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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 183  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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arrange an exit package for prison and make sure that he and his family if he decides to step down is also speculation that there is talk of sitting up a transitional government by former vice president. and other leaders from other political parties in cambodia riot police have blocked the streets around the supreme court in the capital phnom penh the government's filed a lawsuit against the main opposition party accusing it of plotting a coup at least eighteen people four of them female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in northeastern nigeria twenty nine others were injured in the attacks which is on the outskirts of my degree city deposed that oppose catalan leader is planning to run in next month spanish regional elections scholars push to mount is choosing pro independent candidates to run alongside him he plans to manage his campaign from belgium where he and four of his cabinet members facing
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extradition to spain on charges of sedition and rebellion a day of mourning has been declared in greece at least fifteen people were killed in flash floods on the western outskirts of athens the heavy overnight storm roads into rivers sweeping away cars and buildings. headlights will have more use for you here on al-jazeera after days edition of the stream next. the are the same you need to understand the a very different way where there. is going to be. a your in the stream why would al jazeera and you to you today india's capital new delhi is one of the lead most polluted cities in the world in fact the small base so bad that doctors say breathing it is the equivalent of smoking up to fifty cigarettes a day algiers marina holmes explains. here's what makes the smog so dangerous
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air quality is assessed by counting measure with the diameter of least the two point five micro meters we're talking absolutely tiny here around thirty times finer than a human here so small it can only be detected with an electron microscope and small enough to get into your lungs and pass into the bloodstream causing heart and respect tree problems the equality and expose the upper limits for good ear at no more than fifty and the highest and most hazardous level on that and dick's is three hundred plus the count for delhi at times over the last few days has climbed to double that up past six hundred. so marina just explained there a really serious problem now the pollution in new delhi is incredibly dangerous and people are very angry there are social media campaigns there have been protests in
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the street and many indians both in new delhi and in other polluted cities say the government is not doing enough so how can a problem like this be tackled and what's it like to live with this pollution every day joining us to discuss this other mater of childfree is an executive director at the center for science and environment from amritsar shiva vishnu is an independent journalist signal that here is our campaign at greenpeace india and jyoti panday leva cari co-founded a citizen run organization café yes thanks so much for being here i want to build up a picture of what it's like to living in delhi northern india right now she even you took a picture while you were driving thank you for that let's show everybody that picture i did. my before last and it was my go into my. time. and suddenly the thought was that.
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it was merely you. and that was not surprising at all it was not surprising that you know about this surprise fortunately yesterday. and this mall that you see tonight that vision was completely clear just going to be clear with. it's interesting i'm people definitely in delhi have been keeping track of what the weather's been like what the pollutions been like cobol says here please submit any images of videos you have of life as impacted by the horrific air pollution in delhi right now we show you some of these pictures so i scroll down here you can see the face mask can see the small the in the background. and i have no idea what this is but it looks pretty grim jyoti you measure your air all the time and you tell us what the air quality is like right now and how do you keep track of what it's like. so the air quality right now inside my house is hundred thirty one i
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don't know if you can see this but this is the laser that are you. want to deal back not about discipline i'm a little bit rather go back to that we consider twenty six. to twenty eight that the twenty eight and it is actually much just as i step outside off my house my main floor i do use your acquired soto's in my house and i know a lot of people can't afford to use them so i feel really privileged and able to afford these machines but i really also feel angry that i must be forced to use more and more devices. ready to clean my own wacha i wash my own cooking wash my own sinks and vegetables to get rid of chemical residue and now i'm supposed to be there to share that we might share what used the same smoke. in this city just because we've lived here or without ever having touched
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a cigarette in his entire life he's poor and so are the rest of us because the inclusion in the city is so bad that there is no we around it we have to believe that some of the choices i make and i am so angry that to be my environment minister says this is lot of problem my prime minister the main silent and mind that there is a court appointed body well the environment will loosen the control authority the head of that organization has also said this is an emergency it all into actually was wondering why we are trying to get schools shut down and all this just makes me angry and sad that i'm living i chose to live in this city which in which i can barely sleep now i feel like i'm suffocating the areas i can taste it it stings my eye. yes and i can barely step out of my hole these are the things that i as
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a citizen essentially living i mean could you want to tell us from a violent point if you what is going on in judging the wintertime so that we actually can see the pollution soche if i am to be in the right now so what is really important to understand is that what we're experiencing right now this happens to be yoked particularly doing when. you have a very adverse weather condition now this is a dual challenge that want never you know pollution levels in the city are all the way to hard and then during winter when you have thirty still weather condition and that's exactly what happened these few days that that you had absolutely the conditions no wind inside the city to buoy to abate and temperature dropping and what we found that the seventh of november berthing twenty four hours we have seen
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rapid and pretty quick buildup of pollution shooting up to a level that was six to seven times higher than the standards now this is a phenomenon we know that happens during window and this particular window of malk that has built up has is just shocking small that we have just experienced but let's understand that we know that this is going to happen if you bring down the question for nasa to ask is that this window going to be any different abhi prepared to bend the question now let me just ask you on a meta jyoti showed us how way of measuring the quality as she was in the house what should it have right to have good clean as we saw two hundred twenty six two hundred twenty eight what should it be inside your house. so what about inside the house where the quantity we do stand and the twenty or should be sixty by to grab
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a cubic meter they should set sixty. sixty six but mine is that we have hit in the city but as high as five hundred and will in fact m two point guard levels no more than three hundred which is considered to be the emergency level here so you can imagine what was happening so what we do need to understand is that going to a better condition the problem that you have is that gets trapped inside the city and when it gets trapped the pollution that is happening inside the city also get trapped and this is also the difficult part of the year in delhi this is the time when. the city are also changing the crops so the whole problem of stubble burning that we have if the wind is in this direction because this is the same english it not that small where it gets mixed with pollution and that also gets trapped very
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close to the ground level maybe close to a noise level and that he's a six let me just not about it what would you do you also got to look at the health data we don't need to i want to do that just hold tight for a moment i want to bring in some of our community as well this is mona dolling my family whereas mosse when i go out for walk i've stopped going out all morning walks i've got indoor plants i call thing it's a pool headache almost every day because of pollution and then tells us we've got polluted moss too she's an adviser in health hazards of pollution because in the short term people may respond differently over a long term at pollution exposure as a moment's health has it scenario. space what is this doing to india's. and meet our duty as a lead to all men's and clearly that it's not just barely. has been and yet in
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just enough national health emergency need be ready and out of all this all daily we are reading indeed hazardous levels and it is so has are those that decide off seeing a person with moscow and people weighing in. on one. so . if you are. in the us what are you pulling out of the country as well as new years of all the people who are living in delhi it's something. people are living in stockton. night according to richard and it's wrong for. new we have a little trouble hearing you i'm going to try i'm going to act and they were having no trouble hearing you're going to try reconnect with us move on to something that you mentioned a little bit earlier and this is india's minister of environment he said i'm not saying we shouldn't do anything about it everyone has to respond to what he's
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supposed to do but there is no need to spread panic among the people shiver you're a journalist you've been covering this story for quite some time is this a time to panic or not. oh it's beyond ballet yes absolutely and went into a situation beetroot had been pressing all and we didn't see bottles that should be the priority for politicians because this is affecting their long term health the studies which show all the health studies which you know i was going with i would know more about. it's shortening our life spans it is causing millions of deaths in india off the top ten cities in the world most of them are in india it's not just delhi as we keep same so it will be an environment minister says it's not a panic situation what he sent to leave saying is don't blame me for doing nothing
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. and can i just add here or that this is the same an environment in this so twenty years it was that the state health minister and lit the fan of opal smoking in public places and at that time he said that there was a key connection between smoking that was leaving in this one five and. this that and all current data as measured by the in two thousand and five and the same management says this is the modern watch and see situation also i'd just like to point out got monday goes give us the entry point five levels will all. watch whatever they say three hundred to five hundred but actually if i could be when we are looking at our laser x. or up the measuring instruments or even privately so just those numbers are off the charts the day off to me those numbers were thirteen hundred levels and that is we are safe limits and i don't know how this data is being calibrated by the
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government or what is being done to it but frankly today as it is and i don't even trust that the office into pollution control which is actually giving these numbers to me in addition to that the simple pollution control board has itself commissioned a study between a small village and run between the age of i think all in seventeen and they came out with the result that there is in almost shot of these children there is in reversible a lot of damage this is a report that was commissioned by the center it will be going to a ball and it lies buried somewhere in there other your logic but it has not even been looked at or acted upon and that is what makes me sad and i'm really. pleased today by the indian pediatrics i think which says indian children's longs are nowhere. so are they not along and at the same age if you compare those long as they are indigent. and again that is not something that they chose to do it's that
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they're really just poor air and as a parent i feel bad about it as a citizen i feel angry that michael jackson money is not going to be at this should be a national mission this should be where our prime minister steps in and says this is the mission of national importance and we need to set up an authority that can actually do care of this problem which is one of the building to ill health in a country equal i don't see that happening and that really needs only and we have saying that the most pollution linked deaths occur in india we got those to a data point from twenty fifteen this is a real emergency for northern india. right now there is an emergency plan in place what is happening and how is that managed to reduce the amount of pollution they are seeing in northern india. so i think when i
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last looked at a two level one we know that the problem is that it's growing and people are and we've gone because of the hussein and it's very much a modern indian because in northern india. and to the few look at the satellite pictures you will see very clearly that in northern india where because of the inclusion you pollution buildup is very hard but i think you know some of the long the line of the night it took to the house to. just think that there's a problem to looking at the ultimate you get to use what action and that has to be the bigger part of the conversation then just just beating on saying that there's a problem you know when it's good that to the people are a lot more people are talking about this not people are concerned about it's on a major let's talk about this is not people and those that also motoring specific
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actions that have been happening. what are you saying we're going to see me she said this i think from rita rita says taliban and i ask what is so missing in handling air pollution in the entire country i think that the entire south asia must come together on this issue you seeing some action happening. so that's what i'm always going to doubt it's not because i am i mean i thought i was going to diminish. what i meant but what the action part in the perspective so we so what i do would like to say that this winter we are looking at a trauma different perspective because for the flush time in this country this region is starting with something called an emergency and i want to be example look to plants right now so now what about before even though we had this crisis galley and did not have any. like beijing has or like practices so this year
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starting from the fifteenth of october we have said measures we have week one images images that include shutting down the power plants not allowing diesel generator sets in the city shutting down. the city and ben when these british t.v.'s smaug built up a few days ago edition measures were spared out which includes not allowing the trucks to come inside so i mean i think this is a very i do think because you also had you know i don't think that you are saying the action excuse me for one moment but shivam no it's not. i don't think. well i think that you know the evidence you planned and with all of us last december it was still got many months to fight after fight and you've got two cities there and pollution was rising by d.d.
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was the one you know that i'm. after that it draws a lot. from then to seventeen november when it really beat the plants and i've got the government business covered. a lot these are big legal steps step on the steps we did not only are people who say to me no ceiling. when the smoke started coming to our senior white. that's right. betty i mean if you can i cut i think. i remember the sheriff because we were watching live right now a new hundred pound law says instead situation reversible we spoke to a professor. and he's been doing research for the international food policy research institute where researchers at peking university are war of course china has been in the headlines about pollution and. the room packed and what china has
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been doing and why perhaps help india have a look. my recent research with colleagues is that if free and peking university find the strong evidence that people feel unhappy and the mentally ill suffer from more cognitive decline as a result of air pollution exposure in the past of five years the chinese government to beautiful very strong calling an injury sector electric car system and also in power e.p.a. to clean the environment in the national council will print the address the patient house and the call beyond that to address the population house to involve multiple sectors such as e.p.a. to the house sector in in addition to the ministry of house scenario china is no longer the most polluted area in the world but they're still struggling with pollution but they are making some concrete steps how do you fill the interesting compared to china. just on to the converted. point
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china is moving on to cleaning the only because the systematic and complete uncertainty on it i was mentioning there are some steps being taken by the government but i would like to lead the steps with government is taking our in vieques into the high political levels where the grass. valley. was supposed to be because nearly. planned other than the estimate the emergency plan so that that one and adding on to what you don't and then doesn't seem to be serious action from the moment i would like to bring in these big polluters which are in the season from a power plant on a meter mention one power plant which has been turned down which is in all london is a symbolic thing for. what happens to other power plants which are in three hundred kilometer radius at least of delhi and they have been polluting the day and night to sixty five days a year there have been new instance standards in place by the central government by
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mr of an alarm and therefore they are getting only two years' time for all these recorders to get covered and reduce emissions from their power plants but today we are less than a month away from that deadline of two years which is on sunday some of the content and there doesn't even seem to be a single power plant in the country which is. rooted in last year's and complain under present to the new. and this is the seriousness we are sowing in terms of acting on reducing pollution levels this is definitely not. there were limits and you are relieved from this national health emergency yes we are moving but where are we moving and what are we moving on is definitely something to be asked and i hope this is not the same thing that we know idea then you don't end up on a. i think that's a very important point and i think that's why we need to look at the second
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opportunity that is just now has gone who and that is the comprehensive action plan because the poor the supreme court has been very clear the set that the city cannot be on all the time so you just also directed to the insurrection which is going to get kind of knives and will to live at the end of this week when i think of i didn't do quite short medium and long term measures for the chimney of. india and the national capital region with the way he had time line repeats you see who's supposed to be responsible. and once that that's not the grapnel swindle to plant then that becomes directly juanita under scrutiny with a compliance strategy and i think we should leave that manager but i'm going to give us a big obama you know just any day i think is limited and it also offers. a way quite pacing in that it really is all the advantages again if they have two points i want to me always why didn't they say they'll finish
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a sentence suppose. not at all i was saying yes we have been thinking about grab a little throughout the middle to be limited in delhi what what what is happening all across the country that something could be refueled and lead with people in other words they're the only barely beyond that and the bill didn't do die in in live people with a little thought on their feet and themselves to be met and we thought learning from playing along what what what. i mean the men don't screw even without playing ball after bill and what they are how tight am i was that they don't approve of the country and it could only be limited to belize really are in that little time of them and that's our program of them to be in and that let them that they're going in there with the medical and bone and the ring to see what do you want to. i wanted to add very quickly that closely when you have an emergency you don't have a really good response to it you act instantly to ask who is us to punch in schools have not been shut down air quality is didn't secure it's poor but the government is waiting for the rains to comes that there be
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a few days of sunshine and they can do it it's moved matches are happening haha marathons of being run so we're all complicit it's not just the government that is responsible there are corporates who should be practising their social responsibility instead of that they are bringing they are sponsoring our runs and sports commons children are going up to play football matches my my son had a while back and i am a bit into all that is not how i should be doing what it should be stopping the sick duty the city needs to shut down to show that there is a serious is a big dent because we have the money we have the best raised we have been united cultural institute which can work on the crops up aborning we have start up india our prime minister keeps talking about the media how do you meet me now when i don't even program in kelty and shivah anime transcendental thank you so much for taking part in this program the conversation continues at hash tag eyestrain that's what everybody.
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who. but a new era in television news. doesn't say that it's a toss to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you would . just stay with what we do is to get out of this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of talent but to have people give them the opportunity and it's wonderful thing stopped to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resides donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation will bang out a gun bashing family canisters of gas i just want to believe that best to prevent
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the beginning anyway it was good record of. what. he achieved something that never happened before. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by molly wood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause of liberty to the elderly and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on a busy guy. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to. a mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice.
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and internet look at what inspires one of his most popular comedians to make people laugh. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. uncertainty in zimbabwe mediators from south africa arrive in harare.


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