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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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some of the cost of the. toxic war at this time on al-jazeera. indulge your five senses. is captivity the only hope for china's panders one is ventures deep into the mountains of western china in search of the elusive while. at this time on how does iraq. that rather than lucian as not being adopted oh into a negative vote of
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a permanent member of the of the security council. russian veto at the u.n. signals the end of an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria. hello i'm down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up. in the interest of the people of zimbabwe. mr robert mugabe in my city. president mugabe rejects calls to quit military leaders say the only way to ensure a bloodless transition of power. amnesty international accuses all sides of war crimes in the battle for control of money in the philippines. and how a trump administration decision is being saluted by elephant hunters. russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into the use of chemical
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weapons in syria last month u.n. investigators found the syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in a handshake and in april in which eighty people died many of those were children diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york the tenth veto by russia in the u.n. security council on syria and one that ends the council's efforts to hold to account those who use chemical weapons in the country. it was a vote that sparked outrage from the u.s. ambassador and she gave this warning that the u.s. may now work outside the u.n. russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use
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there was drama even before the meeting began with ambassador hayley accusing her russian colleague of bad faith by refusing to enter into negotiations for some reason the phones at the russian mission aren't working we have tried to get a call with them and they've been too busy to talk to us this week and when i have tried to call the silly for some reason he's not available moments later she was able to express her displeasure in person a very public exchange of words with the russian ambassador vaseline a benzema even it seems checking his phones for her calls when the meeting started they even argued over the rules of procedure in the council. i was invoking all thirty five of the of the previous little's a procedure the russian ambassador withdrawing and then reintroducing his own rival resolution this two failed to pass meaning as things stand now the team is investigating the use of chemical weapons looks set to be disbanded. the
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use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality what is at stake here today is the very future of the international chemical weapons nonproliferation regime. there's been real division and high drama it's been a sad day for syria a bad day for efforts to fight weapons of mass destruction and a day on which the u.n. security council has really harmed its own standing as the security council meeting broke up some members were still trying to create a new compromise resolution to keep the chemical weapons mechanism going on a temporary basis there could be another vote on friday but it will now be very difficult to bridge the deep divisions that have been laid bare jamesburg out zero at the united nations well as the meeting drew to a close russia's ambassador to the u.n. hit back at the u.s. criticizing the way the u.n.
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inquiry has operated moscow is a key ally of syria which says the handshake an attack was fabricated. the mosque or the endless distortion of the chemical weapons stored in damascus these weapons were indeed withdrawn and destroyed under the o.p.c. w.'s oversight these a stokley reminiscent of the situation around iraq nearly fifteen years ago a united states representatives at the time deliberately misled the international community including the security council in doing so they set the stage for intervention which unleashed unspeakable tragedy on both iraq and the whole region . russia's president vladimir putin will host the leaders of turkey and iran in sochi next week for talks on syria the trio will discuss finding a political solution to the civil war some of the reports now from gaziantep in turkey near the border with syria and a warning you may find some images disturbing.
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more syrian soldiers in militia fighters from iran back groups in syria and iraq. it's been a week since the syrian government that it took isis last stronghold since then has launched dozens of attacks and its fighters hiding in tunnels inside the city managed to take back most of the town on the syria iraq border. assad's forces have also come under attack by opposition fighters in the suburbs of the capital damascus this is one of the largest military barracks belonging to the syrian regime in eastern guta since january it has exchanged hands several times. but the rebel small gains are no match for the government's air superiority fighter jets have continued to target opposition areas. the deescalation if that's what is called the planes didn't spare any neighborhood more than sixty people injured here the hospitals are full of civilians dying because of the lack of medicine as
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government forces gain ground against rebels are nice and they renewed their calls for u.s. soldiers to leave the statement from syria's foreign office came a day after u.s. secretary of state quote walking away from syria this week in attacks comes as world leaders agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties but inside syria people say that another security council meeting with continued to fail to prevent attacks. earlier this year the world reacted in almost unanimous condemnation to the images of suffocating children the u.n. found the assad regime responsible for the chemical attack in qana which killed dozens of people the government denied responsibility and russia questions about the attack itself written foreign secretary accused russia for consistently choosing to cover up for the sun as the mandate for the un joint investigative mechanism expires the u.s. and russia are presenting rival bids for how to investigate future chemical attacks russia has so far vetoed nine resolutions on syria and more than six years into
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this war world leaders are still making statements as attacks against civilians continue with impunity. in job it out of their. robert mugabe is refusing to stand down as zimbabwe's president despite being confined to his home by the military a delegation from south africa is in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on his own the country's future holding talks with members of the army president mugabe's family and his party with a catholic priest acting as mediator the military says it wants mugabe to stand down so there can be a smooth and bloodless transition the army chief backs the former vice president. who was such a last week he couldn't take over as president well amid the political uncertainty opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has returned to the capital after receiving cancer treatment abroad reports. said african delegation and the catholic church mediate between the army and president robert mugabe the main opposition leader
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morgan tsvangirai it is only one way out of the political crisis in the interest of the people of zimbabwe mr robert mugabe must. step down immediately with the national sentiment and expectation to god his legacy. and contribution to. the army seize control on wednesday and confined the ninety three year old his private residence in harare some sources there still insists he is the country's only legitimate leader soldiers in armored vehicles are guarding government offices but harare is calm and quiet civil servants have gone back to work shops and businesses have opened official word of what exactly is happening doesn't come off and people have to lie in social media and speculation which sometimes wasn't here for news of the meeting between the president. getting on with their lifes. but his calls for the president to step down grow
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louder zimbabweans are talking about a post. and they say several scenarios could play out the rulings on it party could recall macabre at its annual conference next month that means he'll no longer be leader of the party and head of state they could be a transitional unity government with all political parties including zanu p s war veterans who helped keep me in power for nearly forty years planned to have a rally on saturday to prepare for the future but for now the military insists this was not a coup it is robert mugabe is still the head of state and commander in chief. well it's my guess i was chief advisor to morgan chang when he was prime minister he says mugabe will not step aside without first shoring up support for his allies he's been one of the most deceptive villian figures you know politics is very hard to tell what is thinking and ways going there's lots of information some of it
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is quite frankly speculation and doesn't really give the true picture of what's going on behind the scenes i don't think that we agreed to leave zimbabwe i think you want to stay in the country to be able to continue with his life i also think that he would want to secure some guarantees for. the people who are working with his wife who are detained and others who may be threatened i think that you try to secure some positions and also it's also a question of protecting himself from those who are coming in as leaders he may not be comfortable with some of the figures that are being proposed he may have other people in mind and he knows that in the moment he also holds a bit of a trump card and he will try and use that because if the generals are. to to fire him and by force which they know is very difficult because of the illegality of it he may continue to hold on to that. amnesty international is accusing multi fighters than philippine soldiers of war crimes during the five
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month battle for the city of matter we more than a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand displaced the latest report details how the isolating group kidnapped and killed civilians most of whom were christians hostages were abused and reportedly used as human shields the document says that philippines marines tortured some detainees accusing them of being militants but without evidence amnesty says both sides looted large amounts of cash and jewelry all the organization also wants an investigation to examine if government has strikes were proportionate and complied with international law john allen dogan has more from manilow. well this report of amnesty international is the very first detailed briefing on what transpired in the month long quantz leads in the southern philippines after terence lee abbott international the team traveled there in september and spoke to at least fifty civilians these abilities books
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about the use be committed by both sides the mouse even the philippine military this comes as no surprise because even weeks into the conflict we have been getting reports poking the civilians and said that they have been abused by the moussa group and they have been targeting christians for the worse of abuses like exit fusion sexual assaults and even being actually forcing them to commit looting and pillage all across where are we city but now it comes at a very critical time at a time when martial law is still implement that all across with the now the government promised to lift that. marshall would be there now by the end of december there's been no commitment since it is critical because martial law actually prevents people from coming forward and filing a complaint a lot of visibility had spoken to also say that they are afraid to even submit a list of their missing loved ones because they do not want to be accused of being sympathizers of the mousie group this is not the first sign of a conflict in the know has with goes into abuses allegedly committed by both sides
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the history of insurgency in mindanao of conflict is actually is repeated over and over again and we've spoken to analysts here who say what is critical now is for the philippine military to address these allegations because men in uniform are held in high regard by the public. time for a short break here and i'll just see about when we come back in a sign of how things are changing in the middle east a senior israeli general talks about sharing intelligence with saudi arabia and how the u.s. decision to pull out of the power deal spurred other nations to more action. by the skyline of. or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello again the rain the thunder hand the snow are easing now in afghanistan and
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having seen that happen everything upwind while there is nothing to see is there no showers around the caspian nothing back towards the shores of the mediterranean so again this is the weak winter sun lifting tempers to twenty six in beirut about the same in baghdad i mean seventeen now in tehran you'll notice it's cooling down through iraq down towards q eight as you might expect it to do there is cloud building in the eastern med as a for a long term revolving storm just as every edge of the close of the moment we're just looking at cloud nothing more than that took you know the day before it starts to rain now much the temps are coming down about thirty as a batsman dohan about the same in abu dhabi but the same stratum on rather less in yemen but still up of thirty six in mecca but beyond the temperatures don't expect to see very much in the sky to all the occasional formation of town of course that does start to thicken on saturday in the northwest of saudi whereas by contrast and to be expected been very active in stormy weather in south africa recently in
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southern mozambique but the concentration once again is gone north cast your eyes over this zimbabwe's turn to get wet. the weather sponsored by. allison when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to other top stories here on al-jazeera russia has veto to us that attempt to extend them internationally into the use of chemical weapons in syria means the u.n. team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas in syria will now be disbanded. resisting calls to stand down the zimbabwe's president despite being confined to his home by the military a delegation from south africa is in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on his own the country's future. honest internationals accusing philippine government forces and i something fighters of violating international law in the five month battle for marriage more than a thousand people were killed five hundred thousand displaced. now the un says at least a million children in yemen are at risk of contracting diphtheria because of a blockade preventing urgently needed vaccines from getting into the country the
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heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with the saudi led coalition to fully lift its embargo they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up of cholera which has infected nine hundred thousand yemenis in the past six months while djibouti is now home to more than forty thousand yemenis fled the war they started in a refugee camp but many have moved to the capital to earn a living and as a mom of the dow now reports their presence is bringing big changes to the city. old school tom into a training center in the heart of. a group of men are hard at work. the older figures from yemen until recently they were living in a comp some two hundred kilometers away. they were then were just given papers and allowed to work. up to rahman ali came here from the city of. destroyed his house he now owns the testament. outmost respect and dignity and.
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we thank the government and the leadership of that would. allow to. walk on living government officials. to see that if you give them the bottom. line is that. for themselves and for their home. one of the world's poorest countries with much a lot of sources the country has seen large foreign investment in recent years because of its strategic location but it still struggles with extreme poverty. there is little else we could do for them but make our brothers and sisters welcome we allow them the right to work our president is a staunch supporter of the yemeni refugee community. more yemenis that i've businesses owned and run by them are becoming more visible and. they are safe here
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and have a new start from the whole war yet they continue to follow closely events back home i mean. the problem with yemen is the are militias there for hire and cause massive destruction that will. influx of yemenis is changing djibouti even the locals admit they have reinvigorated the city. for the refugees. and who knows if there will ever be able to go back home. israel says it's prepared to cooperate with saudi arabia to unite against iran israel's military chief says in an interview with an arabic online newspaper that it's ready to share intelligence with saudi counterparts it comes as tension between teheran and riyadh continues to rise well in school as a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the two countries have mutual concerns on several fronts well i think it's surprising that it became public but the fact of the matter is that they've been working together for quite
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a while particularly since president obama did the you ran nuclear deal then they both realize they had to work together to make sure that iran did not become the dominant power in the region but i think it will be concerning to some of the other arab countries that have very tense relationships with israel to think that saudi arabia the premier if you will sunni country in the world whopper rating with israel who many countries in the region don't think should exist who want them to really make a green light with the palestinians and saying well if you do this is going to be very hard for us to pressure israel to make a deal with the palestinians but i do think there are other countries in the in the region who are going to be concerned about you know what this means for the middle east peace process what it would mean for basically israel be calming
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you know more aggressive against hamas or even intervening in in lebanon the white house says it's gravely concerned about the cambodian supreme court move to dissolve the main opposition party and it's pledging to take steps in response the ruling gives prime minister hun sen's policy a clear run in next year's election his government's accuse the u.s. supporting with the opposition al-jazeera bronze reports from pumpin. the decision came after a day of deliberations held the made tight security around cambodia supreme court the cambodian national rescue party had been expecting its dissolution and had already ceased to function with many of its senior members in hiding already exile like its vice president. we look at. this. message to the international community yet mr junta
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is. our prime minister hun sen has accused his rivals of plotting to overthrow his government after the arrest of opposition leader kim soccer the national rescue party denied the claim accusing the ruling party of using the courts to silence it it nearly won against the government at the last election and has been gaining in popularity and looking one in politics here all summer game is a winner takes all politics and is. is a risky. human rights groups have accused one sound of a wider crackdown one of the leading newspapers the cambodia daily was closed in september the government says for nonpayment of taxes and there have been restrictions on the activities of foreign n.g.o.s. the opposition has promised to fight on regardless it can continue to exist and.
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if we can do it. outside. vibrant with this court's decision prime minister hun sen removes in one stroke his biggest obstacle in next year's election he will still face opposition but it will likely be from smaller parties unable to war going to themselves in time to unseat him and his premiership that is lasted for three decades is set to continue rob mcbride al-jazeera. the u.s. congress has been urged to require chinese journalists to register as foreign agents a commission set up by congress has released a report accusing beijing of spying and spreading propaganda through its news agencies overseas it says chinese state media has rapidly expanded abroad which is part of the government's efforts to exert greater control over its global image as
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well as to gather information china says the report is false the company that owns and runs the keystone pipeline says it has leaked an estimated two hundred ten thousand gallons of oil onto agricultural land in the u.s. state of south dakota officials say they don't believe the league polluted drinking water systems on monday regulators will announce whether they approve an expansion of the pipeline but that faces fierce opposition from environmental groups and native american tribes new allegations have been made against hollywood actor kevin spacey they're linked to when he was the artistic director at britain's old vic theatre they'll think has received twenty claims of inappropriate behavior by spacey between one thousand nine hundred five and twenty thirteen in a statement the theater apologized for not creating an environment or culture where people felt able to speak for you. the remains of elephants legally hunted in zimbabwe and zambia cannot be imported into the u.s. as trophies the trumpet ministration made the announcement on wednesday reversing
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and obama era ban conservationists called the decision troubling and gallica reports. over the last decade the illegal trade in ivory has more than doubled and the african elephant has paid dearly conservationists estimate around five thousand a year killed in african elephants remain on the u.s. is endangered species list the restrictions on importing elephant trophies from legal hunts in zimbabwe and zambia have been lifted the u.s. fish and wildlife service a well regulated hunting helps raise cash for conservation efforts and seeing advocates of long campaign for the rollback and say the benefits are huge when you look at the dollars that hunting brings and you're looking at funding for the conservation departments in those countries most of their funding it does not come from the government coffers it comes from hunting among the trophy hunters are likely to be some of america's wealthiest including president trump sons they've
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hunted in zimbabwe in the past now they can bring home what they killed the shift in u.s. policy comes just days after interior secretary ryan zinke set up a council to look at the benefits of u.s. citizens traveling abroad to hunt in a statement the people for the ethical treatment of animals said if president trump allows baggage carousel to be filled with elephant feet and heads from corrupt zimbabwe he will a fashion himself after its president robert mugabe who slaughters all in his path critics say allowing ivory trophies into the u.s. legally undermines hard fought campaign to stop the trade pains previously spearheaded by the united states and a gallacher al-jazeera. greece has declared three days of national mourning after a flash flood killed at least sixteen people several others are still missing and hundreds more have been left homeless as a result of the disaster some experts are blaming the government for allowing houses to be built on dry river beds in the towns of nia promise and. now there was
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much speculation before the start of the latest climate conference in germany that the promised us pull out of the paris agreement could derail the process but in fact it appears to have galvanized efforts to lessen the effects of global warming reports from. the feelings about president trump has vowed to withdraw from the paris agreement has been met with predictable scorn here and bone but on thursday the president's representative said the window may still be open for us in gauge went down the line. president has made clear the u.s. position with respect to the paris agreement although he indicated that the united states intends to withdraw at the earliest opportunity we remain open to the possibility of rejoining at a later date under terms more favorable to the american people the u.s. pullout is wholly opposed by a burgeoning group of american manners and state governors who came to. paris
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agreement together they represent six point two trillion dollars of the u.s. economy climate change we've seen the impacts this year in the united states category five hurricane hitting the floors in california we have truly horrific fires these are symptoms of climate change there's no avoiding them and that's the science and so eventually the united states hopefully sooner rather than later is going to be back in the process it's clear the challenges are immense for all nations of the world but this go to loan us effort was invigorated on thursday by the u.k. canada global alliance to phase out coal some see it as a rebuke to donald trump and what to do he's too close. to telling him that we have. very. little energy and it's something that belongs to the ignorant. as
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a symbol to the fijian presidency the traditional double. has pride of place over the top to the point being that when it comes to climate change we're all in the same boat at the same time there's a gathering force in the fight against global warming and that's a younger generation. i mean this is our fourth and after revolution the most exciting to time to be alive for me there's a you know it's going to go down in history as the time when we shifted away from fossil fuels on to sustainable solutions and i want to be a part of that. and in other nations will celebrated approach like that making opportunity of the crisis that is climate change may not suit the white house around the world it seems it is a concept that's gaining momentum. al-jazeera.
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a quick recap of the top stories here russia has vetoed a u.s. led attempt to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria it means the united nations team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas in syria will be disbanded russia has issued vetoes before to prevent council action and accountability in syria russia has invented reasons not to support a mechanism that helped create because it did not like its scientific conclusions russia has acted to obstruct these investigations many times but today it strikes a deep blow russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council and by a lemonade in our ability to identify the attackers russia has undermined our ability to deter future attacks aside and isis will no longer be on notice for the
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use of chemical weapons by russia's actions today robert mugabe is resisting calls to stand down a zimbabwe's president despite being confined to his home by the military in the interest of the people of zimbabwe mr robert mugabe in my city. opposition leader morgan tsvangirai joining the army has called for the president to leave office a delegation from south africa is now in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on. the country's future amnesty international is accusing philippine government forces and fighters of violating international humanitarian law in the battle for the city of more than a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand were displaced by the fighting the white house says it's gravely concerned about the cambodian supreme court move to dissolve the main opposition party and its pledging to take steps in response. promised a clear run in next year's election his government's accuse the u.s.
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of plotting with the opposition and the u.n. says at least a million children in yemen at risk of contracting diphtheria because they needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with the coalition to fully lift its blockade well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's what. we're living through a technological revolution. taking a piece of machinery goes wrong. through which we can bring in the. oxford university professor. at this time.


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