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wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment neither she and fellow presenters do but as well as i don't trump is going to be the next president retaliation with the other guy got back she finally canisters of gas i just want to believe that best to prevent the media getting anywhere and just give her a call that. he achieved something that never happened before. with al-jazeera his eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying all the crucially important stories for an audience that's been incredibly to others. this is al-jazeera.
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and i welcome to the news hour i'm so ho rahman this is what we have for you in the next sixty minutes. the pressure grows on zimbabwe's embattled president to step down as thousands of former supporters join rallies against him. lebanon's prime minister meets france's president in paris in a bid to solve the political turmoil surrounding his shock resignation. and no food no medical supplies and no help from outside emergency calls to evacuate sick syrians he's been under siege for years plus. a cozy manhattan apartment that's for people in a great location the only catch you have to take it with you wherever you go and kristen slimmy coming up we'll tell you why some artists are choosing to live here .
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we start in africa where tens of thousands of people have thrown zimbabwe's capital harare demanding the president step down the state run broadcaster says the country is now free and liberated as crowds stream towards robert mugabe's official residence now the protests were called by the influential war veterans association and mcgarvie is ruling zanu p.f. party it's a dramatic fall from grace for the embattled leader who's been in power for thirty seven years well one of the rallies was held at the zimbabwe grounds in the suburb of highfield it's a symbolic location because it's where mcgarvey gave his first speech after returning from exile in one nine hundred eighty just ahead of the country's independence. we have expressed that god. every.
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day. in the years very able. to work the day the modern day why do people use. and some of the zimbabwean disparate have joined the protests against mugabe jubilant crowds gathered outside zimbabwe's consular office in johannesburg south africa they were celebrating the military takeover and urging mcgarvie to step down as many as one point five million zimbabweans have migrated to south africa in recent years trying to escape a struggling economy let's join our correspondent how rheumatoid so who's in the capital and this country has not seen scenes like this on the street for decades the mood must be quite unique.
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in that. the that it might get around and here are some of them look at how many. we seem to be having problems that with harry's connection on the satellite link but you can see that many many hundreds if not the thousands of people on the streets of the capital will come back to her later in the program. let's move on to the other top stories we're following here on al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad hariri is meeting france's president menem micro in paris in a bid to solve the political turmoil surrounding his resignation harare landed in the french capital on saturday with his wife but two of his children remain in saudi arabia he's told the lebanese president that he'll be back in the country on wednesday hariri resigned in riyadh on november the fourth saying we feared for
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his life and blamed iran for stoking tension in the region his two week stay in the saudi kingdom prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest. these are live pictures from outside the elisei palace now both president my craw and prez prime minister hariri have been in there for around about two hours we know they were going to be lengthy meetings between the two and there are possibly extended. government officials certainly on the french side to find out what's exactly going on he was joined slightly earlier by two of his other children and his wife. and those two what we expect maybe with the next few hours there maybe a statement or not it is rather difficult to to know what is going to be said i'm going now to the tasha butler our correspondent there in paris big question marks really about what the discussions and what they will be the tasher behind those
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closed doors at the elise a palace really what france can do to sort of similar also be calm the tensions down that are prevailing in lebanon and the surrounding middle east. as well i think the fact that hariri is here having a meeting with a man in paris is being seen as something of a diplomatic success for the french president emanuel might call because he managed to get hariri out of saudi arabia if you want to put it that way now the two men have been having a meeting for a while now they are expected to leave the lease say any moment now we are expecting saad hariri perhaps to give us a few words now if he does speak he may be able to clarify exactly why when he arrived this morning in paris he arrived with his wife but not with two of his children there is one child one child is here in paris with the dreary couple but
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two of the children left behind in riyadh and some analysts here are saying is that because hariri is in fact not is free of his actions or movements as he might over suggest as he was. and of course the larger question is exactly what kind of front story because while it's a diplomatic coup to try and get theory out of saudi arabia the larger question remains who really still has to go to lebanon and still has to explain himself to the president on wednesday when it's a dependent state. well one thing's for sure the french president has said that his invitation to hariri is not an offer of exile and that he expects to riri to go back to lebanon he said on friday matter in the next days or weeks hariri since then seems to confirm that he would go back to lebanon on wednesday that something that we heard also from the lebanese president for the past few weeks of loss that things can change very fast and they can change
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daily so we need to wait to hear what comes out of this meeting today but there is no doubt but what france has been doing over the past few weeks is really trying to talk to all sides as it tries to deescalate this crisis amanda marcotte really using france's position as a country that has traditionally had good relations with the saudis with the iranians with the lebanese to try and keep the dialogue open and make sure that the situation doesn't become more fraught than it is of course everyone wants to see an end to this in terms of trying to have a situation in which regional stability is ensured in some way but there is no doubt that this is an ongoing crisis even though there is no longer in saudi arabia and of course you say that france is taking the lead it's taking the lead of course as part of one of the heavyweights within the e.u. its member states will be looking to france really for guidance. as
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a powerful body will speak with one voice. not heard much from the e.u. in terms of the body as such during this crisis what we really have seen is putting himself at the forefront of mediation attempts but you might say that is in some ways in some way linked to the fact that a man or marco sees him so very much as a person at the forefront of the e.u. he wants france to be one of the most of the you he wants to try and revive it in revive the french and german axis and perhaps that's why he's been so busy if you like of them vis stage on the stage in middle east in order to try and bolster his presence within the e.u. for now though what i can say is that france has always had a tradition of very strong and of course as historic ties with lebanon and that is one of the reasons that emmanuel michael has decided to become involved this time and i will leave it then of course that situation develops thank you natasha. top
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story and of course horrible taso was in zimbabwe of course hundreds of thousands of people gathered the streets of the capital how very difficult to hear us as well but. not seen scenes like this since independence. the exactly one woman something like the one thousand nine hundred eighty and back in ninety eight that was when president. and i now look at what happened. happened to be. just around the corner of the. day no negotiations. and we've been waiting. tired of them they say you've ruined the economy here and his wife was. happy. actually. was.
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here is they want some kind of the information from the army training here in the soldier right the. kids and that would be very friendly with the people the soldier the little people coming to sleep. being in south of the mine prison without a doubt but they have not allowed them to enter the roadway the state house actually is they said we're not stopping you from marching they were very friendly but they wanted so much right up to the gate of the state house if that's the case they won't allow them to get anywhere as close to robert mugabe haru the one thing that is quite unique is that these are not all positions supporters these are zanu p.f. supporters the majority of people that the i.g. . the extraordinary what we are seeing they say today this is about the heat. the water opposite the forces of human rights
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don't normally who don't normally agree i know you see the politics in the country and it was saying that president mugabe need much he was. treated the. now it's a matter of the will for the moment or we will leave it that has followed ends with you as tied to this is hiring the taso that in iraq right. now will saudi arabia has recalled its ambassador in berlin in protest over comments made by the german foreign minister a six month gabriel suggested that saad hariri had been held against his will he's also called for lebanon's neighbors including saudi arabia to let it decide its own
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fates now saudi state media says that the statements one fortunate and justified carry himself tweeted that the comments were on line. saudi arabia's heir to the throne has been making bold political moves in the kingdom with a series of decisions many consider to be unprecedented while a recent report says that saudi arabia is demanding cash for the release of dozens of high profile citizens it arrested earlier this month on charges of corruption that includes the country's richest man prince will lead been there are also reports that many of those detained have been tortured including the son of the late king abdullah prince and their saudis a large royal family traditionally share power however these latest moves are being seen as a power grab by the new crown prince mohammed bin sort of man and as the thirty two year old's influence grows he faces challenges in neighboring yemen where the u.n. has warned that unless saudi arabia halts its blockade with years of people could die of hunger last june saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with cattle and imposed
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a land sea and air blockade setting off an unprecedented crisis in the gulf region . all these developments in saudi arabia and what they may mean for the rest of the world are the focus of a conference in london where former diplomats and middle east analysts are meeting the former leader of the u.k. liberal democratic party paddy ashdown was one of the speakers he highlighted what he believed were the dangers of saudi arabia's policies and called for the u.k. to block weapons sales to the kingdom due to its assault on yemen but more on saudi arabia's actions in yemen with. as it is reprehensible. it is very clear that war crimes have been committed in the conflict in yemen both in relation to the interest going to tax on civilians and by using agency donation as a weapon of war britain's silence on these matters. and.
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you see. the fact that we are at the same time supplying arms to you makes it even more. well tamala shell has been following those discussions in london and london jamal it really is a who's who of former political leaders government officials and thinkers and academics who use voices may not hold too much weight with the current government but certainly will be listened to. conference liked the presence of current government officials. precisely the point. because conservative governments. in terms of.
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significant. figures like former foreign secretary jack straw or. some of the significant. figures in one of those figures. joins us now and i want to. give us your assessment of what. people care about. national community should actually start worrying about that we have a concentration of power that is taking place in. ours defense the economy. everything has become. current crown prince.
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without any kind of advice without kind of sharing power with other people. to make the right decisions so far we have seen very chaotic and erratic foreign policy especially in the arab region starting with the war in two thousand and fifteen. crisis with and finally the crisis and this doesn't tell us that this particular leadership. problems even using diplomacy. relying on proxy wars in the region but at the same time it is talking about inside saudi arabia my friends and supporters in the saudi government. actually he's the one who is the force behind convincing. the ban on women driving he has this vision twenty thirty. something positive it's at the
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moment. but he hasn't delivered on anything even driving is going to take a year before women can drive but this is not the point the point is that repression at home. has meant that he needs to actually. make reforms or the social changes that he is making. so far we haven't seen a success story. is short office success story. in any of the battles that he had started since two thousand and fifty. thousands tens of thousands of people displaced millions. of the gulf region you're talking about interference but we have not seen the united kingdom and other western powers. something new.
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something needs to be revisited in terms of what you've just described. why do you think. trade relations it. seems to be very erratic situation as you've described people expect the west to. matters now. it doesn't matter. what happened. as becoming important. economic power. changes should be the responsibility of the people not the west or any other foreign government. change is
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necessary however the change. from the. with all the different. for their own interests a lot of the human rights activists were also present in this conference unfortunately there are. concerns. when it comes to international diplomacy. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour they've lost their family their homes and now they're being pushed out of camps we speak to sierra leone's mudslide survivors also climate talks in bonn and with progress on technical details the donald trumps america pushes back hard on any move to tackle fossil fuels and its border round james there's up to his nickname of the king in the n.b.a.
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tatiana will have more in sport. after being completely sealed off since august the rafa border crossing from garza into egypt has reopened but only temporarily ruffo is meant to open indefinitely later as part of a palestinian reconciliation deal brokered by egypt under the deal the palestinian authority is handing the crossing you are not one hundred the crossing and not hamas hundreds of people queued for hours at the border to have their paperwork process so they could cross any humanitarian cases from gaza that will be allowed into egypt at this stage. there are reports the trumpet ministration is threatening to shut down the palestinian diplomatic office in washington d.c. the us media says officials are considering closing the palestine liberation organization's d.c. mission and that's the group that does the peace talks with israel palestine its
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foreign minister says the group won't give in to what it's called extortion well camps for survivors of sierra leone's deadly oldest one slight have been shut down leaving many with no way to go now the government wants to move the homeless to one thousand new homes it's building but construction is far from complete they'd have to freeze has more free time. this is where hundreds of survivors have been living since their homes were destroyed from the mudslide they killed at least five hundred people sally foreigners husband was one of them he drowned after saving her their children and his mother she worries about how she will manage once the camps close. i'm going to i don't know i know my ads is hurting my own is going on and i have kids to look after who is going to help me these. relatives are trying to help
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relocate a house but she also worries she would not be able to afford it sierra leone's government is giving the displays cash compensation almost seven hundred u.s. dollars for each family but there's concern over whether they will actually get everything promised. right now we're just sitting here and no money i had nothing. authorities say the camps are officially closed now the process of moving people out though will take time they say they will not tell anyone to leave until they have their compensation. that's everybody. but. i would think. construction of homes for the mudslide victims is underway on the outskirts of the capital freetown. there's been some obstacles this time we started the project. because some of. the site. this is a plan now is to have everything ready by the end of this month the future homes
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are being built here some are two bedrooms and some are three bedrooms each home have a living room as well as an outdoor kitchen and toilet a church a mosque are also being built and an orphanage block an orphanage was one of the buildings destroyed in the mudslides three months ago hundreds of children also lost parents of the disaster the government says it will build an additional one thousand homes for those affected meanwhile activists are questioning why the mudslides even happened they are calling for a public inquiry we need to know not just the joy joy logic and scientific explanations we need to know who are responsible for the kids in these lines we need to know what the people. who look at. this building. back in the camp sally says she's still nervous about what the future holds a sentiment felt by many here in a different freetown sierra leone philippine president ravi good eternity has made a policy change in his controversial fight against drug gangs he's ordered local
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police units to stand down and the drug enforcement agency to take over. has more from manila president to go to their to so-called war on drugs has been the center of police operations since it took office more than a year ago. but the police have faced mounting criticism and accusations of rampant corruption and human rights abuses. now there is a major shift in the campaign to has ordered all the police drug enforcement units to be disbanded and the philippine jug enforcement agency to take the lead in illegal drugs operations in the capital manila police officers are heading out to set up roadblocks their aim now they say is to cut down on street crime. going to. speak up when it's going to certain degree with regard to the
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right. we could see that this may seem like a point but this is now at the center of many operations according to governments that majority crimes being committed here are done by those on motorcycles. murders and tests carried out by gunmen on motorcycles have become all too frequent police say gunmen on motorbikes are not only threatening public safety but the police officers reputation because of claims they are the ones on the border bikes shooting civilians public trust in the police has been affected a survey shows a majority of filipinos don't believe the police acted in self-defense when they killed. and president to says corruption within the police force is also rife and the top priority is now for the force to clean up its own ranks a purge to get rid of officers involved in extortion illegal drugs protection and
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other irregularities one of the reasons why. crimes are not is because. they don't trust. that trust. everything and. then i think anything more any observation any information that people would see unusual in their communities they would immediately come to the police officers and talk to us about it the police say more remains high and they still have the support of the president but many here believe radical reforms are needed and needed soon. two cambodian journalists have been charged with espionage and the latest government crackdown prime minister hoon center and his allies in the judiciary have been cracking down on critics the main opposition party was dissolved or this week the two journalists
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who work for the u.s. funded radio free asia are accused of supplying information to a foreign state. australia's main medical association is demanding the government let doctors into the decommissioned demanded silent prison camp about four hundred refugees remain barricaded inside the camp without any food to electricity or water it was closed nearly three weeks ago but the men are refusing to leave saying they fear attacks from locals aid agencies are worried for their welfare purp why new guinea began taking steps to force them out earlier this week raided india has helped improve the capital new delhi air quality problem the city had been covered in a blanket of toxic small for about two weeks causing severe health problems hospitals are overcrowded and schools are temporarily been closed despite the rain new delhi's pollution levels are still about five times worse the water is considered safe. u.n.
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climate talks in the german city of boston have ended with nearly two hundred nations agreed to keep the powers agreement on track despite the u.s. pulling out and to make sure they keep their commitment delegates agreed to start a process to review and ramp up their efforts to cut carbon emissions clark reporter for bob. long into the night to listen to this wrangling over the financial element of the twenty the un climate conference comes to a close. i am very pleased. that with this decision the couple launches this dialogue which will start in generally twenty eighteen under the fijian presidency the spirit of these talks has been upbeat and the paris agreement it seems is on track so i think that we're in a very good place twenty eighteen is the year to see it to climate action and i think what we have here on a good road ahead that's a lot of homework to do it's not easy but i think we will and decisiveness
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governments governments cities states private sector to move ahead so progress but is it enough for those most immediately threatened by climate change not enough is being done it's certainly not enough for the survival of the pacific and there needs to be increased ambition there needs to be a greater responsibility taken by developed countries they need to keep in the ground and they need to move towards a safe and just transition to renewable energy. keeping fossil fuels in the ground was always on the agenda in and outside the conference holds german coal phaseout from angela merkel but the u.k. and canada launched an alliance of twenty nations to wind down coal use meanwhile a delegation sent by the trumpet ministration to promote cult got a predictable welcome. as a coalition of us states and cities stepped into the void to say we're still in the paris agreement. does it matter how much. we think it really figures i
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really cannot stop. you cannot stop me from my room reducing. so this conference has delivered what it set out to do and created the mechanism to move the paris agreement forward to say called telenet a dialogue before the conference a pause in poland a year from now that's clearly plenty of work today. next stop is the french capital where in december president will host a special summit looking specifically at climate finance the paris agreement rolls on. al-jazeera bone germany. well nasa has launched a satellite that will make forecasting severe weather more accurate three to. one the joint polar satellite system will be used to track environmental events such as forest fires and droughts it'll pass over the equator about fourteen times a day and cover the globe twice in twenty four hours. well it's time for the
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weather his stuff i wonder what that satellite could have helped you with your drop and what's going on in australia well there's certainly a storm and it's not like all hell will take you have a look at what's been going on there down in the southeast you can see this bright white area of cloud here that has given us some pretty severe weather over parts of southeast australia we've seen some very heavy downpours we have seen some flooding we've also seen a lot of hail in fact from the blue mountains we saw a hail that was around three centimeters in diameter so that's really large and it did cause quite a little bit of damage there now for melbourne we've got these pictures that show the lightning storm as it was that one doesn't show up terribly well but that one is a bit more impressive and it also brought with it an all for a lot of rain pouring down into the under ground area and this in the past now well impossible really so lots of heavy rain there decors a problem with flooding dig it was a lot of hail but fortunately it's now beginning to clear away and as it does so
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high pressure will be building in the southeast corner so that means the weather should all come down still the chance of one or two showers there around sydney and brisbane there as we head through the day on sunday but for melbourne it looks fine and warm to about around twenty eight degrees now further towards the west twenty one degrees will be the maximum in perth and that's the temperature that we're expecting on monday as well and that's worth writing home about because it's finally a little bit more bearable but it's not going to last for too long and by the time we get to wednesday the temperatures will be back up at thirty so thanks very much stuff still ahead here on al-jazeera under threat but caught on camera snow leopards passing in the mountains of pakistan plus. chile will be holding general elections on sunday amid widespread fears of a very low voter turnout i'm. coming up i'll tell you about a new generation of candidates that's trying to make a difference and in sport tennis star andy murray split from his coach for
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a second time tatiana has that story to stay with us here on al-jazeera. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the brock obama the wall when only that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you're giving me wrong if we wrap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute if you didn't charge the shot one saw a joint maybe has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime the kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we
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therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and can challenge your perception. welcome back to al-jazeera let's go straight over to paris where we see live pictures now of the lebanese prime minister saad hariri saying goodbye to the french president manuel crawl along with the mother respective wives and the son of prime minister hariri he's one of three children two are still in riyadh we are expecting potentially mr hariri to say something on these events you never quite
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sure he has been keeping quite tight lipped on to script certainly since he left saudi arabia overnight it's expected that we are hoping that he will say that he's been guided certainly to the microphone so just listening to what it looks like he's going to say to the assembled press corps. at the seans elisei in paris. very much more sort of i think i thank my call for his support. thank you to you personally mark michael. for eve. jamie friendship. france yet again. the
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greatness of its role in the world and in the region. and shows its stability in. all that i say once again thank you again president my call and thank you from. or with with regards to the political situation in lebanon i should be a root. and to take part in a little celebration of our independence and i will then express my opinion on all subjects one i've met the president. thank you very much.
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for. president. hospitality. and the warm reception extended to me and my family france has been playing a very positive role in the region. namely with respect. relations . these relations are deep rooted in history. by the grace of god i will be ten day lebanon's independence day. and from there on. clarify all my political positions after meeting with president as you are aware i have rendered my resignation from saudi arabia and from lebanon will be speaking on the future and the way forward. that was sad hariri the prime minister of
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lebanon making a very clear three point statement thanking macro his french toast for seeing him and for the friendship that france has extended to him and his family he's also confirmed that he will travel to beirut lebanon on wednesday if not before for those independence day celebrations he would not be drawn on anything else except that he said he said he would clarify its political position and his stance once he has spoken to the lebanese prime minister we shall listening in was also our correspondent. the trash i think you heard exactly what we were hearing through our translators both in french and then the prime minister spoke in arabic for the arabic ordeals as well practically saying exactly the same three very clear points thank you to france france's role in this whole crisis and the confirmation
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that he's going to lebanon for independence day celebrations. that's right it was a very statement of course the key fact that he says that he will be in lebanon for those independence day celebrations by wednesday but what he didn't address was exactly what he will do next he just said that he will talk about it when he gets there neither did he talk about the fact that two of his children remain behind in riyadh when he touched down in paris today you see here with his wife and his eldest son but to remain behind him people who say that perhaps that suggests that he is not as free of his actions and movements as he suggested himself before coming to paris there is no doubt though that the french president the fact that he really was here at least something over diplomatic he has been really stepping up
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his mediation efforts over the last. two weeks to try and get to try and deescalate this crisis it is an invitation to hariri was all part of that and when hariri accepted that was seen as something of a success for michael michael says it is important to try and talk to all sides he said that that was his aim and this and that you often hear of this invitation or doorframe political exile but only as an act of friendship of course of the more analysis of certainly of what he said and didn't say a thing of the coming out of the moment ashleigh thank you let's move on now to the middle east where four hundred thousand syrians living in the damascus suburb of ghouta have been besieged by government forces for the past four years now the area sided with opposition fighters not some of that food aid and medical supplies haven't been getting in doctors there say many residents could die if they're not immediately evacuated and some a bit of it reports are from dancing and tape that the turkish syrian border.
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twelve year old drafts a first from cerebral palsy a condition which inhibits her brain's growth the room is dark because there isn't much electricity in eastern guta this is what she looked like before the siege and before she ran out of medicine her mother used to give her honey milk and other nutritious food but not anymore. and the and raf used to be well and was going to school until there was a lack of. my husband can't work and because of the high prices we can't afford much. that's been the case for the last four years after syrian government forces besieged the area which is home to four hundred thousand people this is the most popular dish these days while corn or for larger families a con broth for the luxury of salt for those who can afford it. the assad government has allowed in some aid but the u.n. says that is only enough for around ten percent of the besieged people this year
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the syrian regime approved around a quarter of united nations requests to deliver assistance the u.n. says the plight of civilians is an outrage and that it might constitute a war crime. the lack of food and medicine have forced more people towards hospitals in july doctors identified four hundred fifty two patients who still need to be evacuated as the united nations await approval from the assad government nine of them have died faced with delays twenty nine among them were identified these are people who have one hundred percent chance of survival if they are not given care so they will die the situation is so desperate that after operations doctors need to reuse the single use items on the table what's regarded as medical waste everywhere else is sterilized and used again and he sees. these cues might be useful in saving another life the later gloves which hospitals throw away are limited here. so they washed before they can be used. then they need to be laid out
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to dry because they don't know if and when more supplies will come in the use powder to make sure the gloves don't stick together. the staff say they're also saving other single use medical supplies. we clean them because the supplies on available here and the not coming in with u.n. aid we also stop some surgeries because of a lack of anesthetics the parents say there's no food or medicine for the sick children. so they leave their infants to suck on their thumbs hoping that at least for a while you think it's. down to the era. when it's very into its walls and he's the regional spokesperson for the un's office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs he joins me now via skype from the jordanian capital amman it's good to have you with us live on al-jazeera mr
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swanson. deescalation areas were signed up to all sides in september and they included why are supplies not getting into that area in the manner that they should be well that's the big question and something that we are continually asking others about as you're well aware the un is deeply concerned for the safety and protection of close to four hundred thousand men women and children in. the situation is particularly difficult there and we want nothing more than to bring this is where we can but who are. sorry mr swanson who you are asking those questions to because somebody is stopping the u.n. getting in so who you are asking those questions to. rebels of the government i think what's important. i think what's important for you to understand is that we're dealing with a very complex and protracted crisis so when as distance is being brought in it's
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important for viewers to understand what type of assistance is being brought in and how we actually do it now inside syria today when we're trying to reach the areas of the siege mint and hard to reach areas. called interagency humanitarian convoy in doing that we have to work with the syrian authorities as well as all parties to the conflict well in advance so that they are just deeply bring this instance in it is a very very long and arduous challenge and we have been doing in quite some time particularly difficult because it's not just one part of the conflict you have to reach it's all parties but that medical assistance consists of both medical assistance and food assistance how can anyone stop you bringing in assistance per say because if it's required and it's needed the full how can any a quarter of it have got into the area certainly
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a report suggested in the past six months. well you're absolutely right in that and that's one of the big questions that we continue to ask it's an incredibly challenging already humanitarian community inside syria to work with all of the assistance that goes through a lot of that is a very long. process in which assistance is approved and even when the assistance and we need items are put on trucks to go in and it is not uncommon for that assistance to be moved so we are working in a very very good who is removing who is removing. so we talk about assistance not getting in the international community the audience watching out here but our other media channels sit back and say oh isn't this very sad but who is actually stopping the assistance getting in and what type of assistance are we talking about when we look at that report we look at medical syringes. anesthetic drugs valves. pipes that will be required in operational circumstances
4:48 pm
again if that's a medical assistance how can how can that be refused entry into an area that so desperately needs it specially when we talk about hospitals that can't even treat the patients of that particular area especially in. well you're absolutely correct in and there are increasing reports of critical shortage of not just food but also medical supplies and access to medical care in eastern so we obviously as the international community want to see that assistance go in and so we are working around the clock and closely with our partners on the ground in coordination with all parties to ensure that assistance go now the important thing to understand is that is an incredibly challenging and complex environment so when the assistance is actually put forward with the approval process includes items like medical supplies but unfortunately sometimes those items are route it very briefly mr swanson
4:49 pm
but what if you'll recall you obviously have problems getting the appropriate aid into the the appropriate andrea's who do you go back to in terms of your bosses to say hey you need to speak to these politicians all these groups because they are not allowing this aid in who do you go back to and who do you expect answers from but what we always do is we are always working quietly behind the scenes and advocating with all parties to the conflict as well as those who have influence on them so what we want to do is make sure that people know that this is distance has to come through and we remind people of their international obligation law and human rights law to allow this assistance particularly items like medical supplies as you quite correctly pointed out have to be brought through well for them but we'll have to leave it that i was once a thank you very much for your time really appreciate the pre-shared your analysis of what's going on in the works that you have today thank you very much also
4:50 pm
had him on al-jazeera. my sister told me i was s'posed. the most successful female race car driver in u.s. history is walking away from the sport. right.
4:51 pm
al-jazeera. when you think you are. looking back it's time for sports thank you very much the hell off no look to be heading into the eleventh straight time when as they currently tottenham in the english premier league's north london dopy shocked run with stuffy and alexis sanchez with the goals to give also attain
4:52 pm
a lead that will see the made up to fifth in the table ton and off second all of the top six english premier league teams are an option on saturday it is manchester city looking to extend their own beach and start to the season at leicester liverpool high southampton and second place manchester united. in the late kick off roma did an athletic on madrid will look to break a deadlock as the two go head to head in the first dobie of the spanish season that both tied on twenty three points in the table but in the standings the place of. difference the game will be played at athletico is new ground the metropolitan new stadium has been rumors of tension between rao teammates christiana rinaldo and solder ramos but the real boss the nadine's the don has a short everything's fine and he's focused on winning the game of hand. well you got more being on the we're ready we know the importance of the game but we're not thinking on the darby with think it's an important match for us and for you guys
4:53 pm
there are people outside it's something special but for me it was the three point the biggest prize in asian cup football is up for grabs in the next few hours of the first leg of the a.f.c. champions league final saudi arabian champions al her lao hosts japanese giant zero of red diamonds in riyadh al haven't won this title since the year two thousand and were beaten by the western sydney wanderers in the twenty fourteen final they'll need to break the dominance of the east asian countries who have won ten of the part in eleven trophies. we have watched her while many times there are typical japanese team well organized this final is going to be interesting for a while have reached the final which said that they are a strong team and deserve to be here we playing at home we will try to make the most of this what they call him the king liberal james is arguably the biggest name in basketball and he's put in another dominant performance for the cave and cavaliers le bron scored thirty nine points on friday against the los angeles clippers and he had to rescue his side too after
4:54 pm
a fall from pretty performance too late three pointers from james tied the game at one hundred five pace forcing overtime there kevin love has a pair of three pointers as well to clinch a one hundred eighteen to one hundred thirteen win for the cavs they've won four straight games while the clippers of now lost seven in a row. tennis now and andy murray has split from his coach and lendl for a second time the paramount's the michaud decision on friday that despite the czech born lendl leading the scot to all three of his grand slam titles including two at wimbledon and a limp a gold medal the former well number one mario is currently ranked sixteenth. well mario won just a single title this year compared to his golden twenty's sixteenth season that victory without the divide tennis championships in march the thirty year old has suffered with an ongoing hip injury which played a big part in his quarterfinal defeat at wimbledon in july he was then forced to pull out of the u.f.o. open in orchestra to the same injury and hasn't played since then mari is hoping to
4:55 pm
make his return at the brisbane international in january. well as some of the final day at the a.t.p. world tour finals in london grigor dimitrov for face later on saturday the bulgarian welcomes the six produced a stunning performance against spain have located on your blue star on friday six one six one was the score. also moved into the semifinals of the season ending a vent the belgian seventh seed be dominic team in straight sets to set up a semi final with six time champion roger federer. i would try to. do their best and if i can do something different because in the past i've never beat roger. solution against him that i would try something different because i spend nothing to lose. so you know it's going to be tough because he's playing so well for the moment he wants so many matches in
4:56 pm
a row so. yeah we do my best. many of the world's best rugby teams are in action on saturday with autumn internationals taking place in europe scotland debating to be the world champion all blacks for the first time in their history they meet a marri failed italy are hosting argentina south africa springboks are in france while england meet australia at twickenham england are ranked second in the world behind new zealand should they lose this game though australia will overtake them the wallabies are unbeaten in seven games. obviously know that there's a potential to do that now and i think like our focus has been the whole. improving week to wait and you know. we look to do that again school teams across the world you know we've done in patches from start to get a decent roll on now meanwhile there's been a big upset at the rugby league world cup tournament cohost new zealand were beaten by fiji four two in
4:57 pm
a remarkably low scoring quarterfinal fiji will be the winner of england in papua new guinea in the final for australia and tonga will contest the other semifinal a british rider has been killed at the macau motorcycle grand prix thirty one year old daniel died after hitting a barrier during the annual street circuit racing event in macau the race was immediately called off the portuguese rider was killed on the same bend at this event in two thousand and twelve. the most successful female in u.s. motor racing history says this nascar racing season will be her last done a patrick says she has done the thirty five year old was the fourth highest earning sportswoman in twenty six fifteen behind serena williams maria sharapova and the mixed martial arts star ronda rousey patrick is the only woman to have lead labs in both the daytona five hundred and indianapolis five hundred and the only female driver to start from pole position in the nascar cup series my sister told me i was
4:58 pm
supposed to have. both so they would. i'm going to do the daytona five hundred next year and the indy five hundred so i'm really excited about that i think it's going to be a great way to capitol. and. thanks very much tatiana if you watch the al jazeera news i love more the other side of the break until that front of the all of us up on the tape thanks for your time and your company. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination
4:59 pm
for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island a fair bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. we here in the jerusalem bureau cover israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and go on this for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. transport measures employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities they say that by twenty twenty on the top ten but to me only. on how environmental grassroots campaigns are joining forces in the us there is
5:00 pm
a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make changes not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of real injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me marva bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our.


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