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the achieve something that never happened before. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife that the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if the piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university as professor of machine learning steven roberts talks to all jersey at this time. thousands on the streets in zimbabwe called for president mugabe's resignation
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ahead of talks on his future set to take place on sunday. although i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the palestinians say they will break off contact with the trumpet ministration if their office in washington is closed lebanon's prime minister saad hariri meets the french president in paris and says he will return to lebanon on wednesday and argentina stepped up the search for missing some marine with forty four people on board. to zimbabwe where euphoric scenes that just days ago would have been on the hurdle of a now playing out on the streets of the capital harare tens of thousands of people have rallied to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe rallies took
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place with the blessing of the military which on wednesday plays the country's ninety three year old leader under house arrest but they were actually called by the influential war veterans association on mugabe's only ruling zanu p.f. party politicians past and present join the rally and the call for mugabe to step down. as one of the freedom fighters i have to support my fellow people and show solidarity in this gathering that's brought us together it's the people that are suffering we are all here calling for mugabe to go. it was an extraordinary day thousands of people flooded the streets. was one thing
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president. must step down it was a mix of soul many people mainly women children opposition supporters supporters. human rights activist people just saying the time has come for the president to go most people there was they may feel that change is coming the question is just when that is going to happen it was a peaceful march the only things that were destroyed what a few posters that our president mugabe is based on them and signs they had his name on on them so now people are now watching what's going to happen on sunday members of the pots you will meet at the party. they will discuss firing president mugabe and also firing his wife. of the women's league. now the trump ministration has announced it will not. commission for palestine's
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diplomatic office in washington d.c. a u.s. state department official has cited statements that palestinian leaders have made about the international criminal court as the reason i come and joins us live now from washington d.c. and has been a response by the palestinians but first tom under what conditions would the mission be shut down. well secretary of state rex tillerson yesterday said that he could not certify the continual allowance of the mission which has been longstanding here for more than twenty years because it would violate a two thousand and fifteen law which specified that the mission had would be closed unless the palestinians dropped any attempts to pursue claims against israel human rights abuse claims in the international criminal court and this was pointed
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out at least they pointed out the fact that president mahmoud abbas in his speech in the at the u.n. general assembly in september had specifically said that they would be urging the i.c.c. to look at that claim the the conditions however are not absolute it would give the president of the united states a ninety days to review this decision and decide that if the palestinians are pursuing what was called serious meaningful negotiations direct negotiations then the closure would not be invoked but right now the administration is speaking basically a mixed message while they're still pursuing the attempts to broker a deal between the israelis and the palestinians at the same time they say that a closure of the mission would not constitute any attempt to cut off communications
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with the p.l.o. and of course that is precisely what the chief negotiator of the palestinians side of the ticket who happens to be in the united states right now is saying that they're all communications would be cut and one of the implications of that. well the implications are first of all that the administration had been touting for months the fact that president trump is serious about getting a deal although he does not specify that it has to be a two state solution. and that they were going to unveil concrete proposals to present to the two sides early next year and there had been shuttle diplomacy going on for the last few months between model and jerusalem and headed by the president's own son in law jason gerard cushion or
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and yet there we still haven't seen any precise. specifications of what they want they say this would not be imposed on the either side so the question is whether president trumps pledge his campaign pledge that he would make this a high priority and that he could do a deal that previous american presidents had failed to do could come to naught so this this really puts the administration in a position where they really have to make a decision as to whether they will confront the palestinians or let it go will see if indeed the great deal of uncertainty surrounding this but to in any case and sang the response in the palestinians is that they would suspend communication with the trumpet ministration off the back of this move let's hear from sine barack hat. while i. know that none of that i mean. we replied to the
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u.s. administration also in writing saying that in the event that they closed down the p.l.o. office we will suspend all our communication with the administration until office is reopened mamal netanyahu government is destroying houses in the. area and war as well as. the government is being rewarded and we are being punished this is totally unacceptable and it does undermine the peace process well having on our lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed he'll return to beirut by wednesday and says he'll hold talks with the president michel aoun kerry made the statement in paris where he's met with the french president emmanuel macron has more now from paris in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived at paris's look airport at dawn and headed to his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french
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president emmanuel markov at the elysee palace and said he would return to beirut. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've met president. hariri was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why that was released the sources said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice. macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but a listen act of friendship the fact that some of her riri was here at the elise is being seen by those in france as something of a diplomatic success for emanuel might call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh. this was certainly a diplomatic success for
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a manual macro at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon for that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment that would be lost on no one natasha bottler al jazeera paris eight has started to trickle into yemen almost two weeks after saudi led coalition closed land air and sea borders vital supplies are being allowed into ports and government controlled areas but the united nations says only a complete lifting of the blockade will stop what could be the worst famine in decades. reports. these machines
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a slowly cleaning this man's blood and keeping him alive a saudi led coalition is strike left him without any obvious injuries but the trauma and the health problems came soon after. it all started when my husband lost his eyesight after a few days his health continued to deteriorate when we had him examined and found his kidneys had failed which he needs kidney dialysis three times a week but at this hospital in the who think controlled capital of summer patients are lucky to get even one treatment resources are dwindling food and fuel prices are soaring so not as within the estimated sixty percent of human that's under control and it's under siege and. suffering here we've been denied delivery of medicine as we call on the world to look with mercy on the yemeni people and put an end to our history please start by opening the closed borders and deliver medical
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supplies. for twelve days yemen has been all that cut off from the outside world a blockade imposed after humans who three rebels fired a ballistic missile deep into saudi arabia the blockade was designed to choke the alleged flow of weapons to who the rebels from iran but it's increased the hardship for millions of human knees a majority of whom need some sort of assistance the saudi led coalition says aid can get in through what it describes as liberated ports it's partially open to the government controlled port of aden in the south but none of the points of entry are in areas under hoofy control that includes the airport in the capital sanaa and to the port of who data through which the bulk of all aid is delivered when i think covering the war in yemen for two and a half years now but here's an idea of the impact from just the last twelve days
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seven million people were already on the. think of famine without any kind of aid getting in the u.n. says that number will rise past ten million the cost of the saudi led blockade is being measured not in care but in the number of lives lost one hundred fifty thousand of them that's how many male nurse children the u.n. says could die within the coming months if the blockade isn't lifted completely but . the u.n. says vital supplies will run out in yemen within the next few weeks the blockade is a calculated move by the sounded coalition a strategy that needs time to take effect time that for the people of yemen is fast running out the hond al-jazeera saw california one which is zero the survivors of sierra leone's devastating landslide face a new one certainty over where they will live. and the reversal in fortunes for central asia that we travel to care a guest on in search of the elusive big cat. hello
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there we're still seems very active weather across europe at the moment down in the southeast where we've got the most turbulent weather you can see this is a spiraling area of low pressure here that's giving us a very very strong winds damaging winds and we're seeing some very heavy rains across this region as well that system is slowly slipping down towards the southeast it will continue to give us some heavy downpours as it does so then there's a small break behind it the next system is working its way across the alps of the outs can expect quite a bit of snow there during the day on sunday to the north of all of that where you can see the wind still feeding down from the north so for many of us it's pretty cold but as we head through into monday things will change because the winds are feeding in from the atlantic that's going to bring in more cloud more moisture more rain but also pull up the temperatures so for london on monday will be up to
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fourteen and for paris will be around twelve that system down in the southeast corner of europe though if anything is looking more active there for monday have a some of us in the northwestern parts of turkey it will be very very wet for the other side of the mediterranean though generally things here fairly quiet we've got quite a good deal of cloud there across the north coast of libya might just squeeze out the old shower and that's really going to stay with us as we head through monday but towards the west is fine and dry with about twenty three. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across
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religious lines cyprus island a forbidden love at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera the top stories now tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of zimbabwe's capital demanding president robert mugabe step down. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he'll return to beirut by wednesday more than two weeks after announcing his resignation while a trip to saudi arabia. and the palestinians say they will break off contact with the trump administration if that office in washington d.c.
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is closed. now thousands of people are trying to cross the border from gaza into egypt after the rough border crossing was open temporarily crossing has been sealed since august but is due to open minutely under a reconciliation deal brokered by egypt has more from ramallah. hundreds of people in gaza boarded buses and made their way to the rafa crossing its last brief reopening about three months ago and aside from similar brief openings it's been closed most of the time for the last ten years because of the blockade of gaza by israel in egypt right now about twenty five thousand people in gaza registered waiting to cross to egypt and beyond that only a fraction of that number will get through in this temporary opening which is meant to last three days so priority is being given to people with the most urgent reasons to travel such as those seeking medical treatment. they haste and i've we've registered to travel here in four months ago it was
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a lot of suffering it's good so far today there facilitating it. all had a booking to go to turkey for more than three months and now thank god i'll be able to go. to borders meant to be open permanently soon as part of the reconciliation agreement between palestine's two main political parties and hamas is being brokered by egypt without a permanent opening do you last week has been delayed it seems not everything's yet in place and your thoughts is on your side all the palestinian authority on the gaza side of the border or for hamas who still control the interior of gaza according to a two thousand and five agreement monitors from the european union are meant to be at the border they left in two thousand and seven and they're not yet back in place palestinian authority officials say over the three days they're hoping to get two thousand five hundred people across that means the many more thousands who are registered will still be stuck in gaza waiting and hoping for that permanent
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reopening to come soon. saudi arabia's as a throne has been making bold political moves in the kingdom with a series of decisions many considered to be unprecedented the latest developments including an anti corruption crackdown and several blockades are the focus of a conference here in london where former diplomats and middle east analysts have been meeting was that. the seismic changes in saudi arabia are having reverberations around the world among those invited to speak at this event in london was paddy ashdown a member of u.k.'s upper house of parliament in the former leader of the liberal democrats party he told attendees that the international community must take punitive measures against saudi arabia to prevent its leadership from further destabilizing the region britain support of saudi arabia's actions in the enemy. is as foolish as it is reprehensible. it is very clear that war crimes have been
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committed in the conflict in yemen both in relation to in this game is attacks on civilians and by using aid and starvation as a weapon of war britain's silence on these matters is the murderous and shame the saudi led war in yemen has gone on for two years now it was launched by crown prince mohammed bin. in that time thousands have been killed and millions displaced on top of that mohamed bin sandman has pursued other aggressive policies including a recent crackdown inside the kingdom which saw hundreds of people arrested among them senior members of the royal family and some of saudi arabia's richest businessman britain has very strong ties with the saudi government hundreds of millions of dollars worth of saudi money has been pumped into the u.k. economy through arms deals and other trade agreements there are growing calls however in the u.k. for london to take a tougher stance against riyadh but the fear among some is that the money coming in is compromising britain's principles the shameful british record of deeply deeply
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corrupt us has gone on governments have to govern the whole strike and it's going to and that's the basis of the relationship we must see moments deals massive corruption both inside saudi arabia and in kickback payments to into britain that's got to stop. organizing such a conference like this in london isn't just because of a close relationship between the united kingdom and saudi arabia and attempts by saudi your position figures to put pressure on the british government to take action against what they perceive to be very destructive policies being pursued by the crown prince happens from and on the saudi regime but it's also because according to human rights groups there is little freedom of expression in saudi arabia so the impossible to hold such a conference critical of the saudi regime in the kingdom of saudi arabia has her card until one of the worst records on human rights and on freedom of speech simply
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because some of the soloman cannot tolerate any dissenting voices among his own members of the family and also in saudi society what's concerning for many saudi observers is the lack of pushback coming from the international community in response to the aggressive policies being pushed by saudi arabia's rulers conferences like this aim to highlight what's at stake namely the stability of the gulf region and lots of other countries like lebanon and iran. london. now a nasa research plane is joined the search for an argentine submarine that's been missing since wednesday it was returning to base and after a routine mission the new shriner explains. the argentine authorities had to halt search and rescue operation is now underway to look for the missing submarine the a.r.a.'s. with which no communication has been had since wednesday president noted
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your marker he said all the resources available will be put into the rescue mission something like two hundred four hundred thirty also kilometers southwest of where south east story of where i'm standing here in. the submarine was on a routine mission from the southern most tip of south america the city of. here to its base in marbella plata your clarity they have no idea why the communication has been lost or whether there is any technical issues with the submarine with each hour that goes by without any kind of contact whatsoever tension is mounting the families are gathering at the nearby they will be here waiting to hear. from their loved ones hoping that all is fine but in the meantime the rescue mission with help from chile with the united states with britain with another aircraft which was on doing operations in south america are out there now deep in the south atlantic looking for the missing a or a submarine the mayor of caracas has arrived in madrid after escaping house
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arrest in venezuela and tanyalee desmond is a vocal opponent of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's been confined to his home since two thousand and fifteen charged with supporting an attempted coup which he denies a sixty two year old crossed the border into colombia and then flew to spain desmond says he'll work from exile to free theoretical prisoners and organized resistance to mentor israel while it's unclear how he escaped inmate in the border undetected desmond says it was harrowing. the window open whether you're living like a james bond movie i made this twenty four hour trip where passing twenty nine checkpoints on crossing a trial was taking all the risk. i did nothing but think about the value of freedom and today as i arrive in spain i feel free you're singleton three months on from sierra leone's deadly mudslide and survivors of being forced out of temporary camps and left with no way government wants to move the homeless to one thousand new
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homes but construction is far from complete in a diary is has more from six mile have a capital freetown. this is where hundreds of survivors have been living since their homes were destroyed from the mudslide they killed at least five hundred people sally foreigners husband was one of them he drowned after saving her their children and his mother she worries about how she will manage once the camps close . i'm going to i don't snore i know my arts is what's in my own is going on and i have kids to look after is going to help me the. relatives are trying to help her locate a house but she also worries she would not be able to afford it sara lee owns government is giving the displays cash compensation almost seven hundred u.s. dollars for each family but there's concern over whether they will actually get everything promised well i don't have anything yet right now we're just sitting
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here and no money i have nothing yet authorities say the camps are officially closed now the process of moving people out though will take time they say they will not tell anyone to leave until they have their compensation. because that's what everybody. across the board. i would think. would give them what just. construction of homes for the month victims is underway on the outskirts of the capital freetown but there's been some obstacles this time we started. well. there are so many challenges because you have. to decide. this is the plan now is to have everything ready by the end of this month if your homes are being built here some are two bedrooms and some are three bedrooms each home have a living room as well as an outdoor kitchen and toilet a church a mosque are also being built and an orphanage block an orphanage was one of the buildings destroyed in the mudslides three months ago hundreds of children also
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lost parents of the disaster the government says it will build an additional one thousand homes for those affected meanwhile activists are questioning why the mudslides even happened they are calling for a public inquiry we need to know not just the joy logic. and scientific explanations we need to know who are responsible for allocating these lands we need to know what the people. who look at this land. back in the camp sally says she's still nervous about what the future holds a sentiment felt by many here the need to freeze freetown sierra leone one of the world's rarest big cats has been downgraded on the global list of threatened species that is now vulnerable instead of endangered some conservationist say that's a mistake a walker reports. in these mountains are protected by the people of this village.
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in exchange the snow leopard trust wildlife charity the handicrafts. i've seen with my own eyes a dead snow leopard but now nobody kills snow leopards we're protecting them for our children to see the results i travelled up to the remote nature reserve of city chat after. wild sheep and other big cat prey a plentiful. and camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards. used to set up. conservation is helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of the threatened species information which is used for that is
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coming from the little. person. and that's not. enough. or no snow leopard expert but i'm going to take credit for this i just spotted that snow leopard hair from a snow leopard rubbing itself against the rock yeah i would love to see the elusive cat and i'm hoping the memory card from this camera trap will reward me with a picture. like this is this is. a link selfie also extremely rare but no snow leopard to me this time. using non-lethal traps researches have caught and g.p.s. call it seven snow leopards to monitor their movements in the study charts and attached reserves that's really enabled us to start to build models of snow leopard
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populations before we are just guessing as the technology improves we're are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected that is why most experts stand by the snow leopards reclassification from endangered to vulnerable because the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged around four thousand left in the wild i did eventually see real snow leopards behind bars in this sanctuary for animals rescued from poachers. their numbers are still in decline vulnerable still means threatened robin for steelworker al jazeera in the saudi charts to reserve a gorgeous creatures on a well much more on everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is the address.
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the quick look at the stories making headlines. nephew is said that is him bob when president and his wife grace are ready to die for what is correct and have no intention of stepping down tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the capital to march to mcgarvey his home demanding his resignation and windy three year old has been on the house arrest at his blue roof residence in harare after the military took control on wednesday sources from the ruling zanu p.f. party have told the reuters news agency that members a jew to hold a special meeting on sunday to dismiss mcgarvie as its leader the palestinians say they'll break off contact with the trumpet ministration of their office in washington is closed the state department is refusing to a new operating commission for palestine's diplomatic site and official has mentioned statements that palestinian leaders a made about the international criminal court as the reason. lebanon's prime
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minister says he'll return to beirut by wednesday more than two weeks after announcing his resignation while on a trip to saudi arabia saad hariri says he'll also hold talks with the president michel aoun to address the political crisis in may the statement in paris where he met the french president emmanuel macron. forsooth you. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once of president. egypt has reopened its border with gaza to allow humanitarian cases into the country up to twenty thousand people from gaza have applied to use the rough crossing for the three days that it will be and they'll be more regular openings that rough as part of the palestinian reconciliation deal brokered by egypt last month and a nasa research plane has joined the search for a missing argentine submarine which has been out of contact since wednesday the
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vessel and its forty four man crew is returning to its base at model just south of when osiris from a routine mission to the southernmost tip of south america saw a submarine may have had communication difficulties caused by a power cut. coming out feel a strong i'll have a round up of the top stories in twenty five minutes time that's after the listening post which starts now. lebanese prime minister saad hariri i if i thought here graveyards are petty. that's why effectively they get. started.


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