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he has done for a front at this time on al-jazeera. and i said i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. cambodia supreme court dissolves the main opposition party in what's being described as the death of democracy.
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hello again i'm peter w watching house here a lot from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. it's a tragedy of our time that almost twenty one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance the u.n. says saudi arabia's blockade of yemen is being measured lives lost. driving for a cleaner future one of the world's biggest polluters spends big on electric cars plus. celebrations in lima peru and a spot at the world cup. the supreme court in cambodia has dissolved the main opposition party and that party denies accusations that it's plotting to overthrow the government the decision gives the prime minister who sent a clear run in next year's general election rob mcbride has the latest now from phnom penh. the decision came after
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a day of deliberations held amid tight security around cambodia supreme court the cambodian national rescue party had been expecting its dissolution and had already ceased to function with many of its senior members in hiding already exile like it's vice president. we look at. is this. message to the international community yet mr hood is. who. our prime minister hun sen has accused his rivals of plotting to overthrow his government after the arrest of opposition leader kim saka the national rescue party denied the claim accusing the ruling party of using the courts to silence it it nearly won against the government at the last election and has been gaining in popularity and looking one in politics here all summer game is
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a winner takes all politics and it. is risky to. human rights groups have accused one sound of a wider crackdown one of the leading newspapers the cambodia daily was closed in september the government says for nonpayment of taxes and there have been restrictions on the activities of foreign n.g.o.s. the opposition has promised to fight on regardless it can continue and do exist and. everyone in cambodia. inside and outside. wins like she is vibrant with this court's decision prime minister hun sen removes in one stroke his biggest obstacle in next year's election he will still face opposition but it will likely be from smaller parties unable to war going to
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themselves in time to unseat him and his premiership that has lasted for three decades is set to continue rob mcbride al-jazeera. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer from the french president emmanuel micro-loan to visit paris he met the french foreign minister in the saudi capital riyadh where he'd announced his resignation two weeks ago lebanese president michel tweeted that he hopes the country's political crisis is over. false i reiterated france's concern with respect to lebanon stability independence and sovereignty from any foreign intervention all faiths and sex in lebanon need to be respected collective efforts must be made to restore things to normal after the resignation of prime minister saad hariri well the saudi foreign minister today denied allegations that hariri was being held against his will. in the kind of history the prime minister is living in saudi arabia under his own will he's
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resigned and with respect to his return to lebanon it's in his hands he can leave when he wants well as my feet of ice has hezbollah is the root of the problems in lebanon there is a need to find ways to deal with them there are concrete steps in this regard so let's get more on that for use in order now from beirut. many are calling it a face saving deal assad or how did he and his family their faith really was open to question for nearly two weeks since his shock resignation from the saudi capital many in lebanon including the president believe that he was forced to resign by the saudi authorities and that he and his family were being held hostage the president even using very strong language accusing saudi arabia of carrying out an act of aggression against lebanon sovereignty france a weighed in to mediated in this crisis the french president confirming that the how did he and his family will be traveling to paris soon and that he will be
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spending a few days in paris and sources close to the prime minister the resign prime minister in beirut say that he will be coming to lebanon without setting a date to submit his resignation in person now the lebanese president saying that he welcomes this and he's saying that the crisis is now over but it is not over because once had to be resigned there could be a period of prolonged political crisis here who is going to replace the prime minister you need a consensus candidate for political stability to be maintained in lebanon and clearly there is a pro saudi camp pro iran camp the resignation was seen as a saudi move against iran targeting the iranian proxy hezbollah in lebanon so the situation is still very tense there is still political differences on the ground but at least the fate of the prime minister is now clear and that within the next forty eight hours according to sources he could be in the french capital at least one million children in yemen are at risk of an outbreak of syria because the vaccines are being blocks from getting into the country of us according to
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a joint statement by three u.n. agencies on monday saudi arabia assert it would reopen some yemeni ports and airports but the u.n. wants the blockade to be lifted completely out of the door was introducing a deliveries waiting to be shipped. frustration is growing with in the aid community based here in djibouti they have been unable to deliver a much needed aid to yemen for more than ten days now they say the ships are ready lauded with much needed medical supplies for the colorado response as well as food needed by mall noticed children in yemen but they have not gotten the go ahead from the coalition led by so did abia to dock into the port of the day that which they say is where they've been delivering aid ever since the yemen humanitarian response began as so far they have been able to take stuff about seventy of them working for
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the united nations and other international organizations to the port of other than now they say the coalition has allowed them to dock into the port of other alone and they say that is not logistically. possible for them because much of the aid is supposed to be delivered to the most fun part of yemen and they say they that is the ideal port for them and that landing the aid in other than will only force them to go through. the court challenges including passing through land being held by tribal militias and they say anything could happen well a little earlier i spoke with i mean he's the director of the human race u.s. middle east and north africa bureau. it's a tragedy of time almost twenty one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance of course there are various degrees of assistance and needs but some of them are really facing. horrible times hunger diseases. starvation for some
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of them. mobility freedom of movement. no income no access to health services they're facing a big demick we've seen the cholera outbreak there are there in danger of the fear and other diseases if vaccines do not reach people and if they don't have access to the medical services adequate one we see these children are walking skeletons that shouldn't have been. in our time today we saw in a report and we're looking at the pictures right now is this blockade a total blockade or as of today is a just a partial blockade as of today fortunately they have been lift of some of the. u.n. vessel came in an air of an air flight and has united nations humanitarian airlines was allowed to land in and i don't own a regular program but look we have four hundred forty staff members international
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inside. yemen in sana'a either and other places they need to move in and out we also need to have this. at least attend to some of the necessities be the medical evacuation of the staff who are facing medical problems but more than that i think we need a total airlift of air sea and land so that supplies can go to all the population everywhere and who's talking to whom to make sure that happens and what kind of response are you getting when i think the international community talking to the coalition and u.n. also collectively stalkings the coalition i think there are also other security issues of course that contributed to the situation where there are many stories not only the brocade there's a war that's going on there is that there is no access for humanitarian supplies and the fact that yemen traditionally the bendigo eighty to ninety percent of it is supplies commercial medical or otherwise on imports and through the private sector
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that almost all vanished and the country is in the state where it is now at least six police officers were killed in an explosion in the afghan capital kabul today security forces and a number of civilians also died explosion happened a main road where area it's believed it was a suicide bomb attack close to a local political gathering. at least eighteen people including four female suicide bombers have been killed in a series of blasts in the northeast of nigeria twenty nine others were injured in the attacks in one of gardy on the outskirts of my dignity city book on her arms been active in that area the armed group has killed at least twenty thousand people since two thousand and nine when it began its campaign against the nigerian government. still ahead here on al-jazeera zimbabwe is in limbo big questions still remain on what happens next now the military is in control. and greece's sense is
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the damage after flash flooding kills at least fifteen some people are saying the disaster could have been prevented. however we got some rather heavy rain pushing into central areas of china over the next couple of days to the southeast generally fine a dry twenty seven twenty eight degrees there for hong kong over the next hour to be you can see this line of wetter weather easing up towards shanghai popping up somewhat becoming more expansive as we go on through saturday in shanghai cooling off significantly just fourteen degrees celsius for saturday afternoon meanwhile the sunshine continues in hong kong sunshine continues to into central and southern parts of the side of the country where we'll see some very heavy rain further spells of heavy rain around additional west bengal pushing up towards bangladesh
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that area of cloud and right in evidence there for friday night is a little further research into the northeast the far northeast of india elsewhere it should be largely settled just not just want to showers down towards the south dry up towards the north i'm afraid the fog and smoke problems continuing across the northern plains over the coming days by saturday possible dry down towards southern parts but essentially very little change meanwhile very little change in the weather across the arabian peninsula settled and sunny for the most part watch see want to two showers just easing into the gulf of oman with a top temperature of thirty degrees. why provocative or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set.
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up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha my name's peter dhabi your headlines so far the supreme court in cambodia today dissolved the main opposition party the government accuse the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup that was seen as the only viable contender to the prime minister consensual in next year's shuttle parliamentary elections. lebanon's prime minister saad
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hariri has accepted an offer from the french president a man on my call to visit paris he met the french foreign minister in the saudi capital riyadh that's where he announced his resignation two weeks ago. and the u.n. a.c.r. has told this channel that the humanitarian crisis in yemen is the worst tragedy of our time to million children are at risk of an outbreak that theory of as vaccines are being blocked from getting into the country and un want saudi arabia to completely lift its blockade of yemen. a south african delegation is in zimbabwe to mediate a way out of the political crisis now the army seized power on weapon state and placed the president robert mugabe under house arrest it was angered by the sacking of the vice president last week has more now from zimbabwe's capital harare. there's an african delegation is meeting members from the army officials and the mugabe family officials aren't speaking so all the theories about how the scenarios
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could play out it's all just speculation nothing has been confirmed one source is saying that the catholic church is helping to mediate the political crisis and if it's alleging that president robert mugabe a wants to respect the constitution of the party he wants them to wait until the december conference where delegates will gain a vote and decide whether he should step down as leader of the party and president of the country opposition parties are calling for a transitional government a unity government and they say that they want this government to involve all political players within zimbabwe and there's one suggestion not confirmed that they want their former vice president. to be part of this unity government but for now it is. until zimbabwean authorities come out and put it on record. now the u.n. is sending nearly a thousand more peacekeepers to the central african republic the u.n. security council approved nine hundred troops that takes the total number to just
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over eleven and a half thousand the u.n. secretary general and as one of the risk of ethnic cleansing in the country in twenty muslim rebels removed the christian president was easy now since then the selectors have been fighting with the christian group. the security council cannot afford to take the risk of allowing the c.a.r. to relapse into a crisis as tragic as the one it was mired in in early twenty twelve and early two thousand and fourteen on the contrary the council must throw its full weight into hosting the spiral of violence the russian president vladimir putin will next week host turkey and iranian leaders for talks on syria in such despite recent agreements brokered by all three countries the fighting in syria goes on many have stayed a pessimistic about any potential breakthrough for some a binge of aid now reports from the turkey syria border. more syrian
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soldiers in militia fighters from iran backed groups in syria and iraq have arrived and. it's been a week since the syrian government scheme that it took isis last stronghold since then i think has lodged dozens of attacks and its fighters hiding in tunnels inside the city managed to take back most of the town on the syria iraq border. assad's forces have also come under attack by opposition fighters in the suburbs of the capital damascus this is one of the largest military barracks belonging to the syrian regime in eastern guta since january it has exchanged hands several times. but the rebel small gains are no match for the government's air superiority fighter jets have continued to target opposition areas. the escalation if that's what is called the planes didn't spare any neighborhood more than sixty people injured here the hospitals are full of civilians dying because of the lack of medicine as
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government forces gain ground against rebels are nice and they renewed their calls for u.s. soldiers to leave the statement from syria's foreign office came a day after u.s. secretary of state quote walking away from syria this week in attacks comes as world leaders agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties but inside syria people say that another security council meeting with continued to fail to prevent attacks. earlier this year the world reacted in almost unanimous condemnation to the images of suffocating children the u.n. found the assad regime responsible for the chemical attack in qana which killed dozens of people the government denied responsibility and russia questions about the attack itself britain's foreign secretary accused russia for consistently choosing to cover up for the sun as the mandate for the un joint investigative mechanism expires the u.s. and russia are presenting rival bids for how to investigate future chemical attacks russia has so far vetoed nine resolutions on syria and more than six years into
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this war world leaders are still making statements as attacks against civilians continue with impunity some of the job it out of their. human rights watch has uncovered new cases of me and my security forces raping rango women and girls it's new report accuses troops of using rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign in rakhine state some victims managed to escape and they have been speaking out it's called hind and i reports from naypyidaw. these two were hinges sisters fifteen and eighteen years old fled the mungo district in rakhine state when myanmar security forces launched a violent campaign it followed attacks on security post by russian jew rebels in august the sisters say their mother and father were killed and they say they were both raped by soldiers they are now in a refugee camp across the border in bangladesh were protecting their identity yeah . fifty soldiers came to our house after killing our family members ten of them
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entered our they started beating us and stripped us by cutting our clothes with machetes and plates then they started. hearing the girls the screams neighbors rushed to their house when the soldiers went to intervene the two made their escape according to a human rights watch report just released the rape of the sisters as part of a widespread problem the report accuses me and my security forces of raping women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing over the last three months. they interviewed fifty two range of women and girls twenty nine said they had been raped before they fled to bangladesh all but one of the rapes were gang rapes earlier in the week the myanmar military released its findings from an internal investigation of its soldiers conduct in rakhine they said that there was no wrongdoing including sexual violence human rights watch called the report
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a whitewash total impunity and that's the issue i mean no one within the myanmar military is being held responsible for this sexual violence or for any other human rights atrocities that are being perpetrated on the rohingya it's a it's a clean clean clean slate they let it they let it go on and then they denied all. human rights watch has called on the un security council to impose an arms embargo on myanmar and to go after those military leaders responsible for human rights violations with targeted sanctions for the sisters living in a refugee camp in bangladesh the damage is already done saying they're trying to heal but will never get back what they lost it's got harder al-jazeera naypyidaw. the deposed president of the council and parliament is planning to run in next month spanish regional elections come as putin on tuesday using pro independence candidates to join him he plans to manage the campaign from belgium where he and
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four of his cabinet members are facing extradition to spain on charges of sedition and rebellion putin wants regional government held a vote last month on splitting away from spain. greece has declared a day of mourning after at least fifteen people were killed in flash flooding on the western outskirts of athens john snow reports from. bulldozers are trying to push this river back into its bid to rental rain swelled it so much that it burst its banks and sliced through a network of roads. this flood came before dawn catching people in bed some drowned in their apartments others were found in their front yards two bodies washed out to sea the body of one woman was found in the street even this dog couldn't outrun the water the mayor has opened up the town hall for people who have nowhere to sleep because their houses are ruined. and every day and it is a catastrophe a biblical proportions the entire town was flooded before daylight the water came
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with the force carrying materials with it and blocking drains cars were swept away and people were trapped in their houses some climbed on to their roofs nothing like this has happened before the damage is still being assessed but dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed until wednesday this was a doctor's waiting room there's nothing left of this flower shop stock and equipment are destroyed the owner has lived next door for over fifty years and was lucky to escape alive. i always leave this window open a crack and i heard the moan of the torrent and came out and i shouted to my grandchildren to get out of bed by the time we were out of the house the water was already flooding in it took seconds the manholes in the street broke open in the water was jumping two meters up into the air the water came into the others house a metre high destroying everything she owns even her clothes are unusable she saved just her dressing gown this is partly
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a manmade disaster people who grew up here remember the driver that used to run through this intersection thirty six years ago it was built over but the piping used wasn't wide enough to carry the torrential rain down to the sea and the area flooded even when it was rebuilt eighteen years ago the same thing happened but other factors may also play a role in the mountains above my god we're recently devastated by fire the loss of vegetation means heavy rain more easily eroded the soil the cleanup here. take days or weeks but repairing the damage to people's lives will take months or years jumps out as are going to. leaders from around the world have joined talks in germany on how to slow down global warming china is the world's largest emitter of c o two and it's beginning to change its habits it wants its nearly two hundred million drivers to move over to electric vehicle step vasant from beijing. this is how china sees
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its near future blue skies and the soothing sound of electric vehicles roaming the city streets present day more often looks like this research shows that one third of air pollution in china comes from petrol and diesel cars that's why the government recently decided that traditionally fuel cars are a thing of the past and like france and britain wants to ban them in the next few decades when gen don bought his electric car two years ago he didn't have to go through the license plate lottery a government measure to limit traffic he also got his car much cheaper because of a government subsidy of up to fifteen thousand dollars and unlike petrol and diesel fuel cars he can drive an any part of the city anytime he wants as long as car has enough power. once i was about to go to a charging station when my they were geisha led me to the wrong place there was no charging station and not a single person around i was forced to call
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a rescue team in china more than half a million people bought an electric car last year that's half of all electric cars sold worldwide forcing the government to quickly build more charging stations it's been hard to keep up with the demand and car batteries often don't last much more than two hundred kilometers this by government incentives electric cars are still not that popular here in china many consider them impractical and ugly but producers are trying very hard to make electric cars more fashionable. car makers are increasingly pressured to produce electric cars a recently announced attractive credit system allows companies to make money selling carbon credit quota to traditional car makers but some experts believe the government's plan is unrealistic and they question the benefits of electric cars if we want to. replace all the traditional cars in the north through take it that this is a liar this is a fundamentally
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a scientific lie to the world greenpeace says china's rapid switched to electric cars as a positive step to combat climate change but the environmental groups asked it's by far not enough because seventy percent of the country's power plants are using coal a major emitter of greenhouse gas if we really want to clean future and we really want to count that and climate change only pushing for electric vehicle is not enough we need to at the same time push for a face out of coffee of hope that. saving the planet or not. driving an electric car is more about saving money than it's about reducing emissions complain the government still needs to work on. al-jazeera. to peru without country. to reach the world cup finals for the first time in more than thirty years mario sanchez reports now from lima.
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peru his beast thousands of fans are come to the center of the media notice this trip to celebrate this historic match between the room and you see let historic because the ruffians have been waiting. for this day. for the last time to move against the world cup in ninety. four decades bruised he was unable to get back to the world cup. i have tears of joy because i thought i was going to die without ever seeing playing in the world cup and tonight it's all for peru we are capable of doing it trusted this team and now where in the world cup. i'm excited happy to wait we're in the world cup.
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now there is a long hours marching through the center of. thousands of fans celebrating here and millions of pounds all around through celebrating. millions of people were waiting for this day for many many years but our generation . they've never seen group played at a world cup. very happy to. hear the. world. and the celebration.
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everyone just celebrate. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha your headlines cambodia supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party the government accuse the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup one hundred eighteen members have been banned from politics for five years mcbride has more now from phnom penh. and this decision had been expected by the sea and it had effectively ceased to function as a party a number of its m.p.'s are in exile or are in hiding or are fearful of arrest its leader was arrested two months ago for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government it is based on a recording of a meeting he had with supporters overseas where he spoke about replacing the
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government lebanon's prime minister has accepted an offer from the french president emmanuel maccarone to visit paris he met the french foreign minister in the saudi capital riyadh where he announced his resignation two weeks ago the lebanese president michel aoun tweeted that he hopes the country's political crisis is over . the u.n.h.c.r. has told al jazeera the humanitarian crisis in yemen is the worst tragedy of our time at least a million children are at risk of outbreak of diptheria as vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the un wants saudi arabia to completely lift its blockade of yemen at least six police officers have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul security forces say a number of civilians died the explosion happened close to a political gathering a south african delegations in zimbabwe to mediate a way out of the crisis is speaking to members of the army mr mugabe's family and
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the zanu p.f. party the military took power on wednesday and placed mcgarvie under house arrest those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the streambed i will see you very soon. we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring an ecosystem to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen roberts talks to all disease at this time.


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