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tv   The Snake Charmer  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you're giving me wrong but when we wrap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't charge the shot one saw a joint many has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. and on our entire in london where the top stories are not as they are zimbabwe's military is confined president robert mugabe to his home after taking control of
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the country soldiers are patrolling the capital harare and heavy gunfire and explosions were heard earlier but the military denies it's a coup a takeover follows a bitter battle over who will succeed the ninety three year old president which split the rulings on a party into two main factions i don't want us to reports from harare. parts of harare are now on lockdown and soldiers in army have blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts people say they are cautiously waiting to see what happens next many are relief so far there has been little violence i can see however moving as usual no more business. moving around freely. the country's war veterans say they have had enough of president robert mugabe many helped keep him in power for nearly forty years we. should have been recalled from is
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a row as the president insisted. the mob his army said on wednesday the president robert mugabe and his wife are safe in their private residence south africa's president jacob zuma said he was concerned about the situation in a phone call with zuma mugabe confirmed he was fine we would like to call for calm and restraint. particularly to the defense force and also to two forces in zimbabwe i have also. conducted. president mugabe. whom i had time to to talk. and he is fine but confined in his home zuma plans to send a special envoy to the country. the crisis began on tuesday with reports of military vehicles rolling towards the capital good morning the army gave a statement on state television insisting the situation is not
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a military takeover we are only doing criminals are only. committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice hours after issuing the statement the army again restated its position. the state run newspaper printed a special edition on wednesday afternoon in its of the army says president robert mugabe is still head of state and commander in chief. the bobbins of only known one leader since one thousand nine hundred eighty the mugabe family is an institution some people love the president and his wife grace mugabe are the say over the years the mugabe's have destroyed the economy this is uncharted territory for the country zimbabwe's military has said soldiers will only return to the barracks when all those are the keys of trying to destabilize and destroy the party from within had been arrested. al-jazeera had. french president emmanuel mccord says he's invited
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the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and his family to spend a few days in paris it's believe they'll travel there in the coming days call the invitation an act of friendship not an offer of political exile. announced his surprise resignation in riyadh last saturday prompting criticism that the move had been made under duress. yemeni officials are denying reports that the saudi led coalition has allowed ships in to deliver much needed aid on monday saudi arabia said it will start reopening some yemeni ports and airports. officials at the data port say it remains shut and no ships arrived since the saudi closures iran's president hassan rouhani has suggested corruption made are responsible for the collapse of state built homes in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured in the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region. fourteen people have
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been killed in a suicide bomb attack in northern nigeria emergency officials say thirty people were also injured in the incident which took place in my degree that is known as the epicenter of activity by the on group boko haram as the top stories witness is up next on more news for you after that thanks for watching it.
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level health and carry on type. of some of these films reinforce unhealthy towards women.
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i mean that there were twenty five years of down about forty or forty five films for this to have a significant impact on people. sure women or the we is unfortunately not really nice what we would reinforces these bad values. so young kids watching all of this believe that this is our means should be home you should be here but doesn't ignore voted on so. we strongly condemn this sort of thing. i just sitting there twenty three year old woman range on board. i see you know. us. being in the world because of what is happening because of the kind of reporting that's happened also on a number of incidents should be but if you tragic people feel that india is not of
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the safe place. place like demi i would feel comfortable to know if old woman who i knew was out alone after dark i would be water. all this would disturb me. and i kept thinking all the way contribute to changing. you and the earth the e.u. the e.u. . i mean can was a really big surprise for the hollywood industry when he made his debut in town my
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take i am a second rejoinder was also knew it was a really good kind of a modern stuff and it was a very very big hit and he came to be known as a romantic hero at that time we didn't know how long he would last as some of the city results are flops and then he came in do is on and i started doing very different kind of films. you know and a copy of made of market got on it and became a hot dog of the world and i became our problem from his first film it's following the girls like him of the entire spectrum of young or you know everybody just so you know. i left him. as a vent for being a student to becoming an assistant director and from an assistant director i became
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an actor in my first film was a huge success i was all when i tore into stardom and i suddenly became the star. right through like in school i had this very close friend of mine such a good guy and he was adopted in class from a guy who was going to be an engineer or doctor would be whatever he wanted so he went into law and he started doing a lot of social work and whenever he would meet he would tell me about what's happening in india and he would get upset about what's happening in society would be angry and or i would you know feel guilty and i said if you look you know he's doing so much and i mean i'm not doing anything you know like going to be like him i mean should i be doing something as well. i meant to armitage and he mentioned to me that he wanted to do a show on social issues he has so many things on hand that i thought it's
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impossible given all the commitments and all the opportunities and options that he has in life that you would ever possibly want to do something for television. creative people make you feel good they make you love to make you cry they make you forget your stress give you a good time but that's not all that a sponsor beautiful creative person is also to bring greece to society to build the social fabric of the site to infuse mandalas in people. this talk which started as a seed in my head kept going to get glowing eyes to keeping that young actually
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television is to be. in india we have a population of one point two billion people and only three percent of india actually goes to appear to watch it for the large majority of indians to watch his films on television. the if too many shows in india especially in news channels that engage an aggressive journalism which is essentially intended to embodies on needy or or know somebody and it should be assured that draws in the largest possible audience. to discuss the issues that deal with all of us as indians and common. sense that means that there wasn't county breaking in that sense that had brought
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very i'm comfortable questions into the drawing room. massage any sexual assault and lack of access to education but dishes things like dolly being huge amounts for the girls for manage women being burnt to death at the v.a. gangotri. justice is very fatherly. we were talking about them in changing some women getting educated women getting jobs been realizing that they will be men fighting for this women fighting for that and a look at getting so lord ancient between you have image in their heads what their aspirations are what their will what their future this and what men are willing to
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allow them to make them and how dr engine is leading to a lot of these atrocities we had several drums of meetings first indonesia and then with the army and essentially what i mean in god is just to do is he said why don't you guys go and put your thoughts your research on canada. and let's see what life is throwing out at us. here. in. team name would i not even limited that out it.
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by after all that made india teacher leave us much fun to. hear more about. myself you may decide eagerly. it begins i'll mess they're going to enjoy. the early pregnancy thing he. wanted he was cool with teeth. like you he. didn't. feel but the i was me. but all people are just barely. could be insulted if you go. pregnant. in march. but he talks about we are in italy our lucky three of us and he an eleven i think one of the men whose. name and i was in my. league.
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even though. getting on the show was very very important she had no idea that anything to do with this act when the decision happened about having but being on the shore i called her and i had a long chat with her and she said that it can really go fast. when the first episode went on and there was such an immense sense of expectation.
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and people waiting and watching. with. the most crowd. so there may have. a psychiatrist.
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so. you know what he was so worked. in sign if you have your book with us you. you know but we know i remember when i met her she came across as a person who was very strong and very self-assured someone who had been through a very traumatic period but had come to very strong so she was some someone who actually really inspired a lot of people when the show came out in the group and they heard her story and they heard how she is today and how she educated itself and how she's looking after herself and her you know and her children. you. know met out there and you have lucky maybe that i throw my name i was here.
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i'm making the mother of. the eleven. ok i'll get i get did you know come join with the. everything american it will be. on the first episode fifteen hundred thousand people responded to us and initially everyone will see our movie love you are the real the greatest you're the best you're my hero but within. the quality of the messages had changed and they were about the issue people were starting to talk about why is there so much massage why are girls not one hundred. we very early on realized that this shaw was actually more than television and since these were issues that were live in rio and
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there was a possibility of actionable stuff so we did pick up one actionable agenda point with every episode and we pushed for people who vote on that subject so that we could take but asians to government or the right authorities and say look can you please do this now. when you want to celebrity when you have such a huge fan base in people just follow you without questioning you need to be more careful with the facts that you present you need to be more careful of the act most of them you're trying to create this show actually contributed in creating an atmosphere which vilifies men which puts men negative being a woman complaints you're supposed to have is the man that's a kind of sin that you are that is trying to put on fat men what did that just about or were you trying to be pretty sure that you only ninety five percent.
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if you look you see more of the guard with the. issues like you really should not be coming up on national television there are children watching would you like your daughter or your son to us to tell you what is the rape how is it done even if such things are there people who have undergone this agony and this pledge really is implied for you to bring them on to the television to disconcert things if you have to claim that it has and is in the can talk with them they. just bought it. so we are on the market took some of the. entire show is sold on the concept that army can is the anchor and he is doing a very good job of it and he uses his cure glance to great effect by crying all the time and by emphasizing that men also cry but he is using it as
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a commercial gimmick to make the show or commercial success celebrities are about this on the one hand they try to show different things in their films and on the other when they are coming on a reality show there is this big schism and their identities and it's very difficult to find out that or where the actor ends and the person begins. so we just give you a mini d.v. c.n.n. if you would have me. if you would maybe i'm mean or. given to many i was a moniker if you will give it out yeah you know. what i got there and i stocked up on but they got money. in the book up when i got there about one government got it all there again.
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it was an entire machinery that was working in the digital domain to be famous so there were photographs of me with somebody's religious looking people muslim who did labeled as i'm a convert muslim terrorist it's doors minority who don't want things to change who don't like what assures revealing. i'm aware of the fact that i'm annoying a lot of very powerful lobbies and a lot of very powerful people these are small in number but the extremely powerful and i'm aware that i'm doing more than knowing that i am affecting them economically sometimes i'm citing them in many ways. but that just tells me that i think you're on the right track because there are people who benefit a lot from things that are meaning the radio. but i do take the necessary precautions in case of looking after myself and my family i don't to be stupid i
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don't want to be seen about. the model up there near. regard to wash here. here in berkeley you. see that. but. yes so demurely did issue good terms about their names their city and when i read that i saw a second or dawn meeting this because it was really hurting me really. tacky
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. my the now years said there so i'm elect there's a damage i does it hard longer fired our our boss along get our lad blood badly. started here we can only go. yes or music i am in again meaning they're going to. guess at which over beginning dad going to be here in the gay marriage is at those dushman so what. that should be enormously because again. well there's always a cost i mean i know that there were times when it was quite frightening especially when he was doing things about criminalization of politics and things like that it was very good for us as a family and fairly well known criminals have been spoken about and you know one is always wanted that there could be a backlash anything that you do especially in a country like india is bound to find some criticism especially
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a show like this which was taking on so many you know institutions it was taking on you know powerful people and powerful existing establishment was going to come up against some criticism. that a project. mumbai resident koppen said that there's a sense of insecurity in the country and that his wife has even suggested leaving india during the thing that china you know we read in the papers what's happening we see the news what's happening and certainly i want to be alone i can't deny that i've been alarmed by. by a number of incidents and you know it's what any society. it's very important to have a sense of security. at the hands i take out of it that i have been russia. jordan and. i just maybe i didn't know what the panel was particularly
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now. with a sheet of paper about me yeah you know my gave it to me. you know on the other hand was a kid. who put their children down at a year. in them if he could then i. think you. dines when you feel very dejected and depressed and you feel you know what why are we doing this nothing's going to change like this you're entirely and we've only said to maybe get done two films in this period but i'm going to television sure. it's a loss for me to be really honest i was telling. the other day this today is a good sort of into stopping the show. it's really
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buthelezi and it's very emotionally traumatic for me as we go to material which is very difficult to absorb and understand and come to terms with but for me to understand what a person goes to i have to seed and it's very ready. so . right now in the middle of. finishing one season. so i don't as i mean. so i said we should take a break so i. as
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a beautiful brick it was a. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that in that to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. tried out yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of. at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanize that nothing worse first will be in the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera . hello i'm lauren taylor in london with the top stories on our syria zimbabwe's military is confined president robert mugabe to his home after taking control of
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the country soldiers are patrolling the capital harare and armored vehicles have blocked roads to the main government offices parliament and. heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard but the military denies it attempted attempting a coup takeover follows a bitter battle over who will succeed the ninety three year old president which has split the ruling zanu p.f. party into two main factions south africa's president jacob zuma has confirmed he's spoken to mcgarvey and he say i have world soul. conducted is president mugabe. whom i had time to talk to and he is fine but confined in his home. hoping that the defense force will be able to respect the constitution of the barber as well as the people of zimbabwe so that this situation does not go beyond.
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the situation where it is now the french president emanuel my horse says he has invited the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and his family to spend a few days in paris it's believed they'll travel there in the coming days michael called the invitation an act of friendship not an offer of political exile area announced a surprise resignation in riyadh last saturday. if yemeni officials are denying reports that the saudi led coalition has allowed ships in to deliver much needed aid on monday saudi arabia said it will start reopening some yemeni ports and air force to close the nine days ago after hoofy rebels fired a missile at riyadh. iran's president hassan rouhani has suggested corruption may be responsible for the collapse of state built homes in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured when
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a magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region fourteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in northern nigeria emergency officials say thirty people were also injured in the incident which took place in my degree the city has been attacked frequently by the armed group boko haram witness continues next more news after that. but you know. it's just the white house now where u.s. president donald trump is making a statement makes the asia tall and attend three key regional summits it was the longest visit to the region by an american president in more than a quarter of a century everywhere we went our foreign hosts greeted the american delegation myself included with incredible warmth hospitality and most importantly
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respect and this great respect showed very well our country is further evidence that america's renewed confidence and standing in the world has never been stronger than it is right now when we are confident in ourselves our strength our flag our history our values other nations are confident in us and when we treat our citizens with the respect they deserve their countries treat america with the respect that our country so richly deserves during our travels this is exactly what the world saw a strong proud and confident america. today i want to update the american people in the tremendous success of this trip and the progress we've made to advance american security and prosperity throughout the year when i came into
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office our country was faced with a series of growing dangers these threats included rogue regimes pursuing deadly weapons foreign powers challenging america's influence the spread of the murderous terror group isis and years of unfair trade practices that had dangerously depleted our manufacturing base and wiped out millions and millions of middle class jobs the challenges were inherited and these products really showed what previous mistakes were made over many years and even decades by other administrations some of these mistakes were borne of indifference and it lacked others from naive thinking and misguided judgment in some cases the negative influence of partisan politics and special interests was to blame but the one
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common thread behind all of these problems was a failure to protect and promote the interests of the american people and american workers upon my inauguration i pledge that we would rebuild america restore its economic strength and defend its national security with this goal in mind i vowed that we would reaffirm old alliances and form new friendships in pursuit of shared goals above all i swore that in every decision with every action i would put the best interests of the american people first over the past ten months traveling across the globe and meeting with world leaders that is exactly what i have done early. this year and saudi arabia i spoke to the leaders of more than fifty arab and muslim nations about our strategy to defeat terrorists
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by stripping them of financing territory and ideological support and i urge the leaders to drive out the terrorists and extremists from their societies since that time we have dealt isis one crushing defeat after another in israel i reaffirm the unbreakable bond between america and the jewish state and i met with the leaders of the palestinian authority and initiated an effort to facilitate lasting peace between the israelis and the palestinians in brussels i urged our nato allies to do more to strengthen our crucial alliance and set the stage for significant increases in member contributions billions and billions of dollars are pouring in because of that initiative nato believe me is very happy with donald trump and what i did. in warsaw i did claire to the world
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america's resolve to preserve and protect western civilization and the values we hold so dear in rome sicily homburg and paris i strengthened our friendships with key allies to promote our shared interest of security and prosperity in september at the united nations general assembly in new york i urge that the nations of the world join in confronting rogue regimes that threaten humanity and laid out a model for international cooperation grounded in respect for sovereignty and the responsibilities that come with it on each trip i have worked to advance american interests and leadership in the world and to each of these places i have carried our vision for a better a vision for something stronger and sovereign so important sovereign and
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independent nations rooted in their histories confident in their destinies and cooperating together to advance their security prosperity and the noble cause of peace it was this same vision that i carried to asia two weeks ago and it was this same commitment to you the american people that was always at the forefront of my mind and my thinking our trip was defined by three core goals first to unite the world against the nuclear menace posed by the north korean regime a threat that has increased steadily through many administrations and now requires urgent action. second to strengthen america's alliances and economic partnerships and a free and open indo-pacific made up of thriving independent nations respectful of other countries and their own citizens and safe from foreign domination and
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economic servitude and third to finally after many years insist on fair and recept perkel trade. fair and reset protocol train so important these two words fairness and reciprocity are an open invitation to every country that seeks to do business with the united states and they are a firm warning to every country that cheats breaks the rules and engages in economic aggression like they've been doing in the past especially in the recent past that is why we have almost and eight hundred billion dollars a year trade deficit with other nations unacceptable we are going to start with doing that down and as fast as possible with these goals it was my profound
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honor to travel on this journey as your representative i explained to all of the world leaders and across asia how well the united states is doing economic growth has been over three percent the last two quarters and is going higher unemployment is at its lowest level in seventeen years the stock market has gained trillions of dollars in value since my election and has reached record highs we are massively increasing our military budget to historic levels the house has just passed a nearly seven hundred billion dollar defense package and it could not come at a better time for our nation once again our country is optimistic about the future confident in our values and proud of our history and
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a role in the world i want to thank every citizen of this country for the part you have played in making this great american comeback possible. in asia our message was clear and well received america is here to compete to do business and to defend our values and our security. we began our trip in hawaii to pay our respects to brave american service members at pearl harbor and the united states pacific command the guardian of our security and freedom across the indo-pacific region as our country prepare to observe veterans day we remembered the incredible sacrifices and courage of all of the veterans who service has preserved our liberty and a way of life that is very special we also thanked military
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families for their support for our brave servicemen and women from hawaii we travel to japan a crucial u.s. ally and partner in the region upon landing in japan my first act was to thank the american service members and japanese self-defense forces who personifies the strength of our enduring alliance. prime minister and i agreed on our absolute determination to remain united to achieve the goal of denuclearize north korea shortly following our visit japan announced additional sanctions on thirty five north korean entities and individuals japan also committed to shouldering more of the burden of our common defense by reimbursing costs borne by american taxpayers as well as by making deep
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investments in japan's own military this will include purchases of u.s. advanced capabilities from jet fighters to missile defense systems worth many many billions of dollars and jobs for the american worker. prime minister and i also discussed ways we can deepen our trade relationship based on the core principles of fairness and reciprocity i am pleased that since january of this year japanese companies have announced investments in the united states worth more than eight billion dollars seventeen thousand jobs thanks. they don't have water that's ok what about their.
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japanese manufacturers toyota and mazda announced that they will be opening a new plant in the united states that will create four thousand jobs we also signed agreements between our nations to enhance infrastructure development increased access affordable energy and advance our foreign policy goals to economic investment from japan we travel to another key american ally in asia the republic of korea my official state visit to south korea was the first by an american president in twenty five years speaking before the national assembly of the republic of korea i spoke the truth about the evil crimes of the north korean regime and i made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold
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the world hostage to nuclear blackmail i called on every nation including china and russia to unite in isolating the north korean regime cutting off all ties of trade and commerce until it stops its dangers provide on and this is the whole key to what we're doing on d. nuclearize ation we have to denuclearize north korea we have ended the failed strategy of strategic patience and as a result we have already seen important progress including tough new sanctions from the u.n. council we have a security council that has been with us and just about with us from the beginning south korea agreed to harmonize sanctions and joined the united states in sanctioning additional rogue actors who fund and funds have helped north korea and north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs it's unacceptable to us
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the united states welcomed the decision of president moon to remove the payload restrictions on missiles to combat the north korean threat and together we reaffirmed our commitment to a campaign of maximum pressure. like japan south korea is increasing its defense contributions during our meetings president moon acknowledged his desire for equitable core sharing for the united states military forces stationed in south korea and i visit his soldiers at camp humphreys a brand new joint american south korean base paid for almost entirely by the south korean government at that base i discussed with the united states and south korean military leaders both military options and readiness to respond to north korean provocation or offensive actions during our visit president moon and i also
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discussed america's commitment to reducing our trade deficit with south korea at my discretion and direction we are currently renegotiating the disastrous us korea trade agreement signed under the previous administration it has been a disaster for the united states last week forty two south korean companies announced their intent to invest in projects worth more than seventeen billion dollars in the united states and twenty four companies announced plans to purchase fifty eight billion dollars in american goods and services from south korea malani and i traveled to china where as in japan and south korea we were greatly honored by the splendor of our reception our trip included the first official dinner held for a foreign leader in the forbidden city since the founding of the modern china where
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we enjoyed a very productive evening hosted by president xi and his wonderful wife madame punk during our visit president xi pledged to faithfully implement united nations security council resolutions on north korea and to use his great economic influence over the regime to achieve our common goal of a de nucular korean peninsula. president xi recognizes that a nuclear north korea is a grave threat to china and we agreed that we would not accept a so-called freeze for freeze agreement like those that have consistently failed in the past we made that time is running out and we made it clear and all options remain on the table i also had a very candid conversation with president xi about the need to reduce our staggering trade deficit with china and for our trading relationship to be
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conducted on a truly fair and equitable basis we can no longer tolerate unfair trading practices that steal american jobs wealth and intellectual property the days of the united states being taken advantage of are over in china we also announced two hundred fifty billion dollars worth in trade investment deals that will create jobs in the united states. from china i flew to the city of dunn nang in vietnam to attend the leaders meeting for apec asia pacific economic cooperation there i spoke to a major gathering of business leaders where reminded the world of america's historic role in the pacific as a force for freedom and for peace standing in this proud history i offered our vision for robust trading relationships in which indo-pacific nations can all
11:51 pm
prosper and grow together i announce that the united states is ready to make bilateral trade deals with any nation in the region that wants to be our partner in fair and reciprocal trade we will never again turn a blind eye to trading abuses to cheating economic aggression or anything else from countries that profess a belief in open trade but do not follow the rules or live by its principles themselves no international trading organization can function if members are allowed to exploit the openness of others for unfair economic gain trade abuses harmed the united states and its workers but no more no more we will take every trade action necessary to achieve the fair and reciprocal treatment that the united states has offered to the rest of the world for decades.
11:52 pm
my message has resonated that twenty one apec leaders for the first time ever recognise the importance of fair and reciprocal trade recognise the need to address unfair trade practices and acknowledge that the w t o is in strong need of reform these leaders also noted that countries must do a better job following the rules to which they agree i also made very clear that the united states will promote a free and open indo-pacific in which nations enjoy the independence and respect they deserve in vietnam during a state visit in her hanoi i also met with president kwan and prime minister fork to discuss the growing friendship between our countries our vietnamese partners are taking new actions to enforce sanctions on north korea in addition we
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committed to expand trade and investment between our countries and we pledged to address the imbalances i am particularly pleased that the united states and vietnam recently announced twelve billion dollars in commercial agreements which will include ten billion dollars in u.s. content finally i visited the philippines where i met with numerous world leaders at the u.s. a c. on and east asia summit at sea on the association of southeast asian nations we made it clear that no one owns the ocean freedom of navigation and also missing a tickle present trying to report him back after his recent asia tour he talked about the tremendous success of this trip and he said his old strong and proud and confident america among the goals he said to the main goals of the trip but you know what the world gets threat of north korea the north korean regime which you also describe as a twisted dictatorship and i said to insist on fair and we're sick. trade. said he
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would try to tackle the trade deficit that had built up in the u.s. let's get more from our washington correspondent mike hanna so mike he's writing zone scorecard here according to him it seems have all gone terribly well. well very much so he believes that this trip has been immensely successful and he made very clear that he believes that his part in it has been exceedingly successful as well it was a speech to be frank very long on self praise but no real specific details about the many agreements that he says that he has made he did say that agreements had been reached with china with. south korea however he didn't get into specifics about exactly what this means we heard reference to a big arms deal with japan but once again no clear specifics maybe they will emerge in the days ahead but what he made very clear and used
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a number of occasions are the words fair and reciprocal this is how he defines how the u.s. is going to be doing trade in the in the pacific in the months to come under his administration now he made clear as well that that was on the basis of u.s. interests alone he is clear that he is going to rewrite and renegotiate a number of trade agreements that have been conducted by previous administrations and certainly this is going to create a deal of uncertainty within the region as a whole and mike on the issue of uniting the world against the threat of the north korean regime as he put it how tangible are the results on that means talk about china using economic leverage sure it says it he says it will use economic leverage on north korea what what are the kind of tangible results from this trip. well to be specific he actually said that shortly after his visit china introduced
11:56 pm
a number of sanctions against north korean companies implying that it was because of his visit that this was done he also said that in talks with china the us made very clear or he made very clear that there would be no freeze for three years the green mint in resolving the situation in other words the u.s. would not consider standing down its troops within the region in response to north korea pledged to end its missile development program now this is something that china has urged repeatedly in recent months of this ongoing crisis but president trump making very clear that that is one option that is not on the table he did say that all other options are indeed on the table and spoke a very it modestly of the strength of his speech that he made in south korea in which he lambasted once again north korea and its missile development program but as i said few details few concrete details emerging what specifically was discussed
11:57 pm
or what specific agreements have been reached but what we do have is a picture of a united states that is going to go it alone as far as trade is concerned it will sign new deals it will enter into a new agreements but it will be done as president trams makes very clearly on the basis of u.s. interests alone so anything that will be done will be in the favor of the united states a very unusually to direct criticism of previous administrations who we accused of either night it t. or off making mistakes and even made the reference indeed to corruption now this very strong words from a sitting president where traditionally presidents do not directly criticize previous administrations and here we have president trump blaming that previous administrations for what he says is a miss in united states trade agreements throughout the entire pacific region mike
11:58 pm
hanna thank you very much indeed. and just a quick run to you know as catch up with all the stories we're covering on our website address that is out there dot com to get those details there of a situation in zimbabwe where president mugabe has been confined to his home after the military took control of the country and soldiers are patrolling the capital have more details of that and all the rest of the day's news and the news out in just a few minutes time with us if you can like a minute. how
11:59 pm
the week's heat wave is over thirty seven degrees in adelaide on tuesday so we're going for but now it's a cold front this doc temps back not just a little rather a lot of focus in adelaide is now fifteen or twenty degree drop and that's true throughout south australia about twenty nine in perth and that's where the wards comes in this circulation is rather telling full of thunderstorms knocking attention back in melbourne as well and it's only about twenty six in britain as well up through queens and we have seen one or two sharp showers a quarter at the moment and even actually northern territories we've got passing showers in darwin nothing particularly heavy sixty in adelaide twenty four in melbourne but time to get to friday it's not improved that much but i think the rains a little less concentrated we've got some sunshine between the showers and some substantial showers recently in all current we've seen pale reports in social media
12:00 am
and these little storms here doesn't look very active have to say there's a circulation building but the forecasts of thursday is a fine one for the north and south around yes it might be brought rob and sunny twenty one in oakland on friday look at that big circulation you're bringing down tropical air this looks potentially very wet for the south you are the nicer ities . zira.


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