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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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this is. headquarters in.
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welcome to the newsgroup it feels like it certainly looks like it but the military . this is not a coup. on the streets and the taking of a state media attention is the status of president robert mugabe he is effectively on the house arrest is still in power also in the good rex tillerson in the u.s. secretary isn't mincing his words he's described the crisis as well and call for a credible impartial investigation and he said all of that directly. and can you even begin to imagine what the syrian is like not only if they lost parents but the things they say you know experience the having a terrible impact on their childhood we're going to learn more about that and speak to some of the. race in america is a big topic but i'll just podcast series that was launched today is trying to
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tackle it it's called closer than they appear and if the u.s. is in a strange family then this is an awkward holiday dinner we talk to the host producer and we want to hear from you too. but the hash tag. sale. at al-jazeera dot com and just one. what is going on in zimbabwe an extraordinary day in harare which at times is look like the very end of president robert mugabe's thirty seven years in power the situation's been confusing to say the least but we know definitely the military stepped in it took over state media it delivered addresses to the nation but also has consistently denied that a military coup was in process then in the afternoon some clarity about mugabe himself south africa's president jacob zuma released a statement saying he'd spoken to the president and that he was confined to his
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home but otherwise fine but when these events suggested not all was fine troops in armored vehicles well i've been out on the streets of the capital harare since chuse day military vehicles blocked off roads close to parliament they position themselves outside the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f. posse there were explosions and gunfire heard in northern suburbs including shots around a name of private residence troops then entered the headquarters of the national broadcaster b. c. they read out a statement by a general on air insisting no military coup and that president mugabe and the first lady grace were quote safe and sound as i say it's been quite an extraordinary day how do we transfer has been live on al-jazeera old day about it how do i remember broadcasting from that very spot where you are right now about nine years ago when i think robert mugabe came the closest to being democratically toppled what we're seeing now though i mean it's hard to believe almost. that is about was already known one leader since nine hundred eighty and that man is president robert
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gabriel mugabe he speaks of others in the streets this surprised to have been the shock they never suffered so much and they never thought it would ever happen the streets are quiet it's hard in the capital harare it got busier throughout the day more people came to the city center it's going to get dark so people are headed home they are cautiously watching what will happen next because no one really knows why don't people just taking precautions the war veterans had a press conference earlier in the day and in their press conferences said that they support what the army did they say they happy they're taking back control of the rulings on a party and they're insisting they want the presidents to be fired as head of state and as leader of the readings on the pier party the army is still calling the president here of state and commander in chief but it's our job to territory for zimbabweans many watching awaiting to see how things play out it has been an
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interesting week. and i'm easy calm in harare this after confusing scenes on the streets of zimbabwe with a night of unrest as military vehicles rolled in there were also reports that soldiers were seen loading ammunition these developments followed a warning on monday that the military would step in if the sacking of candidates they favor within the ruling party didn't stop a statement was read by soldiers on state radio this is not a military takeover and things will return to normalcy. mugabe and his family. and sound and the security team. we are only doing criminals are around him. crying and causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice. but this is sparks fear of a military coup even now with all the confusion we do know that the army in sirte is
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this way and running the country and telling the people what to what to do what to believe and hundley in the news taking over their broadcast those are very unusual in other countries we call those the. zimbabwe army chief constantino chewing i want earlier this week the military could step in if party pages didn't stop but was quickly accused of g.'s noble conduct by the zanu p.f. in a statement one of the first announced casualties is the finance minister who the army stated they had to take and despite the military emphasizing the president and his wife are safe these look like troubled times ahead. the regional body said it says it's concerned about developments happening in zimbabwe president jacob zuma the president of south africa is sending a special envoy to the country and these officials will meet with. the mugabe as we told you will meet with members of the army and some people within the ruling party
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to mediate you know what that means could it mean that maybe they'll try to get all sides to work together and have a peaceful zimbabwe or will they try to negotiate some kind of dignified exit package for president mugabe and his wife grace mugabe the military have said that they will only return to the barracks once they are satisfied that all those criminals are they calling or alleging or saying they are trying to destabilize the ruling party have all been arrested no one knows how long that is going to take so it is interesting times in the country zimbabweans who have to live here go through this concern hoping that there won't be any violence and interesting times understatement. on twitter she's been tweeting a lot so they do go and have a look to keep up to date with this story or so that's what's been happening in the last well coming on for twenty four hours but this story does go back a little bit further bernard smith looks at the b. political background that has led to a military intervention. the stakes are just got higher in the
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battle for who will succeed zimbabwe's ninety three year old president last week robert mccarthy fired his deputy as he spoke his politically ambitious wife grace was by his side. president mccarthy said vice president emerson started consulting witch doctors to find out when i was going to die the news was delivered to a crowd of supporters from the youth wing of the ruling party zanu p.f. youth wing is loyal to mrs mcgarvie she's the most prominent face of a faction called g forty. with a man pushed aside was honing his political skills when grace mccarthy was still in high school. is nicknamed the crocodile his ability to survive he's closely aligned with the military and a veteran of the struggle against british rule that counts for a lot in zimbabwe grace mcgovern was probably learning very quickly but not fast
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enough you know she would lose her temper and she would be screaming at these people this goes back to twenty fourteen when joyce majority who was vice president then was dumped and emerson and god were the guy who was dumped but is now back. was was was with that you know with grace so there is a very very fluid shifting fraction of fights going on the military intervention comes as a boy faces another economic crisis people sleep outside banks because there's a chronic shortage of currency they want to be first in line for restricted access to their money and employment is estimated to between sixty and ninety percent this is created and an economic collapse because the last time that mugabe was really under threat was at towards the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. and then the so-called war veterans pushed him into a corner and he said well i need your support go and get twenty percent of the land and i'll go for that and you know that created an economic crisis. as robert mugabe
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has aged the struggle for his successor has intensified but all the while everyone has been careful to publicly show deference to a president who is held in high regard by most and bob wins. forty faction does not command the same respect now that the army has stepped in faction may have gambled and lost but it's made al-jazeera. now interesting to look at the south africa angle here because there are a significant number of zimbabweans in south africa and we've heard from the president jacob zuma today as well our correspondent in johannesburg is tanya page she's been gauging the made there. just is the economic hub of south africa and that's why it's such a magnet for so many zimbabweans to come here to work the people arriving into the country this is one of their first stops this is the bus station and we've been talking to people here many of them saying what's happening in harare at the moment is a positive. it was. just
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a big. change. so that. we. do it because our country we don't enjoy our country anyway some of the people here don't want to talk on camera they're a bit scared because they are about hunters and other people feel comfortable being critical. so that the people of zimbabwe government of choice. that will be. coming out. any dramatic change in zimbabwe will have
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a big impact on its neighbors that's why there is generally a sense of uneasiness people wait to see what happens next. all right time for some analysis with. the al-jazeera center for studies joining us via skype from. nice to see you let me just read you a couple of questions quickly from some of our viewers on twitter and facebook eric is saying is this coup effective has the military deposed. because and why is mugabe in hiding and this is the real conundrum here isn't it the fact that there is apparently no coup but mugabe is effectively under house arrest. yeah that's true. clearly cannot yeah i've got to go ahead yeah i think the i mean very careful in calling this a call it cause they know that if they do that it's going to invite some kind of criticism from both the south african development community which is ascetic and
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today you who have in the past community very clearly to say that they will not support nor work with any government that comes into power through a pool so they're extremely careful in how the name this process which is critically place at the moment we know for sure that i wouldn't cover he's under house arrest. depending on which side to sit on and most people have called is cool but to be a photo to since and while he still insists that this is not a coup of course this is also meant to keep calm the the international react the reaction particularly to markets in the current political situation in zimbabwe why now ten based at thirty seven years into robert mugabe's run we have to point out that he does have very strong popularity as well at home despite everything that's happened in zimbabwe but i mean why is it taken this long and why now. what i think
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it had a lot to do with the. firing of innocent number who was the deputy president of a little bit and and then visions which have been manifested it was christmas and many people particularly those on the sectionals most in a number of our thought that if mugabe does go to the next general election or it might prolong the mugabe dynasties domination of the political processes in zimbabwe and i think they are trying to stop that right well this is actually just quickly a final question again i've got from twitter were quite a few people actually asking us if the leadership would stay in his family his wife his son or is this looking like the end of the mugabe name as it were you know it would it would have it would have set a veteran precedence we are seeing something similar. inside africa there's a proposal by certain members of
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a you see that goes on as i mean this woman who is the ex wife of jacob zuma son claim she still married to jacob zuma wanting to take over after jacob zuma leaves the president of a.z. next month so this would have indeed said her own president is something that his corn and other can pull a text and i think the d.d.e. the duck tennis or the direction of the military in zimbabwe would be remembered in history as having prevented something extremely detrimental in african politics. to be so good to talk to you thank you glad you could join us here is to take their online reaction which i imagine has been huge today yes huge would be an understatement like you're saying earlier with heroin because this is easily the biggest conversation in africa at the moment there's been hundreds of thousands of people sharing content and a lot of it is confusion as to what is really happening on the ground so people in
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zimbabwe took to social media to try and figure that out hundreds of thousands of people like i said are tweeting and sending out conversations that are spreading across the continent you see a lot of activity in kenya nigeria south africa is also very much contributing to this conversation to some are very much against what's unfolding arthur here from uganda says that he wants another president for his and bob way but he doesn't support using violence and armed forces to oust mugabe others like pastor evan from zimbabwe said that in the facebook live with thousands of us that it's time to speak up but that we need to remain calm and. that is. this is not a time for us to be silent and it's not a time for us to be able to be quiet it's a time for us to stand up it's a time for us. is it time for us to stand together as well.
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some of our viewers in zimbabwe including a human rights lawyer sent us their views on what's going on take a listen. it lasts. was. this interesting is the muppets very drunk but at the same but that is kept on by the military is you've seen. this because coalitional conflict which is high like. this is by different but. the politics is young people it's the jungle we teach people to them in peace and i think this is this is the sense of hope among some zimbabweans that that this intervention may bring about the type of transition that we have
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been longing for for a very long time i think the great concern though is that it could open up. extended military rule or perhaps even just install a government which is more of the same most of the zimbabweans we talked to were afraid to show their faces or to share their opinions online mainly partially we think it's because that last month president robert mugabe created the ministry of cybersecurity it's a move that was criticized by activists who said that this new ministry would limit freedom of expression we also have had to keep an eye out for fake news and misinformation and all of this one of the most shared tweets in zimbabwe today came from this page saying that mugabe was detained in a quote bloodless transition and that a new era was starting and zimbabwe although the page says it is the count of the ruling party the zanu p.f. party it is not a verified channel and information and it is not official but make sure that if you
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are sharing content that you're using official channels and if you're not sure then maybe don't post it but if you want to keep in touch with us. you can safely contact us shares here thoughts and opinions on our what's at number plus nine seven four five zero one one four nine thank you lee i asked at the top of the show what's happening in zimbabwe hopefully a little clearer now but i'm sure it comes that you cover this page has been updated and refresh all day long it is a great place to keep up with the latest confirmed news because as long as there's a lot of rumor and fake news out there on the story zimbabwe what's happening it's down to zero dot com and as long as you can get in touch with us as well going to put the contact details up on the screen for you just now i had a twitter question here don't actually have a name but someone said and this was a question for how do you actually our correspondent do you feel safe reporting this news story didn't get a chance to ask you that but maybe you want to tweet her directly at how she's been a very active on twitter today facebook live streams at facebook dot com. as the
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plus one seven four five one triple one four nine. lit us move on the turkish president is here in doha for talks with cutters and me or reject tired of course a major supporter of the house since june when for our country's cut their ties and imposed a blockade on qatar on tuesday shift to mean bin hamad attorney said the saudi led block has no desire to end the crisis and he also said culture is looking for sustainable ways to meet its needs more now from hashem here in. this is a second visit to the region and two in july he also visited saudi arabia and kuwait and expressed a desire to have all the parties set aside their differences and negotiate a political. crisis but turkey has also sided with qatar sending troops at the peak of the crisis here and also sending cargo planes and
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vessels carrying food supplies to there's no indication that we might see any political settlement of this explains why qatar and turkey are expanding trade and economic cooperation here qatar investors are now looking into opportunities in turkey and turkish investors are stepping in sending supplies from different parts of turkey to qatar to ensure the food supplies continue but at the same time qatar has strong relations with saudi arabia the united arab emirates and would like to maintain those races and this is why turkey is willing to see an immediate political and to the crisis in the g.c.c. countries here the live well there is a recurring face it is the french president. addressing b. twenty three climate change conference. it's not happening in fiji happening in
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bonn and germany fiji is the president of this particular campaign. that's emmanuel mccrum speaking on climate change all right off we go to london now here is maryam namazie with more news for us i married him. i there come all yes we begin with lebanon's president accusing saudi arabia of holding hostage prime minister saad hariri along with his family this is the first time michel aoun has explicitly said hariri is being held what he's calling an act of aggression however he announced his surprise resignation in a televised statement from the saudi capital riyadh the move threatens to plunge lebanon into a power contest between regional foes saudi arabia and iran president says he won't accept harry reid's resignation until he returns to lebanon to explain his reasons same hodder has more now from beirut. lebanon is stepping up the pressure on saudi arabia the president saying that he believes the resigned prime minister saddam how did he and his family are detained in saudi arabia very strong language against the
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kingdom saying that this is an act of aggression that saudi arabia violated the vienna conventions and saying that lebanon will continue efforts and will do whatever it can to secure his release now sad and heavy and the saudi authorities say that he is a free man in fact saudi is how do how do you the on sunday night in his first public comments since his sudden announcement that he would resign on the ember the fourth said he's coming to lebanon in a few days two days later he tweeted and said he's coming in a few days and just a few minutes after the president's latest remarks he tweeted and said trust me i am coming back promised you i am coming back but many in lebanon do not believe that he is speaking freely and especially when he made his first public comments in this live interview he looked very very stressed it wasn't the prime minister that the many lebanese know so a very confusing picture really on the well being and the fate of the prime minister but here in lebanon the authorities believe he is he is
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a prisoner and they have reached out to france france is trying to mediate the former french foreign minister will be in saudi arabia late on wednesday to discuss how to the situation so a very confusing picture but in lebanon there is the officially of the official stance is the resigned prime minister is a hostage in saudi arabia now iran's president has done rouhani has suggested corruption might be behind the collapse of state built in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured when the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region survivors of pleading for water tents and other emergency supplies. authorities in nigeria being urged to stop the mass eviction of a waterfront community in lagos rights groups say more than thirty thousand people have been made homeless over the past year what's being called a barely disguised land grab they say at least eleven people died in seventeen of missing after violent evictions by security forces amnesty international is calling
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for an investigation and my address has more from lagos. within a one year period more than thirty thousand people in two waterfront communities have been displaced after agents supposedly or allegedly agents of government invaded two communities to forcefully chase out these people from their homes now where there are seven thousand people who are in desperate need of shelter or some form of accommodation in various communities thousands of others of gifts crossed into sixteen different communities in lagos state now here to press home that demands that the government return them to their homes hundreds of people gathered here they're planning to march to the government to force the government or other to remind the government to respect the court order that said that they should be resettled immediately and that the egyptians were illegal madam can you tell us
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your name and why are you here may name is. from a to dubai make lemonade scene a to remind the glove may honestly tell you he paid the goods on. me given to them to the bombing every ts that issue to set it up as they did people until now not enough to have done well the argument of the government is that you are occupying that area illegally and that most of you are foreigners that they are not nigerians our latest toggled made to one track and even to get it again because the people that are living on the land then you're from all of them are from but that three on the out. in the house way in the money said to the evenly ryan thank you to the argument of the lagos state government which by the way has appealed the decision of the lower court is that these people occupying that land illegally and that the bichon process was not done by its agents it said that those
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who it pictured these people from their homes actually what. or knows what agency of that piece of law until it's appealing that decision in court that's it for me phenomenal news coming out from london in about half an hour now back to come out of it thank you for that the u.s. secretary rex tillerson is calling for a quote credible and impartial investigation into the ringette refugee crisis he's visited me in mar and described what's happened to the revenger at the hands of security forces as horrific and he said all this as he stood next to me and. she who called for a peaceful solution more now from scott hired to do. these are scenes that the u.s. secretary of state calls just horrific the military crackdown in rakhine state has sent more than six hundred thousand richenda refugees fleeing into bangladesh in the past three months rex tillerson arrived in the capital neighborhood or at the
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end of a high profile trip to asia with president donald trump there were hints of crisis was the focus of this stuff for only a few hours were there. for reports of widespread across the middle of i mean wars of the security forces. who were strained by the spirit forces during the recent violence say. tillerson met military chief men and said that impartial and credible investigation is needed and anyone implicated needs to be prosecuted and broad economic sanctions against me and mar are not the way to go now targeted sanctions could be imposed once there is evidence of atrocities after meeting with on song suchi both spoke to reporters myanmar's leader defending her much criticized handling of the remains a crisis i guess what. i have. to be concerned about. the state of my office or. my or.
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what i see just. what i meant to be because it's meant. to listen announce an additional forty seven million dollars in u.s. aid to the refugees and urged more coordination for the repatriation of the region while reaffirming the united states is commitment to myanmar as transition to democracy to listen emphasize that how this crisis is handled by the leaders here will impact the future of the country i mean margaret this crisis is the. permanent . friend of the more democratic. of the lockers. through the war. it is the responsibility of the government and if you're fortunate to protect the respect of human rights of all persons with the borders there's a hold of him that will go. well the u.n. is called the range of crisis textbook ethnic cleansing to listen says the u.s.
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administration is still evaluating that description it's got hotter al-jazeera naked or i mentioned this yesterday they want to waste film on the ranger exodus there is now a companion interactive feature to go with that it has very strong content of course there are short films there are maps there are a first hand accounts it is called. exodus and you will find it in the interactive section at al-jazeera dot com. just before we hit the bright thank you for all your comments and questions today and as i look at the live stream good to see people from all over africa tuning into the news good uganda rwanda south africa and zimbabwe itself welcome and thank you for joining us if you are watching on facebook vine we're going to preview about your theories before tackling right here in america also ahead displaced by yemen's ongoing war look at the tens of thousands of yemenis he fled to djibouti in the last two and a half. how
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the weather remains largely dry unsettled across the middle east little bit of cloud just pulling out of afghanistan towards the himalayan plateau another area cloud just running in across the caspian sea but elsewhere it is largely sunshine all the way to around seventeen celsius in the sunshine baghdad at around twenty six degrees that fine weather continues to just around the levant by really getting up into the mid twenty's over the next couple of days mid twenty's to on friday for baghdad further south or striving to get to twenty seven in kuwait city it is starting to cool down a little now not so cool across the river but then getting up to around thirty here in doha over the next day or two would like to feel pretty pleasant so lots of hazy sunshine coming through meanwhile we've seen some rather heavy rain coming into parts of south africa recently the southern and eastern cape in particular supports
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a little bit with fifty six millimeters of rain in that wet weather will remain in place as we go on through thursday perhaps a little bit snow there you know just over the high ground some rights to coming into central parts of mozambique into zimbabwe at times that rank could be pretty heavy. be seeing some big downpours so it's a big downpours recently entered fifty one millimeters of rain here those heavy showers continue across the gulf of guinea. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones with people sent to us to put them up in trees it was in the forest and you can forget anything look more like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices are being used to fight fire with fire if a rectifier like this make a fire right about the time that what if i get fair and just stop yeah innovation
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and tradition. at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime that kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore me that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and can challenge your perception. al-jazeera.
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com and what's trending. simple is that top five stories on the what's trending page to do but somebody good background information if you want to understand how this is progressing i would point out as a channel have been reporting from zimbabwe for the entire eleven years of our existence you know well versed in the story you know how to. check it all out what's trending zimbabwe down to zero dot com. now more than thirty five
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thousand yemenis have fled to djibouti since the war started two and a half years ago this is over the water many of them are unwilling to stay in a camp in the north of the country due to poor conditions and harsh weather they're reporting from northern djibouti are are this is the mark because they come for yemeni refugees in the dusty pull tunnel it's a place many don't want to stay long the sweltering heat then some storms have driven most of the residents to town of the couple to djibouti about two hundred kilometers away. those who have chosen to stay say. yes that their. life here is difficult just to flee certain death in yemen only to face a slow and here we have nothing with just six kilograms of rice by month it's far
6:36 pm
from enough at one point this camp was home to six thousand with fifties many of them have left to rent accommodation in town or in the capital djibouti yet others however time to yemen prefunding the us something told the war zone to life in this camp they ignored warnings from the un refugee agency the un that the security situation is still. yet the must have his security and should the basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cross the sea said to her son another three children have just arrived at the moment because they come from the city of tire which is under the control of the fight. now. there are no electricity or water in a city we had no source of livelihood and there are diseases we live in fear for our lives every single day. all of us say they're fleeing forced crippling of young
6:37 pm
men by holding fighters. those how do i but the mark because it comes up just days ago we're going to hear that. these were forcing us to join their militias and wanted to use us and their fighting they were telling us to join the forces of god we had no option but to flee here. nearly thirty five thousand people have made the journey is southwards across the street to march two thousand and fifteen. opened its doors to yemen the refugees but there is only so much it can do the country has benefited from foreign investment in recent years due to its strategic location but the extreme poverty is still widespread. because it come continues to host some one thousand two hundred refugees it's a number that's expected to grow as the conflict in yemen shows no sign of mohammed atta well just. a classic example there of how armed conflicts create and
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inflict so much suffering and often it is children worst affected by war as many as a million children have been orphaned by the more than six years of civil war in syria with either one or both of their parents killed and the un has warned against the dangers for kids without parents such as well and it's obvious a lack of education child trafficking being indoctrinated by armed groups as well many of these children now live in orphanages being run by local charities inside syria and abroad some of binge of aid has been looking at that. moment of happiness like this mosque the reality for many of syria's children there are one hundred dolphins at the center in opposition controlled city. we were in our backyard when my father was killed in an airstrike then jets came and killed my mother and my sister. that story reverberate through these small corridors almost
6:39 pm
every child suffers from trauma and psychological stress but they recalls the horror of what felt like being hunted. we were in our home when jets killed my father we moved to another neighborhood when an air strike killed my sister later in another basement a bunker buster bomb killed my mother we didn't bury her we just left her under the rubble. caregivers have limited financial support in addition to salaries the boys and girls sections need more help and the building needs repairs to better the winter hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in syria which according to some estimates has created almost a million orphans and that creates challenges not just for their well being inside syria but also in countries where they're living as refugees this orphanage on the border between syria and turkey is a pilot project to integrate children. in addition to kids who
6:40 pm
lost one or both parents syrians in the area can leave children in a boarding school. boys and girls have separate schools and villages where they live is extended families. the newly built space for train staff is a sanctuary especially for girls their teachers say the freedom to live and lead their lives independently will give them a chance to flourish. in a few. years teachers help children to cope but they don't forget marian visits her little brother every night to remind her of the family she once had. there. i was five armed men loyal to the government attacked and rounded everyone up then they opened fire and killed everybody my mother got in front of us and took the bullets me and my brother spent two days under the blood and the bodies i've had so many operations
6:41 pm
on my laundered leg. six years on the harshest reality is that thousands of children in syria continue to live in similar agony every day. some of the era. on the ticket syria border the effect of war on children this is an issue we've highlighted so many times on al-jazeera we do want to refresh your memory take a look at some of the previous coverage starting in iraq and then moving to turkey . these days the smiles don't come often and when they do they barely mask the pain. even in this child friendly space fourteen year old john fields far from safe. rather than speak she draws. for a girl who lost both parents and three of her siblings in the fight against isis it's
6:42 pm
a way to express her sorrow. her eight year old brother whose physical scars are as apparent as his psychological ones says as john has never been the same since the airstrike that destroyed their family her. every day when she goes to sleep she says in her sleep they're coming the missiles are coming workers with the aid organization world vision say john whose leg was badly injured in that strike is like many other children here they have all suffered so much their sense of belonging is lost. this house not far from the syrian border is the safe haven that tens of thousands of other syrian children wish they have. a place to learn and play away from the airstrikes and bombs this is the way to orphanage it's houses sixty children whose parents have been killed by bashar assad's regime and its military are lies. it's run by the foundation
6:43 pm
a syrian ngo which tries to alleviate the suffering of the civil war as most vulnerable victims. despite the laughter behind each face is a higher when. eleven year old abdul buckley still a man is from homs most of the city has been bombed to the ground his father was killed by assets soldiers the teachers here tell me he went to his bed regularly and rarely manages to sleep through the night without waking up screaming but he still hopes for a better future. when i grow up i want to be an architect to rebuild my country i ask him what's message he has to the world's leaders you know. i tell them you don't love us like you claim if you did you would have liberated us. now our interactive team is broken down the idea of a child suffering to five different categories because you can't just arbitrarily say a child is suffering because of war it's about how they're suffering have a look at this as we just run you through them look at the numbers at least three
6:44 pm
million children living in areas with exposure to explosive weapons a quarter of children at risk from mental health disorders potentially lifelong schools a massive issue one point seven five million children this is just in syria are not in school they're at risk of course as we said from being recruited by armed groups and then you have this idea just a war lost two in three children suffering the loss of a loved one or their house has been bombed or they've suffered serious injuries it is just excruciating to think about very pleased to have with us in studio who was a counselor at the american school of doha here in katherine specializing in child education and you've been and this is what i'd like to talk about to get you to tell us about you've been to lebanon to help some of the refugee children there what's just give us some examples of what you see and then how you try to help i'm sure it was a privilege to help these children and work with people there on the grind working with the children what did i see even walking around the streets in beirut did you
6:45 pm
see a lot of children who were displaced they're hungry they're homeless. very different from several years ago which is very sad. you see children begging looking for food sleeping on the street unclean. the work that i did some really is i think for me and my heart what i want to do is i want to find out how we can help these children and so the people that are working on the ground there i did a consultation with them first of all so what do the children need to that are working in this one residential facility they're living there they've been there. because maybe they've lost their parents or this is a monastic thing that is going to drop you but where do you even start because you could say to a child what happened they could say i've lost both my parents my house you're gone i've. had you even start it is difficult to know where to start i think for me as a counselor we know that every child in the orphanages and the facilities are
6:46 pm
caring for these children every child has gone through trauma and we know this and we know they're very distressed so what i do as a counselor is i work and i train the people that are working on the grind with those children in those facilities so really we're presuming every child is traumatized and some for different reasons we met one child whose parents tried to sell their organs to. the parents try to sell the child organs which is absolutely horrific so we're dealing with a whole range of challenges so we train the people that are working in the facilities so my job is to consult with them and they say ok these are her children are presenting how do we even begin to support them so the consultation was over a couple of days and the facility just outside beirut and then what we do is we go back and we actually do the training with
6:47 pm
a translator and ira big and english so our first piece of training that we did for these people war. we train them in how do we manage very challenging behavior as a result of trauma and how do we do that in the therapeutic way so those children can begin to enjoy life again feel calm and access the education that's been offered to them an extraordinary job it is that you do so thank you so much for your time really it was french artistic thank you. now today is november fifteenth and the vendor fifteen is a lot of things it's eleven years since this channel launched it is one year since this program launched and to talk more about that by the end it is also the day that al-jazeera moves fully into the world all of podcasting leah tell us about jessie right well jody is the name of the new podcast channel from al-jazeera and their first offering as about race in america
6:48 pm
a topic that's complicated raw and often just really hard to talk about the series is called closer than they appear it's hosted by carvel wallace who talks to americans struggling with the state of the union while trying trying to reconcile with his own family's fractured history their tagline really sums it up if america isn't a strange family this show is an awkward holiday dinner we spoke to carville and the show's executive producer julie kane asking them what it was like to put this podcast together. i felt super exposed to sharing his intimate moments. even though i write about myself a lot personally or include myself in my writing one of the reasons i like writing is because i get to really craft the language and i get to be really clear about exactly i'm saying what i'm not saying and this process i had much less direct control over all that we haven't ever really produced anything like this before and that's because i don't think there really has been
6:49 pm
a show like this before so that felt kind of terrifying like and why are people going to and i'm going to get put out there in a way that is going to make me look bad and you know so i was i felt exposed but i also you know one of the catchline to things i say a lot of the show is i want to talk about this but i have to i think what's most exciting about this particular podcast is that it mixes this very. vulnerable. and revealing kind of. sense of what it feels like to be in america right now in this particular political climate and when it was decided that i was going to include my own personal story into this larger narrative about race in america. i felt like i had to do it you know we're very divided and i think some of that is actually not as real as it seems and it's could us in this position where we don't we're afraid to talk to each other and i really really
6:50 pm
think that that's the most important thing we can do because it makes sense and the reason i write is to connect with people and this is a way to connect to people so that other people don't feel alone and that they're recognized my stories and theirs and their stories and mine it's hard it's messy and reconciliation is actually possible it's like an infected wound that needs treatment and as time passes. the infection becomes worse and other things around to become infected and we have to address that so i would say that probably the main takeaway is. listen. pay attention be humble be willing to learn be willing to admit where there's wrongdoing and you've been a part of. the podcast with carville there that you just saw launched today and you can listen to it for free you have to subscribe to here all you have to do to that
6:51 pm
to do that is to search for closer than they appear in i tunes or google play music it's really very simple and then you'll get new episodes every week and instead of connecting with us on this you should tweet their team it's at closer show on twitter they'd love to hear what you think about it as they've launched love it thank you for that here is someone to talk sport this was a shock my goodness breaking news for south yeah our friends have unexpectedly been named as hosts for the twenty twenty three rugby world cup the country one despise in official report they gave its backing to south africa at the end of last month a world rugby evaluation study concluded that south africa should be given the tournament ahead of rival bids from ireland and france but the majority of the thirty nine vote is that former rugby's governing body ignored that report and backed france we will look back and we will we will have
6:52 pm
a day briefed on the process and certainly i think that we can feel confident in the process certainly and but like any organization that the rupee will cut will be looking at the bit for twenty twenty three and things that we can improve going forward we're always looking to improve as an organization. well france will be hoping the event will bring them more success they have a good record as host of major tournaments the biggest success coming in the football world cup in one nine hundred ninety eight a match winning performance wise in it is it than helping them be brazil in the final just ten years ago they hosted the rugby world cup and got to the semifinals and last year they were runners up for bulls euro twenty sixteen losing to portugal and in twenty twenty four is the big one coming just a year after the rugby world cup paris will host the summer olympics well had south
6:53 pm
africa been picked it would of been the biggest event in the country since the host is a twenty ten football world cup our correspondent he weddings has been at the announcement in central london he i guess it was a huge shock for south africa i mean my question is what was the whole point of the evaluation report. well it was their effort to be transparent and i suppose we can give them some credit for that but that is partly backfired because there are very solid reasons for them to go with france just as there were good reasons for them to go with south africa but having put it out there of course the expectation from south africa was going to get this there was no bargain it was perfectly justified i expect we all thought it was going to be south africa there's plenty of excitement out of the shock in the room when they announced as france the solid reason to talk about was very concerned about what's
6:54 pm
happened to the samoan rugby union where. they're trying to protect small donations not really targeted the finances and said we're going to deliver the best profit and that really appealed to the world rugby council but it is a bit embarrassing that they put it out there that it was going to be south africa . there's a lot of devastated faces i think it's going to cause them problems off the pitch in that they want to attract more of the people that embraced famously in one nine hundred ninety five. with an emerging mind by a nation where they lifted the trophy on their own soil some of those drifted a white. spot on the pitch as well. to actually host in twenty twenty three joy for france and just a year away from hosting. as well when i do in twenty twenty three. from london
6:55 pm
thank you very much for that. let's see how people are reacting to the news on social media huge disappointment from this. one supporter tweeted what joke. well did south africa not get this france only hosted ten years ago but no give it to them again we do would have gone with the island before giving it to france again well one other fan is looking at the positive side of things france can host the world cup twenty twenty three but we will bring the trophy back home with us if you remember south africa won the two thousand and seven world cup host of by france they beat england in the final but you'll be surprised that few south africans were actually against the idea of their country hosting the rugby world cup one fan shared his thoughts on saying what the state of our country is in currently murders rape corruption and the current form of the springboks do we
6:56 pm
really deserve it has that just asking was ever love to hear thoughts on this and any other sporting issues you want to raise remember you can get in touch with us on the hash tag a.j. news great to end with me on sun h underscore sport i'll be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i had you back to come on thank you for the sunnah right mention this before but as they were english is celebrating its eleventh anniversary today so we want to finish things up with a look back at our first broadcast on the highlights ever since. the new era in television news. it doesn't say that it's a tough to do things in secret that are unless we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of town the better to have people give them the opportunity and
6:57 pm
wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resigned donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back she's very canisters of gas i just want to believe that our best to prevent the media getting anywhere in the skeptical that. he achieved something that never happened before. you know we did. eleven years of al-jazeera english but it brought later over here because i want to the fact that one year ago at this exact moment we were finishing up first ever broadcast of news good exactly with you i was in the studio gallery doing text producing all the side panels someone's doing this takes a village spends about four months i would say four or five months prepping the whole idea for the show starting from a whiteboard in an office well what you see now right and it's really thanks to you
6:58 pm
guys as well we just need to keep hearing from you and absolutely keep sending us your story ideas your pitches out of cameroon out of. south africa we love to hear from you that's what this is all about. you know it all but now if i spoke and what's that you can tweet us directly as well. and thank you so much for joining us on the newsgroup thank you for making this happen and we will do it all again tomorrow. at fifteen hundred.
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