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why do that when that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom all the tree killings maybe you giving me road didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and all thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if you didn't show the shot that one saw a joint that he has sun up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. russia is wasting our time. a un resolution to extend the mandate of experts
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investigating chemical weapons in syria fails after russia's vetoes it. welcome to our desire life and. then is also coming up. we don't want to be responsible for what the globe get. calls or zimbabwe's president to step down grow louder as the leader makes his first public appearance since the military seized power. where is this submarine it disappeared three days ago with forty four sailors on board now the argentine navy is searching for it. and a multi-million dollar museum in washington is meant to bring people together causes division instead.
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the first u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria is to be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution which would have extended its mandate the move scrapped a japanese effort to allow the inquiry to continue for at least thirty days in order to allow time for negotiations on a wide a compromise is a diplomatic editor james plays bieber of the draft resolution contained in document slash two thousand and seventeen slash nine seven zero please raise the hand those against. it seems this was the moment that investigations into who carried out chemical attacks in syria ended an eleventh russian veto on the side of the assad government leading to this angry rebuke from the u.s. ambassador in a world in which the council's time and attention could be productively devoted to one hundred different things russia is wasting our time conflicts are raging outlaw
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states are acquiring nuclear weapons the human dignity of millions is violated every day brutal regimes are using chemical weapons on their own people this was russia's reply new war bird linnaeus a medal an extension of the gym's mandate for us is possible only a fundamental flaws in its work are rectified this was probably the last chance to save the international investigation tasked with working out who was responsible for chemical attacks in syria but it follows two rival resolutions both voted on on thursday both of which failed to pass. their been frantic negotiations ever since to save the syrian investigation known as the joint investigation mechanism or in un speak the gym. the gym be safe absolutely to be frank i don't think.
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time which. i think it was just. un officials including the secretary general have been following the negotiations closely the secretary general can be saved. right the problem. they failed and although some are calling for further negotiations many diplomats believe that the investigation mechanism created by the security council has now effectively come to an end there are implications for the wider fight against weapons of mass destruction and possible repercussions for the political talks on syria due to start in geneva in just over a week. at the united nations. fifteen new signs are zimbabwe's embattled leader is losing support state t.v. started this friday evening broadcasts with a call from the rulings on m.p.'s policy for robert mugabe to resign and for his
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wife grace to leave the party just hours earlier he'd made his first public appearance since an army takeover her image reports now from the zimbabwean capital harare. calls for president robert mugabe to step down are growing louder he was seen for the first time in public on friday days after the army seized control and confined him to his private residence in harare the people who helped him stay in power for nearly forty years the wolverines have called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday because of this sordid it would. be planned. in the. madness of his wife once they become imprisoned will be a problem it. is a problem people are. we don't want to be responsible. but what you are. missing when we want to. organize the money movement
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the war veterans are important in the country's power structure this is a leader and his wife grace have gone to the firing a former vice president. and his supporters and get them there making it clear grace and affection called g forty in the rulings on it or never be in power the first lady was at the graduation ceremony will be kept thousands of graduates if the plan is to carefully manage president exit. transition of power in the process . has led zimbabwe since one thousand nine hundred eighty people are still stunned the army stepped in. now. we could live in. when the president mugabe. step down in the dignified way
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step down. a way that is not destructive a way that is not because of. southern african leaders plan to hold an emergency summit on zimbabwe for now one thing is clear the ninety three year old mugabe is losing friends the war veterans who put him in power are now the ones who want to go on. the argentine navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the other san juan a german built submarine was also in contact on wednesday it was heading for a naval base south of argentina to mondale parta around four hundred kilometers south of what us are is a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost. last position was two days ago not being alarmist a dramatic fact is that there could be no food communications between vessel and command even with the backup systems we think there must be a serious problem with the communications or electrical supply cables and tenor of
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equipment the protocol is that it must come to surface so we have to actively look to establish some form of visual contact. more now from our correspondent daniel. the argentina thora has lost contact with the ones so the seven zero zero submarine early on wednesday they had no communication with it since then and there is increasingly concerned about his whereabouts it was sailing from the southern port of the swire to its home base of mar del plata a distance of close to three thousand kilometers and the last contact was heard about four hundred thirty kilometers off the coast of argentina kind of parallel with the port of commodore already but are via your thorough it is from argentina are out searching for it they have said they have no indication there's anything wrong with the submarine apart from the part the communication is down but they are increasingly concerned about the forty four members of the crew they have search
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and search and rescue ships out to the area where they think the submarine might be the british and the american and the chilean authorities have all offered their help and are working i did into the night here in the southern hemisphere looking for the submarine meanwhile families of the crew are gathering in the port of model . awaits news about their loved ones in the submarine in the sun one hoping that they will see news of communication in the near future the lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he's only route to france he made the announcement in a tweet mr hariri has been the center of his dear political crisis in the middle east since he resigned whilst in saudi arabia that was two weeks ago lebanon's president meanwhile says he won't accept that resignation until the prime minister returns to the country. the former mayor of caracas has escaped house arrest and fled to venezuela antonio ledesma had been detained since twenty fifteen on charges
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of supporting an attempted coup sixty two year old is a fierce opponent of nicolas maduro and the latest critic to leave the country. when i decided to. with the tour because i never thought i would have to leave the country but i do it because i'm convinced that i'll be more useful organizing the exile after having lived unfairly more than a thousand days in a prison where the first made a stop in columbia before going on to madrid president. televised statement about his departure. today antonio lydia's man has escaped the vampire flying free around the world. is gone protected by. the philippines president has made a dramatic policy change in his battle against drug gangs he's ordered local police units to stand down and instead to let the government drug enforcement agency take
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the lead. from manila. president to go to their to so-called war on drugs has been the center of police operations since he took office more than a year ago but the police have faced mounting criticism and accusations of rampant corruption and human rights abuses. now there is a major shift in the campaign to has ordered all the police drug enforcement units to be disbanded and the philippine jug enforcement agency to take the lead in an illegal drugs operation in the capital manila police officers are heading out to set up roadblocks their aim now they say is to cut down on street crime. going to certain degree with regard to the right. we could see that there are no.
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this may seem like a typical checkpoint but this is now at the center of many operations in manila according to government that this majority of the crimes being committed here are done by those on motorcycles murders and tests carried out by gunmen on motorcycles have become all too frequent police say gunmen on motorbikes are not only threatening public safety but the police officers own reputation because of claims they are the ones on the border bikes shooting civilians public trust in the police has been affected a survey shows a majority of filipinos don't believe the police acted in self-defense when they killed. and president says corruption within the police force is also rife and the top priority is now for the force to clean up its own ranks a purge to get rid of officers involved in extortion illegal drugs protection and
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other irregularities one of the reasons why. are crimes are not because. we don't trust. that trust. becomes everything and concern then i think anything more any observation any information that people would see unusual in their communities they would immediately come to the police officers and talk to us about it the police say more remains high and they still have the support of the president but many here believe radical reforms are needed and needed soon. lots more to come here to there including a. president. about elephant trade. and we take a look at the growing divide between rich and poor and one of the maids. in the.
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had i was getting cold now the snow is just about stopped falling in afghanistan there's nothing every round yet this cloud building in the eastern mediterranean in might amount to something might bring a few spots of rain across the levant towards iraq in the southern caucasus but i'm sure why is it still hovering about middle twenty's here that means actually a bit of a drop in iraq just a big surprise if you get a big paula cloud across the area so mostly it's a dry picture but a few spots of rain in was normally a desert area of course is the introduction to winter the arabian peninsula suggests maybe a spouse or two of rain in the south of amman or yemen but not much to speak about it thirty or maybe a little bit below in cats on bahrain thirty five still in mecca on this until the
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cloud comes across and then there's a hint maybe it's faster to write in qatar this is come sunday probably no further south than that but i wouldn't guarantee it in the u.a.e. it might be spotting here as well in southern africa most active weather has been in south africa itself because in a town the city in the last two days in the forecast it dissipated middle of mozambique and zimbabwe has seen some pretty big shout they're still there but they're also declining a little bit but on that to the middle the weekend and almost dark on sunday and then surprisingly of a topic the days of warm and sunny weather. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest and you can forget anything look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices are being used to fight fire with fire if they reckon far like
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this they're making a fire right about the time that we're trying to get fair and just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on. try to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera russia has vetoed a resolution which would have extended the un's investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria this is the second use of the veto in twenty four hours the move scrapped a japanese attempt to allow the inquiry to continue for thirty days while talks took place. zimbabwe has joined war veterans in calling for president robert
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mugabe to resign he made his first public appearance since the army takeover wednesday attending a graduation ceremony in the capital harare. called for his wife grace to leave the party. the navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the. german built submarine was lost in contact on wednesday a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost. the sudan has deployed paramilitary forces to its borders to curb the flow of migrants transiting on their way to europe but the move is controversial because the troops force in darfur where they were accused of committing war crimes ever morgan has more from northern sudan days of walking and crossing unmarked borders have brought these eritrean migrants to sudan for many including. it's not their final destination.
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or. i want to be educated so i will stay until it gets help or advice then i'll be able to go further. further means going beyond sudan's borders with help from smugglers but getting out is often much harder than getting into sudan because of a deal known as the khartoum process the sudanese government along with other african countries dealing with the migrant crisis struck a deal with a rypien union to keep them out as a result security in africa has been tightened sudan has deployed its paramilitary troops to curb the flow of migrants along its northern and western borders but because these forces are the same ones that were used to fight for both in darfur and other conflict areas in the country using them to stop human smugglers and traffickers comes with a lot of controversy the rapid support forces as the paramilitary group is called was officially formed four years ago and created from sudan's national intelligence forces in there for the general weed as they were known by rebel forces were accused of brutality and violating human rights for their role in the darfur
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conflict human rights groups accuse the group of work crimes but the head of the forces say they fight crimes not commit them but. we combat all kinds of crimes we have special forces just like any other force in the country which is easiest method to fight crimes and the border with libya is open and there are problems there so all forces patrol there the ease being criticized by rights groups for supporting sudan in anti migration efforts and for providing two hundred fifty million dollars which critics say helps force migrants into detention centers some analysts say the government using the rapid support forces for the mission was deliberate. the government wants to send an international basij these forces joined just fighting rebellions because they fought off rebels the government wants to give the group a national role to show you they serve in the interest of the whole country they were created as a fighting force forces that may be too tough to face when migrants such as you
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know who dream of getting out of africa any way they can people morgan al-jazeera northern sudan. several people have been killed in kenya after police clash with supporters of opposition leader rather a dingo police used tear gas and water cannon to break up large crowds who were cheering a dingo's convoy from the airport to central nairobi he'd returned from a ten day trip to the u.s. on monday the supreme court will rule on challenges to president kennedy after his controversial election victory last month. now they've been protests in the usa to minnesota against a senator accused of sexual harassment. people gathered inside the state capitol building after senator al franken was accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman in two thousand and six while traveling with a comedy tour he apologized telling the woman i'm ashamed my actions ruined that
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experience for you but just to say the statement doesn't go far enough. for donald trump has entered the fray he's criticize franken a move that some people are calling ironic particle hey reports from washington d.c. . this picture is everywhere elfrink and at the time a comedian groping a woman who is asleep leeann tweeden says franken also kissed her without her consent well they were both on a tour entertaining troops. he released a statement saying he made a huge mistake with that picture writing to tell her he had no excuse which she says she accepts people make mistakes i mean i'm not i'm not calling for him to step down franken has asked for the senate to launch an ethics investigation into his conduct the man who wants to be the next u.s. senator from alabama is taking a much different approach to his allegations seven women have said he either attacked or approached them for sex when they were teenagers now an eighth woman
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says more a former judge aggressively grabbed her behind while she was leaving his office that day down there he's gone he's pro-life and now people hot they're saying i was just a grouch i was barred from the start and he was a station of power and i think they he wanted to take my power parable the more campus pushing back denying the allegations he's refusing to get out of the race instead of putting women supporters on camera this is a he said she said situation. some of which are forty years old most republicans say they believe his accusers with one notable exception to the right for. me. right now breaking the. president donald trump hasn't spoken out about more a republican but he lashed out at senator franken on twitter writing the l
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frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words where do his hands go in pictures two three four five and six while she sleeps his words about a picture of course brings to mind a videotape or star that lets you do it you can do anything whatever you want grab . trump caught on tape bragging about lewd behavior and that was after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault or harassment the stories are total fiction trump denied the allegations and made it to the white house in reaction in the largest protests in u.s. history millions of women marched in the streets they demanded respect that day a call that has only grown since the day he took office pedicle haint al jazeera launching to. the divide between rich and poor in hong kong has reached a new high it's now the second biased on the city in the world in terms of income
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and wealth it comes only behind new york the latest government official more than twenty percent of the population lives in poverty so crippled from home co. like most year old alice hands nightly chores include homework but space is limited she and her mother share this tiny subdivided one bedroom flat they live on a six hundred dollar monthly welfare payment but with rent at four hundred fifty dollars is not always enough left to put food on the table. i have to think a lot before buying anything sometimes i eat less or skip meals so that she can eat well you see she's quite skinny maybe she doesn't get enough nutrition it's an increasingly familiar trend in hong kong soaring property prices have pushed up rent squeezing the most vulnerable the latest government figures for twenty six danish oh twenty percent of the population live below the poverty line is not
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possible the total. but there isn't a need to do is all right we can say we can't you limit the poverty situation and we do nothing the wealth gap between rich and poor in hong kong is also at its highest level in more than four decades according to the latest government data ten percent of the city and now earning forty four times that of the poorest households who have an average income of three hundred twenty dollars a month there are now around one million people struggling to get by in hong kong while the elderly i consider the most vulnerable welfare groups say one in every five children are now living in poverty and a quarter of those are not getting access to basic food aid. welfare groups say education is also a challenge with poor families being forced to sacrifice food to send their children to school education system score required require them to pay a lot so so they don't they have to save their money to pay discount are spent each
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year so they don't have enough money for theme use i look up i want my daughter to be happy and healthy when she grows up i tell her to study hard if she wants to change or living conditions because we are poor we need to rely on ourselves. in a city where rich and poor co-exist in the same space it's a tough reality which welfare groups say the government must urgently address sirrah clark al-jazeera hong kong a day after lifting a ban on imports of elephant trophies from zimbabwean zambia u.s. president donald trump seemed sort of backtracked on that decision he's tweeted put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as i review all conservation facts all day motors is president of the elephant project he says lifting the ban would harm the spaces. the reality is that the amount of revenue that is generated from these hunt is minuscule to the amount of money that these countries could
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generate by adopting what we call a humane economy where and now live elephant is of greater economic value to the country than a dead one i mean it's been proven time and time again that a live elephant is seventy six times more beneficial economically to a country than a dead elephant so what's happening is this is just an opportunity for these very wealthy hunters that supported the trump trump presidency to basically get a payback because there's no benefit to the elephants and there's no benefit to the people in those communities and it's one of those just need to be overturned really does two thousand and fifteen was a first first year that the number of elephants killed out there were higher than the number of elephants that were born and so that disparity continues to happen there is a rapid reduction in the number of elephants that are still living and what's happening what a lot of people don't think about is that in the hunt if they go after the bull elephants and bull elephants typically have more ivory that's of greater impact to elephant hers and anything else you could have you know three thousand female
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elephants but if you destroyed and killed all the mela since they can't procreate which is why you're seeing a drastic decline in the number of elephants that are being born then you much anticipated museum as the bible has now officially is and in washington d.c. christian and jewish clerics live there full of the opening of the five hundred million dollar installation overnight to say it takes an inclusive look at one of the most important books ever with and she have a ton z. takes a toll. house with those for the him who zing museum of the bible was provided by steven green a hardline christian fundamentalist he successfully chose a provision of obamacare that requires employers to offer birth control to their employees as part of their health insurance despite green's religious views those at the museum's lunch were adamant we are respectful and invite them all we do not choose one tradition over another. it is divided as to whether that is the case the curators argued that they were able to dilute their benefactors initial wish only
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to evangelize his christian beliefs and to be more inclusive of catholicism and judaism for example there are still omissions there here in the impact of the bible in the world gallery their addresses adorned with crosses but there's no mention of the bible's relationship with other religions like islam for example eventually we were able to find mention of the biblical connection between the two faiths and this is this is it it's the smallest of. scholars say this fits the museum's main narrative the bible is almost identical in their mind essentially american products so as they look at the bible they look at it as judaism first then catholicism and now. sort of no recognition that there were other things. it's not as if the museum was just a few blocks away on washington d.c.'s national mall don't also have singular
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narratives the smithsonian's museums here deliver a message of american exceptionalism and manifest destiny even the recently opened national museum of african-american history designed to fill in some of the more glaring gaps in the smithsonian's narrative has been accused of black triumphalism presenting the black experience in the us as a constant march forward to contemporary emancipation. the influence of corporations and billionaires on these narratives is also evident most notoriously at the natural history museum where a gallery of human development that happens to be sponsored by a fossil fuel billionaire suggests climate change is simply an opportunity for humans to evolve and improve so the museum of the bible provides just one more lavishly presented narrative among washington d.c. is renowned museums to be interpreted critically and not necessarily literally she . washington.
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of the top stories here it out for the second time in twenty four hours russia vetoed efforts to extend the u.n. investigation into the april use of chemical weapons in syria the move scrapped a japanese effort to allow the investigation to receive for thirty days while talks continued between the u.s. and russia that means the u.n. inquiry team will be disbanded the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. criticized moscow's use of the vedas from the very beginning russia has not negotiated with any of us russia has just dictated and demanded that's not how the security council is supposed to work that's not how the security council can work. well the russian ambassador hit back at the criticism from the western powers the gestapo knew the russian delegation conscientiously participated in all
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consultations multilateral and bilateral consultations those which were designed to bring together the positions of the security council on the extension of the mandate of the joint un o.p.c. w investigative tool to investigate instances of chemical weapons use in syria attempts to portray this in a different manner are nothing but deliberate this information the ruling party in zimbabwe has joined the war veterans in calling for president robert mugabe to resign the president has made his first public appearance meanwhile since the army takeover on wednesday he attended a graduation ceremony in the capital as any p.f. call for his wife grace to leave the party. about in court postponed a ruling on whether to extradite the depends catalan leader. to mountain till december spain had this huge and european arrest warrant for push to mount and for castle and men this is on charges of sedition and misuse of state funds. major u.n.
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climate change summit has ended in germany with an agreement to reassess the status of the world's fuel emissions next year well the twenty thousand delegates from across the world attended cup twenty three in the city of bone national representatives from every nation except the us agreed to the twenty eight assessed date for a job today those are the headlines earthrise is next. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by molly wood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of the territory and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on alleges eva.


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