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because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously you. know the feel of the more confident of the more energetic the feel more alive. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. the body to the territory and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on and does either. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe makes his first public appearance since being
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put under house arrest as the pressure mounts on him to step aside. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming out. firing on opposition supporters as well or a return to nairobi descends into chaos the grim aftermath of the battle for morale way i select fighters on the philippine government are accused of war crimes. and disturbing new data from hong kong shows the divide between rich and poor is at its highest level in decades. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put under house arrest by the military on wednesday pressure is mounting on the ninety three year old to step aside with his closest allies outstanding against him
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and his own designer pair of party calling for him to resign. reports from the capital harare. calls for president robert mugabe to step down are growing louder he was seen for the first time in public on friday days after the army seized control and confined him to a private residence in harare the people who helped him stay in power for nearly forty years the war veterans have called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday because of this who did it would. be flown don't you. want to be going to prison. if you didn't. it's a problem people. don't want to be responsible for. but what you assume is releasing their message when we want to. organize the money
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movements the war veterans are important in the country's power structure this is a leader and his wife grace have gone too far the firing of former vice president. and his supporters and get them there making it clear grace and affection called g forty in the rulings on it or never be in power the first lady was at the graduation ceremony will be kept thousands of graduates if the plan is to carefully manage president it's a. transition of power in the process. has led zimbabwe since one thousand nine hundred eighty people are still stunned the army stepped in. right now just to make sure that. we could live in concert you know. when the president mugabe. step down in the dignified way for him to step down. a way that is not destructive in the way that he has not been before that. southern
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african leaders plan to hold an emergency summit on zimbabwe for now one thing is clear the ninety three year old mugabe is losing friends the war veterans who put him in power are now the ones who want to gone. broadcaster based here in the u.k. he says mcgarvey support is dwindling fast and he could face them pitch for votes to step down. i think i'm got pillars of support are dwindling as there's been pointed out by by many people this military coup has actually been more peaceful than elections in zimbabwe so this basically is generating the euphoria that you are seeing there is a lot of nervous excitement people are warming up to the army they're looking at them as heroes we've seen what's one as president. mugabe to step down i think mugabe is lost in all of this he's fully aware that the army needs him.
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on the success so he's holding onto this card we were told in negotiations with centering around him being given safe passage and immunity but i think the latest as you can see from the reports is that he's insisting on finishing his term in office so i think those strategizing this military coup in a sense are now looking at the party route trying to have him removed as leader of zanu p.f. and this talk that they might actually have him impeached as early as tuesday so basically it's a mexican standoff it's a matter of who blinks first but i also says that telling us the generals are not backing down and if refuses a graceful exit they will obviously humiliate him through an impeachment process and we all know people in the opposition and even within zanu p.f.
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are fed up of mugabe so there will be a lot of support for any impeachment process in parliament. amnesty international says three people have been killed in kenya and police clash with supporters of opposition leader rather a dingo place used tear gas and water cannon to break up large crowds cheering or dying of convoy from the airport to central iraq a return from a ten day visit to the united states on monday the supreme court will rule on challenges to president her rick and yachters controversial election victory last month from a to milan has more from nairobi. this is not the first time police have responded to large crowds of protesters with what rights groups are calling excessive force now amnesty international says police should stop using lethal force against opposition supporters today thousands of those supporters had gathered to listen to an address from
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a leader raila odinga on his return to the country after a visit abroad ending in these running battles with police the supporters of tried to make their way to the city center anticipating that address from reading the opposition leader was able to briefly address his supporters on the road after they were blocked from moving to the center of nairobi police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse them now amnesty international says police used excessive force including live ammunition to disperse that large crowd four people have been admitting to hospital with gunshot wounds after the confrontation between these are opposition supporters and police police say they didn't use a live ammunition and that five people were killed after they were caught looting and according to police was stoned to death earlier in the day opposition supporters hadleigh tires and main roads and throwing stones at least so far
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various rights groups have said that between sixty and seventy people have been killed in protests that began by. august presidential election and continued through to the rerun held last month these protests taking place mostly in areas in the capital or in the west of the country we the opposition has a lot of support. japan has table the motion of the united nations to try to extend the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria it follows last night's veto by russia of a similar resolution before the u.n. security council diplomatic editor james spaces at the u.n. headquarters in new york so james what is the latest on this japanese sponsored draft resolution. well very high stakes because that meeting of
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the security council and a vote in the security council just about an hour less than an hour and ten minutes away from now and this most believe is the last chance to save the international investigation into who is responsible for chemical weapons attacks in syria the so-called joint investigation mechanism which its mandate is already run out but they are still trying to find a way to keep it going keep it alive it seems to be on life support with this one hour to go now and the key thing after two resolutions failed yesterday with a disagreement between the u.s. and russia on exactly what it should do in its new mandate the japanese of put forward what is just a temporary measure to try and extend it just for thirty days while negotiations
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continue and it's not to talk clear what the russians are going to do certainly the russian deputy ambassador earlier on said he was unhappy with the japanese resolution but are the russians going to abstain to show their own happiness or are they yet again going to veto because if they'd be telling that meeting in just over an hour that means the end of the efforts to investigate who is responsible for those use of this most heinous weapon chemical weapons in syria many thanks to his base there on that crucial decision on the resolution. well in syria a car bomb has killed twenty civilians and injured thirty more and arizona province it's not a targeted people it's a camp for internally displaced in the province is northern countryside many of the casualties were women and children is reported eisel is behind the bombing and at least eighteen people have been killed in airstrikes and shelling in eastern guta it's the third consecutive day of attacks on the area which is part of
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a deescalation zone deal agreed on by turkey russia and iran officials of council friday prayers to protect civilians in the area. iraqi forces say they've retaken the last major i still held town in the country she was faced a little resistance when they moved into rohan on friday iraq's prime minister said the operation was carried out in rec or time imran khan has more from baghdad. honest international is accusing both ice a linked fighters and philippine government forces of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of morocco way more well a fountain people have been killed and five hundred thousand of us forced from their homes in the fighting. reports from manila. it is the first detailed human rights investigation into the five month long conflict in the southern city of matter we it killed more than
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a thousand people and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians amnesty international sent to team to land a province in the southern philippines to interview around fifty survivors and witnesses what they heard were stories of widespread abuse on both sides some of which amount to war crimes the amnesty report says members of a local group called them out they targeted christians the attacks were often brutal some people were shot at point blank range while others had their throats slit the philippine military also stands accused in the report it details accounts of civilians who say they were tortured by members of the marines after their escape from outer fighters some say they were held tied beaten and accused of fighting against the government the ago is one of the civilians from what are we who survived his story told to al-jazeera backs up the amnesty report but the mouth they beat us with their weapons and they made us wear black and told us to go
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outside and forced us to steal food some of the women were raped when we managed to escape the military detained us for days we were tired and beaten up the accused us of being the fighters. and this international also says the damage to the city is worth further investigation the group calls it unprecedented and questions whether the use of military operations was consistent to proportionality under international law. we. were guided by the rules of conflict which provides for the city and proportionality in the use of force the war in morocco we is the longest battle that philippine military has bought since world war two now to fighters to control of several parts of merari city in may and held more than two thousand people hostage the moutier made those secret of their brutality it is highlighted in their propaganda but many here believe the
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philippine military should be held to a higher standard the air is a protector of the people in this they are the ones who are bestowed with that tired of the way the protector of the people and the state and that's why we hold them to account because there eventually they are the military has been undergoing reforms for several years now the operation is being seen as a test as to whether lessons and human rights have been institutionalized accusations of human rights abuses committed by the state have been the cause of the grievances by so many muslim communities which in turn are being exploited by radical armed groups here many believe these grievances need to be resolved soon before they again push more people to take up weapons against the government dog and al-jazeera manila. still ahead on al-jazeera. where the when i of. protection festival has just been around. open to interpretation why
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a visit to washington is new. and i require. there are still big thunderstorms with large hail anywhere from a city outs or new south wales to queens and that is what happened they usually boosted during the day but to use the full cross in daylight hours this is the picture now for saturday the green is the potential for showers and you see exactly where they are temps is about as high as they were but to the west where the sun is out in the breezes start to come down from the north up to twenty four and i think that will rise to near zero thirty about how we get to sunday the shells are far fewer by the time they haven't gone something queens in new south wales most at risk then purses a steady twenty one or cooler on shore breeze now nothing much to make it across
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the tasman sea at the moment has just kill a thing at the cycling but there is an area of tropical air this brought heavy rain steadily south so in oakland and certainly the north the north island and south of the it looks particularly wet but i don't think much more convict the time we get to sunday we're looking fine weather and all this time south and just in so enjoy the sunshine there we go directly north of here it's still a different picture the picture of rain has returned in fact to be on it's such a looks particularly wet at low cost to come afterwards. on counting the cost of venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for starving people lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying bitcoins counting the cost at this
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time on al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories seven al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put on the house arrest by the military on wednesday he attended a university graduation service in harare at least five people are reported dead in kenya after police clashed with supporters of the opposition leader or rather a dingo deny that they used live ammunition. and i'm just international says both
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eisel and the philippines government aren't guilty of war crimes in a five month battle for the city of moroni. a large group of refugees is on the move again trying to escape i military crackdown. hundreds are stuck in what's known as no man's land between. this footage filmed in bangladesh shows refugees trying to get to cox's bazaar more than six hundred thousand have crossed the border since august. the divide between the rich and poor in hong kong has hit a record high new figures show the gap between rich and poor is at its highest level in more than four decades and twenty percent of the population is living in poverty sarah clarke reports from hong kong. like most are eight year old alice hans knightley chores include home work but space is limited she and her mother
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share this tiny subdivided one bedroom flat they live on a six hundred dollar monthly welfare payment but with rent at four hundred fifty dollars is not always enough left to put food on the table the only i have to think a lot before buying anything sometimes i eat less or skip meals so that she can eat well you see she's quite skinny maybe she doesn't get enough nutrition it's an increasingly familiar trend in hong kong soaring property prices have pushed up rent squeezing the most vulnerable the latest government figures for twenty sixteen show twenty percent of the population live below the poverty line is not possible the calls that they're told to. but there isn't a need that is all right we can say we can't you limit the poverty situation and we do nothing the wealth gap between rich and poor in hong kong is also at its highest level in more than four decades according to the latest government data ten percent of the city are now earning forty four times that of the poorest households
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who have an average income of three hundred twenty dollars a month there are now around one million people struggling to get by in hong kong while the elderly i consider the most vulnerable welfare groups say one in every five children are now living in poverty and a quarter of those are not getting access to basic food aid. welfare groups say education is also a challenge with poor families being forced to sacrifice food to send their children to school education system school require require them to pay a lot so they know they have to save their money to pay this kind of spend it year so they don't have enough money for females. i want my daughter to be happy and healthy when she grows up i tell you to study hard if she wants to change a living conditions because we are poor we need to rely on ourselves. in a city where rich and poor co-exist in the same space it's a tough reality which welfare groups say the government must urgently address sarah
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clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the chinese university of hong kong has won the top award at the world architecture festival and germany it took the prize for the post earthquake construction project at wang ming village in tongue province china the region was hit badly by a twenty four thousand earthquake a prototype house built for an old couple is its traditional methods to produce an earthquake resistant home which only angela joins us now live from berlin china believe you have a very happy when standing right next to you. yes i do. and his project was chosen from a hundred was put up in front of the family in question. and has emerged the winner and judges say that this is one of the many projects can actually transform millions of lives if it's a bit more about it would tell me first of all congratulations that little bit about what inspired you. we went to the site in two thousand and fourteen and.
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told me that. after. so that should not be the end of life. and i know that you have mixed old materials with new technology tell me a little bit about the materials. after the quake we cannot. cite. the. destroyed house or the material. how. we try to apply a scientific understanding. to build her house in such a way that people will be and this i speak. kind of house i.e. when the next comes. the lady.
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safe. like. the primary material is money and people did say that it wouldn't prove them wrong. people told me that. we managed to improve them and also to. test to. detect the nominee quite possessive about the design and the methods i understand that is not how you feel you want this to go around the. we were told me that we should. mention i told. anybody come to me tomorrow. we have no secret we only one. life especially people who.
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really need it most people. and these are the people we help anybody want to. ask me. i have to say that is not something that you usually hear from an architect but the manifesto this year has been for architects to address social equality climate change and how to house and easing an aging population and this project is obviously a very well designed. many thanks charlie angelo that with a very inspirational. a prominent venezuelan opposition leader who had been under house arrest since twenty fifteen has fled to colombia former caracas mayor antonio ledesma says he made the clandestine journey to fight for political freedom in venezuela he describes his overland journey as an auto city and says he passed through twenty nine place and army checkpoints to make it to the border and sixty
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two year old was arrested after leading street protests against president nicolas maduro in twenty fourteen. a u.s. senator has become the latest high profile person to be accused of sexual misconduct democrat al franken has apologized after a radio host accused him of full simply kissing and groping her more than ten years ago atika lane has. this picture is everywhere elfrink and at the time a comedian groping a woman who is asleep leeann tweeden says franken also kissed her without her consent while they were both on a tour entertaining troops we know he released a statement saying he made a huge mistake with the picture writing to tell her he had no excuse which she says she accepts people make mistakes i mean i'm not i'm not calling for him to step down franken has asked for the senate to launch an ethics investigation into his conduct the man who wants to be the next u.s. senator from alabama is taking
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a much different approach to his allegations seven women have said he either attacked or approached them for sex when they were teenagers now an eighth woman says more a former judge aggressively grabbed her behind while she was leaving his office that day down there a scar me for life and now people hot they're saying i was just a grouch i was barred from the start and he was a station of power and i think there he wanted to take my power he can feel powerful the more campus pushing back denying the allegations he's refusing to get out of the race instead of putting women supporters on camera this is a he's a and he's situation. some of which are forty years old most republicans say they believe his accusers with one notable exception to the right for. breaking the.
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president donald trump hasn't spoken out about more a republican but he lashed out at senator franken on twitter writing the l frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words where do his hands go in pictures two three four five and six while she sleeps his words about a picture of course brings to mind a videotape that lets you do it you can do anything but if you want. trump caught on tape bragging about lewd behavior and that was after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault or harassment the stories are total fiction trump denied the allegations and made it to the white house in reaction in the largest protests in u.s. history millions of women marched in the streets they demanded respect that day a call that has only grown since the day he took office patty call haint al jazeera
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. and you religious museum opens in washington d.c. on saturday the people behind the museum of the bible will say the a mystery encourage those of all faiths and beliefs to engage with one of the key books of civilization how that happens is open to interpretation she had reports. the half a billion dollars for the imposing museum of the bible was provided by stephen green a hardline christian fundamentalist he successfully challenged a provision of obamacare that required employers to offer birth control to their employees as part of their health insurance despite green's religious views there are those at the museum's norms were adamant we are respectful and invite them all we do not choose one. over another opinion is divided as to whether that is the case the curators argued that they were able to dilute their benefactors initial wish only to evangelize his christian beliefs and to be more inclusive of
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catholicism and judaism for example there are still omissions though here in the impact of the bible in the world gallery their addresses adorned with crosses but there's no mention of the bible's relationship with other religions like islam for example eventually we were able to find mention of the biblical connection between the two faiths and this is if this is it it's the smallest of. biblical scholars say this fits the museum's main narrative the bible is almost identical in their mind essentially american protestantism so as they look at the bible they look at it as judaism first then catholicism and now. sort of no recognition that there were other things. there's anything. it's not as if the museum is just a few blocks away on washington d.c.'s national mall don't also have singular narratives the smithsonian's museums here deliver a message of american exceptionalism and manifest destiny even the recently opened
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national museum of african-american history designed to fill in the some of the more glaring gaps in the smithsonian's narrative has been accused of black triumphalism presenting the black experience in the us as a constant march forward to contemporary emancipation. the influence of corporations and billionaires on these narratives is also evident most notoriously at the natural history museum where a gallery of human development that happens to be sponsored by a fossil fuel billionaire suggests climate change is simply an opportunity for humans to evolve and improve so the museum of the bible provides just one more lavishly presented narrative among washington d.c. is renowned museums to be interpreted critically and not necessarily literally she had. washington.
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have a mind of the top stories on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since he was put under house arrest by the military on wednesday and i think three year old attended a university graduation service in the capital harare the pressure on him is mounting his own zanu p.f. party is now calling for him to resign the country's influential war veterans association has called for an anti mcgarvie rally on saturday we have declared that is the message there is no way that he must leave because of this so did it would. management in the plan. of his wife were to become the president of the republic it. is a problem people are. at least five people are reported dead in kenya after police clashed with supporters of opposition leader rather
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a dingo offices used tear gas and water cannons to break up large crowds cheering a dingo's convoy from the airport to central nairobi he returned from ten days abroad police deny using live ammunition they say the victims were stone by in range crowds after being caught looting iraqi forces have retaken the last town in the country to be held by i sell government troops moved into rawa in western iraq on friday morning they raised the iraqi flag over the district governor's headquarters iraq's prime minister said the operation was carried out in record time and troops will now start looking for myself i says in the surrounding areas another large group of a hinge of refugees has tried to cross into bangladesh to escape the military crackdown in mammal hundreds are stuck in what's known as no man's land between the two countries more than six hundred thousand have crossed the border since august amnesty international says both eisel and the philippines government are guilty of
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war crimes in the five months battle for the city of raleigh more than half hours and people have been killed in the fighting and five hundred thousand forced from their homes those are the headlines but stay with us on al-jazeera counting the cost is next. on counting the cost of venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for the starving people our lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying bitcoins counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. on had some secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business.


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