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al jazeera where ever you are. this is.
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and this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. jubilation across our honoree fountains of people flood the streets of the capital calling for robert mugabe to step down lebanon's prime minister saad hariri meets the french president in paris and confirms he will return to lebanon on wednesday. and supplies trickle into yemen and saudi arabia eases its blockade but the u.n. says more must become. critical twenty seventeen on a sad note for the swiss he is eliminated from the a.t.p. finals by devon in the semifinals that more later when program.
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is involved way where euphoric seniors that just days ago would have been unheard of playing out on the streets of the capital harare tens of thousands of people have rallied to demand the resignation of president. there always took place with the blessing of the military which on one say place the country's ninety three year old leader on the house arrest but they were actually called by the influential war veterans association. here. is live for us in harare cairo the demonstrations of calm down now but very much the message on the street was we think he should go and we believe this is a new beginning for the country. yes it was an extraordinary day and more developments keep happening on sundays and it hit me and was have a meeting in. talk about firing president robert mugabe from the posse they also
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talk about firing grayson that's his wife as the head of the women's they want to remove her from that post so that's going to happen as around ten a.m. local time in terms of the mood on the streets against the the but the march is over but it was a day that many people thought they would never ever ever see that you had the women children you had war veterans you had opposition supporters you had members of the routings on if your party all coming together united until one theme and that is president mugabe must go it was peaceful there was no nothing was damaged they just destroyed some posters with mugabe space others out of your party headquarters but you still soldiers posing with people telling them come up on top of vehicles come up take a selfie with us keep us in the side and social media it was a day that many zimbabweans really never thought would have happened now it has it is a sign that change is coming and all eyes on that sunday meeting where the posse will
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just decide the fate of them. and do they believe that it's possible that he can oust struck a i'm running to what happens if it exists heels in and refuses to go. if you refuse us to we have threats from some army officials that they will find a way to make him go the war veterans that's there they won't tolerate him not stepping down they think it is not an option he has to go at some point in time the important thing up by the meeting on sunday is what happens there if they decide to manage prism of god is exit if you could maybe see some delegates is on if you're pushing for them to go to. conference with a new agenda and may be that agenda once we know once you know the outcome of the meeting. but anything can happen it
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could happen someday it could be stalled a bit until it is in the conference which is a thank you that's harmless also with the very latest from harare well we're joined now by no stretch here he's an associate fellow of the africa program chatham house here in london and he's also president of the britain zimbabwe society thank you very much for coming in on quite an extraordinary day in zimbabwe and i suppose i should start with that question i just asked her the result is pressure for the president to step down but so far he's saying i'm not going anywhere what happens next if you carries on digging his heels it. well you know as. you're saying the pressure is enormous i mean there's really no reverse gear on this and. it's just how it's going to be managed one hopes that it will be resolved peacefully but there are number of options as the meeting on sunday parliament could come in and do a vote of no confidence. is going to be meeting next week so it's really an hour just
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that when he goes rather than if he goes he's not going to manage this others are managing there was that call to jacob zuma obviously across to south africa who was checking are you ok and he said yes i'm fine i'm under house arrest how does that play and how does south africa now play into how he thinks his future might well work out well south africans about to have a long historic relationship and of course all over almost over the past twenty years africa has been involved there is a lot of pressure within from zimbabweans to south africa and to sadek that you know cedric and i can't delay too much on this this has to be resolved very quickly because because what's happening is a national convergence as we saw in harare but it's a fragile moment and sadoc. to have to be in sync with what the people are saying
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and that is calling for a fairly rapid exit and on that there is always outpouring how was talked about the field feeling good on the streets people saying this is a new beginning is it a new beginning or could it end up being more of the same if they put somebody like vice president who was pushed out if he comes in is he going to make for a better zimbabwe for those people out on the streets today. you know i mean i was i was just there a few days ago what people are really the number one thing people are talking about is the economy people are pragmatic. you know we know that it's not going to be a perfect transition we know that the next government is not going to be a perfect government but people want the economy to be sort of jobs money food on the table and especially cash because there's no cash so that is the government will be the next government's top priority and they have to deal with that i want to people like moment the opposition leader we're not hearing anything over the
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last week from what's going on there you would think he would be the one out on the streets trying to garner some support at least a sense of an opposition while i think the opposition is being fairly strategic on this because you know this is a military guided transition and there's so many variables so in a sense i think the opposition are being strategic and taking a rather low key and really this is being led by the people as we see in iraq but one hopes that the next government will be an inclusive government and they will be room for position as well strawberry time thank you very much for coming in to talk to us thank you. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed hillary turn to beirut by wednesday and says he'll hold talks with president to michel ari made the statement in paris where he's met the french president. from paris in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived at paris's look airport
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at dawn and headed to his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french president emanuel marcotte at the elysee palace and said he would return to beirut. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've met president. hariri was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why that was at least the sources said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice. macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but listen act of friendship the fact that some of her riri was here at the elise is being seen by
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those in france as something of a diplomatic success for him at all might call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh. this is certainly a diplomatic success for a manual mark cross at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon for that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment that would be lost on no one natasha butler al jazeera paris in black is a visiting senior fellow at the london school of economics and middle east center
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and he joins me live in the studio where there saad hariri was on house arrest or not the big question everybody's been asking in riyadh and it's very clear that the saudis are taking very much of an interest in what's going on in lebanon and in fact an active role if you like. absolutely i mean the fascinating thing is he's going to go back for the independence day celebrations next week on wednesday i think what's he going to do then will be delivering a message from the saudis will he say something privately or publicly about the road to hizbullah which is what the saudis really dislike about lebanon will he insists that he still wants to resign so there are some quite big questions yet to be answered he's obviously going to go the wife i guess he wouldn't have said so but it is really intriguing we're going to see another chapter in this very mysterious story within quite a short space of time and this is a visit she had to paris to see the french president as
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a manual macro and i see improved situation as ease attentions always even muddied the waters for so i think because being helpful i mean he certainly gave her really some way to go neutral but friendly territory making the point about not wanting lebanon to become a source of new tension france of course has an important historic relationship with lebanon dating back many years sadhu his father was assassinated was very close to jacques chirac so there's a sort of lucas there if you like for this and vicious french president is a time of considerable disarray internationally with president trump and breaks it in britain well you could argue and i suppose the other question we have to ask is what's hezbollah's reaction going to be and indeed there was also all sorts of talk the lebanese prime minister was going to say he would didn't want to allow hezbollah to be part of a future government or any part of that how will that now fits in when he pops back
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on one's world i mean. has in the strength of his brother leader has been pretty firm from the start when this story unfolded he said that hariri was being held hostage by the sundays the reaction in lebanon of course has been one of great solidarity with the prime minister. crossed sectarian lines so again we'll have to see what unfolds when hariri returns to beirut how long will he stay what will you say what will he do privately what will he do publicly but i think the idea of a confrontation with hizbollah is is unlikely frankly whatever the saudis want the lebanese reality is very much against something like that happening i just ask you to stay with us because we want to take a closer look at saudi arabia and it's been the focus of a meeting of former diplomats and middle east analysts here in london saudi arabia's add to the throne has been making bold political moves which many consider to be unprecedented a recent report says saudi arabia is demanding cash for the
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release of dozens of high profile citizens it's arrested earlier this month on charges of corruption it includes the country's richest man prince we'd been tell our also reports many of those detained have been tortured including the son of the late king abdullah prince me ten saudis large royal family traditionally share power however these latest moves are being seen as a power grab by the new crown prince mohammed bin salma and the thirty two year old influence grows he faces challenges in neighboring yemen where the u.n. has warned that unless saudi arabia halts its blockade millions of people could die of hunger last june saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt cut ties with cattle and imposed a land sea and air blockade setting off an unprecedented crisis in the gulf region well as i said the beginning of that that long bit of information there is this
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conference going on in london at the moment with diplomats of various interested people who is that like conference fund and what do you think the reason is that they're sitting around the table talking about this is it because they're worried that the tensions with saudi underwhelm are going to spill over over here you know what's amazing. a moment is saudi arabia an important country but into recently it never generated much in the way of news no virtually a day doesn't go by without some headline grabbing story it is quite extraordinary and this really comes down to the the promotion of king solomon son mohammad been some thirty two appointed crown prince a few months ago and he was in the headlines before because he was appointed defense minister and launched the saudi campaign in yemen a couple of years ago now but since he became crown prince he's really he just hasn't stopped making news economic reform social changes and no in recent weeks in
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particular this sense of a heightened confrontation with iran which is of course the background of the hariri story of course the links that saudi arabia has with the why do worlds particularly the west has details whether it comes to business link's huge company is that there are a sort of groups involved in you can't really pull lots of parts to then how the west does or doesn't react to what's going on and obviously things like human rights things that what's going on in yemen at the moment there's been quite a muffled response by a lot of the west well i mean western governments the united states britain and france are all complicit to one degree or another in supplying weapons to the saudi government they've been doing so for many many years it's an important part of their relationships it's become more embarrassing and more exposed because of the war in yemen which actually is now attracting significant international attention because of the scale of the humanitarian crisis we've all seen the terrible
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pictures of starving children and reports of cholera and so on and so forth saudi arabia's a really important country it's very assertive at the moment politically economically militarily in yemen and this is significant changes that are underfoot so people who know about it and care about it don't worry about it. sitting around scratching their heads trying to work out what is really happening is it just all about a consolidation of power by mohamed been sort of mine is he just trying to eliminate rivals or is there something genuine about this drive against corruption that's certainly popular with young people in saudi arabia is there any sign that the political structure of your a group so not yet feel free to ask more questions than we've answered but thanks very much for your thoughts ian black much more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour. chileans head to the polls on sunday four years after being elected we take stock of the impact that student
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leaders have had and chilling on politics. for artists one hopes being moved piece by piece we're in new york to find out why. i'm top gun assaf now i have a blast in the english premier league's north london dobby with peter and support. the trumpet ministration has announced it will not renew operating permission for palestine's diplomatic office in washington a u.s. state department official has cited statements that palestinian leaders have made about the international criminal court oust the reason the palestinians say they will suspend all communications with the u.s. if it's office and shuttle tom ackerman joins us live from washington d.c. so what kind of condition is would be that mission be shut down because of.
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well under two thousand and fifteen a law that was signed in the previous administration by president obama the palestinian liberation office organization office in washington which has been opened for more than twenty years would be closed unless the palestinians dropped any efforts to pursue their claims against israel in the international criminal court or if they failed to pursue what was described as serious and meaningful direct negotiations with the israelis so the notification by the state department appears to be following that law that mandate but there is an out the president would have ninety days to decide whether in fact the palestinians were pursuing direct meaningful negotiations and in that case he could waive this kind of closure so right now the palestinians are saying that the ball is in the u.s.
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court and they claim that the u.s. is being unfair because while the israelis are evicting palestinians from palestinian land on the occupied west bank they are not getting the same kind of critical examination of course which of course is not something something that is subject to u.s. law so tom how does this all fits into the u.s. efforts to broker a peace process between the two. well it comes a very awkward time at a time where the administration at its chief negotiator jared kushner the president's brother in law and his point man. jason green blatt has been shuttling between ramallah and jerusalem to try to work out what they are calling and what they've been advertising as a blueprint for a concrete plan that they would be unveiling early in the next year the threat of
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disrupting all these negotiations even the preliminary negotiations seems to be a serious one so the question here is is this a mixed message on the part of the administration will they back off on the actual threat to close the p.l.o. office here or whether this is just a pressure moved trying to gain leverage here right now we don't really have a good estimate one point we should mention is that the postman for the white house today. added this clause saying that this measure of closing the p.l.o. mission should in no way be seen as a signal the u.s. is backing off the efforts to pursue some kind of resumption of negotiations thank you tom tom i commend the line and d.c. thousands of people trying to cross the border from gaza into egypt after the rafa
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border crossing was open temporarily the crossing has been sailed since all this but his due to open permanently under a reconciliation deal brokered by egypt welcome went as lot from amala. hundreds of people in gaza boarded buses and made their way to the rafa crossing its last brief reopening about three months ago and aside from similar brief openings it's been closed most of the time for the last ten years because of the blockade of gaza by israel in egypt right now about twenty five thousand people in gaza registered waiting to cross to egypt and beyond that only a fraction of that number will get through in this temporary opening which is meant to last three days so priority is being given to people with the most urgent reasons to travel such as those seeking medical treatment. they haste and i've we've registered to travel here in four months ago it was a lot of suffering it's good so far today there facilitating it.
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i've had a booking to go to turkey for more than three months and now thank god i'll be able to go. to borders meant to be open permanently soon as part of the reconciliation agreement between palestine's two main political parties fatter and hamas is being brokered by egypt without a permanent opening do you last week has been delayed seems not everything's yet in place for your thoughts on the egyptian side all the palestinian authority on the gaza side of the border or for hamas who still control the interior of gaza according to a two thousand and five agreement monitors from the european union are meant to be at the border they left in two thousand and seven and they're not yet back in place palestinian authority officials say over the three days they're hoping to get two thousand five hundred people across that means the many more thousands who are registered will still be stuck in gaza waiting and hoping for that permanent reopening to come soon. al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its
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journalist would a sane he's been in an egyptian prison for almost eleven months and sane is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny is repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail as saying was arrested on december the twentieth while visiting family aid has started to trickle into yemen almost two weeks after the saudi led coalition closed land air and sea borders vital supplies are being allowed into ports in government controlled areas but the united nations says only a complete lifting of the blockade will stop what could be the worst famine in decades mariana honda reports. these machines are slowly cleaning this man's blood and keeping him alive a saudi led coalition is strike left him without any obvious injuries but the trauma and the health problems came soon after.
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it all started when my husband lost his eyesight after a few days his health continued to deteriorate when we had him examined and found his kidneys had failed. he needs kidney dialysis three times a week but at this hospital in the who see controlled capital of summer patients are lucky to get even one treatment resources are dwindling food and fuel prices are soaring so not as within the estimated sixty percent of human that's under control and did some to see. suffering here we've been denied delivery of medicine as we call on the world to look with mercy on the yemeni people and put an end to our history please start by opening the closed borders and deliver medical supplies. for twelve days yemen has been all that cut off from the outside world a blockade imposed after humans who see rebels fired a ballistic missile deep into saudi arabia the blockade was designed to choke the
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alleged flow of weapons to who the rebels from iran but it's increased the hardship for millions of human knees a majority of whom need some sort of assistance the saudi led coalition says aid can get in through what it describes as liberated ports it's partially open to the government controlled port of aden in the south but none of the points of entry are in areas under hoofy control that includes the airport in the capital sanaa and to the port of who data through which the bulk of all aid is delivered we're being covering the war in yemen for two and a half years now but here's an idea of the impact from just the last twelve days seven million people were already on the. famine without any kind of aid getting in the u.n. says that number will rise past ten million the cost of the saudi led blockade is being measured not in cash but in the number of lives lost one hundred fifty thousand of them that's how many mel norris children the u.n.
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says could die within the coming months if the blockade isn't lifted completely but . the u.n. says vital supplies will run out in yemen within the next few weeks the blockade is a calculated move by the sounded coalition a strategy that needs time to take effect time that for the people of yemen as fast running out. al jazeera you're watching the news hour here on al-jazeera still ahead we'll have the latest on the hunt for missing arjan time submarine forty four people on board hundred years since america's most famous children's home was established we look at the changing face of care. and for lebron james lived up to his nickname of the king in the n.b.a. we'll have more in.
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hello there we're seeing a fair amount of cloud of rain across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture shows aspiring area of town just off the coast of turkey that's throwing plenty of cloud plenty of showers there around the coast and we'll see plenty more showers there i think in the far west as we head through the day on sunday on sunday though we're also going to see this area of cloud stretches through many parts of iraq and down past q eight and it could squeeze out one or two show as question addressed this way eastward say as we head through monday not a great deal to it really towards the west though another belt of cloud and rain is trying to work its way in for turkey looks wet as we head through monday even further towards the south and that cloud that's working its way through kuwait could just squeeze out a few showers around bahrain or in doha here to the south though looks like it should stay dry force across the u.a.e. and across a man so his staying fine and settled as we head down towards the southern parts of africa well here there's been plenty of sunshine in the southern parts of i'm up
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and it's only in the far north we've got the cloud in the rain at the moment that system is going to stick around as we head through the day on sunday is breaking up a little bit so patchy showers across there with some heavy rain across the coast of tanzania and the northern coast of mozambique further south a fine forcing cape town all maximum getting to two twenty . sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island a forbidden love at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is there with us doing great but the schools are that to see what happens next which is on. fire by the
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barriers for a model barricaded the seventh street that b.b.q. here in the middle east now is what about change people have gone the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire oil company x. and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their country. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of zimbabwe's capital demanding president robert mugabe to
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resign that means prime minister saad hariri says he'll return to beirut by wednesday more than two weeks after announcing his resignation while on a trip to saudi arabia egypt has reopened its border with gaza for three days to allow humanitarian cases into the country using the rafa crossing. on sunday lands will vote for a new president leading the first round of polls is full well president i'm busy. sebastian pinera but politicians may have a voter backlash on their hands after a series of corruption scandals a lot in america and it's a lucy and human is lying for as in the chilean town of palma and lucy are just mentioning there about corruption do the candidates who appear at least to be clear you know they're the ones who are going to do the better. surprisingly that is not the case in fact this is a very very unusual election indeed here in palm idea where people live mainly from
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making and selling things made out of clay there's very very little enthusiasm for this election as in the rest of the country really because good chileans have lost their confidence in all of their politicians for the first time since chile return to democracy in one nine hundred ninety the center left coalition is split it's fielding four candidates and the former presidents have a stamp in yet who has been under question under scrutiny rather for allegations that he too has been involved in corruption is leading in the polls it's very hard to explain that but one interesting part of this of this election given that there is a new electoral reform is that there is a new coalition led mainly by former student leaders who are trying at least to change the status quo. six years ago the university students in chile captured the world's imagination by undertaking a peaceful revolt proofread quality education for all. the british newspaper the guardian named communist party student leader come eleven the person of the year
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and the most glamorous revolutionary since che guevara. georgia jackson became a poster boy for education reform but unsatisfied with progress four of the student leaders ran for congress and won promising to hold chilean politicians accountable from within the system. four years later congressman george or jackson concedes it's been harder than he did expected there's no satisfaction because. the expectations are too high so. i feel that the people here in chile looses hope in politics to change their lives. jackson is running for reelection but this time as part of the new left wing coalition dissatisfied with the pace of change under the current center left government former communist student leaders come you have are you whole and carol guardiola who are also running again have been
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criticized for not pushing hard enough. at the university of chile these architecture students lament that their former leaders didn't achieve their promised goal one hundred percent free education. they felt the career presenters from a higher position but they don't listen to us anymore we haven't seen. jackson or burridge on the streets protesting with us. we try every very very very with every action that we may jackson argues they need more time here and many other former student leaders are pinning their hopes on the new broad front coalition which is loosely inspired. spain's leftist or their most party and even bernie sanders in the united states for a coalition that was just formed in january it's doing surprisingly well in the polls particularly amongst the disgruntled you. which is why jackson continues to
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insist that the only way to push political limits is from within as he runs for congress again. but the problem so is that perhaps one of the biggest challenges in this whole election is just getting people to go out and vote one of the most recent polls suggests that at least fifty five percent of jillian's well actually abstain which does not bode well for this country's democratic system so. when they're bringing us the very latest on that election the mayor of caracas has arrived in madrid after escaping house arrest in venezuela antonio ledesma is a vocal opponent of venezuelan president nicolas maduro he'd been confined to his home since twenty fifteen challenge for supporting an attempt to crew but he denies the sixty three year old crossed the border into colombia and then flew to spain the desk there says he'll work from exile to free political prisoners and organize
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resistance against murderous rule and while it's unclear how he escaped and made it to the border undetected attorney says it was hurling. living like a james bond movie i made this twenty four hour trip passing twenty nine checkpoints crossing the trials are taking all the risk. i did nothing but think about the value of freedom and today as i arrive in spain are still three years in office and there are so research plane has joined the search for an argentine submarine that's been missing wednesday it was returning to base in model platter after a routine mission. reports. the action time authorities said the default search and rescue operation is now underway to look for the missing submarine the a r a south one which no communication has been had since wednesday president where is your marker he said all the resources available i will be put in for the rescue mission something like two hundred four hundred thirty or so kilometers southwest
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of where southeast story of where i'm standing here in mile del plata the submarine was on a routine mission from the southernmost tip of south america the city of all swire up here to its base in marbella platter your store it is has said you have no idea why the communication has been lost or whether there is any technical issues with the submarine with each hour that goes by without any kind of contact whatsoever tension is mounting the families are gathering at the nearby naval base here waiting to hear word from their loved ones hoping that all is fine but in the meantime the rescue mission with help from chile with the united states with britain with a nasa aircraft which is ongoing operations in south america are out there now deep in the south atlantic looking for the missing a or a sound one submarine. three months on from sierra leone's deadly mudslide survivors are being forced out of temporary campus on left with no exit go the
9:38 pm
government wants to move the homeless to one thousand new homeless but construction is far from complete it's needed everest has more from a six mile near the capital freetown. this is where hundreds of survivors have been living since their homes were destroyed from the mudslide they killed at least five hundred people sally foreigners husband was one of them he drowned after saving her their children and his mother she worries about how she will manage once the camps close. yourself or i'm going to i don't know right now is what my own is going on and i have kids to look after is going to help me their. relatives are trying to help relocate a house but she also worries she would not be able to afford it sara lee his government is giving the displays cash compensation almost seven hundred u.s. dollars for each family but there's concern over whether they will actually get
9:39 pm
everything promised well i don't have anything it right now we're just sitting here and no money i have nothing yet authorities say the camps are officially closed now the process of moving people out though will take time they say they will not tell anyone to leave until they have their compensation. because that's what everybody. across the board. i would think. would give them what just. construction of homes for the month victims is underway on the outskirts of the capital freetown but there's been some obstacles this time we started the project. there are so many challenges because. this site. this is a plan now is to have everything ready by the end of this month the future homes are being built here some are two bedrooms and some are three bedrooms each home have a living room. as well as an outdoor kitchen and toilet a church a mosque are also being built and an orphanage block an orphanage was one of the
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buildings destroyed in the mudslides three months ago hundreds of children also lost parents of the disaster the government says it will build an additional one thousand homes for those affected meanwhile activists are questioning why the mudslides even happened they are calling for a public inquiry we need to know not just the judge jus logic and scientific explanations we need to know who are responsible for allocating these lands we need to know who are the people. who look at these land or scientists building. back in the camp sally says she's still nervous about what the future holds a sentiment felt by many here the need to freeze freetown sierra leone residents of new delhi are enjoying a bit of rest fight from the city's toxic air thanks to a night of rain in years complicated has been covered in a fix for almost two weeks causing severe health problems despite the rain pollution levels are still about five times over the recommended limit. after
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staying up all night delegates at the un climate talks in germany say they've made progress towards global warming they say they're committed to keeping the twenty fifteen paris agreement on track despite president charles decision to pull the us out of the deal that clarke reports from. long into the night time to see this wrangling over the financial elements of the tax the twenty third un climate conference comes to a close i am very pleased. that with this decision the cop launches dialogue which will start in generally twenty eighteen under the fijian presidency the spirit of these talks has been upbeat and the paris agreement it seems is on track so i think that we're in a very good place twenty eighteen is the year to step it up it's here to step up climate action and i think what we have here set on a good road ahead that's a lot of homework to do it's not easy but i think we're seeing will and
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decisiveness governments governments cities states private sector to move. so progress but is it enough for those most immediately threatened by climate change not enough is being done it's certainly not enough for the survival of the pacific and there needs to be increased ambition there needs to be a greater responsibility taken by developed countries they need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and they need to move towards a safe and just transition to renewable energy keeping fossil fuels in the ground was always on the agenda in and outside the conference holds no german coal phase out from angela merkel but the u.k. and canada launched an alliance of twenty nations to wind down coal use meanwhile a delegation sent by the trumpet ministration to promote cult got a predictable welcome. as a coalition of us states and cities stepped into the void to say we're still in the paris agreement. it doesn't matter how much. we think it really fingers i
9:43 pm
really cannot stop and cannot stop me from my room reducing our. so this conference has delivered what it set out to do and created the mechanism to move the paris agreement forward to say called a dialogue before the conference aprons in poland a year from now that's clearly plenty of work today. next up is the french capitol where in december president micro will host a special summit that he specifically at climate finance paris agreement rolls on. al-jazeera ball in germany. thousands of people all right expected to take to the streets in haiti calling for the newly elected president to step down but there is a bow is in port au prince for these protests have been going on for months stories about what actual demands. well people are
9:44 pm
demonstrating as we speak in fact they just pass right behind me people gather in different points of the city and then they start getting together and they're marching towards the presidential palace i'm not sure whether you can see but right behind me there's been like some roadblocks with the rocks among other things some tension with the police but people are still moving towards the presidential palace their demands are basically corruption they're saying about politicians in this country are very corrupt about something they're demanding but they're also complaining about the new president's budget they're saying that the budget benefits the rich and in a way impoverishes those who are already struggling in this country among the people that have not recovered yet from the two thousand and ten earthquake those who are living in the southern part of the country that were devastated by hurricane last year this is a very special day here in haiti because it's also the first surgery of a battle that late toll wards haters independence from friends it's a day also we're. in the northern part of the good of the country in cap-haitien
9:45 pm
his reinstating haiti's army something that we have not released years here because the united nations troops that you once have i say should mission here haiti i left about one month ago and that's why the president is facing the military something that those who are protesting here say in a way it is a double edged sword so let's not forget that this country is a military and the police have been accused in the past of committing serious human rights abuses so that's also something that they have to protest about he took there a little bit about the budget what really should the budget be spent on one of the key challenges in haiti at the moment. well our people are basically saying is that they have increased taxes that definitely are hurting this country's force taxes on cigarettes and passports for those who are trying to leave the country and trust me there are many on the streets that are trying to leave because
9:46 pm
of the poverty of the challenges and i said before the difficulties they face every day unemployment is this country's around fifty to sixty percent poverty around seventy percent so what they're saying is that the budget is no way increasing taxes and benefiting the rich is definitely going to hurt the poor majority. live for us in many things if america's most famous children's home is preparing to celebrate its one hundredth birthday that have been huge changes in how the u.s. casts for orphans and other children since it was founded in one nine hundred seventeen as john hendren reports from boys town nebraska. this is not the orphanage of yesteryear boys town nestled in the omaha suburbs is still home to boys who come to study and put troubled past behind them i want to be a high school dropout hanging out with my friends doing drugs kind of just going
9:47 pm
down the wrong path that at that and would probably be in jail but boy's town has evolved from the days when father edward flanagan created it in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. event memorialized by spencer tracy in an iconic film my father flannigan i saw your brother joe just a little while ago boystown was founded a century ago as a traditional orphanage but as the u.s. has moved toward foster care for apparently children the mission here has changed now only a handful of the thirty four thousand children served by boystown are truly orphans and there were reform schools and there were christian orphanages both of them basically paid for themselves through essentially the slave labor of the kids both of them have a positive net income i think boys town when it was started flanagan saw that there were two systems of care and they were both residential so he set up a new system of care that was very different nowadays most of the work that we do with kids is in their own home their own neighborhood their own school our own works and i was going to use farms fire just
9:48 pm
a thousand dubois towns children live on campuses like this one across the us most are held in their own homes with their own parents many children in foster care and other homes have ended up in jail some have mental health problems some are effectively orphaned by the opioid epidemic and other family struggles many of these children have issues whether it's disability and we know they're over represented trauma the children that we see failing whether it's in the juvenile justice system the foster care system or an institutional placement or the kids that don't have advocates the institutions of the past devolved to hack family says for the better. and i can finally smile for the first time our actually goes home and there are your own cousin as parents that's amazing our parents are like that was about i had my son back and i just that's why me to melike i returned to his mother's home after a year then called the help family asked him to come back and live here with them
9:49 pm
their son and seven other boys like him he's going from skipping school to the top of his class now. to college and it's really just help you get on the road for success he looked at me and i think is changing times have morphed orphanages into homes for troubled children that's a model they hacks hope to repeat john hendren al-jazeera boys town nebraska now let's get a spot with pizza in doha so thank you so much arsenal's red hot home form in the english premier league is continued with the women over the burton north london rivals taught them how it's been said today also being as men pulled off to no win against spurs in the early kick off scotland that was stuffy opening the scoring alexis sanchez then doubling the lead before half time the result leaves arsenal sixth in the standings that's a point behind. the desire to be always efficient and was a great story directly from the first to last minute on the court to found
9:50 pm
concentration was very high we never had a minute where you could feel we dropped a little bit our focus and. overall it was a very intense game and when you look at the physical performance of with two teams it's absolutely beautiful roofs over. distances the players produced an immense performance on both sides there were six other games in england on saturday leaders manchester city enjoyed another fruitful day with a two no when at leicester city liverpool swept past southampton three notes and they were big wins for chelsea and paul pogba has scored on his return for second place manchester united who lead newcastle free world. real madrid and atletico madrid will look to break their deadlock as the two go head to head in the first darby of the spanish season they're both tied on twenty three points in the table but rails a third in the standings a place above atlantic zero on goal difference the game will be played at atletico new ground the metropolitano stadium they have been rumors of tension between real
9:51 pm
teammates cristiana rinaldo and surgery but the real boss sitting in the den has assured everything is fine and he's focused on winning the game at hand. being on that we are ready we know the importance of the game but we're not thinking on the derby are thinking it's an important match for us and for you guys or people outside it's something special but for me it's three point four games into a little league on saturday four one winners against all of this in the early kick of barcelona easing past leganes severe our leading celta vigo two one at home now oh hello and our red diamonds have played out a one one draw in the champions league final first league match in riyadh. handed the south korean club the early lead but they have been little before the break for love and that is how the match would finish one one the second leg takes place saturday a week from today their roger federer a strong comeback season has ended with defeat in the semifinals of the a.t.p. finals in london the world number two looks well on track to make the final after
9:52 pm
taking the first set six two but he says it was only a matter of time before he got beaten by david goffin because the belgian keeps crashing in practice and government did storm back to winning the next two set six three and six four he'll face either grigor dimitrov or jack sock in the final. and they marry have split from his coach ivan lendl for a second time the paramount's the mutual decision on friday that's the spy the czech born linda leading the scot to all three of his grand slam titles including two at wimbledon and a limping gold medal the former world number one meri is currently ranked sixteenth murray won just the singles title this year compared to his gold in twenty sixteen season that victory was at the dubai tennis championships back in march the thirty year old has suffered with an ongoing hip injury which played a big part in his quarter final defeat at wimbledon in july he was then forced to
9:53 pm
pull out of the us open in august due to the same injury and hasn't played since murray's hoping to make his return at the brisbane international in january england have achieved their biggest win over australia on the rugby field with a firm ping thirty points to six win on saturday england only lead six more than half time and elliott daly help them to a thirteen six advantage in the second half but three late tries from jonathan jones of johnny may and danny care wrapped up a resoundingly win for the english many of the world's best rugby teams are in action on saturday with autumn internationals taking place in europe scotland abutting to be the world champion all blacks for the first time but you can see they are struggling a little bit fifteen tain they trail at the moment it was three all at half time italy were beaten thirty one fifteen by argentina a little bit earlier and later on south africa springboks are in action against france meanwhile there was a big upset at the rugby league world cup through him and co-hosts new zealand were beaten by fiji food too in a remarkably low scoring quarter final feed you will meet australia in the final
9:54 pm
for the other thing we will be between and the winner of england versus pop one new game here. a british rider has been killed at the macau motorcycle grand prix thirty one year old daniel higgins he died after hitting a barrier during the annual street racing event in macau the race was immediately called off portuguese rider was killed on the same bend at this event back in two thousand and twelve and the most successful female in u.s. moderating history is rounding off six nascar career at the end of the twenty eight hundred season thirty five year old patrick who was the fourth highest earning sportswoman in twenty sixteen behind serena williams maria sharapova and mixed martial arts star ronda rousey patrick is the only woman to have led laps in both the daytona five hundred and indianapolis five hundred and the only female driver to start from pole position in the nascar cup series my sister told me have
9:55 pm
disposed. i am going to do the daytona five hundred next year and a five hundred so i'm really excited about that i think it's going to be a great way to capitol in the n.b.a. the cleveland cavaliers overcame a fifteen point deficit to beat the los angeles clippers with much help from those surprise le bron james he put in another dominant performance on friday scoring thirty nine points for cleveland yet to rescue his side through from a far from pretty performance too late three pointers from james tied the game at one hundred five apiece forcing over time their kevin love hit a pair of three pointers as well to clinch a one hundred eighteen one hundred thirteen win for the cavs they've won four straight games while the clippers have now lost seven in a row. i don't that's all the sport for me another update coming up again later sue back to you in london thank you. new york's financial district houses some of the
9:56 pm
world's most famous structures but a group of architects is injecting some artistic flair into a downtown square and setting themselves a challenge along the way christians today we went to find out more. it's a cramped apartment even by manhattan standards which way they want to go at it over but for ten days at least it's home for these four artists and if braving the elements in a chilly new york november wasn't enough the group also has to move their hut piece by piece across the square changing it from a shelter to a makeshift bridge and back again that's when things get tricky so once you've got once you've got the new floor or the beginnings of the new that's when you have to start thinking about where's a bathroom where's the kitchen. where's all the lumber in the bins like because it becomes this like mental pattern of. their mental puzzle solving. the
9:57 pm
team isn't allowed to touch the ground outside so beads to pick up food and supplies stored in the yellow boxes along the route also living sleeping eating and yes even going to the bathroom in the hut it's called the newcomers a performance architecture installation the artists say they're trying to challenge the idea of architecture as permanent structures and explore new ways of sharing space it's a theme collaborators alex waiter and board shelley have visited several times in recent works like two thousand and fourteen is in orbit or last year's reactor which moved in the wind but while those works were tucked away from the general public this is right in the middle of the financial district and interaction with passers by is encouraged we actually really want to know what people think it's a way of home because we are living in the work and they see the work from the outside so we're only have an interior perspective of what this thing is and so
9:58 pm
they come to us with views from the outside looking in and through those discussions that's the way we build meaning to the course of the performance so far progress has been slow but steady the finishing line is in sight. and only a few drops nuts and bolts along the way. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. that is it from a suit and i am the team for this news hour that mariamne well be with you in a moment with plenty more of the day's news don't go away.
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the new era in television news. that goes inside it's a tough to do things in secret that are all we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay what would you have stood by this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time ability if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful thing stopped to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so it was interesting about that as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation with the other guy got back she finally canisters of gas i just have to believe it best to prevent the video getting anyway let's give her a call that going to happen. by having me
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achieve something that never happened before. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife that the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university as professor of machine learning steven roberts talks to all jersey at this time. thousands on the streets in zimbabwe call for president mugabe's resignation to have.


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