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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 3:00am-3:33am +03

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in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to size reduce the stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest of medicine and ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest. like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices are being used to fight fire with fire if. they're making the fire right about the time that point five get scared just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on . the. road.
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president to step down and grow louder as the leader makes his first public appearance since the military seize power. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia is wasting our time. a u.n. resolution to extend the mandate of experts and best getting chemical weapons in syria fails after russia vetoes it. our going to navy is frantically searching for this submarine that disappear three days ago with forty four sailors on board and the philippine army and i select fighters are accused of war crimes in the battle the city i'm already. in the last few hours there been clear signs that zimbabwe's embattled leader is fast losing support state t.v.
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began its friday evening news broadcast with a call from the rulings a new party for robert mugabe to resign the presidency and his wife grace to leave the party hours earlier the aging leader made his first public appearance since an army takeover on wednesday like obvious authority has all but collapsed and pressure has been mounting for him to quit and washington u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson told a gathering of african business leaders that he hopes in bob way returns to civilian rule as soon as possible i know all of us are following very closely the bench in zimbabwe and and they are concerned to know each of you their concerned us as well and we all should work together for a quick return to civilian rule in their country in accordance with their constitution zimbabwe has an opportunity to set itself on a new path one that must include democratic elections and real respect for human rights ultimately the people of zimbabwe must choose their government in our
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conversations today we have an opportunity to discuss concrete ways that we can help them through the strange ition. parent also has more from harare. calls for president robert mugabe to step down are growing louder he was seen for the first time in public on friday days after the army seized control and confined him to private residence in harare the people who helped him stay in power for nearly forty years the woman trends have called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday because of this sordid it would. be planned. in the. madness of his wife once they become in prison the real problem. is that when people are. ignored we don't want to be responsible. but what you are saying is we listen to their message when we want to. organise the
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money moving the war veterans are important in the countries power structure this is a leader and his wife grace have gone too far the firing of former vice president. and his supporters and get them there making it clear grace and affection called g forty in the rulings on a pay if or never be in power the first lady was at the graduation ceremony will be kept thousands of graduates if the plan is to carefully manage president exit a system or a transition of power in the process. has led zimbabwe since one thousand nine hundred eighty people are still stunned the army stepped in. right now just to make sure that. we could live in ten points if you know. obviously i think the president mugabe. step down in the dignified way for you to step down might be found. a way that is not destructive in the way that he is not then because of.
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southern african leaders plan to hold an emergency summit on zimbabwe for now one thing is clear the ninety three year old mugabe is losing friends the war veterans who put him in power are now the ones who want to go on al-jazeera had lance gomez a zimbabwe broadcaster based in the u.k. he says god make a case an impeachment vote if he refuses to step down i think i'm going to pillars of support are dwindling as been pointed out by by many people this military coup has actually been more peaceful than elections in zimbabwe so this basically is generating the euphoria that you are seeing there is a lot of nervous excitement people are warming up to the army they're looking at them as heroes we've seen what's one us president in karma. doing mugabe to step down i think mugabe is last card in all of this he's fully aware that the army
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needs him. or the successor so he's holding on to this card we're told in negotiations with centering around him being given safe passage and immunity but i think the latest as you've been seeing from the reports is that he's insisting on finishing his term in office so i think those strategizing this military coup in a sense are now looking at the party route trying to have him removed as leader of zanu p.f. and there is talk that they might actually have him impeached as early as tuesday. so basically it's a mexican standoff it's a middle of who blinks first but i also says that telling us the generals are not backing down and if refuses a graceful exit they will obviously humiliate him through an impeachment process and we all know people in the opposition and even within zanu p.f.
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fed up. so they will be a lot of support for any peace process in parliament russia has vetoed efforts to extend the u.n. investigation into these of chemical weapons in syria for the second time in twenty four hours the most crowded japanese effort to allow the inquiry to continue for thirty days all talks happened between the u.s. and russia it means the u.n. and korea team will be disbanded on thursday during a fraught meeting of the council moscow vetoed a u.s. led effort to allow the team to continue its work yes a massacre to the u.n. staunchly criticized russia's veto russia's actions today and in recent weeks have been designed to delay to distract and ultimately to defeat the effort to secure accountability for chemical weapons attacks in syria russia never invited council members to provide input on its own draft resolution a resolution that yesterday received only four votes in favor and russia declined
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to propose any textual edits to the us draft we've incorporated elements of the russian draft into our own in the hope that they would engage with us. indeed from the very beginning russia has not negotiated with any of us russia has just dictated and demanded that's not how the security council is supposed to work that's not how the security council can work our diplomatic editor james phrase has the latest from un headquarters. russia vetoed this was its eleventh veto on syria and it's the fifth the toe in connection with chemical weapons on syria the japanese draft was a pretty simple one by security council resolution standards a very very short it only had three key points in it and the last one was the council as they always say remain seized of the matter the other two points were
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not a resolution of this dispute cliff but what we call here a rollover which is they would extend the existing provisions for the chemical weapons investigation for another thirty days so basically it was a way to extend the negotiations because this is such a divisive issue and it also asked the secretary general of the united nations and the executive director of the o.p.c. w that's the body in the hague that deals with the prohibition of chemical weapons them to come up with some suggestions to try and break the deadlock and yet we have seen russia again use its veto this effectively is the end of what's known as the gym the joint investigative mechanism the body that the security council itself set up in the negotiations for setting it up were done by the u.s. and russia to find out who's been doing the chemical weapons attacks in syria
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lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he is on his way to france made that announcement in a tweet really has been at the center of a geo political crisis in the middle east since he resigned on saturday t.v. two weeks ago president says he wanted three reads resignation until he returns to the country visiting moscow lebanon's foreign minister spoke about the crisis. but . the most important thing for us is for the prime minister saad hariri to return to lebanon without any preconditions and restrictions on his freedom so that list cision on his resignation can be taken in lebanon and the people will be able to accept it officially lebanon wants to preserve great relations with saudi arabia so we don't want the diplomatic escalation we just want to convince saudi arabia to make hariri return i'm not god's help he will return the argentine navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board they are a san juan it's
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a german built submarine was last in contact on wednesday it was headed from a naval base south of argentina to mar del plata around four hundred kilometers south of us and they respect spend says it's too early to declare the vessel lost and it has sufficient oxygen supplies to last for some time. last position was two days ago not being alarmist a domestic fact is that there could be no food communications between vessel and command even with a backup systems we think there must be a serious problem with the communications or electrical supply cables in ten or eleven equipment the protocol is that it must come to surface so we have to actively look to establish some form of visual contact. has a way to. the arch and final authority is lost contact with the t r one so the seven zero zero submarine early on wednesday had no communication with it since then as there is increasingly concerned about his whereabouts it was sailing from
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the southern port of newswire to its home base of mile del plata a distance of a close to three thousand kilometers and the last contact was heard about four hundred thirty kilometers off the coast of argentina kind of parallel with the port of commodore already but are via your thorough it is from argentina r l searching for it they have said they have no indication of anything wrong with the submarine apart from the fact the communication is down but they are increasingly concerned about the forty four members of the crew they have searched for and search and rescue ships out to the area where they think the submarine might be the british and the american and the chilean operatives have all offered their help and are working a deep into the night here in the southern hemisphere looking for the submarine meanwhile families of the crew are gathering in the port of model platter awaits news about their loved ones in the submarine in the san juan hoping that they will receive the news of communication in the near future still ahead on al-jazeera
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a look at the growing divide between rich and poor in one of the most iconic or cities in the world and building the future look at the latest and design innovation at the world architecture festival. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello winter is coming south through china the temperatures are already dropping for costa shanghai's fourteen twenty eight in hong kong on a humid one possibly a wet one and that cold air is temporarily going to boost the rain this further size so get a couple of days over then may well come down towards reach hong kong and then maybe he'll be pushed back again but there's obviously a line of potential there the sun's back out in shanghai this is come sunday at
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thirteen degrees same time for. much of sichuan is cloudy but not particularly cold not yet it will happen south of this more active weather once again in this massive cloud is now tropical depression which may well turn into a tropical storm is definitely a growing circulation so that's ok and physically all the rain in this part of asia that's over the water for sassy but it's going towards southern vietnam south of that a long way south you pick up some big showers in java sudden borneo and particularly sumatra where it's been wet recently in the middle of sumatra maybe including singapore but probably we're looking at this on sunday that circulation sitting over southern vietnam clearly it could be a wind problem stephanie going to be a rain problem at the same time it's dispersion in the cloud up around kolkata and bangladesh wet but not house where it. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we didn't intend to from
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the government it just. turned into a battle from jerry and government tried out yet why. the tourists for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera. at this time on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now of the ruling party and zimbabwe has joined the war veterans are calling for president robert mugabe to resign they made his first public appearance since the army takeover on wednesday
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attended a graduation ceremony in harare is also called first by grace to lead the party. russia has vetoed an extension of the un investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria that's their second use of the veto power and twenty four hours. the japanese attempt to allow the inquiry to continue for thirty days while talks continue the argentine navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the air a san juan and charmin built submarine was last in contact on wednesday a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost and it has sufficient food and oxygen supplies for several days. amnesty international is accusing isolate fighters and philippine government forces of war crimes during the five month battle for the city of merari more than a thousand people were killed another five hundred thousand displaced trail alynda going reports from manila. it is the first detailed human rights investigation
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into the five month long conflict in the southern city of matter we it killed more than a thousand people and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians amnesty international sent a team to land a province in the southern philippines to interview around fifty survivors and witnesses what they heard were stories of widespread abuse on both sides some of which amount to war crimes the amnesty report says members of a local group called them out they targeted christians the attacks were often brutal some people were shot at point blank range while others had their throats slit the philippine military also stands accused in the report it details accounts of civilians who say they were tortured by members of the marines after their escape from out of fighters some say they were held tied beaten and accused of fighting against the government the ago is one of the civilians from what are we
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who survived his story told to al-jazeera backs up the amnesty report but the mouth they beat us with their weapons and they made us wear black and told us to go outside and forced us to steal food some of the women were raped when we managed to escape the military detained us for days we were tired and beaten up the accused us of being the fighters and this international also says the damage to the city is worth further investigation the group calls it unprecedented and questions whether the use of military operations was consistent to proportionality under international law. we. were guided by the rules of conflict which provides for the says at the end proportionality in the use of force the war in we is the longest battle that philippine military has bought since world war two
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now to fighters to control of several parts of the city in me and held more than two thousand people hostage them out to made no secret of their brutality it is highlighted in their propaganda but many here believe the philippine military should be held to a higher standard the air is a protector of the people in this they are the ones who are bestowed with that fire does the way the protector of the people and the state and that's why we hold them to account because there eventually they are the military has been undergoing reforms for several years now the operation is being seen as a test as to whether lessons and human rights have been institutionalized accusations of human rights abuses committed by the state have been the cause of the grievances by so many muslim communities which in turn are being exploited by radical armed groups here many believe these grievances need to be resolved soon before the again push more people to take up weapons against the government jim
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duggan al-jazeera manila amnesty international says three people have been killed in kenya when police clashed with supporters of opposition leader raila odinga places tear gas and water cannons to break up large crowds cheering a convoy from the airport to central nairobi return from a ten day trip trip abroad. for minimal or has more from nairobi. this is not the first time police have responded to large crowds of protesters with what rights groups are calling excessive force now amnesty international says police should stop using lethal force against opposition supporters today thousands of those supporters had gathered to listen to an address from a leader raila odinga on his return to the country after a visit abroad ending in these running battles with police the supporters of tried to make their way to the city center anticipating that address from
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a dingle the opposition leader was able to briefly address his supporters on the road after they were blocked from moving to the center of nairobi police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse them now amnesty international says police used excessive force including live ammunition to disperse that large crowd four people have been at knitted to hospital with gunshot wounds after the confrontation between these opposition supporters and police police say they didn't use a live ammunition and that five people were killed after they were for looting and according to police was stoned to death earlier in the day opposition supporters had le tires and main roads and are known stones at least so far various rights groups have said that between sixty and seventy people have been killed in protests that began before august presidential election and continued through to the rerun
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held last month these protests taking place mostly in areas in the capital or in the west of the country where the opposition has a lot of support. a belgian court postponed a ruling on whether to extradite depose catalan leader karla's purge to mont spain it issued a european arrest warrant for some on and for cattle on ministers on charges of sedition and misuse of state funds and the decision on whether to send them back to face the charges that's been pushed back to december for lawyers for the defendants appear for a short hearing on friday police and fire tear gas of protesters after rallies in greece to mark the anniversary of the crackdown on the student uprising against the former military dictatorship hundreds of youths that is attacked police hurling rocks and flares in athens protesters third dozens of gas bombs as they confronted police and narrow streets in the city center at least two people were injured. the
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divide between the rich and poor and hong kong has hit a record high it is now the second most unequal city in the world in terms of income and wealth behind only in new york the latest government figures show more than twenty percent of the population lives in poverty it's our clark reports from hong kong. like most year old alice hands is included home work but space is limited she and her mother share this tiny subdivided one bedroom flat they live on a six hundred dollars monthly will fit parliament but would rent at four hundred fifty dollars is not always enough lift to put food on the table the only thing i have to think a lot before buying anything sometimes i eat less so skip meals so that she can eat well you see she's quite skinny maybe she doesn't get enough nutrition it's an increasingly familiar trend in hong kong soaring property prices have pushed up print squeezing the most vulnerable the latest government figures for twenty
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sixteen twenty percent of the population live below the poverty line is not possible the total. but there isn't a need to do is all right we can say we can't you limit the situation and we do nothing the wealth gap between rich and poor in hong kong is also at its highest level in more than four decades according to the latest government data ten percent of the city and now earning forty four times that of the poorest households who have an average income of three hundred twenty dollars a month there are now around one million people struggling to get by in hong kong while the elderly i consider the most vulnerable welfare group site one in every five children are now living in poverty and a quarter of those are not getting access to basic food. welfare groups say education is also a challenge with poor families being forced to sacrifice food to send their children to school education system school require require them to pay
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a lot so so they don't they have to save their money to pay this kind of spend a chair so they don't have enough money for female. i want my daughter to be happy and healthy when she grows up i tell it to study hard if she wants to change a living conditions because we pool we need to rely on ourselves. in a city where rich and poor co-exist in the same spices it's a tough reality which welfare groups i the government must urgently address sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. civil rights activist jesse jackson says he has parkinson's disease he was part of martin luther king's inner circle in the one nine hundred sixty s. and he ran for president twice jackson says he sought medical advice after noticing increasing difficulties and performing routine tasks he says his father also suffered from the neurological disease and he plans to become an advocate for finding a cure. corners cropping up is
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a big issue in negotiations at the north american free trade agreement and it's mexico's top agricultural import from the u.s. but some say chief american varieties are damaging mexico's rich corn heritage heritage that is really a galliano has more from just outside mexico city. corn is as much a part of the story of mexico as yes ticks and the arrival of the spanish conquistadores first developed here thousands of years ago small scale farmers like i rely on it to make a living but also a view it as a connection to their nation's past. these kernel still the story of mexico its life its development its culture its ideology and. loosen them would be losing a right then to. while maize was born in the fields of mexico a new floor is worried that the market for his harvest is disappearing. younger mexicans are less interested in consuming traditional varieties of mexican corn and
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new generations of farmers are less interested in planting them opting for simpler more profitable varieties instead but our north shore is convinced that with government support to small scale farmers like himself mexicans will claim their national crops and remove the need to import any from abroad. it's difficult to overstate just how important this crop is to mexican life and identity not just from a practical standpoint as a basic food staple but also culturally speaking and that's why an increasing number of people here feel the need to defend its survival from what they say are growing threats. and chief among those threats is the gradual disappearance of several varieties of traditional maize something this activist says is already happening at an alarming rate. these are specialized watches of coal but talking about it over thousands of years they each have their own history and flavor. have
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nothing to do with what's grown in the u.s. or elsewhere in the world the possible break up of the north american free trade agreement or nafta may in fact represent the best hope for the future of mexican corn. u.s. president donald trump has long accused mexico of getting the best out of the deal but cheap u.s. corn imports are seeing here as doing lasting damage if the imposition of. targets or obstacles by the u.s. size. vance's then mexico has choices to also put on the table so long issues that will affect the free flow of grains from the u.s. into mexico joint statement as mexico braces for another round of tough negotiations over nafta a new force hoping that what emerges will place higher value on the country's national crop and ensure it has a profitable future as well as
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a rich history galiano al-jazeera mexico city. architects from around the world are taking part in a major festival in berlin from a reimagining a refugee camp to designing a recycled floating home for students and have been inspired by world issues and events the winning entry from hong kong aim to provide new solutions to protect homes from earthquakes. people told me that. but up to. the mark and also to. oprah it's just there's so. much charlie rangel has more from berlin. the judges selected the winner from over four hundred projects because they say this is one that can really impact lives they praise it for its combination of old technology
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using primarily mud and new technology i spoke earlier to the architect and wooden and he said he's delighted because this it would means that he can take it back to the local government officials in china and show them the housing industry approval it will allow him to cut through the bureaucracy and start producing these houses the millions of people who need them he also very unusually for an architect pulled in other countries to approach him and to be his designs he said bangladesh and nepal nepalese authorities have already been in touch with them to find out how they can better protect their population from the risks of the earthquake this has been an extraordinary world architecture festival because they have launched a manifesto they see pulling on architects to address a number of social issues from social inequality to climate change how to how as an aging population and tackle food production and water resources just to say
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good design is not just the people who can afford. to take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera they rolling party in some way has joined war veterans in calling for president robert mugabe to resign because he made his first public appearance since the army takeover on wednesday he attended a graduation ceremony in harare is also call for his wife grace to leave the party meanwhile the u.s. is calling for a return to civilian rule as soon as possible. you and encourage team investigated lease of chemical weapons in syria will be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mandate to move scrap to jeff anees effort to allow the increase to continue for thirty days while talks also continue between the u.s. and russia the united states ambassador to the u.n. staunchly criticized the use of the veto from the very beginning russia has not
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negotiated with any of us russia has just dictated and demanded that's not how the security council is supposed to work that's not how the security council can work russia's ambassador hit back at the criticism from western powers and the gestapo knew the russian delegation conscientiously participated in all consultations multilateral bilateral consultations those which were designed to bring together the positions of the security council on the extension of the mandate of the joint un o.p.c. w investigative tool to investigate instances of chemical weapons use in syria attempts to portray this in a different manner are nothing but deliberate does information the argentine navy is searching for a missing some marine with forty four sailors on board the air a san juan a german built submarine was last in contact on wednesday a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost lebanon's prime minister saad every recess he's on his way to france he made that announcement in
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a tweet has been at the center of a geo political crisis in the middle east since he resigned on television in saudi arabia two weeks ago lebanon's president says he will not accept every reason resignation until he returns to the country as are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story keep it here. dissolved by cambodia's talk called the main opposition party is urging world powers to cut ties with longtime leader send but china is standing firmly behind.


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