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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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he achieved something that never happened before. his captivity the only hope for china's panders one of the nice ventures deep into the mountains of western china in search of the elusive wild panda. at this time on al-jazeera. there's no one way of telling. key thing is right and to be respectful it's great to get to know the person for me to. provoke a debate challenging the established line every single one of the three people who was killed with a drug dealer join. up from a distance. harare come but tense south african ministers fly in to help reach a deal on zimbabwe and mugabe's future.
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and on top of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. cambodia supreme court does over the main opposition party clearing the way for hussein's ruling party to win next year's election. the french foreign minister says lebanese prime minister saad hariri will head to paris soon after meeting him in riyadh. human rights watch accuses me and mock troops of using rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the ranger. and a random vinci painting one sold for just sixty dollars which is a record breaking four hundred fifty million at auction. and ironically god is reported to be refusing to stand down as zimbabwe's president
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despite being confined to his home by the military a delegation from south africa is in the capital for talks aimed at reaching a deal on the country's future a catholic priest is mediating between mugabe and the generals the mood in harare is calm but tense with troops still stationed around the city the military seize power and choose. night surrounding the girl his home and government buildings when they see it as the beginning of the end of his thirty seven year rule. in harare has worn the talks going on to resolve the crisis. there's an african delegation is at state house meeting president robert mugabe and then all officials coming out on the records telling people what exactly is going on seoul information that's out there is from an unnamed sources that maybe in telling media and analysts that are the talks have been lengthy and sometimes not easy they're saying the president robert mugabe has been making some demands which include he wants guarantees that he and his family will be safe and that he also feels that he should be forced to
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leave now he says that the ruling party is on it here it has rules and regulations the party should stick to the constitution he's the suggesting that people wait into the december conference we delegates in the party will vote with the wanted to step down as leader of the party and heads of state we're hearing some people in the army may not be too keen on this it's all speculation for not for now but that is what we are hearing and the talks are still going on opposition parties have been talking about a post mugabe era where people are thinking about was about it could look like after mugabe is gone and give a press conference and he started by saying that he takes no pleasure in seeing what mugabe is going through he says it was a long time ago maybe he'd have left a good legacy and he also feels that it's also time for mubarak to resign in the interest of the people. used to robert mugabe must resign step down immediately with the national sentiment and expectation. taken for
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a god of his legacy. and a contribution to zimbabwe. and of course the streets are quiet people are going about their business but people are on edge a lot depends on how these talks whether the president will agree to step down and if he doesn't what is the army going to do. cambodia's supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party having promised to whom to send his ruling party a clear run in next year's election the government says they can manage a national rescue party was plotting to take power with help from the united states bryant has the latest from. the decision came after a day of deliberations held the made tight security around cambodia supreme court the cambodian national rescue party had been expecting its dissolution and had
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already ceased to function with many of its senior members in hiding already exile like its vice president. we look at the trial as the trials in laos is a significant message to the international community yet mr junta is to dictate who wants to remain in power prime minister hun sen has accused his rivals of plotting to overthrow his government after the arrest of opposition leader kemp. the national rescue party denied the claim accusing the ruling party of using the courts to silence it it nearly won against the government at the last election and has been gaining in popularity and looking one in politics zero sum game is a winner takes all politics and it. is risky to lose.
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human rights groups have accused one send of a wider crackdown one of the leading newspapers the cambodia daily was closed in september the government says for nonpayment of taxes and there have been restrictions on the activities of foreign n.g.o.s the opposition has promised to fight on regardless it can continue and exist and it is in the hearts of everyone in cambodia it. inside and outside it. is vibrant with this court's decision prime minister hun sen removes in one stroke his biggest obstacle in next year's election he will still face opposition but it will likely be from smaller parties unable to war going to rise themselves in time to unseat him and his premiership that has lasted for three decades is set to continue rob mcbride al-jazeera. saudi arabia's foreign minister has denied reports that
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a lebanese prime minister saad hariri is being held in riyadh against his will and a larger bear insistent hariri was free to leave the kingdom when he pleases but reiterated his calls for hezbollah to disarm and iran to stop what he called its aggressive activities in the region kerry has accepted an offer of french president in one year to visit paris and a hotter as well from beirut. it was a confusing picture for nearly two weeks the fate of saddle had he was open to question many in lebanon including the president michel aoun accused saudi arabia of forcing the prime minister to resign as well as holding him and his family hostage accusations rejected by saudi officials. the french government weighed in in what some are calling a face saving deal the french president. invited had and his family to visit paris his foreign minister who held talks in riyadh confirmed that the invitation was
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accepted the crisis began when had he announced his sudden resignation earlier this month it was seen as a saudi move against iran's ally in lebanon hezbollah. collective efforts must be made to restore things as they were before the resignation of prime minister saad hariri lebanon has been caught up in proxy wars in the past it is easy to exploit the deep divisions between its political camps. we cannot afford more pressures we cannot afford more interferences from anybody whether from so the radio or from iran. it's not clear how to draw his resignation but lebanon's president michel aoun said he will wait for the prime minister to return to beirut to decide the next step with regards to the government french mediation may have ended the diplomatic turmoil over how to create but the crisis is far from over if
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it's on resigning it will be hard to find a candidate accepted by all sides to replace him and the ongoing rivalry between iran and saudi arabia could cause more instability here. lebanese from across the political divide had one message to saudi arabia we want our prime minister back it seems how do you is now coming back but what happens next will test if the unity will be short lived so to her and she's eager beirut. and u.n. says at least one million children in yemen are at risk of contracting diphtheria because urgently needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three u.n. agencies of pleaded with the saudi led coalition to lift its blockade on the country they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up of cholera which is infected some one hundred thousand yemenis in the past six months on monday saudi arabia said it would reopen some yemeni ports and airports but the u.n. wants the blockade lifted completely i mean i want is director of year next year as
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middle east and north africa bureau he says the humanitarian message is very clear . it's a tragedy of time almost twenty one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance of course there are various degrees of assistance and needs but some of them are really facing. horrible times hunger diseases. starvation for some of them. mobility freedom of movement. no income no access to health services they're facing a bill that makes we've seen the cholera outbreak there are there a danger of the fear and other diseases if vaccines do not reach people and if they don't have access to the medical services adequate one we see these children are walking skeletons that shouldn't have been in our time today and i know is in djibouti where aid agencies are still waiting to ship any deliveries to yemen. frustration is growing with in the aid community based here in djibouti they've
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been unable to deliver much needed aid to yemen for more than ten days now they say their ships are red the lauded with much needed medical supplies for the colorado response as well as food needed by mall noticed children in yemen but they have not gotten the go ahead from the coalition led by so dariya to dock into the port of the day that which they say is where they've been delivering aid ever since the yemen humanitarian response began so far they're all only able to take staff about seventy of them working for the united nations and other international organizations to the port of adam now they say the coalition has allowed them to dock into the port of other alone and they say that is not logistically. possible for them because much of the aid is supposed to be delivered to the most
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fun part of yemen and they say they that is the ideal port for them and that landing the aid in other than will only force them to go through. the court challenges including passing through land being held by tribal militias and they say anything could happen at least fourteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul it happened outside a hotel which was hosting a gathering of around seven hundred supporters and if your actual regional leader victims include police officers and two civilians i saw says it was behind the attack turkey's foreign ministry has suspended a quarter of its diplomats ever suspected ties to last year's failed coup foreign minister meffert travel show who says they suspensions were based on what he called serious documents on fifty thousand people including security officials military personnel and civil servants have been detained since july last year. still to come this half hour as the syrian government gains ground against rebel groups and we
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explore the human cost of the six year conflict. and u.s. president donald trump heads to congress to rally republicans had a crucial tax reform. we got some rather heavy rain pushing into central areas of china over the next couple days to the southeast generally find a dry twenty seven twenty eight degrees there for hong kong over the next hour to be you can see this line of wetter weather easing up towards shanghai pepping up somewhat becoming more expansive as we go on through saturday in shanghai cooling off significantly just fourteen degrees celsius for saturday afternoon the sunshine continues in hong kong sunshine continues to into central and southern parts of the
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side of the country there will see some very heavy rain further spells of heavy rain around additional west bengal pushing up towards bangladesh that big area of cloud and right here evidence there for friday night is a little further research into the northeast the far northeast of india elsewhere it should be largely settled just not just want to showers down towards the south dry up towards the north i'm afraid the fog and smoke problems continuing across the northern plains over the coming days by saturday possible to drive down towards southern parts but essentially very little change meanwhile very little change in the weather across the arabian peninsula settled and sunny for the most part watch see want to two showers just easing into the gulf of oman with a top temperature of thirty degrees. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution two new.
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mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through. weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of china's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my turn is yeah. at this time on al-jazeera. the mind of the top stories here now to zero zimbabwe's capital harare remains calm but tense down to the minute she seized power on tuesday night robert mugabe is reported to be refusing to stand down as president despite being confined to his home. cambodia's supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party giving prime
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minister who sent his party a clear run in next year's general election the government accuses the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup. and french foreign minister says lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has accepted an offer to visit paris kerry has not been back to lebanon since now so his resignation from saudi arabia told days ago. russian president vladimir putin is to host the leaders of turkey and iran in sochi next week for a summit talks on syria the trio meeting to discuss ways to improve cooperation to find a political solution to more than six years of civil war but for those inside syria ideas of a potential diplomatic breakthrough being met with heavy skepticism somewhat enjoyed reports from near the turkish syrian border. more syrian soldiers and militia fighters from iran backed groups in syria and iraq have arrived in amman it's been
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a week since the syrian government's claim that it took isis last stronghold since then i said has launched dozens of attacks and its fighters hiding in tunnels inside the city managed to take back most of the town on the syria iraq border. assad's forces have also come under attack by opposition fighters in the suburbs of the capital damascus this is one of the largest military barracks belonging to the syrian regime in eastern since january it is exchanged hands several times. but the rebel small gains are no match for the government's air superiority fighter jets have continued to target opposition areas. deescalation if that's what is called the planes didn't spare any neighborhood more than sixty people injured here the hospitals are full of civilians dying because of the lack of medicine as government forces gain ground against rebels are nice and they renewed their calls for u.s. soldiers to leave the statement from syria's foreign office came
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a day after u.s. secretary of state quote walking away from syria this week in attacks comes as world leaders agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties but inside syria people say that another security council meeting with continued to fail to prevent attacks. earlier this year the world reacted in almost unanimous condemnation to the images of suffocating children the u.n. found the assad regime responsible for the chemical attack in qana which killed dozens of people the government denied responsibility and russia questions about the attack itself britain's foreign secretary accused russia for consistently choosing to cover up for the sun. as the mandate for the un joint investigative mechanism expires the u.s. and russia are presenting rival bids for how to investigate future chemical attacks russia has so far vetoed nine resolutions on syria and more than six years into this war will be are still making statements as attacks against civilians continue
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with impunity some of the job without a zero. and art installation in the center of berlin is giving passers by a sense of the horror syrians have endured monument by a syrian german artist. is based on a picture of a pendant buses that provided a makeshift barricades from snipers in aleppo peace sparked protests from germany's far right groups at an earlier showing charlie rangel has more from berlin we're here at the brandenburg gate in berlin the site of major political significance for germany this is where the reunification ceremony happened in one thousand nine hundred but it's now almost overshadowed by these three appended buses it's a piece by the syrian german artist man after recreating an image of aleppo that went around the world in twenty fifteen the original photo was taken by. capturing daily life in his neighborhood where a barrier of buses blocked the view of snipers giving some protection to residents
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it took men with ropes and pulleys under threat of gunfire and then. here it was cranes that lifted the buses into place in february the art work went on display in dresden that was met by far right protests from the alternative for germany party they called the work and abuse of artistic freedom in the artist a ruthless wonder of the buses were vandalized but also celebrated by people who came out with candles and messages of support the conflict in syria has made millions of people rootless wondrous but germany has been exceptional in giving hundreds of thousands of them a new place to call home this is a real site twelve meters high will be heads on november twenty sixth giving passes by chance to ponder on the wartime experiences suffered here that is still a daily reality in syria triangle al jazeera. human rights watch is accusing man ma security forces of using rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign in rakhine
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state the organization interviewed fifty two women and girls who fled to bangladesh twenty nine of them were rape survivors three were under the age of eighteen and most every single one said she was gang raped someone had no choice but to walk for days with serious injuries to seek refuge in bangladesh and described soldiers bashing the heads of a young children against trees throwing children and elderly parents into burning houses and shooting their husbands got hard to reports from in mass capital naypyidaw these two were hinges sisters fifteen and eighteen years old but the district in rakhine state would be in more security forces launched a violent campaign it followed attacks on security post by rich rebels in august. the sisters say their mother and father were killed and they say they were both raped by soldiers they are now in a refugee camp across the border in bangladesh where protecting their identity was
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yeah. fifty soldiers came to our house after killing our family members ten of them entered our they started beating us and stripped us by cutting our clothes with machetes and blades then they started breaking us. hearing the girls the screams neighbors rushed to their house when the soldiers went to intervene the two made their escape according to a human rights watch report just released the rape of the sisters as part of a widespread problem the report accuses me and more security forces of raping women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing over the last three months they interviewed fifty two range of women and girls twenty nine said they had been raped before they fled to bangladesh all but one of the rapes were gang rapes. earlier in the week the myanmar military released its findings from an internal investigation of its soldiers conduct in rakhine they said that there was no wrongdoing including sexual
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violence human rights watch called the report whitewash total impunity and that's the issue i mean no one within the myanmar military is being held responsible for this sexual violence or for any other human rights atrocities that are being perpetrated on the rohingya it's a clean clean clean slate they let it they let it all go on and then they denied all. human rights watch has called on the un security council to impose an arms embargo on myanmar and to go after those military leaders responsible for human rights violations with targeted sanctions for the sisters living in a refugee camp in bangladesh the damage is already done saying they're trying to heal but will never get back what they lost it's got other al-jazeera naypyidaw or . greece's declared three days of national mourning after a flash flood killed at least fifteen people several others are still missing and hundreds more have been left homeless as
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a result of the disaster some experts are blaming the government for allowing houses to be built on dry river beds in the towns of their pain and loss and mandra bad weather continues to hamper cleanup efforts and forecasters predicting more rain nature on thursday. twenty countries into the u.s. states and joined an international license to phase out coal from power generation before twenty thirty the powering past colons was no watched at the un climate talks in bonn and commits countries to sharing technology to reduce emissions and cut usage commodity is a major contributor to global warming and still produces about forty percent of the world's electricity the us has come under fire for donald trump's defense of earth warming fossil fuels like coal. i think we can safely say that the response has been overwhelming there's so much momentum there's so much ambition in this room canada is phasing out call by twenty thirty which will help us meet
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our goal of ninety percent carbon free power by twenty thirty the cost to transition away from call looks different for all of us but i know we're all here for the same reasons new allegations have been made against hollywood actor kevin spacey from when he was the artistic director at britain's old vic theatre you know rick says it's received twenty claims about inappropriate behavior against space between one thousand nine hundred five and twenty thirteen in a statement released by the theater it apologized but not creating an environment or culture where people felt able to speak freely. as president donald trump has headed to capitol hill to rally his republican party ahead of a crucial tax reform bill the g.o.p. drafted bill aims to cut federal tax rates on corporations small business says and individuals at the reform is met resistance in the senate with its version of the
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tax bill vastly different to that of the house of representatives resident donald trump wants to sign a tax package into all before the end of the year if the bill passes. is going to convey how tos at the white house for a second but will this tax reform bill get through. well it's certainly looking like it will at least in the house of representatives still there are no guarantees the president heading up to capitol hill for a pep rally of sorts if you will to present the really get make sure there is the momentum behind one of the most sweeping tax reform packages if it is ultimately passed into law that the united states has seen in decades is certainly controversial in terms of its contents many arguing that it rewards people like donald trump and his friends in terms of the wealthiest of americans at the expense of the middle class that he says he was trying to help certainly on the campaign trail others say this could spur on the investment to create the jobs the middle class desperately need still it doesn't appear there is
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a lot of doubt about its passage in the house of representatives the president heading up there to ensure that is the case but that would just be one third of the way it still would have to pass in the senate and that's where it appears to be in a little bit of trouble why is this so important to donald trump. well this is important to donald trump because he has no legislative victory so far he's been in office ten months or nearly ten months and in that time we saw his campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare fail spectacularly again in the u.s. senate and so this is the concern for this tax reform proposal because in the senate version of the tax reform bill there's something very controversial tucked inside and that is the effort to. get rid of what's known as the individual mandate under obamacare that's the requirement that you must buy health insurance so that is causing some consternation as is the fact that there is a republican very problem prominent republican senator who says he is not going to
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support this version of the bill so the republicans certainly don't have a lot of room to play in terms of votes it may pass in the house it may not pass in the senate and that would be bad for donald trump looking for a legislative victory and really only a few maybe ten legislative days left in the calendar before the end of the year the president looking for a win and that still seems to be in doubt kimmie how can i thank you very much indeed a rare painting byron i saw a small astronaut event she has become the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction the portraits of jesus christ went for four times its estimated value some experts believe the high selling price is a result of savvy marketing and to no one has. the balls to produce probably not of course to save your previous in the clutches of three kings of england. a treasure of the renaissance and a triumph of capitalism in order to vinci's masterwork salvator monday or savior of
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the world has gone under the hammer for a record breaking four hundred fifty point three million dollars it's a far cry from the one nine hundred fifty eight when it fetched a mere sixty dollars at the time it was thought to be painted by a student of davinci rather than the master himself the sale is quite a coup for christie's auction house coming at a time when collectors early ning towards more contemporary artists many critics point to a highly successful marketing campaign this advertising video doesn't even show the picture itself only the reactions of visitors to your can house hired an outside agency for the first time to build hype for the event billed as the last of inchy tens of thousands flocked to pre old viewings in hong kong london san francisco and new york all to catch a glimpse of a bona fide masterpiece not only does it have public excitement and around the sound it brings in perhaps more people than would normally come through our doors and but it also sparks also some great conversations around the arts and adds
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a greater richness i think. to the sale season the salesmanship seems to have worked even before the auction began they'd secured a guaranteed bid of one hundred million dollars salvatore monday is the only known painting by the renaissance master still in a private collection davinci died in fifty nineteen and fewer than twenty of his paintings are left inexistent. al-jazeera. a ship used to house about a thousand spanish police reinforcements during the band catalonia secession referendum has left barcelona the moby data fairy went viral on social media during last month's protests because of the giant looney tunes cartoons painted on sides independence campaigners adopted twenty pios a mascot to mock the police spanish authorities were criticized for the use of force as they tried to stop the october secession vote.
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among the top stories when i was here it's about ways capital harare remains calm but tennis after the military seize power on tuesday night robert mugabe is reported to be refusing to stand down a zimbabwe's president despite being confined to his home by the military south african ministers have flown in to help negotiate a deal on the future of zimbabwe and mugabe the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has returned to harare after having cancer treatment in britain and south africa he held a news conference in which he called for mcgarvey to resign. in the interest of the people of zimbabwe with the rubber to mugabe must the design step down immediately in line with the national sentiment and expectation dignity for a god for his legacy. and a contribution to zimbabwe. and the forces of the. that
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they be negotiated all inclusive transitional mechanism be emphasizing transitional mechanism. cambodia supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party giving prime minister who sends ruling party a clear run in next year's general election the government accuses the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup with help from the united states one hundred eighteen members of the party and also been banned from political activity for five years. saudi arabia's foreign minister has denied reports that the lebanese prime minister is being held in riyadh against his will the french foreign minister has met saad hariri in saudi arabia and says he's accepted an offer to visit paris perry hasn't been back to lebanon since announcing his resignation from riyadh twelve days ago the u.n. says at least one million children in yemen are risk of contracting diphtheria because urgently needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the
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heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with a sound unit coalition to lift its blockade on the country fully they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up in the cholera outbreak there are the headlines do stay with us on twitter at my chin is next more news for you straight off about the time to get a website called.


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