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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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in the united states rights activists are still being targeted you have enough information that you found out. what facing surveillance from both the police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement. faultlines investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time on all jersey or. troops in the streets as zimbabwe's military takes power confining president mugabe
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to his home. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up warnings that mounted killing an average of one hundred thirty yemeni children a day before saudi arabia blockaded the country's border. earthquake survivors in iran a temporary shelters as they wait for a rifle three days on. and scientists say clashes in the french alps are heating up so fast they threatened to wipe out popular tourist villages. zimbabwe's military is confined president robert mugabe to his home after taking control of the country soldiers are patrolling the capital harare and heavy gunfire and explosions were heard earlier but the military denies it's a coup the takeover follows a base of battle over whole succeed the one thousand three year old president which
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has divided the ruling zanu p.f. party it was triggered by last week's sacking of the vice president a miss and. south africa's president jacob zuma says he's spoken to mugabe and confirmed a long time leader is say i have also. conducted the president . whom i had. time to talk to and he is fine but confined in his home. hoping that the defense force will be able to respect the constitution of zimbabwe as well as the people of zimbabwe so that this situation does not go beyond. the situation where it is now. well let's go live to her in which is in harare and many people saying that this appears to be a coup in all but name when you look at the significance of this military
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intervention in the country what's happening there now. well it's getting darker the people who went to work in the morning and the children went to school heading home it is on the streets or later on in the day a lot more people are starting to come into the city center markets were opened it seems at least on the surface that is business as usual but people are concerned about how this is going to play out there wondering when or if they're going to see president robert mugabe and his wife there wondering what the military is going to do next so it is still quite fluid in terms of other things as well people also know that there will be diplomatic efforts going on but there will of knowledge that this is uncharted territory for zimbabwe and it's been an interesting and i suppose surprising few weeks for many somalians. and i'm easy carm in harare
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this after confusing scenes on the streets of zimbabwe with a night of unrest as military vehicles rolled in there were also reports that soldiers were seen loading ammunition these developments followed a warning on monday that the military would step in if the sacking of candidates they favor within the ruling party didn't stop a statement was read by soldiers on state radio this is not a military takeover and things will return to normalcy. and used. to. we are only interested in criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice but this is spark fear of a military coup even now with all the confusion we do know that the army in sirte is so this way running the country and telling them. what to do and what to
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believe in the news taking over the broadcaster those are very unusual in other countries with. zimbabwe army chief constantino cheering i want earlier this week the military could step in if party pages didn't stop but she was quickly accused of treasonable conduct by the zanu p.f. in a statement he was reacting to the firing of the vice president in a seminar the week before when i got well had close ties to the military and was revered for his revolutionary work in fighting for the country's independence a fight that also boyd president mugabe to power in one nine hundred eighty when i got was removal apparently followed a series of disputes with the first lady grace mugabe her leadership ambitions to succeed our ninety three year old husband had triggered infighting within her party she is popular with the sonic youth faction dubbed the g forty but her ascension contradicts an earlier promise mugabe had made saying only those who fought in
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zimbabwe's liberation can preside over zimbabwe being fifty two grace is not a war veteran and like a emerson managua nor the army generals who threatened to intervene. one of the first announced casualties is the finance minister who the army stated they had detained despite the military emphasizing the president and his wife are safe these look like trouble times ahead. and so you lay out very well in your report the catalyst all the trigger for this crisis what are people anticipate will happen next could this signal a broader more permanent shift in the political landscape there in zimbabwe that people are speculating right now because the people who are actually involved in this conflict the army the mugabe's and various factions in zanu p.f. haven't actually spoken since as did was issued on state media by the army sources as does a lot of speculation i think the big question in people's minds is what will happen
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to president obama garbage and his wife the war veterans gave a press conference in harare these are the individuals who helped liberate the country from britain and they helped keep me in power for nearly forty years they were very angry they came out they say they supported the army's actions they said they happy that they're not taken back to the ruling party and they had this warning to preserve mugabe's family basically that basically saying that they will if he's been around for too long and they want to mount. a dark room government. for his role as the president first a very some fear. we're going to see one far salute. run and. wanted to call out in the forthcoming election.
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and how much support does emerson have. he has supports with some of the generals people he fought with in the liberation war on the ground he has support with some war veterans they are also who support him they see him for many years as the heir apparent the man who would one day succeed prison robert mugabe the key question now is is he coming back to the country when is he coming back to the country and what does that mean so a lot of things up in the next few days will be interesting people watching political developments very very closely all right thank you very much harm with bringing us all the latest from harare and so just picking up on the point there and taking a closer look at emerson who who sacking essentially triggered the events that we see in zimbabwe now the seventy five year old was an ally of robert mugabe for decades serving as his bodyguard in exile and holding a range of ministerial positions including defense minister when i go where has
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been described as the one person more fear than his boss reputation that led him to become known as the crocodile which is why his supporters and known as the low cost group after the clothing company whose logo is a crocodile. with close links to the military he is most notorious for his part in a crackdown on rivals in the eighty's which saw thousands killed he denies any role in that all signs point to an alliance gathering behind or to succeed mugabe which includes the chief of the armed forces the opposition and the powerful war veterans we were just hearing from there i'm joined in the studio now by georgina godwin a zimbabwean journalist and former producer at s.w. radio africa an independent zimbabwe broadcaster thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and i suppose as as as we've been saying that one of the crucial questions now is if and when emerson will make an appearance i mean there are many who are saying he is actually back in the country that he flew into many army air base of course we don't know that it's very difficult particularly in london to
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monitor exactly what's going on there we are expecting as various people have mentioned some kind of statement soon from mugabe unself we think that that might come on friday and i think at that point there may be some kind of formal presence some kind of formal handing over i think that what what the army has been very very careful to do is to stay within the constitution of the african union which absolutely forbids any kind of coup attempt i mean that's a mutual defense thing and so that's why this very very careful wording of this is not a coup that's absolutely not a coup it's perhaps just a little regime shift and yet we see that and i suppose it's that cautiousness and reluctance to to call it a coup makes it quite difficult in some ways to define what's going on and yet everybody knows that this sort of intervention by the military after mugabe had
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such a grip on the country for nearly forty years is enormously significant and could mean. a different country some sort of massive change now you know i'm not convinced that massive change is coming. people who are in the wings to take over women or perhaps in sydney sec or my who i think would be preferable to to many people because he wasn't directly involved in this. he is defense minister and both of them as as you mentioned when gaga was involved in the mass in the one nine hundred eighty so was secor my these are people with blood on their hands yes it would be good to see a change but i don't think we're necessarily going to see a sweeping across the board change change in the sense that it's the end of mugabe and he may not be in a position to nominate his successor which he which is a process that you seem to want to control i mean for a long time it was assumed that when a god would be his successor anyway i think what's heartening is the fact that there would be some kind of transitional body we think at this point which would
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involve the opposition movement for democratic change but then of course the head of the movement for democratic change very ill he has colon cancer he's been having chemotherapy so again that's that's that's not ideal that the you know that he he's not it ideally placed to take over at this point or indeed to participate fully but there are many within the m.d.c. who i'm sure could well thank you very much for now georgina godwin thank you for sharing your thoughts with us well there is much more to tell you about in the program the u.s. secretary of state describes attacks on the ranger as horrific as he needs on sun suchi and myanmar. and the german chancellor angela merkel says the paris climate change agreement was only a few are going to be live at the u.n. climate talks in germany with the latest on that as well.
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hello the weather remains largely dry unsettled across the middle east little bit of cloud just pulling out of afghanistan towards the himalayan plateau another area cloud just running in across the caspian sea but elsewhere it is largely sunshine all away. around seventeen celsius in the sunshine baghdad has around twenty six degrees that fine weather continues to just around the levant beirut getting up into the mid twenty's over the next couple of days mid twenty's to on friday for baghdad further south or striving to get to twenty seven in kuwait city it is starting to cool down a little now but to cool across the river potentially getting up to around thirty here in doha over the next day or two with light winds should feel pretty pleasant so lots of hazy sunshine coming through meanwhile we've seen some rather heavy rain coming into parts of south africa recently the southern and eastern cape in particular this is port elizabeth with fifty six millimeters of rain and that wet weather will remain in place as we go on through thursday perhaps a little bit of snow there you know just over the high ground some rain to coming
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into central parts of mozambique into zimbabwe at times that rain could be pretty heavy. be seeing some big downpours so it's a big downpours recently entered gabon fifty one millimeters of rain here those heavy showers continue across the gulf of guinea. documentary. at this time.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera the top story this hour zimbabwe's military has confined president. to taking control of the country. in the capital harare but . meanwhile south africa's president jacob zuma has a on the phone and says the longtime leader is safe. the children says that almost four hundred thousand children in yemen are in desperate need of treatment for acute malnutrition but says aid agencies are struggling to reach them because of funding shortfalls the cholera outbreak and obstructions by the warring parties even before saudi arabia blocked access to airports and ports around the country it estimated that fifty thousand malnourished
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children under the age of five would die. that's an average of one hundred day. governor the most with ten thousand children place predicted to die this year in each region. systems making the more likely to contract and die from diseases like cholera. we're living in very dire conditions we can't even afford bread we can't find shelter from the cold no one in government or from the relief organizations are reaching out to us here disease is spreading and the children are falling ill if we can't afford to eat how can we afford to treat them or buy medicine where yemeni officials are denying reports that a saudi led coalition has allowed ships in to deliver much needed aid on monday saudi arabia says it will open some yemeni ports and airports it closed them nine days ago after who see rebels fired a missile at riyadh last week but officials at dega the main entry point for aide
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say that it remains shot and no ships have arrived since the saudi closures you might come with a note on the heart of the there's no truth to the news that any ships were given permission to enter the port of a data situation is still the same nothing is arrived at the port even the ships that were asked to leave when the saudi led coalition announced the closure of the hordes have not yet returned. lebanon's president has accused saudi arabia of holding hostage prime minister saad hariri and his family it's the first time michel aoun has explicitly said he's being held and he called it an act of aggression hereon else his surprise resignation in a televised statement from the saudi capital riyadh the move threatens to plunge lebanon into a power contest between regional foes saudi arabia and iran president says he won't accept her yuri's resignation until he returns to lebanon to explain it himself. group this is an act of aggression against lebanon and this is a violation of the vienna convention in the bill of rights this isn't a resignation this is an aggression on our independence sovereignty and our dignity
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iran's president hassan rouhani has suggested corruption might be behind the collapse of stable homes in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured when the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region survivors are building temporary shelters with whatever they can while they wait for water tents and other emergency supplies to arrive and i'm kristie lu is in doubt banduk on in northern iraq near the quake's epicenter where there are fears over cracks in a major dam. where in there been the economy in the kurdish dominated town and seen a minute near by iran border here the damages are not as heavy as in iran and the casualty numbers are not that high but the damage is are actually important because people are not able to get in they are. in the run the high because their homes are badly damaged and the risk is actually with the carbon behind them which
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is right behind them see that and there are many cracks in the in the in their brand behind them especially ended up or construction part of that when we spoke to the edge an old director of the dam he said that there is no leakage for now with the dam but there are and continues to have been here and who have been making assessments about the possible risks that these cracks could create and for the surrounding if the reports say is that it's safe people are going to be are going to take a breath and will get in their homes but if the report says the cracks can cause a flood then all the surrounding religious here will be evacuated and this area that i'm standing right now can be left on the water the. is the riskiest part here rich actually provides water to more than two million people for
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drinking called sewer and industrial uses now my dear in authorities are being urged to stop the massive extent of the waterfront community in lagos rights groups say more than thirty thousand people have been made homeless over the past year what's being called a barely disguised land grant they say at least eleven people died in seventeen a missing after a violent evictions by security forces amnesty international is calling for an investigation. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has demanded what he called a credible and impartial investigation into the ranger refugee crisis made the comments on a visit to myanmar where he met leda unsung suchi as well as the head of the military in the capital neighborhood or scott highly reports. these are scenes that the u.s. secretary of state calls just horrific the military crackdown in rakhine state has sent more than six hundred thousand range of refugees fleeing into bangladesh in the past three months rex tillerson arrived in the capital neighborhood or at the
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end of a high profile trip to asia with president donald trump there were hints of crisis was the focus of this stop for only a few hours. for reports of widespread. from is a force of the security forces. who are destroying your forces during the recent violence say. to listen that military chief men and said that impartial and credible investigation is needed and anyone implicated needs to be prosecuted and broad economic sanctions against me and mar are not the way to go now targeted sanctions could be imposed once there is evidence of atrocities after meeting with on song suchi both spoke to reporters myanmar's leader defending her much criticized handling of the remains a crisis like this to. have. to be concerned about. my office or. for.
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what i see just. what was meant to be excited. to listen announced an additional forty seven million dollars in u.s. aid to the refugees and urged more coordination for the repatriation of the region while reaffirming the united states is commitment to me and mars transition to democracy to listen emphasize that how this crisis is handled by the leaders here well impact the future of the country men margaret this crisis is really good for me. for the more democratic. it is the responsibility of a government. or to. human rights a war with orderly. well the un has called the range of crisis textbook ethnic cleansing tillerson says the us
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administration is still evaluating that description it's got other al-jazeera neighbors or russia's lower house of parliament has approved a bill which places restrictions on some foreign media the draft bill would force overseas and organizations to reveal how they're funded and brand the news the work of foreign agents the u.s. imposed similar rules on russian state broadcaster r.t. on monday after allegations of russian influence in the us presidential election the bill still needs approval from the upper house and president vladimir putin greece says that at least thirteen people have died after flash floods hit the western outskirts of athens heavy overnight storm turned roads into rivers sweeping away cars and buildings the death toll is expected to rise and a local mayor says people remain trapped in their homes when bad weather is forecast for the coming days well now leaders from around the world have joined talks on how to slow down global warming
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a summit in the german city of bonn is building on the paris agreement reached two years ago which the u.s. now says it intends to withdraw from chances germany's chancellor angela merkel told the conference that the measures agreed in two thousand and fifteen will not be enough to stop disastrous changes to the climate. when the clock is in bonn and joins us now well have arrived i suppose raising the stakes now nic. yeah absolutely in fact the russians just swept by having given this statement lots of speeches still being made by the smaller players but. the big numbers here tonight for his part was talking about how europe could step into the shoes of the u.s. administration with france leading the way one n.g.o.s she said well that's all very well but france these get its own house in order. domestic ambitions merkel for her part there was a lot of talk around here about the possibility that she may just kind of towards
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this issue of phasing out coal here in germany that this country uses about forty percent or forty percent it's matrices like comes from coal and lots of people have been calling for it to be phased out all she did was acknowledge how difficult it would be to do that she's currently negotiating with coalition government so could you make a coalition to try and form a government part of the green party whether or not they managed to strike before june agreement as far as coal is concerned remains to be seen in the coming days i think of us now to what she did have to say. is that first along two years ago we choose something that we couldn't imagine when we met in copenhagen but we know that the paris agreement is just a starting point the current national commitments will not allow us to meet the goal of limiting global warming to two thousand one and a half so every single contribution is incredibly important it's important to weigh in with each other make it possible to compare the contributions being made and
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it's vital that this conference sends a clear signal that piracy is only a stop. also as michael saying that the idea is to build on the paris agreement but one of the key stumbling blocks in these talks. the powers agreements ended up with one hundred sixty ninety six nations creating this. national contributions which all together would amount to two point seven degrees rise in temperature now remember the target is to aim for two degrees preferably one of the whole three cells you say that is not enough and then you add to various statistics have been coming in this week that the problem is just not going away carbon pollution that we've heard this week has risen off the leveling off for three years risen in two thousand and seventeen most of that came from china two percent of it came from india and the total listen to the total global carbon output in two thousand seven hundred forty point eight billion tons sixty years ago it was naive point two billion tons so that just gives you an idea of the scale that dimension
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of the problem here and what it does thank you very much nick clark following those talks there in the german city of fawn hall now scientists a warning that glass is in the french alps a heating so fast they could soon threaten popular tourist villages they say it's clear that climate change is the cause craig leeson joined an expedition to mont blanc to see it for himself. the french alps mystical mesmerizing and moody every day thousands of hikers extreme sports people and alpinist make their way to these mountains to conquer their peaks but the alps a changing the glaciers that used to sweep down to the valleys below a melting in some places they have anything. by scientists at the forefront of measuring and monitoring these glaciers it's important and dangerous work their office for today is glassy to do took an e. three thousand five hundred meters high on the north face of mont blanc we tried to
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set up. our instrument in order to make topographic measurements of this glacier these scientists also measure the temperature of the glazier what they are finding is astounding the base of the glacier knee the bedrock is that minus two degrees in the first with the climate warming and with the ice damper ature rising glacier could become temperate at the melting point the work these scientists are doing on this mountain and grace is like takamine is important not just to understand how much more this glacier will heat up but because it has a bearing on towns like chamonix down here which is one of the most recognized extreme sports centers in the world if this glacier heats up. it could threaten villages like chamonix as we filmed the glacier begin to break away not once but
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three times within an hour further evidence of the danger it presents almost eighteen million people visit the french alps every year generating close to fifty eight billion dollars in turnover and providing around twelve percent of jobs on this graph we can see directly an increase of a minute thing things nineteen eighty and a noise or increase of melting things two thousand and three and this mill ting this increase of melting is directly holy to climate change to climate warming at one of the world's oldest scientific ice institutions the research allows the scientist to mitigate risk with global warming and the fact that the musical shoestrings and gets warmer there could be new legs forming and business could collapse and then produce fruits destroying towns can sleep on this bed rock and then again can create our own shoes and destroy towns below that the institute says
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these sorts of events are not isolated research shows climate change is causing glacier melt and water shortages in the n.d.s. and in antarctica melting ice sheets resulting in rising sea levels craig lease an al-jazeera mom plant. now also news from venezuela the country signed a debt restructuring deal with one of its major creditors russia more than three billion dollars will now be paid back to last ten years with minimal payments for the first six this is the first major result of talks with creditors from nine nations which took place in the capital cracked as on monday two of the world's major credit agencies have downgraded venezuela's rating after it failed to make on repayments. there's more on that story and everything else we're covering right here including those crucial developments taking place in zimbabwe al jazeera dot com or on zimbabwe in just a couple seconds. president
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robert mugabe has been confined to his home by zimbabwe's military soldiers are patrolling the capital harare an armored vehicles have blocked roads to the main government offices parliament and the courts heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard but the military denies it's carrying out a coup south africa's president jacob zuma has confirmed he's spoken to mcgarvey and he say i avoid saw. conducted the president. whom i had. time to talk to and he is fine but confined in his home. hoping that the defense force will be able to respect the constitution of zimbabwe as well as the people of zimbabwe so that this situation does not go beyond.
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the situation where it is now yemeni officials are denying reports that the saudi led coalition has allowed ships and to deliver much needed aid on monday saudi arabia says it will start reopening some yemeni ports and airports but officials that data port the main entry point for the eight say that it remains shut and no ships have arrived since the saudi closures. iran's president hassan rouhani has suggested corruption might be behind the collapse of state build homes in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed eight thousand were injured when a magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region survivors are building temporary shelters with whatever they can find and are still waiting for water tents and other emergency supplies to arrive. lebanon's president has accused saudi arabia of holding the prime minister saad hariri along with his family hostage it's the first time michel aoun has explicitly said he's being held in what he's calling an act of aggression every announced his surprise resignation in
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a televised statement from the saudi capital riyadh move threatens to plunge lebanon into a power contest between regional foes iran and saudi arabia we're going to bring you much more on all of those stories at the top of next hour in about twenty five minutes time including analysis on what's happening in zimbabwe the situation in the capital harare coming up next al-jazeera its witness stay with us.


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