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devastating impact for say the bank means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera where ever you. that rather than not being adopted all into a negative board of a permanent member of the of the security council a russian veto at the u.n.
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security council signals the end of an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria. untamed outness is al-jazeera live from zimbabwe's military says it's making progress in talks of president robert mugabe after the army took control. and started news detention centers ordered to kurds after shocking revelations of abuse . building the future we take you to the world architecture festival where the latest innovations are on display. russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria last month un investigators found this eerie and government was responsible for a chemical attack you can show her in in april eighty people died many of them
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children are diplomatic get into james bays reports from new york the ten veto by russia in the u.n. security council on syria and one that the council's efforts to hold to account those who use chemical weapons in the country. it was a vote that sparked outrage from the u.s. ambassador and she gave this warning that the u.s. may now work outside the u.n. russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use there was drama even before the meeting began with ambassador hayley accusing her russian colleague of bad faith by refusing to enter into negotiations for some reason the phones at the russian mission aren't working we have tried to get
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a call with them and they've been too busy to talk to us this week and when i have tried to call the silly for some reason he's not available moments later she was able to express her displeasure in person a very public exchange of words with the russian ambassador vaseline a benzema even it seems checking his phones for her calls when the meeting started they even argued over the rules of procedure in the council. i was invoking all thirty five of the of the previous little's of procedure the russian ambassador withdrawing and then reintroducing his own rival resolution this two failed to pass meaning as things stand now the team is investigating the use of chemical weapons looks set to be disbanded. the use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality what is at stake here today is the very future of the
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international chemical weapons nonproliferation regime. there's been real division and high drama it's been a sad day for syria a bad day for efforts to fight weapons of mass destruction and a day on which the u.n. security council has really harmed its own standing as the security council meeting broke up some members were still trying to create a new compromise resolution to keep the chemical weapons mechanism going on a temporary basis there could be another vote on friday but it will now be very difficult to bridge the deep divisions that have been laid bare james by al-jazeera at the united nations chalons has more reaction from moscow. i think there are going to be mixed feelings here in moscow on the one hand they'll be disappointed yet again it's pretty obvious that although when they deal one on one with donald trump russia can get some sort of agreements when they have to deal with the wider
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u.s. administration or the u.s. in the united nations then it's the same old divisions but they are going to be happy here that they've managed to kill this investigation because they've hated it from the start as soon as it began working earlier on in the year russia was questioning the validity of the evidence that was being provided to the jay i am. also questioning its methodology then in october when the united states first tried to get the j.i. mandate extended russia said no let's wait let's see the report first now that report came out a week ago and it was slammed by russia as being politically and scientifically flawed now russia's behavior here fits in with i think a general pattern which is to deny and discredits when they're accused of causing civilian civilian casualties in their campaign to prop up the governments in damascus they deny it and they discredit those like the white helmets who try to
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show otherwise and here we've seen them deny that damascus was responsible for one of the worst atrocities of the war so far and discredits the internationally mandated investigative body that was trying to say otherwise. zimbabwe's military says it is working with president robert mugabe in a way forward and well and now it's an outcome soon the gobby is confined to his home after the army seize control on wednesday a delegation from south africa's been in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on his future how demitasse has more from harare. people have been watching the news bulletins on state media for hours waiting for some kind of news the latest is that the army says that significant progress has been made and their updates and barbarians when necessary this is what people are working up to today the state run newspaper it shows a picture of president mugabe an army general to anger the meeting yesterday
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they're holding hands they smiling it's confusing some of them are means asking what is going on is president garvey on his way out so a lot of speculation because a lot of people fishel sources aren't speaking and there are indications that they could be a lot of movement in the next coming days but some analysts are saying that the army may be trying to manage this transitional process because if it is if it does appear to be a community the army won't get any legitimacy so it's a case of trying to figure out when mugabe's exit will be most analysts here are saying that mugabe is on his way out the question is the timing one thing to watch today is a graduation ceremony a university graduation ceremony which is dissipated a few hours from now there president mugabe is tradition he normally individually congratulates every graduate is here piers the question will be why is the there what is the status is he really on his way out if he doesn't appear it could be indication that the army is really serious about removing him and it could be only
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a matter of days maybe a matter of weeks. iraqi forces say they have entered the last major i saw held town in the country troops advance into in the west on friday as comes hours after iraq launched a new attack and expelling fighters from the border area with syria let's go to iran kearney has the latest from baghdad tell us what the situation is. well this was an approach began on the eleventh take the last remaining two strong votes i saw on the boat in syria that he held cardboard across from us was a mano which they took very easily well first just lost it a few hours then they built bridges over the freights these results which allowed them to get to the tone of all of that we are hearing that there are a significant number of civilians within the area of iraq into a crisis part of told us that they want to try and avoid civilian casualties that's
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why it's taken a number of days to prep for this particular operation what they did was they took villages in the outskirts of iraq but in the early hours of this morning they went into the center problem itself what they've been doing is they've been fighting with the last pockets i saw lights is that a lot of us places every state across the border into safe havens with syria so this is likely to be an operation that won't take as long as say for some mosul we are expecting it to come to an end family but the iraqi army they are set to civilians living here in these big white flags above the houses have also used the radio transmitters to say it's isis fighters by the surrender or come to surrender and let's see what we can do with what we're hearing right now is that they're in this center of the town itself now this is significant because it's the last remaining i see some boats out if that's taken today that's something that
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signifies the end of isis so it rocked right thank you for that. for my cambodian opposition leader sam rainsy has called on the international community to cut ties with prime minister hun sen the supreme court dissolved the main opposition party and then banned more than one hundred members from politics for five years and gave his tongue since project can run in next year's election. the return in a one party system which is common in. a regime which is so contrary to the ninety ninety one paris peace our courts are on cambodia. that clearly state that the cambodia must follow a liberal democratic lura least the system so by killing democracy in cambodia. will. provoke.
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the international community besides the couple of young people an inquiry into abuse abuse prisons in australia as northern territory has called for the closure of one of the detention centers the investigation was prompted by a television documentary last year which showed teenagers at a darwin detention center tied up with hoods over their heads some were stripped naked and ten guest inquiry found children as young as ten were subject to regular repeated and distressing mistreatment and said some were bribed or dead to carry out humiliating or degrading acts the report said there were shocking and systemic failures over many years that were known but ignored at the highest levels chilian umask is a senior lawyer at the human rights laws and she says the abuse is only a snapshot of what's been going on for many years. all the lawyer working in the average legal service during this time i saw mistreatment they made it out i heard
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from many clients at time around the restraint the use of and cross which was illegal in transport in jordan having children and guest and children being kept in solitary on a diet of weeks on end so what was shown on four corners was really a snapshot of the views that have been has been tried for many years in the children as well still ahead on al-jazeera write scripts and find evidence of war crimes during the philippine army's battle against isolated fighters. refugees on the one hand and find a new home and a new purpose across the water in djibouti. her earlier. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback.
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further risk of flooding in greece and italy in macedonia hasn't disappeared but it is starting to weaken the whole thing is still circulation this storm system but it's now expanding which means it will not have such concentrated thunderstorms there's no obvious other thing here cold front coming down through northern europe nice not particularly active it is still representing cold read we're already down to single figures for most of northern europe anyway and here's the rain forecast for friday southern italy the focus but still greece and it's heading across towards the western side of turkey everything to the west of and south of france is now enjoying quiet weather is not necessarily especially warm we're eleven degrees in paris and we're eighteen in madrid and if anything that would be much the same tomorrow now i'm giving you overnight footage here and you lose a bit of snow for you in the east the size of austria otherwise nothing much happened another frontal system bringing rain now once again to northern germany and scandinavia so with the circulation central mediterranean you'd expect to see
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rain out here into an easy and you have it that's what has happened forecast wise it's now ready to drug itself through the gulf to say it's libya and maybe just maybe places like kofu and western egypt. the weather sponsored by cattle race. is it a lesson whether online we were in a hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.p.a. has addressed or if you join us on saturday. but. it. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again the top stories on al-jazeera russia has vetoed a u.s. led attempt to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria it means the united nations team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas will be disbanded. zimbabwe's military says it's working with president robert mugabe in a way forward and will announce an outcome as soon as possible mugabe has been on the house race since the army seized power on wednesday. iraqi forces say they've entered the last major i still held town in the country troops advanced into in the west on friday comes hours after iraq launched a new attack aimed at expelling fighters on the border area with syria. i'm just international is accusing. fighters and philippine government forces of war crimes
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during the five month battle for the city of merari at least a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand others displaced the organizations latest report details how the amount to a group kidnapped and killed civilians most of them were. christians hostages were abused and reportedly used as human shields the document says that philippines marines tortured some people they detained accusing them of being fighters but without any evidence just international claims both sides looted large amounts of cash and jewelry the organization also wants an investigation into whether government air strikes were proportionate and complied with international law. has more from manila. well this report of amnesty international is the very first detailed briefing on what transpired in the points along quietly in the southern philippines after terrence lee abbott international the scene traveled there in
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september and spoke to at least fifty civilians these abilities stopped about the views being committed by both sides the mouth of the philippine military this comes as no surprise because even weeks into the conflict we have been getting reports of poking the civilians and said that they have been abused by the moussa groups and they have been targeting christians for the worse of abuses like eggs occasion sexual assaults and even being actually forcing them to commit looting and pillage all across where are we city but now it comes at a very critical time at a time when martial law is still implemented all across with the now the government promised this that that martial would be there by the end of december there's been no commitment since it is critical because martial law actually prevents people from coming forward and filing a complaint a lot of visibility had spoken to also say that they are afraid to even submit a list of their missing loved ones because they do not want to be accused of being
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sympathizers of the mousie group this is not the first sign of a conflict in the now has with goes into abuse this allegedly committed by both sides the history of insurgency in mindanao of conflict is actually is repeated over and over again and we've spoken to analysts here who say what is critical now is for the philippine military to address these allegations because men in uniform are held in high regard by the public a large group of rangar refugees is on the move again trying to escape a military crackdown in myanmar hundreds are stuck in what's known as no man's land between me and mine and bangladesh this footage was filmed from bangladesh of the refugees trying to seek safety in cox's bazar more than six hundred thousand range of crossed the border since august under charges more from cox is bizarre. hundreds of ranger refugees crossed into and human part of a no man's land between cox bazaar bangladesh and me on mars now most of them are
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stranded in the pedophile behind me the hilltop you're saying is myanmar border in between is another free but this has been one of the new points a lot of the rowing jet refugees are crossing into buying of that just last week and friday about six thousand refugees crossing to bangladesh using makeshift raft and fishing boat so the influx of is really not stopped people are still coming in meanwhile and that a lot of diplomatic activity is overseas as well as in bangladesh the foreign minister of sweden japan and germany are scheduled to visit bangor that within this week on november nineteenth chinese foreign minister is also scheduled to visit this coming week to me and mine and bangladesh between all the diplomatic jargon that is really hasn't been a solution about the ripper tray ssion all they're going to refugee is the army chief yesterday of the myanmar army chief yes that if say that it is up to the citizens of myanmar to decide how many are wat the rolling get refugees will be taken on not casting doubt about the whole policy just about
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a whig back to the foreign secretary of myanmar in a meeting and. india say that there are four condition has to be met before anybody is taken back the home secretary of myanmar said that he doubts that they will be taking all six hundred thousand refugees who have crossed into bangladesh in recent days into myanmar. the japanese prime minister says threats from north korea are the most serious security concerns for tokyo since world war two. has outlined his cabinet's priorities in the speech department this is japan would respond to what he called pyongyang's escalating provocation tokyo has said it's planning to buy more missile defense systems from the u.s. . and. the security environment surrounding japan is so severe that it is not an exaggeration to call it the worst since the end of world war two we will pursue a proactive foreign policy with strong support of the people north korea's series
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of missile launches a nuclear test are absolutely unacceptable recently when u.s. president trump visited japan and we were able to show the world the unshakeable bond between japan and the united states china has been under pressure to use its influence on north korea and beijing is sending its top envoy to pyongyang ties between the two allies have been strained of late north korean leader kim jong un has ignored calls from beijing to end its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests beijing also wants pyongyang to return to disarmament talks to us and has more from beijing. this visit comes just one week after president donald trump visited beijing and urged president xi jinping to put more pressure on north korea even sad that he knows that president xi jinping can do this if we really wanted to but the government in beijing sastre the visit of sung he's the head of the external affairs committee of the communist party is fueling a courtesy call with china traditionally pays to socialist nations after
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a communist party congress but this visit is still significant because the government doesn't rule out that the nuclear program will be discussed and this is the first high level delegation traveling from beijing to pyongyang this year it's very symbolic because with this visit china wants to stress that the relationship although with cooled off quite significantly because of nuclear missile test it's still firm with pyongyang and with a very long and dark winter coming up for north korea because of sanctions there is a possibility that china can put some pressure to report to the u.s. congress is accused chinese state media journalists of spying for beijing and urge they register as foreign agents a commission set up by congress says that chinese state media is rapidly expanded abroad and is spreading propaganda through its news agencies all claim this is part of a broader effort by the government to exert control over its global image as well as
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to gather information china says the report is false at least twenty people have been injured in a fire home for elderly people in the u.s. state of pennsylvania flames engulf the complex in west chester to the west of philadelphia rescue workers have been moving people to safety it's not clear what caused the fire. israel says it's prepared to cooperate the saudi arabia tonight against iran its military chief told an arabic online newspaper that dissuades share intelligence information with riyadh has been heightened tension between iran and saudi arabia in recent months lawrence korb is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the two countries have mutual concerns on several fronts well i think it's surprising that it became public but the fact of the matter is that they've been working together for quite a while particularly since president obama did the your grand nuclear deal then they both realize they had to work together to make sure that iran did not become
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the dominant power in the region but i think it will be concerning to some of the other arab countries that have very tense relationships with israel to think that saudi arabia the premier if you will sunni country in the world cooperating with israel whom many countries in the region don't think should exist who want them to really make a green move with the palestinians and saying well if you do this is going to be very hard for us to pressure israel to make a deal with the palestinians but i do think there are other countries in the in the region who are going to be concerned about you know what this means for the middle east peace process what it would mean for basically israel be calming you know more aggressive against hamas or even intervening in in lebanon the u.n. says at least a million children in yemen are at risk of contracting the feria because
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a blockade is preventing vaccines from getting into the country the heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with the saudi led coalition to fully lift its embargo they say it could also be a renewed flare up of cholera which has infected nine hundred thousand yemenis in the past six months they've also warned of mass starvation. the horn of africa state of djibouti is now home to more than forty thousand people have fled the war in yemen. but many have moved to the capital to a living and as mamma reports their presence is bringing big changes to the city. old school time into a trading center in the heart of djibouti a group of men are hard at work. the older figures from yemen until recently they were living in a comp some two hundred kilometers away. they were then were just given papers and allowed to work. here from the city of. destroyed his house he
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now. put it out most respect and dignity. the government and the leadership of that would. allow to. walk on living. for themselves and for their homes. one of the world's poorest countries with few much notice sources the country has seen large foreign investment in recent years because of its strategic location but it still struggles with extreme poverty. there is little else we could do for them but make our brothers and sisters welcome we allowed them the right to work our president is
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a staunch supporter of the yemeni refugee community. more yemenis arrive businesses owned and run by them are becoming more visible and. they are safe here and have a new start from the whole war yet they continue to follow closely events back home . the problem with yemen is the are militias there for. fire and cause massive destruction at will. influx of yemenis is changing djibouti even the locals admit they have reinvigorated the city. for the refugees. and who knows if there will ever be able to go back home mohammed other while visiting djibouti. so the world's best architects are showcasing their innovative designs in berlin they've used current events like the refugee crisis war and natural disasters as inspiration to construct housing for communities around the globe it's all part of the world architecture festival which will announce
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a winning architect on friday is charlie angelo reports from re housing earthquake survivors to educating a community architecture has the power to transform lives here at the world architecture festival in berlin it's clear the desire for social equality is implementing design decisions seen here in design more as presentation of shelter on the edge a reimagining of a refugee camp for syrians fleeing conflict made of wood is designed to be built by its inhabitants in can grow like a community to somebody it's like a bus and it's not with the basic human need what you need and especially the small planets it's a very small twin it's like you know it's a bit more. flexible and. affordable each building tells a story the palestinian museum in the occupied west bank has already won an award for its clean lines and cascade of terraces which represent the diversity of cultures there's also the affordable student housing in copenhagen using shipping
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containers and otherwise on usable space to create floating apartments i think what we're trying to do is architects is to build the future way of living working. we feel that a lot of places in cities today were actually designed for how life was lived one hundred years ago this building in central violin was sort listed for the housing category but it's actually multi-functional it's got offices on the top restaurant and shops it generates its own electricity with solar panels on the roof and a geothermal system supplies it with heating and air conditioning in a recent survey architecture that cry. but change and energy will be the most important issues influencing their profession over the next ten years the festival is an opportunity for architects to question and learn from each other and be judged by a panel of their peers a unique opportunity to the organizers so many different architecture something
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different parts of the world approach the same challenges putting these different way because of our climate building tradition and what's always fascinating is the pair of them from how different his art is where the rest of the same problems come up with amazingly end of it is an. unusual set of architecture can define the way we live our lives even lift the human spirit just like this when installation in london called smile charlie rangel al-jazeera. the and the top stories on al-jazeera russia has vetoed a usa to tend to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria it means the united nations team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas will be disbanded russia has issued vetoes before to prevent council action and
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accountability in syria russia has invented reasons not to support a mechanism that helped create because it did not like its scientific conclusions russia has acted to obstruct these investigations many times but today it strikes a deep blow to iraqi forces say they've entered the last major eisel held town in the country troops advanced into in the west on friday comes hours after iraq launched a new attack aimed at expelling fighters from the border area with syria. zimbabwe's military says it's working with president robert mugabe on a way forward and will announce an art come as soon as possible mugabe has been under house arrest since the army seized power on wednesday cambodia's form opposition leaders are urging world leaders to cut ties with prime minister hun sen sam rainsy is in washington d.c. with other members of the now banned c n r p the supreme court dissolved his party
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on thursday and banned more than one hundred members from politics for five years. and. an inquiry into abuse of youth prisons in australia's northern territory has called for the closure of one of the detention centers it found children and teenagers were regularly mistreated the inquiry says shocking and systemic failures over many years were ignored by top officials amnesty international is accusing philippine government forces and eisel linked fighters of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of merari more than a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand displaced by the fighting a large group of rango refugees is on the move again trying to escape a military crackdown in myanmar hundreds are stuck in what's known as no man's land between me and ma and bangladesh more than six hundred thousand crossed the border
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since august. it is trying to be really been injured in a fire at a home for elderly people in the u.s. state of pennsylvania flames engulf the complex and waste chester to the west of philadelphia it's not clear what caused the fire. those are the headlines the news will continue but first it is the stream. news has never been. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i am doing the stream live on al-jazeera to all with teaming up with our colleagues at what else.


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