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tv   Boko Haram  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the earth. where ever you are. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you go home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that my to tell you. al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey in doha let's take a look at the top stories on al-jazeera russia has vetoed efforts to extend the
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u.n. investigation of the use of chemical weapons in syria for the second time in twenty four hours the most crap to japanese effort to allow the n. korea to continue for thirty days while talks are undertaken between the u.s. and russia it means the u.n. a korea team will be disbanded on thursday during a meeting of the council moscow vetoed a u.s. led effort to allow the team to continue its work nikki haley the united states ambassador to the u.n. staunchly criticized the use of the veto from the very beginning russia has not negotiated with any of us russia has just dictated and demanded that's not how the security council is supposed to work that's not how the security council can work. russia's ambassador hit back at the criticism from western powers the gestapo knew the russian delegation conscientiously participated in all consultations multilateral and bilateral consultations those which were designed to bring together the positions of the security council on the extension of the mandate of
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the joint un o.p.c. w investigative tool to investigate instances of chemical weapons use in syria attempts to portray this in a different manner are nothing but deliberate dissin from ation the ruling party in zimbabwe has joined war veterans in calling for president robert mugabe to reside about a may his first public appearance since the army takeover on wednesday he attended a graduation ceremony in harare is on a path also call for his wife grace to leave the party meanwhile the u.s. is calling for a return to civilian rule as soon as possible i know all of us are following very closely the bensen zimbabwe and and they are concerned to i know each of you they are concerned us as well and we all should work together for a quick return to civilian rule in their country in accordance with their constitution zimbabwe has an opportunity to set itself on a new path one that must include democratic elections and real respect for human rights ultimately the people of zimbabwe must choose their government and in our
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conversations today we have an opportunity to discuss concrete ways that we can help them through the strains ition. they are searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board they are a san juan a german built submarine was last in contact on wednesday a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost and it has sufficient food and oxygen supplies for several days. last position was two days ago not being alarmist as to magic the fact is that there could be no food communications between vessel and command even with the backup systems we think there must be a serious problem with the communications or electrical supply cables in ten or eleven equipment the political is that it must come to surface so we have to actively look to establish some form of visual contact. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he is on his way to france he made that announcement in
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a tweet he's been at the center of a geopolitical crisis in the middle east since he resigned on saudi t.v. two weeks ago lebanon's president says he will not accept resignation until he returns to the country a un climate conference and the german city of bonn has wrapped up with participants expressing optimism delegates focused on ways to implement the two thousand and fifteen paris agreement which aims to carbon carbon emissions and limit global warming to two degrees celsius that was the first event since u.s. president tunnel trump announced his decision to withdraw america from that accord . postponed a ruling on whether to extradite depose catalan leader. spain has issued a european arrest warrant for puts him on and for capital on ministers on charges of sedition and misuse of state funds and the decision on whether to send them back to face charges that's been pushed back to december fourth is civil rights activist jesse jackson says he has parkinson's disease the seventy six year old was part of
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martin luther king's inner circle in the one nine hundred sixty s. he ran for president twice he says he sought medical advice after noticing increasing difficulties and performing routine tasks he says his father also suffer from the neurological disease and he plans to become an advocate for finding a cure those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after poco rob a keeper. deloria northeastern nigeria
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a nearby refugee camp poses nearly twenty five thousand men women and children including this little girl named by one. nigerian soldiers found her in the some piece of forest she was walking aimlessly in shock unable to speak. the soldiers took her to the refugee camp and entrusted her to a family. she was thinking of to pass you. know it just seems like. that she would still have to get anybody she still to want she was the what. if somebody would kill one or you can be sure just what. the president is not. going to keep the u.s. . is gradually learning to live again she has lost a home and her entire family. since twenty ten people living in northeastern
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nigeria live in constant fear of being a time. when i. was. right. in this recorded message boko haram swore allegiance to the islamic state in the spring of twenty fifteen the nigerian group led by abu bakr chicago then took the name of the islamic state of west africa. boko haram provoked global outrage in april twenty fourth when the group kidnapped two hundred seventy six. girls in chibok in northeastern nigeria the kidnapping received global condemnation. michelle obama joined the solidarity campaign to demand the release.
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of promised to sell them into slavery but i do not addicted to how to how. elaborate do you go on and on since the start of the insurgency the violence has resulted in more than twenty three thousand dead and over two million people displaced. to understand how the armed group has become so dangerous it is necessary to return to northeastern nigeria to the capital of the state of borno my to go to the birthplace of boko haram. here islamic law has been practiced by the muslim community since the eleventh
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century but the degree of its implementation has fluctuated throughout the course of history with the return of democracy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine that people hoped for an end to widespread corruption within the elite and for fairer distribution of wealth. to bring an end to corruption in politics the muslim majority in the north of the country wanted to see islamic sharia law applied more strictly. boko haram would take advantage of this popular demand. in two thousand and two a thirty two year old man started to gain popularity in the town of my degree in some mosques his sermons were deemed to be too extreme but his personality and charisma increasingly made an impression i get about one third when i can and i guess i would imagine i want to turn up in the hour and. then. less hour that
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unlikely. i'm doing mohammed use of the founder of boko haram quickly attracted new followers. from you should several times before instead this man claims to have direct contact with boko haram he has closely followed the evolution of the group and its leaders fallenness ruler is not his real name it would be a very. lovely person to be around who was a nurse for the poor so that's why he was. a murderer why the gift of public speaking he had this. ability to call in the minds of people ordinary people who are in support of him they were in support him not so much on the base of the adage you can't point out of them but they were put to him because they felt that use of present ideas that an ordinary
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person cannot express he did no less than the political leadership the nose there and the nose they want. to see the last film and video of many police in the desires of the people to get into power i'm doing screen the people hope. after you get past he knows that out. of the system used to shows he knows mission if you get to see. a truck to have people. really believe you don't know can last a good. lie in the darkness you. are going to get. it out of your. pleasure i think when you have people to sit on. it yes you are too impressed to pretty much. as if the ballot.
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bowl know if i'm a good muslim. not a patch. on the model. and establishment questioning the existing rules of society is present updated by the political class get it but given it is just interpretations. at the time leading and for that there are just befriended interested muslims in the us that has been one of the central themes that the status corrupt and therefore we need our own state where it's going to be just and govern in a different way and. social justice for all this happened around the time where. maybe socialism communism collapsed right if you remember campuses
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there were lots of socialist young people looking for an alternative system i think the collapse of that people became much more religious the poor of course. section should receive. the. benefit people who are poor be. show free once the people who are most disadvantaged in the society. uses message quickly resonated with people in the borno region but the level of poverty was as high as sixty nine percent in twenty eleven. the british colonise ation left the leaders of an independent nigeria with a deeply divided country the south rich in oil as a concentration of christian communities who benefited from education programs put in place by the former colonial power. in the poor and rural north the communities
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were majority muslim. in some traditional areas western education is still perceived as an extension of colonialism. today nigeria is the leading economic power in africa however more than half of its population lives below the poverty line. plagued by corruption which is endemic among nigeria's elite politicians have gradually lost the trust of the people. inside the school the school or up on them as a militant to supplement. the middle class and entice the new. good from the. big.
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boys the rest of the most also important attacking us was the roof because when he speaks these distances and they feel that he is the present and that was the starting point. of western educated youth who have joined the book i don't want to move out of the gym much as an adult. to one chart on the basis of the fund the use of and miss will convince him that such is life and so the dint of and yeah that is good and what it boko haram book or is western civilization is taboo or those and few places act religion or is something taught to live for good this is some say in the western education is taboo is not there are not talking of western education they are talking of western civilization or. system this is forbidden how can a woman rule
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a man and how. the rule of law in was in you so this won't do you see the children of view politicians with children of only a few sources can bring on the policemen to two groups of people the security services who want to push some of the want to school. from those in the in the us. for city. and. yousuf the more discipline was spinning like a typical degenerate it could lead to tell them i do believe there's also a new name in the race you diminished will name only that is the be. for the person can judge me know what i wanna do in the pinch i mean off. the yusuf. on the
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meaning of. subtle is only a good girl use it is. that it is used. they all will mark a third of what your kiss one guy had of one of the. let me. tell you the message there's a cut cut which you know or they can leave you to a female can certainly official in law. this is all. going for the budget is out there was it it they said is anti study discuss the possible didn't sit on opera yousuf them to boom a feast. more we see you. don't give a new label is off and on is all for now it's a day off he's griffith told us a mock us depressed consumption must get me. back up on the floor under my deal. i'm not come i didn't use any of them in the. same way that i meet
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in the in the let me hear some of what i said can deep. on the pot and think me your mom and one of us is then commit a prostitute or do you call. it what image and move on. and what about for a moment and he needs them all. over not. maybe. so what's a dozen law provides. for nothing when he joined. the club. even if it don't want to do him in there because when i shine up it. skin it up a similar vision constitution and you know i predicted on community. then mohammad yousuf received the unexpected support of the governor of borno. this man from a wealthy family was an important figure in local politics. the governor of borno
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presented an unnatural lines to mohammad yousuf also shockingly books you will yet look for discord to keep what you did it was a fair idea don't you the middle person shall have a present on the. song like them want to show you. the. good. people don't have any thought this is the democratic party on this if you don't anybody else i feel that in the south. they are needed and what you should put in power to walk more power. why would you show. me do i move the sheriff to run interference for him would be government money of course. the big group in. the
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family would you sheriff. i'm with you so they're good he will decide. a particular over the name of it yusuf it up when you consume it yes but was it your. bond to be ignored because someone with a number of what i say also comment on the middle east on paper. and i want you like i was about a lot of times i'm not but i don't want you know how i don't. know. but there are some here i think in that i'm going fact i want to call you question do you. have your long name or a place you. remember. and made pastika corkey for semi counter-examples
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a twenty year effect is what conspiracy. to hang on us out of and that's going to make a run is only going to cut it i'm going to take a look at what i'm going to. get content with. one of these i mean i've got any. you go but. you never have and i'm. going to let you get ready when i don't do i deny they were going to struggle when i. was sitting just that way so to see it could extremists. use it and then when. this idea became. the government of the day he became bitter and then he has been that it sticks. with you for so i still don't think your problem. could be with. you it's more to look you know to work with me to how does your viewpoint.
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so that the rest seem so you making not no. but. the federal government actively. developed a strategy to use series of incidents in june two thousand and nine a federal government task force called operation flush stopped a group of boko haram members then known as yunnan yourself here they were riding motorcycles as part of a funeral procession the task force sought to enforce a law that required the wearing of helmets the motorcyclists refused to comply the task force opened fire on. the traditional polish. trail must.
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have been a kisser. no wonder we had to be we we we would make you had to be in it in kind of really big and the nearby there's so much of the land he didn't like and now. you tell me now he's saying you need those officially in russia i love because you saw the island it could be because it's. ok covered in the you had a big deal are you singing jewish and i actually run i will kill them. minhinnick finish i will you can do him finish. that make it your actor because i don't. play someone like you the. it's been a matter moment of trimming here and i'm going to cut one and then. the
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outpouring of emotion triggered by the shooting provoked a real tension among the followers of the group. the sermons of muhammad use of were fierce but behind the scenes the leaders of boko haram urged caution. his position however became untenable to the hardliners of the movement who led by abu bakar chicago called for immediate revenge why would you want to commit jihad it just was not true that you folks you tried. to. blitz. the statements of people there because chicago. people forced. i mean you should find. because she told field v. time to act is now you will be struck while movie i only supports you lot with. auntie if you can sing place unless you know how to go and you have legs you have
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hands when you study jihad is six more hours when i saw this in our. garden i do believe it. but. don't last on the levee secretary but you know could lead to some planets use a cliche this time it was so tired of. the book. stick for almost a week now as the genesis. we don't know what had happened anyway but on the whole can now turn upside down there was no look i was numb was what. i thought. all of the. civil society. we went to him. basically. the army was ordered to do just to kill
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destruction you could do to. tell your children of the owner of the real madrid summit interview if you do good minutes and why did. you know this martial second incident. but also what is he. going to. i don't want. you to look at the. point. but i'm going to. tell you go to. the trouble started in scarlett it was
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military opposition was taken in by the family no that was between. from monday to thursday when is if it would this they dismiss injuries so bad after the military engagement so we don't have that sum up it's cute you supposed past the what happened in the but you know. what i mean normally. q you. don. only what you got but i don't. listen this is going to mean i. wanted you young and i let the dog industry. contacts don't usually on the whole text mr moss he still has me on that close to
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twenty minutes he said to me. oh no my comment you don't bite off. but. this is the first time that i will bark osha co the man who would become the successor to mohammad yousuf was designated as second. sit by me to decide what are the ideals or dreamier removal of a continued there you. go your point destroy the police you demand kid or mother why you like fucking a muslim wanna. bust me to. use when. i come back true even in.
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captivity the only hope for china's panders one is ventures deep into the mountains of western china in search of the elusive while. at this time and how does iran. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billions of trillions of dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to real people. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. somebody to the territory and using his celebrity to add looking out for gender equality. the snake charmers ahmed khan
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witness at this time on alleges eda. al-jazeera. where every. man. i'm richelle carey let's take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera the ruling party and zimbabwe has joined war
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veterans in calling for president robert mugabe to resign because he made his first public appearance since the army takeover on wednesday attended a graduation ceremony in harare is on a p.f. also call for his wife grace to leave the party meanwhile the u.s. is calling for a return to civilian rule soon as possible for the second time in twenty four hours russia has vetoed efforts to extend the u.n. investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria in april the move to scrap the japanese effort to allow the investigation to proceed for thirty days while talks continue between the u.s. and russia it means the u.n. in korea team will be disbanded on thursday during a meeting of the council moscow vetoed a u.s. led effort to allow the team to continue its work nikki haley the united states ambassador to the u.n. staunchly criticized the use of the vetoes. from the very beginning russia has not negotiated with any of us russia has just dictated and demanded that's not how the
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security council is supposed to work that's not how the security council can work. russia's ambassador hit back at the criticism from western powers the gestapo knew the russian delegation conscientiously participated in all consultations multilateral and bilateral consultations those which were designed to bring together the positions of the security council on the extension of the mandate of the joint un o.p.c. w investigative tool to investigate instances of chemical weapons use in syria attempts to portray this in a different manner are nothing but deliberate decision from asian. searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the a are a san juan a german built submarine was last in contact on wednesday it was headed from a naval base extreme south of argentina to mar del plata around four hundred kilometers south of. the navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost and it has sufficient food and oxygen supplies for several days lebanon's
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prime minister sought everybody says he's on his way to france he made that announcement in a tweet it's been at the center of a geo political crisis in the middle east since he resigned on saudi t.v. two weeks ago president says he will not accept a rabies resignation until he returns to the country moscow and let lebanon's foreign minister spoke about the crisis in moscow there are the headlines of the turning now to boko rob. you know. when you suppose i just got you also to go to court about that and that when that is the democracy it would have been too good to cause then. we want to provide it and then. let the quiz when you get it but unfortunately we didn't that that was invented
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from the zone to government. to just. in for kid dreams of a tree look good on them there was a victory also morley was to cheer on the gold. this i think a little departed city due to newman making this you know. going to properly if you can showing such a dish out of them enough to put some of the other sunday moment i think is a negotiator said look you can hope to always the negotiation of the car yousuf read of iniquity and then forget it it's really the most live at the core of this beautiful coupe if you want to be a public good to see the moment energy other than gala so messy it's all fun it'll usually go. after the death of muhammad use of the survivors of the battle of my do goody gathered in the to prepare their revenge in july twenty ten boko haram launched
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their first attacks in the state of borno now a clandestine group boko haram communicated by posting video messages of its new leader abu bakr all chicago. well i thought we. should all be starting all order me out of there. yeah i. see more than anything historically. or as i understood them when. they began in the concretions including. those who worship many gods so they should come back to worship. the book of her i want to see and also this is how men. go about exposing themselves and people drink beer people small people gamble so
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this is it is christians that do this. i think there are some of the ask you this we hear them see the target of the christian church was mostly influenced by the perception should within the ranks of the insurance but the crystal muscle solution of majority go orchestrated the news blue talk policy off. the shelf. associated with this issue called book water movement. so basically it was a case of. all of history to be mourned awfully nice. we more than your civilians to. put the upset that ben. jealous and it is adequate to pass i suppose. i could. use your knees dieties minister of or the it may lessen the do open the back seat it's also security in the within
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reasonable limits of. this linear way to cut income also to fit in more visit then. why did. the attacks against christians provoked a widespread outpouring of emotion in the country this added to the targeted murders of security forces traditional leaders and politicians considered to be corrupt by the group boko haram carried out a suicide attack on the headquarters of the national police in a bhutto the federal capital president jonathan was forced to send the army to the northeast an army that was ill prepared and poorly educated. us we are seen to be full force you seem to be street crew too for mean cristin us. no to
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becoming generally speaking a lot about ordering process in the region which was for any sort of ducking away a combat board bono but i don't look at them on your limited or complain budget only by the nonchalant dials. for today not the complete immediate it is always almost a minute. this partnership of obama. doesn't it that got here on that. got these people can with ignore us on down. perceived all people resident in me do what he would resident in a lot east for people who are i'll be treated everybody the same would be christians and the muslims if i didn't be the one believe that way so there was a substantial my lot of christians in ballistics the cults that everybody in one of those did because it will be women it will be christian women with the hey job the
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we do a good job living mostly women be perceived that everybody was most in my life you are mostly in gossip what about what on it will do and are supportable fully one of the beyond thought. treats disobedience the cmos are treated water is sus i was season knowledge on the book on who does all the wars only whooper but don't ask. was it there before the moment yusuf did it it's a swim or maybe ask his old girl the other question the minute it could take if it was a no no you've worn out it is more please i want to tell me a book to fit into the it's a no show could turn up the book. for the secret is you know. that they could be dust from more ammo or. should it if i. should try to sell it to see that.
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it's not what i had i don't. know but i'm very. well you would. look at it i suggest far beyond but no proof now made up surely would please and source release where you are taken by the book you are on to put out a successful so you don't look too quickly for systematic permit holder lizard course if he could means. i think is that course it did come east palo me without police on open because i'm suing for obstruction this is hoarsely. in may twenty thirty president jonathan declared a state of emergency. committed by the army and greatly weakened the support of the people however support of the military was still indispensable in the fight against this elusive enemy. then promoted the establishment of a local militia the civilian joint task force c j t f civilians recruited in
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towns and villages in the north east were used at security check to identify members of the group. it was justified by day. with these villages. look at the people believed by even soldiers it will be spying for the federal government. and the official small. started that the way they did to this is it in this you know. this read it this is the war leave
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home without us from what i've said this you know must get the bulk of. hunker down and out of. i do not only assassinate you for sometimes even if you i might one day be a snoot all your loved ones even you and your sheep and if you have it big if you do it big kid live your life to get to do with trouble afterwards sure the bush. the summer of twenty fourteen mark book year of territorial expansion the group seized several times in the north east of the country the nigerian army was on the verge of defeat in addition to the arsenal the group procured on the black market boko haram regularly recovered weapons and vehicles abandoned by nigerian soldiers. in the south of the state of
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borno boko haram who took the town of also without any resistance. to collapse from a fallback plan i'm on. the hook. and if you want to tell your own claim. or somebody before this or this accomplished what i mean pressure i was going to go is that. you have. not only a question and a fantastic day i forgot it was a pleasure. you felt special not. sure what to do why didn't you more of your home paid off. fantastic to be on that. i for one thing one ending in any time of you know getting one and then you have to hit. it can sometimes.
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someone's out there was. you know the last one i want to do and i'm willing to. help you. like you. think you got from going to get you. where you think you know it's what you can do and i was willing to do it i mean i'm going to make you good looking back you know you're going to get that you know you thank you but it was fear that was imposed on all of the areas controlled by boko haram in the northeast of the country. the purging of what they called. the hunting of christians got worse.
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what is happening is that in just that fact it is this is just like. what you want to get what you want what you want to establish in the region is if is this organization gets in. this isn't all there is a distinct and unfortunately the media and. that's the thing is that. the civilians who fled the fighting and the massacre crowded into camps in the region. more than two million people forcibly displaced have lost almost everything. they wait with little hope for change they came from all over the state or born. most are severely traumatized.
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i did you can't you. don't you know your shit cause. you. but. it's like you don't want to see. the signature. much. so that. when you saw a crisis. had
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. a wedding. look at teaching me say i'm for. years for teaching me say i can. yeah you know that and you know ok. so the question really hard one. but in terms. of i mean it took me there wasn't it out and so it amazes me i mean i can. learn kind of works. for me since i want to turn it around but it's one of it. was as well or get out i can learn elaine. and whatever he does and that's something. that when you're talking to one. guy or you go with that energy and
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a lot of the arc of language and then the inductors i'm a good intermediate guy that i have. it and. you can live with that anyone about. our ideas about war. and some of our so enjoy the water and humanity to an enemy that here and again i haven't done it yet and. since the beginning of the insurgency boko haram has used local resources to finance their activities they steal cattle raid crops and kidnap hostages for ransom. the region shares its borders with three countries cameroon chad and. they can cross borders easily out of the reach of the nigerian military.
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would be nice a little more started in the coming years would not our breasts i talk all the ways in peat would be insurgents. using coming off a base for supplies and training after the injury and fight us long as the insurgency did not talk. the same understanding which the hardwoods from our audience was a similar story to do we had with the mission of us navy has always been. the back yard shooter c.b. buthelezi to create on the wrist the keeper from alyson the sheet of business and machine the machine for possible you know stuff. from libya traditionally were forced through. back to nigeria as boko haram continued to advance fronts at the request of then nigerian president goodluck jonathan organized a summit to discuss security in the region nigeria needed the help of paris to convince its francophone neighbors to commit to the fight against boko haram an
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international military coalition was formed the armies of child and know had the right to pursue into nigerian territory. i will buckle chicago responded yeah. i mean i will was shot well then why. not who are not. my family you know cause all kind of. you know cause all kind of are not. employed as yes it is surely to be focused on
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was an unusual artist middle class. more limited even if you packed to the latest from each other they can usually pitch other so they said yes from what i am a vacuum or sat a kid only people was on message more porn use i thought us or she than german other capital did charge me to pick a song as i don't i don't i don't differ with you janet it's hard to tell it was all luke i wonder the only for you it cuz i thought prescott preschool in the yard . he said the president if he was a. pleasure to see don't do said his short on a circus in his own class after several months of fierce fighting the coalition managed to drive boko haram from the large cities in the state to build. in december twenty fifth mohamed behati the new nigerian president strengthened by recent military successes declared that boko haram was technically defeated technical defeats. it's it's it's for me for
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forty four percent to it will come out and see should it be seen i mean if you if you if you if you leave me to be for example not you want to become a fox. if you have to if you hold. on the night of january the thirtieth twenty sixteen. once again challenge the claim a victory by the nigerian authorities in the lorry on the outskirts of my do goody they retaliated. the next morning the inhabitants who had fled returned to find their village burned to the ground. eighty six people died that night many of them children.
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on the low. pressure. day and. let me tell you if that's going. on the logs and then. by the day and some i'm not ready to get ahead of the rope on the. political guy let alone look at that the father is up on the circuit on the soup and the people man and i'm out of my
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company and i'm the bus driver can relate to you. and my usa in this world or so what are your company. and the sorts of political. a lot. members of boko haram are hiding out in the sun bisa forest a national park situated just sixty kilometers southeast of my degree on the park covers an area roughly one and a half times the size of switzerland they're based in the dense forest with several hundred hostages mostly women. even though boko haram has suffered a number of military setbacks against the international coalition the group still threatens isolated villages in the region. it may take more than bullets and bombs
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and nigeria to eliminate. the training there as you can both are. about as close observer force it on a ship of. lettuce cocoa butter cup of tea you. can fuck over. our western half of it. frankly i believe that becoming. because initially all the pop are aimed. at the army is held accountable as an institution i'm going to show us all individually x.p. to be making music videos and want you to give us i hope to a culture. on to justice is gold. easy to incite.
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to have to be held to account i didn't feel because of the police to have to be able to account. i don't see. knowledge is the key we've got to understand where the connections are and why that narrative resonates so much with young people because a lot of people that do join these groups start when they young. we've got a provide alternative platform for youth it's not enough to say as a state well i'm going to provide you with an education a state has to be responsible for law you've got to provide a child an opportunity for self actualization on many fronts.
4:57 am
what should your citizens be. educated they must have a life and a life consists of many things if you don't have platforms to shine you look for it and sometimes you look for a varied our faces. right
4:58 am
it's thanksgiving weekend so people be traveling and then enjoying themselves what you don't want to see in the u.s. is snow was plenty of cloud around and there is indeed some snow and with a number of fronts you can draw on that areas of low pressure he's talking to be quiet but he is settling down in the snow is confined to first of all the high ground the rockies out west that's disappearing and then apart from maybe bits of minneapolis wisconsin it's rain not snow and look at the temps she's there well above freezing he cargoes about plus nine new york's twelve's that could be dismal about it's not like the particular wet unless you're in ontario but of course is not thanksgiving now for the rest of the weekend i think fine with it is prevailing for a good part of the u.s. and eventually that will reach most of the atlantic states as well washington's in the sunshine with thirteen come sunday but maybe you know new york city more active weather in the caribbean are salon's been with us the three or four days you've seen it before the boss man's produce a lot of writing about a modern more recently panama as a big shot as
4:59 am
a showing up in colombia but the line itself exists and it may well generate a little circulation which makes the rain heavy probably away from most land masses but until that time haiti to mimic a republican even jamaica will be wet. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on it hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage try to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here farming framed now the city has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising
5:00 am
a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity ross. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside need a moment where we hear lies that nothing worse first will be in the way the devastating impact to save the bank means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn the less i gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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