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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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how weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of tennessee is most popular comedians to make people. hang at this time on al-jazeera. is a very important source of information for many people around the world all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. uncertainty in zimbabwe mediators from south africa arrive in harare the day after
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the military seizes power from president bush. although i'm adrian finnigan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up confirm lebanon's prime minister will leave saudi arabia tricks up to get invitation by france's president to visit paris. cambodia's opposition about to find out whether it will be disbanded after being accused of trying to stage a coup and. celebrations in lima after a rule. in the world cup. a south african delegation is in zimbabwe to mediate a way out of a political crisis that it's holding talks with members of the army president robert mugabe's family and his zanu p.f. party the talks aimed at. smooth transition of power with
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a catholic priest acting as middleman between the gobby and the generals the army seized control on wednesday and placed mugabe under house arrest but it denies staging a coup instead it says it's focusing on what it calls criminals within the president's circle it's thought that any new government could be led by the former vice president who was sacked by mugabe last week but opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has also returned to harare after being treated for cancer in britain and south africa. reports from. harare on thursday is calm and quiet the government has. to go back to work shop owners have been told to open the businesses and functioning normally there's a delegation from south africa in the country they're talking to members of the army officials and to the mugabe family. that they're trying to arrange an exit package for prison and make sure that he and his get family will be safe if he
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decides to stick it down is also speculation that there's talk of sitting up a transitional governments to be led by former vice president. and other leaders from other political parties sources who are close to people in those talks are telling us the talks have been long and they haven't been easy let's get a view from south africa. pages in johannesburg. an emergency meeting of the regional body sadek is taking place in botswana this afternoon because it's the home of sadek secretariat present at that meeting will be the foreign ministers of south africa and goler ten zinnia and zambia and they are going to receive a report from the south african delegation that's been in zimbabwe to get fully up to speed on exactly what the situation is there now in terms of resolving its political crisis at the end of that we are expecting some sort of statement in the past twenty four hours we've heard from the african union they have said they
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wouldn't want to see any unconstitutional change of government and they want to see a process which promotes democracy human rights and the social economic development of zimbabwe the issue of course is that any unconstitutional change of government would mean that under both said act and the a use zimbabwe it would have to be expelled from both bodies lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer by france's president of money or micron to visit paris while the french foreign minister is expected to meet her in the during a visit to saudi arabia on wednesday lebanon's president michel aoun said nothing is justified the apparent detention of hariri by saudi arabia already announced his resignation from riyadh nearly two weeks ago earlier lebanon's president accused saudi arabia of holding her hostage just go live to beirut al-jazeera said the hunter is there for a center of course accepting an invitation to visit france is one thing actually
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leaving riyadh is going to be another what what more do we know. well yes the french foreign minister reiterating what the french president said late yesterday that how did he and his family have accepted to go to paris to spend a few days in paris clearly france is mediating in this crisis lebanon reached out to paris for help for assistance many in lebanon including the president believe that the saddle how do you and his family are hostages in the kingdom so mark ron holding a lot of exchanges phone conversations with the saudi king as well as how d.d. so now france making it clear that how do you do you will go to paris this there has been really a diplomatic turmoil over how do these fate his wellbeing and like i mentioned many eleven on believe he is under some sort of house arrest so when is he likely to to leave riyadh for paris well there are reports that he will leave within the next two days forty eight hours there is no set time but many believe this deal is now
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closed that france really weighed in in this diplomatic crisis but what is not clear is if he will be coming to lebanon now sources close to the prime minister say he will but people here are waiting to see if that actually happens if he comes to lebanon and submits his resignation in person the president has been demanding that this happen in order for the resignation to be accepted to be according to the lebanese constitution so a lot of ifs and still a lot of concern even if how do you believe saudi arabia doesn't mean the political crisis and in lebanon there are still deep divisions what if he resigned who will replace him there will be prolonged political crisis in this country so him leaving saudi arabia in one way or another is a face saving deal but it does not solve the political crisis in a many thanks to the heart of their lives in beirut. riot police in cambodia have blocked the streets around the supreme court in the capital phnom penh the government has filed a lawsuit against the main opposition party accusing it of plotting a coup the cambodian national rescue party or c.n.n.
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pete says it expects to be banned bride has the latest from phnom penh. with three million supporters across cambodia the main opposition c.n.n. r.p. party had been gaining strength and was threatening to unseat the ruling party in elections which have to take place by next year they're dissolution now brings the question will those same supporters take to the streets protests here are fraught with danger if you go out and protest in support of a band politicians who've been accused of trying to overthrow the government you yourselves could be guilty of. it seems according to critics of long time prime minister hun sen he has used this opportunity to crack down on his main opposition so that when he does go to the ballot next year he will be faced with much smaller this organized opposition parties that he can defeat and continue to
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stay in office at least eighteen people four of them female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in northeastern nigeria twenty nine others were injured in the attacks in motor goddy which is on the outskirts of my dog and he says he boko haram has been active in that area the armed group has killed at least twenty thousand people since two thousand and nine when it began its campaign against the nigerian government from al jazeera. who's in lagos. and what looked like a coordinated attack on moon again we. walked into town one of them. run into a house deteriorated our device killing a woman instantly child was killed in similar circumstance when a female suicide bomber hugged the child and did teenager die device but the most victims who were killed. even in prayer together to save their late evening prayer . bomber walked into the crowd and. initial reports said at least nine people died
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instantly then the fourth female suicide bomber panicked and detonated her device in the. this killing us up on one or two other bystanders twenty nine people are currently in hospital receiving treatment funeral services i've been holding since morning in my degree i saw people try to bury the dead now the military has stepped up its operations against what i'm in the northeast of the country and also responding in its own way the military has claimed several victories in the past few weeks or so. and also in one video released recently claimed to have recorded some successes against killing some soldiers and also taking some weaponry so the fight in the north east is not yet over. and they walking as. they are walking very hard to ensure that but what i mean is finally decimated and defeated
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we'll get a weather update next year and i was here then driving towards a clean the future one of the world's biggest polluters spends big on electric cars plus stopping child labor three day conference in argentina looks ways to tackle the problem. however we have the potential for another storm developing around the philippines over the next couple of days this big area of cloud is moving in from the northwest pacific and that will push towards the philippines very heavy right. thailand just to the south bank all katie one millimeters here in space of twenty four states rather disturbed as we go on through friday around the southern areas of the country south central and southern parts of thailand and. southern parts of the
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philippines will see this circulation developing further she go on towards the weekend it pushes through flooding right said the possibility damaging winds also post. but you can see it does look set to become somewhat more organized in the process elsewhere plenty of showers as per usual across malaysia and indonesia may well we've seen some wet weather making its way across southern parts of australia breaking the heat in that southeastern corner but with cloud that moving across victoria towards new south wales and we will see temperatures much lower than they have been recently there's a twenty four celsius there for melbourne and four cities to seventeen degrees there in adelaide meanwhile the heat has broken in perth as well we're getting up into the low twenty's possibility of some rain as we go on through saturday and still a few showers to the southeast. in the united states rights activists are still being targeted. making it you found to
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. watch grazing surveillance from both the police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement. fault lines it investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time on all jazzier. again the top stories on al jazeera this hour lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer by the french president of money will not grant to visit paris on what to say lebanon's president michel aoun said nothing justified the
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apparent detention of haiti by saudi arabia already announced his resignation from riyadh nearly two weeks ago. a south african delegation is in zimbabwe to mediate a way out of the political crisis there but speaking to members of the army president mugabe's family and his p.f. party the military seize power wednesday this place will grab a under house arrest and riot police in cambodia blocked the streets around the supreme court in the capital phnom penh the government has filed a lawsuit against the main opposition party accusing it of plotting a coup. the u.n. says that a million children the last one or both parents since the war in syria began more than six years ago it's warning that children aren't getting an education and are at greater risk of falling into the hands of traffickers or being radicalized by armed groups al-jazeera salo. been job it reports now from an office orphanage on the turkey syria border. moments of happiness like this
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must the reality for many of syria's children there are one hundred dolphins at the center in opposition controlled at the city. we were in our backyard when my father was killed in an airstrike jet came and killed my mother and my sister that story reverberate through these small corridors almost every child suffers from trauma and psychological stress but they recalls the horror of what felt like being hunted . we were in our home when jets killed my father we moved to another neighborhood when an airstrike killed my sister later in another basement a bunker buster bomb killed my mother we didn't bury her we just left her under the rubble. caregivers have limited financial support in addition to salaries the boys and girls sections need more help and the building needs repairs to better the winter. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in syria
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which according to some estimates has created almost a million orphans and that creates challenges not just for their well being inside syria but also in countries where they're living as refugees. this orphanage on the border between syria and turkey is a pilot project to integrate children. in addition to kids who lost one or both parents syrians in the area can leave children in a boarding school. boys and girls have separate schools and villages where they live is extended families. the newly built space between staff is a sanctuary especially for girls their teachers say the freedom to live and lead their lives independently will give them a chance to flourish. the bill and a few. teachers help children to cope but they
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don't forget marian visits her little brother every night to remind her of the family she once had. i was five armed men loyal to the government attacked and rounded everyone up then they opened fire and killed everybody my mother got in front of us and took the bullets me and my brother spent two days under the blood and the bodies i've had so many operations on my wounded leg six years on the harshest reality is that thousands of children in syria continue to live in similar agony every day. some of the zero. on the turkish syrian border. delegates from all over the world are in argentina for a conference on child labor it's aiming to eradicate child labor worldwide by twenty twenty five but it's still a major issue in the host nation as reports. making
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bricks is no easy task for me he's worked in this factory for months he says he seventeen years old. it's very difficult to know how much weight i'm carrying i would love to do something else but i cannot we all barely survive with the money we make here. idealy is working in the province of go to the well with his sister who is sixteen. just outside the city of core the law there are dozens of brick making factories like this one. working conditions are barely regulated many workers are reluctant to talk and don't want their ages known child labor is common here but if caught employers could be jailed people here are paid around twenty five dollars for every thousand bricks they produce and that's why many children end up working in places like this one so that they can help their families produce more. because their pay varies sometimes a worker with extra help you sable to cut up to three thousand bricks
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a day. families many from bolivia live inside the factory the landowner rents around the hector of land to a middleman who is in charge of running the business. have been doing this for years now they run this factory you know when it is a tough business and now that we are running and we are a bit better i don't want my children doing this they are studying to have a better life most here continue to struggle. is five the brick factory is his playground he lives here with his mother who allowed us to tell his story. i like to ride my bike he told us but when i come from school i help my mother with the bricks it's culture and need that have children living and working in places like this one at least eleven have died in factory related incidents in court of the law in the past. workers' union leaders denounce child
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exploitation and are trying to raise awareness about factory conditions. make us have to produce a lot to pay the rent and that puts a lot of pressure in some cases it is up to twenty five percent of the production we are working hard to try to eradicate charlie and we have achieved a lot but we need more control. arjun times are proud of laws that protect workers and children. but many areas around the country remain where those lost continue to be ignored. the u.n. has to send barely a thousand more peacekeepers to central african republic the security council approved nine hundred troops taking the total number now to just eleven and a half thousand u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has warned the risk of ethnic cleansing in the country in twenty thirteen muslim seleka rebels removed christian president francois and since then the celica been fighting the christian antibalas group.
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the security council cannot afford to take the risk of allowing the c.a.r. to relapse into a crisis as tragic as the one it was mired in in early twenty twelve and early twenty forty on the contrary the council must throw its full weight into hosting the spiral of violence russia has extended a lifeline to venezuela to help it get out of debt under the restructuring deal it will pay moscow three billion dollars over the next ten years is the result of talks with creditors from nine nations in the capital caracas on monday two of the world's major credit agencies downgraded venezuela's racing should fail to make bond repayments rory chalons reports from moscow. this is a lifeline for the caracas governments russia has agreed to restructure three point fifteen billion dollars worth of debts with payments now being spread over ten
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years and only a minimal commitment for the first six years it gives the government of venezuela much needed breathing space and here is how the delegation that was sent to moscow took the news. but. we have signed not just a financial agreement but also a political one this is fruit from the great bottle that our supporter of president hugo chavez waits in the multipolar world and this agreement esteems from the faber friendly relationship we have with president putin disagreement on the lives of our solidarity of the partnership between them in a silent russian government of course as things currently stand there's no guarantee that the crisis rats government of venezuela will be able to pay up even with this debt relief it's the second time that russia has actually done this but for moscow it seems the keeping a crucial and western ally at least temporarily afloat is more important than
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getting its money back moscow definitely does not want the government in caracas to collapse. that a post president of gotta learn is parliament is planning to run in next month spanish regional elections. is choosing pro independence candidates to run alongside him he plans to manage his campaign from belgium where he and four of his cabinet ministers are facing extradition to spain on charges of sedition and rebellion pushed amounts regional government held a vote last month on splitting from spain you know. what they are doing to us is so absurd we ran a campaign and won elections and our not being able to take charge of our duties because of what we had proposed during our campaign it's illegal such a serious anomaly must be evident i can't understand how people don't realize this nonsense i run for elections i win and i can't be elected president by a parliament even though the majority of the citizenship said so we must denounce
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it greece has declared a day of mourning after at least fifteen people were killed in flash floods on the western outskirts of athens and more bad weather is expected in the coming days. reports now from flood hits mcgaha. bulldozers are trying to push this river back into its bed to rental rain swelled it so much that it burst its banks and sliced through a network of roads. this flood came before dawn catching people in bed some drowned in their apartments others were found in their front yards two bodies washed out to sea the body of one woman was found in the street even this dog couldn't outrun the water the mayor has opened up the town hall for people who have nowhere to sleep because their houses are ruined. it is a catastrophe a biblical proportions the entire town was flooded before daylight the water came with the force carrying materials with it and blocking drains cars were swept away
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and people were trapped in their houses some climbed on to their roofs nothing like this has happened before the damage is still. being assessed but dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed until wednesday this was a doctor's waiting room there's nothing left of this flower shop stock and equipment are destroyed the owner has lived next door for over fifty years and was lucky to escape alive although. i always leave this window open a crack and i heard the moan of the torrent and came out and i shouted to my grandchildren to get out of bed but the time we were out of the house the water was already flooding in it took seconds the manholes in the street broke open in the water was jumping two meters up into the air the water came into the others house a metre high destroying everything she owns even her clothes are unusable she saved just her dressing gown this is partly a manmade disaster people who grew up here remember the driver that used to run
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through this intersection thirty six years ago it was built over but the piping used wasn't wide enough to carry the torrential rain down to the sea and the area flooded even when it was rebuilt eighteen years ago the same thing happened but other factors may also play a role in the mountains above were recently devastated by fire the loss of vegetation means heavy rain more easily eroded the soil the cleanup here will take days or weeks but repairing the damage to people's lives will take months or years jumpstart ople us algis are not going to. world leaders have joined talks in germany or how so slow down climate change china is one of the world's largest emitters of carbon dioxide but it's beginning to change its habits once it's nearly two hundred million car owners to move to a letter clee powered vehicles with huge incentives for producers and buyers stop asking reports from beijing. this is how china sees its near future blue skies and
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the soothing sound of electric vehicles roaming the city streets present day more often looks like this research shows that one third of air pollution in china comes from petrol and diesel cars that's why the government recently decided that traditionally fuel cars are a thing of the past and like france and britain wants to ban them in the next few decades when gen don bought his electric car two years ago he didn't have to go through the license plate lottery a government measure to limit traffic he also got his car much cheaper because of a government subsidy of up to fifteen thousand dollars and unlike petrol and diesel fuel cars he can drive an any part of the city anytime he wants as long as car has enough power. once i was about to go to a charging station when my neighbor geisha led me into the wrong place there was no charging station and not a single person around i was forced to call
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a rescue team in china more than half a million people bought an electric car last year that's half of all electric cars sold worldwide forcing the government to quickly build more charging stations it's been hard to keep up with the demand and car batteries often don't last much more than two hundred kilometers this by government incentives electric cars are still not that popular here in china many consider them impractical and ugly but producers are trying very hard to make electric cars more fashionable. car makers are in. recently pressure to produce electric cars a recently announced attractive credit system allows companies to make money selling carbon credit quota to traditional car makers but some experts believe the government's plan is unrealistic and they question the benefits of electric cars if we want to. replace all the traditional cars in the north through take it that this is a liar this is
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a fundamentally scientific lie to the world greenpeace says china's rapid switch to electric cars as a positive step to combat climate change but the environmental groups asked it's by far not enough because seventy percent of the country's power plants are using coal a major emitter of greenhouse gas if we really want to clean future and we really want to count that and climate change only pushing for dr vehicle is not enough we need to at the same time push for a face out of coffee out of hope that saving the planet or not for consumers like gen dong driving an electric car is more about saving money than it's about reducing emissions complain the government still needs to work on as well as that fasten al-jazeera beijing. peru's football team has beaten new zealand to reach the world cup finals for the first time in more than thirty years people have been celebrating around the country is now an essential reports from lima.
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is released thousands of them to the center of the district to celebrate this historic match between the room and you see land that i see historic because the ruffians have been waiting for more. for this day. and the world cup in ninety eight eighty two now. for decades bruschi was unable to get to the world cup. now there is a long. hours marching through the center of this with thousands of fans celebrating here and millions of pounds all around peru celebrating. millions of people were waiting for this day for many many years but there are
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generations. they've never seen rupi late at a world cup. people indeed are very happy tonight of course now people are still here they hope that the team will meet. next here are now the. field. was the world cup and the celebrations continue the government has declared on thursday. everyone to celebrate. but if you enjoyed this play more video along with the latest news and comment at the website take a look. good
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here in doha the top stories on al jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad hariri will leave saudi arabia after except accepting an offer by france's president emmanuel macron to visit paris the confirmation comes as the french foreign minister is expected to meet harry reid during a visit to saudi arabia on wednesday lebanon's president bashar said nothing justified the apparent attention of hariri by saudi arabia hariri announced his resignation from riyadh two weeks ago lebanon's president accused saudi arabia of holding her hostage. a south african delegation has arrived in zimbabwe to try to mediate a way out of the political crisis there speaking to members of the army president mugabe's family and his party he seized power wednesday and placed mugabe under house arrest he was angered by the second of the vice president last week to reports from. the. exit path.
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that he and. if he decides to step down is also speculation that. by former vice president. and. other political parties in cambodia riot police have blocked the streets around the supreme court in the capital phnom penh the government's filed a lawsuit against the main opposition party accusing it of plotting a coup at least eighteen people four of them female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in northeastern nigeria twenty nine other people were injured in the attacks which happened in. which is on the outskirts of my ducati city. that opposed cattle and lida is planning to run in next month's spanish regional elections colors pushed about is choosing pro independence candidates to run alongside him he plans to manage his campaign from belgium where he and four of his cabinet ministers are facing extradition to spain on charges of sedition and
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rebellion. a day of mourning has been declared in greece after at least fifteen people were killed in flash floods on the western outskirts of athens heavy overnight stormed roads into rivers sweeping away cars and buildings what do you see here on al-jazeera faultlines next. we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen talks to all jews here at this time. our work has always been about my family about the magic that is. a black american family. in america.


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