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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 184  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 7:32am-8:01am +03

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notice for the use of chemical weapons by russia's actions today robert mugabe is resisting calls to stand down as zimbabwe's president despite being confined to his home by the military in the interest of the people of zimbabwe used to robert mugabe in my city as an opposition leader morgan tsvangirai joining the army has called for the president to leave office a delegation from south africa is now in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on mugabe's and the country's future amnesty international is accusing philippine government forces and i said linked fighters are violating international humanitarian law in the five month battle for the city of matter we more than a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand were displaced by the fighting the white house says it's gravely concerned about the cambodian supreme court move to dissolve the main opposition party and its pledging to take steps in response the ruling gives prime minister hun sen's party a clear run in next year's election his government's accuse the u.s.
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of plotting with the opposition. the u.n. says at least a million children in yemen risk of contracting diphtheria because of vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three u.n. agencies pleaded with the coalition to fully lift its blockade well those are the headlines continue. after the street station that's what. we're living through a technological revolution. is taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation which we can bring to bear oxford university professor. at this time. during the strain. out to. our. new
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film. the documentary chance a journey of one of bollywood's biggest stars in the silver screen. i'm taking your questions and comments live on the program on the snake charmer follows on on a journey through india's t.v. and film industry as he attempts to change the way indians perceive and treat women take a lot of. justice is. towards women.
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big and i didn't i mean really if you don't you find no. where. and the person. joining us now to do is director of the snake charmer and dr new defender nick carr is assistant professor of journalism and communication at the inmarsat university of. russia kumah is a freelance multimedia journalist and playwright who decide is a filmmaker and journalist ladies it's great to have you here this film this access you had i'm just looking at a concert to feed he has twenty two point three million followers he is a huge hollywood star how did you even get close enough to him to put him in a documentary.
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you know at the moment and in a week at the moment we can't hear you very well so i'm going to just work behind the scenes to come back to you and just get your audio in place let me just go to russia russia as we're looking at this documentary the snake charmer and this huge indian bollywood star when you look at it what do you see. i watched the film about twelve hours ago and one of my first reactions was why make the film. and why if you were if the idea was to look at how bollywood portray is women then it should have been a wider discussion than just looking at americans' portrayal of our americans involvement in said to me. you know it's a very specific sure which actually did not i think answer about two or four
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seasons so that was my first question actually why this film and why look at gender portrayal in mainstream in the cinema through the eyes of the to me was that it had some extremely important points to make which i was delighted to see being made on screen but i was actually hoping for a wider or perhaps look a broader look look at agenda portrayals at portraying the women in mainstream in the cinema but let me see if i can go on a con to actually answer this for you here's a little clip of him explaining the idea behind his discussion shall have a look. people make you feel good they make you love to make you cry they make you forget your stress give you a good time but that's not all the responsibility to procreate this person is also to bring. society to build the social fabric of the state
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to infuse more is. well the film follows on as you saw there through the production of that television show this is how men thing both on the film and the t.v. show themselves the film is beautifully pro-trade giving a balanced view and it showcases the very real struggle space by such a venture i loved the t.v. show i cried along with it even if one family has influence it's a step in the right direction she goes on to say on there is doing much more than just empowering women he's trying to change the mindset of people who've had an upbringing were women are not seen as equals or a burden so need i know you're back with us you hear this praise for the film is this part of the reason why you decided to follow on her in the first place. i think the story of the film of course. all of them are. the real story stories of women in india and in her car and the power are
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just one started to make change in a way. so i think it was well you know one person can. you know do something about it and you know if you think oh i have a daughter let me just you know think in a. different way. or in a way that was not the right word but it you know i think it helped a lot i think that's very very important i think what kind of mind and i know there's a lot of you know in india where you know what it is doing and what. your motivation was. i think think you really wanted to make a community and that's why. i think the other part and yet and you can see that. so nina followed around i'm a con as he was making his the final final series of such him
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a draft day which means truth alone triumphs and to show his talk show highlights some very important issues in india let me give you one example this is parveen story have a look. so if you thought of that he kept them going to start us have you thought yeah. i don't want there for harvey love i just want to. see. the darkness of god look at that as a psychiatrist medical muscular. that i love that he would love that agenda. so no one knows that there could be useful people so. if you.
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and i worked on this talk show. it's difficult to separate him as an actor from the activism that he's trying to actually help people get access to the issues helping people get access to what was he like to work with. well yes and that's kind of understandable in the sense that you know actors have this person are people relate to and then when you see him on the shore visibly in a different way you wonder what's that you know you want to try to make that connect however of you know from the real from the conversations we had and the research that went behind sure he was as he was on television as he was with us when he was you know discussing the stories of these women a lot of well i think doc went on behind about heart he cried on television and whether he did that on purpose whether it was something to just get the ratings up and well that's not against the person that he cries and he. you know the research
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meeting that we had as well so you know as far as the busyness concerned there are two different things but i think i would just like to go back to the actual point here i think that we're having two different conversations the conversation one being the portrayal of you know with i mean in the cinema and that's different and i think this conversation will be different which is the portrayal of women and the issues in india you know that the story we undertook so you know i think the two different guns asian they don't mean we should kind of mix these two together. let me just bring you back in here when you started on this journey with an icon you named the film the snake charmer and a lot of people of questioned why you were doing that can you explain the title of the film. or the snake talking. what they need money here in india. because it's our
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who want. to really you know but it's me because bollywood stars and i have to just go back to. difficult things that. made everything seem so easy and very i think you know how i feel our target crowd in india. and i'll go on very. high and you know him it's interesting so you know for the record and i'm trying you know. that and we you know great for when you know you know there's something different that like this is how goes on every day. and then he got mad and you know something to do with. the you know so he. and i. were in india. or another i mean that's not very well known and he doesn't really
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want to. so that i wanted to add go ahead i think there are you know the full monty refers to him as an activist an actor and activist i think that's a word that he going to shy away from and he's repeatedly said that he's an entertainer not an activist and this sure was not activism but a form of entertainment that kind of showed different paths it's off india and i do you make the distinction very clearly and you know. that would make every one of us an activist in that sense he's an act so on that point i hear you there pretty and i we got this comment live on you tube brad says people need to stop looking at actors and athletes as role models another person on twitter ways and this is who says other kind is not an advocate for women but he gave respect and importance to women that is i opening for gender equality in india and at least he tried as an actor i want to bring you in here via the phone do you think the t.v.
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show was an eye opener for many people. i thought if anyone wants a few of those of the day before i could work with the entire. that that when it was a bit and i believe that there are the thought of disarming the enemies i think about what they did in fact that they made a big drag only audience that with regard to all issues the edge and the divine is the socialist who was late because he was i think the most i think if they'd managed to bring up gore and the station in the sand when he was acting that the fact that the shoe can now we get to a place to live in signs is a huge pretty not a constant that you get how it's good because it was a popular actor they think it's going to be the show coming on the television the thing about the show is that the issues that we believe i think we want in fact was
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that there that the fact you brought the gun the patient into the house good and i think back in fact the baby step of a big contribution so i could mention it but i would really be skeptical about the fact that badly this sure has been a big big about in the just a change in the way in the way the end is always in the place the. village and the c.d.r. guys that it's something that you have to be relieved to be there is some guidance with the magic research that's been batted out as to what they would be back popular culture has. joined the gender perceptions by it so we could be able to find o.b.e. back it's up to me gently but i know you believe that it's a big step because then you have an active grant was being followed by many people whose agree with more than one million weekly team just talking about the issue is that in fact they are well you know my. moore one of the things that you captured.
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was the pushback the protests the criticisms one point process has even said well you should just leave the country let's have a look at a little bit from the documentary. but it. was. all. you needed to know what you were getting into cultural. well in good.
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very diverse country in a difficult country to understand i think that a lot of time there in my experience. of countries not a lot but i wanted to just go back to you know i think of a time to remember going to say here with celebrity art and what we are but we have to compare what i'm going to join with what for example george clooney is doing you know any you know he was complaining. and you know you see you're not a. company. you know when you see a we're complaining or you know in this way this is his. stance for women's rights and for other you know human rights in the uk i mean you have the sun has gone against you that's why we see here you know people and politicians in our country the great sensitivity issues in the end i think this is what you know you mean you know understanding when europe and crime in india russia. yeah i just
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wanted to quickly add to the point of celebrity activism because that is really important there's actually very little celebrity activism if you will you know comparatively in india so if you only look at it in dorms of the really activism yes there's definitely had had kind of made inroads but then i guess the question one asks is with the might of the kind of you know it had started one of the largest television channels. as grass in bollywood actor you had extremely good research teams and production teams so with that kind of might the short you know make the kind of impact that it originally set out to is probably a question one needs to just put out there and you know i mean it's difficult to quantify i'm sure nobody has numbers and nobody can assess the game of impact. but but it's a question one should ask so you ran maybe three or four seasons was there some
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kind of a policy shift did did something happen with all of the end of resources that was pumped into the show is probably a valid question to put out there. craig crawford i knew you were working on the show go ahead right yeah i think it's a valid question and i think a lot of people had that question as well what was the impact of the shore and given the resources and you know just to put it out there i think everybody all of us who are part of the team were kind of learning through the time the first second third season and learning about issues you know so we had our own personal growth in that sense but you know if if most of it cannot be quantified with anecdotal but you know for example the episode on child sexual abuse soon after the episode it was we got fourteen million responses from people who spoke to it oh you tube you know everywhere and we even compiled a booklet of like you know some of the most poignant responses that we got. and of
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course you know in terms of we're not going to see that you know the short changed things in india because if you haven't change and be you know it's one of the many efforts that really takes in bringing port the momentum to going to build the change whether it is about creating child sexual abuse workshops in in schools whether it is popularizing the concept of generic medicines all these kind of i think children of added to the momentum that many other factors in india did at that point in time to build conversations and pressure you know for governments to act for example even though the you know the health minister had to shut that down told me that this is a show that kind of inspired him and inspired him going to push him and you know do to conduct more leads and clinics that were doing sex elective abortions are going to you know crack down on those clinics so we've had anecdotal experiences but again we're not going to see that you know going to change that piece. so there is one point here that several people are mentioning online and it is the industry
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itself whether that's media whether that's bollywood this is from nor is a former member of the stream team he writes and keep in mind aamir khan's early films glow. or fight harassment and violence against women we should critique the end of history he participated in so in doing that critique this is bollywood insisting they can not comment but this one is a little bit wider this is from calm loves is a bit common we got on the media in general in india this is what she sayd if media and media people. and humane gender sensitive and if they have passionate about equality justice and human rights for all then the and promote gender equality the improved of all that image of women and. a positive image of men who are jen. and kind and good will be but if media only passionate about
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profit and. of course none of this can happen. pretty soon. what do you make about changing the media landscape. yes i completely agree with what dr busines just said if the if the media itself is not sensitive if it can if it has people who are not gender the gender sensitive where would those who do not understand gender just as then i'm sure the kind of output that they would have would necessarily be insensitive to women and other minorities however i just wanted to quickly respond to north point about aman khan having me. earlier on in a scarier that then portray women in a good light i would like to point out the film ends on a note. of the film talks about dung the which was his last release in the early sorry. not the last release but one of the last release does. and the film talks
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about how he portrays you know portrayal of of women that has changed in the middle but you know duncan also had some extremely valid criticism coming from feminists are saying that it was talking about. the girls from a very patriarchal perspective the father who can play is actually bushed his younger daughters into things that they did not really want to do so it's not just his it's not it's not just only a part of his career where he has been accused of not being very sensitive to the portrayal of women it's also much much recently having been there was two thousand and sixteen so. and it was much after the. snake drama so it's even until much recently and the snake democrats of is
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a very important point where in one of his. one of his most famous film studios talks about rape in a very kind of a lighthearted almost joking way in a particular scene so i guess i guess i'm a imus critics would say that he. probably. you know continue to portray characters which fall into the large dose. of patriarchy and we just show our audience a little clip from. a you can see the genesis came from for a dog or dog was a film about female wrestlers a little. idea about what the plot but where the idea came from have a look. if you think your comment please comment about gold medalists and.
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wrestling with the would be open if you're going. to go there they go get. a little gave a lot of. people call them. the champions many. mahmoud you know this guy well. but you're going. to ask. the action the old general road rather middle road moderate than it is we're going to get a lot of what i just did but he wanted
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a closer look not again when you're. remodeling it when i get the other was a little deeper darker and they resent it a little bit but i want to go and we want to. thank you. so good moment from the witness documentary coming online and shown on al-jazeera on the snake charmer have a look here my laptop this is where you can see it online. a couple of comments to you in this conversation the chat if you on you tube live says i agree that amr khan brought the conversation to homes where it can become an open conversation and sort of one held in private among women and a few men and one other comment from twitter this person says i am so empowered as a man by honor konstanz against an equal dinner norms but i can't wait to see the film nina i need to. thank you very much for being in this conversation debating and discussing cod and also nina your documentary thanks for sharing that
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with us and for joining us on the stream today this conversation continues always online. that's what. the at. the end. indulge your five senses the new era in television news.
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it doesn't say that it's a task to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time i'm going to have to give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to. look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and self interested but as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation with another guy. actually very kind of gas honestly believe it best to prevent the beginning anyway it was good record that. he achieved something that never happened before. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee
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a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea. at this time on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera his eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly dull this. the drug there's a new show as not being adopted into a negative.


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