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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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and it's a deep reservoir of time i'm going to have people give them the opportunity to wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so there's an interesting about that as was i. it's going to be the next president retaliation will have a gun. firing canisters of gas i seem to believe it best to prevent getting it was good because. he achieved something that never happened before. al-jazeera.
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this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe remains confined to the army. denies it's a coup. america's renewed confidence and the world has never been stronger than it is right now. his alexion is one win after another. just horrific visits. stopped short of calling for sanctions. it was only a start. in the african union are closely monitoring the situation in zimbabwe the military seized power in the early hours of wednesday but exact details of the situation in
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the country it's still not really clear president robert mugabe spoke by telephone with the south african counterpart on wednesday jacob zuma says mugabe is confined to his home however a military says it is not to depose the president the army supporters described the move as a bloodless correction they say the military is focusing on what they call criminals and the president circle so that suggests what's really going on is a struggle for power among political leaders around mugabe he's ninety three years old he's the world's longest serving head of government reports from harare. parts of harare are now on lockdown and soldiers in army vehicles have blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts people say they are cautiously waiting to see what happens next many are relief so far there has been little violence i can see. moving as usual no more business. moving around
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freely. the country's war veterans say they have had enough of president robert mugabe many helped keep him in power for nearly forty years we. should have been recalled from is wrong as the president insisted. the mob his army said on wednesday the president robert mugabe and his wife are safe in their private residence south africa's president jacob zuma said he was concerned about the situation in a phone call with zuma mugabe confirmed he was fine we would like to call for calm and restraint. particularly to the defense force and also to the two forces in zimbabwe i have also. conducted he said president mugabe. whom i had. time to to talk. and he is fine but confined in his home zuma plans to send
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a special envoy to the country. the crisis began on tuesday with reports of military vehicles rolling towards the capital good morning the army gave a statement on state television insisting the situation is not a military takeover we are only targeting criminals are only. committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice hours after issuing the statement the army again restated its position. the state run newspaper printed a special edition on wednesday afternoon in its in the army says president robert mugabe is still head of state and commander in chief. zimbabweans of only known one leader since one nine hundred eighty the mugabe family is an institution some people love the president and his wife grace mugabe are the say over the years the mugabe's have destroyed the economy this is uncharted territory for the country
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zimbabwe's military has said soldiers will only return to the barracks when all those who the kids are trying to destabilize and destroy the party from within have been arrested and are barred spare parts of the political background that led to the military intervention. the stakes are just got higher in the battle for who will succeed zimbabwe's ninety three year old president last week robert mccarthy fired his deputy as he spoke his politically ambitious wife grace was by his side. president mccarthy said vice president gore had started consulting witch doctors to find out when i was going to die the news was delivered to a crowd of supporters from the youth wing of the ruling party zanu p.f. youth wing is loyal to mrs mcgarvie she's the most prominent face of a faction called g forty. with a man pushed aside was honing his political skills when grace mccarthy was still in
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high school. is nicknamed the crocodile his ability to survive he's closely aligned with the military and a veteran of the struggle against british rule that counts for a lot in zimbabwe grace mcgovern was probably learning very quickly but not fast enough you know she would lose her temper and she would be screaming at these people this goes back to twenty fourteen when joyce majority who was vice president then was dumped and emerson and god were the guy who was dumped but is now back. was was was with that you know with grace so this is a very very fluid shifting fraction of fights going on the military intervention comes as a boy faces another economic crisis people sleep outside banks because there's a chronic shortage of currency they want to be first in line for restricted access to their money and employment is estimated to between sixty and ninety percent this is created and an economic collapse because the last time that mugabe was really
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under threat was it towards the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. and then the so-called war veterans pushed him into a corner and he said well i need your support go and get twenty percent of the land and i'll go for that and you know that created an economic crisis. as robert mugabe has aged the struggle for his successor has intensified but all the while everyone has been careful to publicly show deference to a president who is held in high regard by most and. forty function does not come out the same respect now that the army has stepped in . and may have gambled and lost but it's made. for a specialist on african affairs and a visiting assistant professor amherst college she joins us from chicago and we appreciate it very much so the language matters very much there's the term that's being used a bloodless correction and not necessarily
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a coup but it is what we're saying a coup we're gonna say whether anyone wants to call it that. well i think if we are to use the textbook definition of what happened which is the military coming in and saying that we are only coming in for a short amount of time until we clean up the situation then the textbook definition of that is that it's a coup but i think maybe worries the army generals the sentiment that is associated with the term cool that they don't want people to panic they don't want people to be afraid they don't want to destabilize the situation so i can understand why they would choose that language but effectively if we just go by the textbook definition then or if if we want to be particular then we might call this a guardian coup and we've seen quite varying degrees of ten out from guardian coups so between one thousand forty five and one nine hundred ninety i believe or only
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seven percent of guardian coups actually transition to democracy but since then we've seen an increase to at least thirty four percent of guardian coups transitioning to stable democracies so if zimbabwe is likely then this guardian cool could actually lead to democratic transition but it in it is indeed a coup so who is key to that type of transition and also what role does grace mugabi play in all this or what role can she play. who will be key to that so it's up to the generals to right now they are calling the shots they did mention in the address that the president and his family are secured the. at home. they didn't say that they are under house arrest but that's what sort of implies that the military is definitely in control what i
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actually applaud the in some ways in a situation like this it's hard to use with a cup lord but i think what the mit military has done well is to not elevate any particular civilian above the president saw in their first address i mean they've consistently reef age children as the chief commander which suggests that the east some negotiation happening behind closed doors if i was to predict the weeds she is risky these days i would say that they would try and negotiate to get. back into office but to do so would be very difficult because we've got a dual situation of going to do a constitutional situation so in by way is a presidential system which has which is also a parliamentary system rate so which is this is pretty common in african countries in other developing parts of the world in most developed countries you either have a pure presidential system or a pure parliamentary system in that makes it
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a little bit is easier to navigate this constitutional issues but what we have is a parliamentary system in the sense that when zimbabweans voted in twenty thirteen they voted for a president a presidential candidate and his party which means that the removal of the president from office is also a party decision so now there's an appeal of course constitution has to be consulted ok to see who steps in and right now there's only one vice president who is vice president in pork or so ok so if i can ask for poverty but from what i've heard they were going to before we run out of time could you could you comment on on your thoughts on grace mugabe's role in all of this. i don't think she has a role in a more we've just seen this evening one of the youth party leaders the one who gave what i think. was the you know the straw that broke the camel's back the decision the speech that eventually led to the who could say to plan that the youth leader
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this afternoon he was giving an apology to the army generals in this is one person who's been campaigning for grace you know rubbishing people in the first lead this name so i'm not sure that the first lady has any power right now but again we have to be careful to make any predictions before they have been any formal announcements ok. thank you very much u.s. president donald trump has one bastard north korea again in the speech following his asia tour he called on governments to put quote maximum pressure on. trouble also praised his achievements during the twelve day trip mike hanna has always from washington d.c. . well the speech eventually turned out to be a score card of president trump's asian visit one in which not unexpectedly he gave himself the highest possible marks he spoke of the many deals he was doing he spoke
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of the greater respect being established for the united states he spoke of the need for the u.s. to put itself first in any future trade negotiations and he also did to discuss the issue of north korea obviously of great concern to the region he did make a speech in south korea vitriolically attacking north korea but this is what he had to say i made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail i called on every nation including china and russia to unite in isolating the north korean regime cutting off all ties of trade incomers until it stops its dangerous provide on and this is the tall key to what we're doing on d. nuclearize ation but also in his speech president trump sharply attacked previous administrations he played them for the policies trade situation that he says the
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u.s. now finds itself in including the eight billion dollar trade deficit that it has with countries like china he said that it clearly is the administration's and were naive in some cases mistaken in other cases and even he said corrupt in some cases well this is a very strong criticism from a sitting president very rare for a president to criticize his predecessors in quite the way in which president trump did the new york times is reporting that the u.s. u.s. officials that is are increasingly concerned at the actions of the saudi crown prince saying they contaminate us enter as atika has more from washington d.c. . a less than flattering article about the recent moves made by saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon in the new york times the headline reads at thirty two he's begun a war and jailed his rivals what's next paints a picture of a prince making rash moves and possibly destabilizing the region putting american
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interests at risk now oftentimes the way this works in washington because we've seen president donald trump come out with his tweets and his statements giving his full support to the moves that n.b.s. has made as he's known here in the united states oftentimes though if the rest of the government wants to send a message they do it by speaking off the record or using anonymous sources to the new york times and the message in this article from officials at the state department defense department but also the intelligence communities is they're growing increasingly concerned about these moves that are being made and there is growing fear in washington that it will destabilize not just saudi arabia but the entire region al-jazeera continues to demand the release of a channel a smart move he's saying has been entered gyptian prison promised eleven months now saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny us repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail the same was
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arrested and december while visiting family. but more ahead in the news hour. president directly. billion dollar debt restructuring deal with russia. less. dependent investigation into the crisis he's visited me in mar where he met later on as well as the head of the military more than six hundred thousand people have fled to neighboring bangladesh after a crackdown in rakhine state scott high live reports from the capital naypyidaw.
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these are scenes that the u.s. secretary of state calls just horrific the military crackdown in rakhine state has sent more than six hundred thousand richenda refugees fleeing into bangladesh in the past three months rex tillerson arrived in the capital neighborhood or at the end of a high profile trip to asia with president donald trump there were hints of crisis was the focus of this stop for only a few hours we're due. for reports of widespread across the middle of i mean more security forces. who are strange here the forces during the recent violence say. to listen that military chief men and said that impartial and credible investigation is needed and anyone implicated needs to be prosecuted and broad economic sanctions against myanmar are not the way to go now targeted sanctions could be imposed once there is evidence of atrocities after meeting with
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on song suchi both spoke to reporters myanmar's leader defending her much criticized handling of the remains a crisis i guess what. i have. to be concerned about. my office or. my or. what i see just. what i meant to be excited. to listen announced an additional forty seven million dollars in u.s. aid to the refugees and urged more coordination for the repatriation of the region while reaffirming the united states is commitment to transition to democracy to listen emphasize that how this crisis is handled by the leaders here well impact the future of the country men margaret this crisis is the. permanent. trend of the more democratic.
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it is the responsibility of the government and if your order to protect and respect human rights the war with the border is always well. well the u.n. is called the refugee crisis textbook ethnic cleansing chillis and says the u.s. administration is still evaluating that description it's got either al-jazeera or. president says saw saudi arabia as holding prime minister saad hariri and his family hostage it is the first time michele allen has explicitly said to regrease being held against his will hariri announced a surprise resignation in a televised statement from the saudi capital riyadh the move has focused attention on lebanon and a regional power struggle between saudi arabia and iran meanwhile france's president has invited every re to paris and a possible war has details on that. the french president tomorrow will mark karr
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has invited her riri and his family to paris for a few days now what is saying is that this is not an offer of political exile it is simply a friendly gesture now he says he's discussed this with the saudi crown prince and he's discussed it with hariri him self and an elisa a source tells us that to riri is expected in france in the coming days it was interesting because it comes just a day after her riri sent out a tweet indicating that he was going to return to lebanon in the next few days but a man omar calls made it very clear that he really should be able to return to lebanon whenever he wants to that he should be have freedom of movement now what we've seen over the last few days is the french president really becoming involved in stepping up his efforts to try and deescalate this crisis to try and mediate the french foreign minister is in riyadh the lebanese foreign minister was in paris meeting on tuesday and then of course last week iran or michael paid
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a surprise visit to the saudi crown prince in riyadh and what michael is doing is really using france's position a country that has pretty good relations with all sides to try and talk to all sides because mark also says it's essential to keep the dialogue open and there's no doubt that as a young and new president in france he is seizing this opportunity to make his mark on the international stage cambodia's supreme court will decide whether to dissolve the main opposition party which prime minister who and sen accuses of trying to mount a coup this is the scene outside of the courthouse and phnom penh where security forces have been deployed the cambodian national rescue party says it expects to be banned rob mcbride is in hand so rob how we expect this to all play out today. richelle there was a quiet tension about phnom penh this morning as we await this decision the supreme court is sitting now and the decision could come at any time but we are by the
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police cordon here the whole supremes court area has been cordoned off by it's a very heavy security presence thousands of security personnel have been deployed some with riot gear if it's needed occasionally you see squads of police coming up and down the riverbank here moving on any people who even look as though they might be gathering let me just remind you what this case stems from this is the arrest two months ago of cancer car the opposition leader who the government says was plotting to overthrow overthrow the government of cambodia and it stems from a video of a meeting he had with overseas supporters where we talked about the process of replacing the government with the help he said of advisors and supporters from the united states now this is normal politics is courting to the opposition party according to the government and what this amounts to is technically plotting a coup so they use this as a premise for this ruling today that would ban the c.n.
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r.p. as a political party the bad news for the c.n. r.p. they are expecting to be dissolved one of the leading judges on this panel is a longtime ally of the long time prime minister hun sen and in fact is also on the permanent committee of the c.p.p. which is the ruling party here ok robin cried i know you'll keep us posted on what comes out of court thank you and then chancellor case and dependent southeast asia analyst team that also a u.n. consultant and just got back from cambodia and we appreciate your time very much so this. this court case has there been any and all for any transparency about how i got to this point. well only only what we've seen in public right we had the former founding president of the c n r p who had spent by the better part of the past couple years outside of cambodia certainly we've had the recent arrest in september of current president kemp soca we've had
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the banning of politicians it's far as the court case itself there hasn't been a great deal of deal of transparency but when you look at what's happened publicly in sort of the wider context dissolution certainly looks like them like the natural following up of recent events so what does that say about the political climate the political landscape and cambodia that that could happen. well it's part of a much larger and broader landscape looking back at the past several months you've had the cambodia daily close down you've had increasing arrests in detention of of civil society leaders and members as well as legal measures taken against n.g.o.s again you've had that the the recent arrest of of of the see in our piece president . and so you're talking about a much larger and perhaps more sinister landscape that goes beyond next year's elections it really speaks to to where the democratic process is in cambodia so the
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opposition party should this decision happen the way ever everyone seems to think it is what future do they have what way forward do they have what role do they have . well the danger in dissolving of political parties is look in most countries look at colombia for example where where a violent opposition was brought into the political process it was essentially domesticated and brought into the fold and made into a political party the opposite is taking place in cambodia today when you take a large opposition party and dissolve it you you open the door for other avenues through which political frustrations can be can be expressed and we've seen this here in neighboring thailand as well when a number of political parties over the past decade have been dissolved and the result was street violence a street demonstrations great political disruption so it's hard to say what what role the leadership in the sea and r.p. will play going forward or what the the large membership will be able to do if
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they're not allowed to participate peacefully in the political process ok in iran the pride is there waiting for that decision from the court and benjamin's walky thank you very much still ahead on al jazeera scientists believe they have found a planet much like earth and i saw more system eleven light years away and in sport the whole carrying player making a big empacher his debut at tennis is season and. the nice pink skies by the time. are is the sunsets in the city of angels. hello there is still rain to be found in china not snow cold yet we sort of feed from the. if your let's say shanghai and south it's still reasonably warm
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but the rain forming not a lot but lot of drowned you'll notice an increasing humidity twenty nine fusion much less in hong kong and a few mid-field too i think. if you drive away from china get it done to us malaysian in thailand this is where the biggest shows the moment and they have been particular to put around java bits of borneo the far south of the philippines little less so in southern thailand recently but sumatra and singapore have definition and that's still where they like to be with a reformation of the potential bangkok could be a wet time in the next couple of days in central and southern thailand and of course still the southern philippines dancer weighs in to work towards job a little less so you know for our work there is activity there in the bay of bengal this thing has been throwing a lot of right into a dish or three it was west bengal and beyond that example for you in addition to many beaches that substantial this time of the year and there is the forecast for thursday good news the new delhi is not quite as polluted as it was. the weather
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dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. watching out to zero is a recap of the top stories this hour the u.n. and the african union say they are closely monitoring what's happening and zimbabwe president robert mugabe says he's confined to his home the military power on wednesday but denies removing world's oldest head of state and a crew that's president donald trump has lambasted north korea again in the speech following his asia tour called governments to put maximum pressure on pyongyang he
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also praised his achievements during a trip. him but you supreme court will decide soon in the coming hours whether to dissolve they made opposition party prime minister and said accuses the cambodian national rescue party of planning a coup security forces had been deployed to. more now on our top story the country because of political persecution and economic factors they make their way to neighboring south africa tanya page has reaction from johannesburg. this busy bus stop is the food for many zimbabweans arriving in south africa every day. says come and go to zimbabwe's main centers carrying people and essential in short supply there. that he and his among the zimbabweans we spoke to who hope military intervention means she will one day go home permanently since the army took power. and now the president is now off from this it's. just
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a because it's now it is yet here in south africa trying to sell this to enforce a that i can feed my family i think what is going up in your mouth is what it was it's not where i meant we are going to be and we have tried to been called my brother by the way we don't want to do it because our country we don't enjoy to stay in our country and it's uncertain how many zimbabweans are in south africa as the statistics aren't reliable but in the last census one point seven million people were foreign nationals most likely to be zimbabwean here to work and for political reasons some of the zimbabweans here don't want to talk to us because the skids some opposition supporters of slaves the sixty cents others simply because they're about to get on a bus to guys said i want to be critical so it's clear exactly what's happening. some say they feel pessimistic about any change leaving
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a potential new leader my only look after the interests of a few elites is coming out on others but most zimbabweans we spoke to agreed it isn't the military nor politicians who should be in control but people like them the voters we must as soon as possible return to question not lose them so that the people and bob when elected government of the our choice and everyone here is hoping the next text or call from home is good news tanya page out is there at johannesburg. save the children says almost four hundred thousand children in yemen desperately need treatment for acute malnutrition but it says aid agencies are struggling to reach them because of funding shortfalls the cholera outbreak and obstructions by the warring parties even of war saudi arabia touch tighten the blockade on the country it's estimated fifty thousand malnourished children under the age of five would die this year that is one hundred thirty
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a day because inundate are the worst affected with ten thousand children predicted to die this year in each region on earth children have weaker new systems making them more likely to contract and die from diseases such as cholera and pneumonia many officials say the saudi lic coalition has not allowed ships to deliver much needed aid the tajik uname reports. you can hear the wind blowing and the chirping of birds at this port and who died but what you don't hear much of is this. signs that shipments of critical supplies such as food and medicine are arriving in yemen saudi arabia sealed off all ports of entry almost two weeks ago that's right our margins are not going to stop. the pork lost more than seventy percent of his operations poverty and starvation are now the headline is saudi led coalition has falsely claimed they have opened the port to aid vessels. saudi arabia says the
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blockade is intended to cut off smugglers arming who the rebels they've given assurances that they'll allow humanitarian aid to continue to flow yemenis say it's obvious shipments aren't arriving last five about twelve to thirteen thousand truckers are now out of work we know that the closure is meant by the coalition to bring the yemeni people to their knees but the yemeni people will never knew but to go out the u.n. is calling for a lifting of the blockade and warns yemen could suffer the worst fan mean in decades that would add to already widespread suffering two and a half years of war has only exacerbated poverty in what was already the poorest country in the middle east you know on a map and they are now we are facing real exhausting life conditions none of the government authorities or relief organizations are reaching out to us diseases us bedding and the children are getting sick we cannot afford to eat how can we afford
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to cheat them or buy medicine it's a crisis aid agencies say they're desperate to address but can't natasha going to al-jazeera. delegates from all over the world are in argentina for a global conference on child labor they mean this three day event is to compare the complete eradication of child labor around the world by two thousand and twenty five but it is still a major issue in the host nation as to resubmit discovered when she visited a brick factory in the town of money. making bricks is no easy task. he's worked in this factory for months he says he seventeen years old. it's very difficult to know how much weight i'm carrying i would love to do something else but i cannot we all barely survive with the money we make here. idealy is working in the province of go to the well with his sister who is sixteen . just outside the city of core the law there are dozens of brick making factories
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like this one. working conditions are barely regulated many workers are reluctant to talk and don't want their ages known child labor is common here but if caught employers could be jailed people here are paid around twenty five dollars for every thousand bricks they produce and that's why many children end up working in places like this one so that they can help their families produce more. because their pay varies sometimes a worker with extra help you sable to cut up to three thousand bricks a day. families many from bolivia live inside the factory the landowner rents around the hector of land to a middle man who is in charge of running the business. the sand i have been doing this for years now they run this factory if you look into it is a tough business and now that we are running it we are
5:37 am
a bit better i don't want my children doing this they are studying to have a better life most here continue to struggle. is five the brick factory is his playground he lives here with his mother who allowed us to tell his story. i like to ride my bike he told us but when i come from school i help my mother with bricks it's culture and need that have children living and working in places like this one at least eleven have died in factory related incidents in court of the law in the past eight years. workers union leaders denounce child exploitation and are trying to raise awareness about factory conditions. and brick makers have to produce a lot to pay the rent and that puts a lot of pressure in some cases it is up to twenty five percent of the production we are working hard to try to eradicate charlie and we have achieved a lot but we need more control. arjen times are proud of laws that protect workers
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and children but many areas around the country remain where those continue to be ignored he said well i'll just go to the law argentina venezuela has signed a debt restructuring deal with one of its major creditors russia more than three billion dollars will be paid back to moscow over ten years with minimal payments for the first six it is the first major result of talks with creditors from nine nations in the capital caracas on monday two of the world's major credit agencies have downgraded venezuela's rating after a failed to make bond repayments or chalons has more from moscow. this is a lifeline for the caracas governments russia has agreed to restructure three point fifteen billion dollars worth of debts with payments now being spread over ten years and only a minimal commitment for the first six years it gives the government of venezuela
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much needed breathing space and here is how the delegation that was sent to moscow took the news. but. we have signed not just a financial agreement but also a political one this is truth for the great battle that our former president hugo chavez waits in the multipolar world and this agreement esteems from the faber friendly relationship we have with president putin this agreement underlines the strength. of the partnership between the been a cylon and russian government of course as things currently stands there's no guarantee that the crisis rights governments of venezuela will be able to pay up even with this debt relief it's the second time that russia has actually done this but for moscow it seems the keeping a crucial and weston ally at least temporarily afloat is more and more important in getting its money back moscow definitely does not want the government in caracas to
5:40 am
collapse scientists have discovered an earth like planet eleven light years away from our own the ross one twenty eight being it's thought that it's warm rocky environment might support life in the new world was found after more than a decade of intensive space monitoring and he gallagher reports. earthlike planets of been discovered before but ross one twenty eight b. may be the most significant yet it's about the same size and temperature is earth and revolves around a so-called quiet star so doesn't get blasted with harmful radiation it took scientists more than a decade to discover ross one twenty eight b. using a planet seeking program and an observatory based in chile but the still much we don't know the planet can't be observed directly so it's hard to say whether an atmosphere or water exist and you can start a time in the low thirty's but to give scientists important clues about potential life outside our solar system when you so-called super telescopes come online in
5:41 am
the next few years scientists may well look for red dwarf stars like the one that ross one twenty eight b. rotates around other notable discoveries like the earth size trappist planets and proxima b. were made around similar stars and in the case of proxima b. or even closer to our solar system to date nasa's exoplanet archive includes more than three thousand alien worlds most are on inhabitable but there are a few dozen earth twin's that from a distance look like our own but ross one twenty eight b. has been described as special and may go further than any other discovery in answering the question about whether we're alone in the universe and gallacher al-jazeera try me on skype from nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena california eric manage that he's the deputy program chief scientist and nasser's expo planet exploration program and thank you for joining us i know you want to be very particular about giving credit where credit is due so so tell us who actually
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made this discovery. this is a wonderful discovery was made by a group of european astronomers using a large telescope in chile. they had used also using data from the nasa k two mission to rule out the fact that they showed that the planet is not actually passing in front of its star. but they had they had used a ground based telescopes to make the discovery ok so when people hear it may support life that can mean a lot of things what does that actually mean does it mean that somebody is doing another newscast on this new planet right now well let's say what we can what we can actually measure for the for the planet is an estimate of its mass and how far away it is from its star and we know how luminous its star is so it's a planet a little bit more massive than earth it's situated about five percent of the distance that the the earth is situated from from the sun you would think of as a planet so close to its star would get fried but the star itself is less than one
5:43 am
three hundred the luminosity of the sun so it's a very dim red dwarf star. and the temperatures on the planet could be similar to earth what we don't know is anything about the atmosphere we don't know anything we don't know whether there's oceans or water or anything yet so really what we're talking about is an earth sized planet. situated in a zone where the temperatures could be amenable for life but we're going to need more investigations to to learn more about it so you know so what are the next steps to take it's up a while to get to this point this is this is a lot of work that went into this a huge discovery how do we take the next steps in the process. that's a very good question the there's new generations of telescopes that are being constructed both on the ground and. for a space telescopes when it is larger telescopes to collect more light from the star and to tease out the signal from the planet and that's going to be quite challenging but even the even the next generation of the largest ground based
5:44 am
telescopes the so-called european extremely large telescope which would be about thirty nine meters in size it might take weeks of nights on that telescope to be able to detect the signal so it'll be very very challenging and from the space from the future space telescopes astronomers are or trying to figure out strategies for for detecting signatures of the atmosphere so this is just the beginning we've just found this new world it's the second nearest known earth sized planet and it's remarkable that the two nearest ones known this one proxima both happen to be very close to their habitable zone it's so it's looking like these dim red dwarf stars may have a lot of earth sized planets and that's quite exciting there may be lots of pale red dots out there that are analogues to our own pale blue dot. in the for the earth eric nametags thank you very much for i getting it from and fred on this discovery appreciate it. thank you rachel. iran's president hassan rouhani is
5:45 am
promising to find the builders who constructed poorly designed structures that collapsed in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed eight thousand injured when the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border region. are building temporary shelters with whatever they can find while they wait for water tents and other emergency supplies to arrive. government built buildings collapsed all privately built structures remain standing. meanwhile engineers in northern iraq are carrying out repairs on a dan damaged by the earthquake water has been released to ease the pressure after cracks appeared. has more from the iran border. is vital for northern iraq it provides water and electricity to around two million people but supplies are threatened after some earthquake on the border between iraq and iran cracks have appeared and engineers are trying to repair the damage to
5:46 am
reduce the risk of flooding for now at least no leaks have been spotted. that we don't have time for about the total damage we can see deep cracks inspection teams are trying to identify the damage under the water they're going to watch reports we also gradually draining water to decrease the pressure. is one of the many iraqis who rely on the day he's a policeman and lives right next to the giant structure on the diyala river. the father of four is worried about his family's safety. when it sure is at work with my colleagues we left our place barefoot and in panic tumbling on to us from the hills when i arrived home while youngest son was so scared there were lots of cracks in the walls he spent the night together now his wife and children have
5:47 am
been packed off to his in-laws just in case while engineers assess the damage. people living nearby the them are anxious about the results of the risk assessment report if they are required to leave because of the danger they want to know what kind of government assistance they will get whether they will be given a new hole or lend so they able to continue their lives the policeman has to keep working with them to provide for his family until the engineers find a solution he says he'll be sleeping out in the open along with his neighbors. al-jazeera they're going to come in northern iraq school children have marched across and he has capital to demand action on air pollution. a. had a week of severe smog warnings made of course by farmers burning stubble in the surrounding
5:48 am
countryside it's already one of the most polluted cities in the world a study found pollution is linked to two and a half million deaths in india each year. there are some around the world have joined talks on how to slow down global warming climate change and germany are entering a critical phase of ministers aim to sort out the finer details of the paris agreement with us so ministration out of the picture european leaders are looking to show the way that clark reports. they've come from across the world to lobby for that leyland hames the small nations looking to world power houses like germany and france to do the right thing and phase out fossil fuels i'm here to demand a world where we're using fossil fuel burning forces. to keep forces fill in the ground it's our missiles from the pacific different from the ground. arrived with some hoping she managed to phase out of coal use in germany that didn't come instead expressions of intent. to this is standards and we know that germany is
5:49 am
a country that still has a large amount of coal and that coal industry and particularly brown coal have to contribute significantly to fulfill these goals we will discuss exactly how we will achieve this in the coming days the current president sees an opportunity for europe to feel the pinch of a reluctant us against rationing idea of the size the role that nations must play i would like europe to stand in the place of the americans and i want to tell you here that france will not take a backseat there is a sense of progress in these talks but many want to see more willingness from the developed nations to act and not just talk well i think clearly both chancellor america and understand what's at stake big statements about fate of humanity but the delivery is weak no numbers just big pledges and you know the fijians the islands they don't need any more words they
5:50 am
actually need the actions. this summer in the midst of that media scrum you might find president micro who's actually leaving for the thing and as he departs he will know that the same old issues remain mainly the problem of finance and compensation for the poorer nations affected by the emissions of the rich is one of two long like tomatoes ations ahead for these poles it's crazy because al-jazeera born yet. so ahead on al-jazeera and sport australia shoots for a place of the world cup and russia sana has that story for.
5:51 am
5:52 am
with. a five hundred year old painting believed to be the work of leonardo da vinci has sold for four hundred fifty million dollars in the u.s. portrait of jesus is the most expensive piece of art ever sold in auction we get this in one thousand fifty eight the painting was sold at auction for sixty bucks because at the time it was believed to have been painted by a student of davinci rather than the master himself eventually died in fifteen nineteen and there are fewer than twenty of his paintings and existence time for sport now with santa. thank you very much france have unexpectedly been named as host for the twenty twenty three rugby world cup they want despite an official evaluation study concluding that south africa should be awarded the tournament. was at the announcement in london. the world rugby bosses arrived in london with the
5:53 am
expectation that come from south africa as hosts of the twenty twenty three world cup instead france. france getting the vote by twenty fourth or fifth day after i was eliminated in the first round south africa were recommended by an independent evaluation report on the council were advised by. questions for the man in charge there's always going to be one recommendation in the. valuation process and the recommendation of south africa because if it went to france it doesn't mean there's humiliation whatsoever we tried to make it the most transparent process possible adventure that the result would have any different added to being sick about it or not but our feeling was that in a secret ballot situation people could vote without fear or any pressure they could vote who they believed in based on the dossier that were presented. crucially for
5:54 am
france their financial vision for the tournament's of world rugby not the strongest the bankruptcy issue around some other involved highlighted the need to protect small and nations and the tournament to deliver a healthy profit traveling around the world. to do the french easier for this country to the future. we have to face you present we have you know from financial commitment. island we're actually the favorites and so the evaluation report that south africa amongst the three bidders the infrastructure legacy from the twenty ten football world cup looks significant instead it's a disappointment for the nation the site famously hosted the tournament for an emerging brain by a nation in one thousand nine. five and lifted the trophy for fifteen months it was a transparent robust process. the last two weeks we came up and we don't know. what happened in the meeting now but. there's nothing we can do with. this
5:55 am
surprising decision and there's now an unusual situation with two of the biggest events in sports in twenty nine. and a year later the olympics in tokyo in twenty twenty three now. and then a year later of course the olympics in paris for south africa one small consolation the last time the cup was played in front of. al-jazeera. australia have secured next year's football world cup in russia. in their playoff the sides ahead of them to this match and sit there with the scores and level at nil nil after the first leg captain is in. the way with the second half hat trick to help his team play into three one with him as a trainee or have qualified for the fourth consecutive world. but you know what they come and it's
5:56 am
a funny game and the game can bring so many things in for me. from that sort of things very very grateful. very unassuming in the sense of expected but you know i'm just happy to have contributed and. we got the world cup i got what i deserved it wasn't. it wasn't a lot. i believed in something that was standing and watching the. fly they can resilience and belief. long and they're happy because. i did it they way and they gain a reward for our reporter andrew thomas has been with some very happy australian fans australia is hardly one of the world's football titans and not qualified for russia would not be on the science scale as italy or the netherlands but nevertheless australia mike it's the world cup six ten and fourteen and there were
5:57 am
hopes that they would again have a look round here. in the air with the result we need and. that's all i can say and i'm happy even a stray and sporting socceroos i'm starting to not attend stories like i cannot be happy on my my tickets to russia going to russia ecstatic absolutely ecstatic. yes going. for australia in the second last spots available in russia the last woman we decided lima on that's where you seem and. jan perry ventura has paid the price for it in his failure to make it to the finals ventura has been fired as italy's national coach in the wake of the country's playoff loss to sweden the four time champion failed to reach the world cup for the first time since nine hundred fifty eight. dimitroff has booked his place into the last four of the season ending a.t.p.
5:58 am
finals a london dimitrov class belgians that would go fine straight sets six love six to the world number six was in great form as he made it two wins from two matches on his tournament debut he will now face at the window of the match between alexander's there and jackson. and also support from we'll have more later on. and to keep us up on the other side of the break with more the day's news. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to
5:59 am
fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is a bowl of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. of our ways going places together. with
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documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe remains confined to his home as the army seizes power but denies it's a clue.


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