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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 11:00am-11:33am +03

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living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if the piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of this to go to which we can bring the legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen rover stokes to all disease this time. al-jazeera where ever you are. lebanon's prime minister arrives in paris us from strife to mediate the crisis in
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his country. hello again i'm a fiend and if you're without is there a life from also coming up. russia is wasting our time a second veto in today's russia blocks a un resolution to extend the investigation into chemical attacks in syria. pressure builds on robert mugabe to quit to zimbabwe's leaders ruling party supporters and war veterans gather to march in support of the army. on hold as donald trump delays a new policy that had allowed for the import of african elderly announce his resignation in the saudi capital he landed in the french capital early on saturday morning he resigned in riyadh on november the fourth saying he feared for his life and blaming iran to say contention in the region. two week stay in the saudi
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kingdom had prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest lebanon's president has said he won't accept mr hariri as resignation until he returns to beirut or i just talked to our correspondent zain holder who's in the lebanese capital beirut and so sad hariri has arrived in paris accompanied by his wife we understand. yes out of how do you see arriving at his residence in the french capital with his wife but not with his children two of his children who were with him in riyadh they did not accompany him to paris now what we understand is that they stayed behind because they have exams there at school and they attend school in riyadh but this is not going to put to rest really a lot of speculation that the saddle heavy and his family were in one way or another held against their will of course the saudi arabian authorities deny that saddam had easy in a number of tweets saying that this is not true i am a free man but very few people in lebanon believe that is the case and they believe
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the fact that his children were left behind in one way or another side of how t.v. is still a political hostage of saudi arabia but they have arrived in in paris really putting an end to a diplomatic turmoil over his fate but this in the way really ends the political crisis like you mentioned he announced his resignation two weeks ago from the saudi capital really a shock resignation that is cause a lot of instability in lebanon and in his latest tweet saddle heidi saying and i'm quoting to say that i was held up in saudi arabia that is not true it is a lie but that tweet was directed to the german foreign minister who himself suggested that how did it was being held against his will a suggestion really that damaged relations between saudi arabia and germany saudi arabia are we calling it some basket or from berlin so realistically they did send out what can result from saad hariri is meeting with president mccall in paris. well really very few people know the deal behind this
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deal or a safe facing deal that allowed heavy in one way or another to leave saudi arabia that is the feeling in lebanon the lebanese foreign minister saying we want hatty to return to lebanon without any conditions without any restriction so the feeling here among the authorities that in one way or another there are conditions that. perhaps to this deal they're not even sure if and when he is going to return now there are reports that he's going to tour the arab capitals before coming to beirut and if and when he does arrive in beirut if he resigns there will be a political vacuum and a very hard to replace him you're going to need a sunni leader who can actually replace him this post is reserved for sunday muslims in lebanon's power sharing deal and if he decides to stay in office and take a more hardline approach against hezbollah which is what saudi arabia wants then you know the crisis will just continue so the crisis is far from over the instability caused by the by the latest shock resignation really people are worried
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that there could be security incidents or saudi arabia steps up measures like imposing economic sanctions on lebanon so people are quite worried but definitely the fact the title how did he is out of saudi arabia now resolves some reduces some tensions all right for now and i thank you. now a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria is to be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution which would have extended its mission is our diplomatic editor james spays reporting from the u.n. in new york. bieber of the draft resolution containing document slash two thousand and seventeen slash nine seven zero please raise the hand those against. it seems this was the moment that investigations into who carried out chemical attacks in syria ended an eleventh russian veto on the side of the assad government leading to this angry rebuke from the u.s.
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ambassador in a world in which the council's time and attention could be productively devoted to one hundred different things russia is wasting our time conflicts are raging outlaw states are acquiring nuclear weapons the human dignity of millions is violated every day brutal regimes are using chemical weapons on their own people this was russia's reply. new warbird linnaeus a medal an extension of the gyms mandate for us is possible only a fundamental flaws in its work are rectified this was probably the last chance to save the international investigations tasked with working out who was responsible for chemical attacks in syria and but it follows two rival resolutions both voted on on thursday both of which failed to pass. their green frantic negotiations ever since to save the syrian investigation known as the joint investigation mechanism
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or in un speak the gym about the work of the gym be safe absolutely to be frank i don't think so. but that much so then the gym is dead. i think it was that yesterday all the u.n. officials including the secretary general have been following the negotiations closely the secretary general kimmitt jim be saved. trying to solve the problem. they failed and although some are calling for further negotiations many diplomats believe that the investigation mechanism created by the security council has now effectively come to an end there are implications for the wider fight against weapons of mass destruction and possible repercussions for the political talks on syria due to start in geneva in just over a week james pays al-jazeera at the united nations. there's
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a growing number of people on the streets of the zimbabwean capital harare as opponents turn out for a demonstration against the president robert mugabe it was called by the influential war veterans association and the ruling party has any pair of supporters of been boarding buses in the city pull a wire on friday night heading for harare the president is fast losing support days after the army seize power zanu p.f. has called for him to step down and his wife grace to resign from the passing along friday ninety three year old mcgarvie made his first public appearance since being put under house arrest two days earlier her i'm a tosser has more from the zimbabwean capital. calls for president robert mugabe to step down are growing louder he was seen for the first time in public on friday days after the army seized control and confined him to private residence in harare the people who helped him stay in power for nearly forty years the water trends have called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday because he did it would.
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be plunder. madness is wife would become in prison the real problem. is a problem. but what you assume is listen to the message we want to. organize the money movements the war veterans are important in the country's power structure this is a leader and his wife grace have gone too far the firing of former vice president al gore and his supporters and get them there making a clear grace and a faction called the g forty in the rulings on appears or never be in power the first lady was at the graduation ceremony will go away kept thousands of graduates if the plan is to carefully manage president got his exit. transition of power in
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the process. has led zimbabwe since one thousand nine hundred eighty people are still stunned the army stepped in. now just to make sure that. we could return. when the president mugabe. step down in. the destructive. southern african leaders plan to hold an emergency summit on zimbabwe for now one thing is clear the ninety three year old mugabe is losing friends the woman who put him in power are now the ones who want to gone. completely sealed off since august the rafah border crossing from gaza into egypt has been reopened but only temporarily reffer is meant to open indefinitely later as part of
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a palestinian reconciliation deal that was brokered by egypt as well from ramallah in the occupied west bank. i mean a great deal for the people of gaza are in this is a crossing that is the main way in and out of the gaza strip and it's been closed for most of the time for the last ten years ever since israel and egypt formed the blockade on the gaza strip and it's actually due to be open permanently any day now following a reconciliation process between palestine two main political parties and hamas they've recently been brought together by a reconciliation process brokered by egypt and one of the terms of that is that the rafa crossing will reopen that was expected last week it's been delayed said there will be a temporary opening today this will only last for three days but this will be a massive rest bite for people in gaza who need to cross the others in egypt who need to come home u.n. climate talks in the german city of borno of ended with almost two hundred
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countries agreeing to keep the paris agreement on track despite the u.s. pulling out and to make sure they keep their commitment delegates agreed to start a process to review and even ramp up their efforts to cut carbon clock report from dawn. long into the night to listen to this wrangling over the financial elements of the twenty the u.n. climate conference comes to a close. i am very pleased. that with this decision the couple launches this dialogue which will start in generally twenty eighteen under the fijian presidency the spirit of these talks has been upbeat and the paris agreement it seems is on track so i think that we're in a very good place twenty team is the year to step it up it's here to step up climate action and i think what we have here set on a good road ahead that says a lot of homework to do it's not easy but i think we're seeing will and
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decisiveness governance governments cities states private sector to move ahead so progress but is it enough for those most immediately threatened by climate change not enough is being done it's certainly not enough for the survival of the pacific and there needs to be increased ambition there needs to be a greater responsibility taken by developed countries they need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and they need to move towards a safe and just transition to renewable energy. keeping fossil fuels in the ground was always on the agenda in and outside the conference holes german coal phaseout from angela merkel but the u.k. and canada launched an alliance of twenty nations to wind down coal use meanwhile a delegation sent by the trumpet ministration to promote cult got a predictable welcome. as a coalition of us states and cities stepped into the void to say we're still in the paris agreement. it doesn't matter how much. we think it really fingers i
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really cannot stop. you cannot stop me from my room that is reducing our. so this conference has delivered what it set out to do and created the mechanism to move the paris agreement forward to say called telenet a dialogue before the conference a pause in poland a year from now is clearly plenty of work today. next stop is the french capital. in december president micro will host a special summit looking specifically at climate finance the paris agreement rolls on the clock al-jazeera poll in germany we've got a lot more to come here it out there including the controversial efforts to stop refugees and migrants crossing through sedan to get to europe. as weeks after its troops left haiti the u.n. says worried about violence pushing the police against gangs in the capital.
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from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there we've got more severe weather around in the southern parts of europe we had flooding in greece a few days ago but you can see now with what this little circulation here this is giving us some very strong winds and some pretty heavy rain as well the system it's likely to stick around during the day today and plenty of heavy rain will say across parts of greece as well it was already hit by the flooding now the system eventually as we head through into sunday will start to swing away down towards the southeast but it will ease a little bit as it does say so force in the western parts of turkey probably not the excessive amounts of rain that we're expecting over parts of greece behind it that something of a break but then on sunday we're going to see more in the way of wintry weather across the outs and it's still going to be bitterly cold in the northern parts of europe you can see the winds there blowing down from the north so eight degrees is a maximum in london and only around six in berlin now for the other side of the
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mediterranean here there's a fair amount of cloud with us at the moment but not a great deal in the way of wet weather one or two showers allowed to be grazing the coast of the northern coast of libya there but elsewhere it doesn't like it should be falling and dry and the temperatures really behaving quite nicely at the moment they're getting to around twenty two degrees i mean further towards the south there you see the collection of thunderstorms we've got with us across the central belt of africa as well drifting it's why. towards the west of a camera and it does it pretty well for sunday. the weather sponsored by cats on race. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. for sake of the top stories hear it out lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in paris two weeks after suddenly announces it announcing his resignation in the saudi arabian capital his saying the kingdom prompted suggestions he was under house arrest literary denies. our huge crowd is gathering in the zimbabwean capital harare there you see a live shot. not the live shot but that is the scene in harare right now many people are reporting that the numbers of phenomenal thousands if not hundreds of
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thousands of people gathering they are coming to protest against the continued presence of mugabe robert mugabe the president. a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria will be disbanded after russia vetoed a row resolution to extend its mission the move blocked a japanese effort to have the inquiry pushed. on for another thirty days the team was looking into attack site one can check who named april. now to sudan which has deployed paramilitary forces and its borders to curb the flow of people who are trying to get into europe but the move is controversial as the troops of those who fought in darfur where they were accused of committing war crimes have a morgan has more from northern sudan. days of walking and crossing unmarked borders have brought these eritrean migrants to sudan for many including. it's not
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their final destination. for. i want to be educated so i was three until it gets help or advice then i'll be able to go further this further means going beyond sudan's borders with help from smugglers but getting out is often much harder than getting into sudan because of a deal known as the khartoum process the sudanese government along with other african countries dealing with the migrant crisis struck a deal with a rypien union to keep them out as a result security in africa has been tightened sudan has deployed its paramilitary troops to curb the flow of migrants along its northern and western borders but because these forces are the same ones that were used to fight for both in darfur and other conflict areas in the country using them to stop human smugglers and traffickers comes with a lot of controversy the rabid support forces as the paramilitary group is called was officially formed four years ago created from sudan's national intelligence forces in there for the general weed as they were known by rebel forces were
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accused of brutality and violating human rights for their role in the darfur conflict human rights groups accuse the group of work crimes but the head of the forces say they fight crimes not commit them but. we combat all kinds of crimes we have special forces just like any other force in the country which is easiest method to fight crimes and the border with libya is open and there are problems there so often forces patrol there the ease being criticized by rights groups for supporting sudan in anti migration efforts and for providing two hundred fifty million dollars which critics say helps force migrants into detention centers some analysts say the government using the rapid support forces for the mission was deliberate. the government wants to send an international basij these forces joined just fighting rebellions because they fought off rebels the government wants to. give the group a national role to show you they serve in the interest of the whole country they
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were created as a fighting force forces that may be too tough to face when migrants such as you know who dream of getting out of africa any way they can people morgan al-jazeera northern sudan. now to cambodian janice have been charged with espionage in the latest government crackdown prime minister hun sen and his allies in the judiciary have been cracking down on critics the main opposition party was dissolved this week the teacher and this she worked for us funded radio free asia and we queues of supplying information to foreign state and is one of the world's longest serving leaders he's been prime minister since one thousand nine hundred eighty five. president trump has postponed his controversial decision to allow hunters to import elephant parts from zimbabweans i'm via he's tweeted he was putting the big came tracy decision on hold until such time as he could review all conservation facts he says the issue has been under study for years and he would update the situation
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soon day morse's is the president of founder of the elephant project. the reality is that the amount of revenue that is generated from these homes is miniscule to the amount of money that these countries could generate by adopting what we call a humane economy where and live elephant is a greater economic value to the country going to dead one i mean it's been proven time and time again that a live elephant is seventy six times more beneficial economically to a country than a dead elephant so what's happening is this is just an opportunity for these very wealthy hunters that supported the trump trump presidency to basically get a payback because there's no benefit to the elephants and there's no benefit to the people in those communities and it's one of those just needs to be overturned really does two thousand and fifteen was a first first year the number of elephants killed. there were higher than the number of elephants that were born and so with that disparity had. it continues to happen there is a rabbit reduction in the number of elephants that are still living and what's
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happening what a lot of people don't think about is that in these hunts if they go after the ball elephants and the bull elephants typically have more ivory that's a greater impact to elephant herds than anything else you could have you know three thousand female elephants but if you destroyed and killed all the elements they can't procreate which is why you're seeing a drastic decline in the number of elephants that are being born. staying in the u.s. now nevin protests against the democratic senator he's been accused of sexual harassment i. people gathered in the minnesota state capitol building after al franken was accused of forcibly kissing and grouping a woman in two thousand and six last traveling with a comedy tour he apologized telling the woman i'm ashamed to my actions ruined that experience for you protest to say the same and doesn't go far enough he's the latest in a series of high profile men to be accused of sexual assault. and president trump has weighed in criticizing the senator but as patty culhane reports from washington
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he's being accused of hypocrisy. this picture is everywhere else franken at the time a comedian groping a woman who is asleep leeann tweeden says franken also kissed her without her consent while they were both on a tour entertaining troops we know he released a statement saying he made a huge mistake with the picture writing to tell her he had no excuse which she says she accepts people make mistakes i mean i'm not i'm not calling for him to step down franken has asked for the senate to launch an ethics investigation into his conduct the man who wants to be the next u.s. senator from alabama is taking a much different approach to his allegations seven women have said he either attacked or approached them for sex when they were teenagers now an eighth woman says more a former judge aggressively grabbed her behind while she was leaving his office that day down there he's gone he's pro-life and now people hot they're saying oh
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it's just a grout i was barred from the start and he was a station of power and i think they he wanted to take my. parable the more campus pushing back denying the allegations he's refusing to get out of the race instead of putting women supporters on camera this is a he's saying and he said situation. some of which are forty years old most republicans say they believe his accusers with one notable exception the phrase or more. ranking. president donald trump hasn't spoken out about more a republican but he lashed out at senator franken on twitter writing the al frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words where do his hands go in pictures two three four five and six while she sleeps his words about a picture of course brings to mind
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a videotape or star that let you do it you can do anything whatever you want grab. trump caught on tape bragging about lewd behavior and that was after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault or harassment the stories are total fiction trump denied the allegations and made it to the white house in reaction in the largest protests in u.s. history millions of women marched in the streets they demanded respect that day a call that has only grown since the day he took office to call haint al-jazeera washington. navy a setting for a missing submarine with the full sailors onboard the san juan listen off in contact with officials on wednesday it was heading from a naval base south of argentina tamal del plata about four hundred kilometers south of what us ira is
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a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost the film america has escaped house arrest in venezuela and fled to spain antonio ledesma who was met by family in madrid is a famous opponent of president nicolas and a daughter the sixty two year old had been detained since wednesday fifteen on charges of supporting an attempted coup. a police officer of her ration in the haitian capital has killed at least seven people. residents say the number is higher and some have accused the police of carrying out executions the haiti is in the middle of reestablishing it sound forces after the withdrawal of u.n. peacekeepers to raise a boat reports are from the capital port au prince. it's been four days since the police entered this school in port-au prince. is still recovering from the shock trying to understand why her nephew was killed by the police. i am asking myself why they kill him when they know he was not one of the bad men he was
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someone who went to church studied and had principles. the school is located in the grand dragon area in port au prince as witnesses say there were no armed men inside the school during the raid that ended with professors and students killed some insist that some of the victims were executed two police officers had been killed earlier that day we're told of the haitian national police was carrying anti gang operation in a neighborhood not far away from here that operation ended in this school where the police had me at least seven civilians were killed you can see some of the bullet holes on that wall these are some of the leftovers of what happened here. u.n. troops officially withdraw from haiti one month ago leaving the haitian national police in charge of security here. at the grand ready neighborhood fighting between gangs and the police is frequent but. this time it was different her son
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was also killed at the school although this. was my only son i want to kill myself my son is not part of a gang president sent to the police to kill our children people in the area insist that more people died in the raid than the your thoughts are admitting to myself when we visited the center clare morgue where eight bodies were brought in after the incident not seven which is the official number. but when you i'm sure there are more people dead than what we have here maybe the police removed some bodies because we had five or six people coming here to ask if we had their relatives. yeah but while human rights groups say the situation can easily get out of control especially now that the government is reinstating the haitian army almost will you clear the whole titian's and authorities are not innocent on what happened because they too play their part in the violence impurity is the key to the problem because
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the justice system does not exist he has no multiple international missions and they've not been able to change anything. for thirteen years u.n. troops have been in charge of security in haiti but with them gone the challenge will now be how to prevent situations like this one happening again. i'll just go to prince. again there's a lot more information on the al-jazeera web site al jazeera dot com. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in paris with his wife two weeks after unexpectedly announcing his resignation in the saudi arabian capital his prolonged stay in the kingdom prompted
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suggestions he was under house arrest saying the house holder has more from beirut . what we understand is that they were not accompanied by their children two of his children stayed behind in riyadh what we understand the reason behind that is that they have school examinations now that is going to raise a lot of questions because some in lebanon will definitely say that one way or another saddle how do you remain some sort of a political hostage and saudi arabia has recalled its ambassador to berlin in protest over comments made by the german foreign minister said while gabriel suggested saad hariri had been held against his will in riyadh it also called for lebanon's neighbors including saudi arabia to let the country decide its own fate saudi state media say the statements were are fortunate and unjustified mr hariri himself tweeted a few hours ago saying gabriel's comments were a lie. a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria is to be disbanded after
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russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mission the move blocked a japanese effort to have the inquiry push on for another thirty days. huge crowds are gathering in zimbabwe's capital in opposition to president robert mugabe it was called for by the influential more veterans association and the rulings m.p.'s party supporters of the new here have travelled to the protests from across the country the president has forces in support days after the army seize power. after being completely sealed off since august the rafa border crossing from girls or into egypt has reopened but only temporarily rather is meant to open indefinitely later as part of a palestinian reconciliation deal brokered by egypt to cambodian journalists have been charged with espionage in the latest government crackdown prime minister who says and his allies in the judiciary have been cracking down on critics but you
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have to say those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues in thirty minutes or so after the listening post. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. lebanese prime minister saad hariri i know if you find saudi arabia saudi arabia. why you're doing facts right.


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