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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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in a very different way we're there before something happens and we don't leave our. son lest beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island of the bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. less like. a malaysian across or already thousands of people flood the streets of the capital
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calling for robert mugabe to step down. hello i'm suit us on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up lebanon's prime minister saad hariri meets the french president. in paris and co firms he will return to lebanon on wednesday fairing for the future survivors of august's deadly landslide in sierra leone are left homeless once again and the reverse slim fortunes for central asia snow leopard we travel to style in search of the elusive they kept. first visit bobwhite where euphoric scene is that just days ago would have been unheard of on now playing out on the streets of the capital harare tens of file. as
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of people have rallied to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe the rallies took place with the blessing of the military which on wednesday in place the country's ninety three year old leader on the house arrest but they were actually called by the influential war veterans association. ruling. is live for us in harare. we are also hearing reports that parties called a meeting for sunday and there is a suggestion that they are going to force the president to step down is that what you're hearing. that's. meeting to discuss. the president on the scene on the streets the march the army see people should. take the money if they happen but they also people who still enjoy the moment.
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but there are few people it was a day that a lot of people are saying to themselves they never thought this day would actually come with the baldwins would not be afraid to go on the streets in numbers and say praised. it was a peaceful march. peaceful nothing was. destroyed except for some posters. face and also some. people united. the question even though people say they can feel that something is going to change . i want to emerson the vice president seems to have been being pushed out of the picture by.
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president this whole process one of him is a trip to the moment might well take over. a lot of people are saying he could be the next in line. to the hierarchy he is the most senior officer president mugabe he's the most seen in the party he's seen as the heir apparent he has a lot of support in fact during this march supposes with his face on it it was like bringing back vice president is he bringing him back he does have a lot of support people see him as. he happening now in the coming hours and days here discussing a way. we could also. be. he could be peached only happen in the same way they vote him out of the party conference but nothing can take away what happened today the mood of jubilation
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people very very happy and they feel they feel that something historical is going to happen is just a question of when. they found her mythos with an extraordinary day in harare. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri house confirmed who returned to beirut by wednesday and says he'll hold talks with president michel harare made the statement in paris where he's meeting the french president. it's been two weeks since harare announced his resignation while on a trip to saudi arabia. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and i'll express opinions on the wall subjects once i've made president. well this was harry's first public appearance
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since that resignation many in lebanon are questioning why today's children were left behind in riyadh jury best trip to paris they know how to has more from beirut saddle had a rival to the french capital may be a way of showing that he's a free man and that he is able to leave saudi arabia but speculations about his ability to move freely have not been put to rest the very fact that he left his children behind he arrived with his wife his children stayed behind according to his aides it is because they're attending school in lebanon many in lebanon including the president believe that the prime minister in one way or another was a hostage in saudi arabia he was forced to resign his resignation speech was written by the saudi authorities and now we are in and the neighborhood which is considered really a hariri stronghold mixed reactions definitely but many people really asking questions on whether or not their leader is
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a political hostage. how did he saudi citizens and therefore saudi has influence over him and that means he has a responsibility towards they tell him something he must listen and it's possible his children could be a pressure court. it wasn't so deep and it's natural that. he would return this is his country. behind only he and. this may be a family issue but. i would like to know i would like to thank president for not accepting. because you gave her. the first official confirmation that saddam will be returning to. the man himself. not long after landing in paris held a phone conversation with lebanon's president telling him that he will be here to
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attend the independence day celebrations on november twenty second now what happens when he. has resignation or will he decide to appoint to this prime minister and form a new government but on condition that hezbollah. which is allied with iran is not participating in this new government so a lot of questions on what comes next and that is why many in lebanon fear that the crisis is not over because saudi iranian rivalry which is really playing out across the region is now being played out in lebanon and saudi arabia has recalled its ambassador in protest over comments made by the german foreign minister gabriel suggested saad hariri had been held against his will in riyadh and he also called for lebanon's neighbors including saudi arabia to let it decide its own fate saudi state media says the statements were unfortunate unjustified they were himself
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treated the comments were a lie. saudi arabia's add to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon has been making bold political moves in the kingdom the latest developments including an anti corruption crackdown on several blockades all the focus of a conference in london where former diplomats on middle east analysts are meeting the full might leader of the u.k. liberal democrats are the ashdown was one of the speakers he called for the u.k. to block weapons sales to the kingdom because of its involvement in the yemen conflict between support of saudi arabia is actions in yemen with. is as foolish as it is reprehensible. it is very clear that war crimes have been committed in the conflict in yemen both in relation to indiscriminate attacks on civilians and by using aid and starvation as a weapon of war britain's silence on these matters is thunderous shaming.
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you see. the fact that we are at the same time supplying arms to side. makes it even more. three months on from sierra leone's deadly mudslide survivors are being forced out of temporary camps on left with nowhere to go the government wants to move the hung us to one thousand new homes but construction is far from complete needed everest's has more from six mile near the capital freetown. this is where hundreds of survivors have been living since their homes were destroyed from the mudslide they killed at least five hundred people sally foreigners husband was one of them he drowned after saving her their children and his mother she worries about how she will manage once the camps close . yourself or i'm going to i don't know. my own is going to and i have kids to look after is going to help me stay.
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relatives are trying to help relocate a house but she also worries she would not be able to afford it certainly his government is giving the displays cash compensation almost seven hundred u.s. dollars for each family but there's concern over whether they will actually get everything promised well i don't have anything it right now we're just sitting here and no money i have nothing yet authorities say the camps are officially closed now the process of moving people out though will take time they say they will not tell anyone to leave until they have their compensation. because that's what everybody. across the board. i would think. would give them what just. construction of homes for the mudslide victims is underway on the outskirts of the capital freetown but there's been some obstacles this time we started the project. there are so many challenges because. this site. this is
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a plan now is to have everything ready by the end of this month if your homes are being built here some are two bedrooms and some are three bedrooms each home have a living room as as well. kitchen and toilet a church a mosque are also being built and an orphanage block an orphanage was one of the buildings destroyed in the mudslides three months ago hundreds of children also lost parents of the disaster the government says it will build an additional one thousand homes for those affected meanwhile activists are questioning why the mudslides even happened they are calling for a public inquiry we need to know not just the joy logic. and scientific explanations we need to know who are responsible for all of these lines we need to know what the people. who look at said this land. back in the camp sally says she's still nervous about what the future holds a sentiment felt by many here. freetown sierra leone.
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there are. running out of time the syrian people who are in desperate need of medical aid and they will have the latest on the hunt for missing. people on board . hello there we're seeing a fair amount of cloud of rain across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture shows aspiring area of cloud just off the coast of turkey that's throwing plenty of cloud plenty of showers there around the coast and we'll see plenty more showers there i think in the fall west as we head through the day on sunday on sunday though we're also going to see this area of cloud his stretches through many parts of iraq and down pos q eight and it could squeeze out one to show as question the drifts its way eastward say as we head through monday most a great deal to it really towards the west though another belt of cloud and rain is
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trying to work its way and looks wet as we head through monday a bit further towards the south and that cloud that's working its way through kuwait could just squeeze out a few showers around bahrain or in doha here to the south though looks like it should stay dry force across the u.a.e. and across a man so his day following and settled as we head down towards the southern parts of africa well here there's been plenty of sunshine in the southern parts of i'm up and it's only in the far north we've got the cloud in the rain at the moment that system is going to stick around as we head through the day on sunday is breaking up a little bit so patchy showers across there but some heavy rain across the coast of tanzania and the northern coast of mozambique further south a fine forcing cape town all maximum getting to twenty two.
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hours. welcome back amount of the top stories here and i'll just there are tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets as him bob brace capital demanding president robert mugabe resign lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he will return to beirut by wednesday more than two weeks after announcing his resignation
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while on a trip to saudi arabia and cameras for survivors of sierra leone's deadly mudslides are being shut down even many. and that's a research plane has joined a search for a time submarine that's been messing missing since wednesday it was returning to base in model plata for a mission tell us why in the report. the action time authorities said the default search and rescue operation is now underway to look for the missing submarine the a r a south one which no communication has been had since wednesday president what is your marker he said all the resources available i will be put in for the rescue mission something like two hundred four hundred thirty or so kilometers southwest of where southeast story of where i'm standing here in mile del plata the submarine was on a routine mission from the southernmost tip of south america the city of all swire
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up here to its base in marbella latter your thirty's has said they have no idea why the communication has been lost or whether there is any technical issues with the submarine with each hour that goes by without any kind of contact whatsoever tension is mounting the families are gathering at the nearby naval base here waiting to hear word from their loved ones hoping that all is fine but in the meantime the rescue mission with help from chile with the united states with britain with a nasa aircraft which is ongoing operations in south america are out there now deep in the south atlantic looking for the missing a or a sound one submarine. for four hundred thousand syrians living in the damascus suburb of ghouta have been besieged by government forces for the past four years has sided with opposition forces which means food aid and medical supplies have been making doctors there say many residents could die if they're not immediately evacuated some of binge of
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a reports from gaziantep border with syria. twelve year old draft a first from cerebral palsy a condition which inhibits her brain's growth the room is dark because there isn't much electricity in eastern. this is what she looked like before the siege and before she ran out of medicine her mother used to give her honey milk and other nutritious food but not anymore. and now a month or a half used to be well and was going to school until there was a lack of. my husband can't work and because of the high prices we can't afford much. that's been the case for the last four years after syrian government forces besieged the area which is home to four hundred thousand people this is the most popular dish these days while corn or for large families a con broth with a luxury of salt for those who can afford it. the assad government has allowed in some aid but the u.n. says that is only enough for around ten percent of the besieged people this year
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the syrian regime approved around a quarter of united nations requests to deliver assistance the u.n. says the plight of civilians is an outrage and that it might constitute a war crime. the lack of food and medicine have forced more people towards hospitals in july doctors identified four hundred fifty two patients who still need to be evacuated as the united nations await approval from the assad government nine of them have died faced with delays twenty nine among them were identified these are people who have one hundred percent chance of survival if they're not given care so when they will die the situation is so desperate that after operations doctors need to reuse the single use items on the table. what's regarded as medical waste everywhere else is sterilized and used again in the city duma to. least use might be useful in saving and in the life the latest gloves which hospitals throw
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away are limited here so they washed before they can be reuse the for then they need to be laid out to dry because they don't know if and when more supplies will come in the use powder to make sure the gloves don't stick together thank. the staff say they're also saving other single use medical supplies. we clean them because the supplies aren't available here and they're not coming in with u.n. aid we also stop some surgeries because of a lack of anesthetics parents say there's no food or medicine for their starving and sick children. so they leave their infants to suck on their thumbs hoping that at least for a while they'll think it's. job it down to zero. thousands of people are trying to travel from gaza into egypt after they rafa border crossing was open temporarily the crossing is been sealed since august but
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is due to open permanently under reconciliation brokered by egypt. hundreds of people in gaza boarded buses and made their way to the rafa crossing its last brief reopening about three months ago and aside from similar brief openings we closed most of the time for the last ten years because of the blockade of gaza by israel in egypt right now about twenty five thousand people in gaza registered waiting to cross to egypt and beyond that only a fraction of that number will get through in this temporary opening which is meant to last three days so priority is being given to people with the most urgent reasons to travel such as those seeking medical treatment. they haste and i've actually we've registered to travel here in four months ago it was a lot of suffering it's good so far today there facilitating it. i've had a booking to go to turkey for more than three months and now think i'll be able to
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go. to borders meant to be open permanently soon as part of the reconciliation agreement between palestine's two main political parties and hamas is being brokered by egypt without a permanent opening do you last week has been delayed it seems not everything's yet in place and your thoughts is on your side all the palestinian authority on the gaza side of the border or for hamas who still control the interior of gaza according to a two thousand and five agreement monitors from the european union are meant to be at the border they left in two thousand and seven and they're not yet back in place palestinian authority officials say over the three days they're hoping to get two thousand five hundred people across that means the many more thousands who are registered will still be stuck in gaza waiting and hoping for that permanent reopening to come soon. libyan authorities are investigating the existence of slave markets following the release of images which appear to show young men being sold
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libya has become a gateway for thousands of migrants from west africa who want to make the dangerous sea crossing to europe but rights groups say they often fall victim to human traffickers and libyan security forces the images have sparked outrage across the continent with senegal's government calling them a blight on the conscience of humanity people in new delhi are enjoying a bit of rest bite from the city's toxic air funks to a night of rain india's capital has been shrouded in a thick smog for almost two weeks causing severe health problems despite the rain pollution levels are still about five times over the recommended limit. the mayor of caracas has arrived in madrid after escaping house arrest in venezuela and tonio it ledesma is a vocal opponent of venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been confined to his home since twenty fifteen charged with supporting and attempting to which he denies
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that asma says he'll work from exile to free political prisoners and organize resistance against through. but only law morris said about you but not your knowledge that you stole the gold we do not have international reserves we only have one patrimonial we have tomorrow we have the enthusiasm we have the mood let's not allow them to steal venezuela's morale and mood that is why i have come to tell you that venezuela does not surrender. after staying up all night delegates at the u.n. climate talks in germany say they've made progress towards comforting global warming every affirm to their commitment to keeping the twenty fifteen paris agreement on track with or without the us nick clark reports from bot. long into the night time to see endless wrangling over the financial elements of the tax the twenty third u.n. climate conference comes to a close i am very pleased. that with this decision the couple launches this
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dialogue which will start in generally twenty eighteen under the fijian presidency the spirit of these talks has been upbeat and the paris agreement it seems is on track so i think that we're in a very good place twenty eighteen is the year to step it up this year to climate action and i think what we have here set on the road ahead that's a lot of homework to do it's not easy but i think we're seeing will and decisiveness governments governments cities states private sector to move. so progress but is it enough for those most immediately threatened by climate change not enough is being done it's certainly not enough for the survival of the pacific and there needs to be increased ambition there needs to be a greater responsibility taken by developed countries they need to keep in the ground and they need to move towards a safe and just transition to renewable energy. keeping fossil fuels in the ground
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was always on the agenda in and outside the conference holds german coal phase out from angela merkel but the u.k. and canada launched an alliance of twenty nations to wind down coal use meanwhile a delegation sent by the trumpet ministration to promote culp got a predictable welcome. as a coalition of us states and cities stepped into the void to say we're still in the paris agreement. it doesn't matter how much. we think it really figures i really cannot stop. you cannot stop me from my room that is reducing. so this conference has delivered what it set out to do and created the mechanism to move the paris agreement forward to say called talent in a dialogue before the conference aprons in poland a year from now that's clearly plenty of work today. next stop is the french capitol where in december president macro will host
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a special summit looking specifically at climate finance the paris agreement rolls on. al-jazeera but on germany. one of the world's rarest big cats has been downgraded on the international list to fetch a species that's nearly a third is now classed as merely vulnerable instead of endangered says robin for a walk or founding sorry chart attached reserve animals are very hard to find. in these mountains are protected by the people of this village. in exchange the snow leopard trust wildlife charity their handicrafts. i've seen with my own eyes a dead snow leopard but now nobody kills snow leopards we're protecting them for our children to see the results i travelled up to the remote nature
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reserve of sorry chat after. wild sheep and other big cat prey are plentiful and camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards. used to set up. conservation ease helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of the threatened species. the information which is used for that is coming from the little media which is person that you have their global supply but the names and that's not. enough to judge on the. police or a well i know snow leopard expert but i'm going to take credit for this i just spotted that snow leopard hair from
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a snow leopard rubbing itself against the rock yeah i would love to see the elusive cat and i'm hoping the memory card from this camera trap will reward me with a picture. this is. a link selfie also extremely rare but no snow leopard for me this time. using non-lethal traps researches have caught and g.p.s. call it seven snow leopards to monitor their movements in the saudi chartier to test reserves that's really enabled us to start to build models of snow leopard populations before we are just guessing as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected that is why most experts stand by the snow leopards reclassification from endangered to vulnerable because the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously
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acknowledged around four thousand left in the wild i did eventually see real snow leopards behind bars in this sanctuary for animals rescued from poaches their numbers are still in decline vulnerable still means threatened robin for a steelworker al-jazeera in this attash nature reserve. nasa has launched a satellite is designed to make weather forecasts accurate. three to. one. it will circle the earth fourteen times a day observation should make it easier predict severe weather events three to seven days before the.
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reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera nephew has said the zimbabwean president and his wife grace are ready to die for what is correct and have no intention of stepping down tens of thousands of people talk to the streets of the capital to march to madame his home demanding his resignation and one hundred three year old has been under house arrest at his blue roof residence in harare after the military took control on wednesday sources from the reeling zanu p.f. party told the reuters news agency that members are due to hold a special meeting on sunday to dismiss montgomery as its leader. lebanon's prime minister says he'll return to beirut by wednesday more than two weeks after announcing his resignation while on a trip to saudi arabia saad hariri says he'll also hold talks with president michel to address the political crisis made the statement in paris where he met the french
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president emmanuel. forsooth you. politique with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. cameras for survivors of sierra leone's deadly mudslide in august are being shut down leaving many homeless the government wants to move people to one thousand new homes and it's building but construction is not complete many say they are yet to receive compensation versus help promised by the government at least five hundred people died in the mud slide. doctors in eastern guta in syria say they besieged area is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster they say people will die if they're not immediately allowed to leave four hundred thousand syrians live in the damascus suburb which has been under attack by government forces for the past four years in that time only limited food aid and medical supplies have been allowed in and as
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a research plane has joined the search for a missing arjan tine submarine which has been missing since wednesday the vessel and its forty four man crew was returning to its base at mar del plata those are the headlines stay with us at al-jazeera next up it's inside story. with. their report saudi arabia is demanding money from senior officials recently of vested. it's an anti corruption.


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