditions coming through a lots and lots of heavy rain coming down damaging winds as well and it has inevitably caused some chaos the heavy showers they remain in the forecast as we go on through the next few days this area of low pressure is what's known as a cattle flow is stuck here is that's why it's been there for the past few days and will be there for the next few days as well swirling away once again as we go on through or thursday sinking a little further southwards add a swiss and i'm afraid as we go on into friday a poor old grace to western side of grace seeing the heavy downpours temperatures at around sixteen degrees celsius those showers the longer spells of frying affright they remain in the forecast right through the weekend peter everson thanks
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very much german and french leaders are due to take part in a un conference on climate change the german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel micro will meet for three days of talks that used to discuss how to implement the parents agreement twenty fifteen which must be finalized by next year nick locke has the latest now from ball. the climate negotiations in bonn in negotiators have been trying to fill in the gaps of the paris agreement of which there are many the ministerial delegations are arriving have been arriving all morning soon we're going to see angela merkel and emmanuel macro arriving be very interesting to see what merkel has to say about the coal industry because despite the fact that she's perceived as something of a climate champion really pushing renewables here in germany the country does rely on coal for forty percent of its energy supply but it's an issue that's fraught with difficulty for her we're also going to hearing from the small island nations like. the marshall islands who are frustrated by what they perceive to be a lack of progress here and their particular concern about the age old issue of
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loss and damage that is to say compensate for poorer nations for the damage wrought by the richer. in the french alps heating up so fast that becoming a threat to popular tourist from the jews shows climate change is to blame and their work in the end and tucked into a similar story creating some joins an expedition to mumble. the french alps mystical maze memorising and moody every day thousands of hikers extreme sports people and alpinist make their way to these mountains to conquer their peaks but the alps a changing the glaciers that used to sweep down to the valleys below a melting in some places they have anything. by scientists are at the forefront of measuring and monitoring these glaciers it's important and dangerous work their office for today is glassy adu took a three thousand five hundred meters high on the north face of mont blanc we tried
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to set up. an instrument you know there to make. measurements of to this glacier these scientists also measure the temperature of the glazier what they are finding is astounding the base of the glazier need the bedrock is that minus two degrees in the first with a climate warming and with the ice damper ature rising the glacier could become temperate at the melting point the work these scientists doing on this mountain and grace is like takamine is important not just to understand how much more this glacier will heat up but because it has a bearing on towns like chamonix down here which is one of the most recognized extreme sports centers in the world if this glacier heats up. it could threaten villages like chamonix as we filmed the glacier begin to break away not once but
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three times within an hour further evidence of the danger it presents almost eighteen million people visit the french alps every year generating close to fifty eight billion dollars in turnover and providing around twelve percent of jobs under this graph we can see directly an increase of meditating things nineteen eighty and a norther increase of melting things two thousand and three and this melting this increase of melting is directly related to climate change to climate warming at one of the world's oldest scientific ice institutions research allows the scientist to mitigate risk with global warming and the fact that the strings and gets warmer there could be new legs forming and these lakes could collapse and then produce fruits destroying towns can slip on this bedrock and then again can create our own cheese and destroy towns below that the institute says these sorts of events are
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not isolated research shows climate change is causing glacier melt and water shortages in the andes and in antarctica melting ice sheets resulting in rising sea levels craig lease an al-jazeera. still to come here on the news hour for you. again the military is obligated to follow legal orders but is not obligated to follow illegal orders so u.s. senators publicly question president trump's right to launch nuclear weapons of north korea. and in sports news new zealand's football was i mean to avoid a sting in the tail of that world cup story. or is it a listen when they're on line me what in hurricane the winnings fall is almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set
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i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile entities stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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ok there we are here we go let's recap your top stories for you here on the new. our army commanders in zimbabwe say they've seized control of the country but deny their takeover is a coup an army spokesman said criminals around president robert mugabe were being targeted the south african leader jacob zuma has spoken to robert mugabe here's what he had to say on south african television. lebanon's president says nothing justifies prime minister saad how to get being detained in saudi arabia to be shallow and says it's a saudi act of oppression hariri suddenly announced his resignation during a visit to the saudi capital last week. and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called for a credible and an impartial investigation into the working the crisis he's met the
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leader and sons who cheat in the meanwhile capital he described the scenes of what happened to the rangar at the hands of the mian masa curity forces as quote horrific. save the children say extreme hunger and disease are killing one hundred thirty yemeni children every day now it's warning at least fifty thousand children could die this year if the saudi led blockade of yemen continues on monday saudi arabia announced it will start reopening some yemeni ports and airports it had closed them after the rebels fired a missile on the saudi capital riyadh last week but yemen is denying reports of the country's main port has been reopened in my time as a no no what feel there's no truth to the news that any ships were given permission to enter the port of a data situation is still the same nothing is arrived at the port even the ships that were asked to leave when the saudi led coalition announced the closure of the yemeni ports have not yet returned well more than thirty five thousand yemenis of
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escaped to djibouti since the war began two and a half years ago and many of them are unwilling to stay in a camp in the north of the country due to poor conditions and bad weather one of the reports now from northern djibouti. this is the mark as they come for yemeni refugees in the dusty poll town of it's a place many don't want to stay long the sweltering heat and ferocious some storms have driven most of the residents to town of the capital djibouti about two hundred kilometers away those who have chosen to stay say. that there are there are great life here is difficult which is to flee certain death in yemen only to face a slow and here we have nothing when you see just six kilograms of fries for months it's far from enough at one point this camp was home to six thousand refugees many
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of them have left to rent accommodation a that in all the town or in the company djibouti yet others have a ton to yemen prefunding the us something told the war zone to life in this column . they ignored warnings from the un refugee agency the un that the security situation is still. yet the must have his security and shut it off some basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cross the sea. saraha son and three children have just arrived because they come from the city of tire which is under the control of the fight. now. there are no electricity or water in the city we had no source of livelihood and there it is even we live in fear for our lives every single day. say they're fleeing forced crippling of young men by hold the fighters. of those how i've got the mark because
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they come just days ago we're going to hear that. these were forcing us to join their militias and wanted to use us and their fighting they were telling us to join the forces of god we had no option but to flee here nearly thirty five thousand people have made the journey is southwards across the street to march two thousand and fifteen. opened its doors to yemeni refugees but there is only so much it can do the country has been effected from foreign investment in recent years due to its strategic location but the extreme poverty is still widespread. from now much because it comes continues to host some one thousand two hundred refugees it's a number that's expected to grow as the conflict in yemen shows no sign of mohammed atta well just. the un has renewed its arms embargo on
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eritrea but it says previous restrictions may have been violated by the united arab emirates and foreign arms companies u.n. monitors say saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have a military presence in eritrea as part of the campaign against the who sees in yemen the use of eritrea is not considered a violation of the u.n. is warning any weaponry compensation to president ford would be protesters held for a demonstration against government brutality last month. people affected from their waterfront communities in the united you're in city of lagos have taken to the streets to demand the government resettled them human rights groups say more than thirty thousand people have been evicted over the past year they say police used bulldozers and set homes on fire to force people out killing at least eleven minute dress has more now from lagos. within a one year period more than thirty thousand people in two waterfront communities have been everett to or displaced after agents supposedly or allegedly agents of
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government invaded two communities to forcefully chase out these people from their homes now where there are seven thousand people who are in desperate need of shelter or some form of accommodation in various communities thousands of others of gifts crossed into sixteen different communities in lagos state now here to press home that demands that the government return them to their homes hundreds of people gathered here they are planning to march to the government to force the government or rather to remind the government to respect the court order that said that they should be resettled immediately and that the it which is why illegal madam can you tell us your name and why are you here mainly me say that would learn from a to do but make lemonade seem to be a aid to remain the goal of may and mostly it's only the goods. made given to them to the bombing every ts that issue restated up on the people made of
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tin though not enough to have done well the argument of the government is that you are occupying that area illegally and that most of you are foreigners that they are not nigerians hour later told you god made to one track and even to get it again because the people that are living on the land make major from all of them are from but that three on the out male profession is fishing in the house way they normally sit in iran iran ariel's now looking at the situation not what kind of challenges what sort of challenges are you facing what are what are the problems you face i feel a lot of challenges leg right now the community i'm living i'm not to get out with my parents the separation of families. the commit on live in lack of lights. and. well and the people from that.
4:39 pm
i mean i. know want to. thank you to the argument of the lagos state government which by the way has appealed the decision of the lower court is that these people who are occupying that land illegally and that the process was not done by its agents it said that those who did these people from their homes were actually. agents of that piece of land so it's appealing that decision in a higher court. hundreds of schoolchildren have marched through the indian capital to protest against levels of air pollution they want the government and the public to do more to cut pollution new delhi as one of the world's most polluted cities in the students are being encouraged to report anyone burning leaves all waste we see a small conflict or twenty percent rise in patients with respiratory problems.
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should donald trump have the power to start a nuclear war for the first time in more than forty years u.s. senators have publicly questioned the power of the president order a nuclear attack the long dormant issues been reignited following trump's outspoken tweets and threats aimed at north korea mike hanna reports now from washington. it's an issue congress has not discussed for decades in the era of president trump though senators are now asking the hard question can the president really order a nuclear attack without any controls. that question is asked more and more by the american people and of course it's fueled by comments made by president trump in regards to north korea they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen some experts contend their checks and balances in
4:41 pm
place when i can say that for nuclear decision making at the highest level it's a consultation process and there are senior people involved in that process what would be the case though is it wouldn't be the president alone persuading a single military officer alone on the other side of the telephone there would be a large group of advisers and legal advisors weighing in on this but some senators argue this president does not always accept or indeed seek advice no one can tell the president no not secretaries madness or to listen even general kelly the president's chief of staff can't control the president's twitter tantrums as a result many americans share my fear that the president's bombastic words could turn into nuclear reality but hearing raises more questions than answers and certainly little guidance to be an unease missile silos in north dakota who would
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be expected to carry out president trump's launch old is within minutes mike hanna al-jazeera washington. more than a million foreigners travel to mexico every year for affordable and alternative medical procedures the city of tijuana is becoming a top medical tourism destination as manuel republic reports part of the attraction is it some conventional cancer treatments. this is a treatment room that a private clinic that specializes in cancer patients procedures offered here however are far from conventional like this ozone therapy designed to oxygenate a patient's blood maybe not be very nice what they call a cut burn and poison in the code is surgery and the burn is radiation poisoning is the chemo so in western medicine that's about all i have to offer. jim barry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and viewed his treatment options in the united
4:43 pm
states as limited so he opted for an alternative approach south of the border this is my family that treats me here now it's become a family. health facilities like this one offer treatments like coffee enemas ozone and hyperthermia therapy and a strict diet that leans heavily vegan some of what patients are offered here is either too expensive or even alcohol in their home countries because they asked me well dr you're giving your patients twenty things which one worked. and the truth is that i don't know who it's either me or what i'm ten. touts success rates at his clinic but we are unable to independently verify those statistics. for anyone seeking alternative medicines or affordable health care in many and colleges in mexico warn of these types of health facilities known for exploiting critically ill patients i said to the going to their private oncological
4:44 pm
centers here that they're all for excellent treatments that are also plenty done at the malt treatment nor approved by the international medical community. mexico's medical tourism industry generates over three billion dollars a year and new clinics like this one hundred million dollar health facility currently under construction in the one are a testament to the business boom over one million people are expected to travel to mexico for medical treatment this year alone most of them crossing the border from the united states and as the costs of health care in america continue to rise experts are forecasting a significant increase in medical travel to mexico over the course of the next decade and ended up a low. they want to. the founder of a university college in gonna and campaigner to raise the quality of higher education across africa has won a major global education award he's patrick he left gone in the one nine hundred eighty s. to take up a scholarship in the u.s.
4:45 pm
after a big career with microsoft he returned to phone the issues she university college and he's now wonder why his prions is worth five hundred thousand dollars patrick arwa joins us now live here on the news up patrick good to talk to you and congratulations what does this mean for you. thank you very much this is. an incredible honor for me and for the university and i hope and i'm very optimistic that this actually raises the stature of the in africa and in the world how do you plan to if indeed do you plan to ensure a kind of a trickle down not just for yourself for your own institution and for the students and children you work with but across the country indeed across that part of the country. yes one of the things that we've done is over the years we've been engaged with high schools we've brought kick children from high
4:46 pm
schools to come to a shanty to study robotics and engineering during our summer vacation or continue to do that we've done work to do teacher training for high school teachers will continue to do that and this year we started an initiative that we're calling the education collaborative where we invited twelve universities from around the continent to come and join us on our campus to talk about curriculum and pedagogy and career preparation for students and so this will boost that effort i believe that with this wise prize when we go talk with other universities that we will have more credibility and they're going to be more likely to want to join the collaborative ok when you talk about robotics when you talk about a collaborative there i'm guessing here that the young people you work with they must be the stephen hawking of their generation i mean they've got big brains but how do you make sure that that i.q. stays in africa and you're not creating high tech industrial nomads who go to the
4:47 pm
states they go to canada they go to europe because that's where those hubs of things like robotics are based. what we found is that. about ninety percent of our graduates in africa they stay in ghana or they go to their home country in africa and the reason they do so is that they find good jobs here and the training that they've received the education they received at the show is actually exactly the kind of education that corporate africa needs when the student studies robotics they're really studying. the there's there's study mechanics they're studying computer science they're studying data analytics they're studying how to use sensors and all of those and machine intelligence all of those are actually very useful in other parts of the economy. they really analytics for example can be deployed differently than for using moving machines around. in real
4:48 pm
space ok really good good luck with your future endeavors. thank you very much. still to come here on the news for you in the sports news why crossing the equator is not good news for say those around the world right.
4:49 pm
welcome back internet freedom around the world is on the decline for a seventh straight a u.s.
4:50 pm
based advocacy group blames the manipulation of social media and to some from ation campaigns. from san francisco. roughly half the planet is connected to the internet using it to learn new skills find work and to coordinate and organize political action information as the saying goes wants to be free but a new report suggests the governments around the world are attempting to strangle the free internet well unfortunately for the seventh consecutive year our study showcases that internet freedom has been on the klein we have identified several other trends that are quite worrisome one being that more and more governments are increasingly using internet shutdowns around elections or around the anti-government protests to stiffle that the scent they've also seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are being attacked for just posting their anti-government views online the tactics for controlling our online behavior
4:51 pm
are growing more sophisticated in china where the web is heavily censored a new social credit system called sesame credit rewards and punishes citizens for what they do and what their friends do on social media around the world governments pay for positive commentary online and surveillance is rampant. in the u.s. companies like facebook here in california have created a perfectly addictive product by appealing to our emotions and our circle of friends but in the process they've also inadvertently created a way for geo political enemies to reach across to each other citizens using some of the most advanced marketing tactics in the world unfortunately it does at the same tactics that advertisers use to help people like their products and now we see actually governments using the same methods to spread their own pro-government messages and to keep themselves in power the internet seems like a place of freedom. but groups like freedom house say until we learn how to protect
4:52 pm
transparency and factual information and clearly identify censorship and propaganda it will remain a global battleground jake aboard al-jazeera san francisco. international sports news with for peter thank you so much france have unexpectedly been named as house for the twenty twenty three rugby world cup but andriy won despite an official report that gave its backing to south africa at the end of last month the world rugby in valuation study concluded that south africa should be given the tournaments ahead a rival bids from ireland and france but a majority of the thirty nine vote from rugby's governing body ignored that report and back to france. we will look back and we will we will have a deep briefing on the process and and certainly i think we can feel confident in the process certainly and but like any organization the the real world cup will be
4:53 pm
looking at the bid for twenty twenty three and things that we can improve going forward we're always looking to improve as an organization our correspondent he welling's has been at that and now spent in central london and only this looks like a huge embarrassment for world rugby. when i was shown in the room there was a load of old people just simply weren't expecting go by the head of what we had to say france and the reason it was such a shock was because of the evaluation report you mentioned and it really did seem that they would just be confirmation that south africa would stage its own or with very good reasons to stay there as it happens well but we thought that got a better reason to stage it in france and as per usual with these events so many times it comes down to finance it comes down to the fact that from what the stadia the infrastructure by all promising profits.
4:54 pm
unfortunately you know we've got him back let's go back to. what kind of reaction are we going to get like that so really let's let's get let's move on here and what kind of reaction are we expected to get out of south africa. i was sorry you lost me that i can tell you already about the reaction from south africa which is the devastation. of course in a position where they were expected to be confirmed by how the tournament they were looking at twenty twenty three doing great things for south african rugby on and off the pitch the team has been struggling they could have done with it financially like it is done with it somewhat short of people interested in blood with why they were in the fighting machine over ninety ninety five now so mandela so famously so heavily involved in the tournament i was talking when you lost me about the fact that this is so much down to finance and agreed to protect.
4:55 pm
samoa who is struggling at the moment financially and thinking we have a future if we go with france despite the fact that it is embarrassing that they put forward south africa was such a good option and just explain to us how big of a deal the rugby world cup is compared to the football world cup or the olympics. where there was always the claim made by rugby bosses that it's the biggest event in the world. huge audiences watching television audiences around the globe it is a really big deal in terms of the money so it is one of the contenders for the big event. unfortunately we lost again but try and get him back a little later austerely have secured a spot in next year's football world cup in russia they beat honduras in their second like playoffs the sides were heading into this match with scores level at nil nil from the first like captain my german that led the way with
4:56 pm
a second half hat trick to help his team clinch the three one when australia qualified for its fourth consecutive andrew thomas has more from six. australia is hardly one of the world since i'm not qualified to russia win the being on the science scale as italy or the netherlands but nevertheless. it's the world cups six ten and fourteen i'm the world so they would again have a look round here. in the end we got the result we need and. that's all i can say and i'm happy. and splitting software is i'm starting to not attend stories like i could. find my tickets to russia good no then russia ecstatic absolutely ecstatic. yes going on. in the second last spots available in russia the last. lima. between
4:57 pm
siemens and peru while it's peru that are the favorite supergrass in that play off against new zealand the locals are leaving nothing to chance though they performed rituals outside the stadium in the peruvian capital which they believe will help the home team as a first leg finished in a goal is strong. down mark will also be in russia after comfortable win over the republic of ireland in their playoff took an early lead in dublin but two quick fire goals on the half hour mark turned the game decisively in denmark's favor christian eriksson scored a hat trick as the game finished five one to denmark. when that was the. deficit goal and aim before i started as a coach for a full down market. i'm very pleased for the players that they have been have been fantastic through the campaign competitors in the nine month around the world ocean race could be forgiven for occasionally losing their sanity this though apparently
4:58 pm
normal treatment for any crew member crossing the equator for the first time the maritime traditions the sailors being punished in the court of king neptune seven both are taking part in the thirteenth edition of the race which will finish and then that'll end next year. and that's all your support for now peter back to you thanks very much now in our next half hour we'll get a live update for you from correspondent tracking events to the zimbabwean capital harare everyone's asking the same question robert graysmith gabi where are they will try to find out when we come back she is or. is hosting the international primary health care conference two thousand and seventeen under the title healthier communities brighter future from the seventeenth through the nineteenth of november two thousand and seventeen primary health care corp the first step to your family's health. tracing the
4:59 pm
fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely to movement where we humanized that nothing worse first will be. the devastating impact to save the means also to save the deposits in their service and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people. of this i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq is also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western
5:00 pm
culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tennis his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hack at this time on al-jazeera. he is fine by the find in his home.


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