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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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documentaries that open your eyes. at this time. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe remains confined to his home as the army seizes power but denies it's a coup. hello
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i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up. america's renewed confidence and standing in the world has never been stronger than it is right now fresh from his tour of asia donald trump his accomplishments calling the trip historic. thousands of nigerians displaced from their homes go up against the government accusing it of a land grab. so . i'm going once going twice rarely or not of the vinci painting set a new record at auction in new york. the u.n. and the african union are closely monitoring the situation in zimbabwe the military seized power in the early hours of wednesday but exact details of the situation in
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the country still remain unclear but president robert mugabe spoke by telephone with his south african counterpart on wednesday jacob zuma says mugabe is confined to his home but the military says it's not depose the president well the army supporters describe its move as a bloodless correction they say the military is focusing on what they call criminals in the president's well that suggests that what's really going on is a struggle among political leaders around mcgarvey who is ninety three years old and the world's longest serving head of state reports from harare. parts of harare are now on lockdown and soldiers in army have blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts people say they are cautiously waiting to see what happens next many are released so far there has been little violence i can see . moving as usual no more business. moving around freely.
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the country's war veterans say they have had enough of president robert mugabe many helped keep him in power for nearly forty years we. should have been recalled from is a row as the president insisted. the mob his army said on wednesday the president robert mugabe and his wife are safe in their private residence south africa's president jacob zuma said he was concerned about the situation in a phone call with zuma mugabe confirmed he was fine we would like to call for calm in the strained. particularly to the defense force and also to the two forces and i have also. conducted he said president mugabe. whom i had time to to talk. and he is fine but confined in his home zuma plans to send
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a special envoy to the country. the crisis began on tuesday with reports of military vehicles rolling towards the capital good morning the army gave a statement on state television insisting the situation is not a military takeover we are only targeting criminals are only. committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice hours after issuing the statement the army again restated its position. the state run newspaper printed a special edition on wednesday are in it the army says president robert mugabe is still head of state and commander in chief. the bobbins of only known one leader since one nine hundred eighty the mugabe family is an institution some people love the president and his wife grace mugabe are the say over the years the mugabe's have destroyed the economy this is uncharted territory for the country zimbabwe's
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military has said soldiers will only return to the barracks when all those who the keys are trying to destabilize and destroy the party from within have been arrested well ahead of the ruling party's youth wing as apologized for comments he made criticizing the army just a day before the military takeover. the statement met yesterday. with my executive. i is the leader of the revolution that is but this utility i reflected in personal admitted that i was in advised storied to state immunity which i indeed do you think you did not or did you needed neither or thought which was a deliberate in your high office and your person therefore i country requested you know where to enter to please say accept my apologies want to be half of the unit and to myself we are two young people we are still growing up we learn from our mistakes and from this big mistake we have learned
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a lot while cheaper to india raise a specialist on african affairs of college in chicago she says what happened in zimbabwe is a coup but the military wanted me to. i think maybe worries the army generals the sentiment that is associated with the term cool that they don't want people to panic they don't want people to be afraid they don't want to destabilize the situation so i can understand why they would choose that language but effectively if we just go by the textbook definition then or if if we want to be particular then we might call this guardian coup and we've seen quite varying degrees of ten out from guardian coups so between one thousand forty five and one thousand nine hundred believe only seven percent of guardian coups actually transition to democracy but since then we've seen an increased rate is thirty four percent of guardian who's transitioning to a stable democracy is so if zimbabwe is likely then this guardian who could
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actually lead to a democratic transition but it in it is indeed a cool we've just seen this evening one of the youth party leaders the one who gave what i think. was the you know the straw that broke the camel's back the the speech that eventually led to the. fact that the youth leader this afternoon he was giving an apology to the army generals in this is one person who's been campaigning for grace. rubbishing people in the first lady's name so i'm not sure that the first lady has any power right now u.s. president donald trump has lambasted north korea again in a speech following his asia tour he called them government support maximum pressure on pyongyang trump also praised his achievements during the twelve day trip mike hanna has the latest from washington d.c. . well the speech eventually turned out to be
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a score card of president trump's asian visit one in which not unexpectedly he gave himself the highest possible marks he spoke of the many deals he was doing he spoke of the greater respect being established for the united states he spoke of the need for the u.s. to put itself first in any future trade negotiations and he also did to discuss the issue of north korea obviously of great concern to the region he did make a speech in south korea vitriolically attacking north korea but this is what he had to say i made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail i called on every nation including china and russia to unite in isolating the north korean regime cutting off all ties of trade incomers until it stops its dangerous provoking on and this is the tall key to what we're doing on d.
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nuclearize ation but also in his speech president trump sharply attacked previous administrations he played them for the policies trade situation that he says the u.s. now finds itself in including the eight billion dollar trade deficit that it has with countries like china he said that experience administrations and were naive in some cases mistaken in other cases and even he said corrupt in some cases well this is a very strong criticism from a sitting president very rare for a president to criticize his predecessors in quite the way in which president trump did. cambodia supreme court is meeting to decide whether the main opposition party which prime minister hun sen accuses of trying to mount a coup well this is the scene outside the courthouse in phnom penh where security forces have been deployed the cambodian national rescue party says it expects to be banned or roma right joins us live now from the capital phnom penh rob so we're
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still waiting on this court verdict what's the background to this case. there is still a quiet tension here in phnom penh this morning we are expecting willis's yet to come through at any time the supreme court is already sitting there in the supreme court building which is behind this police cordon the whole of the central part of phnom penh has been sealed off by the security personnel here and it all stems from the arrest two months ago of kemp who is the opposition leader allegedly for plotting to overthrow the government and it's all based on a video recording of a meeting that they had with supporters overseas where apparently he spoke about replacing the ruling party with his own party with the help he said of advisers and friends from the united states now according to the opposition party this is normal democratic politics at work according to the ruling party this is tantamount to
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treason hence the case today which gives them the grounds potentially for dissolving the opposition party now critics argue that this is a blatant use of the judiciary of the courts to curb political freedoms and democracy here the government says this is nothing of the kind this is merely an independent judiciary at work but it's worth bearing in mind aaron that one of the senior judges on this panel is in deed a long term friend of the prime minister hun sen under a leading member of the ruling c.c.p. party and rob the cambodian national rescue party said it expects to be banned so watch then next move and how is this being viewed across the country as a whole. it remains to be see this is a hugely popular party it nearly unseated the ruling party at the last election it has something like three million supporters across the country so the immediate
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response will be interesting to gauge whether there will in fact be protests on the streets now there have been protests in the past cambodia is used to having political protests it has to be said in the last year or so with this increasingly toxic political atmosphere it is a very dangerous thing to do to go and take to the streets in protest if you go out and you start supporting a party which is accused of treason you yourself it seems could be guilty of insurrection these protests have a habit of turning violent so people are very concerned about taking two to the streets what will probably happen is the sitting m.p.'s of the opposition party if they're banned they will lose their seats that will be distributed to smaller parties and according to some political observers here it's all part of a process by sand to try to wear down the opposition that goes into crucial
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elections next year not facing one major party but a number of smaller parties that he can indeed defeat and he has said he's intent on the remaining prime minister he's been in the job of prime minister now for nearly three decades and could remain there for a further ten years he says all right to robert ride them phnom penh rob thank you . well coming on al-jazeera including venezuela signs a multi-billion dollar debt restructuring deal with russia as it grapples with ongoing shortages of food and goods. and exploiting child labor practices around the world including this brick factory in argentina states. hello proper weather is chucky in natch the plains states and this is the picture as seen by satellite and that's the area to watch surprise me for the most active
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weather is to little system save in the area of low pressure is the telling when there's obviously something still very active around washington where of course have been damaging winds but from the point of view of what's in the sky it's rain or snow running through the great lakes and eastern canada for the next twenty four hours following that sun comes our story five in chicago and fifteen in washington still though rattling through from washington down to california saw there can be snow or rain depending on your elevation and the snow in parts will get that as fossils as colorado next. that is a big gap and because of that push of colder air we're now returning the active cloud bank from the west to the east so a line from haiti through cuber in jamaica down to was panama looks particularly wet and this could be the panamanian and i think with substantial rain to fall but haiti has had its fair share and i think is more for you coming as well with occasional showers likely most likely i think down in jamaica for south america the
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active frontal system is moving up to brazil and breaking up again but a new one is forming in the just the north. in ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones the people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest and you can make everything look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices and being used to fight fire with fire if a lack of fire like they're in a can of fire right about the time that point if i get scared just stop yeah innovation and tradition that's right at this time.
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welcome back it reminded of the top stories here at al-jazeera the un and the african union are close to monitoring what's happening in zimbabwe president robert mugabe says he's confined to his home country seized on wednesday but denies removing the world's oldest head of state in a coup. has president donald trump is lambasted north korea again in a speech following his asia tour he called on governments to put knots an impression on people trouble surprise the chivas in the twelve day trip. and cambodia supreme court will decide on thursday whether to dissolve the main opposition party prime minister hun sen accuses the cambodian national rescue party of planning a coup security forces have been deployed to the capital know that. at least twelve people have been killed in a suicide bombing in northern nigeria four attackers also died and i didn't see
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officials say thirty others were injured in the incident in my degree the city is a focal point for the group but coverup. a mess of protestors in nigeria as commercial capital want to be allowed to return to their homes in lagos is waterfront community amnesty international says more than thirty thousand people have been violently forced on their land over the past year and it just reports from lagos they waited months for help but it never came. so the homeless protesters marched on government housing. until they get. some came with the tools of the trade they say seven thousand people lined desperate conditions for your way the loss of his home was particularly tragic. my son and his friends were trying to escape when the bullets from. the boy's don't like and he's my son in the make he die i'm not leaving until i get an explanation
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. the government denies police killed anyway the grieving. forced from their what and they. call the protesters. and the. government. the victims. fisherman in the community say they were attacked by armed men. activists say they are the victims of a land grab as real estate developers move into the commercial capital. the area ceased being developed for new homes and businesses putting on hold and expectations of an all new resolution of the dispute.
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cautiously optimistic some of the. people from the community so it's not a. record of complying with what the courts have said. for some of the demonstrations such as this woman in her last stage of pregnancy they needed treatment often healing tear gas fired by police. the suffering of thousands of displaced nigerians looks like it will continue protests don't usually end well i'm with you greece al-jazeera lagos. french president emanuel has invited the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and his family to spend a few days in paris it's thought they'll travel day in the coming days they call it an act of friendship not an offer of political exile and really announced a surprise resignation in riyadh last saturday prompting criticism from iran on the lebanese group hezbollah the move had been made under duress earlier lebanon's president michel i wouldn't accuse saudi arabia of holding henry and his family
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hostage. but this is an act of aggression against lebanon this is a violation of the vienna convention in the bill of rights this isn't a resignation this is an aggression on our independence sovereignty and our dignity . iran's president hassan rouhani is promising to find the builders who constructed poorly designed structures that collapsed in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured when the magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountainous iran iraq border survivors are building temporary shelters with whatever they can find while they wait for emergency supplies to arrive rouhani says government built buildings collapsed while a plan to build structures remain standing. russia has given venezuela a lifeline to help it get out of debt under the restructuring deal to pay moscow three billion dollars over ten days for the first six they'll make minimal payments this is the first result of talks with creditors from nine nations in the capital caracas on monday two of the world's major credit agencies downgraded venezuela's
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writing after it failed to make bond repayments really chalons has more from moscow . this is a lifeline for the caracas governments russia has agreed to restructure three point fifteen billion dollars worth of debts with payments now being spread over ten years and only a minimal commitment for the first six years it gives the government of venezuela much needed breathing space and here is how the delegation that was sent to moscow took the news. but. we have signed not just a financial agreement but also a political one this is fruit from the great bottle that our supporter of president hugo chavez waits in the multipolar world and this agreement esteems from the faber friendly relationship we have with president putin disagreement underlines the strength. of the partnership between the been a silent and russian government of course as things currently stand there's no
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guarantee that the crisis rats government of venezuela will be able to pay up even with this debt relief it's the second time that russia has actually done this but for moscow it seems the keeping a crucial and western ally at least temporarily afloat is more and more important in getting its money back moscow definitely does not want the government in caracas to collapse the united nations security council has approved a resolution to send another nine hundred peacekeepers to the central african republic as the humanitarian and security situation worsens the move raises troop numbers to over eleven thousand un second a general antonio has warned of a risk of ethnic cleansing in the country the central african republic has been struggling to return to stability since long time leader france was overthrown in twenty thirteen. the security council cannot afford to take the risk of allowing
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the c.a.r. to relapse into a crisis as tragic as the one it was mired in in early twenty twelve and early two thousand and fourteen on the contrary the council must throw its full weight into hosting the spiral of violence at least fifteen people have died after flash floods hit the western outskirts of the greek capital athens have you have an ice storm turned roads into rivers sweeping away cars and buildings the death toll is expected to rise and the mayor says people are still trapped in their homes more bad weather is forecast for the coming days torrential rain of this type is uncommon in greece but poor infrastructure that needs it isn't vulnerable to flooding. it's all destroyed there's nothing left on broken two cars of mine was swept away tossed who knows where the house inside is completely destroyed that is the only everything was thrown down and everything is broken nothing is left standing even the doors were broken. it was a new house new furniture it was all new the bathrooms the bedrooms everything was
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swept away the closet the bed everything now scientists are warning that the glaziers in the french alps are heating up so fast they could soon threaten popular tourist villages they say it's clear that climate change is the cause. join the next mission to mont blanc with the scientists monitoring the glaciers. the french alps mystical ms memorising and moody every day thousands of hikers extreme sports people and alpinist make their way to these mountains to conquer their peaks but the alps a changing the glaciers that used to sweep down to the valleys below and melting in some places they have anything. by scientists at the forefront of measuring and monitoring these glaciers it's important and dangerous work their office for today is glassy or do talk and three thousand five hundred meters high on the north face of mont blanc we tried to set up. our instrument in order to make.
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measurements up to this glacier these scientists also measure the temperature of the glazier what they are finding is astounding the base of the glacier need the bedrock is it minus two degrees in the first with a climate warming and with the ice damper rising the glacier could become temperate at the melting point the work these scientists doing on this mountain and braces like attack is important not just to understand how much more this glacier will heat up but because it has a bearing on towns like chamonix down here which is one of the most recognized extreme sports centers in the world if this glacier heats up. it could threaten villages like chamonix as we filmed the glacier begin to break away not once but three times within an hour further evidence of the danger it presents almost
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eighteen million people visit the french alps every year generating close to fifty eight billion dollars in turnover and providing around twelve percent of jobs under this graph we can see directly an increase of thing things nineteen eighty and a north or increase of two thousand and three and this melting this increase of melting is directly related to climate change to climate warming at one of the world's oldest scientific ice institutions the research allows the scientist to mitigate risk with global warming and the fact that the strings and gets warmer they could be new legs forming and these lakes could collapse and then produce fruits destroying towns can sleep on this bedrock and then again can create our own trees and destroy towns below that the institute says these sorts of events are not isolated research shows climate change is causing glacier melt and water shortages
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in the n.d.s. and in antarctica melting ice sheets resulting in rising sea levels craig leeson al-jazeera. now delegates from all over the world are in argentina for a global conference on child labor the aim of the three day event is the complete eradication of the child labor worldwide by twenty twenty five but it's still a major issue in the host nation as al-jazeera has stories about discovered when she visited a brick factory in the town of monte cristo. making bricks is no easy task for the span he's worked in this factory for months he says he seventeen years old was for the. it's very difficult to know how much weight i'm carrying i would love to do something else but i cannot we all barely survive with the money we make here. idealy is working in the province of go to the well with his sister who is sixteen. just outside the city of core the law there are dozens of brick making
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factories like this one. working conditions are barely regulated many workers are reluctant to talk and don't want their ages known child labor is common here but if caught employers could be jailed people here are paid around twenty five dollars for every thousand bricks they produce and that's why many children end up working in places like this one so that they can help their families produce more. because their pay varies sometimes a worker with extra help you sable to cut up to three thousand bricks a day. families many from bolivia live inside the factory the landowner rents around the hector of land to a middle man who is in charge of running the business. the sand i have been doing this for years now they run this factory if you look into it is a tough business and now that we are running and we are
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a bit better i don't want my children doing this they are studying to have a better life most here continue to struggle. is five the brick factory is his playground he lives here with his mother who allowed us to tell his story. i like to ride my bike he told us but when i come from school i help my mother with the bricks it's culture and need that have children living and working in places like this one at least eleven have died in factory related incidents in court of law in the past eight years. workers union leaders denounce child exploitation and are trying to raise awareness about factory conditions. brick makers have to produce a lot to pay the rent and i put a lot of pressure in some cases it is up to twenty five percent of the production we are working hard to try to eradicate charlie and we have achieved a lot but we need more control. arjun times are proud of laws that protect workers
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and children. but many areas around the country remain where those lost continue to be ignored. argentina a five hundred year old painting by the famed italian artist leonardo da vinci has sold for four hundred fifty million dollars in the us the portrait of jesus christ is the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction the artwork was expected to sell over one hundred million but went for four times its estimated value in one hundred fifty eight the painting was sold at auction for just sixty dollars because at that time it was believed to been painted by a student of divinity rather than by the master himself didn't she died in fifteen nineteen and there are fewer than twenty of his paintings in existence. recap of the top stories here now to zero the un and the african union are closely
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monitoring what's happening in zimbabwe president robert mugabe says he's confined to his home the military on wednesday but denies having carried out a coup so people have been killed in a suicide bombing in northern nigeria for attackers also died the city is an epicenter of activity for the group boko haram u.s. president donald trump has lambasted north korea again in a speech following his asia tour he called on governments to put maximum pressure on pyongyang and made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail i called on every nation including china and russia to unite in isolating the north korean regime cutting off all ties of trade and commerce until it stops its dangers provide on and this is the whole key to what we're doing on d. nuclearize ation. cambodia supreme court is deciding whether to dissolve the main
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opposition party prime minister hun sen accuses the cambodian national rescue party of planning a coup security forces have been deployed to the capital phnom penh iran's president hassan rouhani is promising to find the builders who constructed poorly designed buildings that collapsed in sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty people were killed and eight thousand injured with a magnitude seven point three quake struck the mountain as iran iraq border survivors are building temples shelters with whatever they can find. lebanon's president is asking is accusing saudi arabia of taking prime minister saad hariri and his family hostage is the first time mission island has explicitly said he's being held he calls it an act of aggression i really announced a surprise resignation in a televised statement from the saudi capital riyadh. and then israel has signed a debt restructuring deal with one of its major creditors russia more than three billion dollars will now be paid back to moscow in ten years with minimal payments
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for the first six the agreement comes out the talks with creditors from nine nations in the capital caracas on monday well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after stage and that's about it. do you. measure. and it's not just i think. these days we are in a state of the universe. did something that was for a week that i would rather take the risk. the risk. at this time on al-jazeera.


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