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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and comedy and post revolution tennesee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hack at this time on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera as eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly to other this. the brothers aleutian as not been adopted oh into a negative vote of
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a permanent member of the of the security council a russian veto at the un signals the end of an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria. this is our desire at live from doha also coming up. in the interest of the people of zimbabwe. mr robert mugabe in my city zine zimbabwe's president rejects calls to step down military leaders say it's the only way to ensure a bloodless transition of power. amnesty international accuses all sides of war crimes the battle for control of matter we in the philippines. and how a trumpet ministration decision is being saluted by elephant hunters. russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into the use of chemical
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weapons in syria last month u.n. investigators found the syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in hansei coom in april in which eighty people died many of those were children diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york the tenth veto by russia in the un security council on syria and one that ends the council's efforts to hold to account those who use chemical weapons in the country. it was a vote that sparked outrage from the u.s. ambassador and she gave this warning that the u.s. may now work outside the u.n. russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use
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there was drama even before the meeting began with ambassador hayley accusing her russian colleague of bad faith by refusing to enter into negotiations for some reason the phones at the russian mission aren't working we have tried to get a call with them and they've been too busy to talk to us this week and when i have tried to call the silly for some reason he's not available moments later she was able to express her displeasure in person a very public exchange of words with the russian ambassador vaseline a benzema even it seems checking his phones for her calls when the meeting started they even argued over the rules of procedure in the council. i was invoking all thirty five of the of the previous little's of procedure the russian ambassador withdrawing and then reintroducing his own rival resolution this two failed to pass meaning as things stand now the team is investigating the use of
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chemical weapons looks set to be disbanded. the use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality what is at stake here today is the very future of the international chemical weapons nonproliferation regime. there's been real division and high drama it's been a sad day for syria a bad day for efforts to fight weapons of mass destruction and a day on which the u.n. security council has really harmed its own standing as the security council meeting broke up some members were still trying to create a new compromise resolution to keep the chemical weapons mechanism going on a temporary basis there could be another vote on friday but it will now be very difficult to bridge the deep divisions that have been laid bare james al-jazeera of the united nations well as the meeting drew to a close russia's ambassador to the u.n. hit back at the u.s. criticizing the way the u.n.
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inquiry had operated moscow is a key ally of syria which says the handshake an attack was fabricated. today as he meets q. will resume damascus the endless distortion of the chemical weapons stored in damascus these weapons were indeed withdrawn and destroyed under the o.p.c. w.'s oversight these are stacked lee reminiscent of the situation around iraq nearly fifteen years ago a united states representatives at the time deliberately misled the international community including the security council in doing so they set the stage for intervention which at least unspeakable tragedy on both iraq and the whole region. russia's president vladimir putin will host the leaders of turkey and iran in sochi next week for talks on syria the trio will discuss finding a political solution to the civil war or some avenge of a report from gaziantep in turkey near the border with syria and a warning you may find some images disturbing. more
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syrian soldiers and militia fighters from iran backed groups in syria and iraq have arrived and. it's been a week since the syrian government's claim that it took isis last stronghold since then isis has launched dozens of attacks and its fighters hiding in tunnels inside the city managed to take back most of the town on the syria iraq border. assad's forces have also come under attack by opposition fighters in the suburbs of the capital damascus this is one of the largest military barracks belonging to the syrian regime in eastern guta since january it has exchanged hands several times. but the rebel small gains are no match for the government's air superiority fighter jets have continued to target opposition areas to. raise the b.s. collation if that's what is called the planes didn't spare any neighborhood more than sixty people injured here the hospitals are full of civilians dying because of the lack of medicine as government forces gain ground against rebels are nice and
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they renewed their calls for u.s. soldiers to leave the statement from syria's foreign office came a day after u.s. secretary of state quote walking away from syria this right in attacks comes as world leaders agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties but inside syria people say that another security council meeting with continued to fail to prevent attacks. earlier this year the world reacted in almost unanimous condemnation to the images of suffocating children the u.n. found the assad regime responsible for the chemical attack in qana which killed dozens of people the government denied responsibility and russia questions about the attack itself britain's foreign secretary accused russia for consistently choosing to cover up for the. as the mandate for the un joint investigative mechanism expires the u.s. and russia are presenting rival bids for how to investigate future chemical attacks russia has so far vetoed nine resolutions on syria and more than six years into
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this war world leaders are still making statements as attacks against civilians continue with impunity some of the job it out of their. zimbabwe's military says it's working with president robert mugabe on a way forward and will announce an outcome as soon as possible the guard has been confined to his home by the military since earlier in the week a delegation from south africa is in harare trying to reach a deal on my god his future it's holding talks with members of the army president mugabe's family and his zanu p.f. party with a catholic priest acting as mediator the military says it wants mugabe to stand down so there can be a smooth and bloodless transition the army chief backs the former vice president. that was sent to last week he could then take over as interim president well amid the political uncertainty opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has returned to the capital after receiving cancer treatment abroad reports while i said african delegation and the catholic church mediate between me and president robert mugabe
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his main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai it is only one way out of the political crisis in the interest of the people of zimbabwe mr robert mugabe in my city. step down immediately with the national sentiment and expectation to god of his legacy. and contribution to zimbabwe. the army seize control on wednesday and can find the ninety three year old whose private residence in harare some sources there still insists he is the country's only legitimate leader soldiers in armored vehicles are guarding government offices but harare is calm and quiet civil servants have gone back to work shops and businesses have opened official word of what exactly is happening doesn't come off and people have to lie and social media and speculation with sometimes course it wasn't his way to hear the news of the meeting between the army president robert mugabe and delegation getting on with their lives but his calls for the president to step down
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grow louder zimbabweans are talking about a post era and they say several scenarios could play out the readings on the pier party could recall mugabe his annual conference next month that means he'll no longer be leader of the party and head of state they could be a transitional unity government with all political parties including zanu p.f. war veterans who helped keep in power for nearly forty years to have a rally on saturday to prepare for the future but for now the military insists this was not a coup it is robert mugabe is still the head of state and commander in chief. well it was chief advisor to morgan chang when he was prime minister. will not step aside without first shoring up protection for his. he's been one of the most deceptive villian figures you know politics and it's very hard to tell what he's thinking and ways going there's lots of information some of it is quite frankly
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speculation and doesn't really give the true picture of what's going on behind the scenes i don't think that we've got to hold agreed to leave zimbabwe i think you would want to stay in the country one to be able to continue with his life i also think that he would want to secure some guarantees. there are people who are working with his wife who are detained and others who may be threatened i think that you try to secure some positions and also it's also a question of protecting himself from those who are coming in as leaders he may not be comfortable with some of the figures that are being proposed he may have other people in mind and he knows that at the moment he also holds a bit of a trump card and he will try and use that because if the generals and booty to fire him and take falls which they know it's very difficult because of the illegality of it you can he make continue to hold on to that amnesty
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international's accusing mout of fighters in the philippines soldiers of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of mari more than a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand displaced by the fighting this latest report details how the isolating group kidnapped and killed civilians most of whom were christians hostages were abused and reportedly used as human shields the document says that philippines marines tortured some detainee's accused them of being militants but without evidence. says both sides looted large amounts of cash and jewelry the organization also wants an investigation to examine if government strikes were proportionate and complied with international law. has more from money lead. all this reports of amnesty international is the very first detailed briefing on what transpired in the points along quietly in the southern philippines after parents of the abbott international the scene traveled there in
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september and spoke to at least fifty civilians these abilities talked about the views being committed by both sides but now to the philippine military this comes as no surprise because even weeks into the conflict we have been getting reports the focus of civilians and said that they have been abused by the mouth a group and they have been targeting christians for the worst abuses like execution sexual assaults and even being actually forcing them to commit looting and pillage all across where are we city but now it comes at a very critical time at a time when martial law is still implemented all across the now the government promised this that. martial would be there now by the end of december there's been no commitment since it is critical because martial law actually prevents people from coming forward and filing a complaint a lot of disability had spoken to also say that they are afraid to even submit a list of their missing loved ones because they do not want to be accused of being
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sympathizers of the mouth a group this is not the first time that the conflict now has with goes into abuses allegedly committed by both sides the history of insurgency in mindanao of conflict is actually is repeated over and over again and we've spoken to analysts here who say what is critical now is for the philippine military to address these allegations because men in uniform are held in high regard by the public a huge fire has broken out at a home for the elderly in the u.s. state of pennsylvania flames are reported just after eleven o'clock at night local time at the complex at westchester that's nearly sixty kilometers west of philadelphia there are no reports of any injuries and rescue workers have been moving people to safety it's not clear what caused the fire. lots more still to come here not just here including a sign of how things are changing in the middle east a senior israeli general talks about sharing intelligence with saudi arabia. and the white house promises action after cambodia's supreme court dissolves the main
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opposition party. hello again the rain the thunder had the snow are easing now in afghanistan and having seen that happen everything upwind while there is nothing to see is there no showers around the caspian nothing back towards the shores of the mediterranean so again this is the week winter sun lifting tempers to twenty six in beirut about the same in baghdad i mean seventeen now in tehran you'll notice it's cooling down through iraq down towards q eight as you might expect it to do there is cloud building in the eastern med as a writer a long term revolving storm just adds every edge of the close of the moment we're just looking at cloud nothing more than that took you know the day before it starts to rain now much the temps are coming down about thirty's
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a batsman dohan about the same in abu dhabi but the same stratum on rather less in yemen but still up at thirty six in mecca but beyond the temperatures don't expect to see very much in the sky told occasional formation a pattern of course that does start to thicken on saturday in the northwest of saudi whereas by contrast and to be expected been very active in stormy weather in south africa recently in southern mozambique but the concentration once again is gone north cast your eyes over this zimbabwe's turn to get wet. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when the romance cuts
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across religious lines cyprus island if it bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera russia has vetoed a us that attempt to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria it means the u.n. team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas and syria will now be disbanded. zimbabwe's military says it's working with president robert mugabe on a way forward and. possible has been confined to his home the delegation of south africa in harare trying to reach
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a deal on the. amnesty international is accusing philippine government forces. of violating international humanitarian law and. more than a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand displaced. the u.n. says at least a million children in yemen or risk of contracting diphtheria because of a blockade preventing urgently needed vaccines from getting into the country the heads of three u.n. agencies pleaded with the saudi led coalition to fully lift its embargo they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up of cholera which is infected nine hundred thousand yemenis in the past six months but djibouti is now home to more than forty thousand yemenis of fled the war they started in a refugee camp but many of moved to the capital to earn a living and as a mom of the day when our reports their presence is bringing big changes to the city. old school tom into a training center in the heart of djibouti
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a group of men are hard at work. the older figures from yemen until recently they were living in a comp some two hundred kilometers away. they were then registered given papers and allowed to work. up to rahman ali came here from the city of. destroyed his house he now owns the testament. outmost respect and dignity. with the government and the leadership of that would. change its laws to allow to. walk and i mean living government officials. to see that if you give them the bottom. line is that. for themselves and for their home. one of the world's poorest countries with few much a lot of sources the country has seen large foreign investment in recent years
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because of its strategic location but it still struggles with extreme poverty headed by over here. there is little else we could do for them but make our brothers and sisters welcome we allowed them the right to work our president is a staunch supporter of the yemeni refugee community. more yemenis that i've businesses owned and run by them are becoming more visible in djibouti they are safe here and have a new start from the whole war yet they continue to follow closely events back home . the problem with yemen is the are militias there for hire and cause massive destruction that will. influx of yemenis is changing djibouti even the locals admit they have reinvigorated the city. for the refugees. and who knows if there will ever be able to go back home. djibouti. israel says it's
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prepared to cooperate with saudi arabia to unite against iran israel's military chief says that an interview with an arabic online newspaper that it's ready to share intelligence with saudi counterparts it comes as tension between tehran and riyadh continues to rise well lou in school as a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the two countries have mutual concerns on several fronts well i think it's surprising that it became public but the fact of the matter is that they've been working together for quite a while particularly since president obama did the you ran nuclear deal then they both realize they had to work together to make sure that iran did not become the dominant power in the region but i think it will be concerning to some of the other arab countries that have very tense relationships with israel to think that saudi arabia the premier if you will sunni country in the world whopper rating with israel who many countries in the region don't think should exist who want them
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to really make a green light with the palestinians and saying well if you do this is going to be very hard for us to pressure israel to make a deal with the palestinians but i do think there are other countries in the in the region who are going to be concerned about you know what this means for the middle east peace process what it would mean for basically israel be coming you know more aggressive against hamas or even intervening in in lebanon the white house says it's gravely concerned about the cambodian supreme court decision to dissolve the main opposition party and is pledging a response the ruling gives prime minister hun sen's party a clear run in next year's election his government's accuse the u.s. of potting with the opposition exiled opposition leader sam rainsy has called on the international community to cut ties with the government. is the return
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in a one party system which is a common new style regime which is so contrary to be ninety ninety one paris peace accords on cambodia. that clearly state that the cambodia must follow a liberal democratic pluralistic the system so by killing democracy in cambodia. will. provoke. the international community besides the come billion people out as it was robbed mcbride has more from the cambodian capital phnom penh. the death of democracy that's what it says on the front page of the phnom penh post but it's the last major english language paper on the stands after the closure of a fellow publication the cambodia daily a couple of months ago all part of
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a general rollback of civil society that it's claimed has been taking place here in recent times it's also included according to rights groups curbs on the activities of some foreign n.g.o.s at the last election three million people went out and voted for the opposition c n n r p but you do well not to admit you were one of them under the current political climate. did you support the syrian r.p. . let me thank you. but you know i don't know about that. we just want to have a good living and the country into the fallacy of the c n r p leadership has appealed to the international community to intervene but while there has been condemnation from abroad it's a very different international community that saved cambodia from civil war twenty five years ago and set it on the path of democracy many would argue the united
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states is not the international player it used to be and the investment from china that is changing the skyline of phnom penh tells you it's the chinese that are now the biggest influence here and beijing certainly likes the way prime minister hun sen needs doing things with its emphasis on national security and stability virtues that it approves of the country it calls rather cambodia. chileans will be going to the polls to choose a new president on sunday the election comes amid a rise in attacks by the indigenous who want to take back ancestral lands and when more autonomy latin american editor and human has more from our kenya region. ghani a region of south central chile looks peaceful enough until you see these bullet holes and the graffiti claiming these rural lands as autonomous territory of the native people a little up at ice shows us some of the more than sixty timber transport trucks
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recently burned by armed men wanting to expel large forestry companies from what they consider and such storm approaches land. that the. these people are criminals they're using them approach a cause to legitimize themselves and commit acts of terrorism. a centuries old conflict is accelerating with armed groups burning farmhouses trucks forests and even churches especially in this election year. leader fidel to run a meal was one of eight men accused of taking part in the arson attacks he was released from prison a few weeks ago for lack of evidence but makes no apologies for the violence. i think all the different types of struggle are valid because it's legitimate to fight to recover land in our liberation as a people we were here as a nation before chile existed in chile state has been gradually buying land to return to the my porges under
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a law that is proven and satisfactory for all involved special forces police squads to a farmhouse under twenty four hour protection seventy six year old out of school and his wife will send say they can't leave the perimeter of it without the special gear. and despite constant attacks they say they can't sell the property because the state won't pay them enough to buy elsewhere. is this a way to live there's no justice for us but them up which is are supposedly the victims what about us i mean we human. the government's response has been to apply an anti terrorism law this is one of the bullet holes from the latest attack against the basque orders home which entered their bedroom chillies controversial anti terrorism law was created by this country's former military dictatorship to persecute those who wanted to overthrow the regime but the big question is should that law be used today to address the violence taking place in
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southern china. international human rights organizations condemn it as abusive others as ineffective because it makes convictions more difficult to obtain. he said he looked at the laugh spent nineteen months under preventive detention accused of setting fire to a farmhouse in which a chilean couple was burned alive. he intend other my leaders have just been acquitted. it's a full of i mean labeling us terrorists it is rather due to get us out of circulation because it allowed them to get out of the way for example for more than two years. but cattle laugh says he won't be intimidated he represents a new more bold in generation of leaders demanding the recovery of ancestral lands and regional autonomy a situation some likened to the catalonia conflict and
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a controversy that chile's next government cannot afford to keep ignoring you see in human in the region chile the remains of elephants legally hunted in zimbabwe in zambia can now be imported into the u.s. as trophies the trumpet ministration made the announcement on wednesday reversing a bomber era ban on the delicate reports. over the last decade the illegal trade in ivory has more than doubled and the african elephant has paid dearly conservationists estimate around five thousand a year killed in african elephants remain in the u.s. as endangered species list the restrictions on importing elephant trophies from legal hunts in zimbabwe and zambia have been lifted the u.s. fish and wildlife service a well regulated hunting helps raise cash for conservation efforts and sing advocates of long campaign for the rollback and say the benefits are huge when you look at the dollars that hunting brings in. you're looking at funding for the
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conservation department in those countries most of their funding it does not come from the government coffers it comes from hunting among the trophy hunters are likely to be some of america's wealthiest including president trump sons they've hunted in zimbabwe in the past now they can bring home what they killed the shift in u.s. policy comes just days after interior secretary rice zinc set up a council to look at the benefits of u.s. citizens traveling abroad to hunt in a statement the people for the ethical treatment of animals said if president trump allows baggage carousel to be filled with elephant feet and heads from corrupt zimbabwe he will a fashion himself after its president robert mugabe who slaughters all in his path critics say allowing ivory coast feeds into the u.s. legally undermines hard fought campaign to stop the trade campaigns previously spearheaded by the united states and a gallacher al-jazeera. a
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quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera russia has vetoed a u.s. led attempt to extend an international choir into the use of chemical weapons in syria remains the united nations team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas in syria will now be disbanded russia has issued vetoes before to prevent council action and accountability in syria russia has invented reasons not to support a mechanism that helped create because it did not like its scientific conclusions russia has acted to obstruct these investigations many times but today it strikes a deep blow russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council and by a lemonade in our ability to identify the attackers russia has undermined our ability to deter future attacks. assad and isis will no longer be on notice for the
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use of chemical weapons russia's actions today zimbabwe's military says it's working with president robert mugabe on a way forward and will announce an outcome as soon as possible but god has been confined to his home by the military since early this week a delegation from south africa is in harare trying to reach a deal on the god his future. philippine government forces and i selling fighters violating international humanitarian law in the five month battle for the city of more than a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand displaced by the fighting exile cambodian opposition leader sam rainsy has called on the international community to cut ties with prime minister hun sen the supreme court dissolved the main opposition party on thursday and banned one hundred members from politics for five years gives one sends party a clear run in next year's election the white house has promised to respond to the move. children in yemen at risk of contracting
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diphtheria because urgently needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three un agencies pleaded with the coalition to fully lift its blockade of those with the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera. front. on al-jazeera.


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