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tv   Boko Haram  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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at this time on how does iraq. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera the arab. hello i'm maryam namazie in london here your top stories now on al-jazeera photographs have been published in zimbabwe showing robert mugabe meeting with the head of the armed forces as well as a delegation from south africa they are in harare to help find a solution to the country's political crisis this is the first time a god has been seen since the military took power on tuesday night are in the
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tussle reports. of african delegation and the catholic church mediate between the army and president robert mugabe the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai it is only one way out of the political crisis in the interest of the people of zimbabwe mr robert mugabe must. step down immediately and with the national sentiment and expectation. god. legacy. the army seize control on wednesday and confine the ninety three year old has private residence in harare some sources them still insists he is the country's only legitimate leader soldiers than armored vehicles are guarding government offices but harare is calm and quiet civil servants have gone back to work shops and businesses have opened official word of what exactly is happening doesn't come often people have to lie and social media and speculation with sometimes cause panic was a way to hear the news of the meeting between the army president robert mugabe and
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the south african delegation getting on with their lives but as calls for the president to step down grow louder zimbabweans are talking about a post regarding iran and they say several scenarios could play out the readings on the pier party could recall mugabe his annual conference next month that means he'll no longer be leader of the party and head of state they could be a transitional unity government with all political parties including zanu p.f. war veterans who helped me in power for nearly forty years planned to have a rally on saturday to prepare for the future but for now the military insists this was not a coup it is robert mugabe is still the head of state and commander in chief. al-jazeera. cambodia supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party giving prime minister and sends ruling party a clear run in next year's general election the government accuses the cambodian national rescue party of plotting a coup with help from the us hundred eighteen members of the party have also been
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banned from political activity for five years saudi arabia's foreign minister has denied reports that the lebanese prime minister is being held in riyadh against his will france or saad hariri has excepted an offer to visit paris after meeting the french foreign minister in saudi arabia he hasn't been back to lebanon since announcing his resignation from riyadh twelve days ago. the place of the high in the kind of the studio the prime minister is living in saudi arabia under his own will he's resigned and with respect to his return to lebanon it's in his hands he can leave when he wants well as my feet of us have hezbollah is the root of the problems in lebanon there is a need to find ways to deal with them there are concrete steps in this regard so also speaking from the saudi capital france's foreign minister calling for efforts to normalize the situation and lebanon. this is either a false i reiterated france's concern with respect to lebanon sovereignty stability
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and independence from any foreign intervention all faiths and sects in lebanon need to be respected a collective efforts must be made to restore things as they were before the resignation of prime minister saad hariri and. the un says at least a million children in yemen are at risk of contracting diptheria because they needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with the saudi light coalition to lift its blockade on the country they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up in cholera which saw more than nine hundred thousand cases in the past six months on monday saudi arabia said it would reopen some yemeni ports and airports at the u.n. it wants the blockade to be lifted completely well as much more and everything we're covering right here is there a dot com is where i need to go cruising all the bases for a situation in zimbabwe as the president robert mugabe enters into talks with the
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head of the armed forces in harare on that a bit later on say without is there. whole . northeastern nigeria a nearby refugee camp poses nearly twenty five thousand men women and children including this little girl named by. nigerian soldiers found her in the some piece of forest she was walking aimlessly in shock unable to speak.
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the soldiers took her to the refugee camp and entrusted her to a family. she was thinking of to plus you. know it just seems flat out that she wanted to die as you can anybody she's the one to want she was the was. somebody would you want. to you can just run for. president is not. going to fix the u.s. . is gradually learning to live again she has lost a home and her entire family. since twenty ten people living in northeastern nigeria live in constant fear of being a time. was
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. right. in this recorded message boko haram swore allegiance to the islamic state in the spring of twenty fifteen the nigerian group led by abu bakr chicago then took the name of the islamic state of west africa. boko haram provoked global outrage in april twenty fourth when the group kidnapped two hundred seventy six. girls in chibok in northeastern nigeria the kidnapping received global condemnation. michelle obama joined the solidarity campaign to demand the release. of promised to sell them into slavery but i do not addicted to how to how. elaborate do you go on and on since the start of the insurgency the violence has
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resulted in more than twenty three thousand dead and over two million people displaced. to understand how the armed group has become so dangerous it is necessary to return to northeastern nigeria to the capital of the state of borno my to go to the birthplace of boko haram. here islamic law has been practiced by the muslim community since the eleventh century but the degree of its implementation has fluctuated throughout the course of history with the return of democracy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine that people hoped for an end to widespread corruption within the elite and for
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fairer distribution of wealth. to bring an end to corruption in politics the muslim majority in the north of the country wanted to see islamic sharia law applied more strictly. boko haram would take advantage of this popular demand. in two thousand and two a thirty two year old man started to gain hope you'll arity in the town of my degree in some mosques his sermons were deemed to be too extreme but his personality and charisma increasingly made an impression i get about one third when i can and i guess i would imagine that were to turn up and that the irony. then is that. a less elegant and likely. mohammed use of the founder of boko haram quickly attracted new followers. from you should several
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times before his death this man claims to have direct contact with boko haram he has closely followed the evolution of the group and its leaders fallenness ruler is not his real name he would be a very. lovely person to be around who was a nurse for the poor so that's why he was. a murderer why the gift. of public speaking he had this. ability to call in the minds of people ordinary people who are in support of him they were in support him not so much on the base of the adage you can't point to them but they were supporting him because they felt that use of present ideas that an ordinary person cannot express he did notice the political leadership the nose deal and the nose they want. to see didn't last him and the army police in the desires
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of the people to get into power and then you scream the people hope. after after. he knows that opt. out of the system is no shows used in those missions to see. sherry are attracted to people well not. really believe me or you don't know can last a good. lie in the darkness you. are going to get. it out of your. pleasure i think when people. just want to impress to pretty. as if their ballot. bowl know if i'm a good muslim i am. not a patch. on the mountain. and
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establishment questioning the existing rules of society is prison after it is my political class get it but given the just interpretations. at that time and for that though i just befriended interested muslims in the us that has been one of the central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and govern in a different way and. social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed if you remember campuses there were lots of socialist young people looking for an alternative system i think the collapse of that people became much more religious the poor of course. section should receive. the. benefit people who are poor be.
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show free once the people who are most disadvantaged in the society. uses message quickly resonated with people in the borno region but the level of poverty was as high as sixty nine percent in twenty eleven. the british colonise ation left the leaders of an independent nigeria with a deeply divided country the south rich in oil as a concentration of christian communities who benefited from education programs put in place by the former colonial power. in the poor and rural north the communities were majority muslim. in some traditional areas western education is still perceived as an extension of colonialism.
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today nigeria is the leading economic power in africa however more than half of its population lives below the poverty line. plagued by corruption which is endemic among nigeria's elite politicians have gradually lost the trust of the people. inside the school the school or up on animals and to some. of the middle class and that i sneak. in from this is. the big one so who. really was the rest of the must also important attacking us was the roof because when he speaks these distance and they feel that he is the present to them and that
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was the starting point. was to educate its youth who have joined the book i don't want the movement of the just much as an adult. i do want to hide on the basis of the fund that this is. such a slut and so the do and yeah that is good and what is book or her. book is western civilization. or those and people of this acknowledge you know is something properly forbidden this is some say in the western education is that there are not talking of western education they are talking of western civilization. this is forbidden how can. a man and how. so these were the children of view politicians with children of your resources to
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bring on the police of people to screw the services when to push question what you want to school. from those in. the us. we're taking you now to the un security council where russia and the us are putting two competing resolutions to the council about the joint international inquiry into the chemical weapons attacks in syria middle east your gender is adopted. i see to represent they'll believe yeah i give you the floor. because i think if thank you very much president i promise i'll be very brief my delegation would like to express the hope that it be put on record. that we support the draft resolution as submitted by the russian federation and by china thank you very much thank you i think we'll believe you know your indication and we have to get north of the.
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you know accordance with rules thirty seven of the council provisional rules of procedure and i invited the representatives of the syrian arab republic to participate in this meeting. it is so decided this really council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda members of the council have before them document slash two thousand and seventeen one three three and slash two thousand and seventy nine six two which contain the deck stuffs to draft resolution as respectively. i now give the floor to those members of the council who wish to make statements before the vote i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. thank you mr president. we would like to request that you view
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that the draft resolution that has been submitted by the russian federation. this be the resolution voted on second for the first thought to be on the draft resolution presented by the united states of america we know that the united states . spoke to you and spoke to us about the fact that we need to vote on our draft resolution first in line with where through all thirty two of the provisional rules of procedure of the city council however we do not agree with that logic. to ensure that our vote our draft resolution be voted upon first without a consent is not possible for the following reasons or what is provided for our art and have a part thirty two of the resolution in line with the. procedure provides an opportunity and right for the purse for the for those who submitted to vote first to require
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and request that the vote be voted on. based on the project on the table and that it to draft there is on the table and that is the united states resolution the draft resolution however this is a privilege that can be set aside at the very fact that there is a under article two of the fact that there is a submission is not the same as putting something in blue the two terms indeed are sometimes confused but that is not correct. if we are to follow the rules of procedure then prior to the introduction we should take the vote in blue and the request that should be taken into account for the vote. of the first to request a vote was the united states delegation in which case our draft is second in so far as we put the request after them and so it would be correct to
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have voted on second. i think there was going to develop the russian federation for your statement and for its clarification and i get the floor to representative the united states thank you best to present members of the council i would like to read the first part of rule thirty two principle motions and draft resolution shall have precedence in the order of their submission what we have here mr president is my russian friends have chosen to once again say they go according to process except for when it applies to something they don't like and what we have to do is go according to process rule thirty two says exactly how this order should be and we don't need the russians coming in and saying well we don't like the answer to this so we want you to change it i think that this council needs to have discipline stay with rule thirty two and we need to take the politics out of the situation thank you. i think
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represent the of the united states for a statement and a blow for geisha and the russian federation again but. thank you sir. of we are not playing political games here. perhaps we are well if this were not to be a political games then we would not have to be having this discussion today. but we did consider this matter. and the practice of his accounts on this matter shows different things. would be good but we will not resort to this right now because we see no notes of purpose and delving into procedural discussions we merely request that you mr president that you put this school question for a procedural vote. on this because this issue for a procedural vote of the russian resolution we believe this is what we are costing
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for it work we are requesting that it be voted on second after the united states draft resolution. i think the presenting of the russian federation the representative of the united states thank you mr president rule thirty two principle motions and draft resolution shall have precedence in the order of their submission thank you. russia thank you david of the united states i give the floor again to the method of the russian theory was a little something. but putting this for a procedural vote. i would like to saying both of you. really. for your indication we also of course you understand we understand your points both of you we also understand of course we have made our. investigation of course on the rules of procedure and. our understanding the presidents and the standing guard
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in accordance with rule thirty two of the provisional rules of procedure which reads as you have your food principle motion and revolution shall have precedence in the order of the submission that the russian rough would be good to have would first accept the fact they understand that the rush of the issue is putting. a motion to put the board. procedural motion to put the russian draft to the second ball so i will last. to proceed with. yes we can proceed to proceed. saw the representative of the russian federation as requested that the draft resolution continue so were just listening here to u.n. security council meeting taking place as the council is set to vote on two competing resolutions put forward by russia and the u.s. about chemical weapons attacks in syria our diplomatic editor james bays is
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following all of this in there seems to be a disagreement over the process the procedure james just explain to us what's happening. you're seeing the hands going up now and how these hands are not about the two competing resolutions they're about the order that they're placed in both the americans and the russians want their vote second because if you have your vote first then you can see how other people voted so there is an advantage potentially of being second and it looks as though the u.s. has won that which means that we will now see the russian vote first and then the us vote let's listen in again.
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the result of the building is a full on the proposal received three votes in favor seven votes against five abstentions the proposal is rejected having failed to obtain nine affirmative votes and i give the floor to the present day of the russian for the nation. believe that it was by the impetus that you. have something that it's a bet that even a pile of books are doing so that is up austin's to yeah you stupid lavinia dogs the world doesn't want results forgot that i would like to go to put forward a proposal. not the two thousand and seventeen two hundred thirty thank you look at the middle of the new and this proposal is for co-sponsors. getting you know. i repeat thank you want yes yes yes yes to. something i have the. yeah. i will repeat i will repeat. it was in this case mr president i will
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pursuant to that you are all thirty five of the provisional as a procedure of the general assembly of the co-sponsors wish to take to take away the draft resolution yes and no for a number of us twenty seven thousand two hundred thirty three nine hundred thirty three. ok. yes. ok. yes. i dig north of europe. they take no you request and i give you the floor again thank you just a clarification i was told that the translation was wrong i was invoking that all thirty five of the of the provisionals a procedure of the security council yeah. that was. that was understood.
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the council is ready to proceed to the board on the draft resolution before it. i shall now put the draft resolution contained in document s. slash two thousand and seventeen slash ninety six to be debate france italy japan sweden ukraine and the united kingdom of great read another layer and united states of america. will those in favor of the draft resolution contained in document as slash two thousand and seventeen nine seeks to please raise their hand.
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those against. abstentions. so. you know. when you publish the result of the voting is as follows eleven votes in favor him two votes against two abstentions. the draft resolution is not been adopted always into a negative vote of a permanent member of the of the security council.
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i will now give the floor to those members of the council who wish to make statements to the board are now you the fuel to the representative of united states . thank you mr president. chapter seven of the u.n. charter gives this council the responsibility to quote determine the existence of any threat to peace a breach of the peace or act of act of aggression and make recommendations to maintain or restore international peace and security among the greatest threats to peace and security is the use of chemical weapons that's why for more than two decades the international community has outlawed the production stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and for almost half a decade this council has worked tirelessly to put an end to the use of these
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weapons in syria but for the tenth time on syria and the fourth time on chemical weapons russia has actively obstructed the international community's ability to identify the perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks russia has issued vetoes before to prevent council action and accountability in syria russia has invented reasons not to support a mechanism that helped create because it did not like its scientific conclusions russia has acted to obstruct these investigations many times but today it strikes a deep glow russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council and by a lemonade in our ability to identify the attackers russia has undermined our ability to deter future attacks. aside and isis will no longer be on notice for the
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use of chemical weapons by russia's actions today the message to anyone listening is clear in effect russia except the use of chemical weapons in syria how then can we trust russia suppose its support for peace in syria how can anyone take russia's proposal of political talks in sochi seriously i've lost count of how many times i've stood in this chamber and implored russia to do the right thing in syria but instead russia has played games russia wants a mechanism but not an independent one they want reporting but not if it blames syria if you pay attention you will notice that the russians think the gym works great when it finds isis at fault for chemical weapons but when it is one of their friends who is the perpetrator the problem the problem is suddenly the gym not
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their friend who committed the crime but russia knows how bad this looks to defend a regime's use of chemical weapons so they attempt to create a distraction in this case the distraction is the resolution that they offered it would also allow russia or any other member to micro-manage the gym it puts this council in the absurd position of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse having countries like russia and syria dictate how when and where we investigate the use of chemical weapons in recent weeks the united states has worked with great effort to work with russia in drafting this resolution. it's a shame that we found out today they had planned to veto it the entire time we were bribed the resolution three times to incorporate the concerns of russia and all council members at the same time russia refused to hold a single consultation on its own draft while we held many consultations it is clear
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now that the only concern russia had was that the gym even existed and that it was capable of finding the truth russia had hoped to bury the truth about chemical weapons in syria but they have failed we know who is behind these attacks the gym has provided that information time and time again the united states will not give up on trying to achieve justice for the victims in syria tragically these attacks are ongoing new cases are being alleged russia has destroyed our best tool for attributing these attacks but it is not our only tool to end this barbaric practice there is the commission of inquiry on syria there is the international impartial and independent mechanism for syria which is mandated to generate the evidence to bring fair and independent criminal proceedings against those who commit atrocities
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in syria and if and when it is necessary there is the united states of america regardless of what its russian protectors do here in the security council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use it would be wise for the assad regime to heave this morning. this council created the jim in a rare moment of unity thank you to the rest of the council for their support but what a shame it is that russia has brought us to this point what a shame it is that russia has revealed itself to be a government whose allegiance is to the syrian regime not the truth or the protection of innocent civilians russia may have succeeded in south thing one independent voice in syria today but there are others who will carry on this work
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and we will not stop until there is justice for the victims and accountability for the perpetrators of the chemical weapons attacks in syria thank you mr president. i thank you present to devolve and united states for a statement and i will give the floor to represented your point. monsieur le président president of france is alarmed by today's vote. and the fact that he saw a russian veto wielding. this is serious whenever it occurs whenever vetoes wield it but in this particular instance it promises great difficulties for the future that. we are confronted with a situation today which is the substantiated use of chemical weapons in syria and when events of this ilk occur it should result in unanimous and immediate
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action by the security council unanimous action all the necessary conditions for such unanimous action were met given the cowardly and terrific use of chemical weapons in syria which is about a joint investigative mechanism was set up to identify who was responsible for in line with its mandate the joint investigative macon is set to its work immediately with determination and with professionalism it has been very tenacious intriguing in seeking the truth it has provided clear well documented proof and that proves the responsibility and culpability of the syrian regime in certain attacks and the culpability of isis in other attacks contrary to what those who wish to sue confusion would like to tell us is the truth there are no shades of gray here this is a horrific situation and what happened is crystal clear in the twenty first century
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terrorists but also the state have used chemical weapons to massacre civilians principally women and children their disfigured corpses and faces the horrific death throes that they went to our went through our seared on our memory and should be faced with that situation one of the key players in the international community. one of the leaders of the international community one of the great partners of my country with whom we have so many ties has decided for the fourth time to use a veto in this particular instance to veto the continued work of the gym and they do so to protect the damascus regime. this. cannot be. what this great country wants to see go down in history as the role it plays on the international stage that cannot be the reputation that they want for
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themselves the need for the joint investigative magnetism is more proven than ever there are still some sixty four further cases that need to be investigated the o.p.c. w. has already reported to as the use of sarin gas on the thirtieth of march of this year and the need to investigate their own given this background front supported the united states draft resolution would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our american colleagues who work hard with all delegations trying to bring everyone on board and take into account everyone's concerns when putting together a balanced a draft which made substantial concessions to those who have doubts and concerns in order to try and promote that unity and unanimity president we must really take stock and this of under stress and understand the gravity of what has occurred today. as far as syria is concerned we're talking about a fundamental humanitarian and human rights safeguard. the fight against impunity in other words the use of chemical weapons cannot be supported in any way it is
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unacceptable under international law and beyond all that it's a terrible setback and step back for all of us was the syrian government and diana shot the syrian regime and. are trying to outdo one another to see who can be as barbaric the most barbaric. the use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality that what is at stake here today is the future of the very future of the international chemical weapon nonproliferation regime and. the international nonproliferation regimes one of the major achievements of the last decades of human history in the chemical nonproliferation regime cannot be undermined by political calculation and by division that would deal a deadly fatal blow to other nonproliferation regime it would demonstrate huge lack of responsibility and all of us would pay the price for such irresponsibility with
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the use of chemical weapons irrespective of whom uses them is an abomination and more abomination which undermines the most basic precept of humanity but accepting their use. not reacting to their use. gives a green light and a blank check to the multiplication of the use and deployment of these weapons and that means that terrorists will have a greater opportunity to use chemical weapons let there be no doubt of that we have unleashed a monster here. we set up the joint investigative mechanism following a joint proposal and action by the united states and the russian federation to cross the bridge the political divide and to identify and establish the truth it was set up for that purpose so what a strategic blunder and what a moral failure once the truth has been submitted that we go back on our words and our commitments. the joint investigative mechanism was never
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a western tool it was a common tool a tool of the entire international community we all owned it we all set it up this mechanism cannot and should not be held hostage to political squabbling. playing with the joint investigative mechanism and its fate undermining it is playing with fire and we all risk getting burned by the collapse of the chemical weapon nonproliferation regime that we so assiduously put together step by step step stone by stone. the joint investigative mechanism should be should have had its mandate renewed without mentally able to carry on its mandate fully and freely president any political solution will put an end to the terrible conflict that ranges in syria by allowing for a negotiated credible political transition in line with security council resolution twenty two fifty four in line with the content of the geneva communique but there
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can be no lasting peace in syria if impunity reigns peace is brought through justice justice requires. the ability to hold accountable those who carried out horrific chemical kotex in harsh and in other places in order to ensure that they stand trial for what they have done the president i wanted to show you a deep rooted conviction of france today's vote cannot be the final word on this dossier france will not give up and we will not sit idly by we will not accept this as the final failure. we will not accept more brinkmanship given the immensity of the seriousness of what is our what is at stake we cannot give up we cannot lose heart courage you can count on france to continue to pursue you and every effort in all appropriate bodies in order to ensure that we can counter
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impunity not just in syria but around the world and our efforts will continue in order to promote everywhere the consolidation and the building of the nonproliferation regime which on which our common security depends thank you very much. for your statement and i will give the floor to represent your freedom. thank you mr president right so we've been listening there to a u.n. security council vote taking place on the issue of chemical weapons attacks in syria we know that russia and the u.s. had two competing resolutions on this meeting started off with a disagreement on the process and then there was the u.s. draft resolution which was voted on let's go to james bays who's been following everything and james i guess that the most important thing which we were expecting was that russia vetoed the u.s. draft resolution to rein knew the inquiry this is just the investigation into
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chemical attacks and this marks the tenth veto by russia. the tenth veto by russia and the fourth time they've used their veto on the issue of syria chemical weapons a day of high drama in the u.n. security council but real significance to you heard moments ago about the larger of france saying this was a terrible setback for the u.n. security council and saying that by the actions today the council is unleashed a monster and talking about the specter of various armed groups getting hold of chemical weapons worth reminding you i think of the background to all of this it was in twenty fifteen that the security council of the united nations along with the o.p.c. w that's the organization that is for the prior vision of chemical weapons decided to investigate all the reports of the use of chemical weapons in syria to get set
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up a joint investigation known as the gym the joint investigative mechanism well since then they've done their work in examinations and they found that chemical weapons were used in syria four times by the syrian government and twice by eisel it's worth telling you that this joint investigative mechanism was voted on by the security council including russia they want it set up in the first place in fact much of the negotiations back in twenty fifteen were done between the u.s. and russia and in fact that o.p.c. w. international organization came about in the one nine hundred ninety s. after negotiations between the u.s. and russia but russia has certainly changed its view of the way the joint investigation mechanism has operated it doesn't like the findings it's had against the syrian government it's questioned the chain of evidence from syria while the investigation who carried out it said it's wrong that they haven't actually gone to
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the scene of some of these attacks that's for security reasons what it means now we did have the two resolutions russia in the end we'll. drew its resolution to last a procedural vote is that the u.s. resolution has been blocked and that means this whole mechanism to investigate chemical weapons and push for accountability for their use it is no longer going to be in place and that certainly you will hear from many of the council members and bus of the scoop of sweden speaker you know what you heard it from nikki haley means that the security council really cannot now do anything about chemical weapons of course ambassador haley said there's another route to this and she recalled those airstrikes were the trumpet ministration and she said they're prepared to act in that way. if chemical weapons continue to be used by the assad regime so this a u.s. vote the u.s. resolution has been blocked as you say that means that in investigations won't be
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allowed to continue but i think it was the french ambassador that we heard mentioning that there are sixty four other cases of chemical weapons being used in syria that will now not be investigated that's very significant but in terms of the overall meaning of this the use of chemical weapons does resonate far beyond syria doesn't it. absolutely and you heard the french ambassador say that this was a real blow to the international community's efforts against chemical weapons the o.p.c. w one the nobel peace prize they're seen as one of the success stories of recent decades outlawing the use of chemical weapons but the war in syria has bought chemical weapons back the security council initially was so alarmed it set up this mechanism now it looks like this mechanism is going to die
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a quick point on that though the previous resolution mandated this investigation this jim the joint investigation mechanism until the seventeenth of this month and there is a little bit of a discussion around the security council table of when it actually runs out certainly the british ambassador told me a short time ago it runs out of the beginning of the seventeenth new york time so that's in just a matter of hours the italian presidency seem to think well maybe it still can operate throughout the seventeenth while it's the seventeenth somewhere in the world and certainly i've heard the idea floated from some council members are after what happened today maybe there could be a reflection overnight and then further negotiations and some other vote on friday that didn't seem to me now to be likely having heard the comments of the russian ambassador on the u.s. ambassador for now r.t. in her comments about the situation now and we had some very strong words from the
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french ambassador we're just hearing from all the representatives in the chamber now and just waiting to hear from the russians but actually very emotive words in many ways from the french but he did make a good point saying that they can be no lasting peace in syria while there is impunity for war crimes it'll be interesting to see how this vote might impact the upcoming geneva talks. remember there are supposed to get around the table again on the twenty eighth in geneva you all right how are they going to talk about ideas like a political transition a future constitution when you have this backdrop you clearly have a problem in the international community on issues on syria and clearly the russian russians in the security council once again are supporting the assad government are they committed to the transition that is outlined in the various resolutions on the
11:50 pm
political process well that's not entirely clear another permanent member of the security council is me speaking now this is the ambassador from the u.k. . and held to account thanks to these veto that hope has suffered a serious blow the staff of the gym under the current and previous leadership panels worked patiently diligently to uncover the truth i pay tribute to them today thanks to their efforts the world now knows what happened in tallinn minas in salmon in mera in communists in can shake and in hoosh make no mistake the gym has succeeded it is russia that has failed they have failed in their duties as a permanent member of the security council they have failed as a state party to the chemical weapons convention they have failed as
11:51 pm
a supposed supporter of peace in syria we've been here before this isn't the first time this year that we have attempted to renew the germans mandate less than a month ago we all sat in this very chamber and watched as russia vetoed a simple technical rollover of the mandate a rollover that didn't judge any party that didn't add any conditions. we have worked tirelessly through extensive consultations between council members to try to understand russia's concerns and find a renewal on which we could all agree the u.s. draft which we are proud to vote for was balanced and reasonable russia on the other hand has refused to engage constructively last month they quoted fantasy and fiction in this chamber to justify their veto but in negotiations their experts made abundantly clear why they wouldn't support the gym's renewal but simply they
11:52 pm
cannot or rather they will not accept any investigation that attributes blame to their syrian allies no matter how robust the investigation no matter how clear and solid the evidence russia will say that they engaged that they put forward an alternative text yet their text only sought to undermine and discredit what has already been painstakingly demonstrated that the syrian regime is responsible for the blatant repeated use of chemical weapons against its own people the seventh report of the g.m. as we heard last week from the head of the leadership panel details the thera methodology of the investigation its consideration of alternative hypotheses the careful corroboration of sources and the use of independent internationally recognized forensic experts for analysis of data faced with this clear careful consideration and conclusion russia made
11:53 pm
a string of entirely destructive demands in its text and attempted to weaken significantly the remit of the gym they demanded that the gym take samples from a syrian air base when the gym has been crystal clear as to why doing so would not advance the investigation they demanded that the gym visit kanchi couldn't where they will face unacceptable risks of attack. they maligned the impartiality experience and expertise of the gym stuff ignoring the thera professional report they have produced and russia's own original support for the group russia demands that the gym listen only to syrian approved witnesses and syrian accounts of events why should evidence from a party to the conflict accused of war crimes carry more weight than the corroborated testimony of victims and observers and cold laboratory analysis of physical evidence thanks to russia's veto today dash fighters will be
11:54 pm
joining a sad in celebration the p.t.w. is currently investigating other cases this vote means the g.m. will not investigate who was responsible for these atrocious crimes russia's transparent use of its security council status to block this investigation again shows that as a party to the conflict it cannot credibly play a leading role in the political process such as convening the syrian parties in such mr president most of us here are totally committed to up holding the norm against the use of chemical weapons we will not be stopped by what has happened today we will keep working to identify and bring to account those who have used these vile weapons and to deter those who might think of doing so in future. russia once played a responsible role in securing the destruction of much of syria's chemical arsenal and in creating the gym regrettably today the world can see that russian policy now
11:55 pm
is to protect the syrian state whatever the cost to the right so we've been hearing now from britain's ambassador to the united nations matthew wright who was very vocal even before this vote about the prospect of the joint inquiry mandate not being renewed let's speak some more to james bays and james we're hearing. matthew right croft really echoing much of the sentiment that came from the french blame the russians saying they won't accept an inquiry that cites the assad regime as being the perpetrator in the use of chemical weapons. yes he said to me actually very similar to what he said to me just before the meeting started what was at stake here was accountability for the crimes in syria and the gassing of syrians he said by the assad regime clearly what this means the fact that we have had a vote blocking the renewal of
11:56 pm
a joint investigation mechanism means that all the efforts to investigate chemical weapons usage in syria come to an end the mandate of that team runs out the weapons inspectors their teams will be disbanded their work will be stopped and there will be no accountability from the security council for the use of chemical weapons he said that the u.k. will still hold people accountable french said they still hold them accountable but i think the real threat to the syrian government came from the comments of the u.s. ambassador nikki haley because she recalled what the u.s. did and what president trump ordered back in april when syria used chemical weapons that didn't go through the u.n. security council that went through the pentagon through the chain of command and the ordering of cruise missile strikes by the united states the u.s. making it quite clear that now that the united nations security council has shown that it's not prepared to take action to hold people to account the u.s.
11:57 pm
reserves the right to use again its other tool which is military action against the assad regime and anyone else who uses chemical weapons in syria worth telling you the joint investigation mechanisms in place since twenty fifteen investigating many cases it has confirmed it says that four times chemical weapons were used by the syrian government and twice by eisel all right james thank you very much our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations we'll talk some more in the news hour coming up in a couple of minutes but just to recap we've been watching a vote taking place. on the use of chemical weapons in syria here at the u.n. security council really this is very significant eleven out of fifteen security council members voting in favor of chemical weapons investigations but crucially russia has vetoed it and so now the united nations will no longer investigate the use of chemical weapons in syria so very significant implications to this vote
11:58 pm
taking place we are waiting to hear from the russian representative and so we expect that to happen and of course al coverage of this u.n. security council vote will continue as we go into the news hour i'll see you in a couple of minutes time stay with al-jazeera. is captivity the only hope for china's panders. ventures deep into the mountains of western china in search of the elusive wildcard. at this time and how does iran.
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violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by volatile. but it's leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of addictive behavior and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers ahmed khan witness at this time on a zebra. the story that. there were no. on that time this is some of that story out of the story. tonight i want to viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not sent but if any of the news and you can
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