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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins. and when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you must address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the kook klux klan but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. cambodia's main opposition party is dissolved after being accused of plotting
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a coup. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up mediators from south africa arrive in harare the day after the military seizes power from zimbabwe's president robert mugabe. lebanon's prime minister is to leave saudi arabia except to get invitation from the french president to visit paris and . celebrations in lima peru a spot in the world cup. cambodia supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party the government says the cambodia national rescue party is plotting a coup riot police were deployed in phnom penh ahead of the decision. from the
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private who's in the cambodian capital. the decision by the supreme court came after a day of deliberations held amidst the tightest of security in downtown phnom penh the main opposition c n n r p party is to be the result one hundred eighteen of its senior officials are banned from taking part in politics for five years this decision had been expected by the c n n r p it had effectively ceased to function as a party a number of its and p's are in exile or are in hiding or are fearful of arrest its leader cam sorcha was arrested two months ago for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government it is based on a recording of a meeting he had with supporters overseas where he spoke about replacing the government the opposition party says he was merely talking about change through the ballot box according to the ruling c.p.p.
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party here and its long time prime minister stand it amounted to threatening insurrection with this move effectively removes the major obstacle that he was facing in next year's crucial and elections he will still face opposition but it will be from a number of smaller parties that will likely not have time to war going to themselves effectively to unseat him then has been in power now in cambodia for three decades he says he's determined to rule for another ten years and this decision today seems to pave the way for him to do that let's get a few now from. who's in singapore associate fellow at the use of ishaq institute thanks for being with us so what do you make of the supreme court's decision. it think no new turn in cambodian politics to war more of one party state so
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that really you know bring cambodia in to high and certainty ahead is the judiciary the supreme court in cambodia independent. it's it's hard to say but according to what we have observed the remarks of prime minister who are now are the past few weeks and months. dissolution of the opposition party than you can see political impact on the court decision just trying to get to the bottom of the decision whether. genuinely the court felt that there was an attempt to subvert the course of democracy in cambodia whether a crew was being plausible whether this is purely political how do you see it. well we have two opposing views from the government and from the opposition the
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government perceive that that was a plot to down the government through the whooshing what they call it and therefore . it is a political leader motivated move by the ruling party to eliminate the threat to the game or the threat to the power status quo so it's a quite controversial perspective here when we look at the court ruling which which view is correct is the correct one that's what i'm a mask. well i want i don't want to take a stand here but looking from what is going now it seems that. the ruling party is doing. taking a measure to eliminate the potential threat to the powers that is cool all right so
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what does this mean for next year's election and a political opposition in that you say the country is moving towards a one party state will there be any opposition of unsubtle next year. of course without the participation from the opposition party the main opposing party it is difficult to convince internet in our community that next year election will be free fair and meaningful because you know it's no no more main contending political party in the next year elections so that is it's hard to say i mean. election is free and fair or i could see so many things develop with chen there in singapore a south african delegation is in to zimbabwe to try to mediate a way out of the political crisis that the army seized power on wednesday and
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placed president robert mugabe under house arrest it was angered by the sacking of the vice president last week as a serious hell of a tussle reports now from zimbabwe as capital harare. there's an african delegation is meeting members from the army officials and the mugabe family officials are speaking so all the theories about how the scenarios could play out it's all just speculation for now nothing has been confirmed one source is saying that the catholic church is helping to mediate the political crisis and if it's alleging that president robert mugabe a want to respect the constitution of the party he wants them to wait until the december conference where delegates will gain a vote and decide whether he should step down as leader of the party and president of the country opposition parties are calling for a transitional government a unity government and they say that they want this government to involve all political players within zimbabwe and there's one suggestion not confirmed that
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they want the former vice president. to be part of this unity government but for now it is. until zimbabwean authorities come out and put it on record at least six police officers have been killed in an explosion in the afghan capital kabul security forces say that a number of civilians also died it's believed that it was a suicide bombing close to a political gathering. lebanon's prime minister has accepted an offer by the president of france to visit paris really announced his resignation in riyadh. two weeks ago lebanese president bashar tweeted that he hopes the country's political crisis is over french foreign minister is expected to meet harry during his visit to saudi arabia later he's calling the efforts to normalize the situation in lebanon. i reiterated france's
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concern with respect to lebanon sovereignty stability and independence from any foreign intervention all faiths and sects in lebanon need to be respected collective efforts must be made to restore things as they were before the resignation of prime minister saad hariri let's get some analysis now from the who's live for us in beirut so we hope we saw that the saudi arabian foreign minister speaking with his french counterpart in riyadh earlier they they say that they're on the same page as far as lebanon is concerned but judging by what they said all day. well clearly this is a face saving deal there was a confusing picture for nearly two weeks over the fate of saddam how did he and his family he said only resigned in riyadh people saw that as a shock resignation and then many in lebanon including the president believe that saddam had he and his family were being held hostage in saudi arabia he was forced to resign a really strong language coming from the president saying this was an act of aggression by saudi arabia on lebanon sovereignty lebanon reaching out to france
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one time colonial ruler of lebanon france mediating in the crisis weighing in trying to solve this diplomatic turmoil and then we heard from the french president late yesterday saying he invited how did he and his family and how did he accepted that invitation and that he will be coming to france in the next few days and sources close to the resigned prime minister's office have told us that how do you will be returning to lebanon to submit his resignation in the next few days so it was a very confusing picture many here are seeing this as some sort of a deal but saudi arabia has the foreign minister insisting yet again that's how to how to do was not a prince. and the problem in lebanon the source of the tension in the country is hezbollah which iran really blames the story saudi arabia blames for imposing iran's agenda on lebanon so is the lebanese president's assertion that the crisis all its hopes rather the crisis is now over they could correct is he right. well no the crimes this is not over sagal how did his fate we know now more that he
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you know he'll be leaving saudi arabia but the political crisis is there he comes he said met his resignation who will replace him if they replace him with a figure a candidate who is seen close to iran then lebanon risks international isolation because hezbollah is seen by some countries in the region as a terrorist organization we know that the united states and saudi arabia have taken a much more aggressive stance against iran in the region and by extension its proxies like hezbollah so they can to a point that kind of a candidate you'll need a consensus figure and that's going to be very difficult to find so there could be prolonged political paralysis in this country so this could be just the beginning we have to remember how did his resignation was clearly a saudi move against hezbollah hezbollah has members in the government so many feel that the crisis is not over but at least for the time being a clearer picture on the fate of the prime minister and his family i'd say that many thanks indeed say the heart of their lives in beirut. at least eighteen people
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four of them female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in northeastern nigeria twenty nine others injured in the attacks which happened in mugabi on the outskirts of my degree city boko haram has been active in the area of the armed group has killed at least twenty thousand people since two thousand and nine when it began its campaign against the nigerian government more now from al-jazeera. who's in lagos. in what looked like coordinated attacks. walked into one of them. running into a house did you need to die device killing a woman. instantly child was killed in similar circumstance when a female suicide bomber hugged the child and did two major device but the most victims were killed. and even in prayer as was gathered to say the late evening prayer. bomber walked into the crowd and. initial reports said at least nine people died instantly then the fourth female suicide bomber panicked and detonated
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her device in the process killing us up on one or two other bystanders trying to nine people are currently in hospital receiving treatment funeral services i've been holding since morning in my degree i see people try to bury the dead now the military has stepped up its operations against the court i'm in the northeast of the country and book when i was also responding in its own way the military has claimed several victories in the past few weeks also. attacking the court of positions from their own land and but what i'm also in one video released recently claimed to have recorded some such as this against the military killing some soldiers and also taking some weaponry so the fight in the north east is not yet over it's our continuing effort does the military said and they walking the military spokesman said they are walking very hard to ensure the book what i mean is finally decimated and defeated. a weather update thanks to an office here and
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then driving towards a cleaner future one of the world's biggest polluter spends big electric cars plus . a lot of it. on the pins. so oh i've rarely had out of the vinci painting sets a new record. we've got some cold wintry weather making its way towards to. pad over the next couple days not so much showing up on the satellite picture at the moment but this little area of cloud here that's been pushing across the funnel to east of china heading down towards the korean place the high pressure in charge here temperatures very much on the low side. around freezing there for about of all stuck in the heat of the day just about getting up to double figures meanwhile for sendai and also for
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tokyo but you can see we do have some snow which will push its way further east which as we go on through the next day increasingly turning to rain as it pushes across japan eleven or twelve such as here are some really heavy downpours and you can see some snow for just for good measure meanwhile we've got some water clear skies into southern parts of china for central areas that rain really picking up we'll see that weather just to the south of shanghai becoming more expansive as we go on through sas day southern areas of china on the other hand generally staying dry hong kong at about twenty eight degrees celsius meanwhile we've got some very heavy rain pushing across a good part of the philippines this area of low pressure may well develop into a tropical storms keeping a very close eye on that one it will push out to the south china sea as we go through saturday eventually pushing towards china. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india
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a reality too often reinforced by molly wood. but it's leaving star is throwing his weight behind because. the money to pay to leave and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. is snake charmers on the congo witness this time on a. a look at the top stories this hour on al-jazeera cambodia's supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party the government accused the cambodia national rescue party of plotting
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a coup one hundred eighteen members have been banned from politics for five years it was seen as the only viable contender to prime minister hun sen's rule in next year's parliamentary elections. a south african delegation as it is involved in zimbabwe have sought to try to mediate a way out of the political crisis that it's speaking to members of the army president mugabe his family and his posse the military seized power wednesday and placed under house arrest and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer by the president of france emmanuel macron to visit paris lebanese president michel aoun tweeted that he hopes the country's political crisis is over pretty announced his resignation in riyadh nearly two weeks ago. the new york times is reporting that the u.s. is increasingly concerned with the actions of the saudi crown prince saying they could damage american interests but he calling reports from washington d.c.
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. a less than flattering article about the recent moves made by saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon in the new york times the headline reads at thirty two he's begun a war and jailed his rivals what's next paints a picture a prince making rash moves and possibly destabilizing the region putting american interests at risk now oftentimes the way this works in washington because we've seen president come out with his tweets and his state. giving his full support to the moves that made as he's known here in the united states oftentimes though if the rest of the government wants to send a message they do it by speaking off the record or anonymous sources to the new york times and the message in this article from officials at the state department defense department but also the intelligence community is they're growing increasingly concerned about these moves that are being made and there is growing fear in washington that it will destabilize not arabia but the entire region turkey's foreign ministry has suspended
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a quarter of its diplomats over suspected ties to last year's failed coup foreign minister met lutes who says that the suspensions were based on what he called serious documents more than fifty thousand people including security officials military personnel and civil servants have been detained since july of last year. but oppose president of catalan is parliament is planning to run in next month spanish regional elections congress pushed him on is choosing pro independence candidates to run alongside him he plans to manage his campaign from belgium where he and four of his cabinet members are facing extradition to spain on charges of sedition and rebellion. government held a vote last month on splitting from spain. what they are doing to us is so absurd we run a campaign and won elections and are not being able to take charge of our duties because of what we had proposed during our campaign it's illegal for such
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a serious anomaly must be evident i can't understand how people don't realize this nonsense i run for elections i win and i can't be elected president by a parliament even though the majority of the citizenship said so we must denounce it leaders from around the world have joined talks in germany on how to slow down global warming china is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide and it's beginning to change its habit. once it's nearly two hundred billion caused us to move to electrically powered vehicles with huge incentives for producers and buyers start first reports from beijing. this is how china sees its near future blue skies and the soothing sound of electric vehicles roaming the city streets present day more often looks like this research shows that one third of air pollution in china comes from petrol and diesel cars that's why the government recently decided that traditionally fuel cars are a thing of the past and like france and britain wants to ban them in the next few
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decades when gen don bought his electric car two years ago he didn't have to go through the license plate lottery a government measure to limit traffic he also got his car much cheaper because of a government subsidy of up to fifteen thousand dollars and unlike petrol and diesel fuel cars he can drive an any part of the city anytime he wants as long as car has enough power. ones or was about to go to a charging station but mine they will let me into the wrong place there was no charging station and not a single person around i was forced to call a rescue team in china more than half a million people bought an electric car last year that's half of all electric cars sold worldwide forcing the government to quickly build more charging stations it's been hard to keep up with the demand and car batteries often don't last much more than two hundred kilometers this by government incentives electric cars are still
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not that popular here in china many consider them impractical and ugly but producers are trying very hard to make electric cars more fashionable. car makers are increasingly pressured to produce electric cars a recently announced attractive credit system allows companies to make money selling carbon credit quota to traditional car makers but some experts believe the government's plan is unrealistic and they question the benefits of electric cars if we want to. replace all the traditional cars in the north through take it that this is a lie this is the fundamentalist scientific lie to the world greenpeace says china's rapid switched to electric cars as a positive step to combat climate change but the environmental groups asked it's by far not enough because seventy percent of the country's power plants are using coal a major emitter of greenhouse gas if we really want to clean future and we really
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want to count that and climate change only pushing for. vehicle is not enough we need to at the same time push for a face out of coffee of hope that saving the planet or not for consumers like gen dong driving an electric car is more about saving money than it's about reducing emissions and complain the government still needs to work on as well the steps fast and al-jazeera beijing. russia has extended a lifeline to venezuela to help it get out of debt under the current under the restructuring deal rather it'll pay moscow some three billion dollars over the next ten years for the first six it will make minimal payments as the result of talks with creditors from nine nations in the capital caracas on monday two of the world's major credit agencies downgraded venezuela's raising of truth failed to make repayments. a conference is underway in argentina on child labor saving to end
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the practice worldwide by twenty twenty five but it's still a major issue in the host nation has to rise above reports. making bricks is no easy task for you he's been he's worked in this factory for months he says he seventeen years old. it's very difficult to know how much weight i'm carrying i would love to do something else but i cannot we all barely survive with the money we make here. idealy is working in the province of course of the well with his sister who is sixteen. just outside the city of core the law there are dozens of brick making factories like this one. working conditions are barely regulated many workers are reluctant to talk and don't want their ages known child labor is common here but if caught employers could be jailed people here are paid around twenty five dollars for every thousand bricks they
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produce and that's why many children end up working in places like this one so that they can help their families produce more. because their pay varies sometimes a worker with extra help you sable to cut up to three thousand bricks a day. families many from bolivia live inside the factory the landowner rents around the hector of land to a middle man who is in charge of running the business. the sand i have been doing this for years now they run this factory if you look into it is a tough business and now that we are running and we are a bit better i don't want my children doing this they are studying to have a better life most here continue to struggle. is five the brick factory is his playground he lives here with his mother who allowed us to tell his story. i like to ride my bike he told us but when i come from school i help my
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mother with the bricks it's culture and need that have children living and working in places like this one at least eleven have died in factory related incidents in court of the law in the past eight years. workers' union leaders want to denounce child exploitation and are trying to raise awareness about factory conditions. make us have to produce a lot to pay the rent and that puts a lot of pressure in some cases it is up to twenty five percent of the production we are working hard to try to eradicate charlie and we have achieved a lot but we need more control. arjun times are proud of laws that protect workers and children. but many areas all around the country remain where those laws continue to be ignored. or the law argentina. football team has beaten new zealand to reach the world cup finals for the first time in more than thirty years. reports.
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through his beast thousands of come to the center of the media district to celebrate this historic match between her room. historic because her ruffians have been waiting. for this. time to move against the world cup in ninety. four decades bruised he was unable to get to the world cup. i have tears of joy because i thought i was going to die without ever seeing peru playing in the world cup and tonight it's all for peru we are capable of doing it we trusted this team and now where in the world cup. i'm happy i would do it when the world cup.
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now there is a long. hours marching through the center of this with thousands of fans celebrating here and millions of pounds all around peru celebrating. millions of people were waiting for this day for many many years but our generation . never seen group played at a world cup. people are very happy to force people here. he will meet. next here the celebration oh oh.
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everyone. excellent better than a few soreheads in lima this morning now a rare painting by rene songs most a little davinci has become the most expensive piece of ever sold at auction the portrait of jesus christ went for four times its estimated value reports. the masterpiece of christ the savior previous in the collection the three kings of england. a treasure of the renaissance and a triumph of capitalism in order to vinci's masterwork salvatore monday or savior of the world has gone under the hammer for a record breaking four hundred fifty point three million dollars it's a far cry from the one nine hundred fifty eight when it first a mere sixty dollars at the time it was thought to be painted by a student of davinci rather than the master himself the sale is quite a coup for christie's auction house coming at a time when collectors are early ning towards more contemporary artists many critics point to a highly successful marketing campaign this advertising video doesn't even show the
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picture itself only the reactions of visitors. can house hired an outside agency for the first time to build hype for the event billed as the last of in tens of thousands flocked to pretty old viewings in hong kong london san francisco and new york all to catch a glimpse of a bonafide masterpiece not only does it add public excitement and around the sales it brings in perhaps more people than would normally come through our doors and but it also sparks also some great conversations around the arts and adds a greater richness i think. to the sale season the salesmanship seems to have worked even before the auction began they'd secured a guaranteed bid of one hundred million dollars salvatore monday is the only known painting by the renaissance master still in a private collection davinci died in fifty nineteen and fewer than twenty of his paintings are left inexistent. al-jazeera.
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could have even the same dream for good here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera cambodia's supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party the government accuse the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup one hundred eighteen members have been banned from politics for five years more now from rob mcbride in phnom penh. this decision had been expected by the c n n r p it had effectively ceased to function as a party a number of its and p's are in exile or are in hiding or are fearful of arrest its leader was arrested two months ago for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government it is based on a recording of a meeting he had with supporters overseas where he spoke about replacing the government at least six police officers have been killed in an explosion in the
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afghan capital kabul when a bit of civilians are also reported to die at the explosion happened on a main road and was so powerful that shattered the windows appear by buildings it's thought to have been a suicide bombing that was close to a political gathering a south african delegation is in zimbabwe to try to mediate a way out of the current political crisis it's speaking to members of the army president mugabe's family and his party the military seized power weapons to have placed under house arrest lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer by the president of france emmanuel macron to visit paris lebanon's president michel aoun tweeted that he hopes the country's political crisis is over but he announced his resignation from riyadh two weeks ago turkey's foreign ministry has suspended a quarter of its diplomats over suspected ties to last year's failed coup more than fifty thousand people including security officers military personnel and civil
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servants have been detained since july last year. at least eighteen people four of them female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in northeastern nigeria twenty nine others were injured in the attacks which happened. on the outskirts of my degree city. there's the headlines more news here on al-jazeera after inside story next. just horrific in me and more america's top diplomat hits out at the suffering of the real him but stop short of calling it ethnic cleansing or demanding sanctions as me and more government leaders clear themselves of any crimes what.


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