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media say the statements are unfortunate and unjustified mr hariri himself tweeted a few hours ago saying gabriel's comments were a lie a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria is to be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mission the move blocked a japanese effort to have the inquiry push on for another thirty days. huge crowds are gathering in zimbabwe's capital in opposition to president robert mugabe. it was called for by the influential war veterans association and the rulings m.p.'s party supporters of p.f. have travelled to the protests from across the country the president is fast losing support days after the army seize power. after being completely sealed off since august the rafa border crossing from girls or into egypt has reopened but only temporarily rather is meant to open indefinitely later as part of
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a palestinian reconciliation deal brokered by egypt to cambodian journalists have been charged with espionage in the latest government crackdown prime minister who can send and his allies in the judiciary have been cracking down on critics all right you have to say those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues in thirty minutes or so after the listening post. we understand the different themes. and the similarities of cultures across the world sentiment and how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. lebanese prime minister saad hariri fine if i got it right he has that heavy hand why you're doing that. i'm. sorry sorry
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christian preacher confrontation. hello i'm richard ginsburg and you're watching the listening post here are some of the media stories we're tracking this week a case of bad optics the lebanese prime minister resigns while in saudi arabia and sends that message home via a saudi owned news channel the australian government is doing its best to keep the menace island refugees story under the radar but it's being leaked out by the refugees themselves via their mobile phones this involved in military hijacks the state owned channel to tell viewers that what they're watching is not a coup and julian assange ambassador in waiting toys with donald trump jr on twitter we begin with saudi arabia where seismic political changes are taking place with media angles galore earlier this month under the pretext of fighting corruption saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the arrest of dozens of people including royal family members ministers and businessmen among them two of
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the arab world's biggest media moguls days later been solemn on some and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri to the saudi capital upon his arrival in riyadh hariri was reportedly handed a speech a resignation speech that he would later read out on a saudi owned t.v. station out of a channel own by one of the media barons just taken into custody the surprise announcement and the manner in which. it was delivered fueled speculation that the saudis were holding her against his will hariri later appeared in a live interview this time on eleven on base networks that he wants future t.v. he tried unconvincingly to argue he was a free man what to make of it all this is what a saudi confrontation with iran via a third party proxy looks like played out in lebanon and across the regional airwaves our starting point this week is riyadh.
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as unprecedented assad hariri first televised appearance from riyadh was the prime minister of one country announcing his resignation from the capital of another on a saudi news channel his second was somehow more compelling a ninety minute interview on lebanon's future t.v. channel hariri happens to the interviewer was the only one of the channels employees allowed into saudi arabia the crew and the equipment were generously provided by the host country. and hariri was clear. of a man lingering in the background. this is kind of like the peak of this media spectacle within this entire drama the only evidence that we have of our prime minister not being held captive is an interview with a journalist who him on a t.v. station that he money how to. look how so is there
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a conflict of interest there we don't know what's said before the interview and we didn't really hear a lot of questions about the confiscation of how. that we heard and some of the mainstream media reports we didn't really hear a lot of questions about saudi policy. he didn't want to talk about that and kind of tried to move the question away from that my favorite bond of the interview with heidi is when he was asked under. camera and under duress by this lebanese journalist whether the nation who wrote it for him had the combativeness to quote. i looked up to me and i will know that. you never write his own speeches because he cannot i'd want. anybody who would have heard that part of the speech knew that he was lying to me under duress and i had a gentle but a little just a lot of. history even on account of this i mean it appeared to be a broken man a man stripped of his dignity a man who was truly prophetic arousing pity not at all a symbol of
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a government office often country but rather the symbol of a man who has been threatened he was nervous he was out to tainted he was drawn to tears. and i thought him and. and he looked like a frightened very much and that is how about interview has been read not only by the lebanese public but more importantly by the lebanese government and by lebanese politicians. lebanon is a politically complex factionalized country with a media landscape that reflects what makes this story even more complicated though is the iran and. saudi arabia's regional power struggle with iran is playing out in the devastating war on us as well as in lebanon where the saudis want to curtail the influence of hezbollah the political party and armed group back. and it's no coincidence that prime minister hariri hosted an advisor to iran's supreme leader
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last week and meeting the iranians described as positive and constructive later that day i really found himself on a plane to rio it's important point out that this flare up this cold war between saudi arabia iran hezbollah has taken place and tiredly on the media saudi owned channels you know being paid. lebanese on channels. at that house. as well and hopefully it will stay that way because we don't want to see an actual conflict in the streets in lebanon there is a rule of irony of messages and a pushback and a critique a subversive crissy of the mainstream media messages which is that harry is actually not free he could be in prison and we demand his return so that it's a very contested media environment unlike what you find in a lot of western countries and a lot of gulf countries where there is really one message. prime minister hariri
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landed in riyadh just as the saudi government launched what it called an anti corruption drive under the new crown prince mohamed bin solemn on hundreds have been arrested including more than a dozen royals and ministers of the state billionaires just aren't suited to prison cells among those reportedly being held at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh prince albert will lead bin tele the majority owner of the rotunda media company and a business partner of rupert murdoch through both twenty first century fox and news corp as well as well lead ibraheem who is related to the royal family by marriage and owns n.b.c. and. a pan arab news channel based in dubai the two media barons find themselves in their ritzy gilded cage is reportedly for resisting the crown prince's repeated attempts over the past year to buy their companies he didn't want to be full price
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for the shares and they were not interested in selling to begin with after ten months of negotiations went nowhere he then gave up he was fed up with the process he's very impatient and impulsive and as a result he forced them in he want them to send it and i think that having already on the in custody he wants all media not only to sing to the tune of the saudi regime but to sink is own personal cue that was. one of the reasons that they tried to blockade against qatar it was because of al-jazeera is prominence in the media they are very media minded and they think in a very old fashion way the media can be bought that's the classic arab state way of thinking about the major they don't think the arab world and they said so is ready for free speech and they want to control it i can see no other reason for their arrest other than a consolidation of power we are talking about the wealth of billions of dollars held captive at the ritz carlton in saudi arabia and the consolidation of financial power the consolidation of media power now if it were really for corruption charges
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why have they been arrested and placed in a hotel rather than arrested and had an open trial with clear evidence presented as to the alleged corruption charges. by this past thursday the financial times was reporting that the hotel detainees could buy their way to freedom by surrendering up to seventy percent of their accumulated wealth this saudi corruption crackdown now has the look of a shakedown but the narrative had already been formed including in the western news media which have been the focus of the bog of saudi arabia's p.r. and lobbying efforts arab journalists say mohamed bin sound man seldom pays attention to them or their news outlets that they would have far better access to the crown prince if they worked for a bloomberg or a newsweek the saudi government especially this crown prince is relying heavily on
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favorable or western media coverage and just this morning i read an article by ben hubbard the new york times correspondent in beirut who mainly cover saudi arabia he said when sudden honeybee fled to saudi arabia i mean there was no fleeing the man was summoned and then he was put under house arrest but that's the terminology they used the guardian correspondent martin sure he was referred to this as a rebel you. when what we are talking about is brutal oppression by power hungry trampolines generated the narrative that when someone was maybe young maybe aggressive but basically reformer who would shake this old clinton by the scruff of its neck push back the clergy and become a modern state by privatization as well that narrative is now being challenged by been sound it's own behavior i do not have the patience to listen to the overt propaganda of the saudi tells so i am not a follower of a lot of bia or of which is the part that he based on of but what struck me more
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and what upset me more it was the propaganda coming from western media that i found to be quite surprising and quite. truly yellow journalism. consider the new crown prince's track record he has spearheaded the war in yemen the one the u.n. calls the world's largest humanitarian crisis seven million on the verge of starvation there was the blockade of khatami the demand to take al-jazeera off the air which has yet to produce his desired result now in the midst of a domestic anticorruption drive that smells of a power that lebanon finds itself in a state of political crisis largely of his making it is hard to see who is benefiting from what mohamed bin solomon brings apart from the global media newsmakers a valuable commodity perhaps that explains his of you. other media stories that are on our radar this week it's an easy enough thing to say on
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a state owned television channel this is not a coup however the sound bite does carry a bit more weight if the person delivering it from the anchor chair isn't wearing a military uniform this is not in military an army spokesperson says the so morial went on said he sees saying the military just wanted to pacify a degenerating social and economic situation in the ensuing confusion over the status of president robert mugabe many foreign news outlets including the b.b.c. c.b.s. and voice of america made the mistake of quoting a fake twitter account purporting to be that of mugabe's new p.f. party domestically the state on a daily newspaper the herald which has spent decades as a mugabe mouthpiece clearly did not know who it was taking orders from initially suggesting it was business as usual in harare despite the tanks in the streets zimbabweans looking for a more realistic take had to rely on foreign news outlets as well as social media whereas zimbabwe coup became the hash tag of choice the ongoing investigation into
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alleged russian interference in last year's us presidential elections has taken an odd twist. a freshly appears to show there was direct communication between donald trump jr and wiki leaks just prior to election day this past monday the american magazine the atlantic published a story saying that in two thousand and sixteen trump jr was in touch with wiki leaks over twitter he was trying to get access to material that wiki leaks was reporting on leaked e-mails from the democratic national committee relating to the hillary clinton campaign julian assange and had some fun with the tweets suggesting that trump jr should release his father's tax returns and convince him to help the sanj get appointed as a straight as ambassador to the u.s. legal representatives for trump jr say he has answered questions on the allegations in the quote appropriate forum unquote assigned has since criticized the atlantic's reporting for being selective and misleading he continues to troll trump the
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younger deer trump jr he said our offer of being ambassador to the us still stands the public will get a turbo charged flow of intel about the latest cia plots to undermine democracy direct message me. in venezuela a new law has been passed that media watchers called another step toward stifling dissent and increasing censorship of the media there both mainstream and social. on november eighth the constitutional assembly in caracas passed a statute that prohibits the dissemination of messages of hate or violence through broadcasts and social media the law proposes prison sentences of up to twenty years . the last passage follows a wave of anti-government protests earlier this year and gives the government the power to revoke licenses or block web pages of outlets it deems to have breached the new rules prime minister nicolas maduro his government says the law is designed to discipline public and private media into broadcasting messages of quote peace
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tolerance equality and respect unquote however according to the caracas based n.g.o.s fessio public the wording of the legislation leaves that open to broad interpretation and potential abuse. when the verdict came down last year human rights advocates were happy the australian government was not a court in papua new guinea ordered the closure of a refugee detention center on man a silent and a tory s offshore facility set up by the government in canberra to keep asylum seekers from reaching this trail in shores eighteen months later the authorities have shut down the camp they've turned out the lights but the refugees refused to leave saying the new facility they've been offered is unsafe and that they fear coming under attack by locals here at the listening post we've looked at the coverage the lack of it of two offshore prisons established by the australian government one on madness the other on the island nation of now route journalists trying to report on conditions at the prison said been shut out bounced around
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endlessly by the governments involved the story has moved on but the pattern of locking reporters out has not listening posts johannah who's now in the stories coming out of madison island and now rue despite the. stafford's of the authorities involved. i think the israeli government has tried very hard to shape the narrative with pine for you to go to the new house we're going to provide you with meals about what is happening on medicine or and it's done so very effectively because it's so hard for journalists to be able to go there. and to tell the stories. what have we done know you're not going to just be putting these detention centers offshore really was about putting them out of sight and out of mind of the strike. and this just shows how effective that strategy has been the stuff is out. there is that what you're hearing the united nations has called what is happening i'm on this island
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a humanitarian emergency since the australian government close to man is detention camp on october thirty first over four hundred men are refusing to leave they have gone nearly three weeks without water food electricity and medical supplies they claim that the facilities they are being forced to move to lack adequate security to protect them from attacks by the local community yet this hasn't become the media spectacle one might expect only two reporters have been there to cover the story media access to man is the no room has been tightly controlled since the camp opened in two thousand and twelve and the a strain in government is playing a blame game with the ruine authorities as to who is responsible but journalists say they have no doubt a straight is pulling the strings. photo journalist matthew abbott tried to go to minus island last week but was refused entry a year earlier he published
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a story among his locals brutally attacking to refugees not the kind of story the australian government wants out there i was told that there's a very little chance that i'll be allowed back in a second time after my word. but you know i try to anyway because it's a very important story i just whited like any other person you know entering talking to me in the vase on arrival and upon reaching the immigration desk talking to the officer i just passed her my passport and she said are. you involved with like publishing destructive material from. you that there is no. there are reasons to believe that there is a black least for a strong journalist a strong certainly has a long history of stifling reporting on immigration detention centers there are some reporters on the ground who are doing a great job but there's just not enough voices and not enough report is there bearing witness to what's happening in this critical time she's really done
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showering journalists have come to rely on reports from refugees and whistleblowers to find out what is going on inside for years phones have been refugees lifelines the only way to inform the world about their plight their shared stories of physical abuse lack of medical facilities mental stress any one case even murder at the hands of the security guards. we spoke to were worries but charney audio messages on whatsapp he's one of the refugees still inside the. past five years independent journalists could not have access to this place they almost prevent independent women. doing there was stories enough fade away to compromise but. sending the information on the women. one of the remarkable developments in
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the last few years has been the way the technology has given a voice to the man on man a silent. we've seen a solemn sea on twitter we've seen telegram groups we've seen whatsapp groups being set up and all of these provide a way for unfiltered unmoderated accounts of what's happening there on the ground but the real challenge is still how strongly and reporters can verify and gain access to that information firsthand. spoke to. one of the few who made it out of mama's just a few weeks ago private sponsors paid for his transfer to canada during his four years in the prison he set up manas alerts a public channel in the cloud based app telegram to which he and his fellow refugees upload footage and their stories it quickly became one of journalists main
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sources of information if i didn't. smuggle that phone inside the center and i couldn't get internet on. all smartphone i would mean here i did everything with a small phone so i said. all right let's create a channel on telegram and i would call it menace unearthed but would keep sending pictures and videos and statements and letters i think right now around six hundred people are on that channel and majority of them are australians and join only so. yes despite sources such as madness alerts journalists are increasingly steering away from this story not least because a straight line audiences have grown increasingly at that age reporting among us and no rule no longer gets to clicks the likes that too often drives the media
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suggesting that i think it's appalling that there is so little coverage of what's happening on menace and never particularly if you look at the big commercial networks in australia and i think amongst the struggling people there is now a lot of fatigue about these issues that's also there because they don't really know and they don't really understand what is happening i think it's trillions would be horrified to know what is happening on minutes now but the reality is they don't have those images to see it in front of their face. typically the images the strains are seeing are like these distant and limited taken from a far they like the faces and personal stories that tend to affect audiences they feel to capture up close what's happening to current affairs precedented access and the few outlets the uproar is in canberra have allowed into the castro the australian newspaper and sky both owned by rupert murdoch's news corp and channel nine are known for sticking to the government's line conditioning at mice and the
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t.v. they gave it to me i think privileged access is given to certain media and certain outlets that portray a strain policies in a certain light we've been told the situation could get published also we've been off this day in our copy of the reporting that they've done it's been very sick. it's barely scratched the surface it's focused a lot on things like the physical facilities that the refugees and asylum seekers living in the physical senator the accommodation and saying that well you know they're living in nice houses or being hateful easterling government so therefore you know it's a lot for good on now there's also a playground a gym and a food that provides three meals a day you're straining government was putting everything on table to stop the media from coming to man a silent but news corp was one of the media that got on the island
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and tried to represent people in an untrue way they tried whatever they could however they could to demonize refugees they were allowed into places where no other media was allowed how can this happen. because that's what the australian authorities once aided by news organizations that either tow the government's line or have simply given up trying to get access the mana center camps operate mostly in the dark it's as though the only way out for the story and for the lucky few is through a smartphone. the rest of the refugees remain out of sight out of mind and a long way from the heart. finally when the lebanese prime minister gave that interview to his own t.v. channel last week he was making the case that he was not being held in saudi arabia
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against his will but saad hariri is nine hundred minute exchange with the anchor woman paula and left viewers with more questions than answers his performance also set off a twitter frenzy and gave birth to a new hash tag under pressure we have delved into the output of the social media commentary and pulled together some of the tweets that are making the rounds we'll see you next time here at the listening post.
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tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside the the moment where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in the wake of the devastating impact for say the bank means to save the deposit simple ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera . for years japanese have gone into countries force for what they
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call. or forced baby thirteen years ago dr ching lee was one of the first to conduct research on forced bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system but i lot of find aside or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest find a site reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine. lebanon's prime minister arrives in paris as the french try to mediate.


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