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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the. al-jazeera selects at this time. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. present my god he makes his first public appearance since the army seized power in
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zimbabwe. and i'm jane dutton this is live from doha also coming up we report on abuses in merah is rights groups find evidence of war crimes during the philippine army's battle against isolating fighters. russia's foreign minister accuses washington a fake diplomacy off the criticism of moscow's veto at the u.n. . and an australian youth detention centers ordered to shut down off the findings of repeated abuse of children and teens. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has appeared in public for the first time since the army seized power on wednesday mugabe is attending a university graduation ceremony in the. little harare was placed under house
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arrest after the takeover the military says it's making significant progress in talks to find a way out of the political crisis and promises to announce an outcome as soon as possible its reach our correspondent am a tosser joins us on the line from harare so he's been let out of his house to make a public appearance received. have had time to let it sink in this in the videos they've seen the photos and barry is that is how. he individually caps them one by one they more than a thousand people graduating today i would be his only. appearance he's been smiling. he says graduations to the students whispering his mom is an asking what does this mean the army has been telling the moms time and time again that this is not a coup the military intervention was just to weed out criminal elements in the ruling
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party with destabilizing the party and the country. analysts are saying this could mean the army really wants to try to have a smooth transition say could actually take a while we do know that there are elements like the war veterans who wants president mugabe to step down but i think it's going to be a managed process. which could take couple of weeks it could even drag on into next month december when the party have conference with the delegates then will then decide whether he stay or go as. should imagine it's quite confusing for zimbabweans to see him out there you know you've got the military taking over on wednesday nobody knows really what the end game is of then but there's talk of pushing him out of power. it is very confusing imagine living here and because the officials don't. speak often to the public they rely on
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social media like whatsapp and twitter and lot of the information out there has been. wrong is course panic is cause a lot of people to get things wrong or not know what really is going on in the country and they blame the officials who want to speak. to the public it is confusing us people are wondering what is next what really is. one thing is clear he is alive they see he pretty much looks the same there's nothing very different in terms of here and. we're hearing speculation that over the weekend the series of meetings within different structures in different provinces around the countries on the people meet and discuss the fate of the president what to do next maybe some procedures and parliament what's clear is if the plan is to have him step down it's not going to be immediately all right thank you. i'm listing
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international is accusing ice a link fighters and philippine government forces of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of merari more than a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand others displaced tamil a report from manila. amnesty international sent a team to land a province in the southern philippines to interview around fifty survivors and witnesses what they heard were stories of widespread abuse on both sides some of which amount to war crimes the amnesty report says members of a local group called them out they targeted christians the attacks were often brutal some people were shot at point blank range while others had their throats slit the philippine military also stands accused in the report it details accounts of civilians who say they were tortured by members of the marines after their escape from out of fighters some say they were held tied beaten and accused of
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fighting against the government the ago is one of the civilians from what are we who survived his story told to al-jazeera backs up the amnesty report. the mouth they beat us with their weapons and they made us wear black and told us to go outside and forced us to steal food some of the women were raped when we managed to escape the military detained us for days we were tired and beaten up the accused us of being mouthy fighters and this international also says the damage to the city is worth further investigation the group calls it unprecedented and questions whether the use of military operations was consistent to proportionality under international law. satellite image shows neighborhoods in morocco we were wiped out at the end of the conflict. we. were guided by the rules of conflict which provides for the city and proportionality in the use of force the
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war in morocco we is the longest battle the philippine military has bought since world war two now to fighters to control of several parts of the city in may and held more than two thousand people hostage the moutier made no secret of their brutality it is highlighted in their propaganda but many here believe the philippine military should be held to a higher standard the air is a protector of the people in this they are the ones who are bestowed with that fired up to be the protector of the people and the state and that's why we hold them to account because they are eventually bare earth the military has been undergoing reforms for several years now the operation is being seen as a test as to whether lessons and human rights have been institutionalized many would also like to see if the mechanism to ensure transparency and accountability is also in place accusations of human rights abuses committed by the state have
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been the cause of the grievances by so many muslim communities which in turn are being exploited by radical armed groups here many believe these grievances need to be resolved soon before they again push more people to take up weapons against the government dog and al jazeera mandela russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria last month the un investigators found the syrian government was responsible for a chemical attack. in april eighty people died many of them children are diplomatic it is a james bays report from new york the term by russia in the u.n. security council on syria and one of the council's efforts to hold to account those who use chemical weapons in the country. it was a vote that sparked outrage from the u.s. ambassador and she gave this warning that the u.s. may now work outside the u.n.
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russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use there was drama even before the meeting began with ambassador hailey accusing her russian colleague of bad faith by refusing to enter into negotiations for some reason the phones at the russian mission aren't working we have tried to get a call with them and they've been too busy to talk to us this week and when i have tried to call the silly for some reason he's not available moments later she was able to express her displeasure in person a very public exchange of words with the russian ambassador vasoline the benzine or even it seems checking his phones for her calls when the meeting started they even
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argued over the rules of procedure in the council. i was invoking all thirty five of the of the previous little's a procedure the russian ambassador withdrawing and then reintroducing his own rival resolution this two failed to pass meaning as things stand now the team is investigating the use of chemical weapons looks set to be disbanded. the use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality what is at stake here today is the very future of the international chemical weapons nonproliferation regime. there's been real division and high drama it's been a sad day for syria a bad day for efforts to fight weapons of mass destruction and a day on which the u.n. security council has really harmed its own standing as the security council meeting broke up some members were still trying to create a new compromise resolution to keep the chemical weapons mechanism going on
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a temporary basis there could be another vote on friday but it will now be very difficult to bridge the deep divisions that have been laid bare jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has accused the us ambassador to the u.n. of what he called fake diplomacy after criticism of moscow's veto let's get more from roy in the russian capital so it seems that they're taking their victory rather badly well lover of as i think coined a new diplomatic term they're fake diplomacy and see who was fairly. free when he said that nikki haley had been bluntly lying when she said that she couldn't get in touch with counterpart for selina benz or at the u.n. by phone or any other means he went on to say that essentially they have to veto the u.n.
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security council's of the american proposal here because as he put it this mechanism there was an obedience a minute belated tool for the achievement of us geopolitical goals. and the fact that the united states then vetoed the sort of counter russian proposal shows as he says they do not want the mechanism to be fair clear and efficient and laurie why did russia veto this one of their concerns. they've hated it from the start basically as soon as this mechanism was set up and started working the russians did go along with the creation of it start with but then as soon as it started working they began the process of questioning its scientific and political effectiveness and validity basically saying that the
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kind of evidence that it was collecting was flawed and that the methodology of this mechanism was also flawed then when the americans tried for the first time to get this mechanism extended the mandate extended in october the russians said no we're not going to do that just yet let's see the report that they come out with first well when the report did come out a week ago again the russians slammed it saying that it was using faulty evidence and had not done its work properly so they basically have had an issue with it from the starts. century the russian methodology through much of their behavior in the the duration of. the syrian civil war is to essentially deny and discredit they deny things like the russian air campaign has been responsible for civilian deaths and they discredit those who try to show
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evidence to the contrary and again we're seeing here that the russians are denying that the damascus government was responsible for one of the worst atrocities of the civil war so far and they're discrediting the international mechanism internationally mandated mechanism that we're showing otherwise thank you for that roy challenge. still ahead on signs of a thaw we analyze the recent news by israel to establish diplomatic ties with saudi arabia plus. a growing divide between rich and poor and hong kong one and i just. had no equity in beijing remains actually surprisingly good the is moving around community of the north it's clean stuff is inducing some sort of action further
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south rain actually through the eastern side of china more especially japan in fact the picture of japan is quite a vigorous one on saturday rains right home show and the capping of cloud rose tucked in some of that cold a fresher clearer air now surprise forecast ten shots is eight but let me take you to sunday snowing it dropped on his zero even minus one so this is a proper tuck in a decent winter and will come down to northern home shoe as well be quite dramatic i think behind it all of course the sun is at six in beijing minus eight in. now you know what's happening in japan you can follow the line through shanghai and that was increasingly southern china this is right is becoming a little bit more interesting and might even reach hong kong once more humidity is coming up in hong kong has been up for a while i know temp is down but he still high but look at shanghai's forecast thirteen degrees in the sunshine the winter is trying to push science with it the most active well there is for size still we have a tropical depression that might turn into a proper tropical circulation on its way slowly not so much on saturday but on
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sunday toward sudden vietnam. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that there was invented from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for my jury and government tried that yet why. the tours for abducting two hundred schoolgirls the killing displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origin you rise of iraq at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you watching out as they're reminded of the top stories and bob boys president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance and the army seize power on wednesday mcgarvie is attending a university graduation ceremony in the capital harare. i missed international is accusing philippine government forces and i saw linked fighters of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of mirai more than a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand displaced. russia has vetoed a u.s. led attempt to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria means the united nations team investigating the use of deadly sarin gas will be despondent russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has accused the us ambassador to the u.n. of what he called a fake diplomacy after criticism of the veto. iraqi forces say they've
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retaken the last major eisel held town in the country troops advance into in the west on friday comes hours after iraq launched a new attack and expelling fighters from the border area with syria imran khan as the latest from baghdad. the iraqi joint operations command have announced that the iraqi flag is now flying in the center and the city has been liberated now this was an operation that began in the early hours of friday morning but the preparation had actually been taking place since the eleventh of november when the operation to take the last remaining strongholds of eisel began they first took them on a. small village from that they built bridges over the euphrates to bring in tanks and heavy equipment to go in to rob i know what they did was to take the surrounding villages there was about seven of them they took and then they used that as a staging post to go in to another joint operations command were very concerned about civilian casualties and actually told i was there that we are waiting for the
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right moment to go in to try and keep civilian casualties to a minimum there's no figures as that they've released yet if there have been any civilian casualties but what they did do was announce in the early hours of friday morning when this operation began as i said that any civilians should put white flags above their houses so the iraqi security forces would now so they went and now they've been met with very little operation this wasn't a operation like the one from mosul iraq's second largest city a real stronghold of eisel fighters there which took months to bring bring under control this was a very small town so it was a much easier operation now what we're hearing is a lot of the eisel fighters simply dispersed over the border crossing into syria allowing the iraqi forces to go straight and it is the end of eisel as a caliphate as a state in iraq so we will be expecting prime minister body to make a statement we don't know when that statement is going to be but he does face
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a challenge on his hands this might be the end of eisel as a state within iraq as i say but the root causes of the the rise of the group still remain the still a lot of anger among sunnis particularly to the shia led government here and so those are things that promise a body. needs to address but this is actually being seen as in as a significant victory for the iraqi forces that flag flying in the middle of is very significant israel says it is prepared to cooperate with saudi arabia to unite against iran its military chief told an arabic online newspaper that is ready to share intelligence information with saudi arabia before as tensions between tehran and riyadh runs corby's a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the two countries have mutual concerns on several fronts. well i think it's surprising that it became public but the fact of the matter is that they've been working together for quite a while particularly since president obama did the euro rand nuclear deal than they
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both realize they had to work together to make sure that iran did not become the dominant power in the region but i think it will be concerning to some of the other arab countries that have very tense relationships with israel to think that saudi arabia the premier if you will sunni country in the world cooperating with israel whom many countries in the region don't think should exist who want them to really make a green move with the palestinians and saying well if you do this is going to be very hard for us to pressure israel to make a deal with the palestinians but i do think there are other countries in the in the region who are going to be concerned about you know what this means for the middle east peace process what it would mean for basically israel be calming you know more aggressive against hamas or even intervening in in lebanon the
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japanese prime minister says threats from north korea are the most serious security concerns for tokyo since world war two. has outlined his cabinet key priorities in a speech to parliament of a says japan would respond to what he called pyongyang's escalating provocation he also says tokyo is planning to buy more missile defense systems from the u.s. . china's been under pressure to use its influence on north korea and now beijing is sending its top envoy to pyongyang ties between the two allies have been strained of late a north korean leader kim jong un has ignored calls from beijing to end its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests beijing also wants kenyan to return to disarmament talks. former cambodian opposition leader sam rainsy has called on the international community to cut ties with prime minister hun sen the supreme court dissolved the main opposition party on thursday and banned more than one hundred
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members from politics for five years and gives one sense party a clear run in next year's election. is the return in a one party system which is common in. a regime which is so contrary to the ninety ninety one paris peace accord on cambodia. that clearly state that the cambodia must follow a liberal democratic lura least the system so by killing democracy in cambodia. will. provoke. the international community besides the come border and people rob mcbride isn't. the death of democracy that's what it says on the front page of the phnom penh post but it's the last major english language paper on the stands after the closure of
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a fellow publication the cambodia daily a couple of months ago all part of a general rollback of civil society that it's claimed has been taking place here in recent times it's also included according to rights groups curbs on the activities of some foreign n.g.o.s at the last election three million people went out and voted for the opposition c n n r p but you do well not to admit you were one of them under the current political climate. did you support the syrian r.p. . thank you. for your time oh i don't know about that. but we just want to have a good living and the country to develop. the c n r p leadership has appealed to the international community to intervene but while there has been condemnation from abroad it's a very different international community that saved cambodia from civil war twenty
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five years ago and set it on the path of democracy many would argue the united states is not the international player it used to be and the investment from china that is changing the skyline of phnom penh tells you it's the chinese that are now the biggest influence here and beijing certainly likes the way prime minister hun sen he's doing things with his emphasis on national security and stability virtues that it approves of the country it calls rather cambodia an inquiry into abuse at u.s. prisons in australia's northern territory has called for the closure of one of the detention centers it found what it says were shocking and systemic failures that were ignored by top officials over many years most of the inmates were aboriginal and thomas reports. these are the shocking videos which sparked an inquiry into what was happening to children imprisoned in australia in one a boys strapped to
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a chair and put it another video shows a boy being picked up by a guard and thrown into his room much of the abuse happened here at the don dale prison for young offenders near darwin well over ninety percent of people detained here and elsewhere in the northern territory over recent years have been aboriginal earlier this year boys living in the territory told al-jazeera that among them the abuse was well known you know i train lost a friend you know. you like that down there carla stuff and i've seen it with my noises and grew up you know. boys again an era where. it's like you know and i'm so good on friday after an investigation which is lasted more than a year members of a royal commission inquiry released their report and recommendations they said they'd found shocking and systemic failures over many years which were well known and ignored at the highest levels the northern territory's chief minister said the
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failings were a stain on the northern territory's reputation we have been breaking our kids not building them up that has become increasingly evident truth commission hearings the report recommends the immediate closure of the don dale prison it says children under fourteen should only be detained for the most serious of crimes teargassed force and restraint should never be used on children and video cameras should be warned by guards to monitor their behavior but some worry the recommendations won't be enacted and don't go far enough saying so many inquiries make great recommendations and and nothing happened you know youth detention isn't working for these young people and we do need a paradigm shift. the northern territory's government says it broadly supports the reforms proposed in the report australia's prime minister says there are implications for how all australian states deal with the ling children this is
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a report into the abuse of children but in truth given that the vast majority of those in the northern territory in prisons are aboriginal there is also a report into the abuse of indigenous australians that makes its findings particularly sensitive australia has a dark history of abuse towards the so-called first australians under thomas al-jazeera so. now the divide between the rich and poor in hong kong has hit a record high the city is now the second most unequal in terms of income and wealth behind new york the latest government figures show more than twenty percent of the population lives in poverty so a clock reports from hong kong. like most eight year old alice hands nightly chores include home work but space is limited she and her mother share this tiny subdivided one bedroom flat they live on a six hundred dollars monthly welfare payment that would rent at four hundred fifty dollars is not always enough left to put food on the table the only i have to think
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a lot before buying anything sometimes i eat less or skip meals so that she can eat well you see she's quite skinny maybe she doesn't get enough nutrition it's an increasingly familiar trend in hong kong soaring property prices have pushed up rent squeezing the most vulnerable the latest government figures for twenty sixteen show twenty percent of the population live below the poverty line is not possible to totally. but there isn't a need to do is all right we can say we can't you limit the poverty situation and and we do nothing the wealth gap between rich and poor in hong kong is also at its highest level in more than four decades according to the latest government data ten percent of the city are now earning forty four times that of the poorest households who have an average income of three hundred twenty dollars a month there are now around one million people struggling to get by in hong kong while the elderly i consider the most vulnerable welfare groups are one in every
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five children are now living in poverty and a quarter of those are not getting access to basic food aid. welfare groups say education is also a challenge with poor families being forced to sacrifice food to send their children to school education system school require require them to pay a lot so so they don't they have to save their money to pay this kind of spend each year so they don't have enough money for the muse. i want my daughter to be happy and healthy when she grows up i tell her to study hard if she wants to change or living conditions because we are poor we need to rely on ourselves. in a city where rich and poor co-exist in the same space it's a tough reality which welfare groups say the government must urgently address sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong.
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al-jazeera the top stories above boys president robert mugabe has appeared in public for the first time since the army seized power on wednesday but gabi is attending a university graduation ceremony in the capital harare he was placed under house arrest of the takeover the military says it's making significant progress in talks to find a way out of the political crisis and promises to announce an outcome as soon as possible. i'm retired says more from the ceremony in harare. analysts saying this could mean the army really wants to show or try to have a smooth transition so it could actually take a while we do know that there are elements like the war veterans once president mugabe to step down but i think it's going to be a managed process. which could take a couple of weeks even drag on into next month december when the party have made one friends with the delegates will then decide whether he stay or go as party leader amnesty international is accusing philippine government forces and isolated
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fighters of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of merari within a thousand people were killed and five hundred thousand displaced russia has vetoed a u.s. led attempt to extend an international inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria means the united nations team investigating the use of sarin gas will be disbanded iraqi forces say they've retaken the last major eisel held town in the country troops advanced into raw in the west on friday comes hours after iraq launched a new attack aimed at expelling fighters from the border area with syria the japanese prime minister says threats from north korea are the most serious security concerns for turkey since world war two actions are as our time is cabinet's key priorities in a speech to parliament this is japan would respond to what he called pyongyang's escalating provocation. cambodia's from opposition leaders urging world
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leaders to cut ties with prime minister hun sen sam rainsy is in washington d.c. with other members of his party the supreme court dissolved his party on thursday and banned more than one hundred members from politics for five years. as the headlines the news continues but first it is inside story. two weeks after the saudi led coalition imposed a total blockade on yemen it says it's opening access in some areas but is that enough for.


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