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right. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sat if. a relationship based is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the way. the a. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to
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brought welcome to the news great beirut riyadh and now paris the latest twist in sari restrains journey levanon prime minister has held talks with the french president on the crisis point by his sudden resignation is not to deny widespread allegations that he was forced to quit and held in saudi arabia against its will really says here we turned eleven on soon we'll have a live report from paris and beirut also on the grid a jubilant scenes and a rare show of defiance on the streets of zimbabwe thousands are marching to demand president mugabe's resignation days after the army cease fire and place a longtime leader under house arrest it's a watershed moment for a country where for so many years fear has held back people from speaking out but it's change on the way and no food no medicine and no help from outside four hundred thousand syrians living in the hospice in the suburb of ghouta are completely cut off they've been surrounded by government forces for the past four
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years because their town sided with the opposition as a siege conditions worsen dog. actors warn many could die if they're not immediately evacuate nonrandom home and there's a growing movement to solve a slave trade in libya after new pictures and of asylum seekers being auctioned off but at the response on social media and what people want world leaders to do next connect through a season the hash tag aging is good. at it with the news grid live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com it's one of the most mysterious and potentially dangerous stories to come out of the middle east in recent weeks what exactly is happening with the prime minister of lebanon saad hariri he arrived in paris early on saturday morning and has since held a meeting with the french president emmanuel mccall that's two weeks after his sudden resignation during
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a visit to saudi arabia while back in lebanon many from different political factions of united in calling for his return harry reid says he will on wednesday to attend independence day ceremonies in beirut but his promises have not stopped lebanese shia and sunni politicians alike including the president from accusing saudi arabia of forcing harry reid's resignation they say it's a saudi attempt to isolate hezbollah the shia movement and political party who really is coalition government in the hopes of curbing iran's influence in the region saad hariri arrived in paris with his wife but left two of his children back in saudi arabia he thanked president mccall for his support and confirmed he would be returning home so. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and i'll express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. so we'll be speaking to zena harder in beirut in
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just a moment but first tonight was in paris for us natasha the french president has stressed that he is not offering political asylum to saad hariri what's come out of the talks between the two leaders today and what can we expect this french mediation to achieve. what i was assured between the french president and saud hariri off to his hariri made a very brief statement he praised him at all mark calls a diplomatic efforts and he did confirm or whatever whatever one wanted to know which is when is he going to go back to beirut he says he will be there on wednesday for the national public holiday that he will meet the lebanese are present and then only then will he make clear what happens next what he didn't talk about was why he had left two of his children behind in riyadh because when he touched down earlier today here in paris he was with his wife is an older son who's
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studying in london travelled over to paris yesterday evening but two of his children left behind in riyadh as fuel speculation that perhaps is not as free of his actions as he would like to make out now according to at least a source is really says that this is just a family matter where it was their choice to leave behind these two children but of course many people here are wondering exactly what is going on right and you know for france it must be a very difficult balancing act natasha isn't it the french have been involved in the crisis from the beginning but they have good relations with lebanon they also have good relations with the saudis and you know somewhat good relations with iran as well. well what present micro has been doing is using what he says is france's position and you've pointed out good relations with all sides to try and get a dialogue going to talk to all sides to deescalate this course is nobody wants to
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say it's a blow up into something bigger the idea is to try and keep some form of stability in the other way that is why president michel says he's become involved also of course france has historical ties with lebanon and that is why he's put himself forward now there's no doubt for him as a new and very young presence in france has been an opportunity to perhaps make his mark on the international stage and he seized the opportunity thank you very much for that natasha butler live for us in the french capital paris s. now check in with zain a hoarder in beirut zaina saad hariri has said he would return to beirut in the coming days for independence day celebrations on wednesday and he said he would clarify his position what are the expectations and what do people make of what the lebanese prime minister said in paris. well really lebanese from across the political divide have been sending one message to saudi arabia that they want their
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prime minister back so now he is confirming that he is coming back and he's saying that he's going to clarify his position now there are a lot of scenarios what could happen when he meets the president he could insist on his resignation if that happens of course there will be a political vacuum in the country it will be very difficult to replace him because if you replace him with a sunni figure who is not accepted by all parties and especially a sunni figure who seemed to be close to iran then lebanon could be isolated internationally because they would see this as an iranian backed government now it's sad oh how d.d. insists on holding discussions on some sort of a compromise to return to the situation it was before the sudden resignation where there was this an easy partnership between hezbollah and heidi and government well that will be welcomed by many and in lebanon because that would avoid a further instability and tensions or he could take a more hardline approach and say the only way i'm going to stay in this government is if hezbollah is not part of this government so really a lot of scenarios people are quite worried because it is really uncertain times
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a comment here from one of our viewers zainab harajuku who says as long as saddam really is children are in saudi arabia is not a free man and cannot be expected to talk freely as natasha mentioned two of her not accompany him to france and they have stayed inside your a.b.n. this is raising of course a lot of questions about his actual fates. yes speculations have not been put to rest the lebanese as well as the president what have they been demanding he leaves saudi arabia with his family well he left with his wife but not his children how do these aides are saying that they stayed behind because they're attending school but many very very few people are actually buying that line we were in a neighborhood a some new mainly sunni neighborhood which is considered a how to be stronghold here in beirut and some people said you know they dismissed this and said no he is a free man but the majority of people we were talking to were saying otherwise they were saying and one way or another he could still be a political hostage he may be forced to do what saudi arabia wants to do saudi
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arabia really has lost a lot of support over recent weeks people were angry they felt that you know they robbed them from from their leader saudi arabia robbed them from their leader and that this move will not help them that it will marginalize them even further the sunni community feeling that they've been marginalized that iran really dominates this country and what happened his resignation only hands lebannon on a silver platter to the iranian government so yes people are still asking questions why haven't his children left i mean what sort of deal was struck between the french and the saudi government for how to to to leave so those speculations have not been put to rest then harder in beirut thank you very much for that zena and you know suspicions over harry restraint of even cause a diplomatic dispute between saudi arabia and germany that's been playing out online it is here to tell us more about that and some some very strong reactions folly that most of the online conversation has been about this week from the prime minister hariri himself i quote he says to say that i am held up and sergeant ray
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we are not allowed to leave the country is a lie i'm on my way to the airport to mr sigma gabriel hurry posted this tweet when he was about to leave saudi arabia for paris and it's interesting because it's written in english and as you can see all the other recent tweets from his official account and are written in arabic. likely also because he was addressing germany's foreign minister said my gabriel who made this comment. let me make it very clear that i share this concerns in recent days we have tried to make it clear through our contacts with neighboring countries that we expect prime minister hariri to be able to return to beirut we welcome very much the invitation by the french president to prime minister hariri to come to parse this would be a clear signal that his movements are not limited just. and there was a strong backlash to that statement the hashtag gabriel the liar has been used thousands of times but mostly from saudi arabia and down analysis shows that those
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tweets are coming from a lot of fake automated accounts a tool that we use called trends map you can see behind me he she gives a search of what we can find on twitter and with the main house records show you know gabriel the liar and then it shows you both up to pretty score of seven which is really interesting because like we said it's something we don't normally see using this app called trends map but the saudi ambassador to germany has been recalled over gabriel's comments and so some of the tweets may be fake but the negative reaction is still very real and there are of course those who say that despite the trip aboard her e is on the saudi control and i mean while iranian media also reporting that's going to paris harry is on parole they're actually highlighting the fact that he left to have his children in saudi arabia and the conversation about hariri isn't really just about his trip they also other threads from various lebanese uses
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including this professor amal saad she says that western countries have been hypocritical in condemning saudi arabia for allegedly detaining hariri when they were so silent for so long on the war in yemen back to folly thank you very much for that rihanna and lebanon is not the only country in the region where found eurabia has been accused of interfering and destabilizing there's also yemen where two and a half year war has brought the country to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe a brocade imposed last week by the sound led coalition has made the situation much worse marianne honda has this report. these machines are slowly cleaning this man's blood and keeping him alive a saudi led coalition air strike left him without any obvious injuries but the trauma and the health problems came soon after. it all started when my husband lost his eyesight after
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a few days his health continued to deteriorate when we had to make them and we found his kidneys had failed that he needs kidney dialysis three times a week but at this hospital in the who controlled capital of summer patients are lucky to get even one treatment resources are dwindling food and fuel prices are soaring so not as within the estimated sixty percent of human that's under who control and did some to see each. suffering here we've been denied delivery of medicine as we call on the world to look with mercy on the yemeni people and put an end to our eyes every start by opening the closed borders and deliver medical supplies. for twelve days yemen has been all that cut off from the outside world a blockade imposed after humans who see rebels fired a ballistic missile deep into saudi arabia the blockade was designed to choke the alleged flow of weapons to who three roubles from iran but it's increased the
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hardship for millions of human knees a majority of whom need some sort of assistance the saudi led coalition says aid can get in through what it describes as liberated ports it's partially open to the government controlled port of aden in the south but none of the points of entry are in areas under control that includes the airport in the capital sanaa and to the port of who data through which the bulk of all aid is delivered. withing covering the war in yemen for two and a half years now but here's an idea of the impact from just the last twelve days seven million people were already on the brink of famine without any kind of aid getting in the u.n. says that number will rise past ten million the cost of the saudi blockade is being measured not in care but in the number of lives lost one hundred fifty thousand of them that's how many male nurse children the u.n. says could die within the coming months if the book aid isn't lifted completely.
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the u.n. says vital supplies will run out in human within the next few weeks the blockade is a calculated move by the saudi lead coalition a strategy that needs time to take effect time that for the people of yemen is fast running out. al jazeera and of course yemen isn't the only calculated move that's been made by saudi arabia with crown prince mohammed bin salman the forefront of the decision making there are many other controversial decisions the saudi government has made in recent days absa focus of attention at an international conference in london former diplomats and middle east analysts are attending the event which is called crisis in saudi arabia war succession and the future al-jazeera child is at the conference for us in london he joins us now live tell us more about who is at this conference and what the objectives are. so far this conference host the former leader of the liberal democrats party in the u.k.
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as well as. other significant figures including former ministers from the tony blair government and other experts experts in the region including saudi arabian opposition figures and essentially they're focusing on what they believe to be a sensitive. crossroads that the kingdom finds itself in with regards to how it is being governed how it is being pushed in terms of following a specific agenda which they view to be stabilizing stabilizing rather the region one of those who is at the conference is the right honorable is the former minister for international development in the labor government under former prime minister tony blair and i want to start by asking you in terms of how you assess the concentration in saudi arabia why do you think this conference is so significant and why should people care about what's going on inside arabia. there's
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a lot of people living in saudi arabia is a lot of repression and. the whole region and the suffering in the region is getting. with the palestinians for a very long time but now widening up to the iraq war and syria and the whole thing he's dangerous and human suffering so any development in the region. change and progress will make things worse and i think people want to discuss with experts. in saudi arabia likely to lead to progress or is it going to make things worse and the general view of the experts. is that not reform. really. govern in a similar way to in the past there will still be lots of poverty and inequality and saudi arabia is going to get closer and closer to israel when you were minister
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your government huge deals with. economic goals in the hundreds of millions. of bridges being one of the closest allies. throughout the time until now human rights organizations have constantly. repression of women personal free speech for person of media and so forth. we have never heard a british government come out and forcibly condemn what's going on there's a change in where we have for example how we have with other countries like iran or even some african nations as well why is it that the united kingdom and the british government refuses to deal with the saudi government in the same way it does when it comes to others. and this is successive. in the one nine hundred sixty s. . to corrupt arms deals in saudi arabia. much of the public record.
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deals massive corruption both within saudi arabia also payments back into the u.k. and britain seems to close its eyes to all of last and just go running after. a no i think britain want to break away from it as the corruption is so clear and selling arms that might be used for the war in yemen is intolerable and there's a growing voice in britain saying this is got to stop but i fear that because of brics it britain's going to feel more and more isolated kill more and more tightly to the u.s. which in turn trump has been so saudi and all these changes saudi israel than ever before so shaming itself people in britain are more and more critical but i don't think it's going to change soon i'm sorry to say thank you very much for your time well that is one of the main calls that has come out from this conference is that the united kingdom as well as other western countries that
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have been arming for so long have to stop selling weapons to riyadh because of the i.q. solutions' level don't riyadh in terms of committing war crimes particularly in yemen but also because they believe that these changes that have come about under the patronage of mohamed been sort of man that is the crown prince was they've been celebrated by some as some sort of liberalization or modernization others believe it to be as mr schorr just pointed out there is a power struggle or an attempt to gain control of all aspects of power in saudi arabia thank you very much for that child live for us in london and don't forget if you have questions or comment on this and other stories we're covering on the news great today you can connect with us on facebook live facebook dot com slash a.j. news greg you can also connect with us on twitter our handle is at a.j. english don't forget to use the hashtag a.j. news greg you can also. the numbers coming up on your screen very shortly it's plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in
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touch with us on your screen right now. now to zimbabwe where tens of thousands of people have turned out on the streets of the capital harare demanding president robert mugabe step down the state run broadcaster says the country is now free and liberated as crowds have been streaming towards gabby's official residence the protests were told by the influential war veterans association and mugabe's own. body is certainly a dramatic fall from grace for the embattled leader who is in and been in power for thirty seven years the zimbabwean army took power a few days ago and the president has since been under house arrest live to. who has been at the protests for us all day in harare i see that things have been calm and now in the but certainly we've seen some very jubilant scenes on the streets of iraq today which were unthinkable in the past in zimbabwe tell us about the mood and what people have been telling you. it was an extraordinary day
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a lot of the bubbles are saying they never really expected to see but one that's happened the fact that it is possible because of the guy they may actually be going a short while ago some soldiers came out onto the sea whether people were marching and they said some journeys can be long this may not end in one day so go home where there's something to announce we will tell you but we saw extraordinary things we saw people moving with soldiers thank you as soldiers for liberating them from them a god as they said it was a peaceful peaceful march lots of people but a very peaceful march the only vandalism we saw posters and banners outside was an idiot hit quarters and the some street signs robert mugabe's street sign was torn down but it sends a clear message to the prism of garbage that a lot of people in this country want to march and pressure does seem to be mounting and you know the comments we've been seeing on social media harel people feel very hopeful about the future in zimbabwe zimbabwe as has been reaching out to us but
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it's still unclear when or if one of mugabe will actually step down. exactly it is very very clear the people who are here were hoping to get here and something to day and it's now clear that they may not hear anything at all what we know is that the a lot of negotiations going on behind the scenes and we know in the next couple of days don and pete members will be meeting at the party headquarters they would be akin to a committee meeting out loud to the possibility of the president and the meca could be taking to parliament i mean some people think that this could actually drag out into the game a conference with a chemical that. by vote with the phrase. in harare extraordinary scenes today in zimbabwe thank you very much for that let's bring in radio once again and a huge conversation online about these protests in zimbabwe unprecedented what
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we've seen today in zimbabwe and some much jubilation folley like i said as i say already said just full in the streets right now but also they're posting pictures of themselves at those anti mugabe rally on social media many saying that it feels like independence day and it's a huge conversation online with of a ninety thousand tweets and fifty thousand ring tweets some of the key trending words right now with the hash tags are mugabe must go with a coup solidarity marsh this flag zanu p.f. and many others now the past and activists evan mari way saw it at the this flag social media movement last year and then it was considered the biggest anti-government protest in the country now has called on zimbabwean citizens to take a stand in response to military takeover and make their voices heard this was earlier in the week he said this video from the march today. incredible journey.
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i'm looking. on social media has played a significant role in mobilizing this march despite the fact that zimbabwe actually has a newly appointed minister on cyber security and the organizers have called on zimbabweans who live abroad to get involved and people have marched in other cities in fullaway or were a mix of civil rights organizations churches as citizens were streaming in and it's also gone global we saw marches taking place in johannesburg cape town and south africa with her and namibia and also in london in the u.k. we also heard from ten to chat say he's at the solidarity march in london. to be.
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a most ways have a saw is the need to unite and with this tweet from trayvon he says that mugabe mugabe's time is up and zimbabwe has spoken we are spoken sagada no black white or indian just zimbabweans interesting picture they can see a nice mix of people together gathering. however not everybody was in support of this march this year just says it wasting your time this is africa remove leaders by the ballot box you don't leave because you protest. and another said this he said it was great potential to trigger a crisis with great loss to lives let's cancel this demo but we also heard from zimbabwe's while well known zimbabwean publisher this is traveling he tweeted a play about what's could happen next and he says their world we are fully aware of
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the possible risks and pitfalls beyond this tipping point and we're confident that we will be equal to the challenges we remember egypt two and after thirty seven years of repression allow us to soak in this moment so are you marching today with not to get your thoughts to send in all of your opinions and whether you think this is historic connect with us using the hashtag age and use great or less to me directly i'm afraid i'm home and run and i think you and for all the latest updates on what's happening in zimbabwe check out this page on al-jazeera dot com we've got a timeline updated developments all the reaction analysis it's all there on al-jazeera dot com i've been watching us on facebook remember that controversial oil pipeline between canada and the united states from a leak say two to learn more and still ahead on the use grade for the bridge protesters in haiti step up the pressure on president. who they accuse of even live in the floor we'll be live from port au prince in just
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a few minutes to status. with . hello there we're seeing a fair amount of cloud of rain across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture shows aspiring area of time just off the coast of turkey that's throwing plenty of cloud plenty of showers there around the coast and we'll see plenty more showers there i think in the fall west as we head through the day on sunday on sunday though we're also going to see this area of cloud stretches through many parts of iraq and down pos q eight and it could squeeze out one or two show as question we drifts its way eastward say as we head through monday you'll see great deal to it really towards the west there another belt of cloud and rain is trying to work its way in for turkey looks wet as we head through monday a bit further towards the south and that cloud that's working its way through kuwait could just squeeze out a few showers around bahrain or in doha here to the south though looks like it
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should stay dry force across the u.a.e. and across a man so his staying following and settled as we head down towards the southern parts of africa well here there's been plenty of sunshine in the southern parts of hama and it's only in the far north we've got the cloud in the rain at the moment that system is going to stick around as we head through the day on sunday it's breaking up a little bit so patchy showers across there but some heavy rain across the coast of tanzania and the northern coast of mozambique further south a fine forcing cape town all maximum getting to twenty two. films of. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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there are some acts at this time. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly to a story you know this year or so goes the extra mile to you some of the latest the camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be it a little edgy it's not just sitting behind the desk it's a good thing to be busy. with a team in the media. as a child of political refugees and always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for the. pyramid
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. with. headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com our web site the stories you are looking at at number one he has to go thousands marching in zimbabwe today against president robert mugabe and number two also the political crisis in zimbabwe five things you need to know about the situation turning at three assad eurabia swapping assets for freedom after of arrests and zimbabwe all of its updates all of stories and much more on our web site al-jazeera dot com. with these great on al-jazeera we've got
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people watching today from hungary gonna and indonesia and we've got a story coming up that a lot of you have been commenting on online and that's a modern day trade of sleighs in libya do send us your comments and questions on that story using the hashtag aging news great all the different ways to connect with us on your screen right now. now moving on to syria and a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in the syrian conflict will be disbanded after russia the told a resolution to extend its mission our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations in new york favor of the draft resolution contained in document slash two thousand and seventeen slash nine seven zero please raise their hand those against it seems this was the moment that investigations into who carried out chemical attacks in syria ended an eleventh russian veto on the side of the assad
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government leading to this angry rebuke from the u.s. ambassador in a world in which the council's time and attention could be productively devoted to one hundred different things russia is wasting our time conflicts are raging outlaw states are acquiring nuclear weapons the human dignity of millions is violated every day brutal regimes are using chemical weapons on their own people this was russia's reply new warbird linnaeus a middle and extension of the gym's mandate for us is possible only a fundamental flaws in its work are rectified this was probably the last chance to save the international investigation tasked with working out who was responsible for chemical attacks in syria but it follows two rival resolutions both voted on on thursday both of which failed to pass their been frantic negotiations ever since
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to save the syrian investigation known as the joint investigation mechanism or in un speak the jim. jimmy say absolutely to be frank i don't think. but i much so that jim is dead. i think it was that just the. u.n. officials including the secretary general have been following the negotiations closely the secretary general can with jim be saved. try to solve the problem. they failed and although some are calling for further negotiations many diplomats believe that the investigation mechanism created by the security council has now effectively come to an end there are implications for the wider fight against weapons of mass destruction and possible repercussions for the political talks on syria due to start in geneva in just over
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a week james. at the united nations and in syria four hundred thousand people living in the damascus suburb of go to have been besieged by government forces for the past four years the area sided with opposition fighters so that meant that food aid and medical supplies haven't been making it into the suburb doctors there say many residents could die if they're not immediately evacuated alge there is a sob in java reports from gaza near the turkey syria border. the. twelve year old raft the first from cerebral palsy a condition which inhibits her brain's growth the room is dark because there isn't much electricity in eastern glitter this is what she looked like before the siege and before she ran out of medicine her mother used to give her honey milk and other nutritious food but not anymore. and there are no raf used to be well and was going to school until there was a lack of food and medicine my husband can't work and because of the high prices we
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can't afford much. that's been the case for the last four years after syrian government forces besieged the area which is home to four hundred thousand people this is the most popular dish these days while corn. for larger families a con broth for the luxury of salt for those who can afford it. the assad government has allowed in some aid but the u.n. says that is only enough for around ten percent of the besieged people this year the syrian regime approved around a quarter of united nations requests to deliver assistance the u.n. says the plight of civilians is an outrage and that it might constitute a war crime. the lack of food and medicine have forced more people towards hospitals in july doctors identified four hundred fifty two patients who still need to be evacuated as united nations await approval from the assad government nine of them have died faced with delays twenty nine among them were identified these are people who have one hundred percent chance of survival if they are not given care
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so they will die the situation is so desperate that after operations doctors need to reuse the single use items on the table what's regarded as medical waste everywhere else is sterilized and used again in the same duma. these cues might be useful in saving another life the later gloves which hospitals throw away are limited here so they are washed before they can be used. then they need to be laid out to dry because they don't know if and when more supplies will come in the use powder to make sure the gloves don't stick together. the staff say they're also saving other single use medical supplies. we clean them because the supplies aren't available here and the not coming in with u.n. aid will also stop some surgeries because of a lack of anesthetics here and say there is no food or medicine for the starving
6:38 pm
and sick children. leave their infants to suck on their thumbs. they'll think. of a job. now to haiti in less than a year on the job protesters are calling for the new president to step down have been demonstrations in the past two months against thousands more people on saturday are expected to voice their opposition to the new budget a new budget many say will have the greatest impact on the war let's go live to port au prince correspondent to resubmit there for us to resign magine a lot of people already behind you as i can see big protest planned today what are we expecting what are people telling you. the special here because it's also the anniversary of the battle of thirty three and pave the way towards haiti's independence from france and it's also
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a day where the new. expected to reinstate the haitian i mean let's not forget that about a month ago the united nations mission here with. the haitian national police but now by the army and that is something that is mourning in many of those who are pressing here today and that's why they're protesting they're not only protesting against the security forces in the country that have committed serious human rights abuses in the past but also against the country's budget that they say benefits the rich and in a way the country sport. apologizes. this is just beginning this begin to get much bigger later yet we've seen reports of you know impunity and new violence to reset between police and haitians what are people feeling about the security situation in the country.
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this are changing times for haiti in very challenging times because as i said before for thirteen years this country was kept together by a foreign force the united nations troops were in charge of security here and now is a new beginning a new beginning that the haitian national police is in charge and the new army is in charge let me tell you that we just arrived earlier this week we were able to. report on an incident that happened here where several inoffensive millions were killed during an anti-gun operation by the haitian national police and that's something as i said before that is warning people here. to start which was the united nations force here was replaced by just a supply mission that is supposed to support justice in haiti and what worries people here is that that mission is going to be able to keep security forces in check during the demonstrations in the past few weeks to research we've heard you know some people calling for the president driven armories to step down he's only
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been in office for one year what has been his record so far. well what we're seeing is that almost every two weeks there's big demonstrations here planted mostly by view opposition planned mostly by a party that's jumbo trons very street party and they've been complaining they're asking for the president to step down a precedent that was elected with only twenty percent of the people's participation in the country and that's what they're saying that the current administration is illegal that expecting a binding a budget that is benefiting the rich and hurting the poor it's a budget that is expected to pay a lot of depth but is not going to help the suffering of this country those who have been affected by the earthquake by the hurricane and they're struggling every day and that's why they're here today and that's why there's taking to the streets today thank you very much for that theresa ball live for us in haiti's capital port
6:42 pm
au prince and as theresa mentioned the united nations peacekeeping mission in haiti ended last month thirteen years after it began the mission has been credited with helping bring stability but it's also been a very controversial one read about their legacy on al-jazeera dot com a very interesting be said about the legacy of the u.n. mission in haiti moving on and libya's internationally recognized government says it will investigate recent claims that slave auctions are taking place in the country media reports showed migrants many who have left their homes trying to reach your being sold for as little as four hundred dollars international organizations migration release a similar report in april of this year joins us now for more on this story there's been a lot of reaction to this online reda yes quite a controversial one folly we're seeing this developing many on facebook many people are adding this particular frame to their profile pictures and this is elvis he created the frame and it's working and friends brought translate for you in english
6:43 pm
it says no to slavery in libya the black man is not for sale then there are some who are posting videos like these. my name is tony jones from i was john webb comedian for my rico's i say no to slavery in libya. my name is edith brew i live in quite a while i say no to slavery in libya no to slavery in libya no to slavery in libya it must. hi i'm wolf tony santana i am ivorian and when. they say no to slavery. and even aside from the formal campaign popular things like. hosting their own video messages here is a french radio host who appealed against the slave trade and when he did this post went viral. i think i have never been so angry and so sad as i am right now i am the descendant of slaves my
6:44 pm
ancestors were forced from africa to be beasts in the new world i discover now at the beginning of the twenty first century in two thousand and seventeen i discover that in libya after so many accords we're still selling africans in libya we're still selling our youth our youth because they can't support themselves in their own countries who decide to leave who braved the desert the see violence armed groups and up in europe on lampedusa or elsewhere this after so many accords between libya and the european union between france and other countries as african states close their eyes and do nothing to help these kids. what do you want what do i have to do to be heard i address this to african leaders rise up do something. so all the facebook conversation has been mostly about calling for action on twitter it's been really about focusing on condemning in action and this he says
6:45 pm
says that africans are being sold as slaves in libya for four hundred dollars each right now the world is silent africa is silence the african union is silent so who is in charge here and the former scottish m.p. george galloway says western leaders like cameron and hate obama and clinton and they saw in saudi arabia lots of blame for the chaos in libya that led to the slave trade and ken ross from the human rights watch says that the e.u. also has a responsibility here and that every dollar paid for libya's slave markets is another reason why the e.u. shouldn't directly or indirectly and trap migrants in this infernal attention so do you think well they does have a responsibility to intervene here connect to the us using the hashtag a.j. news grid or message me directly i'm not really in a moment thank you very much and you know the problem of migrant abused in libya is only getting worse joining us now from on this is nazi so compare us he's an award
6:46 pm
winning photo journalist who spent several months in libya documenting human trafficking and slavery he is via skype from stockholm on the newsgroup very good to have you on the show with us and i you've investigated the slave trade in libya extensively just how common prey saw the slave trade options and where in the country is this happening. how common how common are these slave trade auctions and where in libya are they happening. that are so widespread. across. the border. beside traffic. down south to the border replies your situation percy friend of ours is in order so
6:47 pm
he's quite complex the way our travel. straight all over the sentry pursue tell us about what you have seen person and what you have seen personally in terms of human trafficking and also slavery and you know who was responsible for these inhumane acts that we're seeing in libya who do you lay the blame on. well that's the. truth first i think doctors are at what essentially different armed groups from private ones to. the war in lebanon many of these armed groups are. trying so is they go to find specific carter's lead. from civilians to. high level politicians and different.
6:48 pm
groups already. talking to. the country so. easy it. would be difficult now to try to blame someone for the contributions come in the country are cracking up it's like a bull market and you know many people don't realize that the migrants who are in libya i in fact just in transit there and he when rights abuses by traffic is there and detention guards have been documented over the years in libya this is nothing new here but yet nothing seems to change there is no improvement why is that what do you think can be done in libya and elsewhere to improve the conditions of these people. well i realized that it was not just a transfer of this mission but. market. last year. two . elements to tell this story was trying to find out.
6:49 pm
possible. and this is. after the war with the last year was released the units you are started. new missions in neighboring countries to work close mines preventing them to interleave yeah because the situation ok. yeah it's a very complicated situation no doubt and it's going to take a lot to solve it thank you very much for speaking to us not cecil contreras photo journalist joining us there from stockholm and as you mentioned international organization for migration issued a report earlier this year about the slave trade in libya and it talked about hundreds of african refugees and migrants passing through libya being bought and sold in modern day slave markets before being held for ransom or used as a forced labor or for sexual exploitation and our very own hoda abdel-hamid spoke
6:50 pm
to some of these migrants on her last trip to libya heartbreaking stories watch her report if you can you can find it on our website al-jazeera dot com next sports on the news grade and an online dispute between top u.s. gymnastics related with accusations of sexual abuse within the sports world that's coming up after a snapshot of the world where yahweh. the n. in the united states rights activists are still being targeted to have enough information that you found to read what facing surveillance from both the police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement. fault lines investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time on all jazzier son blessed beaches breathtaking scenery
6:51 pm
but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera weld looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island if it bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. people are talking about of course peter folliot something that we don't really like to discuss but it is necessary and if you were on twitter today you might have
6:52 pm
seen this name pop up on the global trains list gabby douglas now if you're not familiar with this twenty one year old woman she's a limping gold medal winning gymnasts she's won three in fact for the united states two of those were in london and one in rio de janeiro but how she ended up trending starts with her teammates and he raised and raise money is herself a three time gold medalist and recently said she was sexually abused by former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nasser. on friday she posted this message on twitter i won't read the whole thing to you but it does say just because a woman does a sexy photo shoots always a sexy outfit does not give a man the right to shame her or not believe her when she comes forward about sexual abuse stop victim's shaming she adds that was the and that gabby douglas responded with this one it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy dressing in a provocative slash sexual way entices the wrong crowd now both angered for time
6:53 pm
gold medal winning gymnast simone biles she says of the comments brought to tears as your teammate i expected more from you and to support her i support you any and all the other women out there stay strong she right now a lot of gabby douglas has fans reacted really angrily to this and she's since deleted the tweet instead of apologizing and saying that regardless of what you wear abuse under any circumstance is never acceptable sexual abuse and harassment has been a big issue for gymnastics in the united states larry nassar served as team doctor for twenty years he's been accused of assaulting at least one hundred forty women and girls but is first being tried on charges of child pornography that has seen him placed behind bars razan isn't the only gold medal winner to accuse him of assault twenty twelve when mckayla maroney also says she was molested by nasa and
6:54 pm
a six month long investigation into usa gymnastics earlier this year to complete cultural change saying enough had not been done to protect children a separate investigation published just yesterday in the washington post also found that on average eight adults connected to an olympic organization in the united states are accused of sexual misconduct every year that averages to about one every six weeks. sexual abuse has been a big topic recently in the united kingdom as well dr jane caldwell of the university of bournemouth spoke to us earlier saying athletes have always been vulnerable i think you know if you look at it from a sociological point you know i think sport is an institution in society like religion like military like family. and education employment and politics and i think we're beginning to realize that within those institutions in
6:55 pm
society there are power dynamics and there are people in positions who are very very powerful and some of those people abuse that position of power and instead of looking after young. young people that are vulnerable they're. using their situation and using their status in the wrong way. i think investigative journalism and media exposure has been helpful that we've seen in the last twelve to eighteen months and that it's been taken seriously and i think people that have come forward are actually. heard. and there's. activists groups and pressure groups asking for their voices and their stories to be taken through legal channels. and you know i
6:56 pm
think there's a kind of movement now to woods and willingness towards addressing this whereas previously. people have been particularly one to criticize school and school and coaches following the law and prosecuting. is. done quickly i think that's a really good first move and i think those in positions of power who have the authority to shape the culture and practices of sports so you know leaders managers coaches and they need to be held accountable in terms of the measures they put in place to bring perpetrators to justice and to prevent future. let's finish up by looking at some of the day's other top trends in sport arsenal is definitely on that list after beating north london rival taught them how to be
6:57 pm
in the english premier league for the first time since twenty fourteen would you believe alexa sanchez scored in a two know when that left them to foot on the table there are a whole bunch of international rugby union test matches on saturday featuring all of the sport's big guns england playing australia right now at twickenham england or in front six know that's the half time school scotland also facing new zealand later ireland hosting fiji and france taking on south africa and rugby union kusum rugby league has had a big shock at its world cup way fiji have upset new zealand in the quarter finals they'll face coast australia in the semi finals and just listen to how much it all meant to fiji's captain. it's undescribable concept proud of these boys how that must believe that the family wanted to come together stop believing that we could win this time and it was just a dream come true to get it done. and you can get in touch with us as always on any issue the hash tag is a.j.
6:58 pm
news grid you can also tweet me directly at peta under school stand at all at mosport again later on during the eight hundred g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to funny peter thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great and as peter said we always looking forward to hearing a comments questions so ideas and story ideas that you think we should cover here on the news great send them to us also send us pictures that you think might be of interest to us all different ways to get in touch with us on your screen right now the hash tag as ever ha use great we'll be back here as to be a full team tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. for me from the battle going home team thank you for watching. that the
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