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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. this is al jazeera.
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hello again i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes lebanon's prime minister is to leave saudi arabia after accepting an invitation from the french president to visit paris. and the catholic church. i mean president robert mugabe after the military seized control. as opposition waits to hear whether it will be dissolved after being accused of trying to stage a coup. and support. are at the final team to paula fight for next year's world cup. celebrate as the south american country returns finals for the first time tonight.
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our top story lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer from the french president emmanuel macro to visit paris the french foreign minister is expected to meet mr during his visit to saudi arabia on weapons day the lebanese president michel said nothing justifies the apparent detention of hariri by the saudi authorities hariri announces resignation in riyadh two weeks ago president hu an accused saudi arabia of holding her hostage following that story for us to beirut zain what are we expecting to come out of this imminent press conference in saudi arabia between the french and the saudis. well we're going to hear from the french foreign minister who also reiterated earlier that sort of how he and his family will be traveling to paris something the president the french president made
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clear last night he said that how did he accepted the invitation he extended this invitation really france mediating in this diplomatic crisis there has been diplomatic turmoil over the fate of heidi now you mentioned the president of lebanon using very strong language against saudi arabia yesterday accusing it of detaining the prime minister detaining his family saying this is an act of aggression against lebanon today the president softening his position saying he hopes that you know how to be accepting the invitation to go to paris will resolve this crisis so in one way or the other france has mediated in this crisis has weighed in and managed to find some sort of a deal a face saving deal because many in lebanon including the president believe that saddle how do these movements were constrained his family was under house arrest they were being searched this is what the president was saying yesterday so now a deal we're waiting to hear from the french foreign minister and the saudi crown prince but presumably sooner as well it would be premature to assume that mr hariri
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will not return to saudi arabia you mentioned his family there he's understandably tethered to them and they've been living in riyadh for a couple of years now. this was the fear of peter that if side of how did he leaves without his family he will remain a political hostage of saudi arabia and that is why the french are making it clear that he is going to be traveling with his family lebanese officials are also been saying this time and time again we will not accept how do you need to leave alone the family has to leave with him and this is what we're understanding that he's going to leave saudi arabia within forty eight hours most likely before sunday before the arab league meeting where lebanon was expected to escalate this crisis to demand that saudi arabia free the prime minister this really has damaged relations between lebanon and saudi arabia but we have to mention even of how the lives and his family lives this solves the diplomatic crisis this turmoil over his fate but it doesn't solve the political crisis in lebanon if had he insists on
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resigning it will be very difficult to replace him in government and that means there will be a prolonged political vacuum in this country more tension so this is why the crisis is far from over and crucially therefore we also need clarity on whether he has actually resigned because his supporters were saying look those words were not his he would not want to do this so we need political distance between him and what he said and therefore political distance between what he said and the domino effect within the context of lebanese politics. well yes this is what the president has been saying he needs to come in person he needs to be a free man he needs to submit his resignation and we need to hold discussions with him yes undoubtedly this is the feeling here even when he made his first public comments in a live television interview on sunday many people believe that he was under pressure he was stressed this was not the man that they knew but what if this is part of a deal definitely there was a deal france mediating with the saudi authorities with the lebanese and the
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lebanese foreign minister in the european capitals traveling from one capital to get to another to rally support for lebanon was this deal that if he does leave he will go to paris he'll come to lebanon he'll just submit his resignation and leave does this mean at the end of his political career the end of the how do you the family a lebanese politics many many questions here but that would mean saudi arabia losing influence in this country so this crisis is far from over lebanon is still in the crossroads of this saudi arabian rivalry but right now it seems that the because of so much pressure lebanon really exerted a lot of pressure on the international stage against saudi arabia for this deal to bear fruit but like i mentioned it doesn't solve the crisis in this country the political crisis on whether or not this country will have a government because we have to point out that if you appoint a prime minister who is seen to be close to iran then the next lebanese government could risk international isolation it will be seen close to iran close to hezbollah and that's why it is very difficult to find
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a candidate acceptable to all so that there could be stability in the country so keep us posted we'll come back to i'm sure in the coming hours germany is a professor of international affairs at the paris business school he joins us now on skype germy good is what can the french realistically achieve here. i believe that there are trying to play the role of the mediator for the historical snow white france has always had a vested interest in trying to meet instability and since. the president of france between ninety ninety five and two thousand and two he needs a very close relationship to the family and that is basically to continuity that you're really seeing right now want to point i think that france and the president . has always been seen up until now as a disruptor and he's trying to do exactly that trying to offer an alternative to west africa really when you think about it it seems that your run is particularly
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pleased that france did not cite with that march up under nuclear issue the question i wonder about today is if france has a little bit more leverage to trump has on this issue perhaps asking iran to keep hezbollah in check perhaps asking them to play ball this is very very complex the answer right now and in many ways about quite straight to leverage is fundamental difference with the truck didn't ok within triangular desire on the part of the french is this surely not and it never can be a win win situation because if the french go in there and say look hariri has got to go back to beirut the saudis are going to say what to that particular desire. i'm almost sure they're going to respond with a lot of suspicion without a doubt specially that this is their eat interest here is the real question does the kingdom really feel that the government trumps the ounce is durable in the region how do you feel about the prospects of this presidents if they feel that
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that trumps the answers that you normal coming from the united states that without a doubt the kingdom is going to feel in full gear and that's going to be a clear collision clark course if i'm the other hand to condemn you know that. stance is not necessarily did you know that potentially there me change in stance of the washington. policy in the region and potentially looking at maybe looking to help should specter and your dad key say thank you maybe we have a card to play potential injury that hedge geragos many thanks thank you for having some breaking news for you know here on the news there's been an explosion in the afghan capital kabul security officials say it was possibly a suicide bombing and was close to a political gathering in kabul police say there are multiple casualties will get you more on that developing story just as soon as we can. a south african
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delegation is in zimbabwe to mediate a way out of the political crisis there holding talks with members of the army now the president robert mugabe his family and his party as well the discussions are aimed at a smooth transition of power with a catholic priest acting as middleman between mugabe and the generals the army seized control on weapons day and placed mugabe under house arrest but it has denied staging a coup instead it says is focusing on what it calls quote criminals within the presidential circle thought any new government could be led by the former vice president emerson non-god who was sacked by mugabe last week however the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has also returned to iraq after cancer treatment in britain and in south africa. is following that story for us live here on the news out of harare how true this is moving faster again by the hour just take us through
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what we know as to where we are right now. well officials on speaking so a lot of the information out there is speculation or from unnamed sources one intelligence source says president robert mugabe is insisting that sunny here has rules and regulations he says the party should stick to the party's constitution that means he's suggesting people wait until the december conference there at the conference and it's up to the delegates at that conference to vote whether he should stay or go whether here are the steps down as leader of the party and president of the country so that's what is alleged to be out there at the moment and we're hearing there's some resistance from these talks to them to that suggestion. saying that he's determined to serve his remaining term as president in the presidency so would that be received well by the people who
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are in effect holding him and also by those people who say look he should come back and we should have almost a democratic process here. the army is really careful they don't want this to be seen as a coup because they keep saying it is not a coup so whatever transition this country goes through they wanted to at least of international community appear to be democratic make it look like as much as they can believe in the decision to the people who the people include as the main players the political sphere for example the opposition leaders we know their words prism of to step down immediately they are talking about a transitional government a unity government and in that government that could be set up all these different political parties should be in it including the former vice president. that is what they want which is later today who used to be president. fired her has her press conference in about an hour and then the maid opposition leader morgan
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tsvangirai is also expected to speak as well. in their hair or that in one sense at least the military is playing quite a clever game here some people are saying look what's happened here is this is not gone as far as a full blown because the military did not want the country chucked out of the african union because that's what happened to egypt in what twenty thirteen twenty fourteen. very careful i mean that's why they are allowing international delegates to come into the country and help with the mediation process again. a long time veterans they have been with presumably for a long time they have said of course that they are happy with him and his life but they also have a lot of respect as well so you get a feeling there is a sense they want to try and also negotiate a dignified exit for the president if that is the case but on the ground for the people as a whole they're watching it closely but also going about their lives you see those
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people they're all waiting outside a bank this is reality in zimbabwe there's a shortage of cash if you want money as little as twenty dollars you can spend the whole day waiting in lines like this when you get to the front the teller will tell you the monies are not come back again tomorrow so it's about economy but they are aware that these talks are important but many people here is this move quickly whatever happens it must move quickly so the country gets out of this political and economic crisis they are concerned that if the military stays in control for too long that may not be a good thing in the long run for the politics of the country and for the economy. took to later thanks very much. at least eighteen people including four female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in the northeast of my area twenty nine others were injured in the attacks and man who got a. degree city has been active in the area and the armed group has killed at least
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twenty thousand people since two thousand and nine when he began his campaign against the nigerian government. and what looked like a coordinated attack on. the side bombers walked into town one of them run into a house didn't need to die device killing a woman instantly a child was killed in similar circumstance when a female suicide bomber hugged the child and did device but the most victims were killed. even in prayer together to say that late evening prayer. walked into the crowd and. initial reports said at least nine people died instantly then the fourth female suicide bomber panicked and detonated our device in the process killing us up on one or two other bystanders twenty nine people are currently in hospital receiving treatment funeral services i've been holding since morning in my degree as people try to bury the dead now the military has stepped up
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its operations against both port i'm in the north east of the country and book when i was also responding in its own way the military has claimed several victories in the past few weeks or so. attacking positions from the air and land and but what i'm also in one video released recently claimed to have recorded some successes against a military killing some soldiers and also taken some weaponry so the fight in the north east is not yet over it's our continuing effort as the military said and they walking us the military spokesman said they are walking very hard to ensure the book what i mean is finally decimated and defeat it. lots more and still to cover for you here on the news hour including these stories greece assesses the damage after flash floods kill looking so fifteen people some believe the disaster could have been prevented. madonna says the bit and the piece is
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so. given she painting sets a new record at auction we'll tell you how much. also ahead in the sports news the bulgarian player big impact. do you think. we'll get used to a story out of cambodia in just a second but we've got a developing aspect to an ongoing breaking story for you we're going to take you live to saudi arabia because we're just waiting for a news conference from the french foreign minister john evil adriel and his saudi opposite number should be and this is specifically to do with that french presidential offer of a visit for a few days by the lebanese leader side and his family he's been invited to the french capital the offer has come from emmanuel macro the offer came through just
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a few hours after the lebanese prime minister. said yesterday that nothing justifies the apparent tension of hariri in saudi arabia we have a translation lined up let's just get a sense of what they've decided to do next and that he's with us told you another tool in washington with king solomon here we had the chance meeting at the foreign ministry which was very constructive and very positive at affliction of the strong history and he's thirty two collisions between the tools countries king of saudi arabia and france are bonded with strong relations the sense. twenty's of the last century among them. one hundred and we have conversion views with regards to the challenges in the region for the palestinian cause. yemen iran's intervention in the domestic affairs of freedom and. terrorism and
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extremism from. our genuine desire to take these relations to higher levels and intensify our corporations at all fronts as i said in the discussions were very positive our views were. coming together we appreciate. the stance taken by france following that. by a ballistic missile manufactured in iran and launched by the host is and has been love from yemen and. the stance. taken also by france with a spec. supporting lebanon and stability in syria and we're also highly recommend this. stance it's genuine and of a store that is illusion that prices in yemen based on the un resolution and.
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initiatives and out of the yemeni once again i welcome the french foreign minister and i look forward to our. concerted efforts over the coming. weeks still cement our bilateral relations and to seek solutions to the crises within the region. this year. so that. she.
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well just to get you right up to speed with what you're looking at right now here on the al-jazeera news i would just been hearing there from the saudi foreign minister saying that we have converging views on the big issues in the region following on from his discussions with the french foreign minister sean evil adrenal he said we are in agreement on the same page when it comes to intensifying our efforts we hail france primarily on the issue of lebannon and achieving stability in syria we've been hearing from various analysts over the past couple of hours saying that the key no takeaway point on what may or may not come out of these discussions is basically that the french seem to have a lot more leverage when it comes to the relationship with saudi arabia as a springboard into sorting some of the biggest fears in the region more leverage certainly than donald trump the u.s. president we've got that french translation lined up for you let's go back to
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riyadh these meetings. rated this france's. with respect to this belletti and dependence. of lebanon from any foreign intervention so there is spect all. faith and sects in lebanon. so we're concerned that efforts must be made to restore things as they were following that is a nation of these lebanese prime minister roughage how did we also discussed the humanitarian situation. and the measures that must be taken to allow humanitarian aid into yemen and the. saudi led coalition must take
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a number of effective measures in this respect that we'll also discuss. issues and how to coordinate our efforts in this respect namely the situation in syria and that in iraq. where. the defeat of. has generated a great sentiment of satisfaction however old faith and the specs must be provided to protection. we are winning and this wall and we shouldn't lose any approach to unity for peace if you don't. discuss the role. play by a particular and. as she's. not that's your role
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is gives rise to concern namely iran's interference in certain. affairs. through their ballistic missile system. the nuclear program and their limits reached in this regard which is supported by france. however we are very cautious regarding this agreement in this morning's meeting with the saudi foreign minister whose. we. reiterated that france is closely monitoring the reforms carried out at those to be carried. by saudi arabia and to provide whatever assistance is needed so that these reforms should bear fruit.
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especially before the visit by the crown prince of saudi arabia to france thank you my fellow and friend bear thank you for your. ok a lot of fine tuning there on the french stance to do with what's happening in most of the lebanon lebanese politics saad hariri and his apparent detention and his resignation out of the saudi capital riyadh the french foreign minister there. saying we need to restore things as they were he then went on to talk about the defeat of ice all in positive terms of course he would that was a kind of a reiteration of what the french foreign ministry has been saying for several months now he said we also went on and this is crucial to discuss the role played by iran and a direct quote from the french foreign minister iranian interference he said we are
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very cautious on the agreements and he was talking there about iran nuclear program and i suspect as well and this kind of dovetails with what one of our guests was saying at the top of the program the united states' attitude towards the so-called one plus six deal when it comes to iran's nuclear aspirations and how that has to be split the iran's nuclear aspirations when it comes to nuclear power and nuclear weapons let's talk to zena not a very long news conference but there was a lot in there what's your reading of what we've been hearing. well like you mentioned earlier peter the french foreign minister when he said we want things to be restored to the way they were meaning political stability there was relative political stability eleven on for a year there was a saudi understanding if you like to keep lebanon away from you know what is going on in the region to shield it from the regional conflicts so france saying that
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they support political stability and no doubt friends weighing in in the diplomatic turmoil surrounding saddam how do these fake hoping to resolve this crisis to avoid lebannon really being dragged into the conflict in the region and the french foreign minister also criticizing iran saying that it's interference in yemen there is a saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region saudi arabia wants to curb iran's influence a much more aggressive stance we're seeing from saudi arabia in fact many in lebanon understood how did his resignation as a saudi move against iran because hezbollah a proxy of iran was part of that government so he's talking about these issues and saudi arabia making it very clear they don't want hezbollah involved in yemen now hezbollah says we support the hutus we give vocal support but we are not on the ground they deny that and even side of heavy to the prime minister himself in his first public comments he said if i come back to beirut and hold discussions i need guarantees from hezbollah that they will not interfere in yemen not provide any
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assistance to the hutus because yemen is at the doorstep of saudi arabia this is saudi arabia's national security interests now of course hezbollah's official line is that we are not in yemen we support them politically but not militarily so these are the core issues political differences that still remain in this country so even if heidi returns to paris with his family it does not solve the crisis it does not solve the crisis in the region the saudi iranian rivalry and both countries are really having proxies in all these different and these different crises countries these stabilizing the region foreign ministers at this level don't get the lang. which wrong but do you get the feeling perhaps that the french went into these conversations with a slightly different attitude towards what they were going to be talking about i mean the french were there to talk about hariri one assumes the saudis want to talk about all the issues they want to talk about ice or they want to talk about iran hezbollah their for lebanese politics and also surely the red line in the sand is
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what critics of iran say is their regional aspiration to create an arc of iranian influence going from the north to the south of the region on the of the side of the persian gulf. yes saudi arabia this is their new some may call it aggressive stance towards iran they want to take measures against iran they're seeing iranian influence grow in iraq the paramilitary groups are stronger than the national army in iraq has been lost here in lebanon the iranian ally it is its armed wing many say is stronger than the national army and iran has the bases now in syria it has troops in syria so saudi arabia feeling that its influence is really waning across the region so it wants to do something and many believe by saddam how do you this resignation they've chosen to you know start this campaign against iran from lebanon but in one way or another they miscalculated it backfired because so. he became a unifying figure in this country it is
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a deeply divided country there's a pro saudi camp there's a pro iran camp everyone came together when they said he needs to return home many people here believe that in one way or the other he was held hostage even his own supporters we went to the his his stronghold here in beirut and they were saying what saudi arabia did was robbed us from our leader and made us even weaker in the face of iranian influence because iran does you know have a lot of influence in lebanon hezbollah is not just an armed wing it has members in government it has members in parliament it's a political party provide social services it has a lot of supporters so saudi arabia trying to curb iranian influence across the region lebanon included but right now with what happened it really it has backfired in one way or another ok stay close we'll talk to you later i'm sure in the meantime many thanks and that news conference as you were seeing there as we were talking to zain a still very much ongoing the key thing i guess is if mr hariri does end up going to the french capital for quote
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a few days does he take his wife does he take his children with him there's also a financial relationship between him his construction company and the saudi authorities the critics of saudi arabia are saying well saudi arabia in effect is cash strapped now so one of the dynamics that's driving this is they want. money also what is mr hariri prepared to accept zena clearly making the point there that hezbollah has tentacles into the very fabric of lebanon on lebanese society lebanese politics how it operates how it functions day to day will mr hariri in effect be told you have got to either find a way of extracting those tentacles from the lebanese political scene or walk away completely or option number three i guess returned to riyadh carry on living here with your wife and your children interesting times across the region will keep you posted on all those developments to check out the website we're also updating that in real time al jazeera dot com. another breaking story for you coming to us out of cambodia that country's supreme court has dissolved in the last half hour or so the
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main opposition party now the government says the cambodia national rescue party is plotting a coup right mcbride joins of that developing story non-parent rob just walk us through what they've decided to do. that's right peter has been confirmed since we've been on from the supreme court that the dissolution of the c.n.n. r.p.s. the main opposition party here is to go through not only that but one hundred eighteen of its senior officials have been banned from politics of taking part in politics for five years this effectively disables the main opposition to the ruling party the c.p.p. and its long time prime minister. this has been a day long proceedings it's been held amidst the tightest of security here the whole of downtown phnom penh has been sealed off behind a military cordon. the c.n. r.p. the opposition they had been expecting this decision of their leader. is
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under arrest has been thrown for a couple of months of former leader is in exile meanwhile some of their m.p.'s are also in exile others are in hiding and others are fearful of arrest themselves basically the case stems from remarks made by the leader of this party. for which he was arrested a couple of months ago where according to the ruling party he was advocating the overthrow of the government the party denied that they say he was merely talking about the simple change of government through the ballot box the mere mechanisms of a working democracy and that in fact the ruling party here. using the courts to silence his opposition effectively what this does peter is that they want stroke and manages to silence and take away their main obstacle that he faces in crucial
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elections next year he is still likely to face opposition but they are likely to be much smaller parties that will not have the time to organize themselves to unseat him has been a prime minister ruler of cambodia for. the best part of three decades he says he's can turn determined to rule for another ten years and with this ruling that seems to open a way for him to do that peter was there actually any evidence rob that they were planning or plotting a coup. it is based on video recording that. having a meeting with overseas supporters several years ago where her parents the he spoke about the process of replacing unseating the ruling party and doing so with the help of friends with advisors from the united states now according to the opposition party but that's just simple politics it's changed through the ballot
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box the ruling party here has been able to present that as actually plotting a coup is both threatening to overthrow the government and that's what they took to the courts and fortunately for the opposition the supreme court here the courts claim they are independent they have an independent judiciary but the supreme court is made up of a number of members of the ruling party in fact the senior judge is on one of the central player permanent committees of the c.p.p. the ruling party and in fact is a lifelong friend of the prime minister who we don't rob thanks very much we'll talk later. turkey's foreign ministry has suspended a quarter of its diplomats over suspected ties to last year's failed who's the foreign minister. of russia will says these suspensions were based on what he called quote serious documents more than fifty thousand people including security officials military personnel and civil servants have been detained since july of last year the deposed president of catalonia as parliament is planning to run in
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next month spanish regional elections calloused future months is choosing pro independence candidates to join him he plans to manage the campaign from belgium where he and four of his cabinet members are facing extradition to spain. on charges of sedition and rebellion his regional government held last month on splitting away from speck. what they are doing to us is so absurd we run a campaign and one elections and are not being able to take charge of our duties because of what we had proposed during our campaign it's illegal such a serious anomaly must be evident i can't understand how people don't realise this nonsense i run for elections i win and then i can't be elected president by a parliament even though the majority of the citizenship said so we must denounce it. greece has declared a day of mourning after at least fifteen people were killed in flash flooding on the western outskirts of athens more bad weather is in the forecast john
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psaropoulos reports from floods hit me god. bulldozers are trying to push this river back into its bed tarantula rain swelled it so much that it burst its banks and sliced through a network of roads. this flood came before dawn catching people in bed some drowned in their apartments others were found in their front yards two bodies washed out to sea the body of one woman was found in the street even this dog couldn't outrun the water the mayor has opened up the town hall for people who have nowhere to sleep because their houses are ruined. it is a catastrophe a biblical proportions the entire town was flooded before daylight the water came with the force carrying materials with it and blocking drains cars were swept away and people were trapped in their houses some climbed on to their roofs nothing like this has happened before the damage is still being assessed but dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed until wednesday this was
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a doctor's waiting room there's nothing left of this flower shop stock and equipment are destroyed the owner has lived next door for over fifty years and was lucky to escape alive. i always leave this window open a crack and i heard the moan of the torrent and came out and i shouted to my grandchildren to get out of bed by the time we were out of the house the water was already flooding in it took seconds the manholes in the street broke open and the water was jumping two meters up into the air the water came into the others house a metre high destroying everything she owns even her clothes are unusable she saved just her dressing gown this is partly a manmade disaster people who grew up here remember the driver that used to run through this intersection thirty six years ago it was built over but the piping used wasn't wide enough to carry the torrential rain down to the sea and the area flooded even when it was rebuilt eighteen years ago the same thing happened but
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other factors may also play a role in the mountains above will recently devastated by fire the loss of vegetation means heavy rain more easily eroded the soil the cleanup here. take days or weeks but repairing the damage to people's lives will take months or years. how does are going to. know the u.n. is sending nearly a thousand more peacekeepers to the central african republic the un security council approved nine hundred staking the total number to just over eleven and a half thousand u.n. secretary general and turning to terror as one of the risk of ethnic cleansing in the country in twenty thirteen muslim so little devils were moved the christian president francois was easy since then these alaca have been fighting with the christian and. the security council cannot afford to take the risk of allowing the c.a.r. to relapse into a crisis as tragic as the one it was mired in in early twenty twelve and early
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twenty forty on the contrary the council must throw its full weight into hosting the spiral of violence now the u.s. president on the trump has again criticized the north korean leadership he called on governments to put maximum pressure on p.r. and pyongyang and he praised his own achievements during his recent twelve to visit to asia mike hanna has more now from washington. well the speech eventually turned out to be a score card of president trump's asian visit one in which not unexpectedly he gave himself the highest possible marks he spoke of the many deals he was doing he spoke of the greater respect being established for the united states he spoke of the need for the u.s. to put itself first in any future trade negotiations and he also did to discuss the issue of north korea obviously of great concern to the region he did make a speech in south korea vitriolically attacking north korea but this is what he had
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to say i made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail i called on every nation including china and russia to unite in isolating the north korean regime cutting off all ties of trade incomers until it stops its dangerous provoking on and this is the tall key to what we're doing on d. nuclearize ation but also in his speech president trump sharply attacked previous administrations he played them for the policies trade situation that he says the u.s. now finds itself in including the eight billion dollar trade deficit that it has with countries like china he said that experience administrations and were naive in some cases mistaken in other cases and even he said corrupt in some cases well this
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is a very strong criticism from a sitting president very rare for a president to criticize his predecessors in quite the way in which president trump did. now yemen says the saudi led coalition hasn't allowed ships to deliver much needed aid on monday saudi arabia and instead it would stop reopening some yemeni ports and airports it tightened restrictions after the rebels fighting the sound in riyadh eleven days ago but workers at the data port the main entry point for aide say it's still shot is natasha going to. you can hear the wind blowing and the chirping of birds at this port and who died but what you don't hear much of is this. signs that shipments of critical supplies such as food and medicine are arriving in yemen saudi arabia sealed off all ports of entry almost two weeks ago our margins there are going to stop. the ports lost more than seventy
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percent of his operations poverty and starvation are now the headline is saudi led coalition has falsely claimed they have opened the port to aid vessels. saudi arabia says the blockade is intended to cut off smugglers arming the rebels they've given assurances that they'll allow humanitarian aid to continue to flow yemenis say it's obvious shipments aren't arriving. about twelve to thirteen thousand truckers are now out of work we know that the closure is meant by the coalition to bring the yemeni people to their knees but the yemeni people will never knew but to go out the u.n. is calling for a lifting of the blockade and warns yemen could suffer the worst fan mean in decades that would add to already widespread suffering two and a half years of war has only exacerbated poverty in what was already the poorest
1:44 pm
country in the middle east you know on a map and they are now we're facing real exhausting life conditions none of the government authorities or relief organizations are reaching out to us diseases us spending. and the children are getting sick we cannot afford to eat how can we afford to cheat them or buy medicine is a crisis aid agencies say they're desperate to address by can't natasha going to al-jazeera. leaders from around the world have joined discussions in germany on how to slow down global warming china is the world's largest emitter of c o two and it's beginning to change its habits it wants its nearly two hundred million car owners to move to electric vehicles with huge incentives for produces and buyers step vasant has that story from beijing. this is how china sees its near future blue skies and the soothing sound of electric vehicles roaming the city streets present day more often looks like this research shows that one third of air
1:45 pm
pollution in china comes from petrol and diesel cars that's why the government recently decided that traditionally fuel cars are a thing of the past and like france and britain wants to ban them in the next few decades when gen don bought his electric car two years ago he didn't have to go through the license plate lottery a government measure to limit traffic he also got his car much cheaper because of a government subsidy of up to fifteen thousand dollars and unlike petrol and diesel fuel cars he can drive an any part of the city anytime he wants as long as car has enough power. once i was about to go to a charging station when my they were geisha led me to the wrong place there was no charging station and not a single person around i was forced to call a rescue team in china more than half a million people bought an electric car last year that's half of all electric cars
1:46 pm
sold worldwide forcing the government to quickly build more charging stations it's been hard to keep up with the demand and car batteries often don't last much more than two hundred kilometers this by government incentives electric cars are still not that popular here in china many consider them impractical and ugly but producers are trying very hard to make electric cars more fashionable. car makers are increasingly pressure to produce electric cars a recently announced attractive credit system allows companies to make money selling carbon credit quota to traditional car makers but some experts believe the government's plan is unrealistic and they question the benefits of electric cars if we want to. replace all the traditional cars in the nest through take it that this is a lie and this is a fundamentally scientific lie to the world greenpeace says join us rapid switch to electric cars as
1:47 pm
a positive step to combat climate change but the environmental groups asked it's by far not enough because seventy percent of the country's power plants are using coal a major emitter of greenhouse gas if we really want to clean future and we really want to count that and climate change only pushing for the actual vehicle is not enough we need to at the same time push for a face out of coffee of hope that saving the planet or not for consumers like gen dong driving an electric car it's more about saving money than it's about reducing emissions complain the government still needs to work on as well as that fast and al-jazeera beijing. russia has given venezuela a lifeline to help it get out of debt under a restructuring deal it will pay moscow three billion dollars over ten years for the first six of them it will make minimal payments that's the result of talks with creditors from nine countries in the capital caracas on monday to the world's major
1:48 pm
credit agencies downgraded venezuela's rating after it failed to make bond repayments. the smallest news is just around the corner including this one the wait is over to remake a return to football's biggest stage after more than thirty years details with when we come back.
1:49 pm
peter thank you so much peru have secured the final spot in next year's world cup in russia it's the first time they've made the final since nineteen eighty two
1:50 pm
americans now took their spot by being in new zealand two nil in their intercontinental playoff tie this is the fifth time they'll be appearing at the world cup the celebrations of their qualification went long into the naive to al-jazeera as mariana sanchez was in the thick of things in lima. now her. the. tonight group is a beast thousands of fans have come to the center of the media notice district to celebrate this historic match between the root and you see land that i see historic because ruffians have been waiting for more than three decades for this day for the . time to move hands played at the world cup was in spain in one thousand nine
1:51 pm
hundred eighty two now you can feel the same that for decades bruschi was unable to get back to the world cup. now there is a long caravan of cars marching through the center of the lotus with thousands of fans celebrating here and millions of pounds all around peru celebrating. the millions of people who are waiting for this day for many many years but there are generations of prudence to say they've never seen group played at a world cup the. people indeed are very happy tonight of course now people are saying here they hope that the team will have a great. russia next here for now the celebrations all feel. the world cup itself and the celebrations will continue the government has declared
1:52 pm
that on the first day. of the holiday everyone to celebrate. well there are thirty two teams that will compete in russia next year and every spot has now been decided from the east asian region you have japan and south korea who qualified automatically as well as australia who go to their fourth straight world moving further west around and saudi arabia were the other two teams to want to magically qualify from asia of course the host nation russia will be competing from europe the defending champions germany book their tickets alongside belgium france european champions portugal sweden croatia switzerland denmark iceland serbia england poland and spain or five teams from africa will be at the world cup
1:53 pm
egypt make a return for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety and are joined by morocco and nigeria senegal and. mexico costa rica and panama advance from the kong confederation the usa of course didn't make it this time while from south america we know brit we know brazil europe why argentina colombia and peru also be in russia next year will italy didn't make it and as a result. has paid the price a venture as been fired it is the only national coach in the wake of the country's playoff loss to sweden a four time champion failed to reach the world cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and. russia's chances of being part of the winter olympics in february remains in doubt that's because the world anti-doping agency says the country is still not complying with its code the i.o.c. is set to make its final decision next month allegations of a state sponsored doping program raised in an independent report commissioned by
1:54 pm
the watchdog last year as a consequence of russia's anti doping agency was suspended in two thousand and fifteen russian authorities reject claims of a state sponsored doping program the country was suspended from the athletics event at rio two thousand and sixteen following the publication of a water report. well for more on this we're joined by alledge al-jazeera is worry chalons who is live for us from moscow and rory what is the russian reaction been to what is refusing to left its suspension. well the country's sports minister of says that waters requirements are clearly politicized and result of the russian. doping agency has basically given a press conference here in moscow earlier on in the day saying that they have done everything that they could possibly do to comply with waters requirements and that they are going to carry on working together with wada that they have big plans for
1:55 pm
next year that they're clean they're open they're transparent they're not going to hide anything basically what we have though is a position where russia's athletes are now in a bind they're in a very unfortunate situation while there is saying that they will not declare restart a compliance until russia says that yes it did partake in a state sponsored doping operation russia at the moment is completely on willing to do that so there is a deadlock and yes this is casting a shadow over russian sports as you said we have a decision next month from the i.o.c. and the paralympic committee about whether russian athletes will be allowed to partake in the winter olympics next year it's an i.o.c. decision not water decision but what water has recommended or decided will filter into that so we could be in
1:56 pm
a position next year when russian athletes are not competing. so how damaging will it be for russia if they do miss the winter olympics next year. well i mean you know clearly the life will go on the sky will not collapse but this is a serious matter not just for the country's many elite athletes who are perhaps facing a possibility of not being able to compete but it's also a serious matter for the country and the governments which considers sports and big sporting events like the olympics like the world cup as an integral part of russia's prestige on the global stage and so if they're not allowed to compete in that then the country does suffer ok worry chalons reporting live from moscow thank you. well gary's grigor dimitrov has booked his place into the last four of the
1:57 pm
season ending a.t.p. finals in london dimitrov on class belgians damage golf and in straight sets six love six to the world number six was in great form as he made it two wins from two matches on his tournaments debut home now face the winner of the match between alexander's or brad and jack sock. three u.s. college basketball players who were detained in china took a hit from the u.s. president and thank donald trump for helping them get released u.c.l.a. players lee angelo ball cody riley and julian hill admitted to shoplifting from high end stores in hangzhou china for their season opening game in shanghai a while on a visit trump intervened on their behalf and on wednesday trump tweeted do you think the players will say thank you they were headed for ten years in jail well guess what all three of them did i know that this goes beyond me letting my school down the country before before i think everybody who were so incredibly hard to help us return home safely i want to think that chinese
1:58 pm
police and the government for taking care of. our time there so the president of the united states government thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. we really appreciate you helping us out. and that's all you will be back with more later but for now it's back to peter many thanks adrian's in the seat in about two and a half minutes we'll have the very latest on what is or is not happening with saad hariri the lebanese prime minister following on from a joint news conference in riyadh we will see you grayson.
1:59 pm
arts. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry to the straits of magellan to mark the island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by fernandes and penguin expert cloud lloyd we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon fly the nest warmer ocean temperatures have
2:00 pm
diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins by provocative is it alison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york it has to address or if you join us on sect i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. cambodia's main opposition party is dissolved after being a cure.


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